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George: Hi Rich
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: wondering if anyone was going to turn up
George: time is going too fast for me today
rich-c: aw, come on, time always goes too fast for everyone
rich-c: I just had an email from someone I haven't heard from for a long time
George: i'm baking a cheese cake
rich-c: and will be dealing with that later this evening
rich-c: meanwhile I have an order for an Adam coming in from West Virginia
rich-c: and I am getting some software ready to go with it
rich-c: I'm in favour of cheesecake
rich-c: unfortunately, my waistline is far too much in favour of it
George: i have keep track of time or it will burn
rich-c: yes, and burned cheesecake is not tasty at all
rich-c: oops! CP/M wants to know what the "copy" command means!
George: i have to get your money order out in the mail
rich-c: maybe I should use PIP instead for this one, but it's complex
rich-c: all in good time, George; whenever you want
rich-c: with this order I'll have my hands full for the next couple of days anyway
rich-c: I have a reputation to maintain so I am very picky about what I send out
George: 3:30 the cake is done
rich-c: gather that means you have just taken it out, then
rich-c: or does that mean you're about to?
George: it doesn't seem like 45 min
George: i have 3:25
rich-c: as you were remarking, time flies
rich-c: is it a plain or flavoured cheesecake?
George: in about 5 min it comes out
rich-c: it's actually 3.30
George: just plain
rich-c: well made those are often the best kind
rich-c: what kind of crust do you use?
George: i must be running kind of slow
George: grahm cracker
rich-c: yes, I have a utility that is supposed to keep me synchronized with one of the atomic clocks
rich-c: that's the right kind of crust
rich-c: and you make it of PPhiladelphia cream cheeswe, of course?
George: real cream cheese
George: lemmon zest the whole bit
rich-c: right - I'd imagine in Philly they'd excommunicate you or something if you didn't use the right stuff
George: shhh
rich-c: that's OK, that's the classic New York recipe, the best
rich-c: so, have you got Zone Alarm installed yet?
George: no its on my c: drive
rich-c: like, you've downloaded it but not yet run the installation program?
George: on my bedroom computer
rich-c: you should have it on every computer that can go online
rich-c: in fact I just got another probe at my computer as I was writing
rich-c: meantime I went on Steve Gibson's site yesterday
rich-c: he's the security guru who blew the whistle on Netscape and RealPlayer
George: i hope i got the right one
rich-c: well, if you went to the Zone Labs site and downloaded the free version, you got it
rich-c: Gibson showed how NS and Real could record every single file you downloaded and then send it with your name to their head office
George: i see all kinds of stuff from cnet and such
rich-c: you mean you read stories about Gibson on Cnet?
George: no from zonelabs
rich-c: well, Gibson is a very strong advocate for all privacy defenders
rich-c: he pushes very strongly for Zone Alarm
rich-c: he also discontinued his own program "OptOut" because "AdAware" was so much better
George: i for free speech
rich-c: does that include electronic snoops eavesdropping on your private conversations, then telling head office all about you?
George: i found ad subtract
rich-c: I have no idea what Ad Subtract is, but I don't trust it
rich-c: some of these programs that kill banners and popups also prevent your seeing the websites
George: its supposed to stop popup ads
rich-c: AdAware just lets you scan you hard disc files for electronic snoops
rich-c: popup ads are a pain in the butt, but sometimes they are essential to the functioning of certain web pages
rich-c: if you don't allow popups for instance, you may not get to see the login page
George: something tells me i need to leave enough for aol to snoop
rich-c: aol has no business snooping
rich-c: if they demand the "right" to snoop, get a clean ISP
George: but they can do dirty tricks not make internet work
rich-c: again. clean ISPs don't do that sort of thing
rich-c: I can get into MSN Passport anytime with Zone Alarm fully active
rich-c: I do have to allow sessional cookies
rich-c: but I just put the cookie blocker on "Prompt" for sessional and block all else
George: i have my banking online too so i can't fool around too much with software that can filter out my connection to banking
rich-c: then when a request comes up I click the "more info" box
rich-c: as ;ong as it says "end of session" then I say OK
rich-c: so what? you can still block all but sessional cookies and have it work
rich-c: remember you have a choice - let them ask then judge according to the "more info"
George: trying to get my quicken to accept dsl was a hard chore
rich-c: we don't use Quicken
rich-c: for spreadsheet work, Frances uses Adamcalc or an Amiga program
George: it came from my bank
George: they use it
rich-c: oh, right - some banks like a set interface; that's fine
George: first union the merger bank
rich-c: but you can go through secure socket layers with cookies on "prompt", no problem
rich-c: and if you configure Zone Alarm to allow Quicken to access the internet, no problem there
George: you just have to go with the way they set it up
rich-c: Quicken itself, yes, but that's no problem
rich-c: firewalls don't block traffic in and out of your computer, they just make sure it's traffic you've authorized
George: they so many features i don't use. but the online bill pay i use
rich-c: it's entirely your choice which features you use or don't - that's how it should be
rich-c: all I'm suggesting is that things should happen in front of your eyes, not behind your back
George: i had to take mcafee firewall off cause it wouldn't let me in any sites a
George: at all
rich-c: I have never had any problem with any site while using Zone Alarm
rich-c: it's one of those programs where the freebie is better than any of the commercial products
George: i setup programs with the defalt settings
rich-c: at that rate half you hard disc space must be used up with cookies and spyware junk
rich-c: with Zone Alarm on first use everything is prevented from accessing the internet
rich-c: the first time a program tries, it will ask you if you want to allow it out
rich-c: if it's something like IE or Outlook, you check the "remember my answer" box when you say OK to pass
rich-c: if you never want the program allowed through, you check "no" and "remember"
rich-c: then Zone Alarm will never ask again
rich-c: if you don't check "remember" then it will ask you each time
rich-c: for instance, when you try to contact your bank, Zone Alarm will ask if you want to allow Quicken to access the net
rich-c: check the "yes" box and the "Remeber" box
rich-c: Quicken will then go right through without your ever being asked again
rich-c: on the other hand, RealPlayer has spyware in it that may try to "phone home"
rich-c: so you don't check the "remember" box; if there's a reason to play something from online, you can give it the OK in each individual instance
George: thats the way i prefer it
rich-c: yes, control is everything
rich-c: by the way, Steve Gibson's website tells you how to take the spyware out of RealPlayer
rich-c: it will also test your computer to make sure your shields are up and operating
George: i need a star trek computer that can do it automatically
rich-c: why? these things are not hard to handle
rich-c: if they we're close to idiot proff, I'd never have a hope of using them
rich-c: sorry - weren't, proof
George: the typing is very hard for me
rich-c: you may have noticed I can make the odd error too
rich-c: fortunately so far my arthritis hasn't settled into my hands yet
George: i have it everywhere
George: still i go camping and torture my selt
rich-c: know what you mean; we do almost all our travelling with our trailer
George: thats myself
rich-c: and getting down to do hookups and stuff on wonky knees isn't fun
rich-c: neither is swapping propane cylinders with a bad back
George: we are both in the same boat
rich-c: weell, I don't have Crohns or such, and likely have rather more mobility
rich-c: still I can see the day coming when such activities will be too much for me
George: an old granny has more mobility than me lol
rich-c: well, we're into the grandparent age range - well into it
George: my father is 77
rich-c: he is six years older than me, then
George: i just turned 41
rich-c: which makes you five years older than Pamela
George: and time goes by too fast for me
rich-c: it does that to all of us
rich-c: there is just so much interesting stuff to do and so little time to do it in
George: yes
rich-c: and some things take so long
rich-c: right now I'm copying a CP/M disc to a tape
rich-c: you would not believe how long it is taking
George: like waiting in traffic
rich-c: yes, if you live in a big city, you spend a lot of time doing that
rich-c: I didn't realize that you drove
George: forever
rich-c: just north of us in Toronto we have the second busiest highway in the world
George: i'm still a passenger its still hard for us too
rich-c: 16 lanes wide yet every rush hour it's at a virtual standstill
George: wow i have to see it
rich-c: for all practical purposes I refuse to drive into downtown Toronto
George: we have the most dangerous intersection in the world
rich-c: oh? where's that?
George: grant ave. and roosevelt blvd.
rich-c: that downtown or suburban?
George: almost in the surburbs near the border
rich-c: it would have to be, wouldn't it
rich-c: any street named Roosevelt can hardly be more than 80 years old
rich-c: and that's assuming it was named for Teddy Roosevelt
George: more people have got killed there
rich-c: yes, our ten most dangerous intersections are on suburban streets, most at least six lanes wide
George: i'm not sure i thought it was Franklin
rich-c: in that case the name would likely only date back about 50 years
George: it has so many renames
George: its really route 1
rich-c: while we do have a couple, basically Toronto tends to leave its street names alone
George: in the north suburbs they call lincoln hiway
rich-c: Toronto is very casual about acknowledging which streets are numbered highways, except the 401 expressway\
George: my fingers are going on the fritz again
rich-c: well, guess we'll have to close down then. Will you be on Wednesday?
George: i'll be here Wednesday
rich-c: OK, look for you then. So, bye for now
George: ok bye
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