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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: didnt see you immediately
rich-c: I play Free Cell while I'm waiting for folks to show
George: are we the only ones?
rich-c: I play Free Cell while waiting for folks to show up
rich-c: oops - think I fell off
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: OK am I back now?
rich-c: yes, I see I am
George: you are here twice
rich-c: it happens - the one is a ghost and will go away
rich-c: the applett lost me for a minute
rich-c: anyway, how are you feeling tonight?
George: not so good
rich-c: anything unusual or just the regular miseries?
rich-c: (by the way, took a look at your website last week)
George: my doctor refered me to a cardiologist for CHF
rich-c: well, I reckon your problems tend to be pretty hard on the ticker
rich-c: even if there's nothing specific, I suspect regular checks are prudent medicine
George: fluid keeps bulding up and its hard catch a breath
rich-c: and doctors practice prudent medicine because they don't like to be sued
rich-c: that sounds like congestive heart problems
George: yes
rich-c: that is not fun stuff - my young brother died of congestive heart failure
rich-c: or at least that was the proximate cause; the real cause was lifestyle
George: i'm doomed
rich-c: of course, we all are - the only questioin is when
George: it seem to be much faster for me
rich-c: remember I'm in my eighth decade, and the odds are much against my seeing the ninth
George: i may not reach my fifth
rich-c: the only dumb thing you can do is give up
rich-c: the way medicine is progressing these days. you're likely to live to see a cure for whatever ails you
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changed username to BobS
George: i may not reach my fifth
rich-c: rt
BobS: hiya guys!!!!
rich-c: allo Robert
BobS: how's come you are twins Richard??????
rich-c: the applet lost me so I had to reenter, but it duplicated my name
George: i'm stuck
rich-c: you know how it works - does it often enough
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: George is having a bad day - doctor suspects heart trouble
BobS: oh, oh
rich-c: well, a lot of that is curable these days
George: this window keeps sticking
rich-c: and what isn't curable this week just may become so next week
BobS: the computer window???? or your apt window????
rich-c: be glad the weather will let you open the window, George
rich-c: it's wet, freezing, with an icy northwest wind here
rich-c: how's the scene in Michigan, Bob?
George: my medical coverage doesn't cover new medical advances
rich-c: Canadians don't talk about medical insurance - it upsets our American buddies too much
George: i just get basic care
BobS: gonna be COLD tonight, had some rain this morning and predicting some snow tonight and tomorrow with 10 above zero temps tonight
George: if it gets too bad for me they just let me die
rich-c: George, what you got in weather down your way? Any rain yet?
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello judy
George: just a little rain
Judy: Hello, Rich
rich-c: come to keep an eye on the old man, have you?
Judy: yes, someone has to
rich-c: way the east coast has been, every little rain helps
Judy: ya never know what he is up to
rich-c: yes, Judy, you never know what he'll get up to
BobS: I am very capable of making my own messes than you very much
George: rain in Philly makes everyone here silly
rich-c: remember the time he up and volunteered to run a convention?
Judy: he would just tell you 6'3"
BobS: talked into that one you see
Judy: that is right can't trust him
rich-c: 6"3" - what's that in metric?
BobS: oh sure, Pat said, nothing to it.........and if you do AC09, I will do much for planning
Judy: don't have a clue
BobS: and NOW........Ron did the same thing to us.......YOU have 14 and I will have 15......
BobS: is there a pattern here?????????
George: time to turn the TV off
rich-c: I don't know but I think I'm going to have to start treading softly
BobS: yea..........16 could be YOURS
rich-c: Bob, you're fairly experienced on tape drives
Judy: he is and I don't llike them
rich-c: on a recent disc to tape copy, a clean disc copy came out a bit wonky on tape
rich-c: that likely to be just cleaning needed or the speed control starting to go?
George: can you have one in philly? I might be able to come
rich-c: we'd love to have one in Philly but there has to be someone there who will organize it
rich-c: and Rich Cossaboon doesn't seem to be active any more
BobS: probably just cleaning OR you need a different tape
BobS: should copy just fine..........
rich-c: that was my first guess - must be longer than I thought since I cleaned it
BobS: it will do wonders sometimes
rich-c: give it a shot of electronic parts cleaner, should tell the tale
Judy: pretend it is Philly and come to michigan
BobS: no, NO, NO !!!!!!!!! just use some denatured alcohol on a cotton cloth and rub the tape head good, let it dry and then use
George: i need to grow wings
rich-c: why? there's still a good train from Philly to Chicago, isn't there?
BobS: but flying can get kind of dangerous up ther George
rich-c: and doesn't it go through Grand Rapids?
George: train is cost prohibitive
rich-c: I had thought Amtrack was cheaper than flying - am I that out of date?
BobS: train comes thru here.....YA SURE
George: it actually works out cheaper to fly
BobS: cheaper than fliying YES, but maybe still out of Goeorge's
BobS: George's financial realm for a computer vacation
rich-c: well, with Southwest and the others around, maybe flying is cheaper
George: i'm just getting by as it is
rich-c: if there's flights from Grand Rapids to Detroit or Buffalo, there would likely be a link to Southwest
rich-c: that would be most direct but Philly-Chicago and backtrack could work too
George: my food money didn't provide for any meat this month
rich-c: that does not sound like a budget that would cover a convention, I'm sorry to say
BobS: now that IS tight Goerge
BobS: farn dingers
George: me to
rich-c: naw, George, it's just that your keyboard can't spell
George: me too
rich-c: -
rich-c: whoops - chat has lost me again - will reenter - triplets?
BobS: where is the rest of this here gang..........SHEES
BobS: no you are sitl here rich
rich-c requested to ban rich-c
George: lost
rich-c confirmed ban
George: help
George: help
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: who here???????
George left chat session
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changed username to rich-c
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rich-c: OK don't know what went wrong but I'm back
BobS: yo hoh .....boys!!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: holler at Judy - is she back yet?
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rich-c: I have two copies of this page going somehow
changed username to George
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rich-c: I'm going to kill one - I may get lost on the way
changed username to BobS
rich-c: but will be back a.s.a.p
rich-c left chat session
BobS: well there's one gone
rich-c: ok, now to test this one
BobS: you arre coming thru fine
George: am i back?
rich-c: you folks all reading me? I'm showing on my screen
BobS: George, still here???????
rich-c: you
BobS: yup you back!!!!!!
BobS: whAT????????
George: what happened?
rich-c: I think that last was some dumb thing the server did, not us
rich-c: Bob, it means I hit enter by mistake
BobS: AH da japanese would say
rich-c: and by the time I went to finish the sentence, you'd covered the subject
rich-c: wondering what's with the rest of the gang tonight
George: hello
rich-c: Pamela said last night she'd be on tonight
George: i'm stuck again
BobS: I jumkped off the ship and climbed back on too
rich-c: and Guy should be on, he's usually earlier than this
George: help help help
BobS: ah hmmmmmmm
BobS left chat session
George left chat session
rich-c: no, George, we're reading you fine
rich-c: oops = maybe not
Judy: is this going through
rich-c: OK, my screen has lost the repeat - leaving and re-entering
rich-c left chat session
Judy: is any one there
Judy left chat session
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changed username to Ron
Ron: Too late eh?
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