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Scott: Wow! I'm the first one here!
Scott: That's a first!!!
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
Meeka: I guess that we beat every else here :-)
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changed username to BobS
Scott: Hello Meeka.
Meeka: Hi dad
Scott: I was browsing the web, waiting for others to join in.
BobS: scott adn meeka
Scott: Hello, Bob.
BobS: and
Scott: Just finished up a class. Had a final last night.
Scott: The class absolutely killed me.
BobS: AND??????
Scott: Got a 95 on the final. An "A" for the semester.
Meeka: that's good
Scott: The only "A" that was given.
Scott: Yay!!!
BobS: SUPER!!!!! congrats!!!
Scott: So, it's nice to have a little bit of a life again.
Scott: I still have two other classes going, but the demand for my time has greatly decreased.
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changed username to rich-c
Scott: Hello, Rich.
rich-c: greetings all
Meeka: hey dad, i hear you have a folder of pictures that shows up as gobly-gook.
rich-c: hey Bob, where you been?
Scott: Just got done telling Meeka and Bob -- I finished another class, collected another "A". Yay!
rich-c: didn't you get my note about Slingshot?
BobS: I am right here Richard
rich-c: way to go, Scott
BobS: ya but the inlaws needed visitin'
rich-c: should import you to fix my computer
rich-c: hey Bob, you coulda taken an hour off once a week
BobS: but I found the other pics on disk Meeka AND gramps managed to send up the pics email of the hummybirds
BobS: aw, ya didn't even miss me did ya?????
rich-c: we gotta get our comic relief somewhere, eh?
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: and i AM your comic relief????? I IS INSULTED.........I think.........
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: just teling the old man he should have taken an hour last Wednesday to say hello
Judy: we were busy
Judy: relaxing
rich-c: excuses, excuses
Judy: it was wonderfull
BobS: OLD man??????????
rich-c: wouldnt have even needed to leave the bedroom, so to speak
Judy: we would have had to use the parents computer
rich-c: thought you had a laptop along
Judy: and we were trying to teach them some new things
BobS: and they ARE not easy to lend computers
BobS: did but was to CHEAP to buytime........
BobS: and Netzero only gives ya 30 min IF you don't visit theri sponsors
rich-c: sheesh, ten hours, ten bucks, that's a big deal?
Judy: not internet service
BobS: for us poor US americans it is
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rich-c: gimme a break!!!
Judy: was busy spending it on other things
changed username to Dale
rich-c: that, I can believe
rich-c: hi Dale
Scott: Hi Dale.
Dale: Just poking my head in to make sure things look okay.
BobS: HIYA Dale
Judy: going out to dinner took a lot
Judy: Hi, Dale
rich-c: now up here, going out to dinner is a big deal
rich-c: if you get out for $100 you're getting off real easy
Judy: it is everywhere
Meeka: Hello Mom. glad to here you found your pictures. now I can see them next time I am over
rich-c: we do not have an Old Country Buffet
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BobS: forget ocb..........we went BIGtime
Dale: Catch ya later. Gotta run.
rich-c: see you Dale
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Judy: yes, dad did something to them, but he had a disk with most of them
Dale left chat session
BobS: Roadhouse on the intercoastal...........steak N lobster at the casino
BobS: you get the idea
changed username to George
Meeka: that's good
Judy: and G and G sent me the rest
BobS: hi Goerge
rich-c: hello George
Meeka: Hi George
George: Hi everyone
Judy: Hi, George
BobS: HEY you guys are mispelling goerge........
rich-c: how's things in Philly? any rain/snow at last?
(BobS winks)
Meeka: we know ;-)
George: i was in the hospital Friday - Tuesday with chest pains
BobS: oh, oh. alright now????????
rich-c: oh great - just what you needed
rich-c: what was the diagnosis?
George: i'm better now
BobS: needed hospital food.............
BobS: a REAL craving
George: congestion in my right lung
Scott: Well, gotta go too. See you guys next week. Off to get some much deserved sleep...
rich-c: is it true the hospitals bought all the surplus when the airlines stopped serving?
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BobS: thas better than a heart attack.............
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BobS: be good scott
rich-c: right on, Scott, Come back soon
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BobS: naw, the plane food is SO BAD nobody wants it
George: not this hospital
rich-c: you mean they fed you something edible?
George: food made me want to leave
rich-c: oh, like organized by your HMO
Judy: it was good, we had peanuts and granola bars, ect
(BobS groans loudly)
rich-c: how weird was security?
George: who knows
Judy: Meeka, Mandy got an apartment today
rich-c: some airline stories we're hearing sound downright paranoid
Judy: she will be moving out next week-end
BobS: not good......a REAL hassle. Judy got CAUGHT !!!!! Had a nail file AND a snowbaby collectible bookmark
rich-c: do I detect a slight sigh of relief, Judy?
Meeka: that's good. Right?
BobS: Had to go back to ticvket counter and check it
BobS: BIG box with 2 things rattling around in it
Judy: yes, that is correct
rich-c: you got off easy - from what I've heard, they just confiscate them
BobS: THEN got into Memphis late and had about 5 minutesd before next plane takeoff AND
George: run right out and set off a fogger
BobS: YUP, you guessed it!!!!! a total search of all her stuff while the plane waited
Judy: t;hey would have but I put up a stink
Meeka: let me know if you need boxes. I think we still have a few empty ones around
Judy: ok, she does not have that much stuff
rich-c: fortunately, I am not an enthusiastic air traveller anyway
Meeka: I know, but if she does
rich-c: basically, if I can't drive there, I ain't going
Judy: I am, I like to fly
George: is it still safe to ship to US?
Meeka: are you giving her the bed or would she like the one we put in the basement
rich-c: sure, I sent off an Adam a short while back and it got there in a week
Judy: when you pack all the really bad stuff, like bookmarks
George: i'm surprised
Judy: she thinks she wants the one here
Judy: she is going to put Ryan's bed in the closet
Meeka: that wasn't what I asked ;-)
rich-c: I think USPS still moves parcels by truck and doesn't care if one or two of them go bang
Judy: sounds bad but it will work out good
George: tourism is down here
rich-c: haven't heard the local folks here complaining, but this isn't exactly our peak season
Judy: no, no
Judy: no, bed, no boxes
George: they closed the subway down for bomb threats
Meeka: ok
rich-c: apparently Whistler/Blackcomb are practically having to turn away crowds for skiing
Judy: it is just a one bedroom
rich-c: well, bomb threats are pretty routine
BobS: and NOT a big one either
George: no such luck here it is too warm and dry
rich-c: the authorities have to take them seriously
Judy: not around here, Rich
rich-c: but they know they are almost certainly simply mischevous
rich-c: it's that "almost" that bothers them
BobS: haven'[t heard how the ski areas around here are doing, but they are probably glad for the snow and cold temps prlly had the ol snow machines pumpuin
rich-c: we actually had snow this morning
rich-c: there was enough I even used the shovel instead of the broom, though it was a close call
BobS: we had a record 13.6 " on Sat, then more off and on till tofday
rich-c: it may well be the first time I used a shovel this winter
George: we got a little rain Sunday other than that its been warm and dry
rich-c: we're due for another half inch overnight
BobS: got 96 odd inches here so far and more ont he way for next mon and tues
rich-c: then we'll have warm rains to take it away
Meeka: mom, we found a new pizza place. they make really good subs also
BobS: me heart BLEEDS for you po torontorians
rich-c: next week, they're just threatening us with very cold temperatures - around 20
Judy: we still have a lot left here
George: send your execess water
BobS: now better place than mary's pizza hut
Judy: where
Judy: but Mary doesn't work there
rich-c: with our light snowfall, we're actually a bit short of water ourselves
rich-c: of course with Lake Ontario on our doorstep, drought is not a familiar word to us
Judy: they are afraid of flooding here this week-end
rich-c: yes, if all that snow melts quickly, you are under threat
Meeka: It is less than a block north of pizza hut on kalamazoo. it is called Country Inn Pizza. they just opened this week
George: we need a transcontinental pipeline
Judy: you eat in there
rich-c: keep an eye on it, Meeka, we may just need it in August
Meeka: we had deep dish pizza the other night. both of us liked that
Judy: we can go to Pizza Hut then
rich-c: no, George, what you folks need is a desalination plant
Meeka: and tonight we had sub. yes we at in tonihg. good service ;-)
rich-c: hey, you've got the whole Atlantic Ocean for a front porch
Judy: good ma;ybe we will have to try it out
Meeka: let us know and we will go with you
Judy: don't you ever in in your house with you cooking
rich-c: yes, us Adamcon attendees-to-be are counting on some serious reasearch there, Judy
Meeka: yes, Doug wanted pizza the other night,
Judy: ok, I could use a night out, have been cooking every night this week
Meeka: and tonight we went shopping and stoped on our way home
George: but we need to take the excess from those flooded
Judy: last week we ate out every night
Judy: what were you shopping for
Meeka: Doug need to run up to the computer store for parts for work,
Judy: that is why Doug went shopping
Judy: expains all
Meeka: but they didn't have so he has to place order with computer gate and wants to know if dad thinks they need anything
BobS: dont' thin I do
George: i need to find a cheap notebook computer
Judy: he doesn't have room for any more
rich-c: like how do you define cheap, George? about $400?
George: less if possible
BobS: oh heck goto Ebay.......get a compaq 486/75 for about $50 or less OR a P166 for less than $200
rich-c: I would guess that for about $250 you should be able to find a 166 or 233 with 12.1" screen
Meeka: Doug says that their gonna charge him $8 for shipping anyway and thought if anything was needed there is no sence in paying shipping twice
George: a basic pentium will do
rich-c: well, a 166MMX is the lowest you should go, George
Meeka: he could'n remember if you needed anything for the computer you have been doing in the basement
BobS: can;'t think of amything 'cept maybe a few jmore 25 pin straight thru serial cables
rich-c: and don't expect it to work with some of the newer interfaces
Meeka: ok I will let him know
BobS: naw, a 133 works just aso good
rich-c: but there are still some coming off leases and can be had in decent condition for about $250
George: just as long as it can have a modem
rich-c: might even gt an O/S or case and warranty thrown in
rich-c: the modems for that class will be 33.6 usually
rich-c: I have a Dell 166MMX with 33.6 modem running Windows 98SE
rich-c: it only has a bitsy little 2.1 gig hard disc thoug
BobS: and THAT is way too big............
rich-c: no, I had a 2.1 on this 166MMX but replaced it with an 8.4
George: sounds about right
rich-c: that's my desktop I'm talking about now
BobS: got a 2.1 in this laptop with all the stuff I want and more installed and still got 1.4 gig empty
BobS: and when it crashes you won't have anyting..............not backed up prolly
BobS: put it all on 160k disks...........;-)
rich-c: well, given the Windows 98 ability to attract bloatware, it can get marginal
George: i believe heavily in backups
BobS: good man George
rich-c: well, when I get the new one back working, I can use Direct Cable Connection to burn a CD backup
BobS: can't have too much........casue I find I need it!!!!!
BobS: good idea there Richard
rich-c: actually, it depends on what I have on it that can't be replacved
BobS: what we need is a win or dos program to do a simply block backup, regardless of what it is, just freekin' copy it
rich-c: like, I can always reinstall Windows
BobS: or a good copy from one hd to another without complaing about size differences, etc
rich-c: and updating stuff like Zone Alarm and Slowview and Eudora and Acrobat Reader is usually worthwhile anyway
rich-c: Norton Ghost will do a drive image, and so will PowerQuest Drive Image
BobS: doug tried that and said it won't do what we want it to do
BobS: trtying to copy the adamnet one of a kind hd
rich-c: far as I can see they do an exact block copy image
rich-c: well, the adamnet cd isn't bottable, is it?
BobS: somethign about it has to have a dos partition on it to work right or something and the ADAM hd, although formatted on a dos machine don't have the right stuff to work
BobS: adamnet hd uses a boot tape or disk just like the other hd's for adam
rich-c: sorry, I was thinking CD not hd
Meeka: brb
rich-c: System Commander will accomodate multiple file systems on a single hd
BobS: darn. would LIKE a cd hooked uypt o my ADAM
rich-c: and Partition Magic can copy and move them
rich-c: though how either would cope with the Adam file format, well, that's another issue
BobS: ya
BobS: we really wanted to clone the ADAM hd because it is not the format of the other ADAM hads
BobS: HD's
rich-c: why the DOS partition? is thatr necessary to access the IDE interface?
George: is it a practicle thing to use a hd with ADAM?
rich-c: I have one but don't need it or use it much
BobS: I don't know, you would have to ask guru Douglas
rich-c: in fact, I don't think the EOS partition will boot any more
rich-c: but yes, George, many of us do have Adam hard discs
BobS: oh man, the ADAM hd does the same thing foe the ADAM that it does for the dos machine you are using
rich-c: you mean, make life more complicated?
BobS: no, with ADAM it is simple
George: how would it boot up?
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rich-c: remember, I'm using a 166 tonight because the hard disc in my Athlon 1600XP blew a head and died
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: bout time you got here, Guy! ;-)
BobS: simple data pack George OR disk only uses the boot block
rich-c: has to be booted from a disc or tape, George
Greetings All! Sorry, I'm late, I had to finish my electronic filing of my income taxes.
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BobS: HIYA Guy!!!!!
rich-c: think we lost him, Bob
BobS: fer cryin out load
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rich-c: well, you guys wuith your cut-rate ISPs
changed username to Guy B.
George: did we lose people?
Guy B.: Ok, try again.
rich-c: yes, Bob and Guy are with really cheap ISPs, we lose them all the time
Guy B.: Bob, Corecomm is trying to whoa me back.
Judy: I was stuck in screensaver
BobS: I use a VERY expensive one
BobS: and WHAT are they offerign Guy???????
Judy: Hi, Guy
George: i use a mess
Guy B.: Three months for $9.95 with a term plan.
rich-c: my ISP is quite inexpensive but definitely not cheap
Guy B.: Got the postcard the other day from them.
BobS: 10 per month????? for how long??????? only 3 months?????
rich-c: and don't ask what the fourth month is gonna cost...
George: verizon is trying to get me
rich-c: george, ANYTHING would be an improvement over AOL
Guy B.: I haven't called them, but I bet it's the $17.50 a month plan if I pay it for a year.
George: LOL
BobS: prolly
rich-c: that's a bit on the high side, Guy, unless they offer some goodies like multiple POPs
Guy B.: I'm not going back. I took advantage of Netzero's 1 year deal.
BobS: I dumped Netzero. too much gargabe even on the pay plan
BobS: got a local phone co and am getting on just as easy as core used to be
Judy: it was the pits down in Florida
rich-c: why, Judy?
Judy: so slow
Guy B.: Oh by the way. The Athlon is back. I have it hooked up, but I haven't tried it out yet. You know what was the cause?
rich-c: tell us, Guy
Guy B.: The heatsink fan wasn't properly attached to the CPU. I have been having trouble with that for some time, but I never realized it would cause two PS/2 ports not to work.
George: wow
BobS: oh yea......ANY heat buildup can cause funnyu thing
rich-c: my Athlon goes back to the shop, likely tomorrow
BobS: 'I thought they were good stuff?????????
BobS: NOT?????????
Guy B.: Now, I know what to look for next time that happens. I still have to reinstall Win98 as it's corrupted.
George: i just get beeps when it gets too hot
rich-c: the original hard disc suffered a mechanical failure
rich-c: on the replacement, something went wrong with the partitioning
rich-c: drive didn't know where it stared or ended
Guy B.: That hard drive was new wasn't it?
rich-c: I could load and run Windows and programs, even access the D drive
rich-c: but the disc itself didn't know where it was
Guy B.: Rich, you have Win98 SE on that system, right?
rich-c: yes, not to mention Norton 2002 and System Commander and Patition Magic
Guy B.: Probably System Commander could have something to do with it. That's why I took mine off. It caused too many problems.
rich-c: they all report even c:\format /u won't cure it
rich-c: have to go right back to fdisc
Guy B.: Rich, what is your hard drive manufacturer?
Meeka: ok. i back. Went to get something hot to drink, and bandit decided that he needed to o outside
rich-c: Maxtor
BobS: ya been gone 20 inutes!!!!!!!
BobS: thought you died and pigs ate ya
Guy B.: Didn't you get a disk with the hard drive tools with it?
Meeka: so, I wasn't exactly watching the clock
George: if it gets that bad i usually write zeros to the drive and start over
rich-c: I have too much data I am not willing to lose, George
Meeka: you know what they say about a watched pot not boiling ;-0
rich-c: and I haven't figured out yet how to back up email
rich-c: anyway, Guy, it was SC and PM that gave me the details on the problem
Guy B.: What did it say?
rich-c: and Guy, I've been using System Commander on this machine for years and am very happy with it
rich-c: essentially, Guy, that the Begin and Start positions didn't match - don't ask me to explain what that means
Guy B.: System Commander 7 is out and V-Com is recommending everyone upgrade since they have dropped support for the older versions.
rich-c: I have 4.03 and see no reason to upgrade
rich-c: mind you, if I went beyond Win98SE I might not have a choice
Guy B.: Must be with the partitioning. Is the drive Fat32?
rich-c: yes and yes, Guy
rich-c: there was apparently a fundamental error made in the original partitioning
Guy B.: How many partitions are on the drive and are they all Fat32?
rich-c: well, because of the confusion, the disc cant tell
rich-c: there should be a primary and two extended - c-d-e
rich-c: and since it's a 40 gig drive they have to be Fat32
Guy B.: Well, I guess that the partitioning might have gotten screwed up.
rich-c: yep, that's what all the tools say, Guy
Guy B.: Were you planning to install another OS, like Linux?
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rich-c: let's say I do have some thoughts for down the road, Guy
changed username to Judy
rich-c: welcome back, Judy
Guy B.: Welcome back Judy.
George: shall i fire up the grill tomorrow?
BobS: a parachute drop off the tallest building in Toronto......but without the parachute on the 'puter
Judy: thanks
rich-c: oh, the computer's OK - I think this was a human error
rich-c: unless the BIOS remembered the old drive and the geometry on the new one is subtly different
George: its going to be 65f here tomorrow
BobS: naw, maybe a Gates error # 6784655432
Guy B.: Ok, I know what happened. Seems you made the C drive the primary for Win 98, but you made the other two extended. The extended partitions are good if you were to put data and programs on them. For another OS, then that's where it wrong.
BobS: I like my explanation better
rich-c: oh, I didn't make D and E bootable; they're data only
rich-c: if/when I go to linux or something, I'll divide the C partition
rich-c: that's what System Commander is for
Guy B.: That's where it went wrong. System Commander now thinks those other two could be bootable drives.
rich-c: I use it on this machine to have Win 3.1 and Win 95
Guy B.: Your old system has that setup, right?
rich-c: no, this was all done long before SC was installed
Guy B.: How did System Commander recognize the other two partitions as?
rich-c: It didn't - said it couldn't work properly because of the drive error, and told me what it was
rich-c: that was better than Norton Disc Doctor was able to do
rich-c: the vendor tech suggested I install PM and see if I could cure it by resixing through that
rich-c: I did but it couldnt, just confirmed what SC had said
Guy B.: Do you have System Commander Deluxe or regular SC?
rich-c: Deluxe
Guy B.: Deluxe has a resizing option as well as creating new partitions. You didn't need PM.
rich-c: yes, but SC is much harder to use, and doesnt have Magic Mover
rich-c: there is a lot of duplication between the two, though
Guy B.: Does Partition Magic have a OS boot program?
rich-c: yes, two - PQ Boot and Boot Magic
rich-c: not clear on what the difference is between them
Guy B.: Are they both installed?
BobS: and WHERE is the lovely Pamela Rich?????
rich-c: yes, but not in use
rich-c: don't know, Bob
rich-c: I was over at her place last night and she said she planned to be on
rich-c: she was very under the weather though (cold)
Guy B.: That's probably it. You have two OS boot programs on there and I bet that's what is causing the drive to go wacky.
rich-c: no, Guy, it isn't.
Guy B.: It has to be Rich. What program wrote the master boot record?
rich-c: I installed SC and PM only after things went weird, to help find the cause and perhaps a cure
rich-c: fdisc
rich-c: and it obviously wrote it wrong
Guy B.: The drive is screwed up. You overwrote the master boot record.
BobS: tha's IT
BobS: backups, say yo can read the info Richard?????
rich-c: no, the original partitioning went wacky and all flowed from that
Guy B.: You have to start over from scratch, Rich.
rich-c: yes, Guy, that is the case
rich-c: the frustrating thing is, basically, that damn computer works just fine
Guy B.: Here what I suggest you do. You did make a emergency boot disk, right?
BobS: but can you read the info, IF you boot off disk to laod win??????
rich-c: like it will boot in to Win98 and will accept program installation and use
rich-c: I have Win98 and Norton Ghost and SC and PM emergency boot discs
rich-c: Ghost, Bob, because I did an image of C and D onto a CD-Rom Jan 20
Guy B.: Ok, go to your old system. Go to Maxtor's website and download their hard drive tools. I don't know the name of it, but if you use Maxtor's tools, then you will have no problem.
rich-c: I'm on my old computer now. And I'll look for and see if there is help there
Guy B.: Look for a program that will partition and format your hard drive.
rich-c: I hope the Maxtor tools fit on a regular floppy, though
Guy B.: Western Digital's is called Data Lifeguard Tools.
BobS: HA! wil ANY program today fit on a floppy???????
rich-c: oddly enouigh, Bob, some very fine programs fit on a floppy
BobS: where??????????
rich-c: System Commander Deluxe is one
Guy B.: It should. Mine did. I downloaded the program. Ran it and it asked for a blank formatted disk and transfered the utilities and made the disk bootable.
rich-c: the file viewer I prefer, Slowview, is another
rich-c: well, I will certainly give it a try, Guy
BobS: and if that don't work, THROW it off that high buiolding
Guy B.: And the best part about this is you can divide the hard drive up and it will ask you what size you want it as.
rich-c: well, PM does that for me
rich-c: but since the computer is under warranty, I just might let the vendor tech do the donkey work
Guy B.: Use the hard drive tools. It's more reliable and install only SC and not PM when you get the drive working again.
BobS: HA! there ya go!!! warranties are great!!!! although he will undoubtedly just format it with something and you will lose all
Guy B.: Exactly.
rich-c: no matter what happens I will lose all anyway, Bob
BobS: well then, format away!!!!!
rich-c: it isnt that big a deal, remember I had just got it barebones back when it went weird
Guy B.: I have to start over again once the Athlon is started up again.
BobS: back>??????? like it was in to get fixed???????
rich-c: yes, you weren't listening earlier
BobS: and did taht trigger the porblem now???????
BobS: guerss I missed that
rich-c: the original hard drive suffered a mechanical failure
BobS: ah, the 2.1????
BobS: terminal heart attack so to speak
rich-c: the replacement now has a software failure, a subtle but disastrous one
BobS: must be the mild winter there in toronto
(BobS winks)
rich-c: no, the original and replacement are 40 gig - this is the new computer
BobS: maxtor's are ususally pretty good
rich-c: all the survivors in the hard disc business seem pretty good
Guy B.: Why don't you make the drive one partition for now and do another partition later.
BobS: can't make all the drives infallable
rich-c: Guy, that is what I have in mind
BobS: but they are good about replacing them
rich-c: with SC and PM I can create partitions at will
BobS: have sent some in and gotten different and biggger returned free of charge
rich-c: except - I want my CDRW as drive G
rich-c: and the only way for that to happen in to have it that way when I install Windows from it
Guy B.: But, if you plan to install another OS later. I would install either SC or PM, but not both.
rich-c: why? both have their merits, and they don't fight
Guy B.: But, they both duplicate the same. It makes sense installing only one of them.
rich-c: they overlap rather than duplicate. And on a given function, one is often friendlier than the other
rich-c: anyhow I have them both, why not use them both?
Guy B.: Then I would go with PM.
Guy B.: I don't want to see this happening to you again. You already have a big headache with this now.
rich-c: well, mechanical failures can happen to anyone
Guy B.: And it happened to me two years ago on the P133.
rich-c: and I think the PM/SC combo has saved me considerable grief so far on the 166
rich-c: and note it was having both that let me identify the problem on the 1600
Guy B.: Well, folks. I'm going to check the e-mail and catch up with the finances on Quicken. Bob, I'll be sending my deposit for the convention next weekend.
Guy B.: See you all next week.
BobS: ok guy
rich-c: OK, Guy, 'night and thanx for the tips
BobS: niters
Meeka: ok i am going to go also
Guy B.: Good luck Rich. Let us know how you come out.
rich-c: Meeka, you keep trying out those restaurants for us - August is coming quick
Guy B.: Bye Meeka. Bye all!!
BobS: ;ok Meeka be good and tell douglas HI
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: ok
rich-c: George, you still with us?
BobS: OH Meeka
Meeka: yes
BobS: tell Doug I got the HP with the panaasonic cd rom interface today, so we have tory out those cdroms
George: i got caught up in the news
BobS: the guy needed a mouse and came over to get a serial one and I got the hp form him
rich-c: oh, is anything of significance happening?
George: its going to be 67 tomorrow
Meeka left chat session
BobS: HEY, send some of dat here!!!!!!
rich-c: wow, we're looking at up to 50 but not till Saturday
George: pool party
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: banana plantations at Longwood
George: on the way
rich-c: grow your coffee on your balcony
rich-c: an outdoor orangerie at Winterthur
BobS: but, how to smash up the beans...........
George: they have a banana plantation at the zoo
rich-c: roast 'em first, Bob
BobS: ahso.........
BobS: and speaking japanese.......wounder where james is tonight
George: for the monkeys
rich-c: and Ron, and Bair, and a few other regulars
BobS: yea they are lettin us down
rich-c: Ron is either in a committee meeting, or curling, I'd guess
BobS: he is always busy
rich-c: mind you, they're likely miffed at you stiffing them the last couple weeks
BobS: naw they alright guys ya know, me mates wouldn't hold it against me.........
rich-c: try us
George: hey! we are losing people
BobS: I KNOW ya'll didn't even miss em
rich-c: well, I said goodby to Meeka and Guy
BobS: BIG weather changes ahead, she just said, more snow by the weekend.......YUCK
BobS: it is almost spring!!!!!
George: i'm ducking bullets here in Philly
BobS: bullets????? or snow flakes
rich-c: big cities are like that, George
George: shootout
rich-c: oh, got one nearby at the moment?
George: cops and all that
BobS: was to Philly in 1990 to see Betsy's place and the tavern where they all hung out.......didn't seem too bad........
rich-c: yeah, the bad guys never learn that shooting at cops does not pay
George: i wished they would take all the guns away
BobS: well gents time for me to head south so to speak.......
rich-c: anyway, I really should go check out the Maxtor site as Guy suggested
BobS: Judy is off instant messaging with her sister so she is not here anyway
Judy: good night all
BobS: see ya next week OR sat if I can remember
rich-c: nite Judy
BobS left chat session
Judy: ;yes, I am
rich-c: same back atcha, Bob
Judy left chat session
rich-c: George, I'll leave you to your local excitement
rich-c: see you next wekk or Sat if we both remember
George: guess i 'll see you on Sat.
rich-c: OK, will try it - nite now
George: nite
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