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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello george
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: how are things in Philly tonight?
George: fine
rich-c: good to hear it - getting any rain lately?
George: just a little
rich-c: in your case, every little bit helps
rich-c: we've had some snow over the last 36 hours
rich-c: but it has pretty well melted away
George: we need 9 inches
George: of rain that is
rich-c: well, the low that gave us the snow may give you a bit of what you need
rich-c: we are west of you and teh fronts are curved so we get the weather first
George: where is the reast of the gang?
rich-c: oh, it's only ten past - I get the feeling sometimes they aen't good at reading a clock
rich-c: besides, I tend to be a pretty punctual person
rich-c: while we're alone - ran across something you might find interesting
George: ok
rich-c: it's a program - a freebie
rich-c: essentially it's an office suite, though it doesn't have a database
George: ok
rich-c: but then the spreadsheet will cover most database functions anyway
rich-c: but it has two flexible word processors, a neat zip tool, address book and stuff
George: what is it?
rich-c: on preliminary look it is very user-friendly
rich-c: as I say, it's an office suite - did I mention the presentation module?
rich-c: anyway, it is a bit over 4 megabytes as a download
rich-c: that's tolerable though long on a dialup line, easy on DSL
George: i'm not too good at office software
rich-c: you can get it at:
George: ok
rich-c: you needn't be - but it will make your word processing a real cinch
rich-c: I like it better already than Notepad or Wordpad
rich-c: and I think you might like some of the other stuff too - did I mention the bookkeeping unit?
George: not yet
rich-c: well, it's there too if you'd like to do some rough and ready budgeting or expense tracking
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello there Guy
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: anyway, George, download it, take a look at it, and tell us what you think next week
George: i will
Guy B.: Greetings! I'm on the P133 and restoring programs on the Athlon. So, I'll be doing two things tonight.
rich-c: how's Chicago - clear but cold?
Guy B.: We has some snow flurries flying earlier tonight and yes. It's cold, but the weekend we could see 60's by Sunday.
rich-c: got the Direct Cable Connection going, have you, Guy?
rich-c: though those flurries would have cleared you by now, Guy, you're well west of us
Guy B.: No, I'm reinstalling programs on the Athlon, I had to reinstall everything again after Control Panel got messed up.
George: it went from 75 here a 2pm. to 45 now
rich-c: how on earth does one mess up Control Panel?
rich-c: looks like George just got our cold front - now for teh first installment of the 9" of rain he needs
George: i messed up my control panel by deleting everything
rich-c: yeah, that will do it, George
rich-c: I'm not even going to ask why you did
Guy B.: Boy, the messes we run into.
George: that was when i first had my computer
rich-c: OK - I keep forgetting you wren't brought up the Adam way like we were
George: the screensaver caught me by surprise
rich-c: yes, that can happen
rich-c: I've learned teh first thing you do when you get a new program is see what's on all the drop-down menus
George: i thought it was a malfunction
rich-c: then, click on "options" or "preferences" for everything and s3e what you can change
rich-c: that, George, is known as jumping to a confusion
George: yes
rich-c: one thing we learned about computers in our early days is they are The Enemy
rich-c: you must stalk them, spy on them, prod them around the edges to see what they do
George: why do we use them then?
rich-c: and when they react to you with hostility, freeze
rich-c: like horses - they can kick or bite the life out of you
rich-c: but learn to harness them and man, can you go places and do things
George: there was just a long delay before my text came through
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: that is your ISPs fault; I am getting virtually no buffer delay
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: OK mateys.......I IS here!!!!!
BobS: sceery huh??????
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George: Hi Bob
changed username to amanda slopsema
rich-c: oh, we were just discussing how to deal with a recalcitrant computer
BobS: hiya George!!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Bob
rich-c: not of course that there is any other kind
BobS: that is why I am late.....
amanda slopsema: hi dad
BobS: DAMN things
BobS: hi dude
rich-c: well, Mandy, hello there
BobS: found a spot in favorites for the adm huh????
amanda slopsema: hi rich
Guy B.: Hi Mandy!
rich-c: don't hear from your corner of the Slopsema family much
amanda slopsema: yes i did, pretty cool huh
amanda slopsema: no, it is pretty busy with a 15 month old
BobS: sold a computer tonight, got another up from the basement and the darn disk drive won't work
BobS: Doug's line is busy.........took it apart and I can;'t see what is wrong
rich-c: 3-1/2 or 5.25?
BobS: 3.5"
BobS: even tried a different drive
rich-c: is it firmly on the pins at both ends?
rich-c: and is it on the A clip, not the B
Guy B.: Mandy, how is your baby doing?
BobS: yup. pulled the cable out
amanda slopsema: good, walking all over the place and he is working on starting to talk
BobS: it is on the twisted end of the cabel
BobS: HI Guy
Guy B.: Wonderful, he's about a year old now, right?
rich-c: I can never remember whether the A position is before or after the twist
amanda slopsema: I'll be bringing him by convention this year so every one can see him. He is now 15-months ols
BobS: it was working when we built the computer
Guy B.: Wow, how big is he?
rich-c: you didn't disable the drive in setup or something, did you?
BobS: niope checked that out
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello judy
amanda slopsema: he is between 20 and 15 pounds and is about up to my knee
amanda slopsema: hi mom
BobS: even disabled it int he bois then enabled it
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, GUy
George: Hi Judy
rich-c: well, looks like the problem isn't there, then
Judy: hi, Mandy
Guy B.: He's getting big. I wouldn't be surprised that he will be as tall as you when he gets older.
BobS: just have to deep six the sucker till Doug has a n idea
Judy: HI, George
BobS: hey, GUESS WHAT??????????
rich-c: wouldn't be one of the old switchable drives set to 720K, would it?
Guy B.: What???
amanda slopsema: I'm thinking he will probably be closer to Dad or Doug's height
BobS: one IBMpower supply wil power 3 ADAM's
rich-c: depends on the age of the power supply
BobS: matter of fact, one compaq supply HAS to have 3 ADAM's onboard to even startup
George: i have a 720k drive
rich-c: but Adam is only 80 watts max and most of that is the printer
Guy B.: No doubt! Especially how tall they are. Are you in school?
BobS: right Rich........3 ADAM's is roughly equivelent to a 40 meg ide hd for power
amanda slopsema: No, I am work iwth State Farm Insurance in one of the agents office
rich-c: sheesh! I hate to ask what my 40 gig hd might draw
BobS: probably no more than a 40 meg drive
Guy B.: That's good. What do you do? Help with claims from the agents?
rich-c: actually, not so, because it's fast - ATA133, I think - and 7200 rpm so drinks more
George: i'm still below 10 gig hd
amanda slopsema: Write policies, service the customers, take claim reports, answer phone calls. I basically do it all.
rich-c: so what, George? that's more than you'll ever need
rich-c: the only reason I have a 40 is because it was about the smallest around when my computer was assembled
BobS: heck Geo, the biggest thing I have is a 4 gig
Guy B.: And it''s keeping you busy. Does mom watch the baby while you're at work?
rich-c: my laptop only has 2,1 gig and it's not half used
George: i don't expect a big software bunle though
amanda slopsema: Mom watches him 2 days a week every other week. Other than that he is in daycare which is right next door to my office.
amanda slopsema: Mom, Cindy bought me a box of diapers for $20 at Meijers
rich-c: unless your a games nut or fanatic pirate, a couple of gigs is more than enough
BobS: she knows cuase she told ME
BobS: heck I only have about 1.5 gigs used and I got nuthin else to put on...........
George: i'm an mp3 junkie
rich-c: my old 166, I did put an 8.4 gig in, but even at the end it was not a third used
rich-c: oh well, mp3 users need terabytes of drive
Guy B.: That's perfect. Glad everything is working out for you.
amanda slopsema: Thanks. It is really different being a mother, but I absolutely love it!
rich-c: and yes Mandy, we're paying attention to you too in the crosstalk
Guy B.: Ok, gang. I'm getting there on the Athlon. I've reinstalled Netzero and and new version was installed on the P133 and it runs.
rich-c: brb
BobS: THAT is what the hd space is used for in a LOT of puters....MP3's
rich-c: just got a hellish cramp in my right thigh - had to get up and wqalk aroundx
George: i use winmx
rich-c: why use hard disc space when CDs are so easy to burn and so cheap?
rich-c: I've just discovered you can even set up CD-Rs for multi-session (though not multi-use)
George: i use it for rare recordings or not released on cd
rich-c: well given the way your computers lose data, Geogre, you should get a CD burner to preserve stuff
Guy B.: Mandy, have one other question for you. Has the father seen your child?
amanda slopsema: He did a few times right after Ryan was born but never touched, talked or touched Ryan. Now he wants nothing to do with Ryan. His loss
rich-c: very much his loss
George: i burn to mp3 format the cdplayesr are starting to use it
rich-c: luckily Ryan has good grandparents and uncle so he'll be OK
rich-c: yes. Geroge, what CD burning software do you have?
amanda slopsema: Yes, he has we have the best family. I know that if it weren't for my family I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have in life.
rich-c: Ryan needs a strong, steady male presence - fortunately your father and brother can do that excellently
Judy: and you are doing good
BobS: ya think>>>>>>>>
Guy B.: That's too bad. He's going to miss out on his som growing up. But, I'm glad everything is turning out good for you. My niece, Michele was in the same situation as you and now she's married and has another child. So, I have a great niece and nephew. And you know, she's done a wonderful job on raising her kids.
George: it came with my HP 9700i MY CD
(BobS reboots rich-c's computer remotely.)
rich-c: (ZONK)
George: and ROXIO
BobS: did win98 restart ok????
amanda slopsema: Yes , I they really are. Ryan is starting to call grandpa, "papa"
rich-c: I have the Adaptec programs - one useful feature, you don't have to burn once then you've used it up
BobS: just depends on what ya buy!!!
rich-c: OK, Roxio I think is the Adaptec one - Direct CD?
Judy: did Ryan get a cold from me
Guy B.: That reminds me of my cousins calling my late grandfather that.
George: right now i'm only using Cd-Rs
rich-c: anyway it can format a write-only disc so if you don't fill it you can go back and add to it
rich-c: you lose over 200 meg of capacity doing so, but that's better than losing 700 meg by doing one small burn
Guy B.: Yes, that's the one Rich
amanda slopsema: No, he doesn't seem to have a cold.
George: aol cds use less than 15 meg
BobS: why does ya lose 200 megs??????
Judy: that's good
rich-c: it does a special type of format - ISO 9660 I think -
amanda slopsema: He hasn't come up with a name for mom yet but I know that is coming soon. Right now he more or less calls her mama just like he does me
rich-c: it somehow convinces the drive and CD that the burn didn't end and can be taken up where it was interrupted
rich-c: of course what's burned is burned and can never be erased
rich-c: and I don't know if it can save things in a buffer underrun
BobS: way to fancyu and techie for me
rich-c: Mandy, for now why don't you just teach him "Nana"
rich-c: oh, it's got to be pretty simple if I can understand it, Bob
amanda slopsema: I am working on teaching him a lot of things. I am not to worried if he call grandma, mama. As long as it doesn't bother her, which I am pretty sure that it doesn't
BobS: ya think????????
rich-c: trust me
BobS: BUT, BUT you are THE guru.............
BobS: you adn Guy jump in and do more than I want to do aloner.........
rich-c: yeah, of Ignorance!
Judy: no that won't bother me
BobS: all I gotta do is touch the suker and it pukes
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changed username to Pamela
amanda slopsema: I didn't think it would bother you mom
Pamela: Hi, all
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: bout time you got here, daughter
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: Sorry, had to watch West Wing
amanda slopsema: Should I start calling you grandma to make up for the fact that Ryan doesn't call you it?????
rich-c: new episode tonight?
Pamela: yes, and it was goooood!
BobS: ABOUYT TIME pamela
Pamela: sorry Bob
BobS: and ya should bee TOOOOO
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi George
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Amanda, nice to meet you
Judy: how is life up there
amanda slopsema: You to, I am Bob and Judy's youngest daughter
Pamela: Busy on Wednesday nights!
Pamela: I am Rich C's daughter
George: i'm no relation
Pamela: And they say families don't do anything together any more
Pamela: George, you've been adopted into the ADAM community
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: too bad Geo............want to be asopted by rich uncle RICH
Judy: yes, we are all family
Pamela: (did I get everyone?)
George: but i'm stuck in Philly
Pamela: Sorry, I have dibs on him
Pamela: since the community is worldwide, that's not a problem George
BobS: thereis plenty of Rich adn Frances to go arounsd hon..........
rich-c: well, the rest of us are scattered all over
Guy B.: Just for those who came in late. I'm reinstalling programs on the Athlon while I'm on the P133. Just about done. Virucide 2001 is being installed now.
rich-c: after all, Ron is in Comox, British Columbia and James is in Japan
Pamela: As an only chilld, I don't share very well
Pamela: Just whom are you referring to, Guy?
amanda slopsema: I wish I could say that but unfortunately I got stuck on the end of three children!!!!
Pamela: And how's it going?
Guy B.: I have two computers up Pam!
BobS: too bad you are all far flung to the far corners of Grand Rapids..............
(BobS winks)
rich-c: I tried a freebie antivirus called AVG on the laptop
rich-c: it seems to work well
Pamela: Not my choice, Amanda but I must say being an only had and has its perks
BobS: sure, like being the only one around to get yelled at eh?????????
Pamela: and the only one to pay attention to
Judy: but having a sister has perks too
rich-c: if you want to try it, Guy, it's at
amanda slopsema: Yeah probably, but I have the advantage of have 2 very cute nephews.
Guy B.: What's there Rich?
Pamela: Well, I adopted mine instead - I have three best friends
Judy: one of which has been sick
rich-c: the AVG antivirus, Guy
Pamela: oh dear, who's sick?
Judy: Josh
Pamela: poor darling
Judy: had a fever
rich-c: what's his problem, Judy?
amanda slopsema: How was he feeling today. I haven't talked to Sherri since this morning?
Judy: was very good though
Pamela: Amanda, are you going to be around to show them off this summer?
Judy: still had a fever this morning, but seemed to be feeling better
Judy: took long naps
rich-c: with babaies, fevers can mean everything or nothing
amanda slopsema: My son will be visiting convention and I am sure my sister will take my nephew over. Either that Meeka, Mom or I will steal them one day.
rich-c: Pam, there was an ambulance at Eiras' this morning
Pamela: how old are the boys Judy?
Pamela: ohmigod, really? do you know why?
Judy: yes, Rich but whatever they have I get
rich-c: I think it was for Gabriel
Pamela: Have you heard anything further?
rich-c: no, haven't seen much activity there since
Judy: Josh is going to be 3 and Michael is 1 1/2, and Ryan is just over 1
rich-c: but they didn't seem in a hurry when they took him away, so I reckon he was stable
amanda slopsema: Sherri's boys are 3 and 18 months (Josh and MIchael respectively) and my son is 15 months (Ryan)
Pamela: If you hear anything further Dad, let me know, okay?
amanda slopsema: Well mom I guess you got to answer that before I did
rich-c: of course, Pam
Judy: I type faster than you???
Pamela: that's quite a handful however you slice it
Judy: they are great!!!!
George: i don't type i peck
Judy: getting easier
rich-c: well, Gabriel has been going downhill pretty fast of late
Pamela: I haven't heard anything and Liz didn't say anything the last time I saw her, nor did Danny
rich-c: that's OK, George, my technique is search, discover, and land
Pamela: practice makes perfect, Judy
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Pamela: (otherwise known as seek and ye shall find - eventually)
changed username to Amanda
Amanda: Okay, I am back. Computer kicked me off for a minute there.
Pamela: How rude!
Amanda: Type faster than me mom. ha ha!!!!!!!
rich-c: never know if it's your computer, your ISP, or the chat server
Pamela: What I want to know is how did Ron learn to type so fast?
Judy: well come back, was it a nice trip, Mandy
rich-c: if the chat server goes down we do have a backup to switch to
BobS: same ips i got......matter of fact, same account
Amanda: Well I gotta go now cause I have to go to bed to ready for Ryan to get me up bright and early. Talk to you all later!!!
Pamela: Amanda, do you live with Bob and Judy?
rich-c: maybe they found out there was a network at your address
Judy: well, I answered first
Judy: and was eating too
rich-c: good having you by, Amanda. Come again soon
Amanda: No Pam, I just got my own apartment a couple of weeks ago. Before that I did live with mom and dad though.
Pamela: Nice to see you Amanda - we look forward to putting a face to the "voice"
Pamela: Oooh, moving, what fun!
Amanda: I wish it was fun. Talk to you all later.
BobS: ALWAYS........
Amanda left chat session
Judy: bye, dear, kiss Ryan in the morning for me
Pamela: You know sarcasm when you see it
rich-c: yes, moving is so much fun Frances hasn't got over our last move yet - and that was 37 years ago
BobS: OH, why didn't ya say that
Pamela: almost 38, Dad
rich-c: picky, picky
Pamela: Darn tootin
Pamela: If I have to count, so do you
Judy: we have been moving the kids and that is enough, don't want to move for a long time
rich-c: I'm not sure if we ever did get everything unpacked
rich-c: but then, the darker corners of our basement are legendary
Pamela: we moved my sister in law in November, then moved furniture a couple of weeks ago, then again last Saturday, and finally once more on Sunday
Judy: than you get rid of it
Pamela: Reminded me of why I don't plan to move again for the next 20 years or so
rich-c: throwing things out is one of my less developed skills
Judy: that sounds like to much moving to me
Pamela: And I'm sure we haven't unpacked everything yet
Judy: a pack rat
Pamela: I'd noticed, Dad
George: i'm having a chocolate attack
Pamela: mmmm, chocolate
Judy: Bob was too, candy kisses was his answer
rich-c: reminds me - time for my daily chocolate-coated ginger balls - brb
George: it just got to me
BobS: make it Mackinaw Island fudge please.........PULEEZE
Pamela: That's why I'm going to inherit a basement full of ADAMS, Judy
Guy B.: Athlon is done for the time being. Will try using Netzero later.
Pamela: mmm, fudge
Pamela: I sense a craving coming on
Judy: we have one of those too, the basement full
BobS: ya know, I thought I had a BUNCH of them, but I will have to unpack some boxes to get a dozen for convention
George: chocolate mints
Guy B.: Oh uh! Keep the fudge out of sight.
Pamela: stop it George, you're making me hungry
BobS: OR Hershey kisses
Judy: and how is Guy doing
Pamela: alright, someone pass them this way
BobS: Guy, how is the diet progressing???????
BobS: willpower,,,,,,,,,,,got noe
BobS: none
Guy B.: Well gang, I was one pound short of 20 lbs.
Pamela: Was???
George: i'm fat
BobS: COOL!!!!!!!!
Judy: good for you
rich-c: yes, George, but you have an excuse
BobS: you only wiegh 19 pounds?????????? HELP!!!!!!
Pamela: Dad, are you still eating those things? I gave them to you at Christmas!
BobS: po guy, wastin' away he is
Pamela: quick, send him some fudge
rich-c: I've been nursing the supply, but they're almost all gone now
Judy: what are they???
Pamela: Well, keep them going till Fathers day, and I'll see what I can do about replacing them
rich-c: Belgian chocolate coating over ginger
Guy B.: No, I've lost 19 lbs.
Pamela: Chocolate covered ginger Judy
rich-c: my favourite fruits
Pamela: He loves it and I try to get him some for Christmas
BobS: OH, that is SURELY different. was worried about there boy............
George: my mom and dad didn't give me any good genes
BobS: heck Ryan is only a year old, and he weighs more than 19 pounds.......
(BobS winks)
Guy B.: Even my in-laws are asking me what I'm doing.
rich-c: well, George, next time round you'll have to make a better pick of ancestors
Pamela: I think Guy's bones weigh more than that
Judy: no, that is about what Ryan weights
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Pamela: In laws? Is there something you're not telling us Guy?
Judy: what are you doing to loose, Guy
Pamela: Or am I being picky
George: i think i'm too inbred to
Guy B.: My in-laws from my ex's side of the family.
Pamela: ex-in-laws - gotcha
BobS: gettin kind of detailed for ya dear???????
Guy B.: They still consider me family.
BobS: gotta keep your mind on the caht ya know
Pamela: That's sweet
Pamela: Judy, can you reach Bob?
rich-c: there are advantages to keeping partings amicable even if they are necessary
Judy: yes, I can
BobS: HEY, I'm sweet TOO
Pamela: Okay, reach over and bop him okay?
Judy: done
Pamela: thank you
George: i share the same cousins on both sides of the family
Judy: my pleasure
(rich-c reboots BobS's computer remotely.)
Pamela: Is marrying a first cousin legal in PA?
BobS: OH, oh.........does tha mean your family tree does not fork George??????
Pamela: You rule, Dad
BobS: bott,,,,,,booot,,,,,,,,bototo........OUCH
George: i don't know
BobS: some states it is legal, some not
Pamela: Seems to me that Roland and I checked that out once - we were about 11 at the time
Pamela: Bob, gotta watch out for those boots
Guy B.: Got Abby in two very cute positions. She got a new toy for Easter. A small squeky rabbit.
rich-c: huh! Knew you liked him, but obviously I missed something
Pamela: C'mon, Dad we were kids!
rich-c: yes, I know
Pamela: Guy, has it ever occurred to you that that dog is spoiled?
Guy B.: She's been spoiled since she was a pup.
Pamela: BTW it is legal in Ontario
BobS: that DAWG thinks she is an people
Judy: at least he knows he has spoiled the dog
Guy B.: She's nudging me right now.
Pamela: Bob, do you know any pets that don't think they're people?
rich-c: Inky?
Pamela: and Willow
rich-c: they are very sure they are cats
BobS: no, but that is NO excuse for Abby's behavior
Pamela: Cut me some slack though, I didn't have pets till I was 23
Pamela: no, they are very sure they are people in cat skin
Pamela: who speak a foreign language
Guy B.: And one cat likes Abby. That's Zoe, Jeanene's cat.
George: i have 3 parakeets
rich-c: at least when people food is on the table
Pamela: and when they're sleeping on the bed, or sitting in my seat, or trying to drink from the sink tap
Pamela: you get the idea
Judy: we have a grandson that speaks in a foreign language
Pamela: George, why parakeets?
Guy B.: At least Abby doesn't get much of that. But, she loves certain veggies. Carrots and brocceli are her favorites.
Pamela: You'll get the translation program soon enough Judy
rich-c: why not? low maintenance, cute
George: i need something to love
Pamela: no, I meant as opposed to budgies or a parrot or cockatiel
Judy: not sure, we think that Michael is talking some other language
Pamela: it's never been proven Judy
Pamela: and the scary thing is, other babies understand them
George: i mean budgies
rich-c: budgies are a variety of parakeet; the others are too high maintenance
Judy: you should hear it
Pamela: I have - Megan's starting to speak it now
George: the little ones
Judy: he just talks away, not a word do you understand
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Got to read the e-mail. So, I'll see you all next week. Satruday's out. I'm going into work. Got a break last week.
Judy: isn't that something
rich-c: see you next week, Guy
Judy: Bye, Guy
Pamela: Okay Guy - have a good nite and keep up the good work
Pamela: in all aspects
Guy B.: Thanks Pam. See you all next week.
Guy B. left chat session
George: bye Guy
BobS: nite Guy
BobS: shoot gone aleready
Pamela: George, how did you acquire the birds?
rich-c: Pam, have the latest Toronto Computes for you - came out today
Pamela: ie did you go out and buy them or were they gifts
George: i got two from woolworths
Pamela: Dad, keep the papers for now - I haven't had time to read them in ages and all they end up doing is lining the recycling box
rich-c: well, if you're thinking upgrade, you'll need them
Pamela: Although i suppose I could send them to George to line the birdcage!
George: they had babies and the mother died
Pamela: We won't upgrade for ages yet
Pamela: gotta pay for a certain convention first
Pamela: so now you have Papa and two kids, George?
George: yes
rich-c: you still have a Woolworth's in Philadelphia?
Pamela: Pretty impressive - I've heard it's hard to raise live babies
BobS: and ya BETTER NOT FORGET that your room all reserve4d ya know
Pamela: danke
George: no they went out of business a while back
rich-c: yes, how about that - George is a successful budgie breeder
rich-c: I though I was the only one in this group old enough to remember Woolworths
Pamela: there you go George - your ticket to the big leagues - budgie breeding
George: it was a nervous time
Pamela: I remember Woolworths Dad
rich-c: he probably couldn't bear to sell them, Pam
George: the two babies look good now
Pamela: so don't go all senior on us
BobS: oh no......Judy actually worked for Woolworth's shen we were first married before Sherri was born
BobS: and they were still going strong when she left
Pamela: Is Sherrie the oldest?
rich-c: well, they're still around but went to Woolco then Foot Locker and now they're something else
BobS: yup........31 this year
rich-c: Pam's grandmother was 99 yesterday
Pamela: Actually, I think they finally went under Dad - cos Walmart bought out a lot of their locations
George: the officemax just closed
Judy: how is she doing, Pam?
Pamela: Yes, I was walking around all day yesterday going "my grandmother just turned 99!" - people are very impressed
rich-c: no, that was K-mart. Pam, and Zellers bought the others
BobS: how is grandma doing, status quo???????
BobS: still kickin and happy????
George: they used to have good memmory
Pamela: not well Judy - physically declining and memory and sense of place is gone
BobS: slowly fading into the sunset..........
Pamela: That wasn't Kmart Dad
rich-c: let's just say there's ripe old age, and then there's over-ripe old age
Judy: that is to bad
Pamela: she is sliding very slowly down a long, shallow curve
Pamela: she doesn't know any of us any more, even my mother
Judy: that is hard to watch, for the family
George: i'm 41 and i'm still green
rich-c: yes, I think it was the stress from that that caused Frances' TIA at New Yesrs
Pamela: Age is a state of mind - I don't ever plan to grow up
Pamela: George, you're the same age as my husband and that's a good place to be
BobS: see George??????? be like Pam, be a kid for life!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: absolutely
Pamela: Despite my parents best efforts
Judy: that is something you have no control over, Pam
George: ok
Pamela: what growing up?
George: yes
Pamela: theres a big difference between becoming an adult and growing up
Judy: no, just getting older, it just happens
Pamela: I did the former but not the latter
rich-c: it has its conveniences - I just don't rmember what they are
George: i wanna go to toys-r-us
Pamela: I'm a toys r us kid
rich-c: me, I was brought up on FAO Schwartz
Judy: we have to go there for a birthday present for Josh, will be 3 Sunday
Pamela: now that sounds like a place I'd like to spend a couple of days in
Pamela: you know,, I spend as much on us in that place as I do on our various small relatives
Pamela: Hey Dad, did I tell you we're getting a Business Depot?
BobS: and just WHAT are you buying fore you and Russell
George: i still play with choo choo trains
rich-c: thought it was teh video game stores you wre keeping in business
Pamela: mostly puzzles, Bob
rich-c: where will it be?
BobS: get the puzzles at the dollar store
BobS: or goodwill
Pamela: naw, they're expensive - we limit those to one or two a year
Pamela: At Crossroads, in behind the Canadian Tire where the Computer City used to be
Pamela: Puzz 3D, Bob
George: our dollar lands went out of business
BobS: heck, i don't even like FALT puzzles
Pamela: you know which ones I'm talking about, Bob?
rich-c: you've got to admit they have talent, Bob
Judy: the hard ones
BobS: yes I does
BobS: i am not a BARBARIAN ya know
rich-c: they can live with 3-D puzzles and two cats in the same apartment
George: wow
BobS: George, the dollar stores are getting like gas staions around here
BobS: lots of ''em
Pamela: So far we've built Camelot, Chenanceau, Dracula's castle, a couple of Victorian houses, a corner store
BobS: BUT, gang, we goota leave and knock the peasants of the castle walls before we bed......
rich-c: in Canada of course they're dollar-sixty stores (plus tax)
Pamela: let's see, a covered bridge, the Eiffel Tower
Judy: goodnite all
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rich-c: nite Judy
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: ditto your Old Man
Pamela: good nite you too
changed username to Ron
Pamela: sorry, two
Pamela: Hi, Ron
George: nite Judy
BobS: ok will stay for Ronald
Ron: That's my story and I'm sticking to it
rich-c: hey look, Ron's here
Pamela: Just in time to say good nite to bob and Judy
BobS: HIya Ronald
Judy: hi, ron, Bye ron
rich-c: no wonder Bob left
Ron: nite Bob, nite Judy... sorry I'm late, Hope you are both wel
BobS: i is stlll here
Ron: l
Judy left chat session
Ron: alo
BobS: spit it out son!!!!!!!
Pamela: speak!
Pamela: unto the ether!
BobS: whale got his tongue
Ron: :)
Pamela: better
rich-c: must be on the Mac
Ron: ya..... no keyboard
Pamela: ??
George: what is a Mac?
BobS: how the heck you gonna talk then???????
BobS: Macincrash
Ron: gotta find a way of fitting the ADAM keyboard to the iMac
Pamela: as in Macintosh, George
BobS: by APPLE
rich-c: Apple Macintosh, George
Ron: think different
Ron: if you think at all
Pamela: Ron likes being different
George: oh, one of those
Ron: true
Pamela: thanks Coach
Ron: I now have a penguin on top of my imac
Ron: must send a pic
Pamela: I have a hedgehog, a crab and a snail
rich-c: named Tux, I presume
George: i never worked with one of those
Ron: last night the Mac group went on a field trip 30 miles north to a school in a neighbouring community
Ron: a sea of imacs
Pamela: Is it a Beanie, Ron?
Ron: computer lab made up all of imacs
Ron: actually this penguin is wearing a toque
Pamela: like Dr. D's
rich-c: pretty to look at - what do they work on?
Pamela: aaahh, a Canadian penguin
Pamela: the Coke penguin?
Ron: all networked using Novell
Ron: Actually I have 3 such penguins
rich-c: does that mean Tux is a Red Hat penguin?
Ron: each has a computer to sit upon
BobS: cute ron
rich-c: whT SITSON THE OTHER 23?
rich-c: oops, sorry for shouting
Ron: one has a green toque, one an orange, and the third a red
George: i took linux off
Ron: the latter is Red Hat
Pamela: (Pamela hits Dads caps key remotely)
Ron: am beginning to like Linux to the point where I'm thinking of taking everything else off
George: i can't make it work
Ron: I have some help from my friends
Pamela: I don't know, is that cheating?
rich-c: I'm tempted but I'd need a support club
George: all i could do is play freecell
Pamela: a very good way to pass the time, George
Pamela: my favourite
Ron: Well, I'm no expert, but things are getting better
rich-c: yes, I'm now up to an 87% success rate
rich-c: I'm trying to work it up to 90%
Ron: interesting
Pamela: just checked - I'm at 75%
rich-c: need more practice, daughteer
BobS: any warm weather coming our way Ron????????
Pamela: 648 won, 216 lost
Pamela: 30,000 to go
rich-c: I was using the old Win 3.1 version
Ron: still not completely spring yet, but last two days have been delightfully sunny
Pamela: there's no difference, I don't htink
rich-c: but for some reeason when I installed Star Office, it crashed Freecell
Ron: Sunday afternoon I raked up last year's leaves
BobS: still got snow flurries here and temps just above freezing
Pamela: you're about 6 monts late Ron
rich-c: so now I have to use the Win98 flavour
Ron: what, me rush?
rich-c: it's for sissies - has a n undo
Pamela: never
BobS: and have the neighbors have a heart attack form the quickness?????????? NAW
Ron: today primula got planted.
Ron: they grow or they're dead meat
Pamela: that's pretty much a sure thing, Ron
Ron: they have been warned
(BobS groans loudly)
rich-c: we have all our gold crocuses up, a few white and purple
Pamela: any daffodils yet?
Ron: yes, the daffies are out
rich-c: sprouting, but a long way to go
BobS: well got to head off for the flat slab ya next week!!!!!!
Pamela: gotta get me some of those, they smell sooooo good
rich-c: nite Bob
Ron: thanks fer hangin on Bob
BobS: say Hi to Frances, and mum, and Russell and your puters Geo
Pamela: g'nite Bob
Pamela: send notes to Ron
Pamela: will do Bob
BobS: HIYO sliver ..........onshore!!!!!!!
Ron: I can kill just about anything green. no matter how hardy it is
George: nite Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well that was different
Pamela: Bob's new signature sign off
Ron: onshore!!!??
rich-c: grounded?
Pamela: ??
George: i'm out in space
Ron: Son Jeff was here on the weekend
Ron: new car
rich-c: great - how's he doing?
Ron: ....welll a newer car
Ron: very well, thanks
Pamela: newer than what?
Ron: Newer than the 1990 Geo Storm
Pamela: ah
Pamela: and this one is?
rich-c: what is the new one?
Ron: which got creamed on the south side of Vancouver by a UBC student driving without insurance
Ron: making a left turn into oncoming traffic
Ron: which happened to be Jeff
rich-c: hope he wasn't in it at the time
Ron: Nobody hurt except the Storm
rich-c: oops
rich-c: I'd expect the other car to be fairly terminal too
Pamela: Jeff's insured in Alberta, isnt' he?
Ron: to make the thing really complicated, this young lady was on a student visa from California
Ron: nope... BC
Pamela: so he got to deal with ICBC - how fun
rich-c: yes, but BC has no fault, doesn't it?
George: news says poor people are more likely to die
Ron: so the people's insurance co. sent Jeff a cheque for 4 grand
Ron: and wrote off the Storm
rich-c: for a 90 Geo Storm that doesn't sound bad
Pamela: must have been in good shape
Ron: re no-fault - yes
Ron: actually it was
Pamela: I must admit, ICBC has been fairly good to us
Ron: so now it's been replaced by a 1999 Olds Aleiro
Ron: 6 cyl - loaded
Pamela: but I have yet to figure out how they come by their premiums
rich-c: well, moving up in the world
Pamela: nice car
Ron: sure was
rich-c: does he have a penchant for orphaned makes?
Pamela: not orphaned yet, Dad
Pamela: Geo yes, Olds no
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Pamela: Die of what George?
Ron: I read nothing but ill about the Olds - that model anyway
Ron: So he'll probably be ok
Ron: They might have repaired the Storm, but they couldn't find parts for it
changed username to rich-c
Ron: anyway.... that's news from the west
rich-c: sorry, got bumped - buffer overload, maybe
Pamela: what did you miss?
Ron: me too I think for a minute or two
rich-c: anyway, Ron, GM has officially announced the end of Oldsmobile
Pamela: you guys were coming in fine till Dad disappeared
Ron: Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere
rich-c: damn disgrace - there's a century of history to that name
Ron: Not sure that Jeff's aware of it
Pamela: that doesn't mean that it won't get resurrected somewhere down the line
rich-c: well, now they're just Chevys anyway, so parts wont be an issue
Ron: we all know that just because a company stops manuracturing a product
Ron: doesn't necessarily mean nuttin
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: well, tell DeSoto and Plymouth and Nash and Hudson
Ron: speaking of which
Pamela: and on that note, i think it's time I went to bed
Ron: saw a mint Studebaker today
rich-c: ok Pamela, nite-nite, sleep tight
Ron: looked like about 1958 - 1960
Pamela: won't let the bedbugs bite
Ron: nite..... guess it's getting late
rich-c: that was after the Loewy design era, then
Pamela: see you next week everyone - Dad, will probably talk to you over the weekend.
Ron: i dunno my cars too well, but it had fins
Pamela: bonsoir!
rich-c: OK Pam will await it
Ron: ni ni
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: yes, that would put it in that time period
Ron: thot so
rich-c: just about when they took over Packard in a bid to survive
Ron: aha
rich-c: it was a couple of years before that that they put out the Starlight coupe, arguably the best-looking Studie ever
Ron: cars out here tend to last longer
Ron: we have an active vintage group here in the Valley
rich-c: yes, here my Mercury is old enough to attract attention, and it's only a 73
Ron: I guess eh?
rich-c: actually, my old 68 Zodiac is still around, but in other ownership
Ron: as in Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac?
Ron: British Ford?
rich-c: bingo - or Z-cars, if you're a Brit telly fan
Ron: Dad bought a 1958 Consul before leaving Ottawa for overseas
Ron: Took delivery of it in London
rich-c: nice car - 3 litre V-6, all independent suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes - neat for 68
Ron: the 6 would make all the difference
rich-c: yes, it was a quite advanced Herron head design, with Webber carburetor
Ron: aha
Ron: means nothing to me my son, but assume that to be cutting edge stuff
rich-c: the buyer now also own the only other 68 Zodiac in North America, and a 67 Zephyr
Ron: cool
rich-c: and yes, for the time it was a well advanced specification
Ron: Consul was never the same after Dad inadvertently backed it into the Pacific Ocean
rich-c: the next project is to get a V-8 stuffed into the truck
Ron: the boat he was towing ---- long story
rich-c: yes- cars do strange things with trailers behind
Ron: exactly
rich-c: it's an issue with which I have some familiarity
Ron: would have been bad enough, but what made it worse
Ron: was that the Base Commander from CFB Comox was looking on
rich-c: OOPS!
Ron: gotta give him credit... he was right there to help[
Ron: I ended up with the Consul as a second car
Ron: which took care of my trips back and forth to work on shift work
rich-c: this was before they moved you to Ottawa?
Ron: before I moved to Ottawa. Was here with the Coast Guard before I started climbing the ladder.... 1971/73
Ron: the folks went from Ottawa, overseas, then here to Comox
Ron: I am a forces brat
rich-c: given the state of the corrosion-resistance art in 1958, I'm surprised it survived the ocean dip
Ron: that was rather remarkable really. We hosed her down pretty well, but still.... you're right.
rich-c: well, some days you get luckier than others
Ron: ya
rich-c: anyway, getting near midnight here, so I'm going to have to pack it in
Ron: yup. appreciate the chat..
rich-c: glad you made it, despite the meetings
Ron: always hope there'll still be someone around when I get free here
Ron: some nights I get back earlier than others
rich-c: we're looking forward to having you full-time
Ron: g'nite sir
Ron: soon...
rich-c: nite Ron, nite George
Ron: nite George (ifn's you still there)
rich-c: au revoir
rich-c left chat session
George: nite
Ron left chat session
George left chat session
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