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Vorpal Blade: snicker-snack!
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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: right on time, I see - hi bob
BobS: Hi Richard
BobS: got nothin to do this week
rich-c: finished your snow shovelling yet?
BobS: no snow yet
BobS: supposed to come after midnight and then tomorrow
BobS: and NOT nice either
rich-c: oh, I thought the load that dumped on Chicago would have been in your lap some time ago
rich-c: it is supposed to arrive here in three hours
BobS: nope,. staying south for now
BobS: naw.......later for you!
BobS: it is on the state line and 50miles north so far
rich-c: and it's welcome to stay south all it wants
BobS: and moving north
rich-c: northeast, actually, that's why it's only supposed to sideswipe us
BobS: tonight I got a dead screen cannot dispaly, then refreshed and got on to Dales site
BobS: wierd
rich-c: they think we might get off with 2 to 4 inches
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BobS: we are to get 4-7......or more
BobS: talked about a foot
rich-c: oh, I got on with no trouble at all
changed username to George
BobS: well at least we arte here!!!!
rich-c: hi George, is it snowing in Philly?
BobS: HIYA George
George: hello everyone
BobS: snow????????
BobS: naw
BobS: Philly is going to stay clear all winter
rich-c: oh, down there by tidewater they've been having a real load this winter
BobS: heck Shcicago only had 2-3" until this storm
George: i don't know it's wet now
rich-c: yes, you midwesterners have been getting off as easy as us
rich-c: we had freezing rain overnight, coated the truck, but not much really
George: we need the rain
rich-c: but now the groceries are in, the garbage is out, and we can hibernate for the next 48 hours
BobS: HAH, we skinned by with NUTHIN
rich-c: don't worry, Bob, your turn will come
rich-c: although come to think of it, you had a few dustings in December that we escaped
George: PA is about to issue a water emergency
rich-c: strange how it works - you'll remember Buffalo had a record snowfall last month
rich-c: you can see Buffalo from the top of our CN Tower, but we stayed dry
BobS: Buffalo adn US were both all lake effect snow, not a torm
rich-c: PA is actually that deep in drought?
George: the water levels here are the lowest ever
BobS: well, if we get much more lake effect, we will be in a drought too...
BobS: the lake levels are already ata an altime low
rich-c: but all winter we've been seeing big snowstorms up and down the east coast on tv
George: missing PA
rich-c: yes, I've noticed teh problem on the Great Lakes
rich-c: of course Lake Ontario doesnt suffer because of the St. Lawrence hydro dams
rich-c: that's going to play hell with the plantings at Longwood Gardens, George
George: no plantings
rich-c: get them to ship you some clouds in from the Poconos - it's always raining there!
George: thats where most of our water comes from but the levels are down
rich-c: but this warm weather really is making life difficult some places
rich-c: our ski areas are doing well because they live on lake effect snow
BobS: we will take ALL the warmth we can get
BobS: the ski areas here are dying on the vine
rich-c: and with very little freezing of the lakes the slopes ae getting buried
rich-c: but Ottawa is losing the key feature of Winterlude because the Rideau Canal hasn't frozen yet
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BobS: ya sure
rich-c: and the ice fishermen havent been able to get their huts out either
George: i didn't think i was going to make on tonight. i had to change my graphics adapter
BobS: the ice fisherman will try to get them out anyway
BobS: why?????
rich-c: why, what was the matter with it, George?
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changed username to Scott
rich-c: hi Scott
BobS: hi Scott
Scott: Helllllloooo
BobS: awful lot of OOOOOO
Scott: Rich - I will burn a CD and bring those files from work this weekend.
rich-c: what kind of graphics adapter are you using, George?
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rich-c: OK Scott let me know when it's done so I can delete them
changed username to Judy
Scott: I am heading up a project along with the head of Good Deal Games to remanufacture ColecoVision plastic casings.
rich-c: hi Judy and welcome
Judy: Hello, all
Scott: It looks like Telegames USA is going to do it for us.
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
rich-c confirmed ban
Scott confirmed ban
BobS: undefined is gone!!!!
BobS: was Judy the first time
Scott: They require a minimum run of 3,000.
rich-c: what's the object of that, Scott?
BobS: t4elgames is going to do what??????
BobS: make the cases for you????
Scott: We have people wanting to release new games for the ColecoVision/ADAM
Scott: Myself included.
George: i had a rage 2c and i got microsoft train simulator for my birthday i tried to run it and it messed up the screen
Scott: Two new games are on the way
BobS: ah, George, Bill G strikes againk,eh?
Scott: One is unnamed and Good Deal Games is holding a contest to name it.
Scott: The other is Cosmic Fighter 3, which is complete.
rich-c: there's a market for thousands of copies of new Colecovision games? Where?
Scott: Common, rich.
George: i had to put in nvidia riva tnt2
Scott: Games will be in a limited edition run of about 100
rich-c: that's what, about 32 MB?
Scott: I have commitments from GDG and other developers for about 300 of the 3,000 casings (10%)
rich-c: who's going to burn the ROMs?
Scott: No -- multicarts can be larger than the 32K limit
George: 32 mb video mem
Scott: John Dodzilla, and probrably myself
rich-c: sorry - I was commenting to George
Scott: My dad has the hardware
rich-c: ROM burners don't seem that rare anymore; I was just curious
Scott: Multicarts can be a few megabytes large by swapping banks.
rich-c: I think you have the same nVidia card I do, George
Scott: I need to find other individuals who would be willing to purchase a small lot of casings.
rich-c: yes, but do 8-bit console games need megabytes?
George: it's switching to all burners
Scott: 10, 25, 50, 100...
Scott: I have contacted Dale to see if he'd be interested.
Scott: This manufacturing ensures future game releases.
rich-c: I get the feeling that Telegames price isn't too friendly
Scott: John Dodzilla has been wanting to give his customers cartridge versions rather than referring them to the ROMs
Scott: It will be 6000-9000 bucks
Scott: Ouch
rich-c: don't know John, gather he operates a gamer's shop
Scott: So I'm seeing who's interested in going in with me on a few casings, even just a few.
Scott: This manufacturing ensures future game releases.
rich-c: maybe Scott you should see if some plastics fabricator can't offer a better deal
Scott: It seems that there are quite a few programmers still interested in the ColecoVision/ADAM
rich-c: I'm also surprised that Telegames didn't talk about handling any games you produce themselves
Scott: $2-3 per case is about the best that you're going to find
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Scott: Normal runs of plastic molding requires a run of 10,000 units
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changed username to Judy
Scott: I asked, but they didn't seem interested.
changed username to Guy B.
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Scott: Besides, another guy has some cartridge boards already manufactured.
rich-c: Be careful - that may be telling you something
rich-c: evenijng, Guy
changed username to james
Guy B.: Greetings everyone!
BobS: HI guy and James!!!!
james: hi
rich-c: how's your snowstorm doing?
rich-c: and good morning, james
BobS: Scott, have you been in toucj with Daniel France ata ll???????
Scott: Mike at GDG gets a lot of hits and the unreleased games that they've released thus far have done well.
Scott: No, but he's another I need to talk to.
Guy B.: We have some Winter Storm warnings out for some counties, but not here. It's snowing pretty good out here.
BobS: he has some games he wrote, and needs to knwo how to put them into ADAMem.......
Scott: Hi there Guy!
james: unreleased games?
Guy B.: HI Scott.
rich-c: seems like everyone's on the edge of this one
BobS: BUT, the lastest one is in french.......
rich-c: let's all go out and blow the storm south - George says Philly is in a water crisis
Judy: the wind is blowing but that is all here
George: now please
Guy B.: Got about an inch now, last night we were looking at 6-12 inches, but I wonder what we may get now? Find out later on the news.
james: my guess is that we got your snow..
rich-c: james, when Scott getws the lead out, there will be a complete list of all the original Coleco games on his site
james: cool.
james: i've forgotten something at the classroom. i'll be right back.
BobS: but, but does not Telegames have rights to some of those????
rich-c: also a printable Colecovion ad brochure, and overlays for a dozen games (joystick)
George: somebody took my snow for good
Guy B.: Now that's good. Then we can print those overlays off our inkjet printers.
BobS: does Telgames actually have the rights. or are they just bullying on most rights??????
rich-c: yes, I scanned them in at 300 dp so they should print out real neat
George: they don't have them all
BobS: to here them tell it, they are the only game intown
Scott: I'm back
Guy B.: They are selling some Coleco games on CD-Rom for Win95/98.
rich-c: Bob, I believe that Telegames did buy the rights to a lot, but certainly not all
Scott: Had to download a file
rich-c: of course they are not letting on which they bought and which not
George: what about atari soft?
BobS: I think that is most of ther case
Guy B.: I believe Hasbro bought the rights to Atari when they went out.
Scott: Those Coleco CD games are kinda a joke
Scott: AdamEm is better
Scott: And free
Scott: Not too hard to find the ROMs...
rich-c: remember not all of the original game owners were willing to sell to them
George: i like centipede
Guy B.: I downloaded a demo of it, but your right. You can use AdamEm and it works just as well.
Scott: Spy Hunter is my all time favorite
Scott: As is Fortune Builder
rich-c: yes, Hasbro has a CD of Atari games, including an emulator - runs under DOS and is reputedly very cranky
Guy B.: is one site I know that has Colecovision roms.
Scott: Ligia just translated the two manuals into Spanish
George: and burgertime
Scott: Will be adding them to the site once I get things squared away with AT&T
Scott: Those idiots...
Scott: Yes, the joy that was BurgerTime
rich-c: no, more bloated capitalist exploiters, haven't found out they aren't a monopoly any more
Scott: Anyways, Mike at GDG released some unreleased Sega CD games.
rich-c: how much web space do you have available, Scott?
Scott: They just now sold enough copies to break even
Scott: Got a total of 60 MB shared between six accounts
Scott: What I have up so far is only 4MB
Guy B.: That's alot of space there!
Scott: Yeah, it's nice and fast.
Scott: Cable modems are nice.
George: i drove an aoltech crazy when i told him i wanted a version of aol for ADAM
rich-c: nice, but outrageously pricey
Scott: I am moving my site to
Scott: $35 per month isn't too shabby
rich-c: oh, george, I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall when you had that conversation!
Scott: Modem only cost $100.
Scott: Or was that $150.
Guy B.: DSL is way pricey too and not available everywhere. It's not here in my area.
rich-c: soon as you do and it's up, Scott, send it around the list so we can bookmark it
George: he had to close the line
Scott: It's up.
Guy B.: Rich where have you been? Scott had it up just before the new year.
rich-c: good, then send itaround the list
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changed username to Neil
Scott: Yes, visit
Guy B.: HI Neil
Scott: It's up.
rich-c: oh, I thought that represented a subtle change in the URL
rich-c: hello Neil
Neil: Hi all.
Scott: Try to see if you can get to it
Scott: Hi Neil
rich-c: where's your kid brother these nights?
BobS: Hi Neil
Judy: Hi, Neil
rich-c: I could when I tried a couple of nights ago, Scott
Neil: Well, he was at the MTAG meeting on Saturday night, but I haven't talked to him since.
BobS: oh oh, slow tonight here
rich-c: how are Gill and Jeff doing?
Guy B.: Updated my bookmark to Scott's site.
Scott: Updates will begin on the site once I finalize the move
Scott: But that's probrably going to be the final address
Judy: Is the baby keeping them up too much?
Neil: They seem to be doing fine, but they weren't quite adventurous enough to come to the meeting :)
Neil: Judy, you know babies -- they always keep you up ...
Scott: AT&T screwed up and cancelled my account, BTW
Guy B.: How did that happen?
rich-c: well, Jeff is a little young for computers yet - give him another month or two
Neil: actually, though, Jeff is very good from all reports.
Scott: And the names that I had picked out for myself and The ADAM Resource are stuck in that account
Scott: And I can't have them back
Scott: So I'm waiting for AT&T to release the old names.
Scott: Like I said, AT&T are a bunch of morons.
Judy: that is for sure even in the daytime
rich-c: you'd think they'd been raiding the government for staff
Guy B.: I'm now have using Windows 2000 Professional at work. I got the new system today and made a little mistake the first time I got it up.
rich-c: by the way, just in case - would anyone have any use for a 486DX33 motherboard?
BobS: make a 66 out of it
rich-c: you want to try, it's yours
BobS: take it with you this summer
Neil: The community centre is threatening again to start charging us $100 a night or something like that, but I think we've talked them into a Senior's examption again until Spring at least.
Scott: Well guys, gotta go study my Cisco
rich-c: or, I'll pull it out and toss the case
Scott: I'm in Semester 3 now, which means I've got a lot more work
BobS: little Doug says......any 33 can go 66 with a new chip...maybe faster
Guy B.: See you Scott. Don't wear yourself out.
rich-c: OK Scott, do answer my email questions soon, OK?
Scott: Glad I got the chance to sell you what's up.
BobS: ok Scott keep us informed eh???
Scott: OK.
Scott: Will get around to it this weekend.
Scott: Fewer distractions without the playoffs.
BobS: take the case and all Rich
BobS: it is not an HP, Packard bell or compaq is it?
Scott: Will get those overlays up, Rich.
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rich-c: don't have any place to store it till August, and the powr suplly isnt there anyway
changed username to Vorpal Blade
BobS: hiya Balde
Guy B.: I have a P75 sitting here that I may turn it into a DOS machine for Adamserve.
BobS: blade
rich-c: looks like Dr. D. is with us
Guy B.: Hi there VB.
BobS: that'
Vorpal Blade: Snicker-snack.
BobS: s an idea Guy
Judy: hello, Dr D
Vorpal Blade changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel: Hi all, Elanor was using the computer for homework.
rich-c: they're feeling snarky in Cleveland tonight
Guy B.: Has two serial ports. One for the mouse and the other for Adamserve.
Rich Drushel: Just galumphing about here.
Guy B.: Hey Dr. D you pulled a good one on us.
BobS: ya dat would work Guy
Guy B.: Any snow by you there Rich D?
Rich Drushel: None. Green as a bean here.
BobS: don't know if you need a 25 or 9 pin on the ibm. RICH D....???????
Rich Drushel: Any serial port will do.
Guy B.: Right now, I'm thinking of taking the two floppy drives out and putting in two 360K drives.
BobS: good move guy
Guy B.: It has Win95 now, but I have another hard drive with DOS 6.22 on it, so I can make the change there.
rich-c: to explain - the neighbour kids found a 486 is the garbage over the weekend
rich-c: they pulled the stuff they could use and passed it on to me
Rich Drushel: What's left?
rich-c: I got the motherboard, i/o board, Trident video board, and 5-1/4 floppy
rich-c: I'll keep the floopy but the other is up for grabs
Rich Drushel: Would work as a floppy system.
Rich Drushel: Hard to find ISA HD cards (or working HDs, for that matter) these days.
Guy B.: I have a Trident ISA VGA board if anyone needs one.
rich-c: well, the I/O card seems to have floppy and IDE HD pin sets, and I'm pretty certain it's ISA
BobS: save it guy and bring it to convention. we take ALL old parts
Rich Drushel: I have an IBM CGA board :-)
Guy B.: OK, will do.
rich-c: the kids pulled a 540 MB hard disc out of it
BobS: no cga stuff though
james: hey, i'm back.
BobS: ......although I got some cga monitors
rich-c: welcome back, james
Rich Drushel: Boo, I might have one of those lying about here from a dead system of my Dad's.
james: thanks ;) my seti@home client over at the school was going idle.
BobS: welcome back james!!!!!
james: thanks bob. how have you been?
BobS: great, and you???
Guy B.: I have a VGA monitor too.
Rich Drushel: SETI's having hard times these days, Berkely throttled their bandwidth, and now people can't hardly connect to upload completed work units.
Guy B.: An Extra one that is.
james: keeping busy and broke buying baby stuff.
BobS: and how's thigns going?????
rich-c: right, won't be long now, will it?
BobS: the broke part is permanent
james: yeah, i noticed. i'm going to have to write either a little prog or some kind of batch file to buffer
james: a few units and try to connect to send the completed ones every now and again.
james: baby is due march 27th
rich-c: that's about eight weeks, no time at all
james: i can't be getting up at 4 a.m. to check my seti client ;)
BobS: better start pointing the room now
Guy B.: That's not too far away. How's she doing so far?
james: exactly. we may visit my parents in june. it'll have been over a year since i've seen my family.
james: miyuki is doing well but i thinnk she'll be glad to have the baby out of her!
Guy B.: I bet your looking forward to your first one?
rich-c: strictly Ottawa on this trip, or will you be stopping eklsewhere?
james: we may make a one day layover in vancouver. it's a pretty gruelling trip to do it all in one shot
Judy: yes, James this is the time it starts getting tiring
james: it's usually about 28 hours from the time we leave our house here to the time we get to my parents' place
james: miyuki's been sleeping alot lately and i'm not one to deny her that :)
BobS: OUCH, that is aone LONG time from house to hosue
Rich Drushel: Speaking of sleep...I hate to run, but me too...
rich-c: yes, 28 hours airborne is just too bloody much
james: yes, it's a very arduous trip.
james: well "only" 17 of those hours are airborne
Rich Drushel: Days have been starting at 5 AM for a long stretch here...including tomorrow.
Rich Drushel: So, g'nite all.
james: ouch. i don't do mornings. never could.
rich-c: OK, take it easy, Dr.D - see you
james: good night!
Rich Drushel left chat session
Judy: bye Rich, sleep well
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
BobS: see ya Rich
BobS: and he's GONE
BobS: James, 17 hours is about 12 too many
Guy B.: He leaves mighty quick.
james: it's worse flying into canada then out. flying out there's only about a 1 hour layover in vancouver.
BobS: ya
james: flying in, it's a gruesome 4.5 hours.
rich-c: ouch, with that you might as well take a longer break and later flight
BobS: get to have some stretch time. some relaxed meal time, a quick nap sitting upright....
james: we normally go all the way in one shot but i think this time, we'll all be pretty cranky and tired by the time we get to vancouver.
james: a 5 hour layover is about 3 hours too long.
BobS: that's for sure
rich-c: although with the security paranoia now you may need it
james: speaking of the west coast, where's ron?
james: true.
rich-c: oh, he'll likely show up sooner or later
rich-c: pity you can't get a tokyo-Toronto direct, james
Guy B.: I hope he comes on soon. I have a question for him on the Mac Performa I have sitting in my kitchen.
rich-c: there's hourly flights up to Ottawa
james: oh i can, but to get from my place to tokyo would actually cost alot more and would end up taking longer.
rich-c: oh, my cursor crony in Phoenix is talking about replacing his Performa
james: there's a nagoya or tokyo to ottawa direct flight. or there used to be..
james: not sure if it still exists but i'd be willing to go to tokyo instead of osaka if it gets me directly into ottawa.
rich-c: gather you haven't booked yet
rich-c: how old does a baby have to be before they'll let him fly?
james: no, we're going to wait until after the baby is born. never know what will happen. want things to be going smoothly for at least a few weeks before we commit.
james: no age limit as far as i know.
rich-c: trouble is, you lose that advance booking discounts
james: every flight i've been on so far has had at least two crying babies over the whole 17 hour stretch :(
rich-c: maybe you'd better check - you may have noticed flying is stressful
james: well we're flying in june so i'm hoping to book something in april. not quite advance but we should be able to get an okay price.
BobS: I would think so James
Judy: that is a long time to hear crying babies
rich-c: wonder if the airlines will still be hungry for passengers by then?
BobS: think so Rich.......IF we had not booked for Fl already, we would drive I takes a lot of hassle
BobS: BUT, flying is faster..........
rich-c: depends on how far you're going
james: especially from japan.
BobS: so, just make the best of the hassles and fly I guess
rich-c: these days it takes a fairly long hop to beat a train downtown to downtown
james: i'm used to it by now.
rich-c: not used, james, hardened, perhaps?
james: probably
james: brb, heard someone come in downstairs.
rich-c: you thinking of flying JAL or AC?
james: either or. i only know what i won't be flying.
james: and that's northworst. no way.
rich-c: sounds like you've had bad experience with them'
BobS: going northworst in Feb, got a good price.......used them in Dec and had no problems........
rich-c: that's OK, we've always done well with Air Canada, but you'd never know it to read the local papers
BobS: true, it just makes a difference IF you had a bad experience or not
rich-c: anyway, at least we'll be able to drive to Adamcon
BobS: gotta relax and go with the flow though........when you get lemons, make lemonade!!!!
james: i've never had a problem with AC but everyone i know who has flown w/ northworst was not too happy about it.
BobS: BUT, the border crossings are a pain in the you know what I hear
james: jal is good now that their flights are all non-smoking.
james: was not impressed the first (and last) time i flew with them.
rich-c: well, when we went down to Washington late September, we whistled through the border like it wasn't there
rich-c: the U.S. guys did want to look in the trunk of the car
james: heh. it practically isn't.
BobS: good!!!!! this was AFTER the trade center thing?
james: i wonder at times if canada will even exist as an independant country in 50 years.
rich-c: yes, and admittedly the trunk on the Behemoth could hold a whole al-Quaeda cell
BobS: heard port huron/sarnia has good backups
rich-c: but then so could the trailer and they ignored that
BobS: alathough depends on the time of day, the time of year. etc
james: yeah, and of course a senior couple in their motor home are not likely harbouring terrorists..
rich-c: yes, even Customs can figure that out
BobS: those border people got you pegged before yo know it!!!!!
Judy: you don't look like a bad guy,Rich
james: not impossible, but let's face it, they have a time budget and have to spend it looking where suspicion is more likely.
rich-c: mind you, since both Frances and I have U.S. birth certificates, they can't give us too hard a time
BobS: where is that Pamela person?????
james: racial profiling or not, you have to be pragmatic.
rich-c: don't know, her tv show should be over by now
BobS: that's what we thought.........undependable young person anyway!
rich-c: yeah, bad as Meeka, speaking of whom...
BobS: right!!!
BobS: Doug has strep throat, so she is prolly doctoring hiim
rich-c: maybe she tried the backup site first and found Ron there - he's missing too
Judy: Doug is sick so that may be why she is not on.
james: i wonder if anyone is there. might not hurt to check into it.
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changed username to Pamela
james: speak of the devil
Pamela: Hi, all
Guy B.: There she is. Hi Pam.
rich-c: well, Bob, any other questions?
Pamela: Oh, was someone talking about me?
Judy: hi, Pam we were just wondering where you were
Guy B.: We were wondering when you were coming on.
rich-c: ypu, Bob was kvething 'cause you wren't here
Guy B.: Now we just have to wait for the Mighty Mitchell.
Pamela: Well, we can't have Bob kvetching now, can we?
rich-c: oh, he's pretty expert at it - ask Judy
Judy: no, it is not a pretty sight
Pamela: tee hee hee
james: no one over at the backup chat. just bumped into bob there doing the same thing as me.
BobS: Bout time ya got here Pam!!!!
Pamela: sorry Bob, things to do tonite
Pamela: James, did it hurt?
rich-c: like getting braced for rush hour tomorrow morning?
Judy: more important than this?
BobS: I got a knob on MY head....
(Guy B. smiles)
BobS: and james got a brused knee
Pamela: things like unpacking my suitcase and putting it away
rich-c: right - how did things go in Windsor?
(BobS reboots james's computer remotely.)
james: not too much pam :)
Judy: ok, we will let is go this time
Pamela: Finishing up the balloon so Pooh looks more normal
james: i'm rather hard-headed.
Pamela: Not long enough, Dad
Pamela: However, Mom's purple ball was a BIG success with the toddler set
rich-c: sounds like you had a good time
BobS: how'd your trip to the big city of Windsor go Pam?????
Judy: are you still working on that?
Pamela: Yes i am Judy
Pamela: However, have been working steadily and should have it done shortly
james: windsor, is that a suburb of toronto yet?
BobS: close james
Pamela: Not quite James but we're working on it
rich-c: not till next week, james
Judy: that is ok, I have not finished anything much myself
james: maybe we'll just annex detroit too :)
BobS: there is about a 5 mile stretch on country in between
Pamela: Need a bullet train to get from here to there faster
Judy: I am doing to much babysitting
rich-c: naw, it's too cold up north there
james: heh heh.
Pamela: have you got multiples Judy, or just one?
rich-c: but don't suggest things like that, james - the Yanks might make us take it!
james: hee hee.
Pamela: but what do they want in trade, that's the question
BobS: GEORGE....WAKE UP, been awful quiet lately
Judy: that is a good question, some of both
BobS: and you too Guy
james: we visited some friends of ours in windsor and went to the casion.
George: sorry i'm watching the news
james: oops. casino
BobS: OK, that's acceptable
james: the only ontario plated car there was ours.
Pamela: It's very popular
Judy: Ryan has been sick so I had him most, and Sherri worked an extra day so then I had two
rich-c: don't know qabout yours but didn't seem to be much news here tonight
Pamela: Brings a lot of American business in to the city
Judy: but not all three more than a couple of hours
james: yeah, there were plates from arizona, ohio, lots of michigan plates of course
Pamela: Judy, have you considered opening your own day care and getting paid for this?
George: we might get some icy stuff tonight
Pamela: they
Pamela: 're threatening everyone north of Texas with it George
rich-c: don't complain, george, when it melts it's good as rain
George: yes
rich-c: in fact since it goes away slowly it has more time to sink in
Pamela: Speaking of tourists, believe it or not on the way down we saw two motorhomes and someone towing a trailer
Judy: I do get paid when I have Sherri's boys, but I don't want to do it full time, isn't that a joke
George: we were lucky so far
BobS: and why, my dear, is that unbelieveable????????
Pamela: In January no less
rich-c: well we've had a record warm winter - there are actually daffodil shoots coming up in our garden
Pamela: Only campground that's open is the one in Milton
Guy B.: Looks quite heavy here. Got close to 3 inches now.
Pamela: you're getting snow already, Guy?
George: i would like to see some regular snow though
Judy: my carnations in a planter have not died yet
BobS: snow is just moving into our county from the it will be an hour or so to hit us
Pamela: heck, we have lawns that are still green
Guy B.: Got since 3:00 this afternoon. Going to go into tomorrow too.
Judy: but I have not seen daffs yet
BobS: we still got green too!!!!
Pamela: lovely. I can't wait
rich-c: our crocuses are smarter - they are still keeping their heads down
George: we are parched here
Guy B.: This storm is coming up from the south, so I bet this will get to the East coast next.
rich-c: it's OK, daughter, we're only due for 2 - 4 inches
Pamela: there's a place downtown (the Manulife building) that has a lawn which is manicured to the nth degree - it's still as green as it was in September
rich-c: right at morning rush hours, of course
Pamela: thanks for the cheery news, Dad
George: we need a storm of the century here maybe two
rich-c: on the radar the storm looked as if it would run from the border to the Mason-Dixon line
Pamela: Actually I hope it happens early - that way we can go to the movies as planned
rich-c: so you folks just might get lucky this time. George
Pamela: Don't say that too loud, George
Judy: I did my grocery shopping today so I don't have to go out in it tomorrow
Pamela: you might get what you wish for
Guy B.: This is our first major winter storm this season. After last weekend's very warm weather, we were due for one.
rich-c: Pam, he told us earlier they're about to declare a water emergency
BobS: and i HOPE you GET IT Guy
Pamela: really? In winter?
BobS: when we got 52" you got zilch
rich-c: as he says, he needs a storm of the century
Judy: we don't need more had more than we need already
George: our last drought breakers were two hurricanes
Pamela: I'm afraid that if we don't get some, we'll have the same problem
Guy B.: Bob, you should have snow by now, right?
rich-c: well, we got the groceries in and the garbage and recycling out, so we can just hibernate for a few days
Pamela: Ah, to be retired
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: would be nice right Pam?
Judy: me too, Rich
changed username to Ron
Ron: yo!
rich-c: bout time you got here, Ron!
Pamela: soitenly would be
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Ron.
BobS: AH, ronald the MIGHTY one
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Judy: Hi, Ron
BobS: how ya are?????
Pamela: Meeting tonite?
Ron: all is well. The ground is covered with snow here on lotusland
james: hey ron!
BobS: WHAT?????
Ron: yeah... SNOW
Judy: better you than us, Ron
rich-c: George says send it to him in Philly - they're having a drought
Ron: imagine that
Guy B.: Don't ask about me. We have a Winter Storm warning here and snowing good here.
Ron: our version of reverse global warming
Pamela: You must be snickering Ron - one of the few BC people who can drive in the stuff
rich-c: Guy, didn't you have a question for Ron?
BobS: poor George is the only one not gettign the white stuff
Ron: Vancouver is a mess
George: we got the sprinkles here
Ron: fender bender city
Pamela: why is it people forget how to drive in snow from year to year?
rich-c: you'd think they'd be used to wet roads by now - they hardly have anything else
Guy B.: Oh yes I do. Ron, I'm finally going to put this Mac Performa up soon. Is there a hard drive in this system?
Ron: they never knew how to drive in snow... they just go out to see if they can
Ron: with predictable results
james: well in vancouver, it's not year to year! ;)
BobS: well, the economy could use some bucking up with all the body shops
George: temp dropped 28 degrees
Neil: I heard that some parts of Vancouver had a foot of snow. On Tuesday, I saw someone walking around U of T wearing rubber flip-flop sandals and no socks.
Ron: that'
Ron: s right James
Pamela: that doesn't surprise me, Neil
Ron: yup Neil... they actually got more than we did
Pamela: is that F or C, George?
BobS: that a record or something for Vancouver?????
George: we use F
Neil: There was a picture in the Toronto Star yesterday of someone playing tennis wearing no shirt!
Ron: well not really, but about every six years it happens
rich-c: gather there's a fair snowback in the Coastal Ranges'hear they had a major mudslide (lahar) down at Mt. Ranier
Judy: Well, saw someon e with shorts on last night, there are crazies everywhere
Pamela: Okay, it wasn't that warm
BobS: heck, here in MI they been playing golf for a few weekw
Ron: we've had slides all over the province
Ron: 3 skiiers killed in southeastern BC couple of days ago
Neil: Judy I agree (crazies). The picture in the paper made me feel cold just looking at it.
rich-c: yes, same place a Trudeau Jr. was lost
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to check the e-mail. See you all next week.
Ron: ya
BobS: see ya Guy
Ron: Nite Guy. Be well
Pamela: g'nite Guy. Please keep your snow
rich-c: see you Guy - be here Saturday?
Ron: we'll send you some snow
Judy: we have some people south of us that go swimming every Jan
BobS: send????? as in snail mail
Judy: couldn't this year insurance trouble
Guy B.: Maybe, see what goes. I was asked to come into work Saturday, but I have an allergist appt.
Pamela: good plan, bob - by the time we get it, it'll be rain
Pamela: or evaporated
Guy B.: See you all!
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: OK, maybe we'll get lucky, then. If so, see you
BobS: but then it would only be a soggy box!!!!
Pamela: exactly
George: send us your ice bergs
Ron: my sister and her boyfriend are over in Bali where it's 34 deg C.
Pamela: BRB, I gotta find some socks - my feet are cold!
rich-c: have to ask the folks in Newfoundland for those - and have a tug ready in the Delaware River
Ron: cold feet, warm heart
Ron: or was that cold hands, warm heart
Ron: jube-jubes
Ron: love 'em
rich-c: in her apartment, I didn't think it was possible to get cold
rich-c: their landlord is given to chronic overheating
George: what about a hot head and cold feet?
Pamela: that's cold nose, warm heart
james: :)
rich-c: that's more my style!
Ron: could be George
Pamela: and they do not, Dad - that was the last place
Pamela: I can't comment on the hot-headed part
rich-c: come on - last time we wre over you had the windows open - in December cold
Ron: :)
Pamela: well, after running the oven at 350 for four hours and putting six bodies into the place, what did you expect?
Ron: Much winter in Japan James?
Pamela: Even your place gets too warm then
james: yes, we've been getting alot of snow this year.
Ron: really!
james: it's been snowing since yesterday.
George: they change the windows here and put new ones in
james: oh yeah, where we are we get alot.
rich-c: you mean storm windows, George?
Pamela: probably thermal ones, Dad
james: while we may be at a 35 deg lattitude, we're up in the mountains.
George: entire windows
james: the altitude makes a huge difference.
Ron: ok. that explains it
Pamela: didn't know you were that far south, James
james: we're at about 400m above sea level here.
james: i think it's 35 deg.
BobS: C or F ??????
Ron: our local ski resort - only 1/2 hour drive away is at 5200 feet and has several feet of snow
rich-c: yes, what is it, a kilometer of altitude is like ten degress of latitude, or something?
Pamela: very funny Bob
BobS: 35 F is REAL comld
james: 35 north!
George: the new company is going to put in new doors next
james: ie, 35 deg north of the equator.
Pamela: I want your landlord, George
BobS: and you got snow????
BobS: course, I don't know what we are N of the equator
Pamela: ours has a good heart but is really slow about making improvements
rich-c: oh, you mean they're replacing your doors and windows, George?
james: yeah, there's two towns in either direction about an hour from here, at sea level, and as you head towards either of them, you see
james: less and less snow.
james: until about halfway or so, there's none at all.
Pamela: try about 45 degrees, Bob
rich-c: you should be 42 or 43 north, Bob
George: i think they want to push out the public housing tennants
james: what's ottawa at?
Ron: phone wrang
Ron: silly phone
rich-c: Ottawa is close to 45, I think
Ron: um.... 47 north
Ron: you could be right Rich
Pamela: I keep telling you Ron, the key is not to answer it
BobS: so 35 is about even with say........Indianapolis or southern indiana
Ron: i know.... can't help myself
BobS: and they get lots of snow too
George: friday its going to be 70 F here
Pamela: Hey, if I can do it, so can you
Pamela: and I'm a professional phone person
BobS: you WANt to feel needed, its that it Ronald????
Ron: yes
Ron: It's a deep Freudian longing I have
rich-c: don't think we'll see any 70 - the jet stream has been mostly south of us
Ron: goes back to my childhood
Judy: I would take the 70, George
Pamela: That's way too warm for this time of year
rich-c: yes, you send us the 70, we'll send you our snow
james: just looked up a map online, 35 deg is a reasonable estimate for where i am
Ron: Understand the Rideau Canal in Ottawa is not yet frozen
Pamela: I'm happiest when I can wear my sweaters without getting heat prostration
james: yeah, my mother was telling me that.
Ron: Winterlude becomes Waterlude
Pamela: Swimming, anyone?
rich-c: yes, and they aren't half hurt about that
james: i still get a kick of how the industry pundits say there's no proof of global warming.
Ron: the organizers and Murphy are close friends
BobS: I can llok at the world globe downstairs
George: picnic at my place friday
Pamela: I'm in!
Ron: fax me a burger George
james: so go ahead mr. president bush and keep burning oil and coal. y'all can move on up north when it gets too hot.
Ron: my Transporter is on the fritz... damn!
rich-c: there is no concrete proof, james - just grounds for considerable suspicion
George: what fixins?
Pamela: get it fixed quick, Ron
Ron: right
Pamela: mayo and bbq sauce on mine, please
Ron: everything EXCEPT ONIONS
james: well given that the 20 hottest years on record have been in the last 25 years, i'd say that's rather convincing.
james: talk to any inuit. the farther north you go, the more pronunced the change is.
Pamela: tell us something we don't know, Ron
Ron: yup..... tundra is not in good shape
rich-c: no, it just proves that the portion of geological time covered by the records is too short to prove anything
BobS: and they match the golden age if the middle ages, when civilization advanced.....and then it got the lst
james: roads built on what was supposed to be "perma" frost that have twisted because the underlying layer has melted.
Ron: sorry.... you knew that
George: plenty for everyone
BobS: scientist report says ther hole is gettign smaller, therefore cooler temps
rich-c: weell, the ozone hole relates more to pollution than climatic warming
Ron: Our provincial Gov't fired all the scientists
james: well, since we can't go back in time and remove all the sources of co2, it'll be hard to prove one way or the other
Ron: come to think of it, they fired most everyone
james: @ron, yeah, are there any public sector jobs at all? do they still collect your garbage every week?
rich-c: yes, the problem is that our planet is much given to climatic swings
Ron: we're NOT sure!
rich-c: and it's very hard to tell precisely what the cause may be
Ron: our man has a 73 seat majority. He can do most anything he wants
james: true, but you can't expect to continue pumping copious amounts of co2 and methane into the atmosphere for decades and not expect ti
james: to have some kind of effect.
George: police officer shot in head here
BobS: no, the ozone hole enlarging will allow more of the harmful rays of the sun and scald us.......
BobS: mostly a bunch of BULLSHIT
Pamela: 50 sunscreen, anyone?
Ron: keep your eyes open people, for the falling satellite..... you too might get hit
rich-c: the ozone just bounces, or filters, part of the invisible spectrum
BobS: all the different groups need to justify their gov't grant money
rich-c: unfortunately, the part that causes skin cancer
james: u.v. yes.
George: i need a lead shield
Ron: Alls I know is I sunburn faster than I used to
Ron: when we get sun
james: the ozone hole, at least the antarctic one, may be stabilizing. they'll need a few more years of data though before they can conclusively say so
BobS: naw Ron said to hit in "unpopulated" areas....maybe....possibly.....maybe?????
Ron: yeas Bob, but their margin of error is plus or minus 8000 miles
Ron: ie... they don't know
rich-c: oh, are we supposed to have a satellite coming down this evening?
Ron: yup
BobS: ;that's IT
rich-c: is that margin N-S or E-W?
BobS: Tis WHITE here in the last 30 minutes
Ron: dunno
Ron: nice Bob
George: i had to turn news off too depressing
BobS: and COMIN down
Pamela: good call George
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Neil
BobS: jsut measn I have tog et up earlier tomorrow
Ron: very seldom ever goes up
Ron: :(
Pamela: LOL
Judy: we just saw it on the news that is how we found out
BobS: Neil ya'll is twins!!!!!!
Pamela: Neil, why are you twins?
BobS: had to happen Pam.......someday
George: aah tvland
Ron: 2 Neils..... Lord! we were having trouble enough with one
Ron: Think our labour people are going to riot
Pamela: still dry here
George: cousin Jed
BobS: now, now. don't make the poor guy self conscious
Neil: The system bumped me off, so I signed in again.
BobS: ok
Pamela: how rude!
Ron: it's a matter-anti-matter thing
BobS: we can believe that
Ron: If Neil touches himself, he disappears
rich-c: anyway, Ron, if governments don't honour contracts, folks shoud riot
(BobS reboots Neil's computer remotely.)
Neil: I don't know it just suddenly said "Spaniel Chat" has disconnected, then the window closed.
Ron: couldn't agree more Rich. All of this is a little high handed
BobS: that's what does it
rich-c: you sign a contract, you live with the consequences
Ron: yup
Ron: but not our Gordon Campbell, no sir
Ron: he blames it all on the previous gov't
Pamela: just stay out of the line of fire, Ron
Ron: I'm too old for that sutff
Ron: they'll have to do without my input
rich-c: try telling the finance company they're overpriced so you're cutting back the payments
Ron: precisely. They would be unsympathetic
rich-c: settle for taking cookies to the pickets, Ron
Ron: anyway.... I'm just a weary old senior
BobS: you aren't even old Ron
Ron: that's an idea Rich
BobS: just tired
Ron: I usually honk the horn when I go by a line
rich-c: that's too ambiguous
Ron: retirement living is getting to me
rich-c: stopband cheer them on
George: i have too many cookies on my computer
Ron: today I had 3 meetings and a curling game
Pamela: from those of us still in the working sector - live with it
rich-c: set your browser to reject them, George
Ron: tomorrow a stint at the local hospital, and a volunteer shift at the community net, plus a meeting of the Board
rich-c: then go to and get Ad-Aware
Ron: at least I get now to choose the meetings I go to
rich-c: that will seek out and destropy all the spyware
james: i highly recommend adaware
BobS: retirement is TOO busy eh?
George: will that kick me out of the sites?
Pamela: Ron, I hate to tell you this - you're not retired, you're just unemployed
Ron: could be Pamela
james: some ingenuous software vendors also add snooping plug-ins with their software.
rich-c: there are very few sites that demand cookies - if they do, don't visit
Ron: never fancied myself as a "Dollar a year man", but that's how it's turned out
rich-c: they are legitimate if they're sessioinal cookies on a secure site
Ron: I like cookies
rich-c: like, if you want to use hotmail, you have to take a cookie
Pamela: in your computer???
BobS: M&M cookies, YUM
Ron: Hell, they never make it to my computer
rich-c: but you can change the browser back and forth to suit your surfing
George: boggs down the system
rich-c: and IE6 allows you to delete evrything at the end of the session
BobS: heck I just dump the whole mess every time
Pamela: M & M brownies - yummier
Ron: Uncle Norton cleans things here now and then
Pamela: (I'm hungry)
Judy: I am going to call it a night, night all talk at you next week
rich-c: I just leave my browser set to reject everything
Pamela: Goodnite, Judy
Ron: G'nite Judy
james: has anyone tried netscape 6.2?
rich-c: then cover the other bases with AdAware and Zone Alarm
Ron: May the force be with you
BobS:'s beginning to look a lot like christmas, everywhere I look...............
George: setup aol and ie in a ramdrive
Judy left chat session
rich-c: nite, Judy
Ron: told ya.... the snow's a comin'
Ron: don't buy any Enron shares
Pamela: watch - now it'll snow until May
BobS: got to go too gang..........get up early tomorrow and shovel ......or blow snow
rich-c: don't think they'd fit, George
BobS: RIGHT Ron!!!
BobS: see ya'll next week
Ron: niters
Pamela: Bye, Bob
rich-c: night Bob, you be on Saturday?
james: bye bob!
BobS: might be....don't lknow what Sat brings yet
rich-c: see you or not, then
Ron: should be able to show.... if I leave a note on the machine here
BobS left chat session
Pamela: I'm thinking I should go to bed too
rich-c: yes, I'm having senior moments on the subject too, Ron
Ron: are you tired Pamela?
Pamela: If I have to fight idiot drivers in the morning, it will help to be awake
rich-c: OK, goodnight, daughter, sleep tight
Pamela: Constantly, Ron
rich-c: and take it easy in the morning
Ron: exactly. You see.... I get back from the hospital just before lunch.... and then and then..... I forget
Ron: very seldom am I not here at noon on Sat
Pamela: I'm outta here - see y'all next week
Ron: so I need to activiate one of my many reminder programs
Pamela: "kerpoof"
Ron: kniters Pam
Ron: nighters
rich-c: I'll likely get involved in the Daytona 24 Hours or something
james: i'm gone too! see you all next week.
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: see you james - take care
Ron: winding down here eh?
Neil: Good night all.
james: you too. i slept horribly last night so i'm going to take a nap before i teach.
Ron: I have a computer to rebuild
rich-c: night to you, Neil
Neil left chat session
George: night Neil
james: *poof*
Ron: so I shall off and away
james left chat session
rich-c: anyway, Ron, we need to convince George to get a new ISP so he can keep spies out of his computer
George: everyone is dropping off
Ron: oh?
Ron: spies?
rich-c: yes, it does seem to be the case, George
rich-c: have you put Zone Alarm on your computer yet, George?
George: i don't know about it
rich-c: yes, Ron, I just put AdAware on and found 25 pieces of spyware in my registry
rich-c: the one from Eudora is legitimate, the rst wren't
Ron: hmmmm.....
rich-c: and that's on a new computer still being configured
Ron: geez!
Ron: need to check that
rich-c: George, right after you sign off, go to Zonelabs,com and get it - it's free
George: do they get all information?
rich-c: then go to and get AdAware
Ron: ??
rich-c: some of the spies will report your evry keystroke back to home base
rich-c: when you type in your bank password or credit card number or social security number - someone can read it
rich-c: go look at it, Ron, download it, run it, and prepare for a shock
Ron: indeed I will
George: i don't want them getting my passwords and pins
Ron: exactly
rich-c: then protect them
Ron: Although, most of that stuff I do from my mac
rich-c: it takes little time, less effort and no cost, so do it
George: maybe i should stay offline
Ron: seems that way, doesn't it George
Ron: I wiould heartily recommend Zone Alarm
rich-c: why? it's easy and free to surf safely, just take the free protections
George: can it coexist with aol?
rich-c: besides, it makes the snoops mad as hell when you slam the door on their toes!
Ron: :)
rich-c: yes, and if aol gives you a hard time about it, go with prodigy or someone instead
rich-c: if there are special procedures needed with AOL, the website or program documentation will tell you
Ron: Well gents.... I go
Ron: will hopefully see ya's Sat
rich-c: OK Ron, we both remember, see you Saturday
Ron: nite
rich-c: don't strain yourself shovelling all that snow
George: nite
Ron: na. The Lord put it there, the Lord will take it away
rich-c: amen
Ron: g'nite
Ron left chat session
rich-c: does look like things are winding down
rich-c: so I guess it's time for me to pack it in too
George: yes
George: ok
rich-c: besides, George, now you've got a couple of programs to download and install
rich-c: so I shall leave you to it
rich-c: goodnight now; Neil too
George: ok goodnight all
rich-c left chat session
George: bye
George left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
George: hi Rich
rich-c: glad to see you made it
George: I remembered
rich-c: did you manage to get the rain you need there?
George: just a little drizzle
rich-c: I guess that isn't really very good news then
George: and a lot of wind
rich-c: yes, we had a windstorm here that knocked down six houses under construction
George: it doesn't do much
George: we are still parched here
rich-c: well, we had snow and freezing drizzle ahead of it, so when the wind came it took down a lot of trees and power lines
rich-c: don't know what's going on with the forecasts
rich-c: my brother in Orlando said they wre supposed to get rain today
rich-c: but I'm watching the race from Daytona (about 45 miles northeast) and it's bright and sunny
George: did you lose power?
rich-c: no, we very rarely have a power outage - Ontario Hydro is good that way
rich-c: in Toronto, even if a line goes down, they get it fixed very quickly
George: 45,000 lost power all around me
rich-c: that's a pretty serious outage
rich-c: I'm surprised that even a really vigourous windstorm could do that
George: and we pay for it
rich-c: it is definitely a hassle no one needs
rich-c: have you got Zone Alarm installed yet?
George: we are overcrowed here it doesn't take much to do a lot of damage
rich-c: depends on the kind of line that goes down, too
George: i couldn't find it
rich-c: every once in a while a main transformer blows and blacks out half downtown
rich-c: ok - write this down: ZONELABS.COM
George: is Zone Alarm part of a package?
rich-c: no, it is standalone
rich-c: the one you want is the plain one (not ZA Pro)
rich-c: you can tell because it's marked "free download"
George: i think the site i went to had ad aware
rich-c: well you should also have AdAware
rich-c: that would have been
George: yes thats it
rich-c: AdAware just alerts you to spy bugs hidden in your software
rich-c: but Zone Alarm thwarts direct hacker attacks on your computer
George: i have to make sure i have the complete spelling because aol doesn't use auto complete
rich-c: I was talking to a Motorola engineer in Rhode Island yesterday
rich-c: he says that Double-Click have now found a way to read the serial numbers embedded in the new Pentium chips
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: He;;o
Meeka: that's hello
rich-c: Double-Click is one of the spy outfits that track cookies
George: it sounds likely
rich-c: hello Meeka, how's things in Kentwood?
Meeka: not to bad.
George: let them know i'm a dirty old man
rich-c: well, George, Intel claims to ship the chips with the number blocked
rich-c: but there is software to make it accessible but only the owner is supposed to be able to use it
rich-c: Meeka, we've got a cold, bright northern high - how about you?
Meeka: it is sunny here, but not sure what temp. out side is. have been inside all day
rich-c: it was -10C when I got up, but is almost up to freezing now
rich-c: but I didn't have much urge to go out either!
George: i'm at the zone labs site now
rich-c: OK George, just click on "download Zone Alarm" and run it in the background
rich-c: Meeka, you might tell Bob that the 486 motherboard is in the mail to him
Meeka: ok.
rich-c: Frances wanted to get it out of the house and wasnt about to wait till August
Meeka: ;-)
rich-c: George, which version of which browser are you running?
George: it's downloading now
George: ie 6.0
rich-c: it's a small program, shouldn't take long
rich-c: but make sure you read the help file
rich-c: OK George, write this down
George: i'm on regular anaolg modem now
rich-c: go to the Tools heading on the menu bar, then click on Options
rich-c: click on the Privacy tab
rich-c: then click on advanced
rich-c: that will let you clear all cookies and prevent more
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich
rich: sorry, I got cut off
rich: must have hit the wrong key by mistake
rich: you-all there or did you get dumpoed too?
George: am i still on?
Meeka: no, still here
rich: yes, I'm reading you
rich: George, did you copy the information I gave yo0u about killing cookies?
George: i clicked run from location
rich: run what?
rich: you can't run an installation while you're online
George: for the zone alarm download
rich: no, wait till you're offline to do that
rich: when you install almost any program, you have to shut down most everything else
rich: otherwise it fouls up the installation something fierce
George: shuold i cancel and start again?
rich: YES!!!!
rich: or, don't start again - wait till you're offline
rich: then shut down your browser, Task Scheduler, any anti-virus and other active programs
rich: you use Norton anti-virus, don't you?
George: now i'm saving it to c:
George: no i have mcafee
rich: yes, I generally save to c:\ my download files when I download a program
George: trial
rich: well, don't try to install ZA till you leave the Internet
George: ok
rich: then shut down anything like ZA or antivirus or task schedulejust right-click on the items in the taskbar and close or disable them
rich: I prefer to start with a "clear" screen, bring up Windows Explorer, and go to the download files
George: thats the way i always do
rich: then I double-click on what I've just downloaded to install it
rich: sometimes I first copy the download to another file heading
rich: that's because some .EXE files open out and install themselves without leaving you the original
rich: if you have a backup copy you don't have to download again if the installation goes wrong
George: i make sure i only have explorer and systray running
rich: technically, that's what you think
rich: in fact if you're running at all you really have about two dozen hidden processes running
rich: but then you can't do anything - including an installation - without those, so it doesnt matter
George: whats hidden i can't see
rich: yes you can but you need special software to do it
rich: task manager (which comes up when you hit control-alt-delete will show most of them
rich: there's a freebie more thorough version called Another Task Manager
George: i hope its only essentials
rich: or if you have the Norton package System Works has a processes module
rich: but yes, it is only essentials
rich: I have a mcafee package on my old computer and it's quite good
George: i have on norton
rich: but the version I have isn't built for Win98SE so I couldn't transfer it
George: i mean no norton
rich: well, you can get the package for about $24 delivered if you know where to look
rich: of course if you go to Staples it's about $100
George: i'll look for it later
rich: the place to look is in the Computers -> Software section on EBay
rich: look for Dutch auctions of Norton System works 2002 and bid the minimum - likely about $15.99
George: i 'm kind of skiddish about auctions
rich: well, on eBay you can check the feedback about the sellers
rich: there are well over a thousand reports on some of them
rich: get a seller who's satisfied a thousand buyers with no complaints and you're pretty safe
George: my father used to go to a horse auction when we lived in the wilds of NJ
rich: sorry, Meeka, we've been getting pretty hot and heavy with the tech stuff here
rich: and which part of my native state did you live in?
Meeka: thats ok. i've been working on my cross stitch while i wath the screen
George: did do something wrong? my computer just gave me a ding
rich: unfortunately on today's exchange you wouldn't pick up much you haven't got from Bob or Doug already
rich: nothing that shows here, George
Meeka: ya i'm used to tuning out teck talk
rich: actually, Meeka, given the expertise you live with, you could likely contribute plenty I don't know on this topic
Meeka: :-) not to sure about that
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changed username to Guy B.
rich: hello Guy
George: oh Zone Alarm is finnished
Meeka: hello Guy
rich: we just got George to download Zone Alarm, at last
George: hello Guy
Guy B.: Good Afternoon. Thought I drop in while I download updates to Turbotax.
rich: as you can see
rich: I assume you mean the download, George
George: yes
rich: getting on to that time of year, isn't it Guy
George: my bedroom computer is slower
Guy B.: Yep, I got all my forms, so I thought I can get started.
rich: I regret to report that Frances isn't doing our taxes on the Adam any more
rich: she's moved the data to a spreadsheet on the Amiga instead
Guy B.: Doing it on the PC this time?
rich: though she's still been known to crosscheck her calculations in Adamcalc
rich: by the way, George, you said you're on dialup today - why?
Guy B.: Sometimes you need a better spreadsheet program. Adamcalc is great for small jobs, but you may need a better speadsheet program for bigger jobs like taxes.
George: i'm using my bedroom computer. aol only allows one dsl connection and thats in the livingroom
rich: I don't know - Fraqnces does three or four pretty complicated forms on the Adam, always has
Meeka: that's a good reason to get rid of AOL George
rich: after all, H&R Block used the Adam for their operation for years
Guy B.: She has them broken down. Since Adamcalc has 255X255 columns and rows.
rich: no, he can't get a cable connection, Meeka, and I don't think DSL lines can be split
Guy B.: Cable modems can, but I don't DSL can't.
rich: well, she doesn't need all of that many columns, and while she's come close she hasn't run out of rows yet
rich: and I don't think our tax forms are any less complicated than yours
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changed username to Guy B.
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left chat session
rich: whoops, did you folks get dumped?
Meeka: i'm still here
rich: then maybe the undefineds are George and Guy
George: i think so
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, try again.
rich: yes, this time it was George and Guy got bumped off
Guy B.: What happened was Turbotax disconnected me when the updates were downloaded.
rich: actually the applet didn't notice so now you're twins
rich: but don't fuss it, one will go away on its own
Guy B.: Exactly. We can get rid the other.
George: i'm still here i think
rich: we can, but you risk getting bumped again
rich: leave it alone and it will go away anyway
rich: yes, you are with us, George
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left chat session
George: i have to setup a home network
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: well, did you make it this time, Guy?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Don't know what happened there.
rich: you deleted the real you instead of the leftover you on the list
rich: see? now you're twins again - real and leftover
Guy B.: That I did. BTW, we got a foot of snow here in Chicago from Wednesday's snowstorm. Meeka, how much did you get?
George: Guy is with us twice?
rich: one of him is a ghost
Meeka: 9 inches or so
rich: we got about six inches, with a nice coating of freezing rain on top
Guy B.: At least the sledding hills are open again and the kids here are having a blast.
George: we got zilch
rich: hint: do not shovel the driveway when freezing rain is forecast
Guy B.: Well, we got a little lucky. We did get some freezing rain, but it didn't last very long. Surprising, I didn't have much trouble getting into work Thursday.
George: if you want to escape winter come here
rich: oh, Philadelphia has been known to have the odd snowstorm on occasion
Guy B.: And it's official. The Groundhog saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of winter.
rich: six more? the way our season has been, that would make it six total
George: philly is having a pajama party till april
rich: we're practically contemplating planting bananas
Guy B.: Well, this winter has been warmer than usual this year.
rich: you are good at understatement, Guy
Guy B.: Well, last Saturday we came close to 60 degrees. Today, we're in the 30's and snow on the ground.
rich: exactly
rich: mind you, in our cities anything under six inches doesn't count as snow
George: we were in the 70's yestrday
Guy B.: Bring that weather here George.
rich: no wonder you got such a blast of wind - the temperature gradient must have been like a cliff
George: today we are lucky to reach 40
rich: you wont be saying that in July, Guy
rich: what's the matter with 40? I'll take it
Guy B.: I know. I'm looking forward to the warm weather again.
rich: our average temperature for this week historically is a high of 26
Meeka: see ya later. gotta go now
rich: and the average low is around 10
rich: OK Meeka see you Wednesday
Meeka left chat session
George: actually it is 40 here now
Guy B.: Right now, our average is 31. The news is, the daylight is getting longer.
Guy B.: Meeka left pretty quick.
rich: yes, and we've turned the corner to when sunrise is also getting earlier, no just sunset later
Guy B.: The sun is setting after 5 PM now.
George: sun is strong here now even in winter
rich: on our clear cold days we can feel the sun's heat even in the depths of winter
Guy B.: Abby had a blast romping in the snow today. We had to manuver around the snowbanks to get to the woods for our walk.
rich: often you'll see melting in sheltered sunny corners when the air temperature is 20
rich: yes, most dogs absolutely love the snow
rich: I guess, Guy, you must live well out of Chicago if you have woods nearby
Guy B.: You should see her climb a snowbank so she do her duty.
George: oops i hit the wrong thing and got lost
rich: well. you're back, George
Guy B.: Yes, a couple blocks away.
Guy B.: My twin is gone.
rich: told you so
rich: Guy, George has downloaded Zone Alarm and will be installing it when we quit
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: any words of advice for him on the installation?
Am I here?
rich: yes, now, but you did drop
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. left chat session
George: what happened?
rich: oops, he's gone again
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Now, I'm back.
rich: here to stay this time, Guy?
Guy B.: Seems when other things are going. Somethings goes astray.
rich: yes, that is why I will not multitask when I'm on chat
George: i'm defrosting boneless skinless chicken breast for dinner
Guy B.: I'm formatting a CD-RW disc while online.
rich: that's what we had last night, with a sour cream sauce, over rice
George: that is memory intensive
rich: Guy, about CD-Rs - they must be filled in one take, right?
Guy B.: I have 128mb on this system.
rich: formatting a disc should not use much memory
George: yes you only get one shot
Guy B.: Yes, that's correct. CD-RW's can be written many times.
rich: that's another thing I wanted to know - CD-RWs will take successive sessions, right?
Guy B.: Yes, as long as you have the disc in the drive.
George: cd-rws can be written to hundreds of times
Guy B.: And CD-RW's are good for backing up your files.
rich: but I can't write say 100 mb of files to it today and another 100 next week?
George: i believe so
rich: I already have my hard disc imaged to a couple of CD-Rs
Guy B.: Yes, you can. You can put 100mb file and another one later on the same disk as long as you use different filenames.
rich: in short, it won't just overwrite what's already there
Guy B.: Unless you are using the same filename. it will overwrite that filename. Otherwise you can use different filenames. It's just like a floppy disk.
rich: I also assume that if the new file/old name is longer than the original, and there is other stuff on the disc, it will demand a new entry and not overwrite the old
rich: in short, I'm assuming it works sort of like the old Adam tapes
Guy B.: Well no. When you use the same filename in Adam, the old one gets backuped. On a PC, you use the same filename. It will overwrite the file, unless it flags you.
rich: can I assume any CD-R or CD-RWs I buy are formatted whether the package says so or not?
Guy B.: They come unformatted. I use Esay Disk creater that has DirectCD to format the CD-RW disc.
Guy B.: That's Easy Disk Creater.
rich: my thinking was that with a formatted disc any file will be written sequentially, and use a specific series of blocks
George: they should specify if they are unformatted
rich: I think I have that - it's the Adaptec program, isn't it?
Guy B.: Both CDR's and CD-RW's come either 650mb or 700mb.
Guy B.: Yep, I got that too. Version 4.0
rich: yes, I have a spindle of 700MB CD-rs
George: especially for other operating systems
rich: but the CD-RWs are only 650s or less
Guy B.: And one other thing. They don't work in DOS. Only Windows with Adaptec installed.
Guy B.: I have both 650mb and 700mb.
George: beos has cdwriter program
rich: the CD-RWs I got at Stapes are Verbatim DirectCD formatted to 533MB - did I goof?
Guy B.: No, that should sound about right. Don't forget about the FAT.
rich: I haven't used to Adaptec software much, but I don't recall it asking about the file system
rich: is Adaptec DirectCD the same as Adaptec CreateCD?
Guy B.: My sister has a CD-RW drive too and she hasn't used it yet. I will be showing her soon what she can do.
rich: make notes and send them to me!
Guy B.: DirectCD is what you use to format the discs. CreateCD is the program that you can create data and audio CD's.
rich: as mentioned I did a successful CD-R burn but haven't done any CD-RW yet
rich: and in fact the CD-R burn I used Norton Ghost from DOS, not CreateCD
Guy B.: I use CD-RW for backing up my hard drive. I have a CDR, but I haven't formatted it yet.
rich: CD-RW because you keep overwriting at weekly or similar intervals?
Guy B.: I use the same disc for backing up certain files like e-mail.
rich: OK, right
rich: I'm still trying to find a way to move my email files from the old computer to the new one
Guy B.: Use DCC for that.
rich: I can't seem to get Eudora to pick up files from the old computer
rich: in effect it seems to say it won't import from itself
Guy B.: If you have DCC up and connected to both computers. You have two different drives. The other computer (host) will have a different drive letter. Like a network, Eudora should recognize that drive and allow you to bring the e-mail from the other computer to your new one.
rich: whoops - just had someone hit the wall at Daytona - but he's walking away
rich: OK, I'll give it another try then
Guy B.: Ok folks. I should get going. Abby's feeding time is soon and I want to check the e-mail and download the state version of Turbotax. So, I'll see you all on Wednesday.
rich: see you then, Guy. Thanks for the tips
Guy B.: Let me know how you do.
rich: will do
Guy B.: Bye all.
Guy B. left chat session
rich: George, you made the notes on how to control cookies?
George: i used ie took the steps you said
rich: OK you should have emptied the cookie file then and blocked new ones
rich: next when you go offline go to the General page of Options
George: i do it manually
rich: then click on delete cookies, delete all offline files (check the box when it appears)
rich: and if you are willing to lose the record of where you've been (which anyone can read) hit clear histopry
rich: remember it is possible sometime for a website you're visiting to read whre you've been
George: i go to view files choose select all and hit delete
rich: I've found the method I use easiest, but to each his own
rich: we all have our own ways of working
George: i just want to make sure all is cleared
rich: well, I know my way works so that's what I use, but I'm sure there are others equally efficient
rich: and of course if you want to keep sensitive files (like say income tax returns) on your computer you can always encrypt them
George: with aol you need to completely clear the cache
rich: yes, but then one should do that always anyway
rich: besides, why clutter up your hard disc with a bunch of ads?
George: it gets intoa good habbit
rich: agreed
rich: you mentioned AdAware - have you installed and run that yet?
George: i have to run scandisk and defrag again too
rich: well, you should do that once a week anyway
George: i didn't install yet
rich: I also do it anytime I've done a large amount of installing and/or deleting from my hard drive
rich: OK, when you run the scan it will invite you to delete any spyware it finds
rich: it will also let you exclude certain items
rich: if you are using any ad-supported software (e.g. the freebie Eudora) you have to leave the spyware there or it won't work
George: i've been running train simulator and it is getting slow
rich: so specify "exclude" when it asks about deleting anything with a specific program association
rich: are you overloading your processor or video card?
George: i don't know yet
George: it's so fussy
rich: it could also be, I'd guess, that your swap file may be too limited
rich: still, if you've got it on automatic and have lots of disc space, that should be OK
George: i don't know how to tweak it
rich: how much video RAM does your card have?
George: 32 mb
rich: that should certainly be adequate then
rich: although if I recall train simulator is a pretty big program
rich: and it is also pretty new so graphics demands may be high
rich: are you running it from the CD or fully from your hard disc?
George: compared to my bedroom computer that only has 2mb of video
rich: that is a bit marginal these days
rich: though I can remember when I started on the net I had something like 256K of video RAM
George: i full install train sim to haddisk
rich: well, then you know the delay isn't coming from disc loading
rich: how does your processor compare to the minimum requirement for the program?
George: amd k62 500mhz train sim calls for pentium 2 266hz
rich: so you've got a bit of a cushion over the bottom limit then
George: i forgot the m
rich: anyway, it's getting on towards dinner time and I have some chores to do
rich: will you be on Wednesday night?
George: i do too
George: ok
rich: OK, I'll leave now and see you then. Take care.
George: bye for now
rich left chat session
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