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rich-c: test
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changed username to aaron
rich-c: hello aaron
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aaron: hi
changed username to George
rich-c: hi george
changed username to BobS
rich-c: evening Bob
George: hi
rich-c: whole gang arrives at once
BobS: evening fellers........
rich-c: aaron, you're new - care to tell us about yourself?
rich-c: and George, who's your health tonight?
aaron: hi, was just surfing around and the coleco adam just popped in my head, so I googled my way here
BobS: you all jsut got here??
rich-c: very good for you - you'll find if nothing else we're harmless
George: more doctors and tests
BobS: well welocme to "here"
BobS: we are????????
rich-c: well, most of us, Bob
BobS: just find one who knows how to fix you up George
rich-c: aaron, you a present or former Adam owner?
George: ?
aaron: former, long time ago (last had it in 91)
rich-c: ah, we're part of the hard core still playing Adam to this day
rich-c: we have this chat weekly (sometimes also Sat.) and an annual convention
rich-c: we also have a mailing list
BobS: well George,.......IF you are going for tests and to the doc, then you need "fixin"....YES?????
BobS: SAT?????? we have one of thosew???????
aaron: a mailing list? cool
BobS: I alwasy foreget
George: and some of us still learning how to play with it
rich-c: yes, to get on it send an email with "subscribe" as the subject
BobS: matter of fact aaron........i WISH my pentium could be so easy and dependable......
rich-c: Dale is kinda lazy about adding to it but be patient and you'll get there
BobS: although I don't have much problems with my own computers
rich-c: later on, Aaron, go to the home page and follow links
BobS: make SUBSCRIBE in capital letters.....tha may help
rich-c: you'll even see what some of our strange crew looks like
rich-c: bob, before I forget - I lost my bookmark for the backup chat in my hard disc crash
rich-c: can you give it to me?
George: how about some chat mug shots?
rich-c: nope, george, you have to settle for the stuff on this site and for the party pictures
rich-c: anyway, aaron, Adam is definitely among the seriously wounded, but still has a coterie of loving attendants
BobS: I am gettign it for you Richard
George: mine is at
rich-c: good Bob thanks
aaron: well I have been meaning to "re-create my youth" so to speak, so I wanna get some of my old computers back (Adam, TS2068, etc)
rich-c: you have your own website, george?
BobS: SO, kiddies PUT it into your faVORITES section
George: yes, i just gave it
rich-c: not surprised, aaron, I've sold three Adams in the past six months
rich-c: the latest order just came in Monday, in fact
George: i still have to send for my drives
aaron: cool
BobS: the ADAM is still a simple comuter to understand; program, etc
rich-c: aaron, I've heard TS2068 before, but the exact identity slips my aging memory - more info?
rich-c: wait a minute - Timex-Sinclair, right?
aaron: The Timex Sinclair 2068
BobS: I have never heaRD OF IT but that is not surprising..........
rich-c: should have known - have one in a can in the basement - it might even work
aaron: I just dusted mine off over the weekend, works great, guess that's what made me think of the ADAM
rich-c: I have two Adams up and running, the main one with four disc drives plus hard disc
George: what happened to the rest of gang?
BobS: George, just visited your very own website........funny, I thought you were slightly older than you appear in the pic......
rich-c: oh, they'll turn up unless there's something special on television
rich-c: james is likely doing lesson preps, Ron is on a community committee
BobS: Richard, how'd you get 4 disk drives runnign at once??????? special program to access
George: its a few years old my first attempt at making a webpage
George: it may be my last
rich-c: no, I use wither the 5.25" pair OR the 3.5" pair depending on need
rich-c: that's either
BobS: ahso!!!! well, there was talk of up to 8 drives simultaneously....BUT don't remember how.......
BobS: ADAM has the resources #'s to do ti, just some programming to do it
rich-c: one of the Walters twins has a program that allows it
BobS: thought it ws them
BobS: got it??????
BobS: all of Walters Software and Jim's stuff is PD now
rich-c: in fact, Jim may have provided for it in his prBoot program or one of his other OS tweakers
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changed username to HLM
rich-c: no, Jim has never realeased his stuff as PD
HLM: morning all
George: i think i'm losing some of my computer skills
rich-c: he thought of it but then thought better of it
BobS: HIYA Herman!!!!!
rich-c: hi Hummon
rich-c: running a computer is like running a bicycle - once learned, never forgotten
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BobS: 'bout time you gtot up for the day.............
HLM: have I met aaron if Not Hello
changed username to james
rich-c: but when you try to oil up the skills you can take some nasty falls
aaron: hi HLM
HLM: No sir... more like just getting in and finishing dinner
james: morning, everyone :)
aaron: new around here actually
rich-c: no, aaron is a first-time visitor, Herman - be nice and hope he comes again
BobS: but he is interested in regaining his computer skills on an ADAM.........
BobS: hiya James!!!!!!
rich-c: morning, james, how's tomorrow?
BobS: AND do we have news yet?????????
james: partly cloudy, mid teens, no snow.
HLM: Hello James...
rich-c: (aaron, it's Thursday where james is)
james: hey herman, how's it going?
HLM: Welll computer skills kinda slips away if ya don't use them
james: two more weeks!
BobS: aaron, jam,es is in Japan BTW
james: we know it's a boy and we're probably going to name him Case
aaron: oh, haven't been there in years, how goes it James?
HLM: an old timer here made me start thinking.. Chester King. a local here was at IV asked me a few questions I had no answer for
rich-c: I guess the two of you are holding your breath something fierce
james: hi aaron, nice to meet you.
rich-c: how aree your students reacting to all of this?
aaron: pleasure
HLM: then he told me well You told me LAST TIME I asked but he forgot then he asked why I did not still remember
BobS: ok, remember Chester I think..........
james: most of them want to see the baby, a couple made the not so subtle offer of having the next one for me.
BobS: OUCH, pesky little things eh???
james: where you from aaron?
rich-c: occupational hazard - crushes on teacher
james: ha ha.
aaron: Oakland, California
james: cool.
rich-c: a little to the starboard side of the San Andreas fault, then
BobS: HOORAY for CA, almost halfway form Toronto to the coast of Japan
HLM: Let me think who do we have still active in the CA area, help me think Bob, Rich....
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rich-c: let's see - Gene Welch is in the LA area, isn't he?
aaron: rich, right, and right oin top of the Hayward Fault
BobS: talked email to Gene Wlch the othere day
james: so what brings you here, aaron?
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: he still has his ADAM stuff and presumably tinkers with it
HLM: OK we are getting there.. I need my data base handy so I can cheat
BobS: Gene Welch
Judy: Hello, All
HLM: Hi Judy
james: that's a good thing. has anyone seen or heard from the wet coast lately?
rich-c: yes, there was that eastern club president, moved to the Bay area - forget his name
George: Hi Judy
aaron: james: Was surfing around and Coleco ADAM popped in my head, googled myt way here
james: isn't the internet great? it's really helped people to integrate.
rich-c: I am a big fan of Google
HLM: We are still kicking Aaron, our 14th convention in Michigan this year sir BOB is the guy hosting it
HLM: Oppps, and ofcourse his dear wife Judy, and children :)
Judy: thanks
rich-c: anytime, Judy
james: michigan - they're almost canadian, eh bob?
HLM: did I clean that up FAST ms Judy
Judy: at least you remembered I do help
rich-c: oh, we know who does all the real work around there, Judy
james: lol
Judy: yes, I will let it go this time
HLM: no comments, I done stepped in enough already :(
HLM: so rich keep me out of it...
Judy: not really!!!
james: how are the wicks doing?
BobS: busy, busy busy..........
BobS: babaies RUN the joint
rich-c: haven't heard from them much, but last time Dale wason all was doing fine
BobS: KING Jeffery is ruling the place I am afraid...........
HLM: George and I were tossing ideas around a few weeks ago about 14
james: that's good. i'm still mentally bracing myself for the lifestyle change.
rich-c: but then, Scott was on at the same time, so those two did a lot of Adam talking
BobS: yes. and?????????
Judy: it will change, big time
HLM: George K I should say forgot gotta clarify now that is 2 georges
james: i might have to start getting up before 11 and going to bed before 3.
Judy: things are going to change around here too, the little one is moving out
rich-c: yes, you mentioned Mandy had found an apartment
HLM: we were getting our times sync'ed sir... first I thought my wife was gonna drive me, but GK said he would be here he was comming from parts unknown
BobS: I can be almost retied and lazy again!!!!!!
james: that's what my parents said when my brother moved out but he's back.
Judy: thanks for that James
BobS: so you guys are going to batch it again????????
HLM: at first but decided against it... so we both will be leaving Cleveland together
james: i think they're going to change the locks next time.
HLM: is it any other way
BobS: probably not, se one of ya's ....see the other.......
rich-c: didn't realize you don't drive, Herman
BobS: I thought you guys were twins the fisrt few conventions..........
BobS: and IMPOSING SCARY guys too!!!!!!!!
HLM: Not too much rich... emergency driving only mostly
HLM: used to drive trucks believe it or not
BobS: two great BIG lugs saying mean and nasty things about the rest of us...........
rich-c: I'd have thought that now that your eyes are fixed you'd be doing more
BobS: but now I KNOW you sre just teddy bears......
(BobS winks)
HLM: I do but why mess with perfection Zandra and GK are excellent drivers :)
BobS: SO.....are just the two of ya coming OR are you breinging spouses
rich-c: yes, don't know Zandra's background but an ex Trooper ought to know his way around a road
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changed username to Guy B.
HLM: not sure yet bob... My wife may sneak up, but I don't think Linda will...
rich-c: evening Guy, you're late
BobS: hi Guy
rich-c: have to take teh pooch for a walk?
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: well, we sould LOVE to have any and ALL who want to come!!!!!
Guy B.: Greetings everyone. Had other things here to tend too. Bad news, the Athlon is back in the shop.
BobS: pooch????????? DAT'S abby the dog!!!!!!
rich-c: far as I can recall I've never met Linda - was she at any of the Cleveland conventions?
HLM: then again she may not we got 2 more classes to take for being PARENTS believe it or not NOW you must be licensed to keep foste kids in Ohio
BobS: fer crying out loud
james: aaron, you said you were in japan before?
HLM: that is Foster Kids, which is what they consider our grand daughter
rich-c: do you plan to formally adopt her later, Herman?
BobS: well keep at it Herman, and keep her there with ya!!!!!
BobS: will make ya OLD beforte your time, but she needs ya!!!!
rich-c: Guy, what's your grief with the Athlon this time?
BobS: Bill gAtes likely
HLM: Not sure Rich.. some where down the road her parrents may get there acts together and adoption would be FINAL ofcourse
BobS: got your Athyelon back Richard????????
rich-c: Oh yes Bob, it's humming away just fine
Guy B.: Same problem. The PS/2 ports went out again. I talked with a friend of mine from work. He suspects something is shorting the ports out.
aaron: james, yeah, about 8 years ago, spent a couple of months in Osaka
rich-c: believe it or not, the problem (on the replacement disc) was that FDISC didn't wprk properly
Guy B.: Just as I thought.
rich-c: and don't tell me there's no way you can mess up FDISK
james: cool.
rich-c: that's true, but apparently it can mess up itself
BobS: the program Fdisk wan't workign right, but the JHD was??????
HLM: bummer.... I had to re install ME about a week ago.. had a few support files that were hit and missing when they felt like it
rich-c: it's things like that that make me happy to stick with Win98SE
james: what were you doing in osaka?
HLM: don't agree SE was very good, but ME is more stable for me, problem was me trying to MANUALLY force updates up that corrupted or transposed the correct version tables
Guy B.: I did have the keyboard working for awhile. Then I reinstalled Win98 and the first thing I noticed was no mouse pointer. So, right away I knew the CPU heatsink fan has nothing to do with the PS/2 ports going out. Win98 has been reinstalled and that's where I stand on the Athlon until I get it back.
rich-c: anyway, Bob, my first problem was simple mechanical failure in the hard disc
rich-c: the problem with FDISK can when we were installing the warranty replacement
james: okay, i have to go into town today. will talk to you all next week! can someone say hi to ron for me if he shows?
Guy B.: Ok, James. We'll see you then. Bye
HLM: sure will he is about due if he is comming
rich-c: will do, james - our best to you and family
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james: thanks.
changed username to Pamela
BobS: sure james!!!! ber good james!!!!!
HLM: bye James
rich-c: hi daughter
james: *poof*
BobS: hell Pamel me dear!!!!!
james: hi pam. bye pam!
rich-c: meet aaron from Oakland, CA - he's new
Pamela: Hi everyone, bye James
Guy B.: Well, there she is. Hi Pam, where were you last week?
HLM: Hello Pam
james left chat session
Pamela: Hi Aaron
George: Hi Pamela
Pamela: Sorry guys, I was in bed with a nasty cold
Pamela: Herman, George - Hi
Guy B.: You're feeling better?
Pamela: Somewhat
Pamela: AT least now I can breath
aaron: Hi Pamela
Pamela: (breathe)
rich-c: that cold still giving you a hard time? or is this another one?
Pamela: I'll be right back guys, gotta go finish nuking my dinner
Pamela: Not sure if it is the same or different - just miserable
Pamela: BRB
George: my chest feels like a truck ran over it
Guy B.: Well, I have lost 18 pounds in the past three months and doing pretty good here.
rich-c: afraid Pamela has been having a very persistent cold there
BobS: that's what happens when yo don't get enough snow for the winter!!!!!!
rich-c: six pounds a month - good for you, Guy
BobS: we are actually......HEAR THIS..........3rd snowiest on record......over 102 inches so far
rich-c: that's a good rate of loss too
Guy B.: Four just last week.
rich-c: you'll be real sleek and fit by Adamcon
BobS: SUPER Guy!!!!!!!
HLM: yea right... I fell for ya Bob
BobS: we won't wven recognize Guy!!!!!!
Guy B.: And most of that snow was lake effect. We have over 40 inches this winter.
rich-c: sheesh, I don't think we've even had a snowfall we couldn't clear with a broom, and few of those
Guy B.: It's showing. Most of my jeans are lose now.
rich-c: of course we're on the weather side of our lake, you folks are to the lee of yours
HLM: we had 2 bad days here and funny thing after the bad snow each days, it turned almost 60 or better the next day and melted it
BobS: it was the lake effect stuff that got us.....actually, the winter was very mild
Guy B.: The last snowfall we had two weeks ago here has all melted.
BobS: EXCEPT for the snow storms
HLM: same here Bib
HLM: Bob done renamed ya already
Guy B.: Same goes here.
rich-c: just as well - at the moment I can't swing a shovel anyway, in fact my walking is limited
BobS: yea, I heard Clevalnd getting dumped and I thought of ya!!!!!
HLM: I wasn't bad where I live about 3 -4 inches at best, and it was more out east... actually by me it was less and lasted not a good 24hrs
rich-c: I trust that is not a complaint, Herman
Pamela: I'm back - sorry about that
Pamela: Guy, did I see 18 pounds go by?
BobS: and you SHOULD be my dear!!!!!
Pamela: (apologies)
rich-c: I know Dr. D. was complaining last time he was on about driving through a junior-grade blizzard
HLM: No way even though I have only done about 4 or 5 furnances this winter I am NOT MAD
Guy B.: Yes, you heard right!
Pamela: that is so wow, Guy
HLM: we have been very mild and snowless based on our usual
Guy B.: Abby has helped me with her adventure walking.
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Hi Judy
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Pamela: so, since I missed last week, how was Florida?
rich-c: I'd sort of had the impression walking in Chicago was an adventure anyway, Guy
Judy: last week-end here was really bad
changed username to George
rich-c: welcome back, george
Judy: really great, hated to come home
George: i was bumped by aol
Pamela: can't say I blame you
Guy B.: It always is. Especially after what happened last Saturday with the high winds.
Judy: the flowers were beautiful
Pamela: Hmm, I have a chocolate milksicle
HLM: OH FINALLY I am due to get DSL the 28th Bob... after 2 years of raising hell GeorgeK has had it about a year now
Guy B.: Pam, don't tempt me.
Pamela: not by choice, Guy - the fridge is obviously set too high
Guy B.: Having some problems with it?
Judy: is it just chocolate milk?
Pamela: no, we defrosted the bar fridge on Saturday and forgot to compensate for it
Pamela: Yes, Judy - with slivers of ice in it
HLM: creative
Guy B.: That happens.
Judy: that would be great in the summer
BobS: so now you can go REAL fast huh Herman???????
Pamela: well, sometimes theres a method to our madness
HLM: too fast
rich-c: I'd like DSL but not $600 a year worth
Pamela: ditto
BobS: right
BobS: I am smoking awasy @ 26,000 buad but it only costs 9 bucks per month
Guy B.: DSL's not cheap. I have a friend who I setup hers and she's paying $50 a month. But, she's always on the Internet.
BobS: slow by dsl standards, but affordable
HLM: I kinda got a deal only 30 bux for first year
BobS: IF your business needs it, great, otherwise, tightfisted dutchmen leave it alone
Pamela: per month or for the whole year???
aaron: I love my DSL
Pamela: Aaron, where do you live?
aaron: Oakland, CA
HLM: per month but with a year contract..
Pamela: Oh. Nice work if you can get it
rich-c: fortunately our ISP is full value for 56K
Guy B.: Right now. Only a small percentage of people has DSL. The rest share the dialup and cable modem.
rich-c: I have more trouble with slow website servers than my connection
BobS: how fast is cable modem???????
HLM: I saved money it will allow me to kill 2 phone lines, and 2 msn accounts, that alone pays for it
rich-c: about one meg/sec for the cheapest
BobS: true, you can be real fast, but it depends on your route online
Guy B.: Not as fast as DSL. There are times where it will slow to a crawl.
HLM: with DSL me and my wife can log on at the same time without 2 seperate ISP accounts so MSN is history now
rich-c: oh, when Frances wabts to go on line she just appropriates my computer
George: i have 300 baud
Guy B.: I renewed Netzero for the year.
rich-c: but most of the time she's happy to play with her Amiga
BobS: well Herman, a network connectin that Judy and I are on right now does the same thing.........
BobS: using the same account
BobS: they just don't know it
aaron: ah, the Amiga, good memories of that system
Pamela: problem is, Bob, you have to be a computer genius to set it up
Guy B.: He has his son for that part.
rich-c: she has a 3000 up and running, a 500 and 2000 on the shelf
BobS: nope just have Doug. the stup is extremely simple and not expensive
rich-c: we even have a local Amiga group still - we were at the meeting last night
Pamela: I know. Some people are so lucky
HLM: But I could not pull that off Bob. tried high and low but could not do it.. Maybe with Netzero or something but MSN no AOL no
HLM: see I got no Dougie Fresh in my house
BobS: tis true Herman, those outlets are too strict to make that work
BobS: just need strictly internet access and LEAVE US ALONE til we ask for something
rich-c: yes, AOL is entirely too interested in your personal affairs
Guy B.: And your money as well.
HLM: that is good... we are gonna start trying to do more with our website so I wanted to crank things up a bit
BobS: pcmcia network cards, a cable and a little program called Sygate
BobS: GO MAN!!!!!!
HLM: MSN is not AS BAD as AOL, and PRODIGY is as bad as AOL
Pamela: wasn't that what Rich was trying to do for he and I at the convention so we could both chat?
Judy: works wonderfull
BobS: I want to see a "knock 'em dead" website !!!!!!!
Pamela: you're purring, Judy
BobS: could be Pam
Judy: no, eating
HLM: damn that is slick.... tell Doug to come to cleveland We wil lfeed him atleast
BobS: feedin her face Pam.........not purring
rich-c: naw, you gotta go to the 'con, Herman, and corner him there
Pamela: well, she sounded like she was purring - must be the food
BobS: will demo at AC 14...... BE THERE !!!!!!!
rich-c: hey, you can wait till August
HLM: yea Rich you are righ... that IS the best time
Judy: I can do that, not take apart computers
HLM: Bob will be working his senseless this year running things he may be tied up
rich-c: maybe I can learn the Adam emulator by then and bring my laptop
Pamela: Yeah, but Doug will be free . . .
HLM: don't know... gotta have a tech on the premises
Pamela: unless Bob has something to say about it
rich-c: anyway, all the good stuff at Adamcon happens after dinner
Guy B.: I have the emulator on my notebook and use it quite often.
rich-c: usually fairly near daybreak...
BobS: hope to have a session just for you Rich...on ADAMemulator
HLM: after dinner and before day
Pamela: I heard that rumour
Pamela: can't prove it by us though
Guy B.: Hey, what about me?
HLM: we are getting better now though we are all usually sleep by 2 now not many all niters no more
BobS: AND from the Herman........Chris Braymen's Manager program tutorial
rich-c: OK, I think I have the files on it, if not I'll put them on, and you-all can give me a guided tour
Pamela: can you network, Guy?
BobS: Guy's the guy for the ADAMem utilities
Pamela: gotcha
HLM: oh boy we gotta brush up
rich-c: right, we'll drag him to our room and let Russell guard the door
Pamela: Oh sure, like that's gonna do any good
Guy B.: The only network I've done is setup for Direct Cable Connection. Yep, the AdamEm utilities are my specialty.
HLM: I can use MOST OF IT, gotta learn to do the disk images and stuff but program runs fine with what I got already
BobS: actually, should be able to put in 2 cheapy network cards,a nd then hook them together I would think
rich-c: well, we'll give you a good workout on them, Guy
BobS: of course, what I THINK is usually too simplistic and doesn't work right...........
Pamela: besides, Guy's gonna be fit by then
HLM: yea Bob You THINK and Doug makes it work
HLM: wishful thinking
Guy B.: I've done it between the Athlon and the P133 and for the notebook for either one. The P75 will be next.
BobS: \we ALL have our jobs, ya know........
rich-c: did I mention I finally got it working between my Athlon and laptop, Guy?
(BobS reboots HLM's computer remotely.)
HLM: I know are you hiring :) anywhere close to Doug will do
Pamela: now Bob, don't you feel sorry for Herman now?
BobS: a few well placed dollars will get you a room nearby to the doug's room...........
(Someone throws a brick at BobS)
HLM: ok good connecting door will be just fine
BobS: it is ALL about WHO you know, not what you know........
rich-c: OK Herman, you get Doug, we'll get Guy
Pamela: (Ooh, that was messy)
Judy: he looks ok from here
HLM: NO GK will ge working on Guy, then he can help me...
rich-c: someone toss another
Pamela: Can you get the blood out of the rug, Judy?
Judy: yes, I know just who to call, they do great work
Pamela: okay, then no harm done
(Someone throws a brick at rich-c)
Judy: I don't do rugs
Pamela: Duck, Daddy!
rich-c: nyahh, I ducked
Judy: there is a awful lot of bricks flying around
HLM: pretty fast Rich
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: got any PIE???????
rich-c: big monitor - saw it coming at a distance
Pamela: Thanks Guy!
BobS: ANd an ale for Rich..........
HLM: :)
Pamela: wouldn't duck the pike
Guy B.: Might as well have one too.
Pamela: sorry, pie
rich-c: hmm, think I'm in more of a Guiness mode tonight
BobS: we here inthe lower states have only "baby" type brews for the upper crusters
BobS: somtimes they ahve to bring their own;............
Pamela: guess we'll have to import some, Bob
rich-c: now Aaron, all he's got to do is drive north a piece and he's into the Napa Valley
rich-c: and that's where you get the real drinkables
(Guy B. reboots Judy's computer remotely.)
Pamela: Hey Dad, what was the name of that campground we stayed in at Point Reyes?
BobS: but just "getting" to Napa Valley does not make wine
HLM: who fell into Rich's trap YOU KNOW nobody has beer like Canada
rich-c: no, but it gets you on a winery tour, and the rest follows
BobS: I just hought I would bring it up before he did Herman
rich-c: Pam, I don't remember
Judy: it is working just fine, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, then we should reboot Bob's.
Pamela: I second that
HLM: ok U KNOW it was comming
BobS: went thru a beer factory in MIlwaukee WI one time and got FREE beer
Pamela: which brand, Bob?
rich-c: used to get that at Busch Gardens, too
HLM: Millers Draft
Judy: If his isn't working than mine won't
rich-c: but I think they quit it - too many couldn't behave themselves
BobS: forget
Pamela: is that how i got you on the roller coaster, Dad?
BobS: tell us MORE
Judy: Guy, maybe we should be booting yours, you are not on our list
HLM: of all things, our Church sponsered a trip to a brewery and a winery
rich-c: well, no, that was in my younger and more foolish days, Pam
HLM: ofcourse in Michigan
(Guy B. groans loudly)
BobS: the is one heck of a church PICNIC Herman
Pamela: We did California in '75 Bob
HLM: I know I was there trust me
rich-c: if I recall, wine is mentioned in the Bible 173 times, and 171 of the mentions are favourable
Pamela: Disneyland for me, Knotts Berry Farm for Mom, and Busch gardens for Dad
Pamela: Guess who had the most fun?
Guy B.: You Pam?
BobS: you??????
Pamela: debatable
rich-c: I remember who liked San Francisco so much she cried when we had to leave
Pamela: yeah well I cried at Small World, too
Pamela: after all, I was only 10!
rich-c: first time I ever heard of an eight year old crying about going to Disneyland
HLM: correct and I wish I had some of THAT WINE rich I probably would still be high
Guy B.: I bet she rode the cable cars.
Pamela: Y'know, I can't remember
Pamela: Did we?
rich-c: sorry, Pam, yes you were 10
rich-c: yes, we rose the cable cars. She loved the street mimes at the Cannery
HLM: don't admit you don't remember that will just pump Rich up more
rich-c: do you remember going up the Napa Valley, and the Behemoth getting so hot we couldn't get in?
Pamela: memories of California: Ghirardelli square and ice cream for lunch, walking the earthquake trail, Bell theater in the round at Disney
Pamela: Yeah, I remember that Dad
Pamela: tide pools
rich-c: had to put towels on the seat and steering wheel to move it into the shade
Pamela: drinking great grape juice at the wineries
BobS: WINE, not grape juice Pam
Pamela: getting dad on a roller coaster for the first and last time
rich-c: no, ten year olds got grape juice
Pamela: Bob, I was only ten - I was drinking grape juice
Pamela: Bumper car ride to ourselves at Busch Gardens
HLM: yea right
Judy: Bob can relate to the last time on a roller coaster
HLM: AGED grape juice
Pamela: only for the adults, Herman
BobS: so that is what made you appreciate the finer things in life today............
rich-c: and I gather, Judy, you mean LAST time
HLM: OK I will be nice
Judy: He didn't like BAT MAN
Pamela: this was 26 years ago - rides were much tamer then
BobS: I will go on the "normal" types but not the wild ones again
Pamela: I'm with you, Bob
BobS: thought I was gonna DIE
Judy: he thought he was dying
BobS: I think I DID !!!!!!
HLM: Same here Bob... takes about a week to get your head and stomache unscrambled
Judy: It was great!!!
Pamela: so Bob - how is reincarnation, anyway?
Judy: the ride I mean
BobS: right on the button Herman
Judy: he did scare all of us
Pamela: Hey Aaron, this is your home we're talking about - any contributions or dissensions?
rich-c: I'd have thought the pale green colour would be rather fetching
BobS: I wanted tocome back as a RICH playboy, but fmaily wanted me back the way I was befor e I died
Judy: won't ask him to go on that one again
BobS: SO, i came back just plain ol me'
HLM: No comment
BobS: GRAY richard
aaron: no, not really :)
rich-c: no, Aaron's a fair piece north of LA-LA Land
aaron: yeah, what rich said
Pamela: not all of it is lala land, just a small percentage
Judy: it was really awful watching him
BobS: kinda looked like batman maybe
Pamela: does this ride have a loop or a corkscrew?
rich-c: after a tough night with the Joker
Judy: both
BobS: TEN of themn I think'
Pamela: Okay , no dice
BobS: and twleve of the other ones yo said
BobS: BU
BobS: T, I got a T-shirt for riding!!!!!!!!!
Judy: the rest of us all liked it, he is such a baby
rich-c: which coaster was this, Judy?
Pamela: and it says I rode Bat man and all they gave me was this lousy t-shirt
Judy: but don't tell him I said that
Pamela: It'll be our secret, Judy
BobS: nope, it is just like the real ones....just sasy BAT MAN !!!!!!!!!
Judy: the name of it is Bat Man
BobS: they had some that said something about gettign sick on the crowd waiting to ride, but I didn't want that one
rich-c: which park, and when?
BobS: Great America in Illinois summer of 95
BobS: of 96
rich-c: trauma worn off yet?
Guy B.: Been a longtime since I've been at Great America.
BobS: stil feels like YESTERDAY
Pamela: we have one at Wonderland that pulls you up a track, then lets you go backwards, down to the bottom , through two loops and a corkscrew, then pulls you up the track again and lets you go through it frontwards
Pamela: they call it the Bat
BobS: NO< NO>>>>>>>>>]
Pamela: I wouldn't ride it for a million bucks
BobS: and you are the ball, reight??????
Judy: we just do;n't ask him to go on any like that anymore
BobS: I am with you Pam
Judy: it was great
Pamela: You're a better woman than I, Judy
HLM: OH Cedar Point or (Six Flags) has some coasters, that leaves your guts in the air 20 minutes after the ride has ended
BobS: Ryan & Josh & Mikey and I can watch
Judy: better if Bob wasn't there co;mplaining about it
Pamela: I've heard about Cedar Point, Herman
HLM: From a DISTANCE like me Bob, with Camera in hand
BobS: Herman you been there, EH????????
rich-c: they also have one of the old classic wooden coasters, don't they?
BobS: Cedar point is a good park, some wild rides, but overall an A+++++++
HLM: yea Cedar Point
BobS: double coaster
Pamela: Cedar point is where they test all the really wild rides before trying them anywhere else
HLM: cork screw demon drop, demon coaster bunch of crap that I just look at
Judy: sissy ride
Pamela: If the riders there can't handle them they're toast
rich-c: do I detect Judy getting a bit insufferable?
Judy: not a bit
HLM: we got a cyclone or tornado that is SUPPOSED to break sound or some crap
Pamela: there's a faint whiff of ego in the room
Pamela: Cast iron stomach, Judy?
Judy: yes, but the neck doesn't like some
Pamela: Must be nice
Pamela: I guess I'll just go on being a wimp
Judy: head goes one way body goes the other
HLM: Me too
Guy B.: Well, gang. Got to check the e-mail and set Abby's vet appt. in my schedule for this Saturday. So, I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: Ciao Guy - keep up the good work!
Judy: bye Guy
HLM: nite Guy
rich-c: nite Guy - see you then
BobS: see ya Guy
Guy B.: Over and out.
rich-c: if the appointment allows, do try to check in Saturday
BobS: IF you can remember
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: think we wrr3e just a little late on that
HLM: Like my dad used to say ya ain't gotta walk through a cow pasture to know what lies in the grass
BobS: if you are like me, I ALWAYS forget
Pamela: your daddy was a wise one Herman
rich-c: these days I get conflicts with the races sometimes
Pamela: that's what video tape is for Dad
rich-c: don't mind missing a piece of a NASCAR race, but CART is a diffeerent story
HLM: Saturday I am usually gone at 3pm
rich-c: I get the feeling I shouldn't ask where, Herman
HLM: so he thought
rich-c: going to be tough when the football season starts
Pamela: and I thought my viewing schedule was tight
HLM: No comment Rich You know what he was saying AND what was in the grass
Pamela: why is everything I love on Wednesday nights?
HLM: cow droppings
Pamela: bull hocky
rich-c: as you remarked, daughter, that's what video tape is for
BobS: pretty quick now, they will all be repeats Pam
Pamela: for a while, anyway, except Survivor
rich-c: fortunately, no racing or football on Wednesday nights
HLM: Must be nice
Pamela: Enterprise Wed at eight, Survivor Wednesday at eight, West Wing Wednesday at nine, chat Wednesday at nine - what's a girl to do?
rich-c: Frances likes it when I get into the tv - that's when she does her internet surfing
rich-c: last Sunday she had six hours straight
Pamela: who one the Mexican race, Dad?
Pamela: sorry, won
rich-c: Christiana da Matta - that makes it three in a row for him
Pamela: isn't he a native?
rich-c: maybe Newman-Haas didn't make that big a mistake letting Andertti walk after all
rich-c: no, he's Brazilian if I recall
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: where did Michael go to?
rich-c: the Mexicans were Adrian Fernandez and Michael Jourdain Jr.
changed username to Ron
rich-c: Michael went to Motorola Team Green
BobS: Ronald my MAN
Ron: yo!
Pamela: Ron, you made it!
rich-c: bout time. Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: how's BC wseather??????
rich-c: james had to leave but asked us to tell you hello
Ron: miss ya 'all
BobS: and what will hit here in 3 days?????
Pamela: you too!
Ron: wet
Ron: cold
Ron: snow
Judy: yuk
Pamela: yuck, take it back
BobS: NO, don't like that!!!!!
Ron: exactly
HLM: Nope we closed the Gate Ron... Gotta stay there with you
rich-c: gee, our crocuses and daffodils are sprouting like mad
Ron: we have one of these Arctic Outflow things happening
Pamela: speaking of James, isn't the baby due shortly?
rich-c: we had a high of 12 today
BobS: 2 weeks
Judy: yes, don't send that our way
rich-c: two weeks, Pam
Pamela: ok
aaron left chat session
Judy: oours too
Ron: cold air hitting warm moist Pacific incoming.... result is white
Judy: was 50 here
Pamela: but is it salty?
BobS: salty snow????????
Judy: sound s better than 12
Ron: yes.... makes great chip dip
rich-c: that's 12C - about 53F
Pamela: that's a loota chips
HLM: well according to the forcaster, we are clear for 3 days anyway
Ron: think the Good Lord has reversed things
Pamela: but I hear snow has no calories
rich-c: remember I was answering a Canadian
BobS: about time TOO
Ron: just to keep me from gloating
Pamela: I only speak F when it gets really hot
Ron: true Pamela. Consistency of wet cement, but no calories
Ron: heart's fine. It's the back that hurts
Pamela: can't comment Ron - I've never tried to eat wet cement
rich-c: does it make foir self-salting roads, Ron?
Ron: Mother says, "the Lord put it there, the Lord will take it away"
Ron: but I'm here to tell you....
Ron: Think the Lord was elsewhere
Pamela: and then she stays indoors for two months, right?
HLM: I have try plastering over your head SAME THING....
rich-c: the Lord can be darn dilatory about it?
(BobS groans loudly)
Ron: rich stop expanding my vocabluary like that
Ron: dilatory?
Pamela: nah, plaster wouldn't be right - gets hard too fast
Pamela: slow, Ron
rich-c: as in, sorta slow, not in a hurry to do it
Ron: tks
Pamela: this is what I get for having librarians as parents - a vocab no one can understand
Ron: need a dictionary when I speak with your father
rich-c: at my ager, vocabulary is a use it or lose it proposition
HLM: on a hot day Cement sets up in a few hours depending on the amount of water added to it
Pamela: definitely not a good candidate then Herman
BobS: I liked the idea of self salting snow...........keep the roads RIGHT clean it would
Ron: sounds like you been there, done that, Herman
Pamela: Me too Bob - easier on the cars too
Ron: out here we have 2 ploughs
Pamela: none of that corrosion stuff
Pamela: and they
BobS: Ronald, we were discussing AC14 and your role in it........
Ron: nobody ever thinks it's going to snow
Pamela: re in Victoria, right?
BobS: that of leading 6 sessions.......
HLM: good idea Bob, lets market it and go to Florida or Vegas and retire
Ron: ya
BobS: on subjects of the public's choice
Ron: yes
BobS: bummer eh?????
Ron: to do what?
BobS: anything we desire!!!!!
Pamela: tear down computers for one
Ron: my wish is your command
BobS: for one thing, I goota talk to you about the Xmas program dn session on how to use it
Ron: good idea
BobS: Pam is on th list for tear down and rebuild......but not he same computer
Ron: tear down? do they have to work after?
BobS: yes..........
Ron: oh
Pamela: huh?
Ron: same as last year eh?
Pamela: do I have to rebuild Moms?
HLM: Bob and Judy are XPERTS they can help
Ron: Think we oughta have the Slopsemas for a return engagement
Pamela: no way, they're not teardown virgins
BobS: NO, Ron and Pam are going head to head..........
HLM: got a better Idea Clea's against CLEES
Ron: I like that Herman
HLM: Clees VS Clees
rich-c: this time I'll bring my tool kit
Pamela: that was the original idea I thought
Pamela: Mom and Dad against myself and Russell with Ron coaching
BobS: 6 way screwdriver is all you can have Rich
BobS: coaching WHO???????
HLM: so it is confirmed...
Pamela: coaching us - Dad doesn't need a coach
rich-c: no, I need mine with the long thin shank
Pamela: (quick, someone write that down)
Ron: coaching.... as in imparting knowledge?
HLM: rich will bring a power driver and cheat
Pamela: as in helping Ron
Ron: bit of a reach
rich-c: besides, I'll get lots of practice - sold another Adam this week
Pamela: you don't get off that easily, Ron
Ron: thought not. (damn!)
Pamela: nice try
rich-c: if I keep up at this rate the basement will be empty by the time I'm 80
Ron: :)
HLM: No way
Pamela: not at the rate people are giving them away
rich-c: well, empty of the working ones
Pamela: see, this is my inheritance
BobS: the non working ones get thrown!!!!!
Pamela: dead ADAMs
Pamela: three zillion books
rich-c: and a 1973 car
Pamela: and a couple of seasonal mice
BobS: too many working ones to save the non working ones
HLM: oh boy here comes the "BJ's Land Fill trick
HLM: was it Bj or Lisle
BobS: WHAT an inheritance!!!!!!!
Pamela: any way you slice it, I'm a rich woman
Judy: bye all talk at you next week
rich-c: you can send them to Bob to get them working, Pam
Pamela: fair deal
Ron: Think Pam of how many ADAMCon's you could host
HLM: Nite Judy
rich-c: nite Judy
Ron: say g'nite Judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy - sleep tight - visions of rollercoasters dance in your dreams
Pamela: I'll never be taht organized Bob
Judy: don't send all to Bob, he is out of room
HLM: no that will be bob's nite mare
Ron: Are you guys goin' travelling?
Pamela: Sorry, Ron
rich-c: if he's not watching, that's the time to announce it
BobS: getting them wittled down here too
rich-c: let it be a lovely surprise
Judy left chat session
BobS: when did we lose Aaron??????
rich-c: are who going travelling? we're going to Adamcon
BobS: just noticed he was gone
Pamela: I have this vision of my own - a UPS truck pulling up to the Slopsemas and disgorging about 100 ADAMs
Pamela: none of them working
Ron: no it was the reference to dreams of rollercoasters
BobS: could paper the lawn with them!!!
Ron: led me to believe the Slopsemas were going somewhere
rich-c: no, they've been
Ron: aha
HLM: no like the kid on the Disney commercial, it was in 96 Ron
Pamela: we heard that green is Bob's colour
rich-c: my project now is to put a V8 in the truck
Ron: you see, that's what happens when you lose touch with friends
rich-c: then if my health is up to it, I can drive to Adamcon 15
Pamela: Don't know about you, but I plan to fly
Ron: you drink the V8 Rich. put gas in the truck
rich-c: well, you don't have eight weeks to spend on it, Pam
BobS: gotta fly it is faster!!!!
HLM: Never happen... Rich gotta drive only way to go
Pamela: Ron, read the archives when they're posted - you'll understand
Ron: ok
Ron: I await
Pamela: we'll have to speak to the Wick to get them up soon
Ron: ya had to be there eh?
Pamela: Hey, I could if I wanted to - I have four weeks vacation these days
BobS: well team. goot go too, mama is beckoning and she HATES to go to bed alone....needs me to WARM up the sheets or something
rich-c: trust me, daughter, it's a fairly tough run
Pamela: that's why I'm flying
rich-c: though I suppose you could make it in six days each way without killing yourself
Ron: go do that Bob. take care sir
Pamela: I guess you're right Bob - it's getting late
rich-c: but you wouldn't see anything
HLM: ok Robert Nite sir... I need to take the garbage out before I forget
Ron: my late arrivals will unfortunately carry on until May 24
rich-c: nite Robert
Pamela: nite Bob
Ron: but I'll try get here when I can
BobS: be thinkin about a session Ron.......the program manager thingy used for the xcmas disk OK????
Pamela: we're usually here fairly late anyway Ron
Ron: yep.. be happy to do that one Bob
BobS: POOF............
HLM: we appreciate ya Ron Just come...
Pamela: G'nite Herman
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Herman
HLM: nite all
Ron: well Herman, I got hornswoggled into chairing an event on the long weekend in May, and we have weekly
Ron: meetings to do the planning.
Ron: usually takes an hour right from 6:30
Ron: our time
HLM: Sounds like a winner
Pamela: and they just happen to be on wednesday night, like everything else, right?
rich-c: thought the chairman got to set the meeting times?
Ron: well, it was a group effort
Ron: Got more volunteers on Wednesday
rich-c: and volunteers being hard to come by...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: is that the p.c. version of hornswoggled?
Ron: not one of these where I can do my usual management philosophy (delegate and disappear)
HLM left chat session
Pamela: Hi, Meeka!
Meeka: Am I late? ;-)
rich-c: hi Meeka, replacing the old folks, are you?
Pamela: Just a tad
Meeka: I guess so?
Ron: Hi Meeka
Pamela: and where have you been young lady?
Meeka: at the Nephews house
Ron: aha
Pamela: ahhhh
Pamela: you missed curfew
Pamela: we were worried
rich-c: helping get them settled in a bit?
Pamela: hello?
Ron: a moment of silence
Pamela: thought we lost everyone for a moment
Meeka: no. just over there playing with them. We also took their mom out to the furniture store tonight to get a new living room chair
Ron: and did you find one?
George: i'm in a daze
Ron: You're not along George
Meeka: yes. and it should match her couch really well
Pamela: sorry George, did we wake you?
rich-c: all the cross threads confusing you, George?
Pamela: oooh, I just love furniture shopping
George: i don't know what is going on
Ron: neat
Meeka: me too. I just don't get to very often. My taste tends to run on the expensive side
rich-c: well, George, essentially three different conversations are taking place at once
Ron: at least
Pamela: as does mine, unfortunately. Mom and I used to joke that if there were 100 items in a window, we invariably picked the most expensive
Meeka: yup
rich-c: Meeka is Bob and Judy's daughter-in-law; Pamela is my daughter
George: oh i thought i was going crazy
Pamela: no more than the rest of us George
Ron: no no George, you're at an ADAM chat.... amounts to about the same thing
rich-c: yes, you have folks going in and out, which confuses things
Pamela: you gotta be a bit crazy to play with us
rich-c: and you get people in different places and time zones
Ron: and talking about snow on the west coast
Ron: and whether pigs have wings
Pamela: and ships and shoes and sealing wax
Ron: we're making it wose
Ron: worse
rich-c: we all know each others families, too
George: maybe thats my trouble i'm in the eastern zone
rich-c: and a certain amount about their personal lives otherwise
rich-c: no, most of our folks are in Eastern or Central
Ron: would not want to be moderator of this group
rich-c: some confusion because some of us are Canadian and talk in metric
Pamela: George, don't worry too much - it took me a while to get all the players straight - and I didn't know any of them a year and a half ago
Ron: It's ok George, you're amongst friends
Pamela: there is nothing moderate about this bunch
Meeka: I helps a whole lot if you have faces to go with the names also
rich-c: that's one of the reasons spelling is sometimes unusual, too
Ron: you got that right Pamela
Pamela: and no filter between brain and fingers either
Ron: neighbour, labour, colour, rumour
rich-c: right on, daughter
Pamela: you have to love it
George: why do we use the english system when we kicked the english out here?
Ron: Good question
rich-c: oh, Am,ericans just like to be out of step with all the rest of the world, I guess
Pamela: very good question
Meeka: Ron their are no "U"'s in those words if you spell them corectly ;-)
rich-c: uh, Meeka, there? correctly?
Ron: I know Meeka. now.... pronounce "Z" for me
Pamela: it depends where you spell them Meeka
Pamela: zed!
Ron: nope
Meeka: yes, it is those farn dingers agian
Meeka: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Ron: Meeka, wake up!
Pamela: LOL\
Ron: you say ZEE, I say ZED
Pamela: George, WAKE UP
rich-c: hey, George, we got you good!
Meeka: i am not asleep. that is how you pronounce the letter Z
Meeka: ;-)
rich-c: unless you're in the United States armed forces - then, it's Zed
Ron: Vive la difference
Pamela: potatoe, potato
Ron: oh really!
Ron: I didn't know that
Pamela: if you're Dan Quayle
Pamela: silly featherhead
George: my Zs look more lile a VHS track
Ron: So let it be duly noted that at the ADAM chat tonight
Ron: we spoke of many things
Ron: of shoes
Ron: and ships
Pamela: and sealing wax
Pamela: and cabbages and kings
Ron: and whether George has wings
Meeka: expansive tastes
George: tomorrow i will
Ron: yes, chairs..... I like recliners, myself
Ron: I tend to recline
Meeka: it is a recliner
Ron: aha!
Ron: I knew it!
Meeka: the same as the two I got just befor christmas
Pamela: I'll stick to my couch
Ron: Hey..... ya know what
Ron: the afghan works great with a recliner
Meeka: ;-)
Pamela: watch it Meeka, or Ron will be moving in to your place for the duration of the con
Ron: yes!
George: i'm stuck in bed
Pamela: see, that's why you need wings George
rich-c: count your blessings, George
rich-c: these nights my hip hurts worse in bed than when I'm up
rich-c: I'm not in your league of troubles, but I can sympathize
George: i'll get my wings when i die
Ron: George, I suppose there would be worse places to be stuck
Pamela: yes, you will
Meeka: that's ok. he was already invited to stay with us a few days if he need to since he will be one of the few needing to fly this year
rich-c: yes, for most of us it is at worst a day's drive
Pamela: Um Meeka, he snores
Pamela: Just ask Guy
Meeka: we hvae two spare rooms
Pamela: at the far end of the house?
rich-c: don't say things like that, Pamela - someone might ask how you know
Pamela: Guy swears to it
George: i snore like a freight train
Ron: mean to take that offer seriously
Pamela: Okay, you're relagated to the far end of the house too George
Meeka: well, I don't know about far, but they are on the opisite side from our room
George: you can hear the rumble
rich-c: the world is divided between those who admit they snore and those who deny it - falsely
Meeka: you are more than welcome to Ron.
Pamela: Hey, I snore but i come by it honestly
Meeka: just let us know when and for how long and we will see you at the airport
Pamela: I am my fathers daughter
Ron: snoring - we won't go there
Meeka: I do to, but only when I am haing sinus problems
Pamela: I realized how loud Dad was when I moved into the basement and I could still hear him
rich-c: oddly enough, I tend to be very quiet these nights - so I'm told
Pamela: could it be that Mom is sleeping better?
rich-c: and Frances says I really don't snore at all in the trailer - go figure
Ron: you are obviously living right, my son
Pamela: I want the secret - before I muffle my hubby permanently
rich-c: more rest and less tension tends to help
Pamela: yup
Pamela: so you're saying he has to retire, is that it?
rich-c: maybe just arrange to get more sleep
Pamela: If the man slept any more, he'd never get out of bed
Ron: retirement doth not necessarily stress endeth
Pamela: I'm gonna put that on a pillow for you Ron
rich-c: true enough, Ron, but it changes the nature
Ron: One can get very stressed being out and about
rich-c: well, I limit my driving in Toronto
Ron: :)
Pamela: but first, say that three times fast
Ron: I would limit driving with Taxi drivers between the airport and downtown Toronto
Ron: but hey I tell ya
rich-c: anyway, it takes a few years after you chuck it in to unwind
Pamela: I wouldn't get into a cab
Ron: even in my sleepy little retirement village
Ron: there is now traffic
Ron: too many people chasing too many cars
Pamela: how does it compare to Cleveland? Cause Cleveland was a breeze
Ron: I was followed for a full mile the other day by a woman in an SUV talking on a Cell phone
rich-c: after Toronto, anything (except Montreal) is a breeze
Ron: well no the SUV was talking on the cell phone
Pamela: and the woman?
Ron: the lady behind the wheel of the SUV was talking on the cell phone
Pamela: are you sure?
Meeka: ok. I am going to get going. I will try not to be so late next week.
rich-c: nite Meeka
Ron: well I think so.... I was so busy watching the woman in the SUV
Ron: that I almost..... well
Ron: but no I didn't
Ron: there was this red light
Ron: ok Meeka
Pamela: red means stop, right?
Ron: be well
Ron: oh
Pamela: g'nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: in Toronto, that depends on how long it's been red
Ron: stress... right here in the Comox Valley
Pamela: Don't worry Ron, a number of people here don't know that either
Ron: I should have a cell phone.
Ron: feel left out
Pamela: and on that note, I am going to follow Meeka's example
Ron: I mean... who do these people talk to?
Ron: ok.... it's getting late
rich-c: other people in SUVs
Ron: ok
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: yes, it's nearly midnight our time
Pamela: and waaaay passt my bedtime
Pamela: no wonder I can't spell anymoer
Pamela: more
Ron: all right . Hopefully there will not be so much time between my showing ups here
rich-c: yep, and I still have chores to do
Ron: later good people
rich-c: yes, make the meetings short and sweet, Ron
Pamela: good night Ron
Ron: salut
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: G;nite Dad - hug Mom for me
George: i have to go to the doctor tomorrow
rich-c: will do
Pamela: g'nite George - be well
Ron: One day at a time George
George: nite
Pamela: au revoir
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: goodnight all
Ron left chat session
rich-c left chat session
George left chat session
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