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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hi George - as usual you're prompt
George: Hi Rich
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rich-c: so how are things looking down your way today?
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello everyone
George: i'm in a panic
rich-c: what's gone wrong now, George?
George: the y2k card isn't working
rich-c: you're early, Meeka, where's the rest of the family?
Meeka: not sure, but they should be here soon
rich-c: well, that's likely no big deal - it may have been the wrong answer in the first place
rich-c: you should be asking Guy and Dr. D. and Dale about things like that, George
George: unicore said i have pull out the bios chip and replace it
rich-c: yeah, and then you likely won't need the Y2K card anyway
rich-c: sounds suspiciously like a scam to me
rich-c: did you ever check the BIOS maker's website to see if there was an upgrade chip, George?
rich-c: Meeka, you folks having a heat wave there, too?
George: unicore has taken over award bios. they are the official replacement
rich-c: hadn't heard that, George, but then I've never heard of Unicore
George: shame on me for using oddball motherboard
rich-c: well, that may be, but what make is it? Which processor? what's the date of the BIOS?
George: 11/15/94
rich-c: sheesh! an archeological specimen!
George: it's a pentium 100mhz
Meeka: YES, a little to much to fast, but I can't complain it is better than cold
rich-c: didn't even know that Pentiums wre that fast back then
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changed username to BIG Bob
rich-c: yes, Meeka, I agree - we set a new record temperature yesterday - I'll take it!
rich-c: hi Roberto
BIG Bob: Howdy ya'll
BIG Bob: ich bin here!!!!!
BIG Bob: whats happenin?????
rich-c: Bob, George has an old P100 with Award BIOS from 1994 that isn't Y2K compliant
George: thats just the bois date i remember pentium pentium 133's back in 95
BIG Bob: so?????? once you set it for 2002 it will keep time ok won't it?????
BIG Bob: we go 486's that we simply set and they are happy
rich-c: yes, those were the next step ip, George
rich-c: what surprises me is that badck then someone would put a leading-edge chip on a no-name motherboard
George: the only way to identify motherboard is by the bios number which is 2A5IA000-00
rich-c: and yes, I remember my old 386 rolled over to 2000 with no problem at all
rich-c: no, George, on the back somewhere there is an FCC number and you can identify it from that
rich-c: George, go to and read their section on how to identify motherboards
George: it has sis 501,502,503 chips
rich-c: SiS is a fairly big computer parts maker
BIG Bob: thery make all kind of parts?????
rich-c: Bob, since Phoenix was bought by Award, have the merged companies been bought again or taken a new name?
George: i looked for fcc id's when i first got it not found
BIG Bob: don't know richard
rich-c: Apparently SiS have a new motherboard just out that is causing quite a stir
BIG Bob: sometimes the fcc # leads nowhere Geo.....and now they are not registering the new ones
BIG Bob: so what can it do different?????
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rich-c: haven't read the details - hey, I just bought a new motherboard, why should I care?
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
George: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich
Judy: and George
BIG Bob: HI sweetie!!!!!
Judy: hi, dear
BIG Bob: I am runnign such old stuff I don't care either
Meeka: hi mom
BIG Bob: wish they would just SLOW down, we are getting there WAY to fast anyway
George: i never pulled a bios chip before
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BIG Bob: nothin to it Geo, just like any other chip
BIG Bob: WHY you gonna pull it?????
rich-c: Bob, anything different about pulling a BIOS chip from any other chip - long as it's socketed, that is?
Judy: Meeka, I thought you wanted to run some errands this week
BIG Bob: I thikn ALL are socketed, all I have seen anyway
George: i never pulled any chip before
Meeka: yes, I have been a little busy, maybe we can get to it tommorrow after work
rich-c: it helps to have a chip=puller tool
BIG Bob: tiny flat screwdriver, pry one end up slightly, then other end, then back to first end, etc
BIG Bob: untill it pops out
Judy: ok, that will work for me too
George: unicore is sending a kit
rich-c: you don't want to bend the pins in case you want to put it back or re-use it elsewhere
BIG Bob: no prob!!!!!
Judy: what have you been up to to keep you so busy?
BIG Bob: just make sure which way the chip goes in, cause it won't work the wrong way ya know
rich-c: but it would be cheaper to buy a new computer than upgrade the BIOS, I reckon
rich-c: around here a P166 can be had for as little as $39 Canadian - about $25 U.S.
George: i hope it will go in the same way this one is
rich-c: I assume if they know it's a replacement it will have the same structure
Meeka: work has been fairly busy, and I have been puttering around in my room
BIG Bob: bios chip costs us about $20 for one a few months back
rich-c: it's the coding inside that gets changed, not the physical wrapper usually
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Meeka: and yesterday I knew you had the boys
Judy: good for you, are you making headway.
changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: hey, here's Dr. D.
BIG Bob: hiya doc!!!!!
Judy: did you talk to Sherri tonight?
rich-c: you get the thing of Guy's I sent you?
Dr. D.: Yes, long time no chat from me...
BIG Bob: got this ache...........
(BIG Bob winks)
rich-c: George, when you pull the old chip look for the notch in the end
Meeka: yes
BIG Bob: shoot!!!!!! am upstairs and the msg was down........what's the url??????
rich-c: that tells you which is the front
BIG Bob: this is Guy's pic right????
George: ok
Judy: than you heard that Michael got two new teeth
rich-c: yes and just among us, I didn't find it that humourous
Meeka: yup, that explains why he wont eat
Judy: sure does!!!
BIG Bob: I didn't see it yet
rich-c: I also think that Guy must have a list like a world-class spammer or Geocities wre lying in their teeth
Dr. D.: Rich, your forward of the picture came out corrupted. At least neither Quicktime 4.x PictureViewer nor Canvas 3.5.3 can read it.
BIG Bob: yes, what did he say??????? 3 megabytes per day????
rich-c: I mean, do you believe the Adam list would generate almost 800 downloads in 24 hours?
BIG Bob: no.........
rich-c: Dr. D. - it's a bitmap of 1.27 meg
Dr. D.: How big was the binary supposed to be? I got about 1.3 MB.
Dr. D.: Well, I'll try transferring it again.
Dr. D.: It better be a funny pic to be worth all this brouhaha!
rich-c: I couldn't read it off Guy's site but I downloaded the file and it came up fine in my regular file viewer
Dr. D.: :-)
rich-c: I also sent a copy to Herman - wonder how that made out?
Dr. D.: So why is Bob now "BIG" Bob?
Dr. D.: Judy feedin' him too well? :-)
BIG Bob: had to do something different
rich-c: maybe I should go to OLD Rich?
BIG Bob: besides, I could "use to lose" also
George: i'm tiny George
Judy: don't blame me for his size, he know s how much to eat
Dr. D.: ha
rich-c: not according to your picture on your website, you aren't
BIG Bob changed username to Bob
Bob: like dat better?
Dr. D.: Just joshin ya,'re always BIG for us.
Dr. D.: You da ADAMcon man, too.
George: is that still working?
Dr. D.: Savin' my pennies, I am.
rich-c: definite improvement - now all we need is a distinguishing tag for Bair
Bob: aGOOD, save lots of pennies and come one come all
rich-c: was last time I looked, George, a few weeks ago
George: it's ages old
Dr. D.: I may be making a detour to Toronto on the way back from ADAMcon...taking the scenic route.
rich-c: if that doesn't please you, George, update it
Dr. D.: My pal from Finland is going to be in Toronto for 7 weeks starting I'm thinking of swinging by to see him.
rich-c: now that statement has a hidden agenda tone to it, Rich
rich-c: Hey! CONVOY!!!
Dr. D.: IBM stranded him in Raleigh NC last summer...Toronto should be more "European" to his tastes.
George: don't know how to now the way aol changed everyting and the software
rich-c: George, poke around inside and I suspect you'll find the new software works pretty much like the old
Dr. D.: Problem is it will be during the workweek (Monday night, after he gets off work), but I figure if he came all the way over here...
rich-c: lessee - he'll be late for the Molson Indy, in time for World Youth Day...
Dr. D.: He's not willing to chance an auto accident or a border crossing to come visit us in Cleveland, though.
rich-c: yes, and you can make Toronto in a day, no problem
George: now i look like your friendly teliban
Dr. D.: He takes the trains all the time back home, and thinks his driving skills are too rusty for North American madmen.
George: with a big beard
Dr. D.: At least he never complained about my driving him around last summer :-)
rich-c: well, maybe not for normal circumstances, but Toronto is a special challenge
rich-c: I've been driving around here for over 55 years and it still scares me
rich-c: and I spent over a quarter century commuting on 401 in rush hour - on the busiest section
Dr. D.: Alot too will depend on Joan's work schedule at that time...still not enough seniority to get a July or August vacation.
Dr. D.: So a Toronto away mission is still just in the planning stages.
rich-c: right, so you have to be home to look after the kids, right?
Dr. D.: Yes.
rich-c: yes, and teh Monday morning after an Adamcon isnt always the most prudent for a long drive with a taxing finish
Dr. D.: It would be alot of driving the Monday and Tuesday after ADAMcon.
rich-c: yes, you wouldn't have muc time in Toronto if you had to get back to Cleveland the next day
Dr. D.: Wonder how much trouble I'd get in at the border with a vanload of ADAMs and telling them I'm going to Toronto to visit a Finn at IBM.
rich-c: given our douaniers, I wouldn't even try to predict
Dr. D.: Is that the time to borrow a page from Herman's book and, um, fib?
rich-c: hint: arrive 15 minutes before shift change on Friday afternoon
Bob: and DO NOT offer any info, just
rich-c: anyway, why would you be bringing a vanload of Adams to Toronto? Isn't that coals to Newcastle?
Dr. D.: On my way back from and ADAMcon in MI where I brought 'em to use or something..
Dr. D.: "from an ADAMcon"
rich-c: oh, sorry, I'd lost the thread, sort of assumed you were thinking a separate trip later
Dr. D.: Though Bob may have a luxuriously-appointed session room already and not need any out-of-state ADAM imports.
Bob: I got enough for the ocvnvention, you just have to stock your own room
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, where have you been?
rich-c: taken up watching West Wing on the sly?
Bob: hi guy
Guy B.: Greetings everyone. Sorry I'm a little late, had to get dog food for Abby. She was down to her last can.
George: hi Guy
Judy: Hello, Guy
rich-c: we've been having a great time, telling George how to change BIOS chips
Guy B.: And how did he do?
rich-c: don't know, he's been awful quiet last few minutes
George: still waiting for unicore to send it
Dr. D.: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
rich-c: Guy, your website didn't really have 2000 hits in 24 hours, did it?
Guy B.: According to what Geocities tells me. They said I exceeded 3 gigabytes per day.
Bob: methinks they "fib"
rich-c: that's what they say - but over 2000 hits in one day? Is that believable to you?
Guy B.: I'm beginning to wonder that myself. I think that's far fetched.
Guy B.: No, I don't think so and just how do they measure this anyhow?
Dr. D.: Hope you don't have a hacked account or something...make sure you don't have any strange files in you dl area?
rich-c: I mean, that file is only a hair over 1.25 meg - takes over 700 downloads to generate ONE gig
Judy: only if you are giving away billions of dollars
Guy B.: Well, the file has been permanently removed from the directory. I have the file at work.
rich-c: to me the whole thing stinks
rich-c: it's OK, I sent it to Rich and Herman
Guy B.: Herman has offered me to put my site on his server.
Bob: AT&T had a way of greatly inflating the webpage I had there too......when I put it up on the next ISP, instaead of about
rich-c: yes, we saw the copy he sent around the list
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Dr. D.: I think I'd take Herman up on his offer.
Bob: 600k, it was about 6 megs
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: by the way, are we now being spammed on the Adam mailing list?
Bob: Hi Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughteer
Judy: Hi, Pam
Dr. D.: Pamela!
Bob: why, what'd you get on the list?????
Guy B.: I think I might do that Dr. D. I'll ask what I get for putting the website on his server.
Pamela: Hi Bob, Hi Guy, Hi George, Hi Dad, Hi Judy, Hi Meeka, Hey Dr. D
Dr. D.: Herbal memory expansion ads?
rich-c: oh, I get about a dozen and a half spams every day
Pamela: I am starting to get them too
George: did i fall asleep?
Dr. D.: I don't get any from coladam-list though, I don't think.
Pamela: Have you checked tonite Rich?
Dr. D.: Anything that is garbage characters (read: Korean or Taiwanese) gets automatically junked.
Guy B.: Now, I'm have to get Dale to change my e-mail address on the list again.
rich-c: you have to look in the headers
Bob: haven't noticed any though the coleco list,,,,,but haven't really looked at them either, I just dump them
Dr. D.: I never look at the headers, so I can't say I know whence it comes.
rich-c: Dale is sup[posed to have the site rigged so only list members can post
rich-c: I am wondering if someone has found a way to crack it
Guy B.: I've been getting alot of kickbacks of dead e-mail addresses. Almost a dozen.
Pamela: Problem is, a number of members have changed email addresses recently - if an old address is still on the member list, that may be how they're getting through
Dr. D.: News for Pam: I've become the new Faculty Advisor for the CWRU Film Society, next Friday we're showing Harry Potter, and we're having some neat HP-related promotions.
George: fight over schools in Philly
Pamela: COOL!!!!!
Pamela: Can I come?
Dr. D.: We're dividing the theatre into 4 houses and letting people sort themselves. A staffer will be Head of House for each.
Pamela: Gryffindor forever!
Dr. D.: For kids, we have a sorting hat, on stage...with a PA from the projection booth doing the Voice.
Dr. D.: And some Bertie Bott's beans and chocolate frogs, of course.
rich-c: I look to see the routing on the spamany coming through hotmail or yahoo, I send a complaint to abuse@
George: i'm just a migrant to Philly
Dr. D.: I'm in charge of cajoling Joan into making the Sorting Hat :-)
Pamela: Good luck, poor woman
rich-c: where did you migrate to Philly from, George?
Dr. D.: I think I will end up as Head of Hufflepuff, since the description of that House seems to best match me.
George: the suburbs
Dr. D.: Joan already has a pattern from a witch Halloween costume...just scale up.
Pamela: Bertie Botts beans are actually available somewhere - I saw an article that mentioned them at Christmas
rich-c: that ain't much of a migration
Dr. D.: Yep, we've already ordered the candy.
Pamela: Backordered from here to eternity, of course
Dr. D.: But prepared to use Jelly Babies in a pinch.
George: between PA and NJ
Pamela: and add patches
Pamela: Jelly Bellies are better if you can get them
Pamela: come in lots of flavours
rich-c: oh, wre you over in Cherry Hill or something?
Dr. D.: No vomit or earwax, though :-)
Pamela: Thank goodness for that
Dr. D.: Oh, I could get some aniseed or horehound candy, that's pretty vile.
Pamela: Aniseed is licorice - what's horehound?
Dr. D.: Not sure, but my grampa and great-grampa loved it, I gagged on it.
Pamela: charming
George: indian mills mt. holly bristol bensalem
rich-c: horehound was used as a folk remedy for coughing
Dr. D.: All I can remember as a kid was that it tasted like bad-breath-flavor.
Pamela: ewwwww!
rich-c: it's some sort of herb but more I don't know
Pamela: I'll stick to chocolate, thanks
Dr. D.: Anyhow, the Film Society are looking forward to some fun.
George: garlic
Pamela: ?
Dr. D.: Garlic candy, I think George is suggesting.
Pamela: meaning horehound is garlic George?
George: breath
Pamela: I repeat, ewwww
Dr. D.: So Pam, care to run to Cleveland next Friday?
Pamela: Love to , but I have to work
Bob: WORK??????? get a life!!!!
rich-c: those towns around Camden, George?
Dr. D.: Same old story...well, maybe some college theatre up there will do something like this.
Pamela: Altho I do have a 2001 vacation day to use up . . .
George: is it after 10pm?
Pamela: Bob! Question for you - how far is it from Kentwood to Chicago in terms of hours?
Pamela: Yes George
Dr. D.: Sowtimes are 7 and 10 PM I think.
Guy B.: I can answer that. It's roughly 4 hours.
rich-c: drive down Thursday after work, and sleep in the wagon in Rich's driveway ;-)
Pamela: It's not that roomy
Pamela: plus, no bathroom
George: time went by so fast
rich-c: it's 10.17 George
Dr. D.: Sorry to split, gang...Christina needs the computer to finish some homework.
Dr. D.: Important project due tomorrow.
Bob: from here in Kentwood, 3 hours to the first Oasis on the freeway in Chicago
Guy B.: Hi Christina, Bye Dr. D.
rich-c: OK Rich, catch you Saturday or next week
Dr. D.: Before I go, here's a URL to check out:
Bob: say HI to all Rich
Pamela: Bye Rich, say hi to Christina
Bob: be good!!!!!
Pamela: and everyone else
Dr. D.:
rich-c: OK, got it
Dr. D.: Something I got at a ceremony last makes me feel proud to work with students.
Dr. D.: G'nite, all.
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: and to Skokie, how much farther?
Guy B.: About another 45 minutes to an hour.
George: i just pulled something in my back
Pamela: What's closer, Skokie, or Deer Park?
rich-c: what's the attraction in Skokie?
Pamela: Coldwater Creek store
Guy B.: Skokie is up North Pam. I work in Evanston which is right next door. I think Deer Park is furthur north of Skokie.
rich-c: nothing nearer, like anywhere in Michigan?
Bob: yea, just what ya looking to do??????
Pamela: What about taking the ferry across the lake from Ludington to Manitowoc WI?
Pamela: and then to Wauwatosa?
Guy B.: Bob, that's in your corner.
rich-c: that's a fair piece north and a longer drive south again
rich-c: I also suspect the ferry is pretty expensive
Bob: ferry is 2 hours north of here, then a 4-5 hr ferry ride to get to Wisconsi
Pamela: ???
Bob: ya sure,l is NOT cheap at all
Pamela: that long? Better to go to Chicago
Bob: faster too
Guy B.: I second that.
rich-c: don't they have any stores east of Chicago?
Pamela: I was looking at the Coldwater Creek catalog and there aren't any stores in MI at all : (
Bob: and jsut WHAT is Coldwater Creek??????
rich-c: how about northern Indiana? Kentwood is close to the IN border
Pamela: Nothing in IN either
Judy: what do they sell?
Guy B.: So Chicago is the only place they have?
Pamela: Clothes! and Jewellery! and Housewares! All gorgeous, especially the clothes
Bob: and lots of things you DON'T need, yes??????
Judy: never heard of it
(Bob smiles)
Guy B.: Pam. what's the address on the catalog say?
Pamela: and your point would be what, Bob
rich-c: pick what you want from the catalog and have them ship it to Bob and Judy just before Adamcon
Pamela: that's not a bad idea, Dad
Bob: save your pennies for something lkke retiring!
Pamela: Guy, there are a number of stores across the country, just not in the two most convenient states
Bob: that works.......but not quite the same as shopping eh Pam??????
Pamela: right
Pamela: Judy, if you're interested, website is
Guy B.: Ok, what about a website? Do they have one?
Judy: you can ship anything here we just check it out, you know
Bob: she is NOT intertested Pamela!!!!!!!!!
Bob: jsut looked at Dr D's plaque
Pamela: and you know this how, Bob?
Bob: he was kinda proud of that, yes????
Judy: I may have to check it out
Bob: she just told me/////////
Pamela: by all means do so
Judy: not!!!!
Pamela: : )
Bob: she tells me thewse things, you know
Pamela: right, Bob
(Judy groans loudly)
Pamela: shipping to Bob and Judy isn't a bad idea - I shall have to mull that over some
Pamela: Why didn't I think of that?
(Guy B. slaps Bob playfully)
Pamela: good shot, Guy!
Pamela: Hey, not so hard
rich-c: you may have inherited the low cunning, but experience comes extra
Judy: thanks Guy
(Guy B. hugs Bob)
Pamela: no fair! I want it now! Now, now, now!
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: Awww, that's so sweet
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
rich-c: she's kidding you, Guyv - she's s Cherry 7-Up addict
Guy B.: Oh, by the way. I finally hit the 20 pound mark.
(Bob kicks Judy)
Pamela: No, Russell is the Cherry 7-Up addict
(Bob hugs Judy)
rich-c: good for you - by August we'll barely recognize you
Pamela: Good save, Bob
Judy: th;at is better
Bob: good deal Guy
Pamela: and the Diet Coke addict too - I prefer the regular stuff
Guy B.: My manager has noticed already. She says I'm looking better.
rich-c: hang in there, you're over the hump - now go for the gold
Pamela: Is Abby looking thinner too?
Bob: she has her "eye
Bob: " on you Guiy??????
rich-c: naw, she'll be putting on weight, with that much less to tow around
Guy B.: Abby is looking great herself. The vet says she's really in great shape that I can delay switching over to senior food for one more year.
Pamela: Oh, is this a case of who walks who?
George: i'm fat fat fat
Pamela: More of you to love, George
rich-c: we've all been that way, George
rich-c: it's just a matter of choosing to do something about it
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: Bob, who was the first to register for the con?
rich-c: you should have seen me when I was 60 lbs. heavier
Pamela: Guy, you're going to be totally buff by the summer
George: if i can't beat it i'll eat it
Guy B.: Some of dress pants and jeans are already becoming more loose.
Pamela: Judy, BTW, I found a calla lily pattern
Bob: nobody registered yet, may have to call it off!!!!!!
Pamela: Believe it or not, my sister in law had one
Guy B.: I sent mine in this week.
Judy: that is cool
rich-c: Pam, Needlecraft show this weekend - sorry, you're trailering, right?
Bob: havent' received anything yet Guy
Pamela: correct
Bob: will watch t for it!!!!!
Guy B.: You should shortly.
Pamela: then it looks like you're the first Guy
rich-c: lots of commitments, no cash
Pamela: we're definitely going, count on it
Judy: what are you going to do with it?
Pamela: the pattern?
rich-c: I had an encouraging day - walked to the p[laza and back without having to rest
Bob: OH, should say you are NOT first, the Slopsema's FOUR are all signed up!!!!
Bob: Great Richard
rich-c: and that was after spending the usual time doing the weeks grocery shopping
Judy: no, the stitching
Pamela: I don't think that counts, Bob
Bob: AND kids......the banquet is all paid for already at the local pub, so to speak
Bob: it do Pamela!!!!!
rich-c: don't know if it's progress or just the weather, but the hip has been better last day or two
Guy B.: Oh that is great. That I'm looking forward to.
Pamela: It's for a girlfriends wedding - one of my friends is the maid of honour at her best friends wedding and she has a poem she wants me to stitch up and decorate with the calla lilies
Judy: the weather doesn't help much, Rich
Pamela: Of course the poem is currently 5 stanzas of four lines each and counting
Bob: OR, maybe the hot weather is good for your hip!!!!!
rich-c: I seem to have one of those bodies that likes to be warm
Bob: have you had the HOTS the last few days Richard?????
Judy: words go fast, though
Pamela: and it's a fairly small alphabet
rich-c: we did set a recored high for the day yesterday
Pamela: we still have to design the thing though
rich-c: and might have done the same today
Judy: send to Meeka, she gets things done fast
George: it was 95 here
Bob: we set records for 2 straight days
Pamela: Don't think I haven't considered it!
rich-c: found out the a/c on the van isn't working
Guy B.: We did for the last two days and both were set 26 years ago. Just before I graduated from high school.
Judy: she just finished a picture for me of hummingbirds
Bob: OUCH George, not that hot here, just above 85
rich-c: that will doubtless cost mucho $$$$ to fix
Pamela: I know, I have to get mine fixed this year too
Judy: is beautiful, just needs framing
Bob: oh, oh.....get it repaired before summer
Pamela: I am NOT repeating the trip without A/C
rich-c: yes, maybe at the same time I get the engine conversion done
Pamela: Did she take a picture of it yet Judy?
Judy: I don
Judy: 't know
George: i'm using A/C now
Pamela: have you decided to go ahead with that Dad?
Pamela: I don't blame you George - I would be if ours was in
rich-c: yes, though I have to get some more information first
Judy: she ma;y wait until it is framed
Pamela: Used, or new?
George: fox just went dead
Pamela: ah, the network whose parents are away for the weekend
rich-c: oh, I'll get a GM rebuilt - they have a 3-year guarantee
Pamela: have you priced it yet?
rich-c: no, though have a supplier and can get price list on everything else
Pamela: when you do, it should come in at about $3200 all told, labour in
George: my doctor won't let drive
rich-c: you can get a handle on what I'm looking at at
Pamela: $1200 + - for the engine, $1500 for labour, $500 for misc parts
George: my fingers are messing up again
Pamela: so how do you get to the doctor, George?
George: bus
Pamela: illogical
Pamela: why won't he let you drive?
rich-c: anyway, I'll be talking to John about it and get some numbers fairly soon
Pamela: let me know, I'd like to know if I'm close to the mark
George: the meds i'm on
Pamela: oh yes, forgot about those
Pamela: so who is driving your car?
rich-c: I'd say doing it right would be about double your numbers, Pam
George: i have no car
Pamela: with a new engine yes dad, but rebuilds are much more cost-efficient
rich-c: that's true, but buying a remanufactured from GM is a bit of a premium deal
Pamela: it's okay George, car= hole in the ground into which you pour money
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week.
rich-c: of course I may be able to flog the old engine somewhere
Pamela: Good nite Guy
George: phone in a vending machine?
rich-c: might Guy, Saturday or We4dnesday, we'll look for you
Guy B.: OK.
Bob: nite Guy
Bob: be good!!!!
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: bye Guy
Pamela: where did Meeka go?
Bob: she just disMpeared a while back
rich-c: Bob tripped over the network wire
Judy: don't know
Bob: no , Jusy is still lhere
Bob: here
Bob: Judy
Bob: got it all right??????
Pamela: ya sure, Bob?
Bob: must have been somthin I drank (hic)
Pamela: darn White Russians
Bob: YA SURE !!!!!!!
Judy: he did have one
Bob: \had one of them suckers tonight tooo I did
rich-c: anyway, Pam, I'd rather spend $7K to rebuild the truck than $50K for one to do an equal job
Pamela: well there you go
George: i didn't go food shopping now my kitchen is bare
Pamela: (Bob emails food to George)
rich-c: it also makes more ense when we don't know how much longer we will be able to travel
Pamela: I agree on that Dad and I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised
Pamela: I on the other hand am looking at converting the A/C so probably a $600 job
Bob: NEVER give up Richard!!!!!
Pamela: plus I think my tranny is finally giving up the ghost
Bob: converting??????
Pamela: 6 to 8 cyl engine, Bob
rich-c: I never give up, Bob - but at times I do (reluctantly) face facts
Pamela: Oh, sorry, me
Pamela: Yes, mine's a '93 with freon
Bob: R22 ya mean
Pamela: can't get freon any more so will have to convert to the new stuff
Bob: BUT, is it more expensive in CA than the newer R134????
rich-c: might be worth your while to ask John about that, Pam
Bob: only problem is R134 is not as cool as the old stuff
Pamela: have to have the R134 Bob, can't get freon any more
rich-c: I have the feeling there are options that can mitigate teh costs
Pamela: I just might take your advice on that Dad
Bob: hmmmm......can still get it here, only VERY expensive
Pamela: I don't want to freeze the interior, just cool it to below searing
Pamela: besides, works better on the highway when I'm most interested in using it anyway.
Bob: oh well, then that will work just fine
rich-c: give him a call - 784-0205 - likely Connie, his wife, will answer
Pamela: I don't bother on the commute
Pamela: Dad, email that number to me , I don't have a pen back here
rich-c: ok will do
Pamela: thanks - tonite?
rich-c: yes
Pamela: great
Pamela: will have to compare the costs to my staff discount and see
Pamela: some of our shops do a/c work
rich-c: I'll try to do it now - so if I get dumpoed you'll know whre I went
Pamela: understood
Pamela: George, FYI I work for Speedy Auto Service, formerly Speedy Muffler King
Bob: so, .....canada outlawed freon R22 years ago too huh????
George: ok
Bob: whoa!!!!! thought you worked for an insurance co??????
Pamela: Bob, about five years ago they made both R22 and R134 available and told us that R22 was going out and then they phased out R22 altogether
Pamela: about two years ago
George: i'm disabled
rich-c: Pam, the email should be in your box now
Pamela: I can see where you thought that Bob
Bob: I'm l;ost
Pamela: I'm the claims administrator for Speedy Car-X
Bob: say what??????
Pamela: so I spend a lot of time dealing with all things insurance
Bob: just what does a claims administrator do for a repair shop?????
rich-c: like, one of the guys drops a car off the hoist, she gets the customer paid off
Pamela: fixes their screw ups
Pamela: thanks, Dad - we try not to do that
Bob: ok......
rich-c: when you've got an international chain of shops, it's no small job
Pamela: try telling that to my boss
Pamela: according to her, i don't have enough to do with my time
Judy: bosses are like that
Bob: bosses suck don't they??????
Pamela: I cannot disagree with that statement
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changed username to james
Pamela: It's there Dad, thanks
Pamela: Hi, James!!!
james: good afternoon
Pamela: any news?
Judy: night, James
Bob: hi james!!! and it is NOT afternooon, but nighttime
George: HI James
james: long time ago actually but i haven't been around much.
Pamela: WELL?????
james: case was born on sunday march 24th and they came home from the hospital on april 3th
Bob: WELL???????
rich-c: hello james
james: thanks
james: hi rich, long time!
Pamela: Congratulations - boy?
Judy: congratulations
rich-c: hey, congratulations
james: yup
james: and a very fussy boy at that
Bob: and no problems I gather????
Pamela: give us all the gory details - weight, etc
Judy: so how is it going?
james: no, everything went very smoothly
james: 2830g, 46cm. sorry but you older folks and americans will have to convert
james: lemmie see about 6.2 lbs and... 18 inches
Bob: about 6 lbs and 22 inches long
Pamela: 18 inches long? Am I getting that right?
Judy: sounds big to me
Bob: ok, so he isn't too skinny
Bob: just short
Pamela: 6.233 to be exact
Bob: and length????
Pamela: thank you and thanks to the handy dandy calculator
james: brb
Bob: come on Pam.........
Pamela: well, it was handy
Bob: finger it out alreaDY!!!!!
Pamela: math is not my strong point, Bob
Pamela: languages are my thing
Pamela: English, French, Spanish
Bob: possible severe weather tomorrow ....weatherman is saying
Pamela: Japanese is next if I can get James to cooperate
rich-c: it's 17.2" lomg
Judy: pretty short
Bob: a portly young man, yes???????
Pamela: well, Miyuki's not very tall and neither is James
Pamela: no, not portly - standard is considered to be 7 lbs.
rich-c: yes, the weather Doppler was showing a funnel cloud up by Peterborough around dinnertime
james: okay, back, sorry about that, just had a delivery come
Bob: see?????? you met them we didn't
Pamela: well, timing is everything
Bob: hopefully, no severe weather Rich
Pamela: what'd you get James
rich-c: we might get some but the odds are agin it
Bob: a son........
james: okay, 46 cm / 2.54 cm/inch is 18.11 inches, for what it's worth
Bob: he is getting longer by the minute
Pamela: or the conversions are getting more accurate
rich-c: oh, I used the x2 /5 shortcut so came up short
Bob: almost 19" sounds more normal for us dutvhmen
james: we ordered some carp streamers, and a few other things to fly durning may.
Pamela: cool!
Bob: dutchmen
rich-c: well of course - that's sort of a necessity, james
james: hey, i just reread stuff. someone said i'm not very tall..
Pamela: guilty
james: lol
rich-c: bet you're already looking forward to when he can fly them himself
Pamela: we were commenting on Case's height
Bob: she said......not tall........:-)
james: actually, they're huge carp flags, the longest is 6m, there's about 3 or 4 at 6m, 5m, 4m and 3m and they get mounted on a 12m pole
Pamela: okay, quote me properly - I said not very tall
james: what's that, you said i'm a shrimp?
james: lol
Bob: see???? that does NOT mean short!!!!
Pamela: If the net fits . .
(Bob winks)
rich-c: swim in
Judy: so, james how much sleep are you getting?
rich-c: cruel question, Judy!
Bob: no, just curious
james: more than my wife. i try to help where i can but when it comes to feeding, she's the one to do it..
Pamela: and are you changing diapers?
james: oh yeah.
Pamela: good for you.
Judy: good for you!!!
james: i by no means think she should do everything.
Pamela: real men change diapers
rich-c: going to get the folks to start sending you Pablum soon?
Bob: NO!!!!
Bob: hate that job
Pamela: Bob you don't know what you're missing
Judy: grandpa's don't if they can help it
Bob: dirty rotten stinking dirty rotten stinking job ......that
Pamela: or maybe you do
james: changing his diaper is a challenge. all this kid does is kick and squirm
Bob: I DO
Bob: normal james
james: and uses me for target practise
james: lol
Pamela: s.o.p. James
james: sop?
Judy: not that long ago he was still doing it
Pamela: okay hint here - take old diaper off, cover front of baby with new diaper
Bob: he wil outgrow that in a few months..........or years
rich-c: standard operating procedure, james
Pamela: standard operating procedure
james: lol
Judy: boys like to do that
james: apparently i nailed my father in the eye, so he's waiting for revenge
Pamela: In all my years of babysitting, I managed to avoid getting a shower but I was warned
Judy: grandkids just got the wall
Pamela: lift with new diaper in place to wipe, cream and powder
james: yup
Pamela: quickly lift front of diaper and do likewise
George: everything went dark
Pamela: attach new diaper
Bob: oh no,,,,,,can't use powder anymore....BAD
Judy: that doesn't always work that way, Pam
james: why not?
james: about the powder that is?
Bob: supposed to be bad i guess
Judy: they breath it in
james: well i turned out okay
Bob: new ways and all
james: i think
Bob: so did we all
Pamela: what do you mean everything went dark George?
George: screen went dark
Pamela: is it back? It must be or you couldn't read this
rich-c: loose connection, or maybe a power dip
rich-c: with storms around the odd outage is likely
George: yes something is loose
Pamela: ah heatwaves - wonder ful for power consumption
Pamela: James, we had record temps here today - it hit 29 yesterday and 27 today
Judy: night all time to call it a night
james: has ron been on at all lately?
james: yeah, my mother mentioned that
Pamela: Once, briefly
Pamela: already Judy?
Pamela: But I just got here
rich-c: still having his meetings Wednesday nights
Judy: it is after 11
Pamela: party pooper
rich-c: well after 11
Judy: bedtime for me
Pamela: well alright, if you must
Pamela: Sleep tight
Pamela: and cool
Judy left chat session
james: okay, his majesty needs my attention
Bob: yes, it is time for us to retire to our "upper chamber" and hit the sack
james: time to go
rich-c: OK - goodnight then Judy, Bob and james
Pamela: James, you're gonna have to learn to type one handed
Bob: see ya's next week and again James...congrats and ENJOY the little fella
james: i am
Pamela: Until then good nite and don't be a stranger
rich-c: Bob, give Sat a shot if you can
james: thanks
George: is everyone leaving me?
Pamela: G'nite Bob
james: see everyone next week
Bob: nite all
james: *poof*
Pamela: hugs to Miyuki
james left chat session
Bob left chat session
George: nite BOB
Pamela: I suppose I should get some sleep too
Pamela: but I really don't want to
rich-c: looks like we are all wrapping up - which may be prudent since it's 11.30
George: me too
Pamela: details . .
rich-c: well, I still have to do my email, and look at Dr. D's plaque
Pamela: maybe if I do I'll be able to tell the difference between morning and afternoon
George: nite Pam and Rich
rich-c: so George, I'll try to remember to get on Saturday
Pamela: I have to pick up your message Dad
Pamela: Goodnite to you both
rich-c: OK Geroge, sleep tight and see you then
Pamela: Dad, may be at the trailer until Monday - will let you know for sure tomorrow
rich-c: nite all
George: i hope to do some food shopping
Pamela: good call
rich-c left chat session
George: nite
Pamela: in the meantime, sleep well - Nite!
Pamela left chat session
George left chat session
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