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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
BobS: Hallo
rich-c: good evening Bob
rich-c: hows things in Michigan?
BobS: question.........
rich-c: ga
BobS: for $100 US what do I get in adn ADAM computer??????
rich-c: R80 complete with everything in teh original box, delivered to your door by USPS
rich-c: how many qwould you like?
BobS: had a guy email me (thinking I was you I believe) and was asking about what he would get
BobS: in the ORIGINAL box with manuals etc?????
rich-c: you don't get the original box - but manuals, tapes, cables, ribbon, yes
BobS: OK, that's what I wanted to know, IF he contacts me again, I will take his $$$, send it to you and you can send him one!!!!
rich-c: and of course all cleaned, tested, drive timed, etc
BobS: well YAAAAA
rich-c: oh, he can send it to me direct and considering what the post office does with mail these days, it would save a lot of time
BobS: unless they are afraid to purchase if they know it is coming from out of the country
BobS: people Are FUNNY
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rich-c: just tell him to do an internet se4arch on my name - Rich or Richard
BobS: as in KING Richard
changed username to HLM
rich-c: hello, here's Herman
rich-c: welcome, Herman!
BobS: HERMAN welcome my son!!!!!!
HLM: Evening folks
rich-c: we don't hear too much from you these days
BobS: about time you got off the sofa can joined us....... ;-)
BobS: everything going good....with Zandra and the little one.....
HLM: yea rught I was at the last chat or was it 2 chats ago
BobS: ????
rich-c: hey, we're here twice a week
BobS: welll ya musta come when i wasn't there!!!!
HLM: Yes, all is fine Bib
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HLM: thanks for asking
changed username to Jillian
Jillian: Greetings All!
rich-c: now welcome to Jill - HI
Jillian: How is everyone? Anything exciting happening?
BobS: Hi JILL!!!!!!
rich-c: how's the new Mom?
HLM: Hi Jill
rich-c: bet our lives arent as exciting as yours right now!
BobS: oh nothign exciting here Jill.....anything with you and Dale ????????
Jillian: On the whole pretty good, tired today, Jeffy had a rough night last night and it has continued into today.
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: got a touch of colic or something?
HLM: yea I know about rough nites that carry over
Jillian: A bit of a cold I think. He's sleeping now, but I may be paged at any moment.
rich-c: we'll happily cut you the necessary slack, Jillian
rich-c: where's the old man?
HLM: they probably sleep in shifts
Jillian: Thanks. Dale is still at work, stuck with the tech support problem that never ends and the user that doesn't listen.
HLM: his turn to sleep
rich-c: have you looked at Dilbert the lst few days?
rich-c: he should hire Dogbert for his tech support
Jillian: Normally Dale takes care of Jeffy from 8pm to midnight and I sleep. He gets from midnight to 8am.
Jillian: Dogbert rules.
rich-c: actually, to hear George Wahl's tales here, you'd think Dogbert was doing tech for AOL
BobS: Judy wants to know Jill..........did you get a package from us???????
BobS: forgot on sat richard, did you show up and did George??????
Jillian: Yes we did. Thanks so much! The blanket is beautiful! We may actually use it as a wall hanging instead of using it in the crib.
rich-c: yes, we were both there, and Guy was in too
BobS: we were concerned maybe it got lost or something
rich-c: we wre able to give George a lot of help - he seems good on hardware but lost on software
rich-c: you have to allow for the post office here, Bob
Jillian: I'm behind on my thank you notes, but we did get it.
rich-c: you know that extra you pay to send things to Canada? that's the storage charge
BobS: sent a portable computer to Canada the othere day and got it back in the mail today....wrong version of the declaration form ya know......and I mailed it AT a breanch office!!!!!
BobS: SA RIGHT me dear!!!!!!!
HLM: we ain't gonna go there I had more probs at P O than if I guess at weight etc myself and just load pkg up with stamps
rich-c: hate to tell you, but I've never encountered a US postal clerk yet who knew anything about out of country mailing requirements
HLM: atleast it will get there my way
rich-c: dont know what Canada Customs and Revenue requires as a declaration these days
rich-c: I think the little green tag is OK up to about $400
rich-c: but don't know what they demand beyond that
HLM: brb
BobS: NOPE!!!! I had the little green tag on it and it came back...had to use a LRGE white form in a plastic envelope they said......
BobS: even pasted the big plastic envelope on it with the form inside ready to fill out
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rich-c: for prices, I have my own scale and ruler and use the calculator on the website (think USPS has one too)
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Jillian: at least they sent you the form
rich-c: hello Guy
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Jillian: Hi Guy!
changed username to George
Guy B.: Hi Jill, How's the new mother doing?
BobS: that's what I use Richard. got the price right, and the mail guy is my friend!!!! and he mailed it out!!!
rich-c: and now here's George too
Guy B.: HI George.
BobS: hiya George!!!!!
BobS: hi Guy!!!
George: Hi everyone
rich-c: the gang's really building up tonight
rich-c: still Pam and Ron and james to come, but they tend to be later
Jillian: Good, altough tired
HLM: back
Guy B.: Baby's been keeping you up, eh!
HLM: Hello Guy
BobS: BACK????? back from where??????
Guy B.: Hi Herman, Good to see you.
HLM: Hello George
BobS: got lost on the way to the little room??????
Jillian: His highness is requesting a snack. I'll be back as soon as possible.
George: Hi
Guy B.: We'll be here.
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Where's Judy tonight?
rich-c: you got Zone Alarm up and running now, George?
BobS: sitting here and watchintg the boob tube
HLM: nowhere Bob Be nice
HLM: had to answer the door
BobS: ok, that works
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rich-c: another load of pizza, Herman?
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Guy B.: I now will have a double protection against viruses. Got my E-mail Watchdog the other day. Not yet installed.
BobS: hi Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
HLM: No had our other grandchild dad came to get him
George: i got it, but i forgot to set it up
HLM: Hello Meeka
rich-c: George, don't go surfing without it
rich-c: you're safe on this website, but with an always-on connection, you're always vulnerable
George: i'm not doing much of anything now
Guy B.: And who knows what evil lurks out there!
rich-c: yes, but you have a DSL connection so you're online all the time
George: not the way aol does it
HLM: I use tiny firewall since our last deal, and have had no probs
rich-c: it's real upsetting to try to close down the computer and be told someone else is using your hard drive
rich-c: I haven't tried it but the tiny firewall has a good reputation
Guy B.: I printed out the docs for Tiny Personal Firewall that was on one of my Practical Windows CD-Rom's.
rich-c: although I think it conflicts with Norton or something - there was a reason I didn't try it
George: besides when i'm offline i'm powered down
HLM: I like it its a pain the first few days saying yes or no to this that ant the other but it is worth it
rich-c: happily, Zone Alarm is a set-and-forget operation
rich-c: except for those programs that you do want to let out sometimes but mostly not
HLM: I use mcaffe bit don't have any running fulltime in backround
rich-c: I got a real deal on Norton System Works 2002 for the new computer
Guy B.: Bob, I found a 14" monitor that someone was throwing out last weekend. I haven't yet tried it. If it works, do you want it? I can bring it with me to the con.
HLM: I have nortons but TO ME, it slows my system down too much in backround
George: the only things i can get away with running in the background are explorer and systray
rich-c: at 1.4 gig slowdowns really arent an issue for me
HLM: not so much downloads, I run a lot of things at once locally
HLM: to not have dsl or cable my downloads are pretty good at about 52000
rich-c: yes, when you find out how many processes you have going at once, it can be intimidating
BobS: Guy IF it works, can always use monitors.....gotta figure out HOW to put one on an ADAM
George left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try it out on the P75 this weekend.
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Guy B.: That would be great if that could be done.
rich-c: far as I know, Bob, a VGA needs a 31 mhz minimum signal
HLM: my home is controlled by X10 so it is up and all my chats and mail browser and whatever I am actually doing at the time
rich-c: and I don't think Adam puts out even 15 mhz video
<undefined> left chat session
BobS: well that's a BUMMER
rich-c: yes, Frances" Amiga has two video outs, one for Commodore monitors @15, one for VGA @31
rich-c: even at that it will support 640 x 480 maximum
HLM: DOES Anyone know of a generic sound driver that will work in DOS
HLM: Seems NOW everyone feels dos is just for booting
rich-c: hey, with 2000 and XP DOS has gone away completely
BobS: about a sound blaster 16, the old one.........
HLM: may have to be SB8 it is for that laptop
rich-c: yes, the older sound cards were all allegedly SB compatible
HLM: but soundblaster USUALLY checks to see it it is actually a creative labs card and bails out
rich-c: guess you need the driver for an old SB clone, then
HLM: tried to run a sb16 install pgm I had and it bailed out on me
rich-c: my old computer has a Yamaha card that's supposed to be SB compatible
rich-c: but the driver seems specific to amaha in some areas
BobS: BUT ifd it has to go in a laptop, don't ya'll got to have a littel bitty one FOr that laptop????
rich-c: I see George has bailed on us
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changed username to George
rich-c: ah, George is back
BobS: yessir!!!!!
HLM: I been stumped maybe Dougie fresh can bail me out somewhere down the road
George: my keyboard locked up
BobS: well tell Meeka to give ya his email address!!!!!
Meeka: that would bbe if you can get him off of his on-line computer game ;-)
rich-c: yes, she has rejoined now, I see
BobS: can't ya vivist Toshiba website and get the specs for a soundcard?????
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. System got hung up.
Meeka: Doug's e-mail is:
rich-c: back and twins, Guy, shades of Saturday
HLM: they ditched me like I had the plague... best they do is offer a CD Rom driver for dos
HLM: and it is OLD as in 16x or something
BobS: why the heck do you want a sound card to sork only in dos??????
rich-c: Herman, give Yamaha a try just for luck
HLM: thanks Meeka
rich-c: also try a search for a driver on google
rich-c: you don't always win on google
rich-c: I did a search for a new battery cover for my camera there
HLM: not ONLY in dos, just whlle in DOS booting a pet peve been doing it for years...
Guy B.: Herman, try They have CD-Rom drivers for Windows there.
rich-c: but I sure got some expert answers on why I can't get one
BobS: and Herman.........explain to Doug EXACTLY what you want to do and with what...........and operating system and why.....
rich-c: hey, could Doug explain why suddenly the modem on my old computer won't work?
George: you have to signup at windrivers now
BobS: broken..........
Meeka: e-mail him and find out
HLM: ok just really wanted some wav files to work on boot before windows comes up... It is my trade mark for systems I set up
(BobS winks)
Guy B.: The last time I was there, you didn't have to. Did they change that now?
George: it used to be free
HLM: I will email him Meeka thanks...
Guy B.: Bummer!
rich-c: don't be surprised to hear from me too, Meeka
Meeka: ok
rich-c: Bob, I gather that motherboard hasnt got there yet
BobS: nope..........
rich-c: mailed it last week so expect it soon
BobS: ok
rich-c: got real purty stamps on it!
BobS: COOL!!!!
Guy B.: Mine will be sent off next weekend.
BobS: so have always set up the computer to play tunes while booting......since what version of Windows have you NOT been able to do it????
HLM: this damn 2000 me
BobS: well back up to win98!!!!!
Guy B.: Herman, do you have Windows 2000 Professional or Windows ME?
HLM: thelaptop I am not exactly sure what it hs in it that is the biggest prob I guess and Toushiba is kinda evasive about it
rich-c: can't you look on the POST screen?
BobS: don't rightly know me boy........plays noises though.....
HLM: probably Rich...
Guy B.: How much memory is in the laptop?
rich-c: that should tell you
HLM: yea in WINDOWS it does excellent
HLM: 32K
BobS: Bill Gates is doing you a favor by keeping things silent for a little while!!!!!!
HLM: George kicked his to 64 but they guy only had ONE Memory strip
Guy B.: That's the minimum you need for WinME. You might need 64mb.
rich-c: he's starting to run scared
Meeka: brb
HLM: OH wait laptop has 2nd edition 98 I was not thinking I have ME on this system
BobS: well will George's do what you want?????
Guy B.: I have Win98 SE on my Athlon and it runs fine with 128mb. It can run better with 64mb.
BobS: ah ha ya'll don't KNOW what ya gots!!!!!
rich-c: mine has 256 and runs fine with Win98SE
Guy B.: Rephrase that. Your laptop will run better with 64mb with Win98
BobS: how much $$$ wa it to get the extra memory and was it available or hard to get???????
HLM: no it is not the memory Bob, it is just I need a dos driver... Just got this brainstorm for laptop 2 days ago
BobS: I see............
Meeka: Doug got my chip from an on-line company
rich-c: Herman, if you installed it as Win3.1 then overlaid the 98SE upgrade it would keep your DOS-loading drivers, wouldn't it?
BobS: how much you got??????
Meeka: 96 ;-)
HLM: laptop maxes out at 128 can't go no further... but it has the OLD type EXPENSIVE memory in it been trying to find it at a computer show
George: i need a voice activated system as in star trek to be totally happy
Guy B.: I use Win2000 Professional at work and IT put in 256mb memory when they upgraded us from WinNT. Runs without a hitch.
HLM: doesn't use same ramm as desktops
Meeka: duh
Guy B.: Try online Herman.
rich-c: no, laptop memory has historically been ferociously expensive
HLM: I have 512 on my main desktop system and it is excellent despite most rumors I have not had a crash in ME yet that I did not force
rich-c: is it Windows itself or TweakUI that has the system config panels?
George: join the i hate ME fanclub
HLM: yes Meeka it uses EDO or something I forgot exactly the letters but not sd ramm
rich-c: way I heard it, Herman, the crashes start at anything over 512
BobS: IF you have OVER 512 ram???????
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: That's the first that I heard of Windows crashing over 512mb.
Judy: Hi, Rich
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: there are power users out there, Bob
HLM: then I am straight because I will not be adding anything else... it is pretty stable and I am happy
Meeka: when we got the memory for mine, Doug found it off of e-bay. he searched the guys web-site and bought it that way, but he doesn't remember where or quite how much it was right off hand
Judy: Hi, Guy
HLM: Laptop is STABLE, just ME wanting to do the impossible
HLM: Hi Judy
rich-c: the reason I have Win98SE is because of all the reviews I read about ME
Judy: Hi, All
Meeka: hey mom ;-)
Guy B.: I heard of certain laptops not doing well with WinME. But, runs fine with Win98.
rich-c: even Consumer Reports said it wasn't what it ought to be
Judy: Meeka, Mandy went to the doctor tonight and found out she sprained her ankle
rich-c: and George, if you're not an ME fan, you should subscribe to the Langa List
Meeka: how?
Guy B.: How did she do that?
HLM: SE os gppd... my wife's system I passed down to her has never had a real prob except power supply seeing I leave all my systems on 24/7
Judy: fell in the doctors parking lot Monday
Guy B.: Did she trip on the snow or ice?
rich-c: well, if you're going to sprain something, that's the place to do it
HLM: that is when it iwas MINE now it is only on maybe once a week or every other week for her mine stills stays on
Meeka: does she have to wear an ace bandage or anything?
Judy: if you have to get hurt I quess the doctor is the place to do it
HLM: Don't Sue Bob...
Judy: yes they put one on it tonight
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Finally made it home.
Judy: she did skin it up too so it is really bothering her
HLM: Hello Dale
Meeka: I know exzctly how that feels, I used to do that ot mine all the time in school
BobS: HI Dale!!!!!
Judy: Hi, Dale
Dale: What a day. And I still have work to do tonight.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
rich-c: Dale, we've decided you need to hire Dogbert to do your tech support
BobS: got the day's problems all worked out yes??????
George: i zoned out
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Dale: It would have helped today forsure.
Dale: The problem is that the target system has an unusual setup.
Guy B.: Yesterday wasn't my day at work. Got socked bad with semi annual reports.
rich-c: there's such a thing as a usual setup?
Dale: C: is a removable Smart media reader, and the boot drive is G:
Judy: she is up in bed keeping it up
Dale: The software they were installing doesn'r support that configuration.
Judy: we went to Sams to get diaper for her tonight
rich-c: I see even Microsoft now is telling you to buy from your own systems builder and get a custom config
Judy: we should have bought them last night
Guy B.: That's the way to go now. You can put what you want down. That's what I did with the both the P133 and the Athlon.
rich-c: what OS is he running that allows G as a boot drive?
Dale: Windows 2000 Professional
Meeka: I will try to remember to bring over my ace sock. In a few days she will be able to wear that instead of the bulky bandage one.
HLM: you can use any drive as a boot drive if configured
Judy: that would be great, thanks
rich-c: really? Bill has finally got over demanding C or nothing?
Judy: did you get your stuff from Menards yet
rich-c: not in Windows, Herman; I've been down that road
Meeka: no
HLM: takes a bit of switching but you can or should I say force it to another area
HLM: NO SIR GK uses K as his windows directory YES it does put SOME files in C, but basically K is his windows drive
HLM: he is running se
George: my encarta installed on d much to my surprise
rich-c: encarta's just an application, you can put it anywhere
Meeka: Sherri's Doug didn't get home till 6:30 tonight and by then she decided that she would rather jsut stay if we didn't mind cuz the boys were giving her fits by fighting with eachothter over the toys and she was just going to put them to bed
HLM: we sat up half the nite but it is NOW working Perfectly on K for windows
George: i thought it would default to c
Judy: Michael was not to happy either all day
rich-c: well, it's those basic files on C that do it, Herman
Meeka: she said that he got his tooth through today, so maybe that will help
Judy: poor little guy must have hurt, he told her his mouth hurt
Judy: he may be working on more teeth
rich-c: yes, when they start teething. kids do have a hard time
BobS: pamela, pamela......where are you??????????
Judy: he doesn't even have as many teeth as Ryan
HLM: no I am not sure...when asked he changed it first it rejected but then it took NOW I have a beta testers version of SE and 98
rich-c: funny, I've been wondering the same thing
rich-c: we don't have james or Ron either
BobS: that's right.........
Guy B.: Ron should be coming soon.
HLM: so I am not sure if it is different from commercial but I/we were beta testers and I got all my stuff free
rich-c: maybe Dale can tell you if Windows betas have special tweaks to make testing easier
HLM: and I use the switch ?ND after setup
Judy: he was happy yesterday but wouldn't sleep
HLM: /ND that is
Judy: so , quess I was lucky that he just wouldn't sleep
rich-c: Windows does not hand out much depth of documentation to general users
HLM: we were told that /nd overwrites ALL exhisting stuff with NEW info... maybe that has something to do with it also.
rich-c: I uninstalled the 33.6K modem from my old machine and shut it down
rich-c: then I put in a 56K and let Windows detect it and install the software
rich-c: but it won't work, and the 33.6 reinstalled won't work either
rich-c: went all thru the Help troubleshooter - it finally said "I Dunno"
Guy B.: You have to remove the old modem from the System panel.
HLM: ok install it twice it is probably on the wrong port
rich-c: I did - I removed it from the system panel and through the modem icon
rich-c: I have already installed/removed/reinstalled everything several times
Guy B.: You probably will have to restart the system BEFORE you install the new modem.
rich-c: I even uninstalled and reinstalled Dial-up Networking
rich-c: oh, I shut down the system between installs too
rich-c: now the phone dialler and the modem specs both agree it's on COM2
HLM: I had that problem... think now what I DONE was this AOL is good at purging a sysem... IT TOLD ME where modem was, and I changed info to match where it told me and it eworked ok
rich-c: but it can't hear a dial tone and doesn't dial
HLM: I had a modem to die 2 weeks after I got my system. they wanted entire system back by then I had added memory 2nd hd and all that
Guy B.: Here what you should try. Reinstall the new modem. If Windows doesn't detect on startup. You will have to manually install it through the Add New Hardware Wizard.
HLM: so I I had to wing it on my own.
rich-c: done that, Guy, a couple of times
Guy B.: Did it detect it?
rich-c: I've been pulling and putting hardware so much I've left the computer case off
HLM: I think it is installed you just have software figured as it WAS instead of maybe new com port..
rich-c: yes, it detects it and says it installed the software and everything is working fine
HLM: if it says it is there it is there jsut software may not be talking to it.
Guy B.: When I installed the 56K modem on the P133. My manual said I to install the software drivers first before I installed the modem.
rich-c: go into settings, hit the system area, and it shows "device is functioning properly"
HLM: maybe you are used to seeing it on say com2 look elsewhere try telling software to try another com port.
rich-c: this modem they say put the device in first and let Windows detect it
Guy B.: Did you go to the System Panel to see if there are any unknown devices?
Meeka: well guys, I gotta go. I need to finish folding my laundry and get it put away before bed. see ya next week
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
HLM: ok nite Meeka
Dale: Jill is watching "The Anotomy of the Callapse" on TLC. All about the structural integrety of the World Trade Centre.
Judy: bye, Meeka, see you soon
rich-c: yes, but they don't relate to modems - just non-existent USB ports
BobS: one problem we had with modems not working was......the modemd HAS to be installed BEFORE the internet program can be installed OR it wil NOT work
rich-c: nite Meeka
George: bye Meeka
BobS: you may even be able to "talk" to tght modem but the ie programs will not use it
Guy B.: You probably didn't set the USB ports through the BIOS setup.
Meeka left chat session
HLM: Rich I really feel modem is ok just on another port t ry re installing communication software and see it it detects the difference
rich-c: no, the old computer never had USB ports installed, just the pins and they're disabled
HLM: make sure other modem is removed from hardware list
rich-c: the old computer is still on Win95
Guy B.: I bet there is an Unknown device in the System panel. I had that in Win95 and I double clicked on it and sure enough there were the other hardware devices. I had to reboot the system and Win95 detected it and installed the drivers.
rich-c: erman, what I'm seeing says the modem is OK but the software isn't detecting it
rich-c: did I mention that the error messages vary too?
BobS: maybe it is a chinese modem....... ;-)
BobS: likre they ALL are
rich-c: sometimes I get an error 630 - hardware not installed (Windows can't detect)
HLM: OK then you can manually change software... I have had to do that
rich-c: other times I c
rich-c: get dialling failure, no dialtone
BobS: try putting the telephone line intot he "phone" connection
BobS: we have had a lot of them mislabeled....or mis pinned
rich-c: that's whre it's supposed to go - line is for networks
Guy B.: Rich, which system are you having the modem problem?
BobS: how many connections you got to pluyg into......don't care WHAT they say.....
rich-c: P166MMX - Win95
rich-c: just the two connections, Bob
Guy B.: The old one. Is it a PCI modem?
rich-c: and yes, I tried the line connection too - it said can't find the other computer
BobS: have you tried with the phone cable in both??????
rich-c: no, it's a hardware modem, runs in the ISA slot
BobS: we HAD modems that had to use the "phone" connection to work
Dale: I'd better go have supper. Bye for now.
HLM: against your better Judgement I HATE IT ALSO, but I bet CASH MONEY if you install AOL it will find it, install it, and attempt to use it
rich-c: bye now Dale - take it easy, Pop
Guy B.: How many external serial ports do you have on the old system?
Dale: I'll try to find some time to update the archive.
Dale: poof
Guy B.: Bye Dale.
HLM: AOL and COMMUTE32 are the BEST programs that use a modem I seen at finding bastard setups that I usually use do to my X10
rich-c: physical, two
Dale left chat session
Guy B.: Try disabling one of the them through the BIOS setup. I bet that will clear it up.
rich-c: my distrust of AOL is so great I won't even save their CDs to use as coasters
George: what?
rich-c: I"m afraid just having them in the house might infect something!
rich-c: actually, COM1 - the mouse port - is fine; COM2 is set on Auto
George: did i hear someone say that aol is good for something?
HLM: I got mixed emotions service is not bad SERVICE IS JUST SO LARGE it is targed for hackers... it has a lot of loop holes in it or DID
Guy B.: You don't have a PS/2 for the mouse?
rich-c: every time I tried installing a modem it went to a different port - I saw 2, 3, 4 and 5
rich-c: I didn't even know I had a logical 5
Guy B.: Do this. Disable COM2 through the BIOS. Then boot the system up and see if WIndows detects the modem.
rich-c: George, you gotta get used to Herman, he has strange ways sometimes
HLM: 5 is a NO NO on new systems, usually 3 from factory I THINK I like 4 as not to interfere with my X10
George: i have two words for hackers STOP IT
rich-c: I have two words for you, George: stop them
Guy B.: Use the Firewall George.
HLM: they got good hackers and bad hackers... I have hacked for YRARS but not into companies sysems, just on software
rich-c: that's what Zone Alarm (and updats and Pest Patrol and firewalss and stuff) are for
BobS: oh for the days when the modems had jumpers to set ports
Guy B.: Serial boards too.
HLM: yea those days are gone for good Bob
BobS: trouble is can't find them above about 33.6 or so and theya re hard to find
HLM: good old plug n play
George: mom said if you can't do anyhing good don't do anything at all
BobS: plug and plays SUCKS
Guy B.: Sometimes, they can be a headache.
George: i disabled plug and play
HLM: It only Sucks if you are not the average person that does NOTHING but buy a sysem printer and use it... for US who does the unsuspected it sucks
HLM: HEY we got ADAM's we are used to it... :)
rich-c: Jill, something I forgot to ask Dale - about the JamCam 3.0
rich-c: is the "multi-media" memory card it uses the Compact Flash card?
Guy B.: Well folks. Have to read the e-mail. So I'll see you all next week. Won't be here on Saturday. Going into work.
rich-c: and if so, is there a limit to the size it will take?
HLM: ok nite Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week then
BobS: bye guy
Guy B. left chat session
HLM: ok what software came with your modem Rich... try that I KNOW you may don't want it but IT WILL TELL YOU exactly where the modem is and what ports
rich-c: the software is just a couple of .INF files that duplicate ones in Windows' livrary already
George: there was something in the new about plug and play making it vulnerable to hackers
HLM: ok I bought a Zoom and it came with COMMUNICATE32
rich-c: you can cure that by downloading an update from Microsoft, George
rich-c: mine is an ifxC or something
George: did they have it on the windowsupdate?
BobS: the drivers should NOT duplicate what is in windows, they shoul dbe specific to the modem.....
HLM: ok you got a private ISP I assume no body with self installing software
rich-c: I believe so, but with Zone Alarm who cares? The black hats can't get at it anyway
BobS: course if they are like the printer software i got, they were old and not working right
rich-c: well of course Windows has a built-in library of drivers for all sorts of peripherals
BobS: THAT is why I HATE plug and pray..........
HLM: problem is this if you MANUALLY CHOOSE anything then the com ports AND the IRQ ports gotta match
BobS: and they might not be the correct one either
BobS: for that damn printer, we had to ge them online form the HP website
BobS: SOLD that sucker and got it the heck out of here
rich-c: I am quite sure my problem is internal to Windows, not in the modem driver per se
rich-c: remember that when reinstalled my old 33.6 modem wouldn't work either
HLM: My nephew had probs with HP I got the cheapest s... on themarket a Lexmark and it works fine his HP had to go back also
BobS: who knows......and the old modem not working now either does NOT surprise me........had that problem with one we tried to "steal" and put into
BobS: another computer, never did get it working right........
HLM: I really think it has com conflicts.. OK DO THIS whenit says check for dial tone FIRST say NO, and see if you hear it trying to dial out in your speaker
rich-c: the Windows troubleshooter did suggest running Windows Setup...
rich-c: erman, I am sure that you are right
HLM: yea but that will probably screw up everything else BUT THE MODEM
rich-c: that was the way I read it, Herman
rich-c: I am not anxious to reinstall Windows on a dual-boot machine
HLM: OK then just manually force software to a different port and IGNORE the message that advises against it.. try 3 and 4 pretty sure it would NOT choose 1 from default
rich-c: how do I force software to a different port?
HLM: modem setup or sometimes under edit phone numbers you call to access it... in the advanced area it usually alows for changing ports
rich-c: either the Phone Dialler isn't addressing the port it thinks it's addressing
rich-c: or the modem isn't on the port where the Systems panel claims it is
George: brb my house is falling down
HLM: ok wait do you just have an entry in dial up properties and no real software like apk you basically just have a number and a ID no special software
rich-c: I think so, Herman, if I understand your question correctly
HLM: ok in modem properties create another dial up and enter said phone number and ofcourse id an PW when it asks you
BobS: well I don't understand........
rich-c: I'm not going to do this now, Herman
rich-c: I've found this chat applet gets unreliable when I try multitasking
HLM: if you click on the TELEPHONE in control panel it will allow you to create another dialup
rich-c: I will have to download the transcript and follow the ideas later
BobS: yes, but IF the modem is not jumperable for settign the port address, how are you going to talk to it????
rich-c: yes, I think at one point I tried the "make new connection" route - no joy
HLM: ok or I will gladly duplicate the situation on my system if you want to call and i can try to talk you through
Jillian left chat session
rich-c: I'm afraid we might set a new one-call record for enriching Ma Bell
HLM: because windows SHOULD FIND IT and tell you what IT IS SET AS and you are supposed to configure software to match it
rich-c: right, Herman, but it seems Windows is lying to me
HLM: No inpossible I have already done that... ask BOB and DOUG and don't leave out Zonker... thankfully GK is local
BobS: as far as I am concerned, "plug and play" stuff is a shot in the dark, may work or may not depends on the day, clouds, etc
HLM: last resourt you can delete all traces of a modem and put BOTH MODEMS IN and get two entries and choose the one you want
rich-c: thankfully, it isn't a critical issue for me, just a nuisance
BobS: Doug hates it too. We have taken a working modem out and never got to work again.......
HLM: I have done that also
rich-c: I have the laptop if I need a backup to go on line with at any time
rich-c: and as you can see the new computer is working fine
HLM: is it XP
HLM: 1.6 probably is
rich-c: well, I will give that a shot too, Herman
rich-c: won't be soon as I'm tied up tomorrow and all day Friday
BobS: BIGGEST thing to do besides deleting from the control panel modem listing si to go under the control panel, system, device manager
HLM: ok well I am available work is slow right now probably til March
BobS: and delete all thos little items with the yellow exclamation points too
rich-c: now that I have the key files transferred it doesn't REALLY matter if the old computer never works again
HLM: it will haunt ya rich you will get it going we all know that
George: HELP!
rich-c: no yelloe astonishers present, just question marks
BobS: if yellow, delete them, they will probably install correectly next time
HLM: shoot George
George: my place is caving in
rich-c: what do you mean, caving in?
George: books all over me
BobS: HALP !!!!!!
HLM: oh heck that is normal.. I cd's and books all around me trying to find a driver for dos
rich-c: you having a minor earthquake in Philadelphia?
George: my entertaiment center is falling apart
HLM: its made for ONE STEREO and maybe TV not like me books, software and all else
rich-c: is a shelf giving way or something?
HLM: thats what it sounds like
George: veneer is turning to dust
BobS: ooops!!!!
rich-c: you got termites or something?
HLM: no comments how many of us can rally afford pure wood now days
George: age
rich-c: sounds like all you can do is your best to save the pieces
BobS: hey fellers, time to hit the hay here..........
George: can't affford to replace it
rich-c: OK Bob, you be here Saturday?
HLM: ok sir Nite for now...
BobS: Herman, GLAF to "see" you tonight......George likewise.......Richard a pleasure as always.........
BobS: nope got to work on sat at the antique mall
BobS: bummer dude!!!!!
BobS: see ya next Wed!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: looks like the group will be thin, then - maybe Ron will make up for missing tonight
George: nite BobS
George: i'm missing my the spot to click
rich-c: it's OK George - as anyone who's seen our house can tell you, books stack very well on the floor
HLM: Well I guess I will continue hunting a driver, BUT email me rich if ya need anything
rich-c: and for rebuilding, scrounge some bricks and some sturdy boards
rich-c: in my generation that was the way all of us made our starter shelving
George: i have screws
rich-c: Herman, I certainly will, and do give Google a shot for the driver
HLM: I will try it
rich-c: good to have you by tonight - do do it again soon
George: now all we have left is wood dust and glue today
HLM: I will Saturday is bad though that is the only day our Grand CHild's dad comes for her so we head out ANYWHERE jut to get away
rich-c: well, it won't be fun picking up the mess
rich-c: but with luck you'll find what broke and maybe be able to repair it
rich-c: OK Herman, but do hope you can make next Wednesday
HLM: ok gents I am gone will try Rich... Nite George and Rich
rich-c: nite Herman
George: nite Herman
HLM left chat session
rich-c: George, it is getting on, time to shut down
George: i have to be going too
rich-c: and you have your local disaster to cope with
rich-c: right - I'll try to remember to be here Saturday
George: ok , nite for now
rich-c: nite
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