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rich=c: hi there george
rich=c: and before you ask, I'm back on the 1600XP
George: Hi Rich
George: ok
rich=c: when we finally figured out what was wrong, it took under an hour to fix
George: i'm on my globalyst 620
rich=c: and I got all my settings and stuff back to Jan. 20th
rich=c: what is a globalyst 620?
George: a leftover from At&T now NCR
rich=c: how old is it? which processor?
George: pentium 900 from 1996
rich=c: are you sure? I can
George: thats pentium 90
rich=c: t recall any Pentium being made at a 900 speed
rich=c: is it a Pentium I, II, or III?
rich=c: ok cancel that last
George: 90 mhz
rich=c: it's an original Pentium, before the MMX extensions
George: yes
rich=c: fine for the internet, just don't try using and current software or peripherals
George: i installed a pentium 180 mmx overdrive processor in it
rich=c: I went looking for an optical mouse with serial connection yesterday and got told there never was asny such animal
rich=c: seems by the time optical mice were made, they were all PS2 or USB only
rich=c: the extra speed is nice; what else does the overdrive upgrade include?
George: can you use a serial to ps2 adapter
rich=c: not sure any such thing exists - preliminary questions suggest it doesn't
rich=c: but then, I haven't persisted - yet
George: i have a couple from my three button mice
rich=c: and then I'd have to find a driver usable under Windows 95
George: oh
rich=c: then they do exiast - where did you get them?
George: they came in the same box with the mice
rich=c: my problem is with the machine I was using Wednesday
rich=c: it's a 166MMX running Windows95 and the mouse is dying
rich=c: and of course Win95 doesn't support USB devices
rich=c: and mine doesn't have PS2 ports though I could get them installed - I think - at a price
rich=c: also have to find out if my Dell laptop (a 166MMX) can be used with an external mouse
George: my version of windows 95 supports USB but you have to run the install after the windows 95 is installed
rich=c: laptops all have their own little joysticks or pads instead
rich=c: well, my Windows(% with Service Pack 2 nominally supports USB, but Dale says it doesn't work worth beans
rich=c: and the others agree
George: laptops have their own setups
rich=c: Guy apparently got a limited edition of 95C on which USB support actually works
rich=c: well, I'm guessing (haven't probed deeply) a COM port is dedicated to the trackball that serves as a mouse
rich=c: and of course the other COM port has the modem on it
George: i have OEM OSR2 whatever that is
rich=c: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer - meaning AT&T customized it away from the original
rich=c: that can be good or bad, but I usually find it bad
rich=c: the SR2 is Service Release 2 - a gairly major upgrade that included nominal USB support
George: i have the upgrades to windows 98se and ME
rich=c: I have 98 Second Edition on this and the laptop
rich=c: from everything I've heard, Windows ME is not worth the hassle
George: they generally clear up a lot problems
rich=c: the word is, only by suppressing certain functions
rich=c: it may depend on how inclined you are to get into your OS and mess about
George: i only use ME when 98 goes bad and won't boot
rich=c: well, I am not about to keep reconfiguring my computer
rich=c: if it gets nasty on me, I want to get in and fix what's making it misbehave
George: hopefully you won't need to
rich=c: well, absolute;ly any program can go wrong
rich=c: and you can also unwittingly introduce spoftware conflicts
rich=c: for instance, some programs on my old computer wont run if US support is installed
rich=c: USB, sorry
rich=c: would you believe my problem on the new one was caused by FDISK malfunctioning?
George: i hve two unused usb ports on this computer
rich=c: my 166MMX has connectors for two USB ports and a PS2 connector but the actual ports aren't installed
George: fdisk can go wrong
rich=c: like, the pins are on the motherboard but there's nothing connected to them
rich=c: I was amazed to find it could - FDISK has been around since MS-DOS 1.0
rich=c: and it's absolutely fundamental to setting up a hard disc in the first place
rich=c: also, it's so configured as to be virtually idiot-proof
George: i installed a pci usb upgrade
rich=c: like, bought the card with the ports and connected it?
George: yes
rich=c: I was tempted to do that but decided against it after Dale warned me off
George: it shows up ok
rich=c: Dale, as I'm sure you've noticed, is one very bright kid
George: yes
rich=c: Dale said it would show up but not necessarily work properly
rich=c: like it would work but could be erratic and cause problems
George: that it. i have to test it
rich=c: when you do, watch out - as I mentioned some older programs crash when USB is retrofitted
George: it win probably depend on the device i attach
rich=c: not necessarily - it could cause an IRQ conflict or something
George: i'm having problems thinking
rich=c: don't we all - nothing like computers to pose the challenges
George: yes
rich=c: I just reinstalled my scanner and now have to reconfigure it
rich=c: it is sitting with the light on all the time
George: i'm lucky i made it today
rich=c: feeling a bit under the weather?
George: somewhat
rich=c: maybe you need a break, then
rich=c: want to break off and we'll talk again Wednesday?
George: i'm a bit absent minded
rich=c: possibly a result of one of your medications
George: probably
rich=c: well, want to call it a day, then?
George: i was hoping more of the gang would be here
rich=c: yes, I wanted to tell Guy about my results
rich=c: and was also hoping Dr.D would offer some comments
rich=c: but considering how hot and heavy things got Wednesday, maybe it's best to finish the tale then
George: ok
rich=c: ok. colour me gone and see you next week
rich=c: bye now
George: bye
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