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Dr. D.: Hey, it's up! Thanks Dale, wherever you are!
BobS: Hi there Rich
Dr. D.: Bob, you there?
BobS: willmiravles NEVER cease
Dr. D.: Now I see your Hi.
BobS: yup
Dr. D.: So, did everyone get my message from PJ?
BobS: I tried right on time and jumped right on
BobS: no........the only one I got was that you didn't have time to get a server up with an alternate chat
Dr. D.: Okay, then maybe it's still percolating out.
Dr. D.: I got my copy of it right away when I sent it out to the list.
BobS: ok, it just came in
Dr. D.: In brief, PJ's doctors think that her cancer is in remission.
BobS: along with your joyous news that the chat server si working
Dr. D.: She phoned me at 7 PM to tell me in person.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Not sure I can hang on 'til 9:30 to see Richard C...I was supposed to go to the grocery store after the younger 2 girls were put to bed.
BobS: Rich Clee sent a mesgsage that the server stated up but he vouln't initialize
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: i
BobS: Guy
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
Dr. D.: Thought it would be easy with the chat down...but then I just got Richard's E-mail before my intended hangup.
Dr. D.: Hello, Guy.
Guy B.: Persistence pays off, eh!
BobS: yup
Dr. D.: Well, the grocery store is 24/7, I can go at the end of the chat. I'll go tell Joan...back in a sec.
BobS: Rich C still not here but should be by 9:30
Guy B.: Has the cold air reach you Bob?
BobS: n ot yet
BobS: still about 65 here
BobS: but blowing
BobS: no rain yet but close
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changed username to Murray
Guy B.: When I got off the train, the temp was 62. When I took Abby out for a walk 15 minutes later, the temps started dropping. Must have dropped into the 40's by the time I got back from her walk.
BobS: main storm with lightning is going to miss us to the south and the rain to the north
Murray: Hi all
Guy B.: Murray, long time no see. How are you?
BobS: HIYA Murray!!!!
Murray: I'm fine
BobS: How's things?????????
Guy B.: We got hit with the storm when I left work.
Murray: Busy working on studies
Guy B.: What are you studying for?
Murray: Working on a PhD in history of education
Dr. D.: Okay, back...Christina says she needs the phone at 9:30, so that will be my upper limit, unless you're all still here after I get back from the grocery store.
Murray: Hi Dr. D
Guy B.: Wow, that's a quite an undertaking. How much more have you got to go for the degree?
Dr. D.: Hi Murray, hope that Ph.D. is going well.
Murray: I have 1 yr left
BobS: well we might just hang on for a bit
BobS: YIKES, that is still a while Murray
Guy B.: Must be pretty tough for you.
Dr. D.: Got your thesis committee together?
Murray: I have just handed in outline for thesis
Murray: waiting on written docus
Murray: Is the Adamcon still on for Aug. Bob?
BobS: yes
Guy B.: I'll be there.
BobS: Murray, I am planning on your presence......coming??????
BobS: August 8-11
Murray: I will try and make it I'm going on an Amazon trip this Sept.
BobS: visit for ALL the gory detials
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Guy B.: Spell that right for him Bob.
changed username to rich-c
BobS: then Grand Rapids is a short trip!!!!!!
Guy B.: Welcome Rich.
rich-c: wow, didnt take you-all long to find out
BobS: hiya Richard!!!!
rich-c: yeah, looks like Dale came through for us!
Guy B.: It was me who finally got the ball rolling.
BobS: jumped on the band wagon about half minaute after 9PM and it worked
Murray: okay I'll go there I'm planning on going to a research station in Peru
rich-c: oh, I sent him a prompt about 5 p.m. and thought that might have done it
Guy B.: Well, then we both take credit then.
Dr. D.: Hello, Richard.
BobS: we need to see Dale or Jill here too!!!!
rich-c: hi Dr. D
Guy B.: Yeah, got to bug him to change the address on the list.
rich-c: Rich, I have an issue of the University of Toronto magazine here
rich-c: it has articles I think you would find interesting
rich-c: I will send it to you when Frances finishes it
Murray: Hi Rich How's things in Toronto?
Dr. D.: Articles about what?
rich-c: Murray, great to see you here - where have you been?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: let's say current events, Rich
changed username to George
Murray: Busy... Busy.... Things at work have turned decidedly nasty...
Guy B.: Hi George.
rich-c: hi George welcome in
BobS: YO George
George: I finally made it
rich-c: the natives getting restless, Murray, or cutbacks?
George: hi everyone
Guy B.: Managed to have Dale get the website up.
Murray: I'm afraid it's both everyone is antsy things are at rock bottom moral-wise
Dr. D.: Current events...hmmm, that could be anything. "Pretzels to choke Geo. Bush by".
Murray: sorry morale
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
George: ?
Dr. D.: (Geo. B. chokes audibly)
rich-c: one hears tales - still, that job is a semi side issue for you, isn't it?
Murray: kinda today ouch!!!
rich-c: were you saying something about Peru just before I came in?
Guy B.: Murray is planning a trip to the Amazon.
rich-c: wow, what are you going to do there?
Murray: Yes I'm going to a research station there to help scientist
rich-c: what area of work?
Murray: I'm going to help establish a computer network/station that works from a satellite...
Guy B.: Wow, that would be a first.
Dr. D.: Sounds really interesting, Murray.
rich-c: well, satellite internet connections are a coming thing, almost here, but not in the Amazon basin
Dr. D.: Gang, it's 9:30, gotta go for Christina, now.
Murray: The idea Guy is to allow scientist around the world to have a reasonable real-time access to discoveries
Dr. D.: Back later if I can.
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: OK Rich hope you can make it
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D. Say Hi to Christina.
Murray: Bye Dr. D. later...
rich-c: oh, like a support base for others working in the rain forest?
Murray: That's right Rich. Workers in Brazil, etc. and in other rainforests
Guy B.: That sounds very interesting Murray.
rich-c: like, the botanists hunting for new pharmaceuticals?
George: must bring technology to the jungle
Murray: Exactly Multinationals want to get in on discoveries $$$
Guy B.: Especially when it's sometimes impossible to even communicate with anyone down there.
rich-c: now if they can just find a cure for arthritis in piranha blood...
Guy B.: That would be great.
Murray: lol I suppose one day...lot's of money is pouring into research now
rich-c: but you're not leaving so soon that you have to miss Adamcon, that it?
Murray: Nope should be there
George: what after they destroy the rainforest?
Guy B.: There you go Rich. He'll be there.
rich-c: that is terrific; we so depend on our regulars
rich-c: well George, if Murrays friends can discover enough
rich-c: then the rainforest will be too valuable to destroy
Murray: Well George I'm not sure ...they say the rainforest is under's the lungs of the world...let's hope sanity eigns
rich-c: that's why Murray
Murray: reigns..
Guy B.: I'm going to make some slight changes on my website. I'm going to move the Vbscripts to it's own folder, so I can expand that area soon.
rich-c: that's why Murray's part will be so important, in getting dta out FAST for analysis
George: it must be humankinds destiny
Murray: I'm sure that's one motivation for establishing a satellite systemn
rich-c: our destiny is what we make of it - pity so many are so stupid about it
rich-c: have a hunch the Brazilian government wouldn't mind a satellite link to the interior either
Murray: Guy you have a major website? Am I missing something?
George: i'm a product of manifest destiny
Guy B.: I have a website on the Adam Emulator Utilities. Go to and check it out.
rich-c: manifest destiny died when it hit the 49th parallel, and the Rio Grande
Murray: Walk softly and Carry a big stick eh George!!!
Murray: Thanks Guy I'll certainly have a look
George: oh they just got tired
BobS: I just bookmarked it also
rich-c: let's say, George, there are revisionist versions of the history you heard in school
BobS: don't know why I didn't have it......but
Guy B.: The site has Qbasic batch files for DOS and VBscript files for Windows and I typed up documentation on each utility. The file is in Word 6.0 format, so it can be read in Wordpad.
George: i haven't been to school since the late 70s
BobS: lets just say it is longer than that
rich-c: I've been to my high school graduating class' 50th anniversay reunion - two years ago
BobS: hmmmmmm
Murray: There's a man with fortitude I can't seem to stay away as a student!
Guy B.: My 30th will be in 4 years.
rich-c: well, that wasn't the last time I saw the inside of an academic institution
George: all i know is my Native American heritage has been destroyed
rich-c: why, which is your tribe, George?
George: I call it Lenipe
rich-c: and if you're curious, the last full-blooded Native in my family was either my grandmother or great-grandmother
rich-c: I've heard the name, Geroge, but I'd have to do some research to get details
Guy B.: Bob is quiet. Think I'll wake him up.
(Guy B. kicks BobS)
George: the only thing taught to me by my grandfather when i was 6
rich-c: don't do that- he might kick you back
rich-c: and with wooden shoes, it hurts!
Guy B.: That;s OK, I think he wants the revenge anyway.
Guy B.: I have slippers on.
rich-c: well, George, if you want more about your tribal background, there's lots on the 'net
Murray: Well gentleman I must say goodnight have to get up early tomorrow off to Kingston meetings and all that
George: i'm barefoot and buck naked
rich-c: OK Murray, great to have you come by - take care
Guy B.: Good to hear from you Murray. Hope to see you back soon.
Murray: Nite everyone
BobS: night Murray
Guy B.: He' s awake.
Murray left chat session
rich-c: must be a lot hotter in Philly than it is here
George: its cool
BobS: no lie!!!! buck naked?????????
Guy B.: The cold front probably hasn't arrived yet.
BobS: If I fo that here, I will get a little chill
George: not quite
BobS: and it WILL get colder tomorrow
rich-c: yes, looks like uopr temps will be like a yo-yo on a string next several days
BobS: summer may never soem
BobS: come
rich-c: trust me, it will be here soon - and likely with a vengeance
rich-c: just because we had so warm a winter and spring doesn't mean there's no heat left
George: so many hot and cold flashes here i don't know how to dress
Guy B.: Just a couple of weeks ago, we had the 80's. Now we're back to the cold.
rich-c: yes, we had a more than 50 degree (F) swing in under 24 hours
George: i stay under the covers
Guy B.: And it was in the 60's here until a couple of hours ago after a storm came through and the temps just dropped like a rock.
rich-c: yes, our position relative to the weather systems is a little different, so we aren't getting your extremes
rich-c: the centres of the lows seem to be tracking very close to Chicago, and that makes for extremes
BobS: AND, right now the power is out
Guy B.: We had another lucky winter again. Little snow and not alot of cold.
rich-c: so how are you keeping the computer going?
Guy B.: You are on the notebook., Bob?
BobS: and the lights are out and I am running on battery and a phone line still activr
BobS: yup on the laptop in the family room
rich-c: yeah, on batteries by candlelight?
Guy B.: How long is the battery going to hold?
BobS: oil lamps my man
BobS: prolly about 20m min
BobS: might be in for a LONG night here
Guy B.: So, unless the power comes back on in that time. You won't be on much longer.
rich-c: how long has the power been down?
BobS: about 5 min
Guy B.: He got that storm that blasted here in Chicago earlier.
rich-c: did it have the short break or oh-oh type dip when it went out?
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: made a funny noise as things ground ro a halt
changed username to HLM
rich-c: is the rest of the neighbourhood dark too? what about the sky?
rich-c: hi hummon
BobS: the whole darn place around here is black
rich-c: sounds like a general outage, then
George: watch out for the looters
HLM: Hello ALL one sec...
rich-c: usually power companies have enough redundancy to patch around a break fairly quickly
Guy B.: Hi Herman
BobS: IF or when I suddenly disappear, yo will know why,,,,,,,battery dies
BobS: HI Herman
Guy B.: Bob, did you get hit with a thunderstorm?
rich-c: depending on charge, you should have at least two hours
George: Hi Herman
BobS: you all still here????
Guy B.: I'm here.
rich-c: yes, just seems everyone went quiet suddenly
BobS: HA, not the battery i got and a good one is expensive
George: i treid using my P100 to login but it didn't work
rich-c: well, you use AOL so logging in is likely to be a problem
rich-c: I don't think a P100 would support the Netscape version they demand you use
HLM: OK was trying to get Nick in here to no avail
rich-c: Nick?
George: i got to the chat page but the chat didn't load i was using windows 3.11
HLM: Yea, a long time friend, and local ADAM User that I ran accross again. but he can't seem to get logged in/
rich-c: well, we'll excuse you for two minutes to coach him, Herman
rich-c: we want to encourage every Adam user we can to come join us
BobS: name sounds like it may be a familiar name Herman ....Nick La?????
BobS: lamack????
HLM: I Ran out of solutions... tossed him the link all he had to was click it and asked if he had Java enabled, and he said YES, so that is all that is needed I THOUGHT
rich-c: George, this chat uses a fairly recent version of Java - that may be your problem
rich-c: don't know how advanced a version of Java 3,1 will support - it will do some
BobS: NO, gotta haver good luck or somethign too
HLM: U R Right Bob on that
George: i have some 32bit apps running on win3.11
rich-c: which browser are you using on the P100, George?
BobS: probably some crap from Bill Gates
George: ie 5.01 for windows 3.x
rich-c: I seriously doubt it, George, that's a 16-bit file system
HLM: 3.11 gave my wife all kinds of errors trying to get online she finally went to 98 SE when she inherited my previous system.
George: freecell works fine
HLM: She waits for the domino effect.. GK and I just bought stuff to build new systems last week, so I guess she will be getting this one soon also
rich-c: well, Bill Gates isn't noted for his enthusiastic support of Java
George: 32 bit games work
Guy B.: That's for sure. Until Sun sued him.
BobS: well for cryin out loud Herman, what ya gonna build now????????
George: he told sun to go to _______
rich-c: more likely, George, you bought games with both Win 3.1 and Win 9x versions'for a while almost anything you bought had both and installed whichever matched your machine automatically
rich-c: I am running a number of Windows 3.1 programs on Win98SE though
moved to room Meeting Place
HLM: bought a 1.6G but mostly because I ran out of bays I currently am running a 633 the new one will be a put together
rich-c: but I'm still trying to figure out how and why installing Star Office killed Freecell
changed username to Harvie
Guy B.: Hi Harvie.
rich-c: hello Harvie - long time no see
HLM: my HD was kinda full so It was time
George: windows 9x goes tooo slowly on P100 can't play mp3s
BobS: I Harv
HLM: Hello Harvie...
rich-c: the P100 needs more memory to support Win95
Harvie: I just realized its Wednesday, usally I remember at about 11:00 PM
BobS: well congrats!!!!!
George: i have 64mb on it
rich-c: oh, that's what I do on Saturdays
BobS: Herman, SPEED is not everything!!!!!
rich-c: well, you should be able to run W95 just fine then, George
rich-c: how big is your hard disc cache?
HLM: no but size of HD was... I got about 1.2 gig left out of 20 gig on the HD, and fact is I bought a new video card that required a agp slot and I had none that is what also pushed me
George: my HD is 6.4 gb there is no on board cache
rich-c: did the old one have USB ports? does the new one have USB 2.0?
HLM: same video card in a PCI version was 3 times the cost.
HLM: yes it had 2 usb's now I will have 4
rich-c: your hard disc should be big enough, George, but there may be a swap file problem
rich-c: what about DDR RAM, Herman? what's your FSB speed?
George: i wouldn't be surprised
rich-c: you should go in and check the setting on that, George
Guy B.: The swap file is probably not big enough. I remember an article from one of my issues of Practical Windows is that the swap should be double the size of your memory. If you have 64mb, then your swap file should have 128mb.
HLM: I got cheap I am gonna still use my 512 from old system I can put in 133 but why buy it. I am gonna snatch the 512 pit amd put the 2 128's I had back in for wife that will work fine for her
rich-c: in theory, Guy, if he just lets Windows set it he should be OK
George: there is some reason they sold this board and processor for $25
Harvie: That's usually the rule in Linux Guy.
Guy B.: That's for Win95. Win 3.1 you will have to set it yourself or you can let it choose for you.
Guy B.: Usually it's best to have more memory. It's gotten so cheap now.
BobS: see????? Bill is ALWAYS looking out for you guys.....
(BobS groans loudly)
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: yes, that's why I'm running 256 MB. Can't use it, just couoldn't resist the bargain
(BobS laughs heartily)
BobS: bargain????????
rich-c: yeah, Bill is looking out for us - with a gun and mask
BobS: life has so many bargains that I just can't afford them
HLM: he is pissed to hell about the new operating system comming out
Guy B.: I got 128mb in my Athlon now. The P133 has 32mb, but I plan to upgrade that PC shortly. Got some memory boards that I'm going to try on it.
rich-c: well, with computers I find them hard to resist - which is why I have about ten times more than I can use
HLM: what is it Lyndows or something like that I have heard about it but never seen it in print so I am not sure on spelling
rich-c: it is Lindows and it is at
Guy B.: Bad enough the security flaw on WinXP did him in financially. Microsoft didn't do well the first quarter.
BobS: was a hoax, yes?????
rich-c: they have a good idea but they are overselling it and they are greedy as Gats
Harvie: Herman, that's Lindows, it's just a barebones Linux distro.
Guy B.: Did you guys know he testifyed at his anti-trust trial this week.
rich-c: not barebones, Harvie, it contains a Windows emulator
BobS: yes, saw him crying about we can't remove just parts of our supreme operating system
HLM: itis enough to offer COMPETION and maybe make WILLIAM THINK about the next release
rich-c: yes, and he dropped the smart-ass act - went to lying instead
George: how about DOS 8?
Guy B.: And he finally admitted that consumers should have a choice for a cheaper version of Windows.
BobS: right, like they can't leave out ie and make windows work.........
Harvie: Yes but compared to Mandrake and REdHat it doesn't carry much in the way of packages
Guy B.: But, sadly, the monopoly remains.
rich-c: oh you can BUY all sorts of additional software from them...
BobS: and will for a long, long time
Harvie: The guy behind Lindows is the same guy who ran MP3,com
Guy B.: Unless this judge decides what she is going to impose on him.
George: I'd like to see a DOS8 stand alone
BobS: dos never actually progrssed past 6.2, did it??????
rich-c: whatever the judge does, Bill can just buy a few Congressmen and get it all back
Guy B.: I would like to see DOS reborn again. Especially since there are alot of older machines that can still run it.,
HLM: so would I a Decent version of Dos that WORKS
BobS: doesn't win98 etc, simply emulate a dos shell>??????
rich-c: yes, there's DOS 7 under ME and DOS8 under XP but it's very well concealed
Harvie: There is a lot of talk on the newsgroups about MS telling school districts that it's illegal to remove Windows from donated computers.
HLM: it SUCKS bob
Guy B.: When I downloaded the new version of Data Lifeguard tools for my WD hard drive. It uses Caldera DOS for the OS. That is free.
rich-c: not illegal unless it was a condition of the gift
HLM: 98 ain't as bad.. but ME, and up is worse
BobS: and then there is the flip side........have some Win95 original uninstalled upgrades and MS had Ebay pull the auctions........
Harvie: But that doesn't stop MS from saying so.
rich-c: you didnt miss much, Bob, a local shop is selling them for $25 CDN
HLM: I am somewhat comfortable with ME, but at this point I will NOT be going to XP
BobS: heck, they go for about 50 US on the auction
Guy B.: Tell that to my sister. She has WinME on her PC and I had to restore it using the recovery disk. Microsoft didn't put on CD this time. It's on another partition.
Guy B.: Same here Herman. I have Win98 on my Athlon and I'm using Win2000 Professional at work. That's a good Windows so far, unlike NT that I've used.
rich-c: I am hearing differing opinions about XP but everyone seems to think ME is a dead loss
George: me too
BobS: sonn Doug likes XP a lot better than 2000 or ME
Guy B.: It was. The critics said Microsoft shouldn't have released it.
HLM: Yea, but if you got to Options\cabs there is a Setup that will re install Windows ME just like if you boy the full version
rich-c: I gather XP is OK as a fresh install but as an upgrade is bad news
BobS: that could be Richard
BobS: it is to the point that that is the case with all versions of windows
Guy B.: Especially if you decide to upgrade the hardware, then you have to call Microsoft to let them know, otherwise XP won't boot up. Stinks!
rich-c: oh, my upgrade from 95 to 98SE went smooth as silk
HLM: It is ok once you knock a bug or 2 out of it... but XP is much more invasive and That is what I do not like.
rich-c: yes, that's why I wont consider XP
Guy B.: That's what I didn't like either.
Harvie: As is the fact that all versions are hackers heaven
BobS: yea well.......the average joe has to know how to knock all the bugs out!!!!!
rich-c: I dont fancy having to ask Bill Gates permission to, say, install a DVD-R
Guy B.: And one BIG bug has hit XP already.
HLM: ok the WIZZARDS claims that XP Home is more what we want the other versions are more dependent on Mr Gates Personal OK
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: like Shawn up in Alaska says - when the new version comes out, then buy the previous one
BobS: say what???????
changed username to Dr. D.
Harvie: thru tthe web
BobS: you got a differeent version for the home user???
rich-c: ask Dr. D since he's back now
Guy B.: Welcome Back Dr. D
BobS: welcome back Dr D
Dr. D.: Yes, I'm here again.
Harvie: Sorry about the last line, it got clipped
Dr. D.: Hi Herman and Harvie.
rich-c: yes, there are home and office versions, but both have the registration deal
Guy B.: Dr D, to fill you in, we are all discussing WinXP.
HLM: their are several HOME, Professional and I think Group or something for multi users / systems
BobS: Xtra Prying................
Dr. D.: I know naught of WinXP, I have never used a system with it.
Dr. D.: Nor will I.
rich-c: so be glad it's not on your server of the CPU might melt again from the heat
Dr. D.: Win2K is as high as I go.
Harvie: Hi Rich, long time no talk
HLM: Hello Rich
Guy B.: Ok, it's official. None of us are upgrading to XP.
Dr. D.: Buy up some Win2K copies before they get yanked from the shelves...if they haven't already.
Dr. D.: WinXP is rentware, as far as I can tell, forced upgrade path. Digital tried that with Ultrix and VMS...look where they are today.
Guy B.: I'm going to change the P75 that I have here from Win95 to DOS. Going to use it for Adamserve.
rich-c: that's more a business OS than personal, isnt it, Rich?
Harvie: Or go to Linux
rich-c: yes, I notice XP sales have been "below estimates"
Dr. D.: XP is 2K with the install-once-and-never-again stuff in it.
Guy B.: Even Office XP hasn't done well either.
Dr. D.: What else can you put into a word processor, besides have it write the papers for you?
BobS: well guys......outliving the bbttery here, so will bid you all a fond adieu (probably misspelled)
BobS: and see you all next week, eh????????
rich-c: wonder how many folks are holding off to see what the courts do to Microsoft
Guy B.: Ok, Bob. Hope you get the power back soon. See you next week.
Dr. D.: That will probably be net: "intelligent typist, it writes what you mean, even if you don't mean it".
BobS: by ya'll
HLM: Chester has returned TWO (2) Brand New systems that came preloaded with XP to the store (Best Buy)
Harvie: Good night , Bob
rich-c: and hoping that some serious OS competition will find a way in
BobS: hopw so too Guy
Dr. D.: Bye BobS.
BobS left chat session
Dr. D.: Linux is becoming bloatware, too...
rich-c: nite Bob
Dr. D.: Seems like anything that becomes popular gets bloated.
HLM: Nite Robert
Dr. D.: Speaking of non-bloatware...
Harvie: Yes but with Linux you can just get rid of what you don't want
rich-c: that's how software companies live - keep selling you "upgrades"
Dr. D.: I got a set of 8-inch floppies for a TRS-80 Model 12 I was given...
Dr. D.: Boots 2 flavors of CP/M as well as some awful thing called TRS-DOS.
rich-c: by the way, I had two bites on that Amstrad I was offering
Dr. D.: Would make a nice (if very large) WordStar machine.
Dr. D.: Of course I need to get IMP or something on 8-inch floppies :-)
Dr. D.: Time to use PIP over serial link in ASCII mode and hope for no transmission errors :-)
HLM: Is your backup server going back up rich
rich-c: modem transfer from your Adam, maybe?
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday if I'm not to tied up.
Dr. D.: It will after this weekend, I hope.
Dr. D.: Motherboard was toast when the CPU fan failed.
rich-c: OK Guy, I'll try to remember to join you
HLM: bad trip
Harvie: Good night , Guy
Dr. D.: I was given a freebie motherboard by a sysadmin here, but I have to transfer HD, RAM, etc. over to it.
rich-c: were you able to salvage the ahrd disc, or do you know yet?
Dr. D.: With the Egg Hunt contest coming up Sunday, I have no time.
Guy B. left chat session
Dr. D.: Re: HD, I don't know yet. I *think* it should be okay.
rich-c: we'll keep our fingers crossed - the chat will be up a lot sooner if it's OK
Dr. D.: I'll have to hook it up in slave mode to another system and try to read it.
Dr. D.: Agreed. You haven't had to use the backup very often, but it's nice to have it there.
Harvie: Dr D , call Drew Carey and have him get Oswald to do it for you
Dr. D.: Of course, I would just reformat the drive and start over had I bothered to move the chat logs to another machine before the crash...
Dr. D.: ROTFL Harvie.
rich-c: right, I found that out when my hard disc failed
HLM: I got to figure out how to get a new HD setup with less probs as possible.. probably pull 2nd HD, and put new in, and dump 1st hd to second
rich-c: Norton Ghost can help with that if you have it, Herman
rich-c: so can Patition Magic, come to that
Dr. D.: I really need to salvage both HDs, the boot HD has the chat logs, the other HD has several gigabytes of Egg Hunt digital video...which it took me a month last summer to encode and edit from videotape. I'd hate to have to do it all over again...
HLM: No I don't George swears by Nortons.. I go byt the seat of my pants, with Fdisk, Xcopy and hope for the gest
Harvie: Better get a spindle of cdr's , Rich
rich-c: I have one, Harvie
rich-c: even have a few CD-RWs
Dr. D.: None of my machines have CD R/W drives...that tech hasn't hit the dumpster-dive supply yet.
Dr. D.: I haven't bought a new computer since Sept. 1993 and that 486DX2-66 which is still plugging away.
rich-c: didn't realize but multi-sessions are possible on plain CD-Rs
Harvie: They are selling them up here for $100.00 (Cyberdrive)
Dr. D.: $3200 that machine cost...probably put another $1000 into it over the years.
rich-c: Rich, send that man $63 US
Harvie: That should only be about $6.50 US
rich-c: what is it, Harvie, a 2 x 4 x 8?
Dr. D.: I am waiting to find out if my research job gets renewed for another 3 years (grant proposal pending) no computer expenditures in the near future.
HLM: Funny the man who KNOWS HOW TO program probably has the oldest system than anyone and has no problems with it
Harvie: No , I think they are 10x write
Dr. D.: Herman ROTFL
Dr. D.: There are advantages to being Robinson Crusoe.
HLM: figured that much rich
rich-c: which include a lot less in the way of hassles
Dr. D.: Well, so much of the last 10 years of computers is just triumph of appearance over substance.
Dr. D.: If it's content you care about, who needs more than WordStar 3.3?
rich-c: it's not a point I'd dispute, but there have been some significant innovations
Dr. D.: If it's graphics you want, my Mac's Canvas 3.5.4 from 1993 is still perfectly adequate, if you have a laser printer.
rich-c: hey, for word processing, even the Adam is still highly tolerable
Harvie: Yes, I have an old 8088 Laptop that is the best machine for programming some old PLC's
Dr. D.: But these systems put the user much closer to the hardware...and now that everyone is expected to have a computer...(elitism)'s too hard for the masses.
rich-c: I admit my old 386 had a fully adequate browser in Netscape 3.04
Dr. D.: So we build layers and layers of mommy hand-holding and pretty icons to distract us from really getting our work done...
Dr. D.: more and more intrusive tracking stuff.
rich-c: the spyware can be easily dealt with - a nuisance, but dealable with
Dr. D.: I think it's entirely possible that soon HDs will be sold which will not write unless the data passes some authentication/authorization coding.
rich-c: though who knows what XP hides in its over 30 million lines of code?
Harvie: Some of the guys on the Mandrake news group claim they can work better and faster from the command line
Dr. D.: Monitors which encrypt/decrypt the data on the monitor cable, so you can't do a screen grab.
HLM: my Tiny Firewall made me more aware of what is so called "NORMAL" behind the scenes sharing" that I knew nothing about.
rich-c: maybe we should start hoarding a warehouse full of yestertech, to meet the coming demand
Dr. D.: Yep, you are getting portscanned all the time.
Dr. D.: And the yestertech will be declared illegal. It could become illegal to program a computer yourself without a license; you can only use pre-written "authorized" software.
rich-c: oddly enough, Zone Alarm hasnt lit up once yet today
rich-c: you sound like Billy-boy's wet dream, but it ain't gonna happen
Harvie: Some idiot senator is trying to get the ball rolling on that already, DR d
HLM: Far as that goes, GK and I are FROWNED ON at Microsoft.. because we have MULTI DRIVES, I go to M and GK goes to Y I think. anywat he was told Windows SHOULD only be on C and WHY do we need so many letters
rich-c: well, it's like the taxon CD-Rs here, Harvie
HLM: what is wrong with multi drive letters, if one area dies reformat it, if possible, without loosing all
Harvie: Yes but the Liberals just like to tax everything Rich
rich-c: true, but it's the recording industry behind this one
rich-c: they even wnat to tax Compact Flash cards because they can be used with some MP3 players
rich-c: they already do tax CD-Rs and cassette tapes, but want to raise the rates way high
Harvie: There is no "too high " in their books
rich-c: tell me about it - there's always another rathole to throw a few billion down
rich-c: but this tax is to go to the record companies, not the government
rich-c: have to pick up an extra spindle of CD-Rs when I'm at Adamcon
Dr. D.: Guys, think I'm going to go to bed now...last robot class of the semester tomorrow.
Dr. D.: Glad Dale got the chat back up...hope I can get coleco up again soon.
Harvie: Well I have to go , nice to talk to you all again.
rich-c: OK, Dr. D., see you whenever, and do let us know when your backup is up again
HLM: Yea I am nodding myself Nite Doc
Dr. D.: Bye.
Dr. D. left chat session
Harvie left chat session
rich-c: does seem to be getting about that time - maybe we should call it a night
HLM: Rich don't you have a catalog displayed somewhere
rich-c: yes, it's on Bob's site, I think, and Scott Gordon's
HLM: ok... I may have to send you somebody.... trying to see what I got if Not will send them to you
rich-c: right, any time you're stuck, holler
rich-c: you know I'll do my best to make them happy
HLM: I know that Rich
rich-c: and remember, my catalogs don't tell evrything I have, just the commercial software and not all of that
HLM: I Know mustly basic stuff... Do you have any drives still. disk drives and data drives I mean
rich-c: datat drives very few and they're pretty well spoken for, disc drives yes, MIs, new and used
HLM: One guy asked for 2 data drives... George is checking our stuff to see what we got
rich-c: they are horrendously pricey, but I have them
HLM: any 160's
rich-c: talk to Bob about data drives, he fixes them
rich-c: I send him my dids and he and Doug cannibalize parts to make working drives
rich-c: he manages to reconstruct about half, I gather
rich-c: I have five Coleco drives none of which work reliably but might be fixable if not by me
HLM: ok GK is good... we willsee what happens just covering my tail if need be.
rich-c: right - if you get any bright ideas for Adamcon, remember I'm coming by truck ;-)
rich-c: but it is time we packed it in - hope to see you next week
rich-c: and George, I'll try to come on Saturday
George: ok
rich-c: nighters for now, gentlemen
HLM: ok you are right and I am hungry... so WIll see ya all next week maybe
HLM: bye
George: nite
HLM left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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