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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
BobS: mornin Richard
BobS: :-)
BobS: 'tis the bewitching hour..............
rich-c: hi bob just off checking something
BobS: ok
BobS: I would send you some snow, but it won't work
rich-c: using the new computer so typing is slow
BobS: why's that????
rich-c: oh, we have all the snow we need - you can see a bit on the ground
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BobS: heck man......we have received 22.8 since Sun noon
rich-c: well, the computer has a new keyboard
BobS: I am SICK of it
rich-c: that's OK, Buffalo got even more
BobS: yes, but......the keys are all in the same plce, yes?????
changed username to Dr. Tolkien
rich-c: yes, but I'm sitting differently too
rich-c: hi Rich
BobS: hi dr d
Dr. Tolkien: to see LOTR in about 45 minutes.
rich-c: I'm at the dining room table not the computer desk
rich-c: thought you'd seen LOTR already?
BobS: at FRANCES" dining table?????
rich-c: or this time will you be awake?
rich-c: yup, let me tell you, dinner was awkward
Dr. Tolkien: Yep, seen it already, but Joan and I are back for more :-)
rich-c: you must have got a real kick out of it, Rich
Dr. Tolkien: This time, we can really enjoy it, not having to worry if it's going to turn out to be a turkey or not.
rich-c: yes, and I'll bet you'll pick up a lot of fascinating detail you mised first time round
BobS: well that makes sense
BobS: yes Richard......I have found also, that to really enjoy a pic you need to watch it a 2nd time
BobS: and THEN you get the details you kind od glossed over the first time
rich-c: I really wouldnt know - I don't go the first time
rich-c: wonder when LOTR will be out on tape?
BobS: same thing applies to renting a movie an watching it a 2nd time
Dr. Tolkien: Rumor is DVD for part one sometime in June.
rich-c: I've never rented a movie
Dr. Tolkien: Word is that it will be a Director's Cut with about 45 minutes of footage filmed but removed in the final edit.
BobS: too bad, you SHOULD rent Dr Doolittle and the sequel Dr Doolittle 2
rich-c: not sure that's my kindof flick
Dr. Tolkien: Since the film is doing well in the theatres, they might even consider running this version anyway, now that they know that people will sit still for 3+ hours.
BobS: about a doctor who talks to animals....funny stuff
rich-c: that's the advantage of tape - us weak-bladdered old folk can pause it
Dr. Tolkien: Today we also took the younger 2 girls to see "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius". Not a bad picture at all, for what it is (and it doesn't try to be more than what it is).
rich-c: maybe I'll even give Harry Potter a look when it's rentable
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Dr. Tolkien: "In joke" that Patrick Stewart is the voice of the bad-guy alien King, who is an egg (much resembling Mr. Stewart's well-known bald head).
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: I never feel I have the time it takes to go to a movie
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Greetings all, and Merry Christmas
BobS: greetings to your own self Pam
rich-c: Rich is leaving soon to see LOTR again
Pamela: Again, Rich?
Dr. Tolkien: Yes :-)
Pamela: How many times is that?
Dr. Tolkien: This is only #2.
Pamela: Hmmm.
rich-c: and how many more will there be?
Dr. Tolkien: At least one more in a week when we can finally take Elanor.
Dr. Tolkien: She'd be going tonight, except that Christina is at a friend's house and won't be back before we leave for the 10:15 PM show.
Pamela: This is beginning to smack of addiction
Dr. Tolkien: Well, I can write in tengwar, after all...taught myself in 11th grade, back in 1978 :-)
Pamela: Okay, more than just beginning to
rich-c: we did get the feeling you were pretty deep into it
Pamela: My fingers don't seem to want to work tonite
Dr. Tolkien: I taught Joan, too, back when we were dating in college...all our letters were in tengwar, to foil her snooping Dad (who liked to open letters).
rich-c: all that Xmas orgy and debauch, Pam
Pamela: two days away from work too
Pamela: I really should have taken the rest of this week off
rich-c: I'm trying to adapt to the new keyboard
Dr. Tolkien: Orgy of food here, mix, Christmas cookies, ham, little sausages...
BobS: oh. way too much to digest........
Dr. Tolkien: "Snowed food and rained drink", as the hobbits say :-)
rich-c: we were very traditional, but Pamela left us well filled
Pamela: shortbread, chocolate shortbread, mince tarts, candy of all types, leftover turkey - you name it, it's residing here.
BobS: had shish-ka-bobs xmas eve, then a turkey dinner xmas......way too much food.......
Dr. Tolkien: Still haven't cooked our big bird yet.
Dr. Tolkien: Looking forward to pork roast and sauerkraut on New Year's Day, too :-)
Pamela: Well I'm just glad we didn't kill anyone
rich-c: have to defer things to meet the work schedule?
rich-c: that was for Rich
Dr. Tolkien: Well, I'm off this week, though Joan isn't.
BobS: then you can do ALL the childcare sittin'
Dr. Tolkien: She had to work Christmas Eve day (managed to switch from evening to day shift so she could go to church with us).
rich-c: right - sort of puts a spoke in plansfor a family feast
Dr. Tolkien: She worked evening shift yesterday (so she didn't get to go with us to my Dad's after present-opening here at home).
Pamela: and for once Russell was home for both Christmas and Boxing Day
Dr. Tolkien: Off today, back to evening shift for the next 2 days, then off the weekend.
rich-c: and that is unusual
BobS: ok....Boxing Day........shotes closed, yes????
BobS: stores
Pamela: Very - it's the first time in absolutely forever
Dr. Tolkien: My Dad is coming up tomorrow morning to take the girls to stay until Saturday, but with Joan working evenings, not much we can do together here.
rich-c: no, they do a land office business
BobS: Judy hit the stores today
Pamela: Brave soul, is Judy
Dr. Tolkien: Only store I was in today was grocery to get some bread.
rich-c: we didn't - the parking lots terrify me on Boxing Day
BobS: went east away fromt he snow here........22.8 inches since Sunday
Pamela: Yes, we heard Bob
Dr. Tolkien: Could someone in-the-know give this Yank a brief summary of what Boxing Day is all about?
Pamela: Just a dusting here
rich-c: didnt realize it extended as far west as Michigan
BobS: thought I had the idea from a canadian couple who went to our church for a few years
rich-c: day after Christmas - Brit tradition
Pamela: Boxing day was traditionally the day in which the leftovers were boxed up and given to the servants and the poor for their holiday feast
BobS: yea
rich-c: originally I think the day the staff got their gifts
Dr. Tolkien: Got it.
rich-c: think its just employer practicality - they have to accept some holidays so pick one when everyone's hung over anyway
Pamela: It's a stat holiday here
Dr. Tolkien: I didn't realize it was boxing as in containers; sorta assumed it had something to do with fisticuffs.
rich-c: except for essential services and retail
Pamela: However, last year they started allowing the stores to open
Dr. Tolkien: Maybe commemorating some famous mob fight or something.
Pamela: That's Valentines Day, Rich
BobS: oh no Dr D
Dr. Tolkien: Anti-royalty fight, that is.
rich-c: sorry to disappoint, Rich ;-)
Dr. Tolkien: Or am I thinking of Guy Fawkes Day and the Gunpowder Plot?
BobS: st valentines
Pamela: or the St. Valentines Day Massacre
BobS: day massacre
rich-c: oh please to remember the fifth of November
rich-c: with gunpowder, treason and plot...
Pamela: Where did I get all this trivia from, anyway?
rich-c: you read too much
Dr. Tolkien: Is the "Guy" in "Guy Fawkes" pronounced as Guy Bona or Guy Cousineau?
rich-c: or maybe it's inherited
Pamela: Oh yes, it's inherited
rich-c: or both
Pamela: Guy Bona
rich-c: a Brit, so Cjicago fashion
Dr. Tolkien: But Guy is a Norman name, no?
Pamela: Yes, and Gui is the French pronunciation
rich-c: yes, but when did that ever stop the Brits?
BobS: but guy as in cousiineau is french, right?
Pamela: Oui
rich-c: ever heard how they pronounce "Beaulieu"?
BobS: balu
rich-c: no, bew-lee
BobS: oh well, i tried
Pamela: Yuck. Take a perfectly lovely word and massacre it
rich-c: just like the nearest they can come to Livorno is Leghorn
BobS: Foghorn Leghorn; the big chicken?????
Pamela: and "wipers" from Ypres
Dr. Tolkien: Well, the township next door to my home township of Liberty, spelt "Vienna", is pronounced by all and sundry locals as "Vye-anna" :-)
rich-c: no Brit ever heardd (that he'll admit) of Koln or Praha
rich-c: es, and there's a burg in Illinois the locals call verse-el
rich-c: Versaillies
Pamela: no, Versailles
Dr. Tolkien: And "Newark" Ohio is "Nerk".
rich-c: and the capital of South Dakota is peer (Pierre)
Pamela: I wonder what they
BobS: what about des moines???
Pamela: 'd do to Longeuille?
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Dr. Tolkien: And the natives can tell a non-native by whether they say "Injunapolis" (native) or "In-di-an-apolis".
BobS: de moyn........
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: and Des Plaines
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy!
Guy B.: Happy Holidays Everyone!
BobS: I think we got too mixed in with all the world's civilizations
BobS: :-)
rich-c: dez plens, if I recall
BobS: HI Guy
Pamela: to you too, Guy
Dr. Tolkien: My parents' hometown of Wooster, OH is supposed to rhyme with Worcester, not rooster.
Dr. Tolkien: Hello Guy.
rich-c: it does in Brit pronunciation
Pamela: yeah, but noone can pronounce Worcestershire anyway
Guy B.: I'm using my last 4 vacation days and spent the day after Christmas shopping.
rich-c: and you lived?
Dr. Tolkien: I cringe when I hear people around here say Wooster to rhyme with rooster, ick.
Pamela: You went to a mall??? And lived to tell about it?
Dr. Tolkien: Ah, shibboleths...
BobS: well he has 3 more days to recuperate
Pamela: Richard!!!!
Dr. Tolkien: Erm, Pam, make that sibboleth? :-)
rich-c: hope the bumps and bruises heal enough by then
BobS: op, oh that was bad
Pamela: does that make it any more polite?
BobS: what's it mean??????
BobS: bad, eh?
Guy B.: Not the mall. Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's and between them. We managed to find time to have dinner. And maybe more tomorrow. Have to return two items for Abby. One is too big, the other she didn't like.
rich-c: who's we?
Guy B.: That's Jeanene and I.
Pamela: I can just see it now - Sorry, the dog didn't like it
Dr. Tolkien: It's a biblical word...used as a password to identify some people of a different tribe who couldn't say the "sh" sound.
Pamela: I would have liked to see the look on the clerks face
BobS: that is ONE funny dog
rich-c: well, if you're go9ng to pull that off, today's the day
Guy B.: I got her a Talk to Me Treat Ball. She found the hole for the treats, but she got frustrated trying to get them out. She was suppose to roll the ball and the treat would fall out.
Pamela: I'm surprised that they are taking returns today - most stores up here won't.
rich-c: and she didnt roll it or the treat didnt drop?
BobS: won't take them just today??? or never????
rich-c: just today - too busy selling
Pamela: No, today and tomorrow will be too busy
Guy B.: And she couldn't do it. She tried chewing on the ball. This ball also was to play my voice and that didn't work out that good. So, I'm sending it back tomorrow.
BobS: give them what for Guy
Dr. Tolkien: Our pet was happy with his Christmas present: a new cage for Mike the guinea pig, about 4 times larger than his original cage.
rich-c: I imagine that will be appreciated
Dr. Tolkien: We bought the biggest one available in the store when we got him for Diana's birthday in August, but he's outgrown it.
Pamela: The cats got turkey and gravy
BobS: will he find his way??????
Guy B.: Then I got her a harness. That was too big, so I have to send that back to for a medium one. The ball goes back to I'll find something else for Abby. I'll have her newest Christmas photos up soon. You guys will love it.
Dr. Tolkien: New cage is about 3 feet by 6 feet by 3 feet tall.
Pamela: Just how big is this guinea pig, anyway?
Dr. Tolkien: Tall enough that I can build a small 2nd-story floor and ramp so he can have some places to climb.
Dr. Tolkien: Maybe 10 inches long now.
rich-c: did the cats get given it or finally find heir way up on the table, Pam?
Pamela: and you say we spoil our pets, Dad.
Dr. Tolkien: He's not fat, just grown big.
Guy B.: Pam, have a question for you on cats. Ever heard of a Blue Russian cat?
Pamela: They got given some. Daddy's a sucker for a sob meow
Dr. Tolkien: It was left out in the cold?
rich-c: no, mostly
Pamela: Yes, but it's Russian Blue
rich-c: red or
rich-c: white
rich-c: russians
Dr. Tolkien: Norwegian Blue?
Guy B.: It's Russian Blue? Jeanene may have one. Her cat, Zoe.
Dr. Tolkien: (beautiful plummage)
Pamela: That's dragons, Rich
Dr. Tolkien: Naw, the dragon is Norwegian Ridgeback, IIRC.
Pamela: Short hair, blued steel in colour, usually green eyes and rather large
Pamela: Very friendly too, as I understand it. Purebred.
rich-c: Bob, where's the rest of thefamily tonight?
Guy B.: That fits the description of Zoe. She has a little white spot on her neck and a very diginified cat.
rich-c: how does she get on with Abby?
Pamela: I'll bet she's gorgeous
Guy B.: They are pals and the only dog Zoe likes.
Pamela: Were they brought up together, Guy?
Guy B.: She is. The photo I have is with the both of them with Santa.
rich-c: you'll have to post that,
rich-c: now which key did I hit by mistake?
BobS: don't know Richard......Meeka is home..........maybe tired, because she went with Judy shopping today
Guy B.: Zoe was found as a kitten behind a pile of lumber at Home Depot. Zoe is 2 years old now. Abby and Zoe would play with each other.
Pamela: Speaking of bringing up, has anyone heard from Dale and Jillian?
rich-c: now that's an interessting history
BobS: Judy is too tired to get online, although she asked WHO was on
BobS: nope
Guy B.: Good question. Jill's baby is due anyday now.
rich-c: I notice the server has occasional lags which usggests Dale might be using it
BobS: a week or two yet isn't it?????
rich-c: no, I think tomorrow is the likeliest
BobS: well of all the gall.....
Dr. Tolkien: Tomorrow?
rich-c: of course now they just give about a week window
Dr. Tolkien: If so, let's hope all goes well.
BobS: you got the inside track?????
Pamela: Other friends of ours just had a baby at the end of November and named her Charlotte - of course now they have Charlotte's Website
Guy B.: Dale will let us know when the baby is born.
rich-c: urk ... urk .... urk
Dr. Tolkien: Pamela: arrgh, what a pun.
Pamela: Agreed
rich-c: yes, I wouls certainly hope so
Dr. Tolkien: If Baby's a hearty eater, gotta embroider a bib which says "Some pig" :-)
Pamela: I'll remember that, Rich
Pamela: Still haven't finished Pooh - gotta do that first
Dr. Tolkien: Well, there's always "Radiant"
rich-c: comes from having four kids - get to be a real authority on kid's literature
Pamela: Especially four girls : )
Dr. Tolkien: For a school paper this fall, Elanor got a book of the Grimm fairy tales that aren't told any more: very GRIM indeed. Of course I liked them :-)
Pamela: Such as?
rich-c: yes, the original tales needed a lot of sanitization for contemporary tastes
Dr. Tolkien: Such gems as the poor boy who's starved and beaten by his no-good father, to the point that the boy runs away from home--for which he is rewarded by being torn apart and eaten by bears, because you should never disobey your parents.
rich-c: full of all sortsd of unsavoury monsters
BobS: no, methinks that is al ittle TOO grim
Pamela: Ah - especially appropriate for small children
Dr. Tolkien: A frequent punishment is for the villain to get put inside a barrel with nails hammered through from the outside and then rolled down the hill into the river.
rich-c: yes, a lot of the favourite fairy tales are pretty blodthirsty by today's stadards
Pamela: Ranks right up there with stoning
Dr. Tolkien: And the Big Bad Wolf has more than a gastronomic interest in Ms. Red Riding Hood...
rich-c: "I'll grind his bones to make my bread..."
Pamela: Fee, Fie Fo, Fum
Dr. Tolkien: Actually Richard, I think that line is from Perrault...
Guy B.: That's Jack and the Beanstalk.
Dr. Tolkien: Fee Fie Fo Fat, I tawt I taw a putty tat.
rich-c: I wouldn't know on that one
Pamela: From Jack and the Beanstalk
Guy B.: That one I love.
Pamela: Ah, an expert on cartoons too I see
Dr. Tolkien: Indubitaby...hahahaha.
Pamela: tee hee hee
Dr. Tolkien: Make that indubitabwy.
Pamela: say that three times fast
Guy B.: Elmer Fudd says Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English Wabbitt.
Pamela: Had Kimberly and Art over today, couldn't get my lips to work properly.
rich-c: I thought it was a wascally wabbit
Dr. Tolkien: Haven't seen that one for a while.
Pamela: that too
BobS: elmer had dat wascully wabbit
Guy B.: It's been awhile, but I would be close.
Pamela: siwwy wabbit
rich-c: still no developments with Kim and Art?
Pamela: Well no ring, but discussions - will tell you more at length
Dr. Tolkien: Twiks ah foh kids....hahaha
Dr. Tolkien: Speaking of rings....
Pamela: Yess???
Dr. Tolkien: It's about time for me to leave for the theatre.
Pamela: Yes, it's that time isn't it?
Dr. Tolkien: Oh Pam, you know I'd give you a ring, but Russell already got you one :-)
rich-c: reserved tickets or lineup?
Dr. Tolkien: Queue. At this point, the wait won't be long.
Guy B.: Rich, have you got your new system up yet?
Pamela: Actually, I picked it out myself but I appreciate the sentiment anyway
rich-c: the new has worn off already, has it?
Dr. Tolkien: We had the theatre to ourselves for about the first 5 minutes of Jimmy Neutron today.
rich-c: yes Guy, that's why my typing is slow
Guy B.: How is that movie?
Guy B.: How's is it working out so far?
Pamela: Happy new Year, Rich - talk to you next year : )
Dr. Tolkien: So, off we go to Middle-Earth...
Guy B.: See you next week Dr T.
Dr. Tolkien: Well, I might stop by Saturday if there's to be a talk then.
rich-c: enjoy the show, Rich - see you next Wed
Dr. Tolkien: Otherwise, Happy New Year to all.
Dr. Tolkien: <poof>
BobS: happy new yar Dr D
rich-c: I'll try to rmember Saturday this time, too
Pamela: I won't be there though - Russell will be asleep and Ihave the worlds loudest modem
Dr. Tolkien left chat session
Guy B.: Boy, he's quick.
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rich-c: I managed to suppress mine using the settings panel in Control Panel
changed username to BAIR<undefined>
BobS: just put your hand over top Panm and it quiets right down
BobS: Hey BAIR
rich-c: wwell, Rich leaves, Bob enters - grettings
Pamela: We'd better make sure we ask Ron what he had for lunch at Harvey's so we can pull his tail about it in August
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: It's the Bair. Bob, you're still have a an Undefined next to you.
BAIR<undefined>: hi
Pamela: No it doesn't, Bob
rich-c: yes - he just typed it in without clearing the line first
Pamela: I've tried everything - we had this discussion, remember?
BobS: Bair.....Edit.....change name......delete key out the undefined part
rich-c: well, you likely have a Winmodem that isn't susceptible to discipline
BobS: Ron emalied me form his sisters
BobS: ' house and was worried that his xmas message
rich-c: you'll recall I can't squelch the one on the old computer, either
BobS: ' did not ge trhu tho the list
Pamela: Short of either stuffing it with something or puncturing the speaker, I'm stuck with it
Pamela: Yours has nothing on mine, Dad
Guy B.: Well, he did it the easy way. He exited and will return shortly.
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BobS: see what we did,,,,,,scared hi off
changed username to BAIR
rich-c: no, he's back
BobS: come on bair........
Pamela: Ahhh, much better - you're defined now
BobS: AH HA he did ti!!!!
Guy B.: He got it. Good going Bob B.
BobS: it
BobS: what a guy eh?
BobS: have a good xmas with virginia????
rich-c: how are you set for snow down your way, Bair?
BobS: want some???????
Pamela: NO!!!
Guy B.: Bob S. How much snow do you have already from the lake?
BobS: 22.8 with another 12" plus coming
BAIR: we got 5 in
rich-c: he takes his from the sky, Guy
BobS: and maybe more
BobS: all lake effect
BobS: I can send ya some more!!!!!
rich-c: looks like all the heavy snowfalls were lake effect
Guy B.: Holy cow! We only have a blanket covering the ground here in Chicago and it has been snowing most of the day.
Pamela: I hear Buffalo got buried too
rich-c: yes, over two feet at the airport there
Guy B.: They got two feet.
BobS: yes
BAIR: only for the bad poeple
BobS: but they LOVE it
rich-c: sure, alla time
Pamela: Around here, the lawns are still green
Guy B.: Last year at this time. Buffalo had over 80" of snow. Look what happens a year makes.
rich-c: we are very happy to be on the windward side of the lake, trust me
rich-c: well, tonight they do have a dusting of white
Guy B.: I bought new winter boots and they still haven't been broken in yet.
rich-c: but when I went out to refill the bird feeder the sky was mostly clear
Pamela: I was going to, but haven't had time to get out and look
Pamela: Maybe now that Christmas is over, I can get to it before there's a run on them
rich-c: our weather so far, plain toe rubbers are adequate
rich-c: (famous last words)
Pamela: Now you've done it
rich-c: yes, and with my back and knees acting up, shovelling I do not need
Pamela: Exactly
Pamela: Did the Dr. give you any exercises for the knee, Dad?
rich-c: no, though he did suggest stretching
Pamela: I have a good book on the subject if you're interested
Pamela: Got it from Dr. Kleiman
Pamela: For my heels
rich-c: for a few days there, any movement that wasn't necessary - wasn't attractive, shall I say?
BobS: oh oh
Pamela: I can understand that - even Barbara noticed you were limping yesterday
rich-c: yeah, walking around made it hurt, and so did sitting still
rich-c: actually I was much improved yesterday
BobS: that's good
rich-c: some of the limp is precautionary - I know what an unthinking movement is going to cost
Pamela: Yeah, but you should have heard him creak, Bob
BobS: click, click, click
rich-c: let's say this won't be my year for the Boston Marathon
Pamela: Gee, and I was so looking forward to that
BobS: well, I think you should give up the marathons
Pamela: Sorry, that was the bathroom marathon, wasn't it?
BobS: and all the other strenuous stuff like that, as my doctor said......walking and swimming ONLY
rich-c: yeah, I'm beginning to wear a bit around the edges
Pamela: Problem is, so am I - and you have 35 years on me
rich-c: and no Pam. I'm still training for that
Pamela: That's what I get for abusing my bod with gymnastics when I was young
Pamela: too many hard landings
rich-c: well, that may have been a factor
BobS: yea; a lot of young athletes are going to find that out the hard way
rich-c: though you seemed quite enthusiastic about it at the time
Pamela: Oh, I was. there was just something about it that I found so beautiful
rich-c: these days, for me heavy lifting is a proper size mug of coffee
Pamela: ADAM mug size, perhaps?
BAIR: yae
rich-c: that's the minimum
Pamela: Those AC9 mugs are actually quite large by comparison
BobS: gotta cut down on the caffiene intake anyway
rich-c: with what, thimbles?
BAIR: no way
Pamela: No, some of the other mugs we have are noticeably smaller
rich-c: what a pain - have to fill them even more often
BobS: but it stays hotter
Pamela: I'll remember that
Pamela: latte cup, anyone?
rich-c: yes, that's an advantage, Bob
rich-c: no, we drink real coffee
Pamela: the cup itself, not the contents Dad
BAIR: leave it sit on a hot plate
Pamela: they're actually bowl sized with a handle
rich-c: oh, don
rich-c: t think I've ever seen one
Pamela: should be just right for you
Pamela: Mom, however, would kill me
rich-c: quite probably
Pamela: "Where will I put it???"
rich-c: besides, I can always use the Guiness mug
Pamela: oh, how big is it?
rich-c: pint
rich-c: proper beeer mugs are alwasy a pint
BobS: good lord!!!! you could get high from that much at once
Pamela: I think that's the point Bo
BobS: we talkin beer or coffee?????
Pamela: b
rich-c: surely, you're not serious?
BobS: welll you canadians take your java seriously
Pamela: I much prefer my caffeine cold
BobS: course, your bress seripusly too
BAIR: don't get cauht driving
BobS: boy, that dind 't type right
rich-c: actually, it's more a personal than national thing
Pamela: we got the gistBob
BAIR: I know my spelling sucks
BobS: who's don't
Pamela: mine don't . . . doesn't
BobS: not to worry bub
rich-c: you've been doing fine so far, Bair
BAIR: guess thats why I don't say more
Pamela: my grammar does suffer from time to time, however
rich-c: that's true for all of us
rich-c: sometimes it's intentional
Pamela: you do just fine Bob B - it's Bob S whose fingers can't spell
BobS: say WHAAAAT?????
BAIR: how was the trip
Pamela: those are the days when fingers and brain aren't communicating - I have those a lot
rich-c: well, Sloppy, since you asked....
Pamela: that's when I resort to the hunt and peck method to make sure it comes out right
rich-c: maybe he's still seasick
BobS: nope cruise was ggod Bair
BobS: good
Pamela: and I made friends with the backspace key a long time ago
BobS: had a fun timek we did
BobS: PAM!!! necer never NEVER backspace, that suggests a mistake
rich-c: that's why that key is oversize on my keyboard
Pamela: it's the only one I can find with my eyes closed
BobS: oh bad.........
Pamela: you know, it's funny - I can have a terrible time at work with my fingers, and when I get on chat, that dissappears
Pamela: sorry, disappears
rich-c: at work you hve to stop and think
BobS: that's becasue you are doing it for fun
rich-c: here, we're among friends
Pamela: no, at work I don't have time to think
BobS: wee ARE????
Pamela: I am usually typing verbatim what someone tells me
Pamela: as they're telling me - I have to go back and edit
Pamela: we are Bob, and all is forgiven
BobS: whew, that'
BobS: s a relEEEf
rich-c: yes, too many ummms and ahhhs and eh?s don't make good business letters
Pamela: Well, I usually leave those out
BobS: why not?
BAIR: sure does
rich-c: you have to go to a second page too often
Pamela: I have actually taken to typing out long voicemails so I can get them all - takes too long to write them
rich-c: my problem isnt the writing, it's reading the writing after
rich-c: it's like the trail of a snake with the DTs
Pamela: It's just too slow for my purposes most of the time
rich-c: that's because you have to read it later
BobS: then you have to be a fast typer
rich-c: she is
Pamela: I am - but it took a while to get up to speed
BAIR: must be nice
rich-c: I am still in the search, discover and land mode
BAIR: takes me for ever
BobS: how many words a minute??????
Pamela: Bair, you must remember that I am the claims administrator for a major automotive after market repair company
rich-c: for me, minutes per word...
Pamela: Everyone calls me to report their claims, and i have to put it all directly into the case diary
BobS: so how fast??????
rich-c: expletives delet4ed, of course
Pamela: No idea - I haven't timed myself in years
Pamela: of course, Dad
rich-c: they dont pay you for your typing, it's for your bomb disposal skills
Guy B.: When I took the intro typing course in high school. On my final exam I was at 31 wpm. I'm higher than that now. I would say about 40 wpm or better.]
BAIR: thats not nice
Pamela: Some might say they aren't so good - I've had a few go off on me
rich-c: well, you can't win 'em all - but your batting average is pretty good
Pamela: Guy, when I first took typing, I learned on an old IBM Selectric with no correction - my wpm was about 35 and I finished the course with a 55.
Pamela: Talk about just scraping by.
BobS: you are too young......can;t remember how many words I typed to pass
Pamela: If my typing teacher could only see me now.
BobS: crs........
rich-c: it's OK, one of the fastest typists I know still uses only two fingers
Pamela: well for a hunt and peck typist you certainly do fine, Dad
BAIR: are balance is $1597
BobS: COOL, now you can come to AC 14 and spend it!!!!!
rich-c: been on the bank website on the side, BB?
BAIR: no
Pamela: and that's after Christmas - pretty good
rich-c: now's the time to tell him about Caribbean cruises, Bob
BobS: no, we don't want him to spend it on that
BAIR: that balance is the ANN not mine
rich-c: right - save it for early August
BAIR: mine is MT
rich-c: Mighty Thin?
Pamela: no, empty
rich-c: close enough
Pamela: as in MTGG
BAIR: i don't like to type
Pamela: You don't like it cos you don't get enough practice, Bob
rich-c: I doubt anyone really likes it - it just beats the alternatives
BobS: blink your eyes ONCE for yes; twice for NO
rich-c: and we'll all buy us some webcams
Pamela: It gets easier with practice, trust me
BAIR: OK did you see them blink
BobS: trusdt YOU...nevber!!!!
Pamela: not on mt accounts, we won't
BobS: no
Pamela: thanks a lot Bob - I'll remember that
Pamela: Guy, you'll remind me, right?
rich-c: nice to know ANN is solvent, anyway
BAIR: getting late i have to go HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVER ONE
Pamela: Guy??
rich-c: and a very happy new year to you, BB
Pamela: Happy New Year to you Bair - see you next year
Pamela: I love saying that
BobS: Happy New Year to you also Bob
Pamela: GUY!
BAIR left chat session
rich-c: it's really neat having you with us these nights
BobS: in 2002
BobS: he's gone Richard
Guy B.: Im here.
Pamela: but are you paying attention?
rich-c: yes, we do semm to be into quick exits tonight
BobS: well say somethin Guy
Guy B.: I was filling out some forms for returning Abby's gifts.
Pamela: Guy, you have to help me - Bob
rich-c: yes - seven days from tonight would be Dec.32, wouldn't it?
Pamela: s picking on me
Pamela: 'tis, Dad
BobS: well technically
rich-c: so break out the icewine and have an online party
Guy B.: I guess I should go as well. Getting tired and I'm using the last of my vacation days for this year. See you all next year. I don't know about Saturday yet. Have to see what I'm doing.
Pamela: can't - I have to work the next day
rich-c: hope you can make it, Guy
BobS: IF we had 30 days in Feb; it would only be Dec 30........
Pamela: Happy New Year Guy
Guy B.: I'll try. Bye.
BobS: be good Guy
Pamela: see you on 01/01/02
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: night Guy
rich-c: looks like the party's breaking up
BobS: yup, go check emails and head for the sack
Pamela: Well, since I still have to find the bed, I suppose I'd better go too
rich-c: right, and I've got a big download to nab
BobS: might drop in Sat, don't know what's up yet, but.........
rich-c: try for it, Bob
Pamela: Bob, wish everyone at your end Happy Holidays for us please and tell them we missed them
BobS: bye you two, HAPPY NEW YEAR
rich-c: if not, happy new year to you and all the folks there
Pamela: Happy New Year
BobS left chat session
Pamela: See you next week
Pamela: and next year
Pamela: That was quick
rich-c: guess we'd better colour us gone
Pamela: guess so. Talk to you over the weekend, okay?
rich-c: sleep tight, daughter
rich-c: OK
Pamela: Night night Dad
Pamela: Poof
rich-c: nite
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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