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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to George
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: I was getting lonely
George: hi Rich
rich-c: don't know where everybody is tonight
George: where is everyone?
rich-c: the Slopsemas are in Florida, but that shouldn't stop them
rich-c: Guy is often late, as is Bob Bair
rich-c: Pamela is likely watching tv and may turn up later
rich-c: don't know what's with Ron these days
rich-c: anyway, before any others arrive, something I wanted to mention
George: ok
rich-c: you see the third menu heading at the top - Rooms?
George: yes
rich-c: if you click on it and then one of the choices (like Hallway, maybe)
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: then you move to a separate screen
rich-c: that way two people can talk "privately"
changed username to Snuffles MacSick
George: ok
Snuffles MacSick: heddo
rich-c: oh dear Rich, the kids bring a bad one home from school?
Snuffles MacSick: part of me thinks I'm going to die. the rest wishes I could
rich-c: sounds more like the flu
Snuffles MacSick: whatever. I'm looking for sympathy
rich-c: sympathy
rich-c: see, there it is
Snuffles MacSick: It's actually the west coast
rich-c: yes, the second line let me twig to that
rich-c: I was about to change it to too much curling
Snuffles MacSick: haven't much choice but to watch the events of the Olympiad
Snuffles MacSick: hockey curling skeleton whatever
rich-c: are you making up for your absence the last couple weeks by being early this time?
Snuffles MacSick: again- no other choice. Had to cancel my meeting
rich-c: meeting?
Snuffles MacSick: some clouds have silver linings
Snuffles MacSick: yes..... I'm chair of an event happening in May, and our planning meetings have taken over this time here
rich-c: me, I'm mostly working on my computer
Snuffles MacSick: so much for directive leadership
rich-c: I'm having problems
Snuffles MacSick: OH?
rich-c: my help file is deficient
Snuffles MacSick changed username to Ron
Ron: how so?
rich-c: it has no entry for "possession, demonic"
Ron: are you possessed?
rich-c: no, but the computer seems to be
George: it just has a mind of its own
Ron: Joy. General Failure and Murphy collaborating?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: it crashed out of Norton, froze in Explorer, gave a GFP on Freecell - just for starters
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, how's Chicago
George: reformat
Ron: From the "take my advice I'm not using dept"
Ron: erase the whole damn thing and start again
Ron: Hello Guy
rich-c: reformat and have to reinstall everything? - you can't be serious
George: format c: /u
Ron: yep
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: what is the /u qualifier?
left chat session
George: unconditional
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: looks like Guy's having trouble getting in
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: no, it's Meeka
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich-c: heard from the folks yet?
Meeka: how is everyone?
Meeka: yes
moved to room Meeting Place
George: hi Meeka
changed username to Guy B.
Meeka: they made it to flordia just fine
rich-c: ah, now Guy is back
Ron: where in Fla?
rich-c: did Bob get the information on Slingshot?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Got some good news and bad news.
rich-c: go Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: that wasn't the go I meant - but then I don't think he took it that way. either
George: what happened?
rich-c: looks like Guy is having problems of some sort
Meeka: they are on the east side of the state. I don't remember what city the g-parents live in off hand
Ron: ic
Ron: =I see
rich-c: Bob said Ft. Lauderdale and there's a Slingshot number there - I checked
rich-c: it's down on the southern side a few suburbs north of Miami
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: so what's the bad news Guy?
rich-c: going to stay a while now, Guy?
Guy B.: Ok, third time's the charm. Ok, the bad news is the Athlon mouse and keyboard ports have gone out.
Meeka: brb. need to go get a drink
Ron: sounds like a plan Meeka
rich-c: (huh - I've needed one all day. Bet Guy could stand a stiff one too)
Guy B.: I cannot use the Athlon. The good news is I got Netzero working on the P133 and that's what I'm on tonight.
Ron: I am going to stay clear of new computers methinks
Ron: There's no box like and old box
rich-c: right. if it ain't an Adam, be suspicious
Ron: exactly
Guy B.: I had this computer one year and it looks like I might need a new motherboard. My P133 I had five years and the only thing I had to replace was a bad hard drive two years ago.
rich-c: Guy, any idea if your failure is software or hardware?
Ron: surprises me not. Quality control has become a discretionary item
rich-c: sort of like turn signals on the new cars
Guy B.: It's hardware. Win98 failed to recognize the mouse and no response from the keyboard. Not even a warning before it booted up.
rich-c: sounds like the serial ports have gone away
rich-c: wonder if ti's fixable (loose connection, whatever) or total toast?
Guy B.: The serial ports work, so do the USB, everything else works except the PS/2 ports which have the mouse and the keyboard.
Guy B.: It's an ATX motherboard.
Meeka: ok i here
Ron: you got your BIOS settings in order?
rich-c: well, that's just the size measurement, and the most common nowadays
Guy B.: BIOS is fine. In fact, since I cannot use the keyboard, I cannot get that up.
Ron: Lordy (total change of subject) these Linux screen savers are getting better each build
rich-c: could you find a PS/2 to USB adapter to put the keyboard on?
Ron: my PII displaying a flaming lower area with a flaming face coming out of it....grinning and smoking a pipe
rich-c: I know my mouse has a PS/2 adapter on a USB cord
Ron: my demon
Guy B.: I tried that yesterday. A friend from work gave me one. The system just hung there untl I removed the cable.
Ron: anyway....sorry to change the subject
rich-c: does he have black leathery wings, Ron?
Ron: nope. no wings, just a head and it's grinning
Guy B.: I'm going to contact the dealer where I got it from to see if he can help me out.
Ron: looks like a red hot version of Rick Nelson
rich-c: yes, it should still be under warranty - you havent had it that long
Guy B.: I bought the kit back in January of last year.
rich-c: what make of motherboard do you have, Guy?
Guy B.: It's an M800LMR
Ron: must write that down
rich-c: that sounds like a model number - who makes it?
Guy B.: That's the name of the board. It also says PC200 Systemboard.
rich-c: sounds like a Chinese discount special - maybe that's the problem
Ron: mm
rich-c: if the maker won't put his name on it - don't trust it
Guy B.: And I saw this identical barebones computer at the Central Computer Show last month and that can use an Athlon 900. Same case and motherboard.
rich-c: barebones motherboards in my experience are not a good buy
Guy B.: Well the P133 is a barebones and it still runs great after 5 years.
rich-c: yes, but is that good judgment or good luck?
rich-c: my AMD K6-166 runs fine after everal years too
Guy B.: I would say judgement since that motherboard is a Micronics.
rich-c: well, at least it has a name on it
Guy B.: Meeka, is Doug near by?
rich-c: not one I know - are they still in business?
Guy B.: Yes, it's part of Micron.
rich-c: heard teh name but I'm not familiar with it
Ron: brb
Guy B.: They built custom PC's. Best Buy sold them for a time.
rich-c: oh, OK, basically "white box" assemblers, then
rich-c: they can be good or they can be bad
rich-c: like cakes, the quality depends on the ingredients
Guy B.: But, that manufacturer should backup their work.
Meeka: yes, he is here, but kinda involved in hiis on-line game like usual
rich-c: yes, but first you have to find them to ask them to do it
Guy B.: Meeka, ask Doug if it's possible that a short could cause a part of PS/2 ports to go out without warning?
rich-c: some motherboards like Asus or AOpen or Gigabyte or MSI, everyone sells and they have agents nearby
Guy B.: Tigerdirect sells Gigabyte motherboards.
rich-c: yes, they make a wide line from cheapie stinkers to quite well up the high end
Meeka: he says that a power surge could cause it, but it is hard to tell
rich-c: Guy, you wouldn't run a computer without surge protection, would you?
Guy B.: Hmm, I have the computer on a powersurge strip. I'll have to have someone look at the board to find out what happen.
rich-c: trouble is these days, a new board is cheaper than an hour of tech help
rich-c: just for kicks, have you tested the keyboard and mouse on your other computer and do they work?
Guy B.: I'm leaning towards that optin Rich. But, I may have someone install it for me.
Guy B.: I tried three different keyboards and mice including from the P133 and no dice.
rich-c: well, if you can pin the trouble down to a pretty exact area, fixing may be economical
rich-c: yes, but did you try the Athlon keyboard and mouse with the P133?
Ron: a little bit of problem isolation goes a long way sometimes
Guy B.: When I bought the computer. It came with a pair of speakers, mouse and keyboard.
rich-c: Meeka, did you get my email about Slingshot and did you pass the info to Bob?
Guy B.: No, I haven't. I should try it to be sure.
Meeka: e-mail? when did you send it?
rich-c: last week, I think
Ron: Finland Canada hockey about to start in Salt Lake City
Ron: every 4 years I become a hockey fan
rich-c: used the address given on your website
rich-c: also sent two others to Bob
Guy B.: Our U.S. mens hockey team have a good chance to win a medel this time.
Meeka: not sure, I checked it today, but nothing really stood out. Didn't really pay to close oof attention though
Ron: they sure put the shoes to Germany earlier
rich-c: yes, the US team haws come together well
Meeka: I will have to doublr check later.
rich-c: better maybe than our guys
Ron: could be Rich
Meeka: don't have my e-mail set up on my laptop yet
rich-c: if Bob got the message he could join us tonight
Ron: hence, the Slingshot
rich-c: Slingshot is an instant ISP in many US cities - ten hours, ten bucks
Ron: Like a Vancouver Island 'tin can and string' on steroids
rich-c: I will likely get it and bring my laptop to Adamcon
Ron: neat
rich-c: Slingshot isnt in Canada yet - they have plans but they're indeterminate
Guy B.: Mine will come too and I may even bring a tower computer with Adamserve on it.
rich-c: that should be fun, Guy - I would be interested to see it
rich-c: but my idea is simply to be able to join in the Saturday night chat at the 'con
Ron: this year I will travel uncharacteristically light
Ron: If I were to take my usual load, I wouldn't make it across the border
Meeka: imagine that ;-)
Ron: yeah right!
Guy B.: I'm going to add DOS in addition to Win95 that's on the P75.
rich-c: maybe you should drive down to Seattle and hop Soutwest to the 'con, Ron
Ron: that'll make a good ADAMserve box Guy
Ron: there's never been a cost advantage in that Rich. Although each year I check
Guy B.: Fortunately that compuer has two serial ports. The mouse is on one of them. The other I can use for Adamserve.
Ron: from Vancouver maybe
rich-c: the prices I've heard for Southwest are really terrific, Ron - you might check their website
rich-c: I think they have an over-65 deal that's double digits anywhere they fly
Ron: we'll see
Ron: I have my own sources here, and they've always done pretty well by me
Guy B.: Ron, it would be far cheaper to fly Southwest from Seattle to Grand Rapids. Check out their website,
Ron: but I'm not over 65
Ron: yet
rich-c: OK, so you pay $139 or something - big deal
Ron: yes, but I have to get to seattle first
Ron: I tell you, it just doesn't work from here
rich-c: aye, there's the rub
Ron: believe me we've tried
rich-c: it's not that long a drive, but what do you do with the car till you're back?
Guy B.: How long will it take you from Vancouver to Seattle?
Ron: 6 hours plus 2 hour ferry ride
rich-c: Van to Seattle is only a couple of hours
Ron: no it was more than that when I drove it back
rich-c: for the Adamcon there we flew to Van and rented a car
rich-c: but you have to get from Comox to Vancouver first
rich-c: after that, maybe Geoff could help
Ron: Jeff
rich-c: SORRY!
Ron: he keeps telling me
Ron: I'll get there one way or 'tother
rich-c: and relies on you to pass it on?
Ron: yeah
rich-c: big article in the Star lasst week
Guy B.: Jeanene and I celebrated Abby's birthday last week. She's now officially a senior at age 8.
rich-c: about all the Toronto folks driving to Buffalo to fly to US destinations
rich-c: how much is that in cat years, Guy?
Ron: for me it's a matter of convenience. I get on a plane, and then I get off
Guy B.: In dog years that's 56 years.
Meeka: Rich, where is Pam tonight?
Ron: aha
rich-c: that doesn't make a senior, Guy
rich-c: I don't know - she was here last night and said she'd be on
Guy B.: Yes, it does. Dogs are considered senior's between 7 & 9 years old. Depends on the breed and size. My vet recommended I start her on senior food at age 8.
rich-c: brought over he cross-stitch and showed off the French knots
Ron: 1-0 Canada
Ron: YAY!
Meeka: well, it is always exciting when you finally figure out new stitches
rich-c: early days, Ron. Don't get too sanguine
Ron: ok
rich-c: but it is better than the other way round
rich-c: assume you know Bekarus picked off Sweden today
rich-c: Belarus
Ron: oh yes
Ron: wouldn't want to be inside tommy salo's head right now
Ron: salo? salow?
rich-c: salo I think
rich-c: unfortunately Harold Ballard cured me of any enthusiasm for hockey
Ron: and may others I dare say
Ron: Meeka - a question
Meeka: yes
Ron: up on my Apple website there are some older ADAMcon pics - They been there for a while. They were meant for you
Meeka: ok
Ron: to download and put in the collection. gonna change them soon for some more, did you get them yet?
Ron: once I get another roundtuit
Ron: there will be more
rich-c: you have a website, Ron?
Meeka: no, I guess I have been busy lately
Meeka: what was the sddress agian?
Ron: oh it's just a preformated space that Apple provides.
Meeka: address that is
Ron: will give you the site url....just a sec
rich-c: Guy, you're very quiet - off multi-tasking?
rich-c: George, are you still with us?
George: yes i goofed and hit the wrong key
rich-c: you're stealinhg my lines
Guy B.: I was getting a package ready to ship this Saturday. I won't be working that day since out IT dept is doing system maintenance this weekend.
rich-c: I think there is one key which if hit unintentionally will knock you right out of chat
George: don't hit it
rich-c: hey, you know that Adam I shipped last week? It arrived today
rich-c: George, if I knew which one it was, I wouldn't
rich-c: just a week to West Virginia is startling for the USPS
George: i have to find that money order again
rich-c: whatever, whenever, George
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George: ah found it in my IE 6.0 pack
changed username to Ron
Ron: Oh Oh... I'm doube
rich-c: it's OK, ignore it and it will go away
Ron: Disregard Meeka - looks like my website has expired
Ron: so I'll get the pics to you
rich-c: sure you haven't just forgotten the url, Ron?
Ron: No, I have the url, because I just went to the site and looked it up
Ron: tried to access it, and was unable
rich-c: you and Meeka are both on cable so should have bandwidth to burn, Ron
Ron: webspace, bandwidth yup
rich-c: it isn't like sending a big file to us dialup folks who need a day to download it
Ron: I hope I don't do that
Ron: used to be a dialup person
rich-c: if its any consolation, I've never caught you at it
Ron: remember it well
Ron: ok
George: i'm on dialup tonight
rich-c: on chat, no one can tell the difference
Ron: find it was ok for Chat George, but downloads were another matter
Ron: but even on cable there can be difficulties
George: i know
Ron: just downloaded 3 CD's worth of Linux Distro. And for some reason I couldn't find a mirror that would give me any
Ron: more than 12 K per second
Ron: usually it's around 80 K /sec for shorter files
George: winmx is slow even on dsl
Ron: these were 600 Meg plus per CD image
Ron: so they took all night pretty much
Ron: found the throughput varying all the way between 3 k/sec and 18k/sec
rich-c: yes, your connection speed is meaningless if the server you're using is overloaded
Ron: yeah
Ron: so for stuff like that, Mac does the night shift
Ron: and I sleep
rich-c: it's the only realistic way
Ron: yup
Ron: becoming a Linux distribution junkie.... in addition to my other junkies
Guy B.: OK, folks I'm going to go. I'll keep you all informed on what I find out with the Athlon. I'll try to be here on Saturday if I'm not to tied up. Otherwise see you next week.
Meeka: buy guy
Ron: Yes Guy please do. Would like to know about that
rich-c: OK Guy, I will try to remember to be on - see you then
Ron: ya never know.. i too might have an 800 meg motherboard some day
rich-c: with a G4 of course, Ron
Ron: wellllll
Guy B.: Maybe I'll have a better one with a processor I can upgrade later. Ok, see you all later.
Ron: maybe,
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: nite Guy
Ron: niters Guy
George: i'm looking for a P4
rich-c: I know my motherboard is good up to 2 gig but I don't know how much faster
Ron: Thinking I have to get up above 500 meg soon - they're starting to appear second hand
Ron: Toronto probably has stores full of them
rich-c: in Wintel you're right, lots of 500 mhz around
rich-c: but in respectable computers, the market is thinner
Ron: I believe ya
rich-c: still, I'm trying to suggest to Frances she get a new hard disc for the Amiga
rich-c: outfit here has a 9-gig SCSI for $139
Ron: what's she running now?
Ron: not bad. SCSI's are usually pricier
rich-c: the original 80 meg and a 1 gig
rich-c: they also have a 36 gig SCSI for about 239
Ron: there was a time when that would have been plenty
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rich-c: but Frances says she'll never live long enough to fill her 1 gig drive
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi, sorry I'm late
rich-c: hello daughter, you're late
Ron: well hello there
rich-c: you're lucky Meeka is still here
Meeka: hey Pam you made it
Pamela: I was schmoozing with my best bud
Ron: that's allowed
rich-c: which one?
Pamela: well, it's been forever since I saw Kimberly - we're both so busy
rich-c: yes, and she lives a whole five floors down
Pamela: which is pretty silly when you consider that we live four floors apart
Pamela: She says hello, by the way
rich-c: thanks, and do pass my hello right back
Pamela: I will
Ron: yes likewise
Pamela: How are you Ron, and why are you showing up twice?
Ron: Don Cherry is making a fool of himself again
rich-c: you mean as usual, Ron
Pamela: so what else is new?
Ron: I know Pam. I left once, and failed to de-materialize
Ron: To answer your question - I've been better
Pamela: that doesn'
Ron: mother and I have had flu for the past 5 days
rich-c: now he doesn't know which one to boot
Pamela: tsound good
Ron: snuffle
rich-c: can't tell the corporeal from the spook
Pamela: ick
Ron: So as I said earlier, I'm looking for sympathy
Pamela: Poooor Ron
Ron: thank you
Pamela: want the cold I've had for five weeks instead?
Ron: negative, dear
rich-c: you didn't tell us about that last night, Pam
Pamela: it's all but gone now, Dad
Ron: Mother gave me mine
rich-c: I hope you didn't leave it here when you left
Pamela: I hope not too. It wasn't my intention to leave any extras
Pamela: anything we need to give you sympathy for, Meeka?
Ron: I always know that something is wrong when I don't feel like going near the fridge
George: someone take my crohn's please
Ron: is that true George? You got that?
Pamela: That isn't communicable, is it George?
George: yes
Ron: more serious I think
Meeka: not right now. I am finally over my sinus infection I have been fighting for the last coouple weeks
Pamela: Pooor Meeka. Those are nasty.
Ron: ok.... now I know who to blame
rich-c: anyway, any of the rest of you end up with surplus sympathy, George needs it
Ron: yes I'd say so Rich
George: it was passed down from my mother
Pamela: do you want sympathy George?
Ron: hereditary?
rich-c: not want, Pamela - need
Ron: must be eh?
George: no just a break
Pamela: I wish we could give you that : (
Ron: some of us have heavier crosses to bear than other methinks
rich-c: amen
Pamela: George can I ask questions?
Pamela: or rather, may I?
George: yes
Pamela: How does it affect your day to day living?
George: i'm kinda tied to the bathroom all day
rich-c: George, if you want to keep it private, you and Pamela can move to another room
George: sorry
Pamela: no, don't apologize
rich-c: just click on room, follow the arrow right on the first line, and click Hallway
Ron: no need
Pamela: None of us are shy - we just didn't want you to be uncomfortable
George: right now my body is very stiff
Pamela: is that unusual?
Ron: sounds like no fun
rich-c: that's the weather today
rich-c: it's getting to me too - been on the limp all day
George: it goes with crohn's arthritis
rich-c: goes with any arthritis, as I'm finding out to my pain
George: yes that too
Pamela: Dad, were you limping last night? I didn't notice if you were
rich-c: I wasn't as bad last night, but I have been having problems
Pamela: George, do any of the usual OTC medications help?
rich-c: you don't use OTC stuff for arthritis
George: not really i have my meds. prescribed by my doctor
Meeka: we I had better get going
rich-c: I guess you'd need a cox inhibitor, George
Meeka: see you next week
rich-c: I doubt your digestive system could stand NSAIDs
Pamela: goodnite Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka
Ron: nite Meeka
Pamela: I'll be earlier next week
Meeka: ok
Pamela: : )
Meeka left chat session
George: no, they tear my stomach apart
rich-c: not surprised
Ron: I'm just looking at some of the symptoms on a website
Ron: boy!
rich-c: I can still tolerate two Arthrotec a day, but even my iron guts let me know it's there
Pamela: what have you found, Ron?
rich-c: bad news, isn't it, Ron
Ron: you bet
George: most of the time i take darvocet for pain
Pamela: Wow, that's powerful stuff
George: yes
rich-c: when you can't tolerate all the usual analgesics, you use what you can live with
Ron: So George, I take it you can manage (some days) but there's no cure?
George: sometimes they boost it to oxycotin
George: no cure yet
Pamela: now that's one I haven't heard of
rich-c: don't know that one - have a hunch I don't want to
Pamela: is it a narcotic?
Ron: and is it also used to treat shingles?
George: most powerful here in US
Ron: rings a bell. Think 3 years ago whan Mom had that they tried oxycotin
Ron: and she had to sign for it
rich-c: ah - does the "co" indicate coedine content?
George: its been in the news here for overdose deaths
Ron: indeed
rich-c: sounds like it may have coedine
Pamela: that's codeine, Dad
rich-c: sorry, my spellcheck doesnt work in chat
Pamela: I peeked at my T1 bottle
Ron: I wouldn't have noticed
rich-c: anyway, that's part of the opiate group
Pamela: Was there an article on oxycotin in People recently?
Pamela: re the overdose deaths, that is
George: i'm not sure
Ron: I shall no longer complain about my condition
rich-c: as I think you know, George, Canada isn't quite so hysterical about the opiates
rich-c: we can buy some mild codeine compounds on an OTC basis
George: it says its a chloroform derivitive in my pdr
Ron: encouraging
rich-c: now that's interesting
George: i'm glad i don't take it much
rich-c: given the risks, I'd expect that
rich-c: Ron, how's the game going?
Ron: Still 1-zip canada
rich-c: I'd be happier with a thicker cushion
Ron: If it wasn't for the Finnish goaltender it would be much more than that
Pamela: how far in, Ron?
Ron: half way thru 2nd period
Ron: 13 min gone in the 2nd
rich-c: hot goalies are bad news when it's the opposition that has them
Ron: problem now is the fluke goal
Pamela: and that shoot out rule doesn't help
Ron: Brodeur has only had to handle about 6 shots
rich-c: or someone getting impatient and taking a bad penalty
Ron: yup
Pamela: well the Finns thought they were going to walk all over us - I'm glad we're proving them wrong
rich-c: if all the play is in Finland's end, they've got to not get overconfident and allow a breakaway
Ron: think that is what everyone was afraid of
Ron: so far, they're being out played
rich-c: well, we sure have a bunch of effective shooters
rich-c: but the lack of the centre red line can catch our guys out
Ron: All's I know is that I will sit through and completely enjoy an Olympic hockey game
Pamela: even if they are pros - but that's a soapbox for another night
Ron: and I can't quite figure why. They're mostly all NHL players
Ron: aha
Pamela: no fights?
Ron: 2 - 0 Canada
Ron: Lemiux
Pamela: YAY!
rich-c: yes, but they're playing a short series for joy - it makes a difference
Ron: I think so.
Ron: There has been little pushing and shoving
Pamela: good - I've never liked the thought of hockey as a blood sport
Ron: oh oh
Ron: 2-1 Canada
Ron: here we go
Pamela: dang
Ron: I can remember high school coaches yelling at me... that my job on defence
Ron: Sob in another sweater
Ron: away from the front of the net
Ron: didn't happen here
Ron: Jeff just phoned
rich-c: gotta give the goalie a chance to see what's coming
Ron: gonna have to drop out guys
rich-c: see you next week, Ron
Pamela: well, it's bedtime anyway I think
Pamela: so g'nite Ron
Ron: yup late perhaps but ill be there
Ron: nite
rich-c: nite
Ron left chat session
Pamela: I suppose I should go to bed
rich-c: OK, the bottom one is the ghost, then
Pamela: yup
rich-c: but I do think it is getting on bedtime
Pamela: George, take care, okay?
George: me too
rich-c: right - so goodnight, Pamela and George
George: nite all
rich-c: see y'all next week
Pamela: I will see everyone next week. Good night, Dad. Good nite, George.
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
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