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BobS: HOWDY matey
Dale: Hi ya Bob.
BobS: DALW, thoght it was Richard!
BobS: finger did tooo
Dale: I thought I'd be the first one here today.
BobS: just got here about 3 seconds before you
BobS: how's Jill and Jeffrey (?)
Dale: I was thinking of updating the chat archive for a change.
BobS: think i got that right yes???
Dale: Jeffrey is doing great. Growing like a weed.
BobS: that's good
BobS: some reason the conenecvtion slowed down here........
BobS: may lose it
BobS: there it's back.............
Dale: I've doing okay.
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changed username to rich-c
BobS: hiya Richard
rich-c: good evening all
rich-c: see we are prompt tonight
Dale: Hi Richard.
BobS: not a BIG slowdown on message showing up but some.....\]
BobS: must be the cold there ;-)
rich-c: oh, is the server busy?
Dale: How has my new ISP been acting anyway?
rich-c: you have a new ISP, Dale? Who?
Dale: What with all of the problems I've had, I'm thinking that I'll switch at the end of the 6 month contract.
Dale: The web services that host the chat is instead of rogers...
rich-c: Dale, before the others arrive, I have a question for you
Dale: but in December I was dissatisfied with the performance of the link and added Rogers for my real job.
rich-c: it's about added memory for the JamCam
Dale: So I have 2 broadband services to my apartement.
Dale: You have the JamCam 3 right?
rich-c: right
Dale: What is the question?
rich-c: the website talks about a "multi-media card"
rich-c: never heard of that; what is it?
Dale: Let me see...
rich-c: compact flash and memory stick I've heard of
BobS: Multi media OR smart media ?????????
rich-c: they say multi-media, Bob
BobS: hmmmmmm, never hear of that one either
rich-c: I think it's just a schtick to sell an overpriced standard off their website
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Dale!
Scott: Everyone!
rich-c: among other things, the company's gone bust
Scott: Hello...
rich-c: Hello Scott I was just on your site
BobS: we have SmartMedia cards in our camera's......about 2" square; thin cardboard thickness; godl 3/4" square on it of gold lines
BobS: Hi Scott
rich-c: wanted to see if you had any of that stuff posted so I could delete it, not having had a reply from you
Scott: Yes, I owe you some updates, but I'm not sure if I'm going to move again.
Scott: I'm not sure if I want
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Scott: I have it on my old account and they are supposed to release it.
Scott: But it hasn't been released yet.
Scott: So I've been playing the waiting game
rich-c: well, I'll just keep stuff on hold till you decide, Scott
Scott: I've also been a bit busy with school
Scott: I have the files that you sent me.
Scott: Is Dale really here?
rich-c: OK, I can delete them then and free up the directory space
Scott: Or is he just doing some occassional monitoring?
rich-c: he's here but I just asked him a question
rich-c: he may have gone looking for an answer
Scott: BTW, I've played Marcel's new ColecoVision game
BobS: was here, prolly just dreamingwhich is??????
Scott: It's pretty neat
rich-c: did you get that clip I sent you from CanadaComputes?
BobS: what the game is????
Dale: Sorry, distracted.
Dale: Hi Scott.
Scott: Hello
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Dale: Rich, it sounds like it is basically proprietary.
Scott: So, Dale, are you still up for some game development in the near future?
changed username to George
Scott: I have been helping out Good Deal Games recently
changed username to George
George left chat session
Scott: They have two titles just about to be released.
rich-c: hello George, how's it going this evening?
Scott: Looks like I'll be doing the manufacturing for them.
George: hi
rich-c: got your costs in line, have you, Scott?
Scott: Telegames is about to manufacture 3,000 cartridge casings for us.
BobS: hiya George
George: i'm on the bathroom shuttle tonight
Scott: Some of these casings are being sold to GDG and other enthusiasts.
Dale: See Scott, I thought that Telegames would come through.
rich-c: one of the little joys of Crohn's, George
Scott: Supposedly another guy has already manufactured boards
Scott: Thanks for the advice, Dale.
George: true
Scott: We can get them for $2-3 a piece.
Scott: The plastic is about $3 per shell.
Scott: Chips are extremely cheap.
George: ZA doesn't work with aol
Scott: I am going to see if I can talk my dad into modifying the design he gave me to allow multicarts
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Scott: He's not sure if he can do it, but another individual was successful
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi,
Scott: Think his name was Kevin Horton.
rich-c: well, George, I believe some of our AOL subscribers are using it
rich-c: hi daughter, where have you been the last few days?
Scott: He had a menu driven multicart that had something like 72 games on it
Pamela: It's been somewhat busy around here
BobS: HI Pam
Pamela: How is everyone?
Scott: But the bankswitching or ROMswitching was done internally, through the software.
BobS: just DUCKY ma'am
Scott: So, for starters, we'll have all the components to make 32K cartridges
Pamela: is that a reference to the weather, Bob?
Scott: And larger sizes, perhaps later.
George: it doesn't let me sign onto aol
BobS: nope! cold here BUt warmiing up foe the weekend !!!!
rich-c: yeah! Supergames on plug-in carts!
Scott: Dale, still there?
Pamela: I'm just nuking my dinner - BRB
BobS: NUCLEAR meals,,,,,,,,,,WHAt is this world comin' too............
rich-c: ZA won't block you from signing on to anything
rich-c: it will ASK you if you want to allow a program to access the internet
Scott: There's a small demand right now for physical cartridge versions of homebrew games.
rich-c: if you answer yes, then it passes it through
Scott: People want copies of Ms. Space Fury, Kevtris, and the newer releases just around the corner.
Scott: Oh well.
Scott: Looks like I lost Dale.
rich-c: mind you, if AOL is trying to seriously mess with your computer, it will block that and tell you about it
Scott: Must have scared him away.
rich-c: no, Dale is one of those who often multitasks when in chat
rich-c: so he appears to come and go
BobS: welll.......they probably go the old games already and want the new ones to physically play on the cv units
Pamela: If I didn't nuke my meals, I 'd never eat
Scott: I'm surprised. I thought people would be satisfied with the ROMs
George: it asked if i wanted to use aol to connect to the internet as i clicked yes aol shut down
Scott: I love being able to play things on my emulator
Scott: Something like 100 copies of Ms. Space Fury were made.
Dale: Scott, I'm still listening. I've been super busy lately.
Dale: I'm also making supper.
Scott: Each was sold for something like $50. They completely sold out.
Pamela: How are you two doing, Dale?
Pamela: getting any sleep?
Dale: Jeffrey and Jill are both doing great.
Scott: They've been auctioning off the scarce few remaining for $100+
Dale: Sleep is still a challenge, but we are managing.
Scott: Insane. The game isn't even all that good!
BobS: well. Pam......Dale is making supper, on the net, changinf Jeffrey and Jill is watching.........
rich-c: By the way, folks, I sold another Adam - shipped it out yesterday
BobS: GREAT!!!!!
Scott: Yes, busy busy Dale. I don't know how you do it.
Scott: SOLD an ADAM???
Pamela: How's Mom, Dad? I haven't talked to you in ages
Scott: Wow. Great. Big Profit?
Dale: Scott, I haven't had must free time since my big national launch, and then a baby.
rich-c: the buyer wwas Ed Snow - who did the Adamcalc presentation at ACon 01 but hasn't made a 'con since
Dale: But if I can catch some sleep, then I'll want to focus on game authoring more.
George: chat locked up on me
Scott: Take care of what's important first.
BobS: DAM!!!!!! That was the guy I told you about last week, wanted to know just what was in the ADAM deal.....
Scott: On my end, things are just getting organized.
rich-c: that's aol doing it, George, the program's fine for the rest of us
BobS: and he was an attendee at AC 01?????
Dale: I've been working a little on taking my project from my "How to write a Supergame" talk to the PalmOS.
BobS: and a presentation no less.......
rich-c: not just attendee, he was a presenter
Scott: Ligia (girlfriend) and I are going to first start putting together cartridges for Good Deal Games to familiarize ourselves with the manufacturing process.
BobS: he emailed me twice , that's what i asked you about fore shipping direct......and then he was silent, I thought we lost him
George: that what said the aol will not work right with it
rich-c: no, he just got in touch with me directly
Scott: Meanwhile, I am compiling lots of information on game development (general) and ColecoVision file structure.
rich-c: his parcels are in the mail and his payment is in my bank
Scott: I've been using your site quite a bit, actually.
BobS: that's GREAT, I just hought he was not too intertested after i had emailed with ihim
BobS: did he express interest in further group contact????????
Scott: But of course with 19 credit hours this semester, there's a limit to how much I can do.
Pamela: was he in Canada or the States, Dad?
rich-c: I invited him to join us tonight; maybe he will
rich-c: he lives in a suburb of Wheeling, WV and teaches computers
BobS: I'll be durned..........
rich-c: anyway, anyone but George on here via AOL at the moment?
Scott: Well, I'm out of time myself. Gotta go study Cisco
Scott: I hope to catch you later, Dale.
Scott: Bye!
Pamela: Good luck with the games, Scott
Scott left chat session
rich-c: OK Scott let me know when you've got the stuff dealt with and I can send more
Pamela: Ciao!
rich-c: wow, he went quick
Pamela: Boy, he splits in a hurry, doesn't he?
rich-c: now maybe we can get around to tackling George's problem
Pamela: Dad, have I missed anything at home in the last couple weeks?
BobS: crohn's?????????
Dale: BTW Bob, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blanket the Slopsema clan sent. It was amazing.
rich-c: not really, Pam
BobS: you and Jill and Jeffrey are certainly welcome, will pass on the sentiment
rich-c: I'm still waiting for Star Office, though
Dale: Please do.
BobS: was a litle worried last week that it didn't get thru customs..........
Pamela: I have it, just need to get over to you. I also have a couple of books returned from Cynthia, and a couple of other things
rich-c: well, at least you know where to find us
BobS: PAMELA..... be good to the foks, theya re onth ONLY ones you have
Pamela: I try Bob - but things tend to get out of hand sometimes
rich-c: anyway Bob, George's problem is he can't get on AOL with Zone Alarm running
Pamela: last week was spent frantically trying to get some work done so my boss could go out on audit this week
Pamela: this week it was groceries on Monday, movie yesterday and here I am at today already
BobS: AOL and Zone Alarm is something I know ZIP about sirs
rich-c: maybe Dale has a clue?
Pamela: BTW, if any one wants to see Vanilla Sky, talk them out of it quick
rich-c: thought you were going to see LOTR?
Pamela: First we have to work around R's schedule - no easy task
rich-c: right, which shift is he on now?
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Pamela: last night of midnights
rich-c: after which he moves to?
Pamela: days off, then afternoons starting Tuesday
BobS: po' Russell just don't have no set life rh???????
rich-c: so maybe you can get by soon then
BobS: eh??????
Pamela: that's one of the things I have for you, a copy of his schedule
BobS: someone undefined has you there?????
rich-c: may be a new user, Bob - sometimes it takes them a while to sign in
BobS: maybe Ed Snow!!!!!
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: or maybe they hit return and don't ralize they can still talk as undefined
BobS: but alas, now the user is gonre
Pamela: that was a quick poof
BobS: kinda like a ghost. yes????
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George: who left?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: could also be someone trying it and not making it - an AOL user, maybe?
Pamela: our undefined has a name!
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy!
George: funny
BobS: Hiya Guy!!!!!
BobS: ;oh Guy is defined for sure!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Everyone, I can't stay long tonight. I'm on the P133. The Athlon is down. Win98 is corrupted.
rich-c: wonder where
rich-c: Dr.D is tonight?
Pamela: wondered that too
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BobS: anuder undefined
rich-c: how did you manage that, Guy?
Pamela: is that phonetic spelling, Bob?
BobS: yup
BobS: ease-er that way no??????
changed username to BAIR
Pamela: it's atroshus and I love it
BobS: it is the BAIR!!!!!!
Pamela: Hi, Bair!
BobS: Hiys Bob!!!!
rich-c: it's the Big Bair!
BobS: farn dingers anyways
Guy B.: I think along the line Internet Explorer might be the problem. I can't use Netzero either. So, I have to reinstall the OS again and everything else too.
rich-c: anyway, Guy, I sympathize with your troubles
Pamela: Guy, how did Windows get corrupted, a virus?
Guy B.: it's the Bair.
Guy B.: That's a possibility. Athought, I'm not sure what happened.
rich-c: well, I think I know the root of the problem
Pamela: yeah, it's called Windows
rich-c: the Windows Help file is deficient
BobS: or Bill as in Gates
rich-c: it doesn't have an entry for "possession, demonic"
Guy B.: At least I have the good ole P133 to rely on.
Pamela: cute, Dad
Pamela: and here I thought they were just gremlins
rich-c: geez, I'm glad someone has a sense of humour tonight
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: Russell liked it too
Dale: Guy, sometimes, if you remove all networking reference (modems, netowrk cards, protocols, etc.)...
Dale: (dialers too) then reboot the computer and let it autodetect them again...
Dale: it repairs itself.
Guy B.: I tried that. It made it worse. So, I have no choice. I have to reinstall Win98.
rich-c: and sometimes it doesn't, but then you missed last week, Dale
Pamela: How much did you lose, Guy?
George: i was just locked up again
Guy B.: Can't use Netzero. I have backed up the e-mail and all my document files. I'm going to double check to be sure.
rich-c: that's weird, George
Dale: I didn't say always.
Pamela: BTW Dale, whatever you did to the server, it sure improved matters a lot - thank you
Dale: Improves Pamela?
Dale: You mean the chat server is available?
Pamela: just overall - speed, consistency, no time lag etc - that was not sarcastic
rich-c: oh, there is a little lag at times, but it is barely perceptible
Pamela: I don't really notice any most of the time
rich-c: and part of that is likely because we're on dial-up modems
George: it stops then shoots by
BobS: see, mine did that for a minute when I first got on
BobS: but now it is lightning quick
rich-c: that seems to be your computer hanging, George
BAIR: I agree the last time I was on and signed of it made a short cut for me which is very nice,dale
Dale: I'm not totally optimistic that the 'net connection is the best.
rich-c: or again AOL troubles - sounds like you may be getting line delays
rich-c: and that is inexcusable when you're paying for broadband
BobS: probalby the mule train between toronto and new york on the way to George in ?bostp
BobS: boston
George: yes i know its on my side but its hard to keep up
rich-c: he's in Philly
BAIR: bob it is the snow strom coming
rich-c: the question is, whre and why is it getting buffered between here and you?
Pamela: Bob, where's the younger set tonite?
BobS: nope, gonna warm up tomorrow and into the weekedn
BobS: don't know pam.....loafin I guess
BAIR: nop 3 feet
rich-c: Bob is the younger set
Pamela: I have a question for Meeka
BobS: nice day here and we were in Indiana most of the day today adn it was but nice
George: maybe its a terrorist cyber attack
Pamela: but I guess I'll figure it out for myself
BAIR: ha ha
Pamela: Was a gorgeous day today but very cold
BobS: NO snow in INDIANA
BAIR: I tried
rich-c: yes, it was something watching the sun melt the ice in the birdbath with the temp at -10C
Guy B.: Most of the snow here has melted. And
BobS: went to Shipshewana today, nuthin there so we wandered to weat points
Guy B.: looks like no more for the time being.
BAIR: hey nnot to far from here
Pamela: Well I made the mistake of getting the car washed on Sunday - lasted all of about 30 seconds before the rain started
Guy B.: Don't you hate that.
BobS: nope, thoguht of coming your way to Kendalville, but not to many antique maillls that way
Pamela: I really do, Guy
BobS: so whent towards south bend area
BAIR: ho well
Pamela: However I did prove, however briefly, that the car really is blue
BobS: woulda stopped at the Bairs for supper!!!!!
Pamela: BRB - gonna say good bye to Russell
Dale: Rich, Sandisk makes MMC cards, and lists a 16MB MMC card for $39.99CDN.
BAIR: hey we would have found something
George: we need water send us all your rain and snow
rich-c: OK, Dale, that suggests they are a generic type of card, then
rich-c: well actually, George, we are starting to run a little short ourselves
BobS: well, maybe we will have to holler some day and come and see ya
BAIR: bye russell
rich-c: if we have any surplus, our folks out on the Prairies need it
Guy B.: Well gang. I will have to call it tonight. Juno might cut me off shortly. This weekend I'll be restoring the OS on the Athlon after I get home from work. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: He says goodnite back
rich-c: OK, see you next Wednesday then, Guy. Good luck
BobS: noyt me Guy be in FL, but ya';ll have fun!!!!
Pamela: ciao for now, Guy
BAIR: good by
rich-c: you goin' wandering AGAIN, Slopsema?
Guy B.: Have a safe trip down there. At least we all know where you'll be next week.
BAIR: don't you ever stay home
Guy B.: Bye All.
BobS: yup. to Ft Lauderdale next Tues thru the end of the moth to cisit Judy's folks there
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: NOPE, gotta go Bair!!!!
rich-c: driving down, I gather
BobS: before I kick off this earth
BobS: npe FLYIN
Pamela: which airline, Bob?
George: i'm declaring myself an OEM
rich-c: that spoils all the fun
BobS: hit a deer with the new car last sat night, so it goes to the body shoo while we are gone
Dale: On the jamcam specs page on the site it says "industry standard multi-media card".
BobS: Northworst,,,,,,,,,,,,but cheap
BAIR: I thought for awhile that was what virginia was tring to do
Pamela: How bad is the damage, and what new car?
rich-c: yes, Dale, but it wasn't capitalized so I thought it might be one of the others
Dale: But the FAQ says that the images are not in a standard format, so you have to transfer the images over the USB link, not directly.
rich-c: but, if it is MMC and Future Shop carries it, then I can make decisions
BobS: got mama 2002 Gran marquis in Nov, got 28oo miles onit with only 2650 when the deer got in the way
BobS: only $3634 US damage
rich-c: no indication of the maximum capacity, is there?
Pamela: that's a lot of damage any way you slice it
rich-c: I didn't notice when I was on the site a few days ago
Pamela: did you keep the old Crown Vic?
BobS: deer can't p[ay, he's dead, ka-put, not breathin', feet up........yo get the pic
BobS: nope Crown Vic is gone
Pamela: Did you at least get venison out of the deal?
BobS: I am driving mama's 94 Merc
BobS: the brown one we took to AC
Dale: The FAQ also calls them MMC cards, which is a name which the Sandisk packaging features.
BobS: nope, the deer was al smooshed inside methinks
Dale: Future Shop also has 32 MB MMC cards, and possibly larger ones as well.
rich-c: thanks, Dale, I think that gives me clues enough
BobS: besides, i don't eat bambi
BobS: 's
Pamela: is that a new medical term - smooshed?
rich-c: wonder how many pics a 16 MB card will store?
BobS: BUT Richar, WHAt will the jamcam uspport?????????
BAIR: it might taste better
BobS: the Fuji's we have will take an 8 meg card, but no bigger..(tried it)
Pamela: that's like the doc's technical term for the damage to Russell's wrist when he broke it - "pulverized"
rich-c: well, that's a problem you have when the company goes under
rich-c: information can be a bit hard to come by
BAIR: why did you hit him so hard
Dale: I'm not sure but I think that 128 MB MMC cards are base line standard. I'm not sure where I'd look that up though.
BobS: didn't seee him until he "mounted' the hood.........
Pamela: I'm innocent, Bair - he slipped on the ice on Easter Sunday and landed all of him on the wrist
BobS: then it was too late
BobS: was dark and road lower on both sides....and , and
BAIR: how do i know that though
BobS: oh Russel????? I didn't hit him!!!!
(BobS winks)
Pamela: Would I make that much work for myself?
Pamela: He was "borgified" for eight weeks afterward
BobS: ya.........
BAIR: sounds like husband abuse
BAIR: that poor man
Pamela: Oh yeah, poor man who got waited on hand and foot for a week afterward
Pamela: literally - i had to help him put on his socks every day
Dale: Richard, whay do you say that KB Gear has gone under? Their web site is still operating, and their partner sites still work.
BAIR: that is the way it sould be
Pamela: Hmm, I detect the faint smell of chauvinism in the air
Pamela: I can see my Dad now - rolling on the floor laughing
BobS: Bob, you chauvinist fella yaou......WAIT until i see Virginia!!!!!
BAIR: well at lest she is feeling better now
Pamela: Can I tell your wife about this quirk of yours, Bair?
rich-c: brb
BAIR: took her to the emergency room last week
Pamela: Is she alright?
Pamela: What happened?
BAIR: thought it was a heart atack
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: but it wasn't?
rich-c: Dale, Consumer Reports said re a recall that KB Gear was oput of business
changed username to Judy
Pamela: you all will notice my Dad is ignoring me
Pamela: Hi, Judy!
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: Hello, all
BAIR: after a lot of test they think it was just the wrong medicne can't spell either
Judy: I have been on ebay, bidding on dolls
Pamela: Judy - question for you - how do you get French knots to turn out?
BobS: dont' worry about spelling bo, tell us about Virginia
Pamela: mine always come undone
rich-c: Dale, the JamCam book shows a 16MB MMC as available, but doesnt say if it's the max
BobS: got thre meds changed then?????
BAIR: hay bob she is going to buy you adoll
Pamela: so she's okay, Bob?
Dale: Well they sold their R and D division to someone then, they've released several new products since November.
BobS: a doll?!?!?!?!?!?
BAIR: yeh she is fine now been working 9 to 12 hour
Pamela: thank goodness
BobS: you just won't let tha po woman rest willya Bob?????
rich-c: perhaps they went into Chapter 11 and got bought out
BAIR: that is almost every day
Judy: pull the needle thur and hold thread tight, then twirl thrread around needle once or twice holding tight and bring needle back thru
George: what?
Judy: do you have trouble making them?
Pamela: I tried that and it didn't work
Judy: what did it do
BobS: George, ya let womeon on chats and they startr sewing and stitchin
rich-c: Pam, hen you come by your mother can show you
Pamela: I always end up actually tying a knot in the thread
Pamela: it came unravelled
BAIR: the dr. put me on 40 hour a week only had chest pains after working7 days aweek
Pamela: I might take her up on that, Dad - Pooh is finally finished except for the French knots
BobS: you got to quit that working that many hours bo
Dale: Jill says hello.
BobS: Bob
Judy: are you bringing the needle down next to the place that it came up?
Pamela: Hi, Jill
Judy: Hi, Jill
BAIR: i know that
Pamela: no, in the same hole - that's how the instructions tell you to
Judy: who is mommyhood?
Judy: how??
BAIR: why do you need to know that
BobS: jsut tryin to get rich QUICK, eh Bair?????
Judy: that will not work
Pamela: the knots, Bair?
Dale: Jill: mommyhood is awesome. Jeffy is amazing.
rich-c: they all are at that age, Dale
Judy: that is great
BAIR: virginia said she would make me quit if dont stop
Judy: no, some cry all the time!!!
rich-c: maybe you should offer her the same advice, Bob
Judy: like little Michael
BobS: and she id RIGHT!!!!!
Judy: he is finely over that
BobS: and she has to stop working like a mad russian TOO!!!!!!
BAIR: if you would stop hitting them they would not cry
BAIR: bad judy
Pamela: so Judy, I should bring the needle down with a thread between?
George: is it lent already?
rich-c: yes, yesterday was Mardi Gras
Judy: yes, just a minute I will do one
Pamela: 'tis, George - Ash Wednesday is today
BobS: I lent Richard a customer, does that cvount???????
BobS: ah yes saw that on a chuyrch sign today
George: i missed my ashes
rich-c: sure Bob, has your commission arrived yet?
BobS: PAMELA,,,,,,,,Judy is "tryiny" a french knot. so hold on!!!!!
Pamela: I thought it was "neither a borrower or a lender be", Bob
BAIR: don't let get to you bob
BobS: yes, it did come to think of it, will have to try and reimb;urse ya the shipping
BobS: before we got o Fl
BobS: well customers are a dime a dozen ya know
rich-c: no big deal, Bob, in your cash $5 would be an overpayment'
BAIR: you could stay home
BobS: no paiin no gain.......
Pamela: holding . . .
rich-c: will you have a computer available down there, Bob?
BAIR: what are you holding for
Pamela: Judy
BobS: whew got iright!!!!!
Judy: there just made a perfect knot
Pamela: show off
George: comcast has spyware
BAIR: I cant see it
rich-c: Comcast IS spyware, if I recall
BAIR: dosenot look all that good to me judy
Pamela: I'm gonna try this - hang on while I get my bag
BAIR: judy where did you go
rich-c: are you running AdAware now, George?
Judy: just bring needle up twist thread around the needle and bring needle down just over from the place you came up
Dale: Jill says she's giving up "exercise and vegetables" for lent.
George: they don't even have internet in my neighborhood
BAIR: that sounds good
Judy: try and see if that will work for you
Pamela: that's my kind of lent, Dale
Dale: I say that it doesn't count if you've already given them up. :-)
BAIR: it didnot work
Pamela: first I gotta check my pattern - don't know what colour it's supposed to be
Judy: you are suppose to give up things you like for lent
rich-c: thought you were giving up fish, Pam
Pamela: done that already
Dale: Right Judy.
rich-c: Bob, again, will you have a computer available in FL?
BAIR: judy close the door and no one knows
BobS: YES!!!!
Judy: yes he will
BobS: but not inteente service cept for Netzero
rich-c: well then you'll be able to join chat from there, with luck
BobS: and that may not work too good
BobS: they are gettign kind of petty
rich-c: go to Staples and buy one of those internet pay cards - Slingshot, or something
BobS: where you get one????
BobS: no Staples right here
Dale: I have to duck out. I'll try and get the log of chats updated before next week.
BobS: be good dale, bye Jill Jefff and dale
Judy: bye, Dale
BAIR: bye
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: good nite Dale, hugs to everyone
changed username to Meeka
Dale: Bob, what were the dates for ACon this summer? Trying to schedule a trip to SIGGRAPH as well.
Meeka: Helloo All
rich-c: sorry Bob, thought I had it bookmarked but no joy
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka - trying a french knot that Judy is talking me through - I'll be back
BobS: Aug 8-11 Thurs thru Sun
Judy: hi, Meeka
Dale: Perfect Bob. Bye all.
rich-c: oh Dale, thanks for the help, and goodnight to you, Jill and the young'un
Pamela: Judy, do I wrap clockwise or counter clockwise?
Pamela: ore does it matter?
Meeka: yes, yes i know
BAIR: bob when will need some money
Dale: No porblem Rich.
Judy: don't think is matters
BobS: NOW!
Meeka: was cleaning in my room to make room for shelves
(BobS winks)
BAIR: how much
Dale: poof
Judy: good work!!!
BobS: anytime will be fine, but have to have reservations by July 1 and money to hold rooms
Meeka: No Pam, i doesn't matter which way
BobS: 1 dollar down and a dollar a day will work!!!!!
Judy: sorry I missed you today, went to Ship
rich-c: gee, better send me some more Adam buyers, Bob
BobS: got my webpage??????? Bo????
Meeka: yes, that is what mandy said
BobS: BOB??????
Dale left chat session
Meeka: did you get anything good??
BAIR: i dont have that many chceks
Judy: no, didn't even stay
BobS: goto: has ALL the info on the conventino with pics of the hotwl
Pamela: didn't work
Judy: went antiqueing instead
BobS: send cahs in a brown envelope
Meeka: which part Pam
Judy: didn't get very much
Pamela: the wrapping part
Judy: why not?
(BobS reboots BAIR's computer remotely.)
Meeka: thats good for the check book right???
BAIR: need all my cash for my tractor
Pamela: maybe not tight enough?
BobS: TRACTOR>?????????
Judy: do you hold the thread tight
BobS: shaem on ya!!!!
Meeka: well, that is part of the trick
rich-c: you got troubles, Ginny has troubles, now your tractor has troubles too?
BAIR: hey i live to drive my tractor
BobS: ya hold the thread with your teeth, your needle with your left hand and the material with the right hand
Judy: when do you have to have it done?
Meeka: did you hold it tight after pulling through the needle
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: then you FLIp the material OVEr the needle, and the spit at the thread.....
changed username to james
rich-c: besides making moguls for offroad racers, what do you use the tractor for?
Meeka: ha...ha....ha....
Pamela: how do I keep it tight and still wrap?
james: hello
BobS: and PRESTO, a frenchman's knot!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Hi, James
rich-c: good morning james
BAIR: pamla your knot is to big i can see that from here
Meeka: it doesn't need to be that tight when wrapping
james: i seem to have overslept
Judy: hold it tight after you wrap
BobS: HIya James!!!!!
Pamela: okay, trying again
Meeka: after wrapping you hold the thread with tension
BobS: baby oant he way yet????????
rich-c: yes, it muwt be near 11 in Japan, right?
Meeka: and the put needle through fabric,
james: it's 12:30 in the afternoon
Judy: Sherri can't do them either, always brings them to me to do
Meeka: follow the end of the needle down with your thumb...
Pamela: at this rate, I may be too
Judy: bring to convention
rich-c: didnt realize the time difference was that large - 14 hours
BAIR: pamela tie it to the car and put it in drive
BobS: smart ALLEC
james: yes, it's 14 during the winter, 13 when you guys go onto dst..
rich-c: gee, by that time even I'm up in the morning
Judy: you guys are awful!!!!!
Meeka: make sure that you keep tension on the thread, and pinch the knot and slowly pull the thread through
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: hi Dr. D
BAIR: hi rich
BobS: hi Rich
Rich Drushel: I am sorry that I am so late...just got back from Christina's band concert.
Judy: you are making it more difficult, Meeka
rich-c: finally got the girls to bed, did you?
BobS: girls finally let ya have your computer eh?
Meeka: sorry
Rich Drushel: And the last n chat days I have always had something to keep me away from a terminal.
Judy: hi, Rich
BAIR: that sounds better bob
Pamela: IT WORKED!
Meeka: cool
rich-c: sometimes things do break that way
Rich Drushel: Is that *the* Bob Bair I see?
Judy: good deel, congradulations
Rich Drushel: Well howdy pardner, long time, no chat!
BAIR: thank you judy
rich-c: we're trying to get him to tell us what he does with his tractor
BobS: yup rich and he is lwtting on that there might be light at the end of his AC14 tunnel
Judy: they are easy once you get the nack
Rich Drushel: oh boy oh boy
Pamela: thanks, I just discovered another secret too - don't have too much thread in the needle
BobS: there IS a country western song.......about a girl who thinks her beau's tractor is sexy.........
Rich Drushel: I have really missed Bob and Virginia putting me in my place at ADAMcons...
Pamela: Hi,, Rich
BobS: maybe written about Virginia and BOB?!?!?!?!?!
Pamela: where have you been?
Rich Drushel: Where have I been, Pam?
Pamela: yes
Rich Drushel: Tonight, at Christina's band concert.
BAIR: last summer we built a motor cycle track for tim and the guys
rich-c: he's been here, it's you went missing
Pamela: Only for one week
Pamela: sheesh
Judy: yes, but if you miss once you are forgotten
rich-c: well, if you're entitiled, he's entitiled!
Pamela: Okay ladies, I'm gonna try this again - let's see if the magic holds
BAIR: one week end had 13 motor cycles herae
Judy: it will
Rich Drushel: Last Wednesday was Girl Scout stuff for Diana.
Judy: how many do you need to make
Rich Drushel: Saturdays have been various errands.
Pamela: four
rich-c: Dr.D., do you know offhand the website for the outfit that sells prepaid connection cards for the internet?
BobS: saturdays are either busy or I ?FORGET
Rich Drushel: No, Richard, I don' fact, I didn't know that there was such a thing.
BobS: see???????
BobS: me neither
rich-c: yes, you can buy the cards at outfits like Staples
BobS: was even thinking about installing AOL for florida trip and then cancelling
rich-c: I read about them, checked the website, but forgot to bookmark it (SHAME!!!)
BAIR: there is here in indiana
Rich Drushel: The only good thing I can say is that lab work hasn't been keeping me in the lab at night or weekends this semester.
Rich Drushel: It's nice to work some 9-5 Mon-Fri and have only home stuff to do afterwards.
Rich Drushel: Of course, there's been a lot of home stuff...
rich-c: letting the seaq slugs get some sleep, are you?
Rich Drushel: Mostly trying to get papers written and published.
BAIR: they sell for $400
Rich Drushel: One paper in press in J. Exp. Biol. (I am 2nd author).
Rich Drushel: Another paper in review at J. Exp. Biol. (me 1st author).
Rich Drushel: Another paper ready to go out next week (me 2nd author).
BAIR: good luck rich
rich-c: fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed, Rich
rich-c: publishing beats perishing
Rich Drushel: Yeah, I need it: one reviewer for paper #2 has developed a probably fatal brain disease and is in the hospital...the journal didn't know, so they've been waiting him to send back his review, which naturally, he can't...
rich-c: and in the meantime there's always the risk someone else will publish first
Rich Drushel: Now we wait to see whether the editor will accept the paper with only one review returned, or will insist on finding a new reviewer--this would add 2 months.
Pamela: who reviews this stuff, Rich?
Rich Drushel: No risk of our stuff getting scooped: *nobody* in the world is doing slug modelling like we are. Nobody else has access to real-time hi-resolution MRI of feeding slugs like we do.
rich-c: selected peers, Pam
Rich Drushel: Reviewers are peers in the field, selected by the editor of the journal.
Judy: Meeka, did you want something today?
rich-c: and besides, they don't have Adams to help in their work, Rich!
Rich Drushel: One prob with this reviewer getting sick is that there are very few other "peers" for our kind of work...and some of them are unfriends of my boss.
Rich Drushel: Hey, my ADAM is in print in my 1997 J. Exp. Biol. paper.
Rich Drushel: Figure 1 of Materials and Methods.
rich-c: I know, and hope it's in a few of the new papers too
Rich Drushel: And it's mentioned by name as a Coleco ADAM in the text.
Rich Drushel: Alas not, because I haven't used that apparatus for any of the new work.
rich-c: for shame!
rich-c: guess you'll just have to design some new apparatus around it
Judy: Rich, how often do you have to get new slugs?
Rich Drushel: haha
Meeka: no, just stopped to chit-chat
Rich Drushel: Judy, it depends on how many people in the lab are using them.
Meeka: whent to the grocery store today
Rich Drushel: Right now, we have 6 students in the lab, so we go through maybe 5 per week.
rich-c: slugs wear out fast, eh?
BAIR: getting late see yea all late
Rich Drushel: Other times, with less personnel, maybe 5 every month.
Rich Drushel: Bye Bob.
Pamela: they don't sound very durable, Rich
Judy: I needed to go to the store too, but went away instead
Judy: can't go tomorrow either
rich-c: night Bob see you soon
Pamela: Bye, Bair - nice to see you
Rich Drushel: Not a matter of durability...using them is pretty fatal to the slugs, usually.
BAIR left chat session
Pamela: does the ASPCA know about this?
Meeka: why?
rich-c: long as you don't have to go out in your wetsuit and get the replacements yourself...
Judy: will have the boys tomorrow
Meeka: ahhh
BobS: ya get them form the "slug store"??????
Judy: sick day Tuesday
Rich Drushel: Except for some behavioral studies this summer, in which slug movements were tracked for 5 days with video cameras, the slugs are usually sacrificed and certain parts removed for electrophysiological study.
BobS: or the local aquarium.........
Rich Drushel: A company in Californial called Marinus sends divers out and brings them back live.
Pamela: they actually have parts?
rich-c: bet that costs a mint
Rich Drushel: A lab at U. Miami has a hatchery.
rich-c: Bob, maybe you should do some diving when you're down south
BobS: an idea Rixchard.......could make a few bucks on the side
rich-c: pick up a little coin on the side
Rich Drushel: With shipping (overnight, in a plastic bag of seawater inflated with 100% oxygen, shipped on ice), it is about $10 per animal.
Judy: no, way, can't take them back in my luggage
BobS: WHOA, where
Rich Drushel: This is for slugs about 100-250 grams.
BobS: 's me fins!!!!!!
rich-c: there you are Bob, book a Cleveland stopover on your return
Rich Drushel: For monsters approaching 1 kg, yeah, it's about $20 apiece.
BobS: will they have to have picture id to get on the plane????????
Rich Drushel: And I worked with some 1 kg monsters earlier this year.
Rich Drushel: For you non-metric types, remember that 1 kg = 2.2 lbs...that is a *big* slug.
BobS: heck by thetime I pay for a seat , the profit is GONE
rich-c: it's OK Rich, sooner or later Americans will figure out what all the rest of the world knows
Pamela: the airline will probably want them to have their own seats
Judy: no, way!!!!that will not go anywhere with me
Pamela: no slugs in the carry on, Judy?
Judy: ddidn't know they could get that big
Rich Drushel: No sharp edges to slugs...can'
Rich Drushel: can't be a weapon.
Judy: noo
Pamela: all you have to do is slime people to death
BobS: oh, so we could let them crawl on to the plane by theirselves??????
Rich Drushel: These slugs ink more than slime, Pam.
Pamela: well, the thought was there
BobS: "ink" .........????????
Judy: egg shells in the garden will kill them, but is that the same thing
Pamela: like octopi, right Rich
rich-c: you mean Bob might find a by-products line too?
Rich Drushel: Yes, ink, as in release purple ink, like a squid.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: did we get dumped?
changed username to BobS
Pamela: I'm okay
Judy: bob just got thrown out
rich-c: well, I certainly did
Rich Drushel: Meesa here.
BobS: yup, you are all gone!!!!!
rich-c: got an alarm about internet access cut, ICMP time exceeded
BobS: CARASH bang!!!!!
Pamela: we're here Bob but you apparently aren't
Pamela: James, you're so quiet - still asleep?
BobS: I know, it is a bummer isn't it?????
BobS: hair toaday gone tomorra
rich-c: don't know quite what provoked that - maybe Dale's new ISP has some quirks?
Pamela: George, whatever you're writing isn't coming up
BobS: george, you are hitting enter, but not talkin
Meeka: mom, hows the perm doing?
BobS: it si PERManent Meeka
Judy: great
Meeka: ya , ya
BobS: didn't wven stink lst night in bedf
Meeka: that's good
BobS: course, i went ot sleep right quick too
Pamela: thanks for the help with the knots, you two - they worked
George: what is going on my writig is not coming through
Judy: thank you, Sherri couldn' t have done it any time soon
Rich Drushel: Richard, your message means that packets from your machine to the chat server took too many "hops". Packets have a "lifetime" to prevent traffic from bouncing around forever. If some hiccup in network routing occurs, your data could end up in a looop and eventually time out.
BobS: glad I could HLEP Pam
rich-c: now it is
Meeka: good deal Pma
Meeka: sorry that's Pam.
Pamela: that's okay, I have a good ego
rich-c: yes, but could that have happened to all of us at once?
moved to room Meeting Place
George: is this working?
changed username to james
Judy: good, our pleasure
Rich Drushel: Only if you are all going through the same internet routing...
rich-c: yes George
BobS: only if we all had the hiccups at the same time
Pamela: you should have her try it again - those were good instructions
rich-c: welcome back james
james: apparently i was bumped off.
George: what happened?
Meeka: yes, and I am plauged by these farn dingers ;-)
Pamela: I wondered why you were so quiet, James
rich-c: we were all dumped, james
BobS: you are here again goergoe
BobS: George
Pamela: I have a set of those too, Meeka
rich-c: Rich, could that mean the ISP Dale's using got overloaded?
Rich Drushel: Sunspots...or solar flares.
Judy: the backspace works great!!!
Rich Drushel: Radiation left over from Mir, or something.
Judy: corrects everything
Pamela: yup, and I'm intimately acquainted with it - especially tonite
Rich Drushel: "BOB" sending E-mail to the Xists.
Judy: I use it all the time
Meeka: not when you hit enter it doesn't ;-)
Judy: that is what my mom says
Pamela: no, then you go on like nothing happened
Rich Drushel: Since I've probably missed it...any status report from Dale and Jill and little one?
Meeka: I knnow
rich-c: yes, all doing fine, they wre on earlier
Rich Drushel: Glad to hear.
Pamela: Dale and Jill are doing well - Jeff is growing like a weed and is cheerful -lucky them
Judy: they are all great
Judy: were on earlier
rich-c: our current missing party is Ron - this is the second night he's missed
Rich Drushel: Probably just prodigal, like me.
Pamela: and me!
BobS: maybe watching olypics
Rich Drushel: You missed some chats, too, Pam?
BobS: olympics
Pamela: last week - got caught up in conversation with Russell and completely zoned
George: its fixxed
Rich Drushel: I want to see 90 m snowmobile jumping...
Meeka: I am watching them now
Judy: we are too
james: no point in watching any "judged" events.
Rich Drushel: Nothing wrong with getting zoned in a talk with your spouse, Pam.
Rich Drushel: haha re: "judging"
Pamela: what does everyone think of the pairs scandal?
BobS: you got that right James
Meeka: yes, I saw that
Judy: hard to watch and type at the same tiem
BobS: what a MESS
james: it's a disgrace.
Rich Drushel: Robbery, I think.
Meeka: I coulnt quite figure it out
George: fixed
BobS: has alwasy been a disgrace as far as I could see
james: i could care less if they were canadian or not, they were better than the russians. simple as that.
Pamela: thank you - it's not just the Canucks who feel that way apparently
Judy: awful, they should have got the gold
Rich Drushel: Either some really old die-hard ex-Soviet bloc-ness, or payola.
Meeka: no it isn't
BobS: the stuff is hitting the fan though it seems
BobS: and it should
George: sell to the highest judge
Rich Drushel: How come failed drug tests can get medals revoked, but not judge bribery?
BobS: I have NO idea how to judge fairly without prejudice, but this system SUCKS (excuse the word)
Judy: no, they had a call-in last night, 96% thought they should get the gold
Pamela: the picture on the front page of our freebie paper had Steven Stills at the concert here last night holding a sign that said "Jamie and David - you wuz robbed!"
BobS: true sentiment
Rich Drushel: Well, have your mint make them some special gold medals :-)
james: how do the russians feel?
Rich Drushel: And put a Mr. Yuk design on some galvanized iron and send it to Moscow :-)
BobS: and you can not blame the russian skaters......or can you......they stubbornly and aloof-ly took the metals and said the "deserved" them
Judy: they were talking about it again tonight, they may get the gold yet
Rich Drushel: Well, as a skater, you can only skate...unless you are part of the "fix".
George: olympics completetly corrupted
rich-c: no, the decision is irreversible
james: personally, i'd rather earn a silver medal than receive a gold that i didn't.
Meeka: I agree, it really can't be blamed on the athleats
Rich Drushel: Maybe Tonya Harding was brought out of retirement to be the goon squad.
rich-c: CNN claims it's a tradeoff with the French for support in ice dancing
Pamela: actually, since Tonya is homeless at the moment, she might be looking for a payoff or two
Rich Drushel: ? Tonya is homeless?
Judy: maybe not they were saying tonight, just hasn't been done before
Pamela: I have heard that theory more that once too
Pamela: Yes, for non-payment of rent to the tune of $5,000\
james: what bugs me is you have the opening ceremonies, all the athletes make a pledge to "compete in fairness" and everything is nice and giving people
Rich Drushel: Gack, how low can you get?
Pamela: Well, after all we're talking Tonya Harding here, so pretty low
james: the warm and fuzzies about "one humanity" and not two days later, it's devolved into bribery, drugs and squabbling. it's truly pathetic.
Rich Drushel: She had talent...just couldn't seem to escape her trailer-trash upbringing, pardon me.
rich-c: one writer claims it's already decided that in dance the Canadians will place fifth
Rich Drushel: Well, what do you do, Richard? Come out and skate in the nude in protest or something?
james: of course now that's all out in the open, it'll change. they can't very well award according to what the papers are writing.
james: :D now *that* would be something rich :D
Rich Drushel: Moon the judges?
Pamela: she couldn't compete fairly
Judy: that is why I don't like to watch the dance
rich-c: I don't care about the olympics anyway so I'll do nothing
Judy: they have had trouble for years and years
rich-c: at least now everyone will know better than to bet on the results
Pamela: I want Shae-Lynn and Victor to win!
Rich Drushel: How about curling with an ADAM?? :-)
Pamela: Isn't that similar to the boat anchor theory?
Rich Drushel: Or better yet, the printer/power supply; it's heavier.
rich-c: and a better shape
james: yes, and far more useless :D
Rich Drushel: printer has a convenient handle, use the platen bar :-)
Pamela: Hey Bob, maybe that's what we should do this year - have an ADAM Olympics!
Rich Drushel: Doesn't Ron have something to do with curling, or am I misremembering?
rich-c: gotta take those little velcro feet off, though
james: anyone here live in detroit?
Rich Drushel: Replace with teflon.
rich-c: bingo!
Rich Drushel: No, but I'm 4 hours drive from it :-)
BobS: tis a thought
BobS: got a few dead ADAM's
Pamela: so are we!
Rich Drushel: Hey, we should pick a day and meet for lunch!
rich-c: yes, but Rich drives more conservatively
Pamela: but on which side of the border?
james: what border?
james: ;)
rich-c: Canada, it's cheaper
Rich Drushel: I don't care. Never been to Windsor.
Pamela: Not missing much
rich-c: hey, come on, live it up
Rich Drushel: No casinos for me, thanks.
rich-c: they even have a casino
Rich Drushel: I am fool enough without more excuses to be parted from my money :-)
Pamela: I go there a lot - I should know
rich-c: well, casinos have restaurants, and parking
james: i've been there. nice place.
Pamela: Windsor I mean, not the casino
BobS: whew thought youy were a gambling junkie
Pamela: you need an excuse?
rich-c: you could always take him to Tim Horton's for lunch
Pamela: Yeah, maybe I'll get family discount!
BobS: YEA Tim H's place
Rich Drushel: Off-topic, but here's a news tidbit you folks should appreciate:
rich-c: go
Pamela: isn't that Timbit?
BobS: stopped there for lunch on the way to Toronto 2 years ago.....didn't know what it was
BobS: but it was the only thign around we could easily find
Rich Drushel: "New Zealand Telecom has ordered an investigation after a customer received an account charging him a 'penalty for being an arrogant bastard'.
Pamela: they're nothing if not ubiqitous, Bob
Rich Drushel: "Aukland businessmen James Storrie discovered the $337.50 charge, printed under 'product or service', when he opened his mobile phone bill on Monday."
Pamela: He probably deserved it
rich-c: if NZ Tel is anything like Ma Bell, it should have been a credit
BobS: did he do that commercial i see on tv......about the guy hhoolerign UP at the building
Rich Drushel:
Rich Drushel: (just read on alt.folklore.computers)
Pamela: I hope you copied that, Rich
Pamela: if you typed it, I give up
Rich Drushel: Copied, I am not an automaton!
james: :D
Rich Drushel: bzzzt...error..`2KLASdl`09q2403 NO CARRIER
rich-c: that's what cut and paste is for
Pamela: thank you, Data
Rich Drushel: No, it's the evil twin today...
Rich Drushel: (twirls moustache)
Pamela: oh, pardon me Lore
Pamela: moustache?
Pamela: scary
Rich Drushel: Like a a mellerdrammer villain...of course Data and Lore are beardless...
Pamela: no follicles
Rich Drushel: Unless I mispelled moustache...
Pamela: no, looks okay to me
Rich Drushel: It is ou, isn't it?
BobS: youboys and girls got to get OFF the caffeine!!!!!!!
rich-c: clip it and run it through your spellcheck
Rich Drushel: No caffeine for me now...just some chocolate ice cream.
Pamela: Rich, we really have to make TNG fans of these people
james: it's right
Pamela: Thank, professor
rich-c: chocolate is just LOADED with caffine
james: lol
Rich Drushel: "The security of the Enterprise is of Paramount importance"--Picard, with straight face (somehow)
Pamela: before or after they crash land on the planet?
Rich Drushel: I think it was actually from "Time's Arrow" part 2...
Rich Drushel: Don't worry, I stopped memorizing episode titles after TNG went off the air.
Rich Drushel: Didn't watch DS9 enough to learn them, and never watched Voyager after Season 1.
Pamela: Voyageur yes, DS9 no
rich-c: don't know where you get the time to watch tv -I never can
Rich Drushel: "William Shatner's commercials are more canonical than Star Trek:Voyager"
Pamela: as far as I know, we have all the TNG episodes on tape - every single one
Meeka: ok gang, I have to get going. see ya next week.
Pamela: you have to make time Dad
Rich Drushel: Richard, I have no time now...but TNG was 1988-1995, when I *did* have time.
Rich Drushel: Bye, Meeka.
rich-c: nite Meeka
Pamela: Thanks again Meeka - appreciate the assistance
Pamela: Good nite
Meeka: no problem
BobS: Richard you gotta quit sleeping so late, you are retired aftera ll..........
Judy: bye, Meeka
Meeka: glad you got the hang of it
Judy: see you soon
Pamela: we'll see : )
BobS: night meeka
rich-c: that's the point, Bob, I've got a working life's worth to catch up on
Rich Drushel: So Pam, did you ever see Fellowship of the Ring?
Meeka left chat session
BobS: I got to work and should retire so I have some time
Pamela: nope, still haven't had time - but we will, don't worry
rich-c: so the time I get up in the morning is decided by the time I go to bed in the morning
Rich Drushel: Wait a little longer and you might get some trailers for The Two Towers (so say rumors).
Judy: good night all talk to you in a couple of weeks
BobS: time to got to bed kids.....the round one is not soming on so I am bummed.....and Herman is late also.......
Pamela: note the a.m.s in that statement
Rich Drushel: Bye Judy and Bob...
rich-c: nite Judy
Rich Drushel: Morning is the part of the day that comes at the end of the day, right?
BobS: see, you sleep ALL morning!!!!
rich-c: you're off too, Bob? Hope to hear from you from FL
Pamela: good night Bob - good nite Judy - thank you for your help
(BobS groans loudly)
Pamela: Have a good trip
Judy: my pleasure
Judy: will do
BobS: thank ya, will see if we have time visit the chat group from SUNNY WARM FL
Rich Drushel: Bad sequence of responses from Bob and Judy...
BobS left chat session
Pamela: hey, I thought it worked!
Rich Drushel: ROTFL
Judy left chat session
rich-c: think you might be on Saturday, Rich?
Rich Drushel: I hope so...let me check the grand calendar in the kitchen.
Pamela: ah - the great kitchen oracle
Pamela: everyone has one of those
rich-c: I think I'm free if I can remember - Daytona 500 is Sunday
Pamela: My father - the only person who plans his life around races
rich-c: no, sometimes around real football, too
Pamela: oh, sorry
Pamela: forgot that
Rich Drushel: Joan is evening shift Saturday...and I *may* have to go to some potluck dinner for parents of kids who are taking journalism at the high school (i.e., Christina).
Pamela: how's that going for her?
Rich Drushel: So Richard, which football is "real" for you, the American or European kind?
rich-c: Canadian
Pamela: the Canadian kind
Rich Drushel: Journalism is working well for her, she's had some articles printed, and she had a page that was all hers to manage in the last issue.
rich-c: three downs, proper size field, 12 men per team
Rich Drushel: Haha, pardonez moi, I forgot about the Canadian kind...50 lashes for bad international relations.
Pamela: That's great to know - I know she was looking forward to it when I talked to her in July
Pamela: sheesh - these 'murricans
Rich Drushel: (I probably spelled that bit of French wrong)
Pamela: actually Rich, it's right
james: :) i've seen worse, rich
Rich Drushel: My Finnish friend is harrassing me too about the Olympics, as if it were my personal fault that NBC is trying to sell airtime to the lowest common redneck denominator here...and can't be bothered to use the right umlauts for German and Scandinavian names in captions.
rich-c: that's OK, it's the pronunciations of the names that they really bungle
Rich Drushel: I can't make "Americans" be good world citizens...I can just be one myself and hope for the best.
rich-c: did you hear Rosie pronounce Sale and Pelletier?
james: honestly though, any country is the same.
Pamela: missed that one - what did she say?
rich-c: sort of "Sal" and "Pettet-er"
james: let me guess "sale" as in "on sale" and "pell-cher"..
Rich Drushel: Are those both French names? (sorry, I don't recognize them)
rich-c: yes, there's an e acute on Sale
rich-c: she got forgiven on grounds her heart was in the right place
Pamela: hmmm.
Rich Drushel: My pal J-P is always annoyed that English speakers don't get the vowel and consonant lengths right when pronouncing Finnish names.
Rich Drushel: In Finnish, a doubled letter is said twice.
Pamela: We obviously need more practice
Rich Drushel: The doubled letters can make a critical difference in meaning--changing an innocent word into an obscene one, for instance.
rich-c: us racing fans are good on Finnish names - Hakkinen, Makinen
james: yeah, everyone is always knocking english speakers though, as if we're supposed to know the pronunciation of every language.
rich-c: and of course there are Finnish players in the NHL too
Rich Drushel: But in English, the duration of sounds doesn't mean anything, except for emphasis or emotion.
james: i've heard my name mangled pretty badly, and "james" isn't all that hard to pronounce..
Pamela: neither is Clee, but I've heard them all
Rich Drushel: Big, biiig, biiiig mean the same in English, but could be totally different words in Finnish.
rich-c: is there a cognate of the J sound in Japanese?
Rich Drushel: Probably comes out as a y?
james: yes but japanese vowels are somewhat different and there are no closed sounds (ie; consonantal endings)
rich-c: and they must have real fun with the Carlo part
james: it tends to get pronounced jems.
james: he he, yeah my last name is translitterated as deka-ro
Rich Drushel: Japanese versions of English words are rearranged to make them conform to the all-open-syllables rule. I.e., if two consonant sounds are together in English, a vowel will be inserted between them and one appended to the end.
james: japanese have a sound between r and l, hence their notorious mangling of both sounds.
Pamela: okay, try Stojcevski on for size
rich-c: as in ba-se-ba-ru?
james: stoy-shev-skee
Pamela: pretty close - stoychefskee
Rich Drushel: Are there haceks over the s and c letters?
Pamela: unknown
Pamela: How about Kucharczyk?
Rich Drushel: If so, all s-->sh and c-->ch.
rich-c: koo-char-sik?
james: also, the japansee have a tendency to pronounce english "ah" like a long "o".
Pamela: kooharchuk
rich-c: Russian or Ukranian?
rich-c: or Polish?
rich-c: I'd guess Ukranian
Pamela: Stojcevski, Macedonian. Kucharczyk, absolutely no idea
james: i'd guess eastern bloc and wouldn't get beyond that. anyways, unless i decide to teach in my pajamas today, i should get dressed and eat brunch
rich-c: makes a difference in pronunciation
Pamela: you should hear people who try them for the first time on the board, and try spelling them to someone!
Rich Drushel: The cz combination is hard for me to say, ch-zh (ch in church, zh as in azure or measure).
rich-c: good afternoon then, james, and see you next week
Rich Drushel: I guess the UN needs to make an emergency humanitarian vowel drop over Eastern Europe.
james: will do :)
Pamela: I'm sure your students would like it James.
Rich Drushel: Bye James.
Pamela: LOL, Rich
Pamela: Have a good one, James
james: yes, and a consonant or two that's not prepended to a vowel would do wonders here..
james: thanks! see you all next week, or on sunday if i can't sleep.
rich-c: OK, we'll see
Rich Drushel: Sleep...sounds like a good began at 4:55 AM...
rich-c: yes, I think it's time to wind it down
Pamela: James, remind me to tell you about my high school english teacher teaching a class in his underwear some time
james: my day usually ends at that time.
james: think you may have mentioned that to me pam!
Rich Drushel: Okay, good night/day to all...
james: *poof*
Pamela: It's a memory I treasure
rich-c: nite Rich
james left chat session
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Pamela: It's bedtimre for all of us, I think.
rich-c: and time for this old guy to log some ZZZs too
rich-c: OK, goodnight George, goodnight Pam
Pamela: Dad, I'll try to get over in the next couple of days - we'll see how things go
rich-c: OK
George: nite all
Pamela: Sweet dream, Papa. Good nite, george
rich-c: poof
Pamela: poof
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