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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ho.
Dale: How are you today?
rich-c: hey, you killed Free Cell for me - that's new
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rich-c: it minimized when you came on - go figure
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George - wet in Philly?
George: dry now
rich-c: we had a fairly healthy snowfall, but our solar snow removal worked fine today
Dale: Hi George.
George: Hi Dale
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: HOWDY ya'll
Dale: Hi ya Bob.
rich-c: looks like the gang's getting in on time today
BobS: good to see you Dalke......and Jill and Jeffery?????
Dale: Jeffery went to bed. Jill is here somewhere.
BobS: good boy that Jeffery
George: what happened last week? i got bumped and couldn't get back in
Dale: I got home from work on time for the chat for a change.
rich-c: did you get teh email from Bob telling you about teh backup site?
BobS: well George, did yo read the message i sent ya on the ALTERNATCHAT SITE
Dale: There was a service interruption at about 10pm for a good 15 or 20 minutes.
rich-c: oh, was your ISP acting up, Dale?
George: i didn't see anything
Dale: It was my ISP's feed that went down temporarily.
rich-c: gotta pay more attention to your email, George
Dale: I couldn't get any traffic out.
rich-c: oh, problems on the ba ckbone, then?
Dale: I think so. I should have posted once it was back up (I have a service that monitors it now, so I can keep up to date).
rich-c: George, do you have any filters active on your AOL account?
Dale: I may have had problems on the weekend that slipped by. Sorry about that.
George: not now
rich-c: well, now that Dr. D. has set up the backup site, except for George we all shifted OK
George: i just reformatted my hd
Dale: My monitoring service emails my cell phone when there is a problem.
BobS: GEORGE, copy, bookmark, or what ever this page........
BobS: that's where we went ot last week when this one dies
BobS: AND we MISSSED ya gewtting there!!!!!!
rich-c: the AOL filters have a bad reputation for filtering out very important messages because the sender used some forbidden word or phrase
rich-c: yes, Dale, in your business you are very dependent on reliable internet connections
rich-c: and George, if you're going to keep reformatting your drives, then save your bookmark file weekly
BobS: in ANY business today, IF they use the internet, it has to be working
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: welcome daughter
Pamela: Hi
BobS: PAMELA !!!!!!! welcome me lady
Pamela: Hey Dale, long time no see
Pamela: How are you, how's the baby, how's Jillian (not necessarily in that order)?
Pamela: George, how are you doing today?
Pamela: Thanks, Bob
George: my computer went crazy after visiting the site
Pamela: I hate to tell you this, George but it's all fake
rich-c: why? didn't you have your firewall up?
George: HI Pamela i'm good
Dale: Hey Pamela.
Dale: Jeffrey is sleeping soundly. Jill is doing okay, just rying to catch up on things during the respite.
rich-c: of course wwf is fake - but folks apparently sure find it entertaining
Pamela: No comment
Dale: What an attention suck Jeff is. :-)
rich-c: look how much money that show brought into Toronto last week
Pamela: It's his job, Dale
George: idon't know how to make firewall work correctly
Pamela: something like $6.1 million, I believe
rich-c: which firewall are you using, George?
George: i had mc afee
rich-c: my suggestion to you would be dont reinstall it, get Zone Alarm instead
George: my fingers are messing up again
rich-c: Zone Alarm is free from
George: i had trouble running it
Pamela: Dad, can you pass a question to Mom? I need to know how long it will take to thaw a 1.4kg boneless roast beef in the fridge
Dale: Zone Alarm is great from what I've seen.
Dale: (and read)
rich-c: they also have a Pro edition you don't need but has some real nuisance suppression if you want to pay for it
George: it would even let me in to
rich-c: I have used Zone Alarm for years now and am very happy with it
rich-c: I have recommended it to many in this group who now swear by it
rich-c: Pam, answer in a minute
Pamela: tks
Pamela: FYI, that's 3.08 pds
George: i saw adsubtract and zone alarm together are they from the same company?
BobS: well a few days ought to take care of thaw time
rich-c: your mother says she doesn't know but 24 hours is a plausible guess, she figures
Pamela: well that's crystal
Pamela: tell her thank you
Pamela: please
BobS: a GUESS???????
rich-c: George, there are features in ZA Pro that aren't in the freebie - AdAubtract might be one of them
Pamela: George, why were you on the WWF site anyway?
rich-c: I know the Pro edition just out has a pop-up suppressor among many other things
George: to follow the draft
BobS: had to find out all about the REAL fakers of the bunch
rich-c: the WWF has a draft?
George: wwf is split in two
Pamela: they're not all fakers?
Dale: Bob, what format of sessions are you doing for AdamCon?
BobS: don't rightly know, any suggestions?????
Dale: Have you thought about what sorts of sessions to do?
BobS: am PLANNING on you to continue the session syou started
Pamela: beginners?
George: it is fake "sports entertainment"
rich-c: Guy has promised to help me install AdamEm on my laptop
BobS: gonna have at least one on the MultiMedia Utils
BobS: ADAMEN one is good
BobS: and you proobably need 2 or 3 slots
George: more like a serial
BobS: and maybe a game session follow up to adam bomb2
rich-c: watch out - saw Frances playing Addictus a fewe days ago
BobS: starting to get looking good, eh?????
Pamela: I thought that was Meeka's bailiwick?
BobS: yup!!! I am NOT doing it
BobS: Oh, oh Rich gotta revive the ADDICTUS challenge???????
Pamela: Just for a change, maybe we'll teach you guys to cross stitch
George: do the archive chats go past October?
BobS: naw
Pamela: Scared?
rich-c: I think Frances terrified all comers so badly last time you could never run one again
BobS: b ut...............then again
rich-c: Dale, may we nag you to update the mailing list? Some folks ar complaining they can't get added
Pamela: How about knitting? Then we could have everyone make their own afghan
BobS: still here Dale??????? or scared ya off by begging for sessions?????
Dale: Rich, I'll look it over. I'm incredably behind on email lately.
rich-c: in fact, Dale, I don't think you've put George on the list yet
BobS: got one to raffle off already, Pamela,.........Jean Stone sent one here.......AND you are gonna LUV it!!!!!!!
BobS: \SAVE your pennies for tickets girl!!!!!!!
Pamela: Actually we have two - my mother in law contributed one as well
Dale: I forget what I promised to talk about at AdamCon.
Dale: Maybe it was a tutorial on using Eagle CAD/CAM software.
rich-c: Dale, did you get George's address there?
BobS: nuthin yet, but we have to continue with the deal on game programming and the session last year on hardware
Dale: The archives go up to now, but I've been behind on updating them since my product launch in October.
rich-c: watch out. Bob, I just finished refurbishing one Adam for shipment tomorrow and there's another on the way
George: thats
rich-c: in fact if sales continue at the current rate, they'll pay my convention costs
rich-c: and Pamela will only inherit HALF a basement full of ADams
Dale: This is the first week in many that I've been in enough of a groove to do anything on the site. Maybe tonight I'll update them
Pamela: sounds good to me!
BobS: GREAT!!!!!!! new sales or sales to old ADAMITES?????
rich-c: the one going out tomorrow is in deepest rural Pennsylvania
rich-c: he isn't on the net or anything and ordered ten printer ribbons too
George: my ADAM printer got smashed
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rich-c: I think he's an original user buying a backup just in case
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: would that have been during the great girlfriend revolt, George?
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: George, you can't break an Adam prointer - they go on forever
George: HI Judy
Judy: hi, Rich and Pam
Judy: and George
Dale: You have been subscribed.
Judy: Pam you are early
rich-c: the incoming order is a former user (1989) who wants to get back to the machine
Pamela: I know - I found some will power and turned off West Wing
BobS: good GIRL
Judy: tape it
George: it is well broken the power supply still works
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Judy: aren't they all reruns any way
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I am. Plus, I want to get to bed early so I figured if I came on early I could go to bed at a reasonable hour
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: HI Guy
Judy: not
Pamela: Nope - new episode tonite
George: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings everyone. This will be the last time on the P133. I will be back on the Athlon next time.
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: now we just need Ron, James and Dr. D and the gang's all here
Judy: Meeka will be on pretty soon
rich-c: did you find out what the grief was with the PS2 outlet, Guy?
Dale: Hello Guy.
Judy: I just talked to her on the other computer, she wanted to get on the laptop
George: is anyone using the new DDR RAM
rich-c: yes, I have it - 256 MB
George: how easy is it to install?
Guy B.: Dale, I will be submitting an e-mail address change shortly. Yahoo decided that they will now charge you if you want to use your POP access to dump your e-mail to your own e-mail program.
Dale: It's only good for P4s.
rich-c: you'll have to ask the tech - remember I was having a complete computer assembled
Dale: Okay Guy.
George: i may upgrade to a P4 machine
rich-c: anyway, you need a 266mhz FSB to use it, so it's off limits for your machines
Guy B.: The Athlon XP can use the new DDR memory as well.
Pamela: Okay guys, question for you. Current system: 64 meg RAM, AMD K6-2 450 mghz chip, 10 gig hard drive, 16 bit sound, 4 meg graphics. Upgrade or new system?
rich-c: and the Athlon doesn't have the hidden serial number
rich-c: it all depends what you want to do, Pam
Dale: BRB
rich-c: if you must have the latest zowie graphics for Russell, new system and he can buy it
rich-c: for anything you're likely to do what you have is overkill already
Guy B.: Why not upgrade. Memory is cheap now. You can add a 128mb module and you should notice a dramatic increase in speed.
George: athlons seem to run too hot. my warning alarm is always going off
rich-c: when did you get an Athlon, George?
Guy B.: I have a fantastic article in my paper that poses that same question. I'll cut it out and run it through my scanner and post it up for everyone.
BobS: well gosh darn, you mean people use things faster than my 486 33mhz ????????
Pamela: Graphics are part of it but so are some of the larger applications that I send from work
Guy B.: Yes sir!
rich-c: oh yeah, some of us are showoffs, Bob
George: no just a k6-2 my friends have athlons
BobS: I guess!!!!!
rich-c: I've never pretended I could rationally justify my computer
Pamela: Things like spreadsheets and word pro documents
George: thats why i want to go with a P4
Guy B.: We may have faster computers that your Bob. But, I'm surprised you still haven't joined the rest of us.
rich-c: data a simpler memory and hard disc upgrade is ample
Pamela: that made no sense Dad
Guy B.: Pam, you can add more memory and a bigger hard drive.
rich-c: well, with word processing you don't use much memory or processing power
George: it seems i'm always running the latest thing and i need to forever upgrade
Pamela: dont' really need more storage - we've had this beast since '99 and still haven't used half the memory
rich-c: with spreadsheets you do need a lot of data space
rich-c: hence the hard disc and memory expansion suggestion
Pamela: brb
BobS: what I got Guy, works.....SO..........
Guy B.: If games your thing. Some newer ones need at least a 266mhz just to run and at least 64mb or better. Just for it to run decently.
rich-c: George, in computers yiu can never buy the latest thing - they're just packing it for shipment now
rich-c: if it's actually in the store, it's obsolescent
rich-c: ifthe price has gone down, it's obsolete
rich-c: even this computer I bought in December is getting outdated
Guy B.: Bob, if it works for you then, I have no objection. Just don't cuss it out on us.
Pamela: Just checked - 7.48 gig free space
Pamela: Hang on folks, gotta go kiss my hubby goodbye
Guy B.: Tell Russell, we all said Hi.
BobS: no, Guy NEVER complain about it here......actually, i like using the Compaq laptop 33 w/ 9600 baud me a kick out of the net
BobS: to use it
Pamela: I did Guy
BobS: yea, give russell a KISS for us too!!!!!!
Pamela: Did that too
George: doesn't it just make you sick to see the newest computers go old in two months
Guy B.: You did complain about one computer. Which one was it?
rich-c: the upside, George, is that computer capabilities are expanding every day
Guy B.: It drives us nuts all the time. But, who cares. If it works and runs just fine as it is. Then I'm happy.
BobS: HP 133......tha one is a little scrwed up.........mouse won't work, swappable cdrom wouldn't work
BobS: gave it to my daughter to use!!!!
rich-c: and the prices always stay the same, you just get more for them each time
Guy B.: I knew it had to be the one you were cussing out at the convention last year.
George: but no trade in value
rich-c: it's a tad more complicated than that, Pamela
rich-c: you have to realize that games are a special case
Pamela: okay next question - cheaper to upgrade or get new?
rich-c: other graphics do adapt to the resources available
Guy B.: I'm thinking of upgrading the BIOS on my P133. The advantage would be it will work with the big hard drives out there.
rich-c: but game writers are obsessed with pushing the latest hardware tov its ultimate limits
Guy B.: Pam, what do you have now?
George: i've had enough with trainsimulator
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changed username to BAIR
Guy B.: It's the Bair.
rich-c: the Bair has left his lair!
Judy: hi, Bob
Pamela: AMD K6-2 450 Mghz, 10 gig HD, 64 meg RAM, 16 bit sound, 4 meg video card
BAIR: hi every one
rich-c: Pam, if you want a dedicated game computer, buy a new one
Pamela: Hi, Bair
Guy B.: Hey Bob B, glad you dropped in tonight. How's Virginia?
rich-c: if you want a computer for your needs, you have it already
BobS: Hey Bob!!!!!
Pamela: Problem is it won'
BAIR: she feeling better
Pamela: t run the games that say they are made for systems like ours
Guy B.: What happened to her?
rich-c: well, is your system minimum to the game requirements or at the (recommended) level?
BAIR: We thought at one time she had a heart attack
Guy B.: Whoa, what was it then?
Pamela: personal opinion - faster processor, more graphics capability, more RAM
Pamela: recommended
rich-c: we need to talk, Pam
George: the simulators are the ones that need the highend graphic cards
BAIR: after lots of test too many hours
Pamela: agree, or disagree Dad?
rich-c: as I say, too many confounding factors - we need to talk at length
Pamela: and when are we going to find time to do that?
Guy B.: I agree with your dad Pam. You need to find out which would be better for you.
rich-c: do you want to pay $350 for a graphics card then build a computer around it, or not?
BobS: time IS OF the essence........
George: i have 32 mb of video
Pamela: would a 16 meg graphics card really be that much, just as an example?
George: nvidia riva tnt2
rich-c: current game cards are 128 mb. My video is 32 mb and I don't use a fraction of it
Guy B.: I have an 8mb in my Athlon and it runs great. The P133 has 2mb and it's decent. It would better with more system memory.
Pamela: that's why I said those three factors earlier
BAIR: do you need any money yet
Guy B.: You're planning to come to AC14 this year?
BobS: nope got it covered Bob
BAIR: ok
BobS: I told the Bair he and Virginia HAVE to come!!!!!!!
Guy B.: We miss them!
Pamela: there you go Bair - you have your orders
Judy: yes, and Bob is bigger than you are
BAIR: We have to see how virginia and afew others things go
Pamela: Bob, have you heard anything from Murray about this year's convention?
BobS: haven't heard amythintg from him
Guy B.: Bob B, tell her that I hope she's doing better.
Pamela: Will he just turn up like he did last year?
BAIR: i will
BobS: but i do believe his ear is to the web......he know shere my wewbsite is and keeps up I think
Pamela: Oh good
BobS: well, I HOPE he makes a reservation and some cash down so we can hold him a room!!!!!!
rich-c: when do you need the payment, Bob?
BobS: by
BobS: uly 1st
Judy: they will hold the rooms until then
BobS: got to give hotel a count right after the first
rich-c: phrase that as mid-June mailing, given the way our post office carries on
BobS: probably
Pamela: only cheque or money order?
rich-c: with our dollar the way it is I want to hold off as long as reasonable
BobS: is OK but risky
BobS: what's the ratio right now Richard
rich-c: a little too risky these days, I'd say
Pamela: I wouldn't send cash through the mail
Judy: good check or money order is good
Pamela: I don't send bad ones Judy
BobS: don't want ANy bum checks!!!!!
rich-c: one Yankee buck costs us over $1.60 Canadian
Pamela: Rubber is bad for my bank balance
BobS: not coming up at all then eh?
rich-c: a $300 registration is $480 Canadian
BAIR: they only bounce 4 feet
Judy: we have that at auctions we go to, like someone will tell you it is bad
Pamela: yeah, but they cost $20 or so extra when they do
rich-c: no, the damn Yankees have violated the Free Trade Agreement and it's hurt our exports bad
George: those fees leave me out
Pamela: Actually that's not bad, George. Four nights hotel and eight meals plus banquet
BobS: us yanks a re a NICE lot!!!!!
rich-c: it's very good value for the money, George, but that's no help if you don't have it
rich-c: four nights of motel plus most meals and facilities have a certain cost
BAIR: thats right
Pamela: But Dad is right
George: for me thats a fortune
Pamela: what happened to Guy?
BAIR: we have to put new flooring down
BobS: well, it don't come easy for us either George, but the ADAM family DEMANDS it
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BobS: but BOB, you can use the yankee $$$$ so it';s less than Richard calculted
changed username to Meeka
BobS: calculated
Meeka: Hello all
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: ya ya I was busy
Judy: sure took you a while to go from one computer to the other
rich-c: yes, for Pam and Russell it's a kilobuck Canadian, plus gas and any side goodies
Pamela: It'll get done, one way or the other. At least we have our vacations booked
George: gas is going to go sky high this year
Meeka: Well, I was doing a few other things in there too
Judy: good, glad to hear that
BAIR: well 3 am is very earliy but aleast wanted to say hi to every one
rich-c: yes, and my truck gets appalling gas mileage
rich-c: the one upside is that on the highway on cruise control, it's quite economical
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: swell Bob. GLAD you came by to see us and SAY HI.......
Judy: I did get that one cross stitch framed, looks good, Meeka
Pamela: nice to see you Bair
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: glad to have you here, Bob, come back soon
BobS: say HI to 'ginia
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Netscape crashed on me.
BobS: welcome BACK Guy
BAIR: may be next week i can stay longer bye
Guy B.: Bye Bob B.
Pamela: It'll get worse if you put the V8 in there Dad
BobS: gotta quit using those freebie programs...........
BAIR left chat session
Judy: bye bob glad you came
rich-c: not necessarily, Pam'it's governed as much by weight and frontal area as anything else
Pamela: I still can't believe I made it all the way to Cleveland on one tank
Meeka: Cool. Now you just need to get it on the wall
Guy B.: I couldn't on my car, but I should to Kentwood.
Judy: maybe in the next day or two
rich-c: I might make Kentwood on one tank too - it holds 102 litres
rich-c: divide that by 3.8 for US gallons
BobS: ya you should make it Rich
Pamela: I probably won't make it this time - especially if we stop in Windsor for the night
Pamela: especially with my 65L tank
rich-c: well, if you go via Windsor you're going a much longer way around
BobS: well, not IF you procrsatinate ont he way!
Pamela: Ya, but it keeps the natives happy
Judy: t;hat is ok we have gas stations in michigan
(BobS laughs heartily)
(Guy B. winks)
rich-c: yes, and even with the dollar exchange, your gas is cheaper
BobS: BUT our stations only have gallons on the pump..........
Pamela: that's okay
Pamela: I can do the math
Pamela: now that I have the tools
rich-c: not real gallons, though, just those funny American ones
rich-c: real gallons are 4.5 litres, not 3.8
Judy: good for you I don't have a clue about that kind of neasure
Pamela: any way you slice it, it's cheaper in the US
Judy: measuring
BobS: no, thm's IMPERIAL gallons, not real US gallons
George: we get the short end of the stick
rich-c: the funny part of it is, the US has been legally on the metric system for over a century
Pamela: Lets see: 64.5 cents per litre, times 3.8 L to a gallon equals . . .
Pamela: 2.45 per gallon
Pamela: Ouch
George: that new math scares me
rich-c: Americans buy cars and drugs and alcohol and cameras and films (etc., etc.) in metric and think nothing of it
Pamela: gotta think outside the box, George
rich-c: that ain't new math, George, that's simple old arithmetic
George: its more comfortable in the box
rich-c: even us old geezers can understand it
Pamela: Actually, I'm glad metric came in when it did in '74 - I learned to speak both fairly fluently
Pamela: However, 80 still sounds hotter than 28
rich-c: me, I still do the conversions in my head to get meaningful visualizations of quantity
George: i'm lost
Pamela: 80 F = 28 C
Pamela: give or take
rich-c: George, the US is the only nation in the world that doesn't do everything in metric
George: illegal quantity error
Pamela: : )
Dale: I'm back. I think.
rich-c: and even the US does but they don't admit it publicly
Pamela: Don't worry George, I still measure everything in inches and feet
rich-c: Dale, am I correct in this...
(BobS groans loudly)
Pamela: But I drive in kilometres
BobS: Pamela.........
Pamela: Yes Bob
rich-c: when one gets a memory error (general protection fault) it's almost always in main memory?
Dale: Officially the US adopted metric in 1977, if memory serves.
George: i walk in cm
rich-c: that is, you can have all teh expanded on extended memory your computer will support
Dale: In practice it is just American scientists, I think.
Pamela: see! you do speak metric
rich-c: but if you end up overcrowding the basic 640K - CRASH!!!
Pamela: still waiting Bob
George: its the only thing i ever learned
Pamela: don't worry, we Canucks will rub off on you yet
rich-c: Dale, I believe the US has been legally metric since the late 1800s
Pamela: Now that's a stubborn nation
rich-c: like, all their measurements are legally defined from a metric base
George: no just backwards
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changed username to Ron<undefined>
BobS: you do BOTH ystems only on different applications Pam!!!!!!
rich-c: hi Ron, meeting over?
Pamela: Hey, what happened to Judy?
Pamela: Hi Ron
Ron<undefined>: in between one and another
Pamela: whatever works, Bob
Dale: Bob, you have to buy lumber in Imperial, but not propane.
BobS: HI Ron
Ron<undefined>: evening all
Dale: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: Ron, you have an Undefined attach to you.
Ron<undefined>: wish this gig was over. Miss you guys
BobS: naw lumber is in us "
BobS: well I should HOPE so
Ron<undefined>: suits my semi-materialized state right now
BobS: Ron
rich-c: not half as much as w miss you, Ron
Pamela: Besides, it's easier to say one foot than 30 centimetres
Guy B.: How's everything going Ron?
Dale: Not in europe, they are all in millimeters.
BobS: Judy be right back battery dies on laptop
Ron<undefined>: good thanks
Ron<undefined>: Murphy's Law of Laptop batteries
rich-c: what weather nasties are you planning to ship us next week?
Pamela: when all else fails, plug it in
BobS: yup and it gives EXACTLY 2 seconds to plug in OR BAM.........gone
Ron<undefined>: Actually out here we're beginning to improve
Pamela: which gig are you referring to Ron, the curling or the other one?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
Pamela: and she's back
Ron<undefined> changed username to Ron
rich-c: plugged in now, Judy?
Guy B.: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you why the mouse port wasn't working on the Athlon. I had a bent pin on the mouse itself. I have an old Compaq mouse on it now and it runs fine.
Ron: There. I am now defined
Pamela: definitely
Judy: yes, what a pain
BobS: oh man!!!!!! Guy, ya gotta watch those little critters with long tails
Ron: the other one Pamela. There's a group I'm a member of that's having a weekend gathering May 24 weekend. Guess who's chair.
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: I try to avoid running my laptop on batteries at all
Pamela: Um, you?
Ron: requires weekly planning meet now till then
Ron: fortunately tonight I was able to scoot 'em thru the agenda real quick
Guy B.: And the worst part was, It didn't see it until I shined a light on it.
Judy: why, Rich
Ron: Hi Judy
Meeka: Hello Ron
Pamela: I didn't know it was possible to bend those pins Guy
rich-c: well, it's a used laptop, and I suspect the battery is nearing the end of its life
Judy: when it beeps you had better have the plug in your hand or you are off
Guy B.: I finally will get a battery soon for my notebook. Been running on the power pack since I got it.
Ron: My Mac Laptop will shortly run on plug in only
BobS: darn laptop batteries are half thecost of the computer
rich-c: given the price of laptop batteries, power packs are REAL attractive
Guy B.: Oh yes, if you don't have it plugged in correctly. That's what happned.
Ron: damn replacement battery is $149 US
Pamela: still no batteries in sight Ron?
Ron: Well I sorta gave up looking
Guy B.: Did you try
Ron: If I spend 149 US on anything it'll be towards one of Doug's leaseback dealies
Ron: Meanwhile - for my laptop I still need a lap
Pamela: I hear a flat surface works, Ron
Ron: Oh
rich-c: thought you had a fairly respectable one, Ron
Ron: seems to be obscured by ever expanding corpulence
Guy B.: Update on my weight loss. I'm close to the 20lb mark.
Pamela: you should try it sometime - saves wear and tear when you drop it
Ron: Good Man Guy!
Pamela: way to go Guy!
rich-c: you should ask Guy for some diet tips - seems he's making fascinating progress
Pamela: Hug test in August!
George: i have to call it a night. i have to get up at 5:30am
Guy B.: Can't believe it myself. I have one lucky dog helping me out.
Meeka: good for you Guy
rich-c: OK George - see you Saturday?
BobS: be good George
Ron: nite George
Pamela: Yuck what a horrible hour George - good nite
Guy B.: Meeka, didn't even see you come on. How's Doug?
BobS: HEY I dropped in Sat about 3:15 and nobody was around........
Guy B.: Nite George.
George: i have to go easter food shopping Sat.
rich-c: well, keep trying, sooner or later some of us will remember
Ron: hint hint
rich-c: Dr.D and I had quite a chat the week before
Meeka: good
George: nite all
Ron: Somehow or other I always miss it. Annoying part is that I'm usually always here
George left chat session
Ron: Blame it on the chair from Hell
Ron: I have a recliner in the living room
Dale: The metric system was recognized officially in the US in 1866 with the following:
Pamela: the one that puts you to sleep?
Dale: "It shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights and measures of the metric system; and no contract or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the metric system."
Meeka: Mom, I took out the ham and put it in the sink
Ron: you got it Pamela
Pamela: I have a couch like that - very dangerous
Meeka: I will try to remember to bring it over on friday
Pamela: especially on Saturday afternoons
rich-c: 1866 - right at the end of the Civil War - didn't realize it was that early
BobS: ALL furniture seems to have that stigma attached to it
Judy: don't leave it in the sink long
Ron: better believe it
Pamela: well, i have this desk chair that's free of it . . .
rich-c: no comments on my recliner...
Ron: Particularly...... particularly when one is comfortably covered with a certain afghan
Pamela: Appropriately, it's behind my desk at work
Meeka: I know, I just have to make some room in the fridge when I get off of chat tonight
Dale: The US also uses an 1832 report that defines the traditional US weights and measures, which was never passed as official.
Judy: you could just put it in the fridge now and it should be ok by Sunday
Ron: Ham for easter Sunday
Ron: mmmmm
Pamela: where are you getting all this stuff, Dale?
rich-c: Dale, could you take a run at my earlier question about GPFs?
BobS: RUB it in ronald!!!!!! HEY, got another for your perusal............
Pamela: Roast beef for us (if I can rescue it from Russell's ham handed cooking)
Judy: sleep, sleep, sleep
BobS: you will like ti for mum!!!!!!
Ron: yes
Ron: ok
Judy: yes, from Pridgeon and Clay
Ron: aha..... send it on
BobS: NO NO Ron yo gotta WIN it in a know; like BUY tickets??????
Ron: oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!
Ron: dumb me
BobS: yup
Pamela: Silly Ronald
Guy B.: Well folks, got to run myself. I'll see you all next week.
Ron: we shall indeed enter the contest with sufficient invested
rich-c: OK Guy, any chance Saturday?
Judy: bye, Guy
Ron: Think the afghan cost me $20
Pamela: Good nite Guy
BobS: ok Guy keep up the good diet work YA?????
Pamela: I'd say that was a bargain, Ron
Guy B.: Depends if I go in to work this Saturday.
BobS: that is cheap Ron!!!!!!!
Judy: keep up the good work, Guy
Ron: oh yea oh yea
Dale: What are GPFs?
rich-c: if not, see you - meantime nite, Guy
Judy: that isn't much, Ron
Dale: I'm getting my inofrmation from the largest single of repository ever, the Internet.
Dale: <grin>
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: general protection fault a.k.a. blue screen of death
Pamela: oooo, sarcasm
Judy: that is probably the cost of the yarn
BobS: it is ALL there IF you know where to look
Ron: so let me get this straight. Have to bring $300. for Doug (or maybe that's gone up) and more for an unspecified prize. and more for bacon....
BobS: yup
Dale: Richard, what was the question? GPFs are a Windows 3.1 thing, right?
Pamela: and more for the room, and more for dinner . . .
Ron: noted
BobS: oh no......the blue screen of death is still previlent
rich-c: no, I'm talking about when Windows or DOS run out of memory
Pamela: Dinner not included this time, right Bob?
BobS: don't think so Pam
rich-c: the memory they run out of is main not expanded or extended, isn't it?
Ron: Well people, I hate to cut and run
Ron: meetings, bloody meetings
Pamela: It
BobS: gotta get final figures in when all reservations in and seee how we are coming
Pamela: s okay Ron, at least you got here
rich-c: but you have a meeting - come back Saturday then
Ron: due a mile down the road in about 15 min
Judy: bye Ron have a good one
rich-c: niters, Ron
BobS: the GOOD news is not increase from last years price
Pamela: don't run too fast
Ron: be well all
Pamela: bon soir
BobS: by Ron
Dale: If you run Windows 3.1 in protected mode, it is no longer main (which as I understand it, isn't even available).
Ron left chat session
BobS: auf wiedersehen
Dale: If you run Win 3.1 ala 286, then you are absolutely correct.
Pamela: I think I should follow Guy's lead
BobS: and he's OFF !!!!!!!
rich-c: doesn't matter which Windows you're running, the blue screen is available
Pamela: My performance review is tomorro and I really want to be awake through it
Meeka: me too. I have to find room in the fridge
Dale: DOS normally just hangs, no blue screen of death.
BobS: well then.....Pamela be good and have fun this weekend
Pamela: tough job, Meeka
Meeka: befor mom worries to much ;-)
Dale: Windows XP claims not to have a blue screen of death.
rich-c: as in "Freecell caused a General Protection Fault in module cards,dll and will be shut down....
Judy: yes, you said you wanted to go to bed early
Pamela: Thanks Bob
Dale: I still haven't figured out if it is green now or what.
Meeka left chat session
Judy: I know you will take care of it , Meeka
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: good nite to all - until next week
Pamela: Poof!
Pamela left chat session
BobS: as I see it (thru Doug); XP just doesn't have the blue screen of death installed, YOU have to expressly install it
rich-c: actually, Dale, that question was for Pamela's benefit
rich-c: Russell is getting too many out of memory problems on his games
BobS: see LIKES to see the vlue screen>????????
BobS: so he is one of those gamers eh?
rich-c: she thinks increased memory will help - she has 64MB
rich-c: I think the fault is in the main 640K and expansion wont' help
Dale: A 386 in protected mode should be the correct solution.
rich-c: but your opinion would be valued
Dale: Or get a bigger harddisk.
rich-c: she has a K6-2@ 450 mhz and a 10 gig hard disc with 7.3 gig free
Dale: Running 3.1 or 95?
rich-c: 98SE
rich-c: Somehow a bigger disc or more memory don't strike me as the plausible answer
BobS: seems that way at least for the harddrive deal.........
BobS: shees how much free space you need????
rich-c: my reading suggests games are very prone to trying to overload the basic 640K or expanded 384K of memory
rich-c: install too many drivers or argue with TSR programs or stuff
Judy: good bye all talk at you next week
Judy left chat session
Dale: I was right in a way. In the US Congress passed the "Metric Coinversion Act" in 1975 after the US National Bureau of Standards picked as preferred it in 1964.
rich-c: nite Judy
Dale: I'd say that Russell's problem is a video driver problem, not memory related.
BobS: THAT might be more plausable Dale.........
rich-c: driver, or perhaps simply not enough video RAM?
rich-c: the computer's an IBM; wonder if it's a shared video memory?
Dale: Nope, driver. Probably video driver, but it definately sounds driver related.
BobS: Infernal Business Machine? ???????
rich-c: the same. Bob
rich-c: I will pass that on, Dale
rich-c: If she wants a new computer, fine, but she doesnt need one
BobS: well guys..........tis the bewitching hour here for me also........
rich-c: OK, maybe we can all rtemember this Saturday, Bob
BobS: will see you next week I hope. healthy, rested and in the "web" flesh...........hugs to Frances, Jill and Jeffery !!!!!!!
rich-c: ditto to you and yours, Bob
BobS: POOF...the magic dragon says.......BYE !!!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: well, looks like the group is folding, Dale
rich-c: by the way, what is your current preferred email address?
Dale: See ya later then.
Dale: I read the most frequently.
rich-c: I'll make a note - thanks
Dale: Phone me at 416-422-5335
rich-c: right, got it
Dale: That is m new number.
rich-c: goodnight now, then
Dale: Bye
rich-c left chat session
Dale left chat session
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