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rich-c: Merry Christmas from the Ent
Dr. Tolkien: Ho Ho Ho, saith Father Christmas.
rich-c: seen the movie yet?
Dr. Tolkien: back after a delay...
rich-c: it's been out all day, and with four daughters...
Dr. Tolkien: yep, midnight last night, with Joan.
rich-c: aha!
rich-c: is it as good as the reviewers say?
Dr. Tolkien: A friend at my undergrad fraternity made a run to the theatre to buy a block of seats.
rich-c: obviously he succeeded
Dr. Tolkien: I believe it is...worked for me, the abridgements to keep it under 3 hours didn't make me scream.
rich-c: the Star here gave it a total rave review - what says the Plain Dealer?
Dr. Tolkien: PD columnist today gave it grade A, loved it, even though she said that normally it's the kind of movie she would run screaming from.
rich-c: the Globe&Mail gave it a whole spoecial section but I haven't had time to read it yet
Dr. Tolkien: Did Pamela go see it today?
rich-c: have a massive battle on my hands - it appears Zone Alarm give Windows 98SE a case of indigestion - it won't shut down
Dr. Tolkien: Oops, orcs in your machine...maybe time to reboot.
rich-c: no, Pamela was at work and busy since - she HOPES to get on LATE tonight
rich-c: beginning to think Sauron himself has been monkeying with it
Dr. Tolkien: Well, if she can wait until the weekend...I'm sure she'll love it.
rich-c: even tried reinstalling 98SE on the laptop and even that didnt work
rich-c: anyway, the word on LOTR is it might be good enough for me to do something unprecedented - rent a tape from Blockbuster
Dr. Tolkien: A tape??? Richard, my dear fellow, go see it on a real screen!
rich-c: nope, I quit patronizing theatres when they started putting on commercials
Dr. Tolkien: No commercials at the theatre last night :-)
rich-c: if I've got to watch commercials someone else can pay for the stuff between them
Dr. Tolkien: Though most others do have them, alas...
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: last time I was in a movie theatre, they still had smoking loges
BobS: Say WHAAAT?????
rich-c: merry christmas, traveller
Dr. Tolkien: Hi Bob, wilkommen.
changed username to George
BobS: tis this the guy who was early last eve??????
rich-c: hi george, merry christmas
Dr. Tolkien: Alas, Dr. Brain Dump is back.
BobS: HIYA George
Dr. Tolkien: Hello George.
George: hello all
George: i just got back from the hospital
rich-c: Dr.D has seen LOTR already!
rich-c: what was the problem, geiorge?
Dr. Tolkien: Hospital...hope you're okay!
George: i have bronchitis
rich-c: you don't need that, george
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BobS: bummer dude!!!!!!
rich-c: it is definitely no fun at all
BobS: tis the season to be JOLLY, not sick!
changed username to Murray
George: i got a shot in my butt
BobS: hi KJurray
rich-c: Murray? Wow, that's been a while!
Dr. Tolkien: Hello, Murray.
BobS: better
rich-c: Merry Christmas!
Murray: Hi everyone
Dr. Tolkien: Elen si lumenn' omentielvo!
BobS: n a KICK in the butt though
BobS: Ricd D is off base tonight
BobS: too little sleep methinks
Murray: Merry Christmas to you Rich
rich-c: snowing up in your part of the province yet, Murray?
Dr. Tolkien: And to you as well, Murray.
Murray: we had some last week it's gone know though
Dr. Tolkien: Gotta learn Sindarin, Bob...
George: i'm going analog tonight
BobS: got some flakes here in MICHIGAN this afternoon and some light snow predicted for xmas weekend
rich-c: yes, our one dump lasted about 36 hours before teh rain washed it away
Murray: Rich saw your note on history quite interesting
BobS: yes, $Rich......went there and read the article too
Dr. Tolkien: I haven't done any searching through the archives myself, but I bet there are some gems to be found.
rich-c: Saw the original but haven't had time to read the backtalk yet
BobS: then "googled" for ADAM and found some uniformed persons who need to do some simple research about the ADAM
George: i do too
rich-c: did you look at the dates of teh postings, Bob?
Murray: Rich the net is certainly a storehouse of info i've heard that some are trying to archive it what a task that would be
BobS: un-informed
BobS: no
BobS: didn't have time, like you
BobS: it's getting close to xmas ya know, and I had to shop for the bride
rich-c: some of them could date back to when you weren't so privy to Adam's secrets either
rich-c: I've been trying to sort out a problem with the laptop and new computer
BobS: oh, oh
rich-c: seems Zone Alarm and Win98SE are mutually incompatible
rich-c: the downside is I don't want to be on the net without Zone Alarm
Dr. Tolkien: Gotta take a break, guys...someone needs to use the phone. Back in a few, I hope.
Dr. Tolkien: <poof>
Dr. Tolkien left chat session
rich-c: see you Rich
BobS: dat was quick
rich-c: yes, us folks on dialup do have our problems that way
BobS: thought all that stuff was compatable with ANY operating system
Murray left chat session
rich-c: what, Zone Alarm? should be for all Windows and Macstuff, but seems it aint
BobS: maybe have to use a new flavor if Zone Alarm
rich-c: I just downloadede and installed the latest this afternoon - that's what threw the new 'puter
rich-c: the latop has version 2.1.44, the new one 2.6.xx
rich-c: hey, we've lost Murray
George: win98se has its quirks
BobS: oops
rich-c: yes it sure does, that I am learning in a hurry
George: os does agp
BobS: bill gates has him fingers into everything
rich-c: fortunately I got teh whole Norton System Works suite installed this afternoon so maybe that will help
rich-c: you don't have an agp slot ion any of your computers, do you. george?
George: i wish i hadn't got an agp system
BobS: ok.....that AGP slot is the newest funny little one set WAY back, yes?????
George: ati rage IIc
rich-c: george, which of your computers has an AGP riser?
George: and k6-2 500 mhz
rich-c: really? didn't realize they went that far back
rich-c: you must have got one of the very first, which might explain matters somewhat
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changed username to Dr. Tolkien
rich-c: welcome back, Rich. We lost Murray when you left
Dr. Tolkien: Back from the phone interruption.
BobS: ya took him with you???
Dr. Tolkien: I didn't kill him!
George: yes the epox motherboard mvp-g2 requires it
rich-c: anyway, george, the ATI cards are very well reputed
BobS: oh guys all ready for xmas???????
rich-c: yep, we're going over to join Pamela for dinner
BobS: good!!!
rich-c: she cooks teh bird, we bring the wine
Dr. Tolkien: Only some small shopping for Joan left for me (took the last of the girls out tonight to finish shopping).
George: you can only use dos and win3.x in 16 color mode
Dr. Tolkien: Also something for my Dad.
Dr. Tolkien: And then all the wrapping...
rich-c: I assume you mean that ATI doesn't offer an AGP driver for Win 3.x
George: exactly
rich-c: think you'll find that true of all the graphics card makers
rich-c: guess they figure any board that will support AGP will have a later OS on it
George: i some use the dos timeless screensaver it messes up on agp
rich-c: yes, it likely needs a driver that can't be had
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changed username to Meeka
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rich-c: merry christmas, Meeka
Meeka: Hello all
changed username to Scott
Dr. Tolkien: Hi Meeka
rich-c: and ditto, Scott
BobS: hi Meeka
Scott: Dr. Tolkien??
Scott: Hello, all.
BobS: tell doug I got those 2 sound crds
Scott: Classes are officially over.
rich-c: looks like the gang's all here for teh chat before Christmas
BobS: Scotty, me boy!!!!!
Dr. Tolkien: He Who Has Seen The Fellowship of the Ring at Midnight Last Night.
BobS: happy almost holidays
rich-c: Thou gloatest!
George: linux detects it as mack64 card
Scott: Well, they were officially last Saturday, but hey, it's good to be here!
Meeka: doug said to tell you that we got the 4 from computer gate last week while you were gone
Dr. Tolkien: #include <std_gloat.h> /* here ya go, Richard */
Scott: Got straight A's in my classes again. Yay!
Scott: Oxygen mask, please...
BobS: good, not going to get at any soon......but
Dr. Tolkien: Waytago, Scott!
rich-c: gotta talk Linux to George for now, Rich - I haven't finished the book yet
BobS: congrats!!!!!!!! scoitt.......
BobS: Judy says.........hi, but I tired
Dr. Tolkien: Okay, I'll restrain my advocacy :-)
Meeka: doug want's to know if it was good
rich-c: very neatly done, Scott - congratulations
Dr. Tolkien: Good, excellent, superlative, etc....
Dr. Tolkien: Scott *and* FOTR, that is.
Scott: None of my classes for next semester are on a Wednesday :)
George: i'm a dummy on linux
BobS: GOOD, maybe then you can hang out here!!!!
rich-c: if you can run it, you're ahead of me
Scott: Yes, finally!
rich-c: so maybe you'll have a shot at joining us more often, Scott
George: mainly just set it up
rich-c: too busy with other problems to contemplate that for a while myself, geroge
BobS: what ever happened to simplicity.............
Scott: Took a look at a site,
rich-c: and the Win98SE manual makes ominous noises about non-cooperation with dual-bottr systems
Scott: They've got two original ColecoVision cartridges coming out.
rich-c: that's boot
Scott: One is Cosmic Fighter 3.
Scott: The other they are having a contest on to name it.
rich-c: like, original 1982 relicenced, or original now?
Scott: New content.
rich-c: OK, original now
Scott: Not unreleased stuff.
George: lilo works good for me
Scott: It has me thinking about going back and finish the game I started eons ago...
rich-c: know anyone wants to buy an Adam to play them on, Scott? I have a few...
Scott: To buy ADAMs, no, but there's still interest in ColecoVision, as well there should.
rich-c: what's the difference, except the Adam can play the bigger games too
Scott: But the common folk don't know that :)
Scott: Only enthusiasts like us.
Scott: People remember the ColecoVision. Many don't know what an ADAM is.
BobS: an ADAM is just a colcovision with a different look
rich-c: well, isn't there some way we could tell them?
Scott: Sure, I'm open to suggestions...
rich-c: you're right, Scott, and it's an information gap needs closing
Scott: Maybe add more exposure to the Coleco ADAM on these Classic Gaming sites...
rich-c: that would sound like a useful idea
Scott: I'd rather have a standalone ADAM than a ColecoVision.
George: buy the rights and start producing again
rich-c: maybe some of those who frequent them could leave feedback, or something
Scott: I mean, what can you do with a ColecoVision except play games?
Dr. Tolkien: I lurk in or whatever it's called, and the traffic is all about flea-market or E-bay "triumphs".
BobS: Rich D.........does the ColecoVision power supply also work on the ADAM ......IF you were to use it as a CV unit????
Dr. Tolkien: I'm not a "collector", so there's nothing for me to participate in.
rich-c: well, Dr.D., if someone overpays for a CV you can always point out he could have got a better Adam cheaper
Scott: I want to do some research into my dad's unreleased cartridge board and see if we can add battery backup.
Scott: We should write an article for Good Deal Games.
Dr. Tolkien: As for the ADAM, a number of people who've found me through Google searches or somesuch have complained that the reason the ADAM is not of interest to anybody is because nobody has put free disk images up for all the apps to be run under ADAMEM.
Scott: It's a good subject.
rich-c: what unrealesded cartridge board? what was it for?
Dr. Tolkien: Atari 2600 still has viable tech discussion because there is still a viable (though small) commercial market for new games.
Scott: Terry Fowler had my dad make one awhile back.
rich-c: do you remind thaem that the programs are still copyright with original copies for sale?
Dr. Tolkien: Yes. But copywrite schmopyright to the emulator crowd.
Scott: Terry never paid my dad for it, so my dad never sent it to him.
rich-c: what was it supposed to do, Scott?
Scott: Just a standard cartridge board.
Dr. Tolkien: In a practical sense, they're right: 20-year-old software has no real commercial value.
BobS: Scott,,,,,and this board does what????? plugs into the ADAM?????
Scott: Problem is finding the plastic to house the board.
Scott: It's for cartridges, guys.
BobS: or freestanding cart running board????
BobS: so like a CV unit with it's own power supply
rich-c: Of course it doesn't, Dr. D. Neither does a 1930s Coca-
rich-c: Cola sign. Doesn't stop people from buying them
Scott: It's a schematic for a cartridge board originally intended for booting the hardrive off cartridge.
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Scott: I'd like to add battery backup and the ability to page through more than one 32K image.
Dr. Tolkien: Ah, but those are "collectible" items...ADAMs are not really "collectible" in the way that a 2600 or Intellivision is "collectible".
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late tonight
Guy B.: Greetings everyone!
BobS: Hi Guy
Scott: Hi Guy.
Dr. Tolkien: Hi Guy.
rich-c: merry christmas, Guy
Guy B.: Had some problems tonight, especially with the dog.
Scott: Thanks for reminding me, Merry Christmas all!
rich-c: oh dear, what's she been doing now?
Meeka: and to all a good night ;-)
BobS: so.........a cart with battery and multiple carts onboard, from which one could select some particular cart game and then go to it and play......
Scott: More or less, yes.
rich-c: it'll never fly, Bob
Scott: But not intended to host illegal copies.
Scott: Intended to contain more than one chapter of a game.
BobS: hmmmmmmm
Dr. Tolkien: Hey, remember I already specced out a schematic for a multicart which could hold all CV ROMs ever...
Dr. Tolkien: Illegal as all get-out unless you owned all the carts...
Scott: If the battery backup works correctly, you could page to a different area of the game.
Dr. Tolkien: but the ROM images are everywhere.
Guy B.: Abby ate three rawhides that I was going to give as a Christmas present to another pet in my family. So, it was no dinner for her tonight. But, it was partly my fault too.
BobS: could work.......AND have sale potential using all the currently non sucked up games by TeleGames
Scott: Not thinking about this in terms of money.
Scott: Thinking about this as a way to complete the original vision of my game.
rich-c: I assume this board would need the games in hardware form, not ROM images
BobS: so. DID talk to her and TELL her to NOT eat those, right??????
BobS: how would that help your game Scott
BobS: you cannot write to a cart as such
BobS: just be able to start part way thru the game, maybe......
Scott: With each chapter, the necessary general data (in RAM) is stored to battery.
Guy B.: She's not suppose to have ANY period. But, so far so good no problems. I gave her a small hamburger tonight. McDonald's had hamburgers and cheeseburgers for 29 and 39 cents tonight.
Guy B.: Where's Dr. D tonight?
BobS: HAMBURG??????? she don't eat "dog"food??????
Dr. Tolkien: Scott, I can't remember: is the Z80 R/~W signal run out the cartridge connector?
Dr. Tolkien: My recollection is that the cartridge read enable signal is already decoded into one of 4 ROM banks by TTL on the game board.
Guy B.: She has dog food. I didn't feed her tonight because of what she ate today.
Dr. Tolkien: So how would you do a cartridge write, even if you put RAM there?
Dr. Tolkien: Dr. D is here, Guy.
Scott: Sorry, girlfriend gave me hot wings.
Dr. Tolkien: He just has a new moniker in honor of a certain movie he saw at midnight last night...
Scott: Cartridge write?
Guy B.: You are under that Dr. Tolkien? I woudn't have guessed.
Dr. Tolkien: Yeah Scott, aren't you talking about a RAM cartridge for your game?
Dr. Tolkien: Or have I missed it?
Scott: No, it would be ROM.
Dr. Tolkien: Yeah Guy, it's me. Go see FOTR, BTW.
Dr. Tolkien: So the battery-backed RAM would be...where?
Dr. Tolkien: To save game state, that is?
Scott: A multicart that would page in 32K images.
Scott: That's what I need to find out -- how battery backup works.
Guy B.: Very good disguise Dr. D. or should I say Dr. T.
Scott: They've done it since the NES.
BobS: don't know "how" Bob blair did it, unless Scott'
BobS: s dad did it
rich-c: Guy, if you see an odd name, it's usually Dr.D or Ron
Dr. Tolkien: I see, you want to pre-program a battery-backed RAM with your game?
Scott: I believe it can be done for Coleco.
Scott: Actually, I saw a webpage of someone claiming to do it.
George: AT&T and comcast merged
Dr. Tolkien: Hmm...looking at schematic
Guy B.: Ron, I know what names he has used. I didn't expect one from Dr. D.
BobS: but the one and only standa alone hd has a partition with multi cart games on it and you just jump into pages of 8 or so games
BobS: and then select one
Scott: I believe so.
Dr. Tolkien: Yeah Bob, for ROM only...that's what my multicart design did, too.
Scott: I'm not sure if the ROM images would have to be manually selected by the user.
Dr. Tolkien: Plenty of address lines to decode many ROM banks are available.
Scott: Not sure how much work would need to go into modifying my father's design.
rich-c: yes, why not use static RAM or burn it into an EPROM?
Dr. Tolkien: But if you also want to save game state in some cartridge-accessed RAM, there has to be a way to distinguish a READ from a WRITE.
Dr. Tolkien: And I don't think that the necessary signal is directly available from the cartridge slot.
Dr. Tolkien: Though maybe it is...
Dr. Tolkien: Well, there is the cartridge clock, which you can write.
Guy B.: Abby's been apologizing to me all evening, but she knows that I look out after her. So, she knows what she did was wrong. But, she knows I keep an eye on her.
Dr. Tolkien: So hmm, must be possible.
Dr. Tolkien: Gotta look at the clock programming code to see how it wakes up the cartridge-slot clock.
Scott: I've seen memory cards that have a button on the outside of the cartridge to manually select the page of memory.
Dr. Tolkien: Don't mind me tonight, I guess, brain is still tired from end-of-semester grading, and 2 hours sleep last night because of the movie.
Scott: It may need to be something similar in design.
rich-c: Guy, you said a while back theres a way in Win98SE to transfer files from another computer
Dr. Tolkien: Yeah, my multicart used SCSI ID switches to select a game out of the ROM banks.
rich-c: you implied that it didnt need a network card - is that so?
Guy B.: You use Direct Cable Connection. I use it all the time.
Scott: When the user advances to chapter 2, they select the page (on the outside of the cartridge) and plug it back into the Coleco.
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rich-c: OK, haven't found that yet, but I will
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
BobS: hiya Pam
Pamela: Hi all
Meeka: hi Pam
rich-c: what kind of cable? Phone? Null modem? Parallel?
Pamela: Hey, Meeka - long time no see!
rich-c: welcome, daughter
Scott: Well, it's an idea at this point that I think is very feasible.
Meeka: I know I have been busy of late
Scott: Next I need to approach my dad and discuss modifications to his design.
Dr. Tolkien: Pamela, elen si lumenn' omentielvo!
Pamela: Tell me about it - I know the feeling
Pamela: I know Rich but I had a ton of stuff to do
Dr. Tolkien: I agree, Scott.
Guy B.: You can use a null modem cable via the serial ports or a parrallel cable if you have one with the same identical ends.
Dr. Tolkien: Wait 'til the weekend...
Pamela: Oh please
Dr. Tolkien: Pamela, Joan and I saw it at midnight last night :-)
Dr. Tolkien: Still running on 2 hours sleep, but dragging some now (as Scott will attest from my tech discussion attempts tonight)
Pamela: Gonna have to wait a few weeks for us - Russell isn't free till the first weekend in January
Scott: Get my cable modem access tommorrow night!
Dr. Tolkien: OUCH!!!!!
Pamela: Well, he's free at Christmas but we're kinda busy that day
Dr. Tolkien: Geez, at the risk of destroying domestic bliss, I'd say, go see it by yourself ASAP :-)
rich-c: oh, they raised the price 'cause they knew you were coming?
Pamela: Can't - haven't read the book yet
Guy B.: Scott, just out of curiousity. Who will be your ISP for the cable modem?
Scott: AT&T Broadband
Pamela: gotta read the book before I see the movie so I know what's going on
Scott: I'll be downloading ROMs galore.
rich-c: as of today a part of Comcast, George tells us
Guy B.: Ouch, and they are raising rates for the cable TV on the first of January. Will Internet be next?
rich-c: no, they raised the Internet rate a few weeks back
Pamela: Rates are getting bad enough for cable that I'm considering other options - ours goes up Jan 1 too
rich-c: went from $40 to $45
George: rate hikes all around
Scott: Cable Modem will cost $35.95/month.
Guy B.: Oh, they did that first before they raised the cable TV fees. Now, I wonder how many people will leave cable?
Meeka: we have a dish so we don't have to bother with cable anymore
rich-c: yes, but you can't put a dish on your apartment building
Scott: Not bad, considering.
Pamela: Know what's scary, Rich? I actually understood what you were saying earlier without thinking about it
Meeka: that depends on the complex
Dr. Tolkien: Bwahaha! There's lots of real Elvish (Quenya and Sindarin), with subtitles
Pamela: sure we could - on the balcony, but I wouldn't give it a snowball's chance in hell on a windy night
rich-c: around here, the landlords get to call which supplier the tenants can deal with
Dr. Tolkien: And not just stuff that Tolkien himself produced: they clearly went to the tolklang scholars and got them to translate stuff!
Guy B.: There is a satellite dish on the roof of my apartment bldg. It was left by a former tenant.
Dr. Tolkien: And it's pronounced correctly!
Dr. Tolkien: And the names are pronounced correctly!
Pamela: Well it looked enough like a real language to get the gist without trying
George: here the city dictates what you get
Dr. Tolkien: "A star shines upon the hour of our meeting"
rich-c: I don't think your balcony has enough western exposure to pick up teh satellitee
Scott: ADAMCon is in August, right?
rich-c: yep
Pamela: Yes Scott
Meeka: yes
Pamela: 8th to 11th
rich-c: and we're expecting you to be there
Pamela: with bells on
Scott: I will actually be able to make it.
Guy B.: Satellite dish sure has boomed in the last 2 years. And they have gotten very competitive as well.
Scott: It doesn't conflict with my school schedule.
rich-c: that why they've boomed
Scott: Yay!
BobS: yup, but Pam has the dates. they ARE correect right dear??????
BobS: i forgot alrady
rich-c: I always found cable too pricey but my satellite rate is acceptable
Meeka: yes
Scott: August works soooo much better than July.
Meeka: i believe so
BobS: ]good thing Meeka is young and can remember
Guy B.: Meeka, who is your dish provider?
Pamela: yes - we Canadians thought so too
Scott: In July, I'm still sweating about finals.
Meeka: direvtv
BobS: we have dish network.....same stuff, diff vcompany
Meeka: that's directv
Guy B.: You have Direct TV. How many channels do you have?
Dr. Tolkien: Elanor says hi and good-night.
Pamela: Hi and g'nite back
Guy B.: Hi Elanor
BobS: HI Elanor!!!!!
Pamela: Happy HoHo too
Scott: Hellllllo.
rich-c: say merry christmas to Elanor for us
Dr. Tolkien: Message conveyed, and she says same to all of your.
Meeka: we have the total choice programming - around 150 channels i think
Dr. Tolkien: Oops, you.
Meeka: would have to look it up to be sure
Pamela: So what happened last night, Doc?
rich-c: how many of them do you ever watch?
Guy B.: Wow, that's alot. Does that include the premium channels like HBO?
Pamela: Reminds me of the Springsteen song - 57 Channels and Nuthin On
Meeka: on a reular basis i watch programs on 15-20 different channels
Dr. Tolkien: Last night, I thought it was Wednesday and logged into the chat at 8:50 PM.
Pamela: when do you find the time?
Meeka: 15 channels are music stations
Meeka: and there are quite a few news stations
Dr. Tolkien: There was another guy here, someone who had been given an ADAM, and said it was his first time I was convinced it was the right night.
BobS: was going to log on with you Rich, but couldn't........only Tues and all ;-)
Pamela: Glad I'm not the only one losing track of the week
rich-c: we're having a freebie on teh digital channels right now, but I haven't had a chance to look
BobS: well did ya tell him to come tonight
Dr. Tolkien: We exchanged about 3 sentences, then he said he was getting an Instant Messenger page and was leaving.
Guy B.: I have a cable outlet here in my apartment, but for now, I'm not subscribed to it.
rich-c: in fact I haven't used the satellite receiver since September
Dr. Tolkien: Never had the chance, Bob.
Scott: Oh yeah, about a year ago I picked up a really nice ADAM (complete) for $20.
Scott: Too bad the shipping was more expensive than the actual unit.
Dr. Tolkien: So, I hung around, reading news in another window, when I saw a header which said Tuesday. Then I said oops...
Dr. Tolkien: Too bad I had already E-mailed the list with a yoo-hoo, I'm here post.
Dr. Tolkien: So, guess it's Ronald Reagan disease or something.
Pamela: I got quite the chuckle from it
Pamela: Speaking of seniors, where's Ron?
rich-c: maybe it's Thursday already in his time zone
BobS: maybe at an Alzheimer
Pamela: and don't tell him I said that
BobS: 's meeting??????
Dr. Tolkien: So now anybody who thinks I'm perfect has logged proof that I ain't :-)
Pamela: We're not that disillusioned, Rich
rich-c: when did he say he was going to Edmonton to visit his family?
Guy B.: I can't believe Christmas is next week and I still have two people to get gifts for. Abby's going to have her picture taken with Santa this weekend. I hope to have them up on my website shortly for all of you to see.
BobS: around xmas sometime I think
Dr. Tolkien: I did feel about -5 cm tall and stupid :-)
Pamela: Everyone does it Rich, don't feel bad
rich-c: some of us still have trouble catching up to what year it is
Meeka: i kept thinking that today it was Thursday
Pamela: That was part of my to-do list tonite - to get my gift shopping finished. I am finally done
rich-c: done, or done in?
Pamela: both
Scott: Dr. Tolkien - check out when you have the chance.
Guy B.: I still have a ton of wrapping to do.
Scott: It's a really neat site.
Pamela: Although finding parking was worse than the shopping
Dr. Tolkien: I'm about done I think I am going to stop for now and go to bed.
Guy B.: What's on that site?
Pamela: Don't talk to me about wrapping - haven't started taht part yet
Meeka: ok see ya later
Dr. Tolkien: Ought to be around Saturday at 3 PM. So, I'll try to be there.
Guy B.: We'll see you next week Dr T?
rich-c: sweet dreams of hobbits and elves, then
Dr. Tolkien: Good night, all, and good luck finishing your Christmas shopping, if you still need to finish it :-)
Dr. Tolkien: <poof>
Dr. Tolkien left chat session
Scott: Bye!
Pamela: Merry Christmas ?Rich in case I;'m noton on Saturday
rich-c: and maybe Tom Bombadil, since they left him out of the movie
Pamela: that was very quick
rich-c: reckon he's very tired
Pamela: ya think?
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