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Guy B.: Welcome Rich.
rich-c: hi Guy - seems the rest are slow tonight
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rich-c: but I reckon they will be along pretty soon
changed username to George
rich-c: there's George now
Guy B.: Got George.
rich-c: Bob is likely hung halfway between, wondering whre we went
George: back here again
Guy B.: He'll find out eventually.
rich-c: oh, I don't doubt it - Meeka will tell him
Guy B.: Playing with Abby.
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: see, here's Bob now
Guy B.: There's Bob
BobS: what did ya do change places?????
George: did you ever here of a program called checkit?
rich-c: not that I can recall - what's it good for?
Guy B.: Discover that Dale's site was up.
rich-c: since latecomers will try here first, figured we might as well be here for them
BobS: can't get back on Rich D's site now
BobS: Meeka is there all alone
Guy B.: I got disconnected from Dr's D's site.
rich-c: she knows where we went - we all said we wre moving
George: benchmarking and testing compters
BobS: she don't know.........
BobS: been in and out and lost ya'll
rich-c: oh, there are all sorts of programs for doing that, even some in DOS and Windows
George: it has its own os
rich-c: oh? who makes it?
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George: they say it costs $180.00
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy. We were all at Dr D's site until just a few minutes ago.
Judy: hello all
rich-c: hi Judy, tell Meeka to come over here
Judy: I did all ready
George: i ordered it with my y2k card for $30.00
Judy: she said she would be here shortly
George: Hi Judy
BobS: Meeka was PISSED that you all left!!!!!!
BobS: and left here all alone!!!!!
rich-c: are you sure you needed the Y2K card?
BobS: she got SCARED!!!!!
rich-c: shouldn't have, the explanation was on the screen
Judy: she was bounced in an out and lost all of you
Guy B.: Well excuse us. When Dale's site came back up, we all went back there.
Judy: she must have been bounced out at the time
rich-c: oh, she was still showing on the list when we left
George: yes that mainboard jumps from 1999 to 2700
BobS: NO
BobS: you just wait Guy.........when she gets here, she gonna chew you out and upn and down and sideways
rich-c: guess she'll have to tell off the rst of us too
BobS: you think ya'll got reun over bya semi truck!
(BobS laughs heartily)
BobS: not us we was GONE
(rich-c reboots BobS's computer remotely.)
BobS: I couldn't get vback onto Rich's site adn came here and BEHOLD ya'll were here
rich-c: yes, we noticed you had left earlier
rich-c: but you got bounced, did you? comes from using a cheap ISP
George: try aol
BobS: no, couldn't get the internal family room network working.......]
BobS: so jumped off......then remembered WHY
rich-c: I think if I had to live with AOL I'd live without the internet instead
BobS: darn Zone alarm won't let us us the network 'cept for the lead computer
BobS: no AOl here my man
rich-c: you should be able to configure it to allow the others on
BobS: ZA works fine when only I am online, but when we try to connect Judy up, no dice
rich-c: have you read the directions?
BobS: will have to look and see if there is an option for that, don't want to restart it now, because judy will be dead int he water
BobS: directions???????? READ???????? WHY??????
rich-c: as Guy C would say, RYFM
Judy: directions, what are they for?
BobS: you only check them when it crashes
rich-c: as in, can't get the rest of the network on line?
Guy B.: Now, don't blame me.
BobS: oh THAT pardtr of the directrions
BobS: guy, you cutey.....we wouldn't blame you for HUTHIN
(Guy B. slaps BobS playfully)
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Guy B.: Ok, were Even.
(BobS gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
(Someone throws a brick at Guy B.)
George: what is going on?
rich-c: throw it back, Guy - Jolt or nothin"
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
BobS: just checkin out the ACTIONS fro mthe top menu bar George
rich-c: they are playing with the Actions menu, George
(Judy smiles)
(BobS reboots George's computer remotely.)
(George winks)
BobS: cool HUH
(BobS groans loudly)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
George: oh my GOD
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: where is everybody????????
Meeka: hello agian
rich-c: welcome back, Meeka
BobS: hi
Judy: it is about time Meeka
BobS: Pam sick again Rivchard
BobS: or tired?
BobS: or sick of us??????
rich-c: not that I know of, Bob
rich-c: haven't talked to her last few days though
rich-c: should be here by now - West Wing is long over
Judy: Meeka did you do your exercise?
Meeka: sorry, had to take care of a load of laundy and get a drink and then Doug wanted me to do domething......but I am here now
Meeka: yup all done for tonight
rich-c: we should have Pam here
Judy: good for you
rich-c: she should invite Meeka to Toronto - the Needlecraft Show starts April 19th
Guy B.: Just updated and uploaded my index page of my website. I've changed my e-mail address from Yahoo to Netzero.
Judy: she souldn' t get any more she has enough to work on
Guy B.: Sorry we abandened you Meeka.
rich-c: yes, Yahoo is getting difficult about email, isn't it?
Meeka: that sound like fun to me Rich
rich-c: from what Frances tells me it's a really big, very popular show
Meeka: no biggy, I was bouncing in and out anyway
BobS: yes, Yahoo is going to lose a LOT of users I would think
BobS: pay for email..............
BobS: nuts!!!!
rich-c: needless to say she'll be drafting the old fart for some chauffeur service, since it's out by the airport
Guy B.: Yahoo decided as of April 24th not to use Netscape messenger or Outlook to dump e-mail using POP3 access. If you want it, you will have to pay for it.
rich-c: wonder how long it will take MSN to get greedy with Hotmail?
BobS: once one does it it will not take long for others
Guy B.: So, if and when Dale changes the e-mail address back to Netzero. I'll keep Yahoo for a junk e-mail address for the time being.
BobS: but you won't even be able to access Yahoo without paying....that was my interpretation
rich-c: anyway, there are still lots of free webmail services around
Judy: would you like junk mail, Guy I get lot s from my family
rich-c: I get spam like there's no tomorrow - about four pieces for every legitimate message
Guy B.: Yahoo is still free. If you want to dump your e-mail using POP3 access to Outlook or Netscape messenger then you have to pay for it. They dropped FTP access for Geocities free websites unless you want to upgrade to their other services for a price.
Judy: these are all forwards, of forwards
Guy B.: I get that from my cousin in Cincinnati.
BobS: ahso!!!! thought it was PAY or be dumped!!!
rich-c: if they get shirty, you can always take a look at Lycos
George: or aol
Guy B.: And Excite has a free e-mail too. I have an address through them, but I'm not using it presently.
rich-c: George, AOL is a dirty word around here
Guy B.: Especially how pricey they are.
rich-c: they're so bad even my clueless young brother dumped them
George: i'm cleaning it up as fast as i can
rich-c: between AOL and the Augean Stables, try cleaning the stables - it's easier
George: hello
BobS: thought i got dumped!
BobS: LONG time between posts
George: is this working?
BobS: yu[
BobS: judy's is slow too
rich-c: is it me or is this server getting slow?
Guy B.: Ah, I was wondering what happened here. Now it flew off.
BobS: Judy is hooked onto mine and she is missing about 10 lies
George left chat session
Judy: just was wondering if I was still here
rich-c: must have been some sort of sudden overload
BobS: she can't see hers ata ll
BobS: Meeka still here??????
BobS: YO
BobS: Geo is gone
rich-c: so, is it Dale doing some memory-intensive work, or a general problem on the net?
Judy: this is weird I can type in a message but I am no t getting any thing back, so bye for tonight
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rich-c: I am going to go check whether Dr. D's site is back up
rich-c: brb
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Meeka: yes, what do you need Dad
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Meeka: ok. I thought I was, but don't see any of my own messages
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BobS: hey dudes????????
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changed username to Pamela
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