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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: greetings, George
rich-c: thought it was likely to be you
George: hi rich
rich-c: how's life today?
George: ok
rich-c: got any more computers fixed yet?
George: not yet
rich-c: but working on it, I trust
rich-c: are all of them worth fixing or would you be better cannibalizing them to upgrade your best ones?
George: getting parts together
rich-c: I need to do a bit of work on my computers today or tomorrow
George: my father is just leaving
rich-c: ah, you've had a visitor
rich-c: does he come often?
George: yes
George: a few times a month
rich-c: we don't visit Pam as often as we should
rich-c: but with the meetings on chat and phone calls, stay pretty well in touch
George: that's good
rich-c: yes, she;'s our only child
rich-c: but with her work and Russell's oddball shifts, getting together can be a problem
George: it can get complicated
rich-c: sometimes when Russell is on the 4-midnite shift she comes by here for dinner
George: do you have any ADAM software available on 160k floppy?
rich-c: anyway, when you finish the repairs, what computers do you plan to have working?
rich-c: with very few exceptions, every Adam program is available on floppy, some exclusively so
rich-c: only program not available on 160 floppy is the Richard Scarry Workbook
rich-c: it's 255K so just won't fit
rich-c: but I have that on a 320K disc
George: my amd k6-2 500 mhz pntium 100mhz and 180 mmx overdrive
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rich-c: with the AMD500 is it worth spending much time on the slow pentiums?
changed username to BobS
rich-c: allo Robert
BobS: Hi boys
rich-c: good to see you, kid
BobS: how's Geo tofday????
BobS: got computers running good now?
BobS: and Richard????
George: all are almost maxed out
rich-c: yo?
rich-c: found a gender-bender for my parallel cable today
rich-c: now I should be able to use DCC to transport files from my old to new computer
George: i maxxed my compters out as far as upgrading goes
BobS: ok, now then
rich-c: it all depends on the motherboard
BobS: you are going to transfer ALL yor stuff from one to the other
rich-c: that's why I spent absurd amounts on the motherboard for my new unit
rich-c: no, just key files, the old one will remain usable
BobS: well, just "copy" the whole business and leave it ALL ont he old one
rich-c: but I'd like to get my mail archives over if I can
rich-c: and there are a couple of freeware programs I have archived that I want
rich-c: no point in copying everything
rich-c: if we had space I put some special stuff on it for Frances
George: my 180 overdrive is over clocked from 90 the bios reads it as a133
rich-c: I'm surprised at that level of overclocking it hasn't set the place on fire, George
George: it benches as a180 mhz
rich-c: I'd expect it to bench as "imminent blue smoke!"
George: i've had it that way three years now
rich-c: or wait - that's a professional "Evewrgreen" upgrade you're talking about, right?
George: it seems to be the most relieable
rich-c: well, if it works, you can't knock it
rich-c: still, it's a bit outdated, while your 500 has a few years left yet
George: that mother is maxxed out too
rich-c: hey Bob, we've actually got sunshine - how you doing?
BobS: HA
rich-c: why, is the 500 an overclock?
George: oops i mean motherboard
BobS: we are supposed to have 2-3 inches of snow today, then maybe a peeka ta sun tomoorw
BobS: and then snow mon and tues
BobS: OUTDATED!!!!!!! my 486/33 is still working good
rich-c: we're apparently slated to stay above freezing next several days, incidents of flurries from time to time
rich-c: but mostly lots of clouds but staying dry
rich-c: my 386/33 is working fine too, but it really isn't up to today's hardware and software
George: it's warm here and dry. ithink it's going to be that way all winter
BobS: the only software I need to run is ADAMEM basically
rich-c: I don't reckon you're inclined to throw that back, George
BobS: the 486 runs an A/C system which is supposed to have a Pentium 166 running it....
BobS: but the little 486 works, so ........
rich-c: well, ADAMEM was written for a 486 basically, so go for it
rich-c: A/C?
George: i'm having trouble trying to keep up with the chat
BobS: at the office buildings I manage, with about 220 tons of ac to run electronically
rich-c: oh, you were talking the application you're using it for
rich-c: there's a lot of flexibility in what computer you can use for what
rich-c: remember the guy from Rhode Island who was running his motel's TV announcement channel on an Adam using LOGO?
BobS: the A/C man is APPALLED, but what the heck...I told him not to worry, it works and since I supplied the computer........
George: i have a copy of ADAMEM but i only know how to the cv roms work with it
BobS: a 486 /33 is less sdaleable here tahn a pentium 166 , so I traded it out
rich-c: you could always invite him to buy you a new one if he's upset
BobS: right, bob Miller wasn't it?????
rich-c: you're one up on me, George
BobS: my CHEAP boss didn't even think we needed one, that is why I supplied one...but now he things it is awesome. but offer to pay?????? NOT
rich-c: don't remember the last name but Bob it was
George: i haven't used it in a long while
rich-c: I've had Adamem for donkeys years but just haven't got into it
rich-c: all the guys are on my back about it at the conventions
rich-c: I heard about a guy out in western Canada who was running a sawmill on four Adams
BobS: I think it was Miller
BobS: he designed the AC11 logo too
rich-c: I'll not dispute you
rich-c: wonder where he went - haven't heard from him since and that was three years ago
George: they used to have a lot of sites to aquire ADAMEM but they seem to have gone down
rich-c: really? I haven't checked lately
rich-c: I still have the files, they're among the ones I plan to transfer over
rich-c: Bob, do you know which sites if any Marcel still has up?
rich-c: also, did he carry out his plans to move to Brazil?
BobS: BRAZIL!!!!!!
BobS: think Marcel's site is still up
rich-c: he said he was going to join his girlfriend there, if I recall
rich-c: he's finished university now so I doubt the utwent site still works
BobS: Marcel is still AT:
George: i also have vcoleco
rich-c: right, that was the original
BobS: why you want an aftermarket one????
rich-c: he was also on I believe
rich-c: what's vcoleco?
George: virtual coleco vision
rich-c: never heard of it. tell me more
George: i think neil danner had it
rich-c: is that one of the gamer sites?
George: i think he had a lot of info too
rich-c: I'm not into classic gaming so I'm out of the loop on that
George: that's Neal Danner sorry
George: i have a lot of the carts
rich-c: oh, I have a collection of carts, also ROM images
rich-c: but we don't mention them as they're naughty
George: so do i
BobS: hey guys gotta go HAVE A FUN WEEKEND YES??????
BobS left chat session
rich-c: amazing what you acquire in 20 years of buying old Adams
George: i thought it was ok as long you have the carts
rich-c: OK our best to the family; enjoy, Bob
rich-c: yes, the makers don't like it, but a single backup for your own use of any piece of software is legal
George: or hardware as the case may be
rich-c: in fact when I sell software I offer a backup at extra cost
rich-c: I suppose it would be legal to burn a new ROM from the original for your own use
George: what i have fits on a 1.44 floppy
rich-c: of course actually that's considered firmware
rich-c: for the Adam I only have 320K and 720K floppy drives, plus the hared disc of course
rich-c: do also have a pair of 160K drives on the backup Adam in the basement
George: i was talking about to use on a pc
rich-c: right - of course all pcs come with those
rich-c: you should have seen the look on the vendors face when I said I wanted a 5-1/4 disc on my Athlon 1600XP
rich-c: fortunately I was able to supply my own so he decided to humour the old fart
George: i thought the roms could only be used on pc
George: I mean IBM type
rich-c: no, in fact they can only be used on a pc when it's emulating an Adam
rich-c: it's the Colecovision graphics protocol that they respond to
George: so the can be used on an ADAM?
rich-c: oh, yes
rich-c: there were lots of programs around that let you make images of your cartridge ROMs on the Adam
rich-c: I have backup images of all my cartridges on disc
rich-c: and by that I mean an Adam disc
George: i need someone to teach me
rich-c: well, that's what these chats are for
rich-c: ask and someone who knows will answer you
rich-c: I will with things I know about, others about their area of expertise
rich-c: I used a very friendly program from the Practical Programs utility suite
George: the chats get me mixed up
rich-c: but there was also a program listing in Hacker's Guide to Adam you could type in
rich-c: and there is also a CP/M program that does it
rich-c: yes, you usually get a lot of crosstalk and it's hard to keep the threads separate
rich-c: you get the girls talking about cats and kids and needlework and stuff
George: i need to know what to type in in exact form
rich-c: while the males are off on three different hardware subjectws at once
rich-c: well, you need the text from the Hackers Guide - I don't know if anyone has that posted yet
rich-c: you are on the Adam mailing list, aren't you?
George: i don't know i haven't seen anything relating to ADAM in my email
George: excet for your emails
rich-c: mine are to you directly, not through the list
rich-c: you did ask Dale to add you, didn't you?
rich-c: reason I'm asking is, Scott Gordon just reported he hopes to have the Adam Resource website up soon
rich-c: he's working on posting scans of the Adam Survival Guide
George: i used the email link you sent and type subscribe in the subject box
rich-c: I think he also had mirrors for Geoff Olthofs" and Pat McHugh's site, tho' I'm not sure
rich-c: you did right, but Dale is awfully slow about acting on such things
rich-c: sometimes you have to nag him
George: maybe it just takes a while
rich-c: of course, as you noticed Wednesday, he has a few other things on his mind at the moment!
rich-c: oh, send him a direct message - - and ask him to please act on your mailing list request
rich-c: or, I'm sure he has a personal link on the main page
rich-c: that likely goes to his company, Opengraphics
George: ok i'll try that
rich-c: yes, catch him while he's actually at the computer and online and it might stir him into action
George: how will i know him?
rich-c: well, on his personal address, it doesn't matter, and is also one of his personal endeavours
George: ok
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changed username to rich
rich-c: sorry George someone just tried to break into my computer
rich-c: knocked me out of the chat room for a few moments
George: that will never do
rich-c: well, that's why I run Zone Alarm, to stop intrusion attempts
George: how can you tell?
rich-c: anyway, I don't know what form Dale uses for his email address at work
rich-c: oh, every time there's unauthorized traffic in or out of my computer, ZA intercepts it
rich-c: then it puts an alarm box up on my screen to tell me about it
George: i have to watch what i put on my computers with aol
rich-c: same way, if I inadvertantly install snoop software, ZA stops it from "phoning home"
rich-c: I would say if AOL isn't prepared to deal with ZA, then no one should ever deal with AOL
George: i had to disable mcafee firewall to get into chat
rich-c: not this chat, I hope
George: yes it was
rich-c: that's ridiculous - Zone Alarm is free, works better, and as you can tell works fine with chat rooms
George: aol will coexist with other firewall software and such
George: i mean wil not coexist
rich-c: I've been happy with McAfee Anti-Virus and PC First Aid on my old computer - like Crash Monitor
rich-c: very seriouly, George - if AOL won't accept Zone Alarm, you have to ask yourself -
rich-c: what is my computer telling them behind my back?
rich-c: and is it any of their business? do I want them to know that?
George: i think i need to go to bed i can't type right now
rich-c: been a hard day, has it?
George: too many typos
rich-c: don't worry too much about them - you may notice BobS surely doesn't
George: my fingers don't want to work
rich-c: anyway, some day soon go to and read what's there
rich-c: better rest your fingers, then. See you Wednesday?
George: ok will do
rich-c: good enough. bye for now, then
George: goodbye
rich-c: bye
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