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neil: It's working now.
neil: Ron Mitchell sent a query about 10 minutes ago.
Dale: Hi there.
Dale: I'll post now.
neil: Ok.
Dale: The mail has been sent.
Dale: I fianlly got to see those pictures that are on the Future Photo site.
Dale: There are some good shots there!
neil: (mail hasn't arrived yet)
neil: The pictures turned out quite nice ...
Dale: Mom brought by a printout.
Dale: I found it in my email.
neil: even the "overexposed" one of you really isn't bad, so it's the one on the printou.
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Dale: We had friends over (Amy and Blake), so didn't enter the chat until now
changed username to George
Dale: Jeffrey was sleeping since his last feeding at 7:45 until now.
Dale: Hew just woke up, and Jill will feed him again soon...
Dale: in the meantime I'm holding him...
Dale: as he wakes up.
George left chat session
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changed username to Pamela
Dale: Hmmm George was here and left again.
Dale: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Well, hello proud papa and uncle!
neil: The email arrived at 10:11 in my mailbox
Pamela: Mine said 10:11 too
neil: Hi Pam
Pamela: Slept yet, Dale?
Dale: Almost. <grin>
neil: Meeka wrote to me that "He a cute Neil" (there's some word missing from that)
Pamela: You know, you may be right about that
neil: The picture page had 68 hits as of late this morning.
Dale: Pretty good.
Pamela: He's gorgeous
Pamela: How's Jillian feeling?
Dale: I guess babies really are popular.
Dale: Jillian is doing okay. We've had some rough nights (active time seems to be from 10 pm to 2:30am or so)
Pamela: You should have figured that out when we found out you two were pregnant!
Dale: But I have time off work and we've been managing well.
Pamela: Is Jillian planning to be off for the whole year?
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changed username to <undefined>
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi, Bob!
BobS: HELLO kiddies
BobS: Congrats Dale
BobS: and Jill
neil: Pamela, Dale was holding the baby who was waking up when you arrived. Hi Bob.
BobS: you, Jill and baby Jeffrey home????
Pamela: Just called Dad - he'll be right out
neil: They're all at home now.
Pamela: Tell Jeff good morning
Pamela: I need my glasses - brb
BobS: do we have the CORRECT address for Jeffrey's house Neil?????????
BobS: Judy says CUTE baby!!!!!
neil: Meeka has it.
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changed username to rich-c
BobS: OK then!!!!
rich-c: I"se here!
Pamela: Hi, Dad
BobS: Hi Richard!
neil: Hi Rich. I saw your message and got Dale to restart the Chat program.
rich-c: Dale, congrats to the proud papa - Jill OK?
rich-c: Neil - many thanks!
Pamela: Funny, I didn't even get on till about 15 minutes ago
Dale: Jeffrey was born on Friday, and because we were struggling with breast feeding...
rich-c: Anyone sent a message 'round the list yet?
Dale: they let us stay until Monday.
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changed username to nick
Dale: Hi. Thanks all.
Pamela: Hi, Nick
nick: hi everyone
rich-c: Yes, we wre wondering about the mug in the pictures
neil: Richard, yes a message about the chat just went out 15 minuttes ago.
Dale: I appreciate all of the messages. Jill says hello, and thanks too.
rich-c: greetings, nick
rich-c: we gain and we lose - a pity about Elizabeth Pines
nick left chat session
Dale: Jeffrey chose now to be hungry, or he would be online now.
rich-c: glad to see you plan to bring him up right
Pamela: have you taught him to type yet?
Dale: Richard, I agree.
Pamela: stuff always seems to happen right after the holidays
Dale: Jill is doing quite well. She need some stitches, but they are healing as predicted.
BobS: Judy HAS to know.....Jeffrey had a little necklace around his neck...standard practise in Canadian hospitlas?????
rich-c: well, must say the last two weeks have been pretty eventful
Pamela: too true
Dale: The baby beads are his hospital identification.
BobS: hello, all, this is Judy
Pamela: funny, you don't look like Judy!
rich-c: yes, I had a set when I was born - had them for years but don't know where they are now
BobS: Bob gave me the computer for a few minutes
rich-c: hello Judy, then
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rich-c: your snow all melted away now?
changed username to Dale
Dale: I'm back.
rich-c: welcome back Dale
Dale: I've just upgraded and I think that there are still some kinks.
BobS: they used to do that around here too
Pamela: Dad, did I have one?
Dale: It is possible that I have the chat server misconfigured even yet.
BobS: the snow is almost gone here
rich-c: maybe we should get Dr.D. to establish a backup site
neil: Seens to be working fine now.
Dale: I'll have to working on my monitoring script.
Pamela: working okay on this end
rich-c: fine here too
Pamela: although my fingers beg to differ
rich-c: loaded very fast but that's the new computer I think
BobS: bye now Bob is back
neil: Apparently they had 8 inches of snow just east of Oshawa, but it's basically all gone now.
Dale: This morning I setup an automated script that turned off the chat server every 15 minutes. It is supposed to restart it if it goes down.
Pamela: Nice talking to you Judy
Dale: It just needs some tuning, I guess.
rich-c: well, I reckon you're pretty adept at such things by now
Pamela: All we had at this end was enough to make the roads slippery
BobS: I may be back Bob said to get my computer goiing
Dale: But what happened to Nick? I just got bounced too.
rich-c: capital idea, Judy
neil: That's true. Nick disappeared very fast.
Dale: I wonder if my chat server is set to 5 connections at once.
Pamela: Is that possible?
rich-c: we'll know soon enough if Judy complains she can't get on - Bob will tell us
Dale: I'm running green threads instead of red threads. Red threads work great with 15 people.
rich-c: I'm not sure I want to know what that means
Dale: That was the default after the upgrade. If it is a problem, I'll switch it.
Pamela: Just talked to Russell, he says to say hi to all
Pamela: Cell phones are wonderful things
rich-c: Dale, did you solve the breastfeeding problem yet?
Pamela: What's the difference, Neil?
neil: You mean Dale, Pamela?
Pamela: Sorry, yes
Dale: Richard, it gets better each day. Jill went home at the point where we could
rich-c: If Jill needs advice she can get it from the LaLeche League
rich-c: the phone number is 416-483-3368
Dale: feed him on a combination of the usual was and pumped milk.
Dale: He gets better at latching as time goes on.
rich-c: their whole reason for existence is to promote breast-feeding
rich-c: take their help and your troubles are over
Dale: I've heard good things about the LaLeche League.
rich-c: they are well-known and highly respected
rich-c: if you lose the number, it's in the book
Dale: It'll be in the chat log, which I'll update as soon as my sleep is more normal.
Pamela: I don't think we can wait 18 years, Dale
rich-c: yes, I seem to recall that paternal sleep is at a bit of a premium in the early days too
Dale: I'm now at the point where, by following the baby's schedule I am almost well rested.
Pamela: Best thing you can do
Dale: Life is better with a nap in the afternoon.
Pamela: a sentiment shared by much of the population
rich-c: nice to be your own boss, moe or less, when it comes to schedulijg
rich-c: Bob, is Judy trying to get on, and is she having problems?
Dale: We've been sharing all of the duties, and Jill and Jeff are focusing on mastering breast feeding, and when ...
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BobS: yup
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Yay, Judy made it
Dale: Jill just needs sleep, I take him away, and feed him from a cup or my finger (with a tube and a syringe).
neil: There we go. We've got 6 on at once.
Judy: yes, finially
BobS: heck, our problem is NOT the chat server, it is our network connection here in the family room
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Dale: Now we'll see if anyone gets bumped.
rich-c: well, now we're up to seven
changed username to George
Dale: Hi George.
rich-c: hi george, got the computer fixed I see
BobS: naw, we had about 10 last week
George: hi
Pamela: Judy, there's a new Snowbaby out in the Canadian Avon catalogue
Judy: hi, George
rich-c: how about installment 2 of your mid=sadventures, George?
George: i had another bout with aol tech
Pamela: Holding an envelope with a red crystal heart on it - have you seen it?
neil: Yes, Bob, but the upgraded chat program may not be set up right for more than 5. Looks okay, though.
rich-c: and you concluded - you know more than they do?
Pamela: Hi, George - have you forgiven the female half of the species yet?
Judy: I have two, got for X-mas
BobS: OUCH, dat vout be velly
George: everyone does, i think
Judy: one from Bob and one from the boys
rich-c: neil, forget to compliment you on your photos
neil: Oh, thanks.
Pamela: Just wondered if this was one you needed
rich-c: inspired me to go out and get my own digital camera
Pamela: What????
Judy: that would be a no
Pamela: oh, they were both the same?
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BobS: HOORAY Richard!!!!!
changed username to Ron
BobS: you WILL find that they are easy and fun to use
rich-c: welcome Ron
Pamela: Hey, Ron!
Ron: Yo! There is life
Judy: yes, there is only one
BobS: Hiya Ronald you western contingent you.......
Pamela: there's been life for about 45 minutes - where have you been?
rich-c: actually, Bob, it's just a little one, a bankruptcy clearance
Judy: but, it did look cute on the tree
rich-c: but it should suffice for some casual snaps
Ron: been off repairing something that needed to be repaired
Pamela: Was it an ornament, Judy? I don't think this one is -it
Pamela: s for Valentines day
BobS: got a flash????
Judy: yes, and a bell
BobS: onn the digital camera that is
rich-c: yes, built in'
BobS: then that will suffice for a good try at one
Pamela: Dad, you didn't tell me this - you've been keeping secrets again
rich-c: it's a 640x480 image, about 1/3 megapixel
Dale: Judy, the baby beads in the picture are a really nice method of identification.
Judy: yes, I have one too, only it is a bracelet
rich-c: picked it up for $70 including USB and serial cable and software
Pamela: and you didn't get me one? Dad, we talked about this!
BobS: that's a good deal
Ron: silence?
Judy: my mom has a necklace, and saved ours
Ron: have I been exhaled
rich-c: so go get you're own - they're on Keele just below Lawrence
Pamela: no silence here, Ron
Pamela: tell me more
rich-c: but be warned - the company that made them is out of business
Ron: oh... ok
rich-c: no support, no warranty - you're on your own
Pamela: Maybe I'll just borrow yours
Pamela: <grin>
neil: Which company, Richard?
rich-c: it only has about an 8 picture memory capacity; better have a laptop along to downlaod to
Pamela: I'm working on that
rich-c: they call it a JamCam from KBGear
Pamela: However, since I got a new camera for Christmas and haven't mastered that yet, guess I'd better wait
George: that's what aol tells me you are on your own
neil: Oh yes, it's like the one Dale has.
Pamela: George, we need to find you another ISP
rich-c: ah, you're still here, George
neil: (but I think his is an earlier version with no falsh)
rich-c: guess I was right then - you know more than the AOL techs
George: i'm lost in aol land
rich-c: that's OK, we figured as much
Pamela: quick, someone throw George a lifejacket
BobS: well, just find another ISP locally and dump AOL, they are NOT inexpensive
Ron: One day I'm going to send back to AOL all of the CD's they've sent me
rich-c: do you think George will be able to cope with that much better service at that much lower a price?
Ron: I will need special transport
Pamela: Ron, it would cost you a fortune in postage
Ron: I know
Pamela: And I don't think they make a box that bitg
Dale: The JamCam company just made the JamCam 3 in November. Are they really out of business?
rich-c: And you'll need all those coasters when those Adamcon lushes arrive
Ron: true
Pamela: glad I'm not the only one who uses them that way
BobS: hey, IF anyone wants them; I was to Walmart tonight and they have about 1 million of them in the front lobby for FREE
rich-c: according to Consumer Reports, yes
Dale: Their web site is still going strong.
rich-c: they reported a recall on another KB Gear product but mentioned the company was out of business
neil: They don't seem to be out of business. See and Still there--I just checked.
rich-c: their website is still up though - I was able to download an updated driver
rich-c: actually the driver is for the Kodak DK50, isn't it?
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changed username to Engseth
rich-c: hey, now we''ve got Engseth
Ron: I see Apple just added iPhoto to their software kludge
rich-c: do I see a shade of Dr.D?
BobS: OK, but me don't know him/her........
Dale: le3ase me to the JamCam 3 site. The 2 site had a new driver around the time of the last AdamCon.
Ron: allows you to download from a digital cam into an album like environment
Ron: then add music for a slide show
BobS: welcome Engseth
Ron: amongst other things
Engseth: Yes, I'm monitoring
rich-c: Dale, the driver package doesn't include the JamCam - I used the Kodak 50, is that right?
BobS: so quite you is.......
BobS: quiet
Pamela: either works, Bob
BobS: ok
Dale: New on me Richard, I have a JamCam 2.0 and it hada JamCam specific driver as far as I can tell.
BobS: see, there IS an advantage to having the us and canadian spelling differences, then either of us can misspell a word and it is still OK
Dale: Engseth, you'll find we chatter about just about everything. If you have any Adam related questions, they are always welcome.
Pamela: acutally, I meant that either context works - they're still different words
Pamela: Nice try, though
rich-c: Is Engseth a Trek or LOTR allusion?
BobS: Engseth =Dr D.
Dale: The JamCam 3.0 is really nice, with a flash and at Business Depot it was about $85CDN at 640x480.
Pamela: Has to be LOTR
Dale: That is the only thing I really lack on my digital camera.
rich-c: could be Harry Potter
Engseth: I get a lot of good info on email, and have no special questions. so I just thought I'd check in.
Ron: Saw LOTR Sunday night
Pamela: Nope, no kid wizards here
Ron: think it left me behind somewhere
Pamela: Did you read the book, Ron?
rich-c: guess I made a reasonable buy, then. Have to try it out
Ron: somebody oughta get an oscar for cinemaphotography though
Ron: cinematography?
BobS: I have a hard enough time just linving this life without trying some magical mystical one
Pamela: the latter,
Pamela: Ron
Ron: exactly
neil: Ron you have to remember that it's actually a single story that spans three movies. It's far from done yet.
Ron: kinda gathered that
rich-c: Dale, I have the KB Gear installation CD but the driver base it sets up has no JamCam in it
Dale: Neil, have you had time to start on that book set I gave you
Ron: Mother spent the last hour looking at her watch
neil: Cinematography is correct.
Pamela: For those who don't know, it can leave you hanging
Ron: tks Neil
Pamela: Numb bum?
Dale: Which version of JamCam do you have?
rich-c: 3
Ron: yeah
BobS: looking ata ehr watch.......WHY??????
Pamela: "Is it over yet"
Pamela: Teh movie is three hours long
Ron: that's right
rich-c: think I'll wait till it comes out on tape
neil: I'm at page 225, about 80% through "The Ring Sets Out" (book 1 of 6)
Pamela: Gimme a break, Dad, you wait for everything to come out on video
rich-c: LOTR is a trilogy; what are you reading?
Engseth: I thought there were only three books.
BobS: SIX !!!!!!! I can't get engrossed in ONE book !!!!!!
rich-c: maybe they decided to break it into six parts and sell each cheaper
Ron: let's see, it takes me 5 years to read a 300 page novel...... hmmmm
neil: I'm reading LOTR ...
Ron: best I wait for the movie
rich-c: oddly enough, first time I tried LOTR I gave it up after the first chapter - couldn't get into it
Pamela: It takes me about 2 hours to read that
Ron: excruciatingly slow am I
neil: From the "Note on the Text": The Lord of the Rings is often erroneously called a trilogy, ...
Pamela: love to read, do I
Judy: they have to be good to keep you going through six books
rich-c: then after a while I read The Hobbit and understood what was going on
rich-c: from there, I barely put the series down till I finished it
neil: when it is in fact a sinlge novel, consisting of six books plus appendices, ...
Ron: I have a concentration span of 23.7 microseconds
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neil: sometimes published in three volumes."
changed username to Shawn
Pamela: I tried to reread the Hobbit and couldn't get into it but am going to keep trying
BobS: I'm with you Ron!!!!
rich-c: hello Shawn, how's life in Alaska?
Shawn: Hey all!
Pamela: Hi, Shawn
Engseth: I heard the Hobbit was first. Has someone read that. Yes, I see, but did it have a lot to contribute?
BobS: probably WARM!! Hi Shawn
Shawn: busy as usual
Ron: aha.... somebody else from the right side of the Rockies
rich-c: and up where it snows instead of rains, Ron
BobS: now Ronald !!!! we are going to feel deprived or something
Ron: Western contingent has become the northern contingent
Dale: For Chreistmas I got Neil a boxed set of the 6 volumes + appendicies.
Pamela: depends on which direction you look at it, Ron
Ron: true
Dale: I read the second Harry Potter book now.
Shawn: The weather has been amazingly mild this year...just alot of snow. I'm not complaining
rich-c: if it's got teh text, Dale, the number of volumes hardly matters
neil: Yes, the Hobbit is first, but though there are references to it in LOTR, it's not really a necessity to read it first.
rich-c: sort of like Churchill's WW2 memoirs - 6 vols but really only one book
Dale: I'll read the third one next, while Jill is feeding Jeffrey (if we are ever awake enough for that)...
Pamela: I've been through all four HP books twice and am breathlessly awaiting the fifth
Dale: then the first one, once you are done with it Neil.
Judy: wasn't to bad here today, took in the Christmas stuff thsis afternoon
neil: The seven volume set is "Not for separate sale" but T-O-L-K-I-E-N (author's name) spans the spines nicely.
rich-c: I found without the background from The Hobbit, LOTR proper bogged early on
rich-c: sort of like trying to start in third gear, in mud
Pamela: translation please, for those of us who are not standard tranny drivers
Ron: try starting in 3rd gear on flat pavement
rich-c: just trust me, it's something you don't want to try
Pamela: ok
rich-c: it can be done if necessary, if you know how
BobS: vell, gees,....I puut it in da "D" thingy......and it alvays goes reel gut........
Pamela: ya know, me too
Pamela: even with a Ford transmission
rich-c: anyway, I still want to know how George is getting on
BobS: yup!!!!
BobS: with a modem........]
rich-c: how many of the computers wre you able to salvage, George?
BobS: ';-)
George: very poorly
Pamela: did you at least trash the girlfriend?
George: 2 out of 6
rich-c: healthwise or just generally, George?
BobS: TRASH the girlfriend
BobS: ouch!!!!!
rich-c: as long as they wre the good pair, you should be OK
Pamela: but what she did was criminal, Bob
Ron: We must all agree that this sort of thing should not have happened to George
BobS: yes. so......tell her that!
Judy: what is the matter with the lady???
rich-c: at least you've retained your internet capability
BobS: she don't care apparently
Pamela: I don't know the whole story and I already don't like her
Judy: well, maybe not a lady
BobS: even Judy would NOT do that to mine stuff
George: i had to get her to leave
neil: I actually read 26 pages of Foreword and Prologue before getting into the actual novel. THAT'S hard going. Not recommended. Start at chapter 1 the first time.
rich-c: Shawn, did you check out that Lindows website I recommended?
BobS: for your co0mputer sanity
BobS: i looked Richard, what's the deal with it?????
Judy: I can't even take them apart!!!
Shawn: sorry about that... I started making Miso soup and forgot about it. =)
rich-c: don't you like the idea of another OS that can run Windows programs?
Pamela: it's not taking them apart that's the problem - it's putting them back together!
BobS: Pam is elected for the contest this year.....atgainst Frances !!!!!!!
Ron: You can Judy.... we have pictures
Pamela: No contest - Mom will win. I've never done it before
Shawn: rich-c: yea actually I did check out that site. looks pretty cool...if it comes about
George: now i have to pick trash for parts
rich-c: I'm going to help Frances this time - and I'll bring my toolkit
rich-c: just don't schedule it against a major race broadcast!
Pamela: Okay, since Russell isn't conversant in Adams, who's going to help me?
Judy: with a litttle help!!!
BobS: you can help long as you act like you have tow broken hands
Ron: You and Me Pam
Pamela: You're on, Ron
neil: Microsoft doesn't object to Lindows, per se, but they refuse to accept the name.
Pamela: Got that, Bob?
rich-c: more to teh point, Neil, they're grabbing the only available means to harass a smaller company
Judy: We better print this
rich-c: figure if they sue them hard enough, they'll go broke paying lawyers
Shawn: Well its not like they were the first GUI to call itself windows either
Ron: Only got one computer tonight, so I'll have to check Lindows after the chat
Pamela: Just don't schedule it for first thing in the morning -none of us are at our best at that hour
rich-c: there's a new article about them in today's Langalist, but I haven't had time to read it yet
Shawn: X Windows was way before Windows. If Microsoft push a lawsuit i'm gonna laugh
Ron: What's this, a cross betw Linux and Windows?
rich-c: more or less Ron
Ron: ok. Actually, there is also the WINE project
rich-c: Dr.D. says it's the Linux kernel with a Windows emulator grafted on
rich-c: he thinks MS can sabotage it neatly by changing their APIs
Dale: Neil, I also read the 28 pages of foreward to Jill while she was in labour. It put her into a trance. Kinda dull.
Shawn: Was it a linux kernel?
Pamela: She probably needed it, Dale
rich-c: yes, it uses the Linux kernel
Judy: what is the Wine project
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Shawn: not likely...Microsoft is currently on shakey grounds with people. Radical changes to their API could spell doom
Ron: Windows on Linux
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello everyone
Pamela: Hi, Meeka!
BobS: bout time Meeka
Ron: been around in various iterations for a while
rich-c: hi Meeka
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Ron: Meeka my son, how are you
Meeka: sorry i'm late. was over playing with the nephews
rich-c: well, I wish Lindows well - we need another out
Meeka: kinda quite at home with Doug gone
Judy: you can tell you are on your own
Meeka: ya ya ;-)
Pamela: where's Doug?
Ron: Where's Doug?
Ron: echo
Ron: echo
Pamela: echo
Meeka: out of town for a couple days (work related)
BobS: Doug is NOT the epitome of laughter and conversation..............
rich-c: I don't want an OS where I have to get Bill Gates permission every time the OS crashes and I have to re-install it
neil: Ron it's supposed to be much better than WINE.
Pamela: Oooh, I love that - don't have to share the bed
Meeka: that is true but...
Shawn: I think its awfully brave of Lindows though. Middle of the road is a good place to get hit by on comming traffic both directions
Judy: you could have come here, Ya, Ya
Ron: noted neil
Meeka: even when he is here it is a form of company
Ron: As prez of the local Linux group. I'm supposed to know these things
Pamela: as long as it doesn't last too long, right?
Meeka: house seems kinda big and empty with only one person
Meeka: he will be back someting on Friday
Ron: all's I do is run meetings and listen a lot
BobS: waht about hte bandit??????
rich-c: speaking of which, Pam, any word from K. on Star Office yet?
Pamela: Nope, not a peep
Meeka: yes, Bandit is here, but he doesn't answer you when oyu talk to him
Meeka: he just looks at you funny
Judy: Ryan didn't last long tonight, was in bed right after 7
Ron: of cours not, he's a CATG
Shawn: neil: ya thats what I heard too. Its like a commerical grade emulator
Ron: CAT
Pamela: You know you're going crazy when the dog talks back
Ron: DOG?
Pamela: dog
Engseth: What's the deal on Star Office, Problems?
Ron: oh.... well I had a fifty percent chance of being right
Judy: poor little guy he is not feeling very good yet
Meeka: yes DOG
Pamela: shihtzu type dog
Ron: noted
Pamela: can't wait to meet him
rich-c: tried to download a .doc file today and Wordpad cpouldn't translate it
Meeka: I will see what can be aranged at convention ;-)
Pamela: No, Engseth, it was just loaned out some time ago and hasn't been used yet
Pamela: thank you Meeks
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rich-c: I'm not that keen on the Star Office interface, but it can handle almost any file ever created
Judy: this person is going to call it a night, have had some hard days need sleep
Judy: night all
Pamela: Dad, apparently the 486 they wanted to load Linux on is a boat anchor - won't even start. So until they get another, or get this one working, there's a problem
rich-c: nite Judy
Ron: you have to lie down Judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy
Ron: (comes from the take my advice, I'm not using it dept)
Judy left chat session
Meeka: btw Dale, just noticed your name in the list. Congrats on the new baby
Engseth: That's good to know. I'll try again (re star office)
BobS: wish JUDY a happy anniversary come tonorrow!!!!!
Ron: YES..... Happy anniversary Judy
rich-c: happy anniversary, you two
Pamela: Happy Anniversary to you both - how long?
Ron: must be for Bob to eh?
BobS: she left....BUT tis 33 LOOONG yars tomorrow
Ron: too I mean
Pamela: Ron, that department has been getting a lot of use lately
Ron: yes, very busy
rich-c: yes, we'll be hitting 48 years this year
left chat session
BobS: dats' a mitghty long time too
Meeka: doug and I made 5 just vbefor christmas
Pamela: how do you get 48 from 1955?
rich-c: Pam, they should get a Pentium - they're dirt cheap now in the 200 speed range
Pamela: try 47, Dad
Ron: by the way - Canadians
rich-c: sorry, 47 - my mathematics is faulty at this time of nite
Pamela: yessssss?
Dale: Thanks Meeka
Pamela: I'll let her know
Ron: my computer supplier told me yestarday that memory prices trippled the day after I bought an upgrade
Dale: He's asleep on my lap right now.
Ron: trippled overnight
BobS: youch!!! haven't noticed it here
Ron: sez I just got in under the wire
Ron: going from 128 t 384
BobS: meory sucks anyway
Ron: on the P300
Meeka: the first little bit when they are a cuddly is one of my favorite parts
rich-c: the price increase hsn't shown here - is this Mac memory?
Ron: nope for a Pentium
rich-c: oh, it's outdated memory
BobS: well, it is only a western thing Ron
Ron: so I see
rich-c: what wre you buying, Ron, 30-pin?
Pamela: Russell and I finished 13 beginning of November
Ron: no, what the heck is it... SD RAM?
rich-c: probably
neil: Memory prices are notoriously volatile. Quotations on memory are usually good for 24 hours only.
Ron: 128 Meg was 32 bux
rich-c: likely it's 128-pin which is common here
Meeka: i should know this... but alas my brain is out of town ;-)
Ron: and I ordered 3
Pamela: You're supposed to take it back before he leaves, Meeka
Meeka: that would be more hassel that it is worth Pam
(BobS groans loudly)
Pamela: I can buy that
rich-c: at that price I'm not surprised
Meeka: beside I really like not haveing all that clutter up there. I have enough as it is
rich-c: I know 256 meg of DDR ram for my new unit was only around $50 or s0 - dirt cheap
BobS: well gang, it was FUN, but I have to follow the bride to bed, got to get up early tomorrow
Pamela: Really clutters up the landscape, doesn't it?
Meeka: bye bye
Meeka: yup
Ron: nite to the Slopsemas
rich-c: enjoy Bob, see you Saturday or next week, as things work out
Pamela: g'nite, Bob
BobS: see ya next week!!!!
Meeka: hey, I am still here
BobS left chat session
rich-c: right Meeka, only two-thirds of the Slopsemas are gone
Engseth: Enjoyed. Signing off
Pamela: any one want a cat, cheap?
Ron: nite Engs
Meeka: i is just the ld people that are headed to bed ;-)
rich-c: see You Engseth
Pamela: Thanks, Engseth - come back soon
neil: I have to go, too. I need rest to get rid of this cold. Nice chatting with you all.
rich-c: Willow getting uppity again, Pam?
Meeka: that is the old people
Pamela: No, it's Inky
Pamela: Goodnite, Neil
Engseth left chat session
Meeka: nite Neil
rich-c: good to have you here, neil. Come back soon
Dale: I must bid you all a fond farewell.
rich-c: you mean he got up the energy to be a nuisance, Pam?
neil left chat session
Ron: g'nite Dale, Neil
Pamela: Get your rest while you can Dale - our love to you all
Meeka: bye Dale. Enjoy the little one
rich-c: right, new papa, best to you and Jill and the new son
Pamela: He just found another place he doesn't fit and is making a mess
Dale: poof
Ron: now I've missed something here. When did the new arrival arrive?
rich-c: ah yes, specialty of the puss
Meeka: last Friday I think
Pamela: Ron, haven't you read your email?
Ron: didn't get that one
Pamela: Baby arrived last Friday morning. Name of Jeffrey
Dale left chat session
rich-c: it was from neil and it had nine pictures with it
Ron: hmmmm....... wonder what happened to that?
Pamela: Did you get the one about Elizabeth Pines?
rich-c: you'll agree he chose a good name
Ron: no.
Pamela: You better check your server
Ron: Yes Rich. most certainly, although spelled a tad different
Ron: been gettting mail right the way through
rich-c: true
Ron: but nothing from the ADAM list
Ron: in fact, come to think of it....
Ron: I havent had anything from the ADAM list for a while
Meeka: well, when you get nothing you should know there is a problem ;-)
rich-c: maybe Dale hasn't caught up with your email address of the week
Ron: must be
Pamela: Jeffrey Ross Wick, 10:40 am, 7lbs, 4 ozs
Ron: all are well?
Pamela: yes
Ron: good
rich-c: and as you likely guessed, Elizabeth Pines has died
Pamela: However, Elizabeth PInes died on Friday evenine
Ron: sad
Pamela: tres
rich-c: or one might guess, been given relief at last
Pamela: what's the latest address, Ron? I will forward
Ron: yes, I think so
Ron: he may still be using and that's not right any more, but I don't think I ever told him
rich-c: I've lost all my email addresses - they're on the old computer and I haven't found out how to transfer them yet
Meeka: Pam, I just sent them to Ron
Ron: super, tks
rich-c: works too, doesn't it, Ron?
Pamela: me too, so now youhave two copies
Ron: Jeff did a complete rebuild of my P300 system when he was here, so I lost mail there too, but that shouldn't have affected the iMac
Ron: which is where I do my real mail
Ron: that's right, Rich, but shaw doesn't allow me to send from that address
rich-c: long as it gets mail to you, I won't complain
rich-c: somehow I find it easier to associate with you
George: i have to go my brain waves are all scrambled
Ron: there was a time when I only had one computer and one e-mail address
Ron: 1984
rich-c: George, give a try Saturday if you can, else see you next week
Pamela: that sounds bad, George - better go unscramble them
Pamela: Have a good nite
Ron: g'nite George. hang in there
George: i'll try for Sat.
Meeka: brb, need to go get a drink
rich-c: MS have just changed their hotmail interface and now I can't get into my account
George: nite all
rich-c: nite George
George left chat session
rich-c: I think they have trouble with IE^'s cookie rejector
Ron: cookies..... bain of all existance
Pamela: MS Hotmail has trouble with MS IE? typical
Ron: or is that existence?
Pamela: ence, Ron
rich-c: try bane
Ron: thank
Ron: again thank
Pamela: We'll teach you to spell yet, Ron
Ron: :)
Ron: nah.... others have tried
Pamela: trade you for Adam deconstruction lessons, okay?
Ron: deal
rich-c: Shawn, you have been very quiet tonight - frozen solid up there?
Meeka: I know how to do that Pam ;-)
rich-c: sure you don't want one to prqactice on, Pam?
Pamela: I'm gonna need all the help I can get!
Ron: better practice some
Ron: here, I mean
Pamela: We've had this discussion Dad - besides, do you really want it back in pieces?
rich-c: oh no, the idea is I give you the pieces...
Ron: last time I had one apart (back in the fall) I spent more time removing dust colonies than anything else
Meeka: as long as you don't loose any he should be able to put it back together. right??
Ron: that's easy for you to say Meeka
rich-c: I've done it before, Meeka
Meeka: he he
Ron: however.... we shall prevail
Pamela: We are the champions . . .
Ron: wweeeeee willl weeee will ROCK YOU!!
Ron: thump thump
Pamela: I like a man who gets a reference
Ron: :)
rich-c: anyway, time's wearing on and I have an Old Farts lunch tomorrow
Pamela: Um Dad, does Mom know she got volunteered for this?
rich-c: oh, she's used to it
Pamela: Well, better prepare her
Pamela: so it doesn't get sprung at the last minute
Pamela: and we all die
rich-c: many's the time she's come in to find a disassembled Adam on the dining room table
Pamela: Yes, but how many times has she done the disassembling?
Ron: I expect so
rich-c: she's even watched me put them back together
rich-c: she hasnt done it but she's watched often enough
Pamela: well, she's one up on me
rich-c: so whose fault is that?
Ron: T'aint hard Pam
Pamela: Where did fault come into this?
Pamela: I have faith in my coach
rich-c: anyway, Pam, tell Kim and Art to look in Toronto Computes and the Star at used computer ads
rich-c: they can get her father a good machine for $200 easy, maybe less
Pamela: I'll let them know
Ron: somebody looking for a computer?
Pamela: Kimberly and Art were going to upgrade her 486 for her dad, but they can't even get it started
rich-c: Kimberly wants an introductory machine for her father
Pamela: the 286 works fine however
Ron: ic
Pamela: Since Ken (one of their boarders) is moving out and taking his computer, Jack needs his own (Jeanette won't share)
rich-c: they should look at a P166MMX or higher
Ron: suggest so, yes
Pamela: know anyone who needs a boat anchor?
rich-c: frankly, these days a 486 is really too far behind the trailing edge
Ron: already have 3 here
Ron: and a couple of 386's
Pamela: recycling, here we come
Ron: they are networking subjects
Pamela: Actually Dad, for what Jack wants it for, the 486 is okay
Pamela: just internet access, no email, some old card games and that's all
rich-c: well, I know where you're coming from, but it really isnt worth the effort
Pamela: not my decision
rich-c: that is considering that the lower Pentiums are so cheap now
Meeka: well, I guess I had best get going. It would proubly be a good idea to get some sleep tonight
Ron: if you're going with a 486, it should be at least a dx2/66 with 16 meg of ram --- absolute minimum
Pamela: Jack is not exactly technology friendly
Ron: like Rich's suggestion better
rich-c: and they will support Windows through 98SE and big hard discs
rich-c: nite Meeka
Ron: nite Meeka
Pamela: Good nite Meeka
Pamela: see you next week when your brain is back
Meeka: ;-)
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: : 0
rich-c: anyway time for me to go too - nite all
Pamela: anyway, I suppose it's time I went to bed too - something about 6:00 am alarms
Ron: Ya still there Shawn?
Pamela: Dad, talk to you over the weekend. See everyone else next week
Ron: nite Pam. THINK ADAM
rich-c: colour me gone
Ron: I too
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: ADAM . . .ADAM
Ron: :)(
Pamela: bonsoir!
Pamela: pouf
Pamela left chat session
Ron: anybody else lurking?
Ron: sez Shawn is still there
Ron: gotta go
Ron: nite all
Ron left chat session
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left chat session
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