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George: hi
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Dr. D.: Hello Richarc.
Dr. D.: oops, Richard.
rich-c: hi rich sorry I'm late
Dr. D.: I am finally free for a Saturday chat.
rich-c: my new computer just died
Dr. D.: Just finished a Science Olympiad competition here at CWRU.
Dr. D.: RIP, sorry to hear it.
Dr. D.: Was it new-new, or just-new-to-you?
rich-c: new-new, athlon 1600XP
rich-c: got it in December
Dr. D.: Died in what way?
rich-c: wont boot, sounds like hard disc failure
Dr. D.: Hopefully still under warranty?
rich-c: yes, because I'll need it
rich-c: question is, can the hard disc and its datas be saved
Dr. D.: Was there a power failure or lightning strike etc. at your place? Or just worked-yesterday, won't-boot-today?
rich-c: hints earlier - the odd funny noise
rich-c: yesterday on a boot it couldn't find himem.sys, but on rebott no problem
Dr. D.: What brand is it, or is it a non-name?
Dr. D.: oops, no-name.
rich-c: another time it couldn't find the VRAM
rich-c: it's a white boMSI K7V Turbo-2 RU motherbopard, Athlon 1600XP
rich-c: hard disc is 40 gig ATA100 7200 rom
Dr. D.: I.e., not Dell/HP/Compaq/Gateway.
rich-c: no, it's a system assembled to my specs by a local dealer
Dr. D.: Well, then you have some recourse.
rich-c: fortunately I have the old 166 still running, and the laptop as backup
Dr. D.: Maybe even better than if it were a name-brand.
rich-c: this outfit brags about their service - they'll need to perform
Dr. D.: Haha, put their money where their mouths are :-)
rich-c: yes, that's it
Dr. D.: BTW, before I forget, congrats to the Canadian women hockey team. Have the men played yet?
rich-c: I'll give them all the necessary tools - faithfully made all the recovery discs
rich-c: the men beat Belarus 7 - 1 yesterday, play US today for gold
Dr. D.: That was what I meant, had the gold US-CN game been played yet?
rich-c: I am getting attacks seems evry two minutes - is Zone Alarm showing anything your end?
rich-c: I think the game is to go at 3.15 today, should be just starting
Dr. D.: I have no Zone Alarm problems observed though.
Dr. D.: Hey, maybe I should go home now and watch :-)
rich-c: you have a router as firewall?
Dr. D.: (I'm in my office right now)
Dr. D.: I have nothing that I know about...since I'm hooked right into CWRUnet right now.
rich-c: then you'd be through a router I guess
Dr. D.: Did anything special happen at Wednesday's chat?
rich-c: not really, tho" Ron showed up
Dr. D.: Thought he might have trekked down to Salt Lake City to watch the curlers :-)
rich-c: he's been missing last couple of chats
rich-c: no, he's busy with a community project
Dr. D.: What kind?
rich-c: there must be a nasty worm on the net
rich-c: I'm getting hits every few seconds
rich-c: and they all seem to be from different URLs
Dr. D.: Well, why don't we call it a day and go watch some hockey :-)
rich-c: first, what time did you come on here?
Dr. D.: 2:59 PM.
rich-c: OK then no one was missed so we have a clear conscience
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: so as you say, let's go watch hockey
Dr. D.: Hope to make it this coming Wednesday...bye.
rich-c: bye now
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