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rich-c: test
rich-c: test
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: how are things in Michigan?
Meeka: COLD
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changed username to BobS
BobS: CRAPPY New Year !!!!!
rich-c: yes, we're below 0C here too
Meeka: hello dad
BobS: hi
rich-c: what are you complaining about, Robert?
BobS: just expecting another year like the old year
BobS: :-)
rich-c: oh, this one is starting off better now
(S enjoys the flowers.)
BobS: yes???
BobS: I just gave ya both a bouquet of flowers
rich-c: well, Frances got sprung from the hospital today
Meeka: thanks
BobS: oh, oh what was the problem???
BobS: not serious I hope
rich-c: had a minor TIA (if there is such a thing) last Thursday
rich-c: basically a blood pressure problem
BobS: yes, my mom has haf some of those too
BobS: blood thinners and close watch and checkups
rich-c: anyway, she's home pretty well good as new
Meeka: that's good
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rich-c: and, I've got the new computer up and running respecably
BobS: that's good
changed username to George
BobS: what does "respectably" mean????
rich-c: couldnt figure out why Eudora wouldn't work
George: hi
Meeka: hello
BobS: hiya Geo
rich-c: hello George, how's life in Philadelphia?
George: it's the year from hell
rich-c: anyway, Bob, it seems Norton Anti-virus mail scan and firewalls are incompatible
rich-c: what has gone wrong, George?
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George: Nancy smashed a lot of my computer equipment
changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: oh sh*t
rich-c: why would she do that?
rich-c: hi Dr.D
Dr. D.: I come here for the first time in the new year, only to see Bob cussin'!!!
George: she's really sick
Dr. D.: Harumph!
Dr. D.: (not to those who are sick, George)
rich-c: oh, like that - yes it would seem so
rich-c: how serious was the damage?
George: she said here's what you can do with your technology
BobS: was not cussing rich, just.....ah sympathizing.......
BobS: George, that is NOT funny
rich-c: not that I haven't felt the same at times, but yes, I understand what you mean
Dr. D.: to BobS...seems like something else serious is under discussion here.
rich-c: we have a case of, sort of, domestic violence
Dr. D.: oops, sorry to have intruded
BobS: yea, Geo got his computer stuff whacked by Nancy........
George: it's not funny at all i lost thousands of dollars
Dr. D.: Nancy?
BobS: got me Rich D, must be Geo other half????
George: i thought she was a friend
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changed username to Judy
BobS: Rich C is elated that Frances came home from the hospital today-minor inconvenience.....slight TIA problem all cured now with blood pressure
rich-c: obviously has a BIG problem with jealousy
Dr. D.: ouch, this sounds like real misfortune...not trying to poke fun, George, I came in on the middle of it.
BobS: see????now we know Rich D....Nancy "is" Goerge's freind
Dr. D.: Frances was in hospital?!?!
rich-c: hi Judy, w2elcome by
Judy: Hello, all, hope the holiday was good for you
Dr. D.: This day is all of woe...
BobS: ni, Frances is GIID
rich-c: not really, Frances is home intact, watching over my shoulder
BobS: and your problems?????
Dr. D.: Well hello Frances, and Happy New Year to you.
Judy: hello Frances
rich-c: Frances says HI Happy New Year right back
George: she kept me off chat last week
Judy: hope you are feeling better
BobS: if Rich couls set up a network in the house, you too (Frances) could be online
rich-c: true, but we have no place for a fourth computer
rich-c: upstairs, that is
Judy: use a laptop
BobS: network with the laptop and you could sit in the liv room and chat
George: i'v got plenty of space now
Judy: they take up very little space
rich-c: during the transition I've had the old computer sitting on the dining room table
BobS: just takes a longer cord
Dr. D.: Linux box, with serial line to an ADAM with ADAMlink etc. :-)
Dr. D.: So George, someone destroyed all your computer equipment?
George: most of it
BobS: ok Richard, yo are HIRED!!!!! bring your linux box to AC14 and demonstrate it hooked to an ADAM and online for chat
rich-c: yeah, this I gotta see!
Dr. D.: gack...sounds like you need to see your solicitor, George...
rich-c: make it work and I might even consider installing Linux
Dr. D.: Re: Linux box, if I were running one, I'd bring it.
Dr. D.: Could certainly try to put something together, though.
Dr. D.: Alas, this SpanielChat requires JavaScript.
rich-c: Java isn't compatible with Linux?
Dr. D.: If it were something text-mode, like ytalk, then it would be doable with an ADAM and a "smart" terminal emulation.
BobS: bummer, won't work eh?
George: not worth the trouble here in crooked Philadelphia
Dr. D.: Java will work with Linux's just that you couldn't use an ADAM as a remote *graphics* terminal to run a web browser.
Dr. D.: Not sure if this chat will work under lynx...let me try it.
rich-c: no, there's something about a 256 x 192 display - don't even think about dot pitch
BobS: can the net be done in strictly TEXT MODE yet????
Dr. D.: Nope, I can get the "Welcome to the Coleco ADAM online chat rooms" screen, but the Java applet won't load or run.
Dr. D.: YES, Bob.
Dr. D.: There is a program called ytalk.
BobS: then the only holdup is getting a provider to give a "shell" account, just as before
Dr. D.: For 2 people, it divides your screen in half, what you type is in one half, what the other guy types appears in the other.
BobS: wonder if Doug could set that up on his site
rich-c: who's your ISP this week, Bob?
Dr. D.: Multi-user, the more talkers, the more subdivisions of the screen.
BobS: local phone co; but doug is hosting my ANN webpage
Dr. D.: Me and my friend from Finland did this for years until he lost access to a Unix box when he graduated, and didn't want to be his own Unix sysadmin.
rich-c: your telco? have you gone to broadband?
BobS: got 240 hrs a month for $8.88......used 40.8 hrs last month.........
BobS: hope, just planin ol 28.8 on the phone line
Dr. D.: If I set up a shell account machine here at CWRU, people could telnet into it and then run ytalk.
Dr. D.: You'd need a VT100 or H19 terminal emulation.
BobS: that's what zmodem tdos program uses
Dr. D.: If you use TDOS, you can get either.
BobS: but users would have to get online before telnetin to your puter
BobS: or pay long distance
Dr. D.: Mmmm, Christina just brought me a fresh, hot piece of gingerbread that she just baked...
rich-c: does the ISP care what you do with your connection long as you pay for it?
BobS: SO!!!!!'s about some for us???????
Meeka: sounds about as good as my microwave popcorn dr. d
rich-c: yeah, scan a piece for each of us and email it as an attachment
BobS: no Rich, but an ADAM can not get online to get to cleveland
Dr. D.: Here's what you'd do, Bob: your Linux box would dial into the net. You'd have an ADAM connected by serial port to the Linux box. You'd login to your own machine with the ADAM to a shell prompt. Then you'd telnet to my chat server.
Dr. D.: The ADAM would just be another terminal login.
BobS: ah, more complicted too eh??? ;-)
Dr. D.: Well yeah, but if you wanted to be typing at an ADAM...
George: huh?
rich-c: it's OK George, our techies are always up to things like that
BobS: well, Doug has his own domain......maybe that would be enough to get a shell account going and get online with the ADAM
Meeka: just do what the rest of us do...
rich-c: not so much that they're worth doing, it's just fun proving they can be done at all
Dr. D.: I have the free net.access if I put the machine in my office at CWRU.
BobS: that's the deal Rich!!!!
Meeka: nod your head and say "oh, ok."
Dr. D.: Just have to set up a machine to do it.
Judy: taht is the right idea, Meeka
Meeka: ;-)
Dr. D.: I don't have any spare PCs...but I do have some old Macs that I could put NetBSD on or something...
BobS: tis the way of all good things I guess.....first I used the ADAM online in text mode....smoked this connection with pics on it; then the suckers
BobS: made us use an ibm,.......
BobS: then the cheappie services upgraded so you had to use a pentium.....
Judy: most of the time I don't even get to do that because I look so lost
BobS: next they will want a pentium 3
Dr. D.: Hehe...NetZero says it wants a P90 minimum, but my 486 is quite happy.
rich-c: you mean even the independent ISPs are getting shirty about the computers they'll accept now?
Meeka: the scarry part is when you actually start to understand what they are saying cuz you have heard it so many times ;-)
BobS: when I signed up for servece, i asked......can I use a 486 w/ 14.4 modem????? poor suckers didn't even know what I was talking about
Dr. D.: Still have that NetZero account from how many ADAMcons ago...just keep it alive as an emergency backup.
BobS: BUT,l can get on with 9600 baud and a 486/33mhz laptop
Judy: do;es not work that way for me yet!!!
George: i think i want to quit if i have to upgrade again
Dr. D.: Of course, that software made me upgrade the last time I used it.
rich-c: just get a more tolerant ISP, George
Meeka: yes, but Doug talks more computer talk than Dad
Dr. D.: And of course NetZero is down to 10 free hours per month instead of 40.
Judy: maybe I just zone out at times, to save my sanity
BobS: Netzero is m my main mailbox AND a great national ISP for traveling
Judy: that is very true
Dr. D.: I kept it for use at ADAMcons away from home.
rich-c: I see no reason why my old 386 can't work online
BobS: 10 hrs/month is plenty if you just use it for travel contact
BobS: won't run win95 will it Rich?????
Dr. D.: I note with interest that there's no way to find out how much of your 10 hours you've used.
rich-c: saw an article t'other day about a national ISP that sells what amount to phone cards
rich-c: they have local dialups and an 800 number
Dr. D.: Don't have any Win95 machines...WinNT 4.0 on my 486, that works.
BobS: somehow, somewhere, there is a way...under personal preferences parhaps?????
Dr. D.: Not under the "My Account" thingy, anyhow.
BobS: now, that would be a good deal Richard
rich-c: I ran the 386 under Win3.1 but it might handle 95
BobS: or use a freebie like
Dr. D.: It's psychology, they want you to use up the free time...cause then they'll offer to let you continue if you pay some $$$ for that month.
rich-c: anyway Bob apparently you can get these cards at places like Staples
BobS: Dr D....will a 386 run win95????
George: a 386 will handle win 95 slowly
rich-c: the drawback with the 386 is that it likely would be limited to a 540 hard disc
BobS: slow is ok IF you are on vacation and have the time
Dr. D.: I believe that you have to fool it by installing it to a HD under a 486 or up and then swapping the HD back into the 386 machine.
Dr. D.: At least I *think* that's how people did it.
Dr. D.: Some people got Win98 to run on 486s that way.
BobS: 500 megs is plenty for win95 and extra space for you
rich-c: no, there is a software program that fools the BIOS into thinking it's looking at two (or more) discs
Dr. D.: Win95 is going to become unsupported software in June.
BobS: win 95, IE5.5 & outlook Xpress take only about 150 megs INCLUDING the cab files
George: i had win 98 on a 486 dx 132
Dr. D.: NT 4.0 at the end of the year.
rich-c: oh, I thought it went out day before yesterday
Dr. D.: Hmmm, maybe it's NT 4.0 and Win98 that are expiring in June.
Dr. D.: I know MS wants to get rid of the stuff that won't bind itself to one and only one machine.
rich-c: could well be - Bill Gates seems to be getting greedier by the day
Dr. D.: Get your service packs before they disappear!
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: hi pam!!!!
Pamela: Hi folks, sorry I'm late
Meeka: hello Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: you are CHASTIZED!!!!!
rich-c: that must have been quite a chat with Kimberly
Dr. D.: Hey, the Explorer 2.0 that's installed from a clean install of NT 4.0 *will* *not* connect to So, you can't even go there to get updates unless you magically have an install CD for Netscape.
BobS: you gotta be kidding
Pamela: Meeka, Dr. D - you're here! Happy New Year, all!
Dr. D.: No kidding, found it out this summer when I put NT 4.0 on
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: why would anyone want IE 2.0 - even when it first came out?
Dr. D.: Hi Pam!
BobS: got to use another 'puter, download the stuff you want and burn a cd to put onto the older machine
Dr. D.: Well, IE 2.0 is what's on the install CD...
Dr. D.: Pam, didja see LOTR yet?
Pamela: Not yet Rich - maybe this weekend when Russell is off
Dr. D.: Plan to see it twice (after a bathroom break, of course, 3 hours is a long time).
Dr. D.: I took Elanor's my 3rd time.
George: i have ie 5.01 on cd for win3.x
Pamela: Hey, I sat thru Harry Potter okay
Dr. D.: She was scared by the Orcs but liked it.
Pamela: So has everyone in your household seen it now?
rich-c: an IE 5 for Win 3.1? Didn't know there was such a thing
BobS: George....IE5 is compatable with Win3.x????
Dr. D.: Not Christina, no interest at all. And wayyyy too scary for Diana or Gretchen.
rich-c: or wait a minute - les I did - but I tried to download it
Dr. D.: All have seen HP, though.
rich-c: and the install program never could connect to the download site
Pamela: Well there's always video in case Christina changes her mind down the road, and the younger two will grow into it
George: yes i got it from and burned it to cd
BobS: hmmmmmm
Dr. D.: If the DVD version is the rumored 4-hour director's cut, then that will be the final impetus to buy a DVD player.
rich-c: I deownloaded from Tucows too but the program wouldn't install
Pamela: What did the younger two think of Harry Potter?
Dr. D.: Liked it lots.
Dr. D.: Diana has even read most of the first book.
George: i had to try three times before it worked
Pamela: DVDs have come down a lot in price lately
Meeka: we have a dvd, it is much nicer than vhs
rich-c: There's even a DVD writer advertised today - $800 Cdn
Pamela: saw one advertised for $150 over boxing week
Pamela: player, that is not writer
Pamela: We have one but until recently, didn't have a TV it would work on
Dr. D.: The writers are apparently still fairly incompatible with one another (i.e., write on one system, won't read on any others).
George: it gives a lot of script errors when surfing the web though
Pamela: Now we have to hook it up
rich-c: I had so much hassle in Win 3.1 I just stayed with Netscape 3.04 Gold - the last good one
Meeka: well, what are you waiting for?
Pamela: time!
Pamela: I haven't finished wrapping Christmas presents yet
Dr. D.: Do you mean un-wrapping?
Dr. D.: Or are you observing Eastern Orthodox Christmas?
Pamela: no, Rich, wrapping - I only did the stuff I would need for Christmas and left the rest till I had more time
George: just late?
Pamela: always running behind - it's like my trademark
rich-c: no, some folks haven'y got together for their Christmas parties yet
Dr. D.: As long as you aren't working on Christmas 2000 still :-)
rich-c: Pamela has many separate circles of friends
Pamela: Well, I didn't need to wrap the Windsor stuff till tonite, cos Kimberly is taking them with her when she goes down this weekend
BobS: procrastinating friends I say.......
rich-c: by the way, we seem to be missing Guy tonight
Pamela: And I don't know when I'm going to see Katherine so those aren't done yet either
BobS: you're right....wonder why
Judy: Meeka, tell Doug that it worked, my computer was beeping and I had the tijme to plug it in before it died
Meeka: that's good
Judy: tell him thanks, please
BobS: and it ws smoking too!!!!!!
Pamela: brb
Meeka: Doug says "cool"
rich-c: I could use my laptop for this chat, but find the keyboard too awkward
Judy: I was in ;the kitchen and even had time to get back in here fo r it
rich-c: but the battery does seem to discharge awfully quickly
Dr. D.: For really long Mac laptop sessions, I plug in an auxiliary keyboard and mouse.
Dr. D.: Less cramped and my fingers sweat too much for trackpads to work reliably.
Pamela: Keyboards are very variable on laptops, some are better than others. When I was using Rich's at AC13, I got used to it in a hurry
rich-c: mouse I could arrange, but an extra keyboard would sort of defeat the purpose
Dr. D.: Like I said, for "long" sessions (like sitting at the table making illustrations for a paper).
BobS: maybe got a small capacity battery, Richard.....or it is starting to wear out
rich-c: mine has a trackball and I still haven't mastered it for fast action
Dr. D.: I can't make the little red pimple kind of mice work, the ones that are on ThinkPads.
rich-c: didn't know batteries varied in capacity within a single model
BobS: Toshiba's do....can get some twice as long lasting as others
rich-c: mine's a Dell Latitude
Dr. D.: 4x cost, Bob? :-)
Pamela: I can make them work Rich, but they're a damned nuisance
BobS: I am with you rDr D....rather have a table mouse
BobS: works faster and better, BUT laptops are mosre self contained with the PIMPLE
Pamela: I think the key is getting used to two-handed mousing with the laptops
BobS: don't know about cost
rich-c: found I could play Free Cell OK - it doesn't take fine movements
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Dr. D.: I want a Starfleet computer: "Computer, open the bloody file!"
changed username to Scott
rich-c: hello Scott - happy new year
Pamela: Hey, Scott - Happy New Year
BobS: hi SCOTT
Scott: Happy New Year All!
Pamela: Rich, if you find one let me know - I want one of those too
Dr. D.: Speaking of Trek, Patrick Stewart is the voice of an evil Egg alien in "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius".
rich-c: how's the snow out in Colorado?
Pamela: I heard
Dr. D.: Type casting: the alien is the same shape as Stewart's bald head :-)
Scott: Fun. This morning was 9 degrees. Snow's not too bad.
Pamela: Heard that too
Dr. D.: He sounds like he had fun with the role, though: like a mad Q.
Scott: Dr.D - how is that restoration project going with the ColecoVision manual?
Dr. D.: We went to see it Saturday.
rich-c: you're running cold - we're mostly in the high 20s here
Scott: I had a guy asking me about it the other day.
BobS: heck yo got i8t good Scott.....we had 1 degree this morning and set 9 records in a row to end the year....52.? of snow
Pamela: hold it - are we speaking F or C here?
Dr. D.: Stalled, Scott, but almost done: just have to upload about 25 MB of scans from home to office machine, to run Distiller on them.
Scott: 1 degree, uuuugh!
Pamela: brrrrrrrr
Dr. D.: I need to clear off some HD space on the office machine; the 1 GB HD is almost full.
rich-c: snow? we've not seen any worth mentioning
Scott: A person that runs the website at wants to write a ColecoVision game.
Pamela: One snowfall since the season began
rich-c: in fact our snow removal equipment is around the corner of the lake digging out Buffalo
Dr. D.: Had a (barely) white Christmas here in Cleveland, a couple inches of snow at most, not much accumulating.
Judy: we will gladly send you all of our snow, Rich
Dr. D.: You mention Buffalo...they got hammered.
Pamela: And they laughed when we called in the army!
Meeka: we got DUPMED on in Michigan
Scott: I told him that I knew of such a project - to restore an old ColecoVision development manual.
rich-c: yes, lake effect - you folks know about that
Dr. D.: I like snow. Haven't had to shovel anything for over a year. Remember, last winter was mild, too.
Judy: made 9 recards in 9 days on sn;ow fall
Scott: I'd be interested to see it myself.
Pamela: Don't say things like that and tempt fate, Rich - not a good idea at all
Scott: This guy will also give our ADAMCon some publicity.
Dr. D.: Yes, the guys on will hail me as a hero if I ever finish the PDFs and put them up.
Pamela: last time we said that, we ended up with 6 foot drifts in very short order
Scott: Resources like these are also things that he's looking for.
rich-c: right now neither my back nor my hip are up to shovelling
Scott: Be right back.
Scott: Must help cook dinner.
rich-c: I do not need any records except all-time lowest snowfall
Dr. D.: Should have some time this weekend. Today was my first day back to work.
Scott: Shouldn't be too long.
Scott: But I'll remain in the room.
Dr. D.: It was *SO* *NICE* to stay out of the lab and CWRU for 2 whole weeks!
Pamela: I am jealous Rich
rich-c: yes, free time is not a commodity in surplus supply chez Drushel, is it?
Dr. D.: Me too, I haven't had a vacation like that for years...maybe not since I was in grad school.
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changed username to Ron
Dr. D.: Hang around the house, watch a little TV, make Party Mix and eat it, play with the girls, go out to dinner, see a movie.
Pamela: Did two consecutive weeks in 2000 for the first time- was wonderful
Ron: I is here
rich-c: hi Ron how was Edmonchuk?
BobS: The round one!!!!! happy Hew Year!!!!!!!
Pamela: RON!! Welcome back!
Ron: not so cold -
Ron: minimum snow
Dr. D.: Der Machtige Mitchell...Guten Abend Mein Geehrte Herr!
BobS: dat's GUUT
Ron: nix fersstein Deutch, bitte
Dr. D.: Hey, I hear snow, I think Stalag 13 :-)
Ron: but ya... it's true what you say
Judy: How is the Ron?
Ron: The North Saskatcheway River ain't even frozen
Ron: good Judy. tks
George: oh no my computer blanked out
rich-c: that must be an all-time record
Ron: apparently that comes later
Pamela: What do you mean, blanked out? Like the screen is blank?
Ron: But I'd like to say this
Ron: Something must be done
Ron: about the food served on Air Canada
BobS: and EVERY airline
rich-c: stomach pumps?
Ron: exactly
Dr. D.: Bring back the white powdered condiments?
Ron: we sat on the tarmac for 4 hours in Vancouver. Alls I got was dried pretzels
George: it took a couple knocks from nancy now it's acting funny
rich-c: when we flew to Seattle the AC food was quite good
BobS: 4 HOURS???????
Pamela: Hit it again, George, that'll fix it
Ron: yup. Changed planes once. 2nd one went mechanical
Judy: one vacation we had we said the best food we had was on the plane coming home, sad isn't it?
Pamela: Why so long Ron
Ron: took 2 hours for somebody to come look at us
Ron: Air Canada on a budget
Dr. D.: I have only ever flown cross-country twice (once to Seattle for ADAMcon, and once to Miami for a scientific conference). No real complaints about the supper food except that there wasn't enough of it :-)
BobS: then they had to fix it, get the pilot to put it on his VISA card, then reprot it in triplicate, then........
Pamela: I'm starting to think airlines and hospitals get their food in the same place
Ron: that's about it Bob
BobS: I SWEAR that is just what happens
Ron: oh well. I told the pilot after that if he didn't like the sound of the flaps, then neither did I
Pamela: gotta go find my glasses and my lighter folks, back in a minute
rich-c: there's only one solution - if you gotta go, drive
Ron: true Rich. but try persuade Mommy of that
Dr. D.: It would take me a week to drive alone to Comox...
Ron: she won't hear of driving the Rockies in winter
Meeka: brb
rich-c: must admit that is a bit of a challenge
Ron: about right Rich D. more like 8 days from Cleveland
rich-c: but they'd be fascinating days, Ron
Judy: I love to fly, anywhere
Dr. D.: The Cleveland Gang drove to ADAMcon 05 in Salt Lake City in 33 hours :-)
George: thank god they don't build these things with tubes i would have a fire for sure
rich-c: that's not counting the donut and pizza stops, of course
Dr. D.: Leave Cleveland at 8:00 AM, eat supper at 9:30 PM in Lincoln, Nebraska. I still find it amazing how far you can go with continuous driving.
Pamela: Are you nuts??? Was this pre or post Gretchen?
Dr. D.: This was pre-Diana *and* pre-Gretchen.
Ron: If ya got a couple of drivers, it's better
rich-c: it sounds, George, like you're going to have to do some massive reassembly and parts interchange
Pamela: See, that's our problem - only one driver in each household
Dr. D.: We had 3 drivers, me, George Koczwara, and Ebenezer John.
rich-c: fortunately, most computer parts are a lot moe durable than one thinks
Dr. D.: 300-mile shifts.
Pamela: four adults, two kids? good ratio
George: i hope so
BobS: whatever happedn to Ebenezer?????
BobS: lost interest???
Dr. D.: No kids went along.
Pamela: even better
rich-c: yes, we miss him - he seemed a really good head
Dr. D.: Ebenezer, I have no idea...
Dr. D.: He was remarkably old for his appearance; he looked 30 back then, was really 55 or so.
Dr. D.: It's been almost 10 years.
Dr. D.: The downside was Herman Mason chain-smoking the entire trip, gag for me.
Pamela: shoulda made him open a window, Rich
BobS: put him in the trunk!
rich-c: that would have killed the airconditioning
George: not with the gas
Pamela: decisions, decisions
Dr. D.: I don't know if I will ever car-caravan again.
Dr. D.: Last time was ADAMcon 06, when we did the same thing to go to Florida.
Dr. D.: Zonker flew into Cleveland and then drove down with us (he was the 3rd driver this time, no Ebenezer).
rich-c: in winter, if you put the cigarette near the window, it blows the smoke right out
Dr. D.: Then there were 2 chain-smokers ;-)
rich-c: the warm air in the car takes it away
(BobS laughs heartily)
Dr. D.: Oct. 6th 1994 wasn't winter :-)
Pamela: Pamela snickers
Dr. D.: Rich three musketeers
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Dr. D.: (waiting for the rim shot)
Ron: damn telephone
Ron: pain in the butt
changed username to Guy B. on Dell
Pamela: Ron, ya gotta stop answering it
Pamela: Hi, Guy!
Ron: ohhh so that's it
Dr. D.: Hello, Guy.
rich-c: welcome Guy - the late Mr. Bona
BobS: nno,no Ron...a telephone IS a convenience.....not a pain in the a##
Ron: some days....
BobS: Hiya Guy!!!!
Pamela: there's always a catch - and please rephrase that, Dad
rich-c: we were wondering where you were
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B. on Dell: Happy New Year. I'm on the notebook using Juno and watching the Orange Bowl. Florida is winning 28-10
Dr. D.: I hope Guy isn't "late"
Ron: hello Guy
Pamela: That's like Russell having no vitals before going into surgery
Ron: yes..... tis the season of multi bowls
rich-c: that's an old folks line, Pam - you wouldn't understand
Dr. D.: Bowl games....CWRU's claim to fame was that they (or rather, Western Reserve College, at the time) beat Ohio State in the 1942 Sun Bowl.
Guy B. on Dell: I was on the Athlon earlier to create signs and I did them in 20 minutes.
BobS: your alma mattor??????
Scott: I have returned.
Pamela: what's for dinner, Scott?
Dr. D.: Usually, people have no vitals coming *out* of surgery.
Ron: Hi Scott
Scott: Hi Ron.
Guy B. on Dell: Boy, Ithe Ilini got clobbered good in the Sugar Bowl yesterday.
Scott: Let's see...
Dr. D.: Spoo, the *other* blue meat.
BobS: did "we" enjoy supper?????
Guy B. on Dell: Hi Scott.
rich-c: oh, CWRU has other things going for it - hear they have a good library faculty
Meeka: well, I have to be going. Need to take care of a few things befor bed. See you all next week
Dr. D.: G'nite, Meeka.
Guy B. on Dell: Bye Meeka.
Ron: niters Meeka
Pamela: Well, they were wheeling him towards the OR when the nurse suddenly said wait a minute, he has no vitals. I asked her to rephrase that in a hurry!
BobS: nite Meeka
Pamela: G'nite Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka
Dr. D.: I hope this isn't anything recent, Pam...
Scott: We have a hot sandwich - Cajun Turkey Breast with Pepper Jack Cheese melted over an onion Kaiser Roll
Judy: bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Ron: Scott - stop it- you're hungarizing me
rich-c: don't tell us things like that, Scott
Scott: Then we have the soup, a large bowl of chicken noodle/egg drop hybrid soup.
Ron: hey!
rich-c: we got home so late we just settled for a Stouffer's "boil in bag"
Pamela: Five years ago on Easter Sunday, we had freezing rain. Russell slipped on the driveway and came down on his wrist. Broke it so badly they had to put him in portable traction for eight weeks
Dr. D.: I was just munching on some Finnish ha"ppa"nkorpulut with Spam...
Ron: we gonna put Scott to work for Air Canada
Ron: oh no..... are you a Spam lover Dr. D?
Scott: And to wash it down, a glass of Pinapple Orange Juice.
Dr. D.: Mysterious meat...lying on my Wonder Bread...I will not eat you. (Spam haiku)
Ron: hunger
Dr. D.: Yep, I like Spam.
rich-c: long as it's capitalized - the other kind is @#$%^&*
Pamela: and to think i had leftover chicken nuggets
Ron: there's another here on the west coast -- (individual on the other side of the mirror)
Scott: For desert, Pillsbury cookies with chocolate chips that melt in your mouth.
Ron: SCOTT !!!
Dr. D.: The girls hate it...I gave Christina a tin of it in her Christmas stocking a few years ago as a joke, and she's never forgiven me.
George: who wants to get spammed?
Ron: help
Ron: I am powerless over chocolate chip cookies
Scott: Seriously, that's what we're eating!
Pamela: send some this way please
Scott: I'm not making this up to torture you!
Ron: oh yes you are
rich-c: of course not, Scott
Dr. D.: webcam, webcam, let's see the webcam...
Ron: if you webcam it, can I eat it?
Dr. D.: virtual calories
Scott: Got a hologram deck?
Ron: On a more serious note Scott..... (ADAM related)
Pamela: virtually no calories! I love it!
Ron: you had said earlier - a while ago
rich-c: do that and I'll gain five pounds just looking
George: setup the transporter
Scott: Yes, Ron.
rich-c: you are not nice to people with weight problems, Scott
Ron: that you had some spare power supplies for the 5-1/4 inch Micro Innovations disk drive
Pamela: I guess that means you don't want a mince tart, eh Dad?
Ron: would one be available (I will pay))
Pamela: How much?
Scott: Ah yes, that I do.
Scott: You can just pay me for shipping.
Ron: good.... how much does it cost, I'll buy it
Pamela: Maybe we can deal
Guy B. on Dell: Florida scored another TD. 35-10
Scott: I think I may have a couple of boxes of them.
Scott: Brand new.
Ron: super
rich-c: remember to save one for the disc drive to Toronto - or did I not send that?
Ron: what's yer mailing address
Scott: Rich, I have your disk drive.
rich-c: I'd rather I had it, Scott
Scott: My father worked on it, but I don't know that he ever finished repairing it.
Scott: He mentioned some of the things he did fix.
rich-c: perhaps you could give it a try and see if it works
Scott: But I now have it back in my possession.
BobS: well hopedully he dine fixed it all
Scott: Sure.
Guy B. on Dell: Scott, have you taken the MCSE courses?
Scott: Just need to set up my ADAM.
rich-c: I'd hate to pay shipping on a drive that was U/S
Scott: Guy -- MCSE is next.
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: This Fall.
changed username to Ron II
rich-c: after Adamcon
Pamela: Hey Ron, why the second edition?
Ron II: How did I do that
Guy B. on Dell: I have a long time friend who passed 4 out of the 7 courses and he said they are not easy.
rich-c: do we want to know?
Ron II: screen disappeared and there I was...gone
BobS: you are AMAZING Ronald!!!!!!
Scott: Ron II? Like the Mummy Returns?
Pamela: instant cloning
Ron II: there's enough for at least 2
rich-c: the pooch thinks the original is still here
Dr. D.: Ron Mitchell, the first human to be cloned...
BobS: and they said it couldn't be done!!!!
Ron II: :)
Dr. D.: Your existence is illegal. You must be neutralized.
Guy B. on Dell: Well, let's banish the first ron.
Ron II: so how do we get ridda Ron
Pamela: Resistance is futile
Scott: My girlfriend is putting on a film now, but I will stay on!
rich-c: just ignore him and he'll go away
Dr. D.: Digital Millenium Copyright Act and all that...
Ron II: I will be deleted
Dr. D.: Scott, take the girlfriend! :-)
rich-c: and you'll be sorry
Scott: Watching Highlander: The Final Dimension.
Ron II: So anyway Scott, where do I send money?
rich-c: we'll end up with a RonIII
Scott: Don't tell me if it's bad or not.
BobS: IF yoo have extra, send it to Bob Slopsema...........address......
Dr. D.: From RonCo...
Scott: 14893 East 5th Circle #A
Scott: Aurora, CO 80011
Scott: Everyone else can send me their money too!
Pamela: what, no applause?
Ron II: Gotcha
Dr. D.: Hey, that's "Bob" Dobbs' scam...
George: i'm tapped out
rich-c: yes, you've got a few major expenses ahead, George
Ron II: Did Grand Rapids get Buffalo's snow?
BobS: half of it Ron
Ron II: ic
BobS: about 4 1/2 feet
BobS: in 9 days
rich-c: only 3-1/2 feet
Ron II: serious
Dr. D.: Schools closed?
George: none here yet
Ron II: Edmonton had very little
BobS: ni, it was between Xmas and new years
Dr. D.: The girls would like 3.5 feet of snow to play in...
Pamela: now that's timing for you
rich-c: but Edmonton had plenty of cold, I gather
Scott: Redskins pummelled the Saints, 40-10
Judy: we would gladly give it to them
Dr. D.: :-)
Guy B. on Dell: I will return. be back shortly.
Pamela: just try to remember this feeling in August when its 90 degrees in the shade
Ron II: was about -17 C (O F.) overnight and up to -5 or so ( 20 F. or so) in the day
Guy B. on Dell left chat session
BobS: BUT good was not frozen here so the snow is already melted down to less than a foot
Ron II: aha
Judy: we really got sick of shoveling the stuff!!!!
rich-c: you've been a hair warmer than we have then, Bob
Ron II: The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away
Judy: yes, it is melting fast
rich-c: our highs the last few days have been just undr freezing
Ron II: You guys don't want to know this, but I was actually out weeding the garden 2 days ago. Been raining ever since
rich-c: but we've had enough sun that some melting has occurred
Dr. D.: See any of my research subjects about, Ron?
Ron II: but there was a sunny afternoon in there somewhere
Pamela: Yesterday was a gorgeous day
Ron II: Nope, they don't come until the Primula are blooming out front
Ron II: Then I have to deal with them
Ron II: prolly around March
Scott: This movie's pretty bad.
Pamela: ship them to Rich
rich-c: till a couple of weeks ago we had calendulas still surviving in our garden
Judy: that is not nice, Ron, I was doing that a few weeks ago too
Judy: we had roses in the beginning of Dec
Ron II: I used to hate it when I was in Ottawa.... when people from here talked to me about gardening in January
Dr. D.: Skip the film and go for the girl, Scott :-) :-)
Dr. D.: There are roses next door, Judy.
Dr. D.: I was amazed to see them.
Dr. D.: We had new dandelions in the yard on 20 December.
Ron II: need a real killer slug bait
Ron II: they just LOVE primula leaves
Pamela: I told you, Ron, ship them to Rich
Dr. D.: We were still picking fresh dandelion and clover for our guinea pig until just before Christmas.
BobS: just put out some small pans and let them at ie
BobS: it
Ron II: yeah.... I don't drink it no more. Suppose I could give it to the slugs
Ron II: they are not my favourite of God's creatures
BobS: jsut remember to pull out the dead littlel bodies so as not to scare the other live slugs
rich-c: good use for American beer, anyway
Pamela: Ick!
Dr. D.: ROTFL from a non-drinker.
BobS: Canadian stout works best i hear.....
(BobS winks)
Pamela: welcome to the beer wars
Dr. D.: Pint of Guinness?
Ron II: C'mon Rich C. Ain't that bad.... but then how would I know
Pamela: No, Rich, you want them to drink it, not walk on it
Ron II: seems to me that would constitute a waste of good Guiness
Judy: Carib, is the only good beer
rich-c: right, Ron
Ron II: anyway.... there's a colony under the front step and somewhere about March, they'll be there
Ron II: nocturnal and destructive
BobS: OK, so you need a LOT of beer........
Judy: egg shells is suppose to get them
Ron II: slug bait kills em, but I have to remember to put it down every 2 weeks
rich-c: lately, most of our slugs have been displaced by snails
Pamela: (slugs with homes)
Scott: "Sooo... Your magic has improved, wizard..."
Judy: just put them in the garden, you only hav e to do it once
Ron II: watcha watchin Scott - Harry Potter?
BobS: well then.....yo will never do the beer have to watch it every day!!!!! they are real boozers
Dr. D.: Works for Sponge Bob, Pamela :-)
Pamela: <grin>
George: i have to go i'm crying again about my computer loss :-(
Ron II: right. must take note
rich-c: I'd be afraid of ending up with drunken raccoons
Dr. D.: So sorry to hear about your loss, George...I hope you have legal recourse somehow.
Scott: Highlander nonsense.
BobS: hope yo can piece some together agAIN gEO
rich-c: take care, George - our sympathy
Pamela: rotfl, Dad
Ron II: George.... what happened.... I missed something here?
Ron II: what loss?
Pamela: So did I - I came in late
Judy: bye george
rich-c: his girlfriend trashed his computers
BobS: lady friend literally crashed his computer stuff Ron
Pamela: What???!!!
Ron II: lady friend?
BobS: smashed, dismantle, break.....
Pamela: not any more, she ain't!
Ron II: suppose not
George: Nancy smashed some of my computer equipment
Dr. D.: I came in late too and didn't hear the whole story, but the outcome sounds pretty bad.
Ron II: it does indeed
rich-c: not that we haven't all had the odd urge to defenestrate the odd DOSbox...
rich-c: but we tend to confine it to our own units
BobS: bull in a china shop routine
Ron II: erudite Mr C.
Dr. D.: There was an annual Appliance Toss held here on New Year's Eve, for venting frustrations...
BobS: they could make that a Computer Toss
George: she was on a mad rampage
Dr. D.: I've read about monitor tosses (and shoot-outs).
Pamela: Time to trade her in, George
rich-c: sounds like she really went off the deep end, George
Ron II: Leslie (my ex) almost got to that
George: i evected her after
Dr. D.: Sigh
rich-c: well yes, Ron, but you're a special case
Pamela: Wow, that really sucks George - I am so sorry
Ron II: hell, I wasn't nearly as bad then
rich-c: she just wanted her kitchen cupboards back
Pamela: On behalf of my gender, I'd like to assure you we're not all like that
Ron II: only had one computer
Judy: no we are not
rich-c: that was really long ago!
George: bye
rich-c: nite George
Ron II: nite George
Pamela: Good luck George
Dr. D.: Bye George.
George left chat session
BobS: nite Gero
Pamela: So what all did he lose?
rich-c: well, I have the impression that a lot of his equipment was outdated
rich-c: but much had also been upgraded so its hard to judge
rich-c: and just what level of smashing went on is hard to tell
rich-c: monitors and hard discs do not respond well to rough handling
Pamela: she must have been plenty pissed off to do something like that
Pamela: I can't imagine doing something like that
rich-c: on the other hand some other parts are surprisingly durable
Scott: Or crazy
Ron II: this was intentional?
Pamela: that too, Scott
rich-c: apparently so
Ron II: mmmm
rich-c: accompanied by rants on the subject of technology
rich-c: maybe it was jealousy - he spends a lot of time at the keyboard
Scott: Computer envy?
Pamela: even so, I can't imagine what would drive you to do something like that
rich-c: go figure
rich-c: in fact she has a computer too, an Amiga
Pamela: To be fair, we don't have her side of the story but still . . .
Ron II: I was once told that it would have been better if I had been seeing another woman
Scott: Love Amigas, no she is not one...
Ron II: but that's another story
rich-c: you like Amigas, Scott?
Scott: The Amiga is a cool computer.
Pamela: Nice try Ron, but tell all
rich-c: yes, we have three, and Frances prefers the Amigas to the DOSboxes
Dr. D.: Isn't "Amiga" the feminine form of "Amigo"?
Pamela: or I'll corner you at the con and torture it out of you
Pamela: Si, Senor
Ron II: :)
Scott: She of all people should have respect for someone else's box.
Dr. D.: Woo-hoo, philology lives :-)
BobS: so all amiga's are from Mexico??????
rich-c: she'll clear the city of Diet Coke
Dr. D.: Shoulda been logged in as Dr. Tolkien tonight.
Ron II: it was a matter of misdirected attention. Leslie felt like she was playing second to something she didn't understand..or
Ron II: care to understand
BobS: or some spanish speaking country
rich-c: and won't give you a lift out of it
Pamela: no, some are from Spain and South America
Dr. D.: Elanor says hello.
Ron II: Hi Elanor
Scott: If her Amiga was trashed, well, you know, like the ADAM -- they don't make them anymore.
Pamela: Hi, El
Dr. D.: Elanor stubbed her toe and is hopping around like a madwoman :-)
Pamela: Happy New Year
BobS: HI Elanor!!!!!! me sweet little munchkin!!!!!
Scott: Ouch!
rich-c: sympoathy to Elanor
Judy: Hi , Elanor
Dr. D.: Her sisters left some blocks on the floor here in the basement.
Ron II: toes weren't meant for stubbing
Scott: Coco says hi also, he wants to get into the chat too.
Pamela: I have this picture in my head . . .
Dr. D.: Just so no bones are broken tonight...meeza no wanna go to the ER.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Elanor just saw your comment, Bob, and is grinning ala Cheshire Cat.
Ron: don't need broken bones
changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.: Flattery works on dames :-)
Scott: Coco = my baby Jack Russell
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
rich-c: on the Athlon now?
Scott: Real sweet :)
Pamela: Careful, Rich, or she'll go Nancy
Guy B.: I have returned. 49-10 Florida.
BobS: WBG!!!!!!!
Pamela: WB, Guy
Dr. D.: Get him a chording keyboard, Scott :-)
Guy B.: Orange Bowl.
Dr. D.: She bloody well better not!
BobS: kinda sucks don't it????? all the Bowl games yesterday were lopsided too
Dr. D.: My ADAM museum is uninsured :-)
rich-c: well, that's what you get with that four-down football
Scott: ADAM Museum?
Guy B.: The Rose Bowl is tomorrow night. Miami and Nebraska for the championship.
Pamela: I think we should add that to the lexicon
Scott: That's a neat concept!
Dr. D.: Well, my large collection of ADAM systems and hardware.
Ron II: yeah, but skill for skill, the players are better
Pamela: All our collections
Dr. D.: About 10 systems now, plus all the stuff that everyone gives me when they decide to get out of it.
Scott: 10 systems???
Pamela: Is that all?
Scott: I've got about three.
Dr. D.: Hey, without my museum, no ADAM computer labs at ADAMcon 13...
rich-c: you mean like Warren Moon or Doug Flutie or Jeff Garcia?
Ron II: carefuly Dr. D. That is ADDICTIVE. (comes from the take my advice I'm not using it Dep't)
Scott: Hmmm...
Ron II: they tend to propogate like stray cats
Pamela: or hangers
Dr. D.: People have been giving me big-ticket stuff lately, color monitors, 1.44 MB disk drives, 256K RAM expanders.
Pamela: Just ask Dad about the Clee morgue sometime
Scott: Rich, I have a copy of Lightwave (full version) for the Amiga.
Dr. D.: Hate to see it go to landfill...
Ron II: wasn't thinking so much of them Rich C. It was just an impression I had from watching very few games
Guy B.: I have two Adams sitting here in my apt. along with three PC's. And I have a Mac and a P75 sitting in my kitchen to be tested this weekend after I take my decorations down.
Scott: Can't remember the version.
rich-c: that sounds neat, Scott
Scott: The Amiga was the first computer to get Newtek's lightwave.
rich-c: don't know if our system would run it, though
Scott: Lightwave = 3D Modeling software.
rich-c: our best is a 3000
Pamela: must be a busy dept, Ron
Scott: I seem to remember that you could run it on a 2000. I think you're fine.
BobS: not to change the subject, BUT.......Richard, Pamela...hear anything about Jill yet?????
Ron II: it is
Guy B.: Rich C. how's the new system coming?
Dr. D.: I was gonna ask meself.
Judy: Night all is time for me to call it a day.
rich-c: yes, it's been ported over to the Dark Side now, but is still well thought of
Dr. D.: Bye Judy.
Pamela: Am I the only one who thinks that having one computer is enough?
Guy B.: Bye Judy.
Pamela: Goodnite Judy
rich-c: nite Judy. see you next week
Pamela: Sweet dreams
Judy left chat session
BobS: YES!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: I use different computers for different things.
Ron: Nite Judy
rich-c: yes, and I can't imagine where you get such strange ideas
rich-c: it certainly isnt hereditary
Pamela: I don't have time to use the one I have, let alone try to manage multiples
BobS: mam say....."GET OFF TOO" so I must bid ya'll a fond adieu and leave also
Pamela: wise choice, Bob
Dr. D.: I do data analysis work on PCs, graphics work on Macs, fun stuff on ADAMs.
Pamela: Goodnite
Dr. D.: Nitey nite, Bob.
Guy B.: Bye Bob.
Scott: "There can be only one..."
rich-c: nite Bob till next week
Ron: stay well Bob
BobS: ber good and i will see you ALL next week, yes??????
Ron: yep
Pamela: Yes!
Dr. D.: No, Scot, Master and Apprentice...
Guy B.: I'll be on the desktop next week.
Dr. D.: Er, Scott.
Ron: Scott....
BobS left chat session
Ron II: er supply?
Scott: Uhh, supply, yes?
Ron II: I mean... how much should I send for the Power supply?
Scott: How about I send it, then you reimburse me for the cost of shipping.
Scott: But I'll need your info.
Ron II: ok
rich-c: just ship it to him, Scott - he can read the postage
Ron II: here comes address...... ya got a pen?
Guy B.: Maryland scored a touchdown. But Florida still leading 49-17.
Ron II: Ron Mitchell
Dr. D.: To follow up on Bob's query about Jill...
Ron II: 2075 Cooke Avenue
Ron II: Comox BC V9M 1Y5
Ron II: Canada
Pamela: Oh, I forgot -any word?
Ron II: or is it Comox BC Canada
Ron II: V9M 1Y5
Pamela: the latter, Ron
Ron II: good
rich-c: yes, anyone heard anything from the Wicks?
Dr. D.: No, we wuz askin' you Clees or other Canadian types :-)
rich-c: not a peep
Dr. D.: I hope she's okay.,
Pamela: Haven't heard a peep
Guy B.: Good question. We should have heard something by now.
rich-c: wonder if Dale being missing tonight is meaningful?
Dr. D.: He's missing almost every night.
Pamela: Well, if she was due around Christmas, then she would still be within the parameters
Ron II: things starting to happen?
Dr. D.: I think.
Dr. D.: If she goes a week overdue, standard policy would be to induce labor.
Dr. D.: Remembering from my med school days.
Pamela: Seems to me that today would be a week past due date, assuming the doctors got her date right to begin with
Ron II: which seems to be a dark science
Pamela: well, it's a bit strange I must say
Dr. D.: Depends upon how meticulous people are in keeping certain kinds of records :-)
Ron II: yes
Dr. D.: though ultrasound measurements are nowadays a very good guide to gestational age.
Ron II: Not that I know anything about such issues
Pamela: apparently they count from the end of your last cycle, even if that ended three weeks ago and you just conceived a week ago - weird
Dr. D.: Guess we won't talk about Jeff then, eh Ron?
Ron II: that was 30 years ago. memory fades
Pamela: My girlfriend is two and a half weeks pregnant, if you count from the implantation date - but if you count from the end of her last cycle, she's four weeks.
Pamela: Can make the due date a moving target
Dr. D.: See, here's some good record-keeping, Ron :-)
Ron II: indeed
Pamela: It helps when the lab keeps track, Rich
Dr. D.: Lab, that doesn't sound like much fun.
Pamela: Oh, was this supposed to be fun?
Pamela: I must remember to tell her that
Scott: This movie pretty much sucks!
Dr. D.: Well, I *hope* she had fun, at some point.
rich-c: I doubt she will appreciatevit
Pamela: I think they had fun practicing, anyway
Ron II: ya still didn't tell us what yer watchin' Scott
Pamela: Highlander, Ron
Scott: Highlander: The Final Dimension
Dr. D.: Have any heads been cut off yet, Scott? I thought that was the Highlander schtick.
Ron II: ah!
Scott: Nothing like Highlander I
Ron II: have not seen it... but then I have not seen nothin
Scott: 3-4 decap attacks.
Ron II: only time I watch movies is when Jeff visits
Scott: More on the way...
Dr. D.: "One" says Madam DeFarge...
rich-c: whoops, we've lost Guy
Ron II: And now I have a DVD player on this latest acquisition here... what I'm going to do with it I don't know
Pamela: Play some DVD's???
rich-c: if Windows gets any bigger, you'll need it just for the install
Pamela: maybe, perhaps, possibly?
Dr. D.: <ba-ding boom!>
Ron II: I suppose eh?
rich-c: then get a burner so you can back up your hard disc
Dr. D.: Windows 2010, please insert install DVD 27 of 56 and click Okay to continue.
Ron II: yeah
Scott: Anyone been playing with emulators?
Scott: Other than ADAMEm, of course...
rich-c: there is an Amiga emulator around now
Pamela: Dad, while I remember, tell Mom I saw a Jeep yesterday with the roof racks wrapped in tinsel, garland and big red bows - really cool
Ron II: that's about the size of it all right
Scott: Don't know about the Amiga emulator...
rich-c: and emulators for all the classic game machines of course
Pamela: It was parked beside me in the parking lot
Scott: I'm using ADAMEm, ZSNES for Super Nintendo Images and KGen for Sega Genesis.
Ron II: My VCR is already the least used piece of equipment in the room
Dr. D.: Windows 2010 will be written in a natural language, Microsoft English 1.0. Of course, it will not be backward-compatible with any other version of English.
Scott: All are great emulators.
rich-c: the free one is called the Ultimate Amiga Emulator, but you need some ROM images to make it work
Ron II: interesting speculation
Dr. D.: ME 1.0 is translated by a real-time interpreter into Microsoft COBOL 2010.
rich-c: the paid one is Amiga Forever and includes the ROM images
Scott: That's right, I did come across that.
Dr. D.: Which then contains an emulator for a complete Pentium IX CPU.
Pamela: that's an interesting view ofthe furture, Rich
Scott: Love Amiga stuff, but don't have an Amiga :(
Scott: Got some software, though
rich-c: what scares me is that he is likely to be right on
Dr. D.: But if you look at C:\WIN32\, you will still find COMMAND.COM :-)
rich-c: Amigas are esy to come by - eBay is loaded with them
Scott: Good point, I took a peek today.
rich-c: by then it will be c:\WIN128 at least
Ron II: read an interesting article recently about WIndows ME's inability to do an emergency startup disk
Scott: Love to get a 4000T
Ron II: which was apparently reinstated in XP
Dr. D.: Oops, forgot that part, Rich.
Ron II: but the code they use to do it signs on as being part of Windows ME
rich-c: I think there are even some brand new 4000Ts available, Scott
Ron II: so it was there all the time
rich-c: try the Software Hut in Pennsylvania for info
rich-c: or get on the Aminet
Ron II: Windows Source Code must be a truly fascinating document
rich-c: gather you're on the Langalist, Ron
Ron II: that was the one you gave me it comes back to me
Dr. D.: Nah, it was lost around Win95 SP2 and has been maintained as a patched binary ever since :-)
Scott: Well guys, I better go. Ligia's giving me that look...
Pamela: Oh my, I just reallized the time. Must be going to bed
rich-c: glad you took it up - it's a good read
Scott: Bye, all
Dr. D.: Good night Scott.
Pamela: Goodnite Scott
rich-c: in fact I've moved to the Plus edition
Scott left chat session
Dr. D.: Good night, Pam; hope you see LOTR soon.
Ron II: Latest issue of PC World lists an extensive number of XP bugs and patches
rich-c: night, Scott and Pamela
Ron II: nite Scott and Pam
Pamela: Me too Rich
Pamela: I'm outta here - see you all next week
Pamela: <poof>
Pamela left chat session
Ron II: well all..... party would appear to be winding down
rich-c: I'm looking to download his text on backups now that I have a CD burner
Dr. D.: Guess I oughta turn in, too.
Ron II: he sounds like my kinda columnist
Ron II: be well all
Dr. D.: Joan will be home from work in an hour, though, so might as well stay up a bit.
Ron II: I must go see which computer needs throwing across the room
Dr. D.: Good night, everybody, Happy New Year to all us ADAMites.
rich-c: try mine - I can't get the printer to recognize it
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-c: but that's for next week - see you both then
Dr. D. left chat session
Ron II: that's in the BIOS settings Rich... see if you got ECP and EPP settings iyour parallel setup
Ron II: should be ECP
rich-c: I've got those, the printer driver is installed and working properly
Ron II: hmmm
rich-c: the printer monitor though reports "Comm failureI have it on the USB port
Ron II: ok . disregard what I said
Ron II: had that happen here, but my setup is parallel
rich-c: well, the new computer has 8 USB ports so I fugured I'd better use them
Ron II: true
rich-c: besides I want the parallel port for the scanner
Ron II: right
rich-c: likely try phoning Canon and giving them a hard time
Ron II: I still don't trust the USB implementation on this one of mine, but it's older than yours I suspect
Ron II: they'll no doubt give you some kind of line
rich-c: yes, four of my ports are USB 2.0
Ron II: then they should be ok
rich-c: but I can't use that because Win98SE doesn't support 2.0
Ron II: I don't have anything nearly that new here
Ron II: wasn't there a driver on the Microsoft site for 2.0?
rich-c: well, I just got this - it's an Athlon 1600XP
Ron II: much NEWER
Ron II: so there ain't much help I can suggest from here
Ron II: I'm still operating a Pentium II /300
rich-c: don't think MS ever offered a driver for Win98SE - it's built into XP
rich-c: well, the 166MMX was getting long in the tooth, so I decided to upgrade
Ron II: think I'm thinking of somebody else. might have been QUE (QPS Inc) for my CD burner.
rich-c: can always check the MS site to see if there's anything I've missed
Ron II: yes.... Jeff is now operating a 500 Mhz computer, and is talking about the 'old' computer
Ron II: told him where it can come when he's done with it
rich-c: ditto for Pamela
Ron II: well sir, I shall go I think
rich-c: I'll have to keep my old one operative for a while - it has all my email on it
Ron II: important records
rich-c: yes, time advances - see you next week
Ron II: yup...take care sir
Ron II: g'nite
rich-c: likewise
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