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George: ok. i have a meeting on saturday
rich-c: will it be over by 3 or will you have to skip chat?
George: actually on the first and third saturdays 4-6pm.
rich-c: OK, then try to drop in before you leave if possible, or shoot me an email about what you want to know and we'll take it from there
George: i have to leave for meeting at 2pm
rich-c: guess it's an email then - but I can ask Ron and Guy for help in the answers
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George: thank you
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rich-c: good morning james
james: good afternoon
rich-c: no, it's evening here
rich-c: Ron has left
rich-c: how's things in Japan - besides a yen falling faster than our dollar?
james: not too bad. it's rainy now and we're supposed to get snow for the next few days
james: just finished another computer class. brings in some extra cash.
rich-c: rain we've got, snow we have yet to see here. I can wait
james: yeah, me too. i'm no big fan of snow.
rich-c: is this one of your adult classes, james?
james: yes, two women in their late 30's coming to learn computers.
james: word of mouth has gotten me another couple of students too.
james: keep this up and i'll be as busy during the day as i am in the evenings.
rich-c: yes, if you "know about computers" word gets around fast
rich-c: well, gotta pay for the schoolhouse - not to mention new family member soon
james: indeed. and in a small place like this it doesn't take long at all. that's why i have 73 kids coming for english!
james: yes, speaking of which, it seems now that in fact said new family member is a boy.
rich-c: ye gods, that means you need four classes to handle them, at least
rich-c: ahh, you mean you peeked?
james: well, they come in small groups of 3 or 4. you'd have to be insane to even think of teaching them in any group larger than that.
rich-c: where a commopn language is shared, theory is group dynamics are best at about 15
james: yes - up until now the ulrasounds weren't very revealing but yesterday's seemed to show enough detail.
james: unfortunately, if i taught in groups larger than that i don't think they'd pick up much and would speak japanese the whole time.
rich-c: I forget, when is the baby due?
james: the small ratio gives me better control and the parents like knowing its a small group.
james: end of march - 27th we've been told.
rich-c: yes, with thelanguage gap you do need much smaller groups
james: anyways, i hate to cut things short but i have a list about a mile long of things i have to get done within the next 4 hours.
james: not getting them done will result in some serious stress.
rich-c: thaty's OK, if you'd arrived one minute later you'd have found no one here
rich-c: george and I weere just about to call it quits
rich-c: anyway glad you did drop by to say hello - maybe better next week
james: that's what i thought. okay, i'll try to make it on next week but i can't make any promises since i've got a thursday class now.
rich-c: right, we'll make allowances accordingly
james: thanks :) cheers!
rich-c: anyway, take care and lots of lyuck
james: *plif*
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rich-c: well, George, guess it's time to wind up
George: ok, nite rich
rich-c: see you next week?
George: yes
rich-c: nite now
George: bye
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