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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
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Dr. D.: Hello, just got in.
Dr. D.:
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rich-c: hi rich
rich-c: well, last week I was late
rich-c: (refresh)
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Dr. D.: Trying it it's working.
rich-c: looks like you hit the wrong key
Dr. D.: No, the Java applet was messed up somehow...I aborted the browser and restarted.
rich-c: I wasn't sure if it was you or I lost the connection
Dr. D.: It was me.
rich-c: computer do those strange things sometimes
rich-c: sorry I had the hockey schedule wrong last time - shows how much I watch
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Dr. D.: System keeps locking up here...first it changes the fonts to unreadable,
Dr. D.: then it aborts.
Dr. D.: Not sure what's going on.
rich-c: ouch, that isn't fun
Dr. D.: First time this Mac has been acting up like this.
rich-c: mind you, as you know I've had my computer problems lately
Dr. D.: I'm in the robot lab right now running an extra session (4 students in attendance).
Dr. D.: Yes, I was trying to ask how that was working out.
rich-c: it was a dead hard disc - head gone
rich-c: now been replaced but much rebuilding to do
Dr. D.: Hopefully all your data weren't lost.
rich-c: the whole thing was lost
rich-c: the drive image wouldn't boot
Dr. D.: I had a major disk crash 2 weeks ago...for a while it looked like about 6 months of research data and analysis were going to be lost.
rich-c: that is real bad news
Dr. D.: Fortunately, Norton Utilities and lots of manual intervention were able to recover everything.
rich-c: if you have enough money the data can be recovered
rich-c: right - I'm not familiar enough with Norton to do it
Dr. D.: Fortunately I didn't have to go to that extreme...that kind of data recovery is very expensive.
rich-c: yes, there is a lab here in Toronto that's quite famous for their abilities
rich-c: shall I say they are also very prosperous?
Dr. D.: What seems to have happened was that a bunch of directories were simply "deleted". It was a matter of running UnErase in manual mode to recover the file names...fortunately, all the data were still present in various clusters on the disk.
rich-c: since my hard disc was only ten weeks old the vendor installed a new one under warranty
rich-c: he tried to set it up from my Norton Ghost image
rich-c: got it onto the disc but couldn't get it to boot
Dr. D.: After I resurrected the deleted stuff, wiped C:\WINDOWS et al. and did a clean reinstall of Win98.
Dr. D.: Make that, "I wiped..."
Dr. D.: I took the opportunity to try the ZoneAlarm software you were talking about.
rich-c: yes, I now have a clean install of 98SE on the computer
Dr. D.: Takes a little fiddling for the CWRUnet environment here; there are some things that I had to manually enable to pass or it couldn't connect to needed CWRUnet servers.
rich-c: I'm amazed you weren't a first adopter of Zone Alarm
Dr. D.: But it does seem to be blocking all the port scanners and anonymous FTP attempters.
rich-c: right - I guess your CWRU router serves as a firewall anyway
Dr. D.: There are still bad boyz here inside the firewall who cause problems.
rich-c: try going to and having a free port test
rich-c: right - protection inside a big network can be important too
Dr. D.: I've done that in the past, and it never found any open stuff to be worried about...that was more activation energy against installing my own firewall. It wasn't running any servers, nothing shared, so I thought it wouldn't be particularly vulnerable.
rich-c: these days the malicious types are getting excessively clever
Dr. D.: On a happier note...I suppose that all of Canada has been in celebration of the dual hockey gold medals?
rich-c: yes, especially since the finals were against the toughest opposition that could be had
rich-c: also very happy that with a tenth of the population we got half as many medals as the U.S.
rich-c: but Norway really showed everyone up on a per-cap basis
rich-c: you're quiet - still there?
Dr. D.: Student interrupt :-)
rich-c: right - that occurred to me just after I typed the question
Dr. D.: Only one week of classes left until Spring Break.
rich-c: so used to Wednesdays with everyone talking at once
Dr. D.: So design notebooks are due Thursday...and people are trying to finish their work.
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done
Dr. D.: Wednesday I was so tired from 2.5 hours of snow shovelling that I went straight to bed.
rich-c: I'm not surprised
Dr. D.: After I picked Christina up from sledding at a local park, that is.
rich-c: fortunately I have yet to have to shovel snow this winter
Dr. D.: Between 5 and 6 PM Wednesday, visibility was about 20 feet .
rich-c: and given my arthritis and back miseries, that's a blessing
Dr. D.: It took me an hour to get 3 miles from CWRU to the elementary school to pick up Gretchen.
Dr. D.: I made it (just in time, no late fees).
rich-c: given that Cleveland is used to snow, that's a real tie-up
Dr. D.: But as soon as I cooked supper, I was outside shovelling.
Dr. D.: Well, this is the first time in 2 winters that I've shovelled snow. First time this year, no shovelling at all last year.
rich-c: I have an elecvtric snow shovel, also electric snow blower
rich-c: but at the moment they are geting rusty from disuse
rich-c: suits me fine
Dr. D.: Might be a good investment for me someday...I'm still to proud to give up shovelling, I guess.
rich-c: well, you are a couple of years younger than I am
Dr. D.: A couple :-)
rich-c: still, when you have to get out of the driveway NOW a power assist can be helpful
Dr. D.: Arrgh, make that "too proud" above.
Dr. D.: Our drive is okay as long as too many cars don't drive on it before it gets shovelled.
Dr. D.: If that happens, though, then it gets icy, and it's uphill to get out.
rich-c: yes, once it compacts down into ice a tire track can be a real pain
Dr. D.: I was lucky Wednesday, I was the only one to drive on it before it got shovelled. I have no idea where our neighbors were that night.
rich-c: let's hear it for ice melter!
Dr. D.: Sunshine today, most of our snow is gone...excepts the remnants of the piles from my shovelling.
rich-c: we're clean and green, no snow in sight, 5C and rain predicted
Dr. D.: My friend in Finland says that there, it keeps going in freeze/thaw cycles that are making everyone sick.
rich-c: anyway, got a race coming on Speed Channel in about three minutes
rich-c: yes, we freeze overnight and warm up during the day
Dr. D.: Okay, go enjoy.
rich-c: right - good to chat with you, anyway
rich-c: hope you'll be able to make it Wednesday
Dr. D.: Hope to make it Wednesday...bye.
rich-c: bye now
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