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RICH-C: test
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changed username to George
RICH-C: good evening George
George: hello Rich
RICH-C: nice to swee you made it
RICH-C: hows the health tonight?
George: better
RICH-C: that's good to hear even if it's temporary
George: my computer is sluggish
RICH-C: you folks getting the benefit of that east coast storm?
George: no its dry but cold now
RICH-C: bummer
RICH-C: most of the coast seems to be getting quite a young blizzard
RICH-C: I know that you folks really need a good bout of precipitation
George: where is everyone?
RICH-C: oh, it's early times yet, they'll bve by
RICH-C: Bob may not be back from Florida yet
George: everytime a strm comes near it either goes north or south
RICH-C: I tried to tell him about Slingshot but I'm not sure he got the message
RICH-C: well, it is also important what happens up in the Poconos, in the Delaware watershed
RICH-C: I suspect that is whre Philadelphia gets its water from
George: we get it from new youk state
RICH-C: Really? That far away? I'm astonished
RICH-C: northern New Jersey I could see, it's part of your watershed
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changed username to Scott
RICH-C: see, here's someone else now
Scott: Hello, Rich
George: the poconos covers the chesappeake
RICH-C: hi Scott, how's it going?
Scott: Good.
RICH-C: anything to report on the disc drive?
Scott: How are you?
Scott: Oh, crap.
Scott: I totally forgot about your drive.
RICH-C: hope you got those images OK
RICH-C: because I don't have them any more
Scott: Phonecall
George: i'm losing my floppies
RICH-C: right - George I see what you mean
RICH-C: the Delaware rises in New York state
RICH-C: why are you losing your floppies, George?
George: they fell all over the floor
RICH-C: oh, you mean they just spilled
RICH-C: mine do that all the time
George: 2000 floppy pickup
RICH-C: these days it's even more annoying 'cause I don't bend as well as I used to
RICH-C: how come you have so many floppies?
George: i don't either
RICH-C: went out shopping today and now my left hip is telling me about it
George: i like to hoard things on floppy
Scott: Ok, back
Scott: Yes, I have your drive
RICH-C: and welcome back, Scott
Scott: My dad sent it along with all my other ADAM stuff
RICH-C: anyway, you did put those images on a CD, right?
Scott: He did some repair work
Scott: But it was my understanding he didn't finish repairing it.
Scott: So it's semi-repaired.
RICH-C: well, can you give it a try and see if it works?
Scott: Sure.
RICH-C: OK, if it's respectable, I would want it back
Scott: I must dig it out of all my ADAM stuff.
RICH-C: though wasting postage on a defunct drive might not be wise
Scott: Sure, it's yours, so you should get it back.
RICH-C: if necessary it could wait till Adamcon
Scott: I don't know how to repair drives. If I did, I would finish the job.
RICH-C: which when you come to think of it isn't far way now
Scott: I won't be coming to ADAMCon, so I'll have to ship it.
Scott: I can't come due to the cartridge investment.
RICH-C: you can't make Adamcon? That's a disappointment!
Scott: It's about 8,000 dollars
Scott: So I have to choose between ADAMCon and possibly the Classic Gaming Expo
RICH-C: well, maybe by August you'll be getting enough return to come by
Scott: The expo is where we will sell tons of ColecoVision carts.
Scott: It's over here in Nevada.
RICH-C: when and where is it, Scott?
Scott: Not that I'm in Nevada.
Scott: Las Vegas.
RICH-C: well, you are a few days drive closer to it than we are
Scott: I received your images fine.
RICH-C: that's good bexcause my hard disc croaked - knock of death
Scott: I was waiting to update my site until AT&T released the names I was using.
RICH-C: the computer's in the shop now getting the replacement put in
Scott: Bummer.
Scott: I have been playing a brand new ColecoVision cartridge called Cosmo Fighter 3
RICH-C: well, if I am extraordinarily lucky, the drive image I made Jan. 20th was successful
Scott: It's very good. We will be manufacturing a limited quantity.
RICH-C: if so, I'll get it back in its state as of Jan. 20th and only lose a month's work
Scott: I have scrapped plans to use Telegames for plastic manufacturing.
Scott: We are now using a company in Taiwan.
Scott: But we are in the early stages.
RICH-C: you've been doing a fair amount of entreprenurial work of late, then
RICH-C: George, do you play Colecovision games?
Scott: There's a lot of interest in ColecoVision development
Scott: Larger than I had anticipated.
RICH-C: you'd never know it by the action on eBay
Scott: Actually, a limited release copy of Mrs. Space Fury recently sold for a few hundred dollars.
Scott: I was shocked.
Scott: Others weren't.
RICH-C: (stunned silence at this end)
Scott: Also, check out some of the auctions for the rare carts.
RICH-C: maybe I should try some of those Expansion Modules and see if they work
Scott: Those Xonox double ender cartridges are being sold for over a hundred dollars.
Scott: You won't get much for an expansion module.
RICH-C: I only have one of the
RICH-C: one end is Artillery Duel and the other isn't
Scott: Marcel Kogel, the creator of ADAMEm created Cosmo Fighter 3.
Scott: He's also got another project he's working on.
Scott: I'm trying to get an e-mail response so that I can share development tools.
RICH-C: right, in that case I may even have a ROM image, maybe of teh alpha version
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Scott: I too am getting involved in game development
Scott: But not a lot of time.
changed username to james
RICH-C: he did put up a sample a couple of years back, didn't he?
james: good morning
RICH-C: good morning, james
Scott: Of Cosmo Fighter 1 & 2.
Scott: Those never came out as cartridges.
Scott: We'll correct that pretty soon.
RICH-C: like, Cosmo Fighter is a SERIES?
Scott: Cosmo 3 is brand new.
Scott: I am playing an unfinished build.
Scott: Yes, teh Cosmo Fighter series.
RICH-C: who'd 'a thunk it?
George: i had to make an emergency run to the BR.
Scott: Love to do more with my ADAM, but the activity right now is in the ColecoVision world.
RICH-C: ah, I was wonderingv where you had got to, George
Scott: You may not leave!
Scott: Hah!
George: it was unexpected
RICH-C: I tend to consider Colecovision as simply part of Adam, not a world of its own
Scott: Heh, it certainly is a world of its own.
Scott: ADAM is merely an extension of ColecoVision.
RICH-C: I think you'll find james is a part of it - or wants to be
George: my ADAM is back in mothballs
Scott: ColecoVision's the original.
RICH-C: no, Colecovision is simply one example of the many powers of Adam
Scott: Bzzt! Wrong!
RICH-C: little more respect there for your elders, Scott!
Scott: ADAM is an example of what ColecoVision could be with a little more memory, drives, etc.
james: sorry, i've been spacing out - part of what?
Scott: Just giving you a hard time!
RICH-C: Colecovision, james - you're a game enthusiast
Scott: ColecoVision is what led me to ADAM.
George: i used my ADAM for many things
Scott: So I have great respect for both camps.
RICH-C: of course - it supports the extended, really good games
Scott: Those who like ColecoVision for games only, and those who use ADAM for development purposes.
james: yeah. on occasion. i'm working on getting some stuff together. when and if i ever have free time i think it would be a very interesting project to
james: port ms. pacman
RICH-C: and me, who only bought it to finally get a typewriter that worked like a typewriter should
james: since it was written for the z80. of course the graphics and sound routines would need to be rewritten.
Scott: James: have you seen the ROM of Pacman for ColecoVision?
Scott: That could help.
james: i have it on cartridge scott :)
Scott: You have the ColecoVision cartridge of Pacman?
james: that's what got me thinking about ms. pacman. they're almost the same game.
james: i most certainly do. interested?
Scott: Yes, very.
Scott: Didn't know it ever got released.
Scott: I assumed that it only was available in ROM format.
james: i also have dig-dug, steam-roller, powerlords and another i can't bring to mind right now.
Scott: I am currently contacting Marcel to get some of his tools for game development.
Scott: Lord of the dungeon, by chance?
RICH-C: where is Marcel these days, by the way?
Scott: Supposedly, I have a copy of LOD on the way.
james: no, don't have that. never heard of that.
Scott: Guess what? Lord of the Dungeon is the first game to ever use battery backup.
Scott: It's an RPG.
Scott: A true RPG for the ColecoVision.
Scott: As I've been told, at least.
Scott: If you are serious about your project, then I have some people you need to talk to.
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RICH-C: you mean the cartridge itself had a battery backup?
Scott: I am heading a project right now to manufacture plastic casings.
Scott: Yes, Rich.
RICH-C: that I never heard of
Scott: I will also be manufacturing a number of new ColecoVision releases.
Scott: Neither did I until I found others out there.
RICH-C: I do hope the market is as good as you think
Scott: These games are courtesy of Good Deal Games.
james: oh yeah, now i remember. battery backup and memory on the cartridge.
Scott: Yes, that one.
Scott: Rich -- we'll be doing limited releases of about 100 cartridges.
james: 100 new cartridges?
RICH-C: whoops, someone tried to get in but fell off
Scott: According to Mike who has sold Sega CD releases, people are screaming for his ColecoVision releases.
Scott: The only way to manufacture is in limited runs.
james: i'd definitely be interested.
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RICH-C: yes, you have to hold down your investment - it's a very dicey business
Scott: I will be manufacturing 2,000-3,000 casings.
changed username to Guy B.
Scott: Shortly.
RICH-C: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Scott: That should be enough for all of our future releases.
George: hi Guy
Scott: Hello.
Scott: Guy.
Scott: James -- how serious are you about your project?
RICH-C: not a big output, but in a country of 330 million, there should be that many buyers
james: you mean porting ms. pac-man?
Scott: Between Marcel, Mike and I we can get your cartridge dreams to the market.
Scott: Yes, or any other projects.
Guy B.: What!!! Ms. Pac-Man for the Adam?
james: well i'm interested but lacking in technical knowledge. i've asked for help several times on the board getting z80 manuals i need and haven't had
james: much luck.
RICH-C: that's what you get for coming in late, Guy - they have even bigger plans
Scott: James, I and others can help you.
Scott: So you've never programmed the z80 before?
james: i have macadam, but still need a printer to hook it up to. i don't have the tecnical knowledge to do anything right now.
Guy B.: Fill me here. Are we talking about more unreleased games for our dearly beloved computer?
Scott: Do you have ADAMEm?
Scott: Yes.
james: no. i did a little 8086 assembler in university, not much else and nothing with sound or graphics. but i am a good programmer, not to be immodest and
james: learn fast under the right environment.
Guy B.: How is this going to be done?
james: i have adamem.
Scott: Good Deal Games is releasing Cosmo Fighter 3 (Marcel) and an unnamed snow game.
Guy B.: I'd guess it would be available at Marcel
Scott: It's already being done, Guy.
Guy B.: Marcel's website, right?
Scott: You can create a ROM easily with TASM.
james: as for my "projects" they're pipe dreams now but are the following:
james: ms. pac-man
Scott: The ROM won't be available on Marcel's site until we've sold through all the cartridges.
james: tasm, yeah, that's the z80 assembler, right. i think i actually have that in my adamem diry.
Guy B.: That's fantastic. We need more of these games that never came out or are being developed.
Scott: Marcel has a minimum of 2 projects. Cosmo Fighter 3 is 99% done.
james: i'm working on getting source code for a game we had on a machine called the nabu network in ottawa called "zot". very fun game but might be 6502
Scott: There are others on the way as well.
james: and a game called "grog" (not grog's revenge)
Scott: Hmmm.
Guy B.: I know I've downloaded the original one he did.
Scott: You need to check out
Scott: Yes, now he's done part 3.
Scott: It's pretty good.
Scott: I've been playing an unreleased build.
RICH-C: Scott, is Marcel still in Holland?
Scott: But I can't distribute it, sorry.
Guy B.: I guess their's Cosmo Fighter 2 there.
Scott: I have it because I'll be burning the EPROMs.
Scott: The boards are being printed as I speak.
Scott: The biggest hurdle is going to be the plastic.
Scott: A company in Taiwan is manufacturing it for us.
Guy B.: Scott, what are you plans on the distribution of the games?
Scott: But we are early in the process.
RICH-C: maybe you should just recycle old CV carts - Donkey Kong or such
Scott: No manufacturing of old carts, sorry.
RICH-C: lots of them around, dead so cheap
George: i would like that
james: why not, scott?
Guy B.: That's not a bad idea on that.
Scott: Guy: I manufacture the carts here with my girlfriend, Good Deal Games distributes.
Scott: If you want black cartridge shells.
Scott: Used black cartridge shells.
Scott: What we're planning hasn't been done.
Guy B.: Ok, where will they be sold at?
james: did you have other colours in mind?
Scott: I'll leave it at that.
Scott: The cartridges themselves will be very collectible.
Scott: Highly collectible for the plastic alone.
Scott: That is all I will say.
james: jee. well i think you've said enough.
Scott: Guy:
Guy B.: You're keeping us in suspense Scott.
Guy B.: Ok, I'll check that out. Thanks.
RICH-C: oh, I suspect the kitty is pretty well out of the pouch
Scott: Go to the site and check out the information regarding upcoming releases.
Scott: It's under Publishing.
james: @rich, yeah, i think i've got a good idea of what scott has basically said.
Scott: Both are Marcel's creations.
RICH-C: to chanbge teh subject, gentlemen: I have a puzzle
Scott: Change the subject?
Scott: So, James, if you are serious about getting involved, I can forward you information that I have.
RICH-C: on my 166MMX I removed the 33.6 modem and put a 56 in its place
Scott: If you've done some assembly work, you should be alright.
RICH-C: even though I uninstalled to 33.6 and installed the 56, no joy
Scott: The z80 is pretty easy to program.
Scott: First you need to check out ADAMCON.ORG's resources.
Scott: There's quite a few things that will help.
james: yes scott, i am, and i'm interested in making new games.
Scott: Also grab TASM while you're at it.
RICH-C: won't go into gory details, but couldn't get the 56K to work
RICH-C: even though Windows recognized it and confirmed installing the driver
Scott: I found a link to it off a French guy's site.
Scott: Can't think of his name.
james: i think i have that already. let me check.
RICH-C: tried putting the 33.6 back in and it wouldn't work either
RICH-C: uninstalled and reinstalled both at teh same time
Guy B.: Rich, what's the latest word on your new system?
Scott: Marcel has indicated that if these releases do well, he has other projects in mind.
RICH-C: the 33.6bowrked by the 56 didn't
Scott: It's kind of exciting being involved.
Scott: I have my own releases planned, but must get the manufacturing process in place first.
james: okay scott, i have adamem, i have tasm301, what i need is documentation.
RICH-C: when I physically interchanged the modems in the slots, the 33.6 worked, the 56 didn't
Scott: I've got the boards and chips, next plastic.
RICH-C: I'm baffled
Scott: James: Need an e-mail address.
Guy B.: Rich, did you remove the old modem from the system panel?
james: also, will there be deals or at least first grabs on releases on other games for people in the development pool?
RICH-C: Guy: the hard disc went t.u. - it's in having the replacement fitted now
RICH-C: with luck I will have it back tomorrow
james: that will change soon since my domain will be up very soon.
RICH-C: meanwhile I'm on the old 166MMX at 33.6
Guy B.: I hope to have mine back by the weekend. I should hear from the dealer either tomorrow or Friday.
james: i always reply to my e-mail, so if you send me stuff, i *will* reply. i'm not one of those people who don't reply to e-mail.
RICH-C: Guy, I fully uninstalled physically and at the software level
Scott: James: Yes. Among first grabs, there are other great incentives.
RICH-C: in fact the Logicode 33.6 now thinks it's a 56K ifx
Guy B.: I'm glad I kept this old P133. I'm thinking about upgrading the Bios on this one.
Scott: I assume that the very first release of each game will go to Marcel.
Scott: These carts are all numbered.
Scott: Mike at GDG will get #2. I'll probably get the third release because of my role.
Guy B.: Did you try using the Add New Hardware Wizard and manual installing the new modem?
Scott: The lower the number, obviously, the more valuable.
RICH-C: Guy: yes, every permutation and combination thereof
james: well i'm more interested in just having them. i don't need a low release number per se as i doubt i would ever re-sell them.
Scott: James -- here's a link to get you started.
james: but as long as you and your group deal fairly and equitably, you'll find i'm a very good person to work with.
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Scott: Good.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: What about the drivers?
Pamela: Hi everyone
Guy B.: Hi Pam, where were you last week?
RICH-C: hi daughter
Pamela: I was there last week Guy, it was the week before I missed
George: Hi Pamela
Scott: James: I am currently writing some documentation on ColecoVision programming.
Scott: There's also a programming manual that Dr. Drushel is trying to restore.
Scott: We should both contact him for this.
Scott: E-mail me at
Scott: I need to go now, but we will talk more, James.
Scott: See ya!
Scott left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, that must have been it. Did you dad tell you my 1 year old computer is in the shop. Possibility a virus got to my two PS/2 ports.
Pamela: Bye, Scott
james: okay, will be in touch.
Guy B.: Scott left fast.
Pamela: that was a quick exit
RICH-C: yes, just zap
Pamela: Dad, howcome you're capitalized?
Guy B.: He want's to stick out.
RICH-C: no, had the caps lock on accidentally when I did it
james: hey pam
RICH-C: and didnt bother to change
Pamela: Yes, James?
james: how's it going?
Pamela: Tired but good
Pamela: and yourself?
RICH-C: Pam, I hope to get my computer back tomorrow
Pamela: Did they figure out what's wrong?
RICH-C: yes, hard drive was toast - head failure
Pamela: oooo, not good
Pamela: warrantied?
Guy B.: Rich, was that drive new?
Pamela: whole 'puter is less than three months old
RICH-C: yes, it was warranted,I only got it Dec. 12
Pamela: did you lose everthing that was on it?
RICH-C: that depends on whether my first try at a disc image was successful
RICH-C: the software said it was
james: pretty good. just waiting now on the baby. less than a month to go.
Pamela: I'm keeping fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed for you, Dad
RICH-C: if the image was successful, I've only lost additions after Jan .20
Guy B.: Let's hope you can restore that sucessfully.
Pamela: Is it really so soon? Seems like just yesterday you found out!
james: unfortunately, i have a bunch of stuff to do today to, so i'm also on my way out.
james: yeah, getting the nursery ready etc.
Pamela: Well, I didn't mean to drive people off
RICH-C: yes, incipient parenthood puts obligations on a man
Guy B.: Ok James. See you next week.
RICH-C: see you next week, james
james: today i need to put in some time making some homework for my students. they're gonna love me.
Guy B.: Don't overload them.
Pamela: is'nt that what you strive for?
james: nah. easy stuff. just printing and writing practice.
RICH-C: yeah, give them my modem problem to solve
Pamela: (yuck, my spelling and grammer are atrocious this evening)
james: grammar..
james: ;-)
Pamela: very funny
james: :D
RICH-C: pity most spellchecks wont work with chat
Pamela: : O
Pamela: not enough time
james: so i will see you all next week!
RICH-C: bye then
Guy B.: Bye James.
Pamela: Bye James
james: bye guy, bye rich, bye pam, bye george!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: and they're all spelled correctly
RICH-C: George, you're being quiet again
RICH-C: mind you, Scott and James really had something going there
George: i'm too slow
Guy B.: My dog decides to take my warm spot on the love seat and fell asleep.
RICH-C: no such thing as too slow
Pamela: I hear there are some really good typing programs for the ADAM . . . : )
RICH-C: when we're running six different threads anyway, just type and hit return when ready
Guy B.: Expert Type is one of them.
Pamela: problem is, sometimes you comment on a thread that's gone by already
RICH-C: so what? just put your brain in m7ultitasking mode
Guy B.: I'm thinking about heading back to school this fall and might go for a PC End User Specialist or Networking.
George: i had 3 years of typing in high school i can't do it
Pamela: I got my practice on an IBM typewriter
Pamela: thank goodness for correction
RICH-C: I never had a typing course - likely would have flunked if I tried
Pamela: and the backspace key
Guy B.: I took typing in my sophomore year in high school.
Pamela: and by the way, I left my brain at work
George: all i can do is be a pecker
RICH-C: that's why I bought the Adam - I could proofread before committing to paper
Pamela: ah yes, the "seek and ye shall find" typist
RICH-C: yes - search, discover and land
Guy B.: That says it all!
Pamela: if it makes you all feel any better, I passed typing with a 55
RICH-C: oddly enough, I need to watch the keyboard, even though my fingers are usually ahead of my vision
Pamela: talk about the skin of my teeth
George: i can't get past 5
Pamela: I can't watch the keyboard any more, it makes me disoriented
Guy B.: When I had my final exam for my typing course. I was at 31 wpm. I think I'm around 50 now.
RICH-C: man, a speed demon
Pamela: plus if I'm copying from something else, I can't go back and forth or I make myself sick
Guy B.: Well, I do data entry everyday and letters with Word 2000. So, I gained alot.
RICH-C: don't speak to me about transcribing something - it would take ages
Pamela: speed is not so great anyway if you don't have the accuracy
Guy B.: Very true.
Pamela: if you want something transcribed ask me to do it
RICH-C: note made, daughter
George: i even failed special ed
Pamela: That must have taken work, George
RICH-C: no, but I'll bet a lot of absence had something to do with it
Pamela: ain't school wonderful?
George: you don't know
Guy B.: I had to send a letter up to my translations dept to translate a letter from English to German. Got the letter back the same day. Today, I get a revised one due to typo.
RICH-C: of course in teh meantime you've mailed the original, right, Guy?
Pamela: gotta watch them foreign typos - you never know what you might be saying
RICH-C: right, and some of them can bev real howlers
Guy B.: No, I didn't mail it out yet. I needed my supervisor's signature and she didn't sign it yet. So, I printed the revision and put it back in the folder for her to sign when she's ready.
George: can we get voice chat?
RICH-C: no, for now we're stuck with written
Guy B.: You have to ask Dale about that.
Pamela: besides, there's something fun about the written version
Pamela: otherwise, it's just chatting on the phone
Guy B.: We can do this.
(Guy B. groans loudly)
RICH-C: yes, and if you get only serious ground, you can look it up in the archive later
(George winks)
Guy B.: See, now we can have some fun.
George: so much for extras
RICH-C: Guy, Pam, saw just the thing for you when we went shopping today
Guy B.: What did you see for us?
Pamela: and what was that, Dad?
RICH-C: Canadian Tirde was offering a cat window seat
Pamela: Got one.
Guy B.: Jeanene has one for her cat Zoe. She loves it.
RICH-C: oh, your mother was contemplating it but didn't know if it would fit your window
RICH-C: how do you keep Inky and Willow from fighting over it?
Pamela: it isn't up at the moment, but when it was, Willow was the only one interested in it
RICH-C: where did you put it?
Pamela: Instead of fastening it down, we had it propped on a milk crate
George: i may have to come to Canada to get pills
RICH-C: what kind of pills dod you need, George?
Pamela: In the living room window, over the oak table
RICH-C: Inky was likely too lazy to climb up to it
Pamela: Inky is not a big fan of window sitting
Pamela: Absolutely no interest in catching a 747
RICH-C: doesn't like to chase the 747s as they go by?
Pamela: Willow, on the other hand . . .
Pamela: We keep telling him if he can catch it, he can keep it
Pamela: so far, no success
RICH-C: Guy and George: this is a family joke
George: nexium, atenolol, cozaar, zyprexa , wellbutrin
Pamela: plus, I just don't know where we'd store it
RICH-C: seems Pam's cats don't realize how far away aircraft are
Pamela: Gesundheit, George
RICH-C: seem to think they're birds near the balcony railing
Pamela: how do you remember all that stuff?
RICH-C: that's quite a list of medications, George
RICH-C: I assume that the issue is price
George: i forgot prevacid
RICH-C: those are of course all prescription stuff, right?
George: the HMOs are refusing to pay
Pamela: will they pay if you get it across the border?
Pamela: or is it simply a matter of they're cheaper here?
RICH-C: no, but our prescription prices are much lower than those in the US
George: i don't know
Pamela: couldn't prove it by me - one of my inhalers is nearly $200 retail
RICH-C: have you checked that Meditrust discount outfit? They're more or less around the corner from you
Pamela: plus dispensing fee
Pamela: I dont' pay retail - I have a drug plan
RICH-C: Guy, George: our government health insurance does not cover drugs
Pamela: $3.00 per prescription for three months worth
George: i wonder what will happen if stopped taking all of my meds
RICH-C: ask your doctor
RICH-C: he might be inspired to write a little letter to the state attorney-general
George: my doctors will get very angry
RICH-C: if you lived long enough for it to do you any good
RICH-C: if you have a contract with an HMO, the contract should be honoured
Pamela: Well, I think it's time for me to split - the room is starting to spin
RICH-C: OK daughter - take care
George: HMOs here make their own rules as they go
RICH-C: Congress has had some things to say about that lately, George
Pamela: Sorry to hit and run, but I'm pooped
RICH-C: I'm not sure if the legislation is through yet, but I think it is
Pamela: See everyone next week?
RICH-C: I'll be here
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Pamela: Good night, Dad
Pamela: Good nite, Guy and George
George: yes but they are trying to sweep it under the rug
RICH-C: nite
Pamela: Dad, will call over the weekend
RICH-C: OK but check the race schedule
George: nite Pamela
Pamela: I will. I'm gone : )
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: I might as well go too. See you all next week. I'm working Saturday, so I won't be there to chat.
RICH-C: OK Guy, see you next week then
Guy B. left chat session
George: it seems like it is bedtime
RICH-C: yes, getting on that way, George
RICH-C: before you go though, one or two points
George: ok
RICH-C: if you like I can find out if our local discount pharmacy sells to US customers
George: ok
RICH-C: also, I am not clear on the legislative split between the states and the feds on HMO governance
George: its a big mess
RICH-C: but I seem to have read that there's a federal place to complain if an HMO is not honouring its contract obligations
RICH-C: also I know in many states the attorneys-general or consumer offices will interceded if you're being diddled
George: right now HMOs do as they please to make profits
RICH-C: I think you may have some very effective support at your disposal if you seek it out
RICH-C: they have been stepped on federally and in many states - check out what Pennsy will do for you
RICH-C: you might get a pleasant surprise
George: i don't have a chance with the present Govenor
RICH-C: don't bet on that
RICH-C: I know what you mean - our provincial premier is a (sorry - can't say -t - would melt the wires)
George: he's in the corner of the HMOs
RICH-C: but there is a structure of consumer protection law you can avail yourself of
RICH-C: I'd try to say more but I don't know how 50 differntstates structure their bureaucracy
George: its a mess to say the least
RICH-C: yes, but you can find your way through it if you try
RICH-C: start with a Google search on, say, "Health care"
George: at the voting booth
RICH-C: that will likely lead you to ast least some useful sites
RICH-C: try looking at sites in the ".gov" domain - those are federal
RICH-C: you may see some trustworthy names in the ".org" domains
George: yes, it will take time
RICH-C: several hours, yes
RICH-C: but if it ends up with your HMO being brought to heel, it's worth it
RICH-C: you need the drugs and you need them paid for
RICH-C: there are state agencies and volunteer groups that will help you
RICH-C: but they can't do anything until you tell them you';re there and you're hurting
RICH-C: go for it, George
RICH-C: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose
George: i will
RICH-C: good on you. Be here Saturday?
George: yes
RICH-C: OK, I'll try to remember and join you
RICH-C: with luck, you might have some good news to report even then
RICH-C: I'll be looking forward tovit
George: i tried last saturday but i didn't make it till 3:20
RICH-C: oh, Dr. D. was on from 3 to 3.30, I got on at 3.23
RICH-C: we broke off early, though - there was a problem on the internet
George: oh i said hi to dr. d but i got no response and i thought he must have just signed off
RICH-C: anyway, look for you this weekend
RICH-C: likely he was looking away at the time
RICH-C: but we'll do better this time round
George: ok nite Rich
RICH-C: but now as you say the hour is getting on
RICH-C: nite now
George: bye
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