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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi Rich.
rich-c: hi Dale
Dale: Did you get in okey?
rich-c: see you managed to boot the ISP into connecting you
Dale: I've been up since about 8:30pm.
rich-c: yes, and I've sent a mailing to the list saying you're up
rich-c: what is going on with your ISP, anyway?
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: George, do you know what Google is?
George: i'm on my P100
George: a search tool
rich-c: yep - ever used it?
George: many times
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: Good. Do so again after you sign off. Use "Lenape: as your search term. You will be glad you did.
rich-c: Hi Rich
George: ok
Dr. D.: Hello.
rich-c: Rich, has the magazine I sent you arrived yet?
Dale: I don't know what's up with my ISP, but I find my server is off the next about 8 days a month.
Dr. D.: I actually logged into the coleco chat first, thinking this one would be down :-)
Dr. D.: Re: magazine, yes, it came yesterday.
George: hi Dr. D
rich-c: how about naming the ISP so we know which one to avoid?
rich-c: good, Rich, I think you will find certain of the major stories very interesting
George: oh no my graphics card is going
Dale: -- my bigest problem is that their tech support is only until 9pm. I usually think about this stuff at 10:30pm.
rich-c: seems unlikely, George. Maybe it's loose
Dr. D.: Hope to read the mag in detail after this weekend's grading of robot course design notebooks.
George: the colors keep changing
Dr. D.: As for me and ISPs, I am getting ADSL here at home, install date no later than 13 May.
rich-c: good - let me know what you think about it next week, Rich
Dr. D.: Too many people using the computer/phone line.
rich-c: Fortunately I don't have that problem, though Frances is getting to be more and more of a surfer
rich-c: but for ADSL here they want about $600 a year before taxes
Dr. D.: Well, it's mostly Elanor needing to use the computer for schoolwork and Christina wanting to use a voice line to talk to friends.
rich-c: wouldn't a second voice line be cheaper?
George: Rich-c there is a letter headed your way with a money order in it
Dr. D.: Through my ISP, ADSL on the existing phone line is cheaper than voice line + 2nd phone line + current dialup 56K access.
rich-c: of course then you'd have to settle a few squabbles between the girls...
rich-c: OK George, I will of course deal with it on arrival
rich-c: make sure you have your full mailing address in it
Dr. D.: ADSL is $50/month, no setup fee. Only extra hardware is $150 router plus a couple of $8 microfilters for the 2 extension phones.
Dr. D.: Current voice line is $30/month, current dialup access is $20/month, extra phone line would be another $30/month.
Dr. D.: So, at that point, why not ADSL?
rich-c: makes sense, Rich
rich-c: see we've lost George
rich-c: wonder if his graphics card really did blow?
rich-c: I suspect Ma Bell wouldn't sell me ADSL since I use pulse dial
Dr. D.: Not sure about that...depends on if ADSL modem can understand pulse dials.
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rich-c: no, Ma Bell here has a thing about pulse - they want to kill it
changed username to George
rich-c: welcome back, George - noticed you fell off
George: aol bumped me
rich-c: ah yes - they're the outfit that says access may be limited, especaily in peak periods
rich-c: Dale, what sort of connection are you using for this?
George: if i get bumped again i'll switch to DSL
rich-c: yes, for chat it doesn't matter, George, just pick the more reliable one
Dale: This server is on DSL, on the principle that it would work well.
George: my dsl connection is more reliable
Dr. D.: Most ISPs do not like users to have servers on DSL.
rich-c: sure I can't sell you a new ISP? Very reliable and easy to get along with
Dale: The problem is mostly not with the ISP, but after 4 months, I still haven't figured out what exactly is wrong.
Dr. D.: Mine will allow them if you pay $10 more per month, for "hobbyist" use. Too much traffic, and they will bill you at business rates--$100/month.
Dale: Lately I've been rebooting the DSL modem and PC to bring up the chat.
rich-c: OK, if it drops us suddenly we'll all go visit with Dr. D. on his site
Dr. D.: That *is* up tonight, I was just there.
rich-c: and Bob and Guy weren"t?
Dr. D.: Nope, nobody was there when I dropped by. I can look again...
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rich-c: I did send an email around, but they might have just gone there anyway
George: i went to the backup site first
Dr. D.: Nobody is there.
changed username to BobD
BobD: AH HA!!!!!
rich-c: hello, BobD
BobD changed username to BobS
BobS: like dat betta????????
rich-c: you sound suspiciously like BobS
rich-c: yeaaaahhhh
George: hi Bob
Dr. D.: Holla BobS.
rich-c: we were just wondering whre you'd got to
George: oh thunder here
BobS: hi ALL
BobS: oh well, time will tell
rich-c: that's ok, long as you have a surge arrestor on your power bar and phone line
rich-c: of course that doesn't help if the power or phone go out
George: not for this computer
rich-c: but it does prevent damage to your equipment
BobS: well usually power but not phone line
rich-c: well, since a P100 is currently worth about $25, it's a small loss anyway if you get hit
George: the main computer has all the surge protection
rich-c: I have a whole-house surge arrestor, then another on the phone jack which is in the power bar
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
George: i think my apartment needs rewiring
BobS: hi Guy
George: hi GUY
rich-c: probably, George, most do if they're of any age
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Guy B.: Dale, did you get my message on changing my e-mail address?
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy.
rich-c: come to keep an eye on the old man?
George: i have too many color TVs
rich-c: well, sell the surplus
George: hi Judy
Dr. D.: Note for BobS: Elanor wants to come to ADAMcon 14...
Guy B.: Bob, you better let her come.
rich-c: doeds that mean you'll bring her, Rich?
BobS: Judy is instant messaging with Meeka right now guys. have to wait for her
George: some run on batteries
BobS: Well tell Elanor we woudl LOVE to have her!!!!!
Dr. D.: Assuming that I have saved enough quatloos, yes :-)
BobS: Would like to see the whole Drushel family, but may have to wait........
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: pity Pam's not on yet; she'll love that, Rich
Guy B.: Dr. D, make sure Elanor brings the mascot with her.
Dale: Guy, new email?
Guy B.:
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: I suspect there's quite a backlog of them waiting for you, Dale
Dr. D.: Rats, closed the wrong window.
rich-c: though too many send them to -list rather than -admin
Guy B.: It happens Dr. D.
rich-c: had to correct Michael Hurst on that couple of days ago
Guy B.: Like Mike Hurst did on Monday.
Guy B.: I did the same thing.
Dr. D.: So did any of you peek at my Egg Hunt webcast Sunday? There were a couple of IP addresses from .ca in the log.
rich-c: unfortunately, the NASCAR race at Fontana proved more exciting than usual...
George: i never noticed the color shift on the screen of this computer before
Judy: hi, everyone
Guy B.: I was too late coming online to see it. I was testing some games out on the Athlon. Had some trouble with the video, but I fixed that.
George: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: Well, sometime soon I hope to have archival video put up on the lab can watch it that way.
rich-c: sounds good, Rich - those hunts are a hoot
Dr. D.: This one worked well technically, and the audience was large and entertained, but the robots were ptui this semester IMHO.
rich-c: by the way, it isn't RealPlayer8 anymore - it's Real!
Dr. D.: Not on my Macs it's not :-)
Dale: Guy, I've updated your address.
Judy: they needed Doug and Bob to make them
rich-c: yeah, Real likes to exploit the DOSboxers first, there's more of us and we're dumber
Guy B.: Thanks Dale.
Guy B.: How's Jill and the baby doing?
BobS: you just gotta show the students the SUPER BOT as an example!!!!!
Dr. D.: RealX stuff has become annoying nagware...but there's not much alternative out there in free players. Real wants $2K for a full RealServer license, $200 for a RealProducer license...but they have free (limited options/users) versions of both, buried deep on their website.
Dr. D.: Streaming QuickTime has no freeware content creation tools.
rich-c: a lot of the folks offering crippled freebies don't make it easy for you to find them
Dr. D.: And *nix based stuff will not reach the average user, if I want people to see.
Guy B.: I have Quicktime on the Athlon and some short movies of the L system here in Chicago and they run very well.
Dr. D.: Our course will never have the $2K for our own full-featured RealServer.
rich-c: in honesty, would you really be able to extract $2K worth of useful work out of it?
Dr. D.: But, I've never maxed out the 25-user-limit on the free, 1-year-and-it-destructs version of RealServer that I keep downloading every year.
Dr. D.: No. I need it for the Egg Hunt. And for the actual Egg Hunt, I've gotten my ISP to host the RealServer part.
Dr. D.: But for test purposes, it's nice to have a local RealServer to stream to during the last couple weeks of the course.
rich-c: haven't gone into the code and changed the expiry date, or do they keep tweaking it anyway?
Guy B.: So, it works out?
Dr. D.: The license file is in XML format with an encrypted registration key, coded to the date you downloaded it from
Dr. D.: Change it, and it changes the checksum or whatever, and it won't work.
Guy B.: Sounds complicated!
Dr. D.: And rolling back the system clock is just too desperate.
rich-c: yes, you'd have to get pretty deep into the code for that, just fiddling in the registry wouldn't work then
Dr. D.: Long gone are the days when you can (on a Mac platform) use ResEdit to change some simple strings.
Guy B.: I bet it gives you a headache trying to figure it out.
George: i had enough pulling my chip
Dr. D.: I remember looking at how MS Word 1.0 for Mac stored the registration info, way back in the Mac Plus days.
Dr. D.: It was simply some Pascal-style strings (byte indicating the number of characters in the string, then the string), the last string
Dr. D.: terminated with 00.
rich-c: the Windows registry is more and more accessible - and easier and easier to crash, I gather
Dr. D.: So I changed our lab's copy to be registered to "Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty".
Guy B.: Very clever.
Dr. D.: Using a disk editor not unlike Norton Utilities in hex mode.
rich-c: puts a new kind of space in the word processor
Dr. D.: I think MS Multiplan 1.0 for Mac did it similarly but swapped the nibbles in each hex byte.
Dr. D.: Or maybe I'm thinking of a text adventure game that used something like that to encrypt the text messages in the executable binary.
Dr. D.: I remember writing a little QuickBASIC program to swap the nibbles, and then I could read all the good (and bad) stuff that could happen in the game.
rich-c: when it comes to manipulating code, I'm gone
rich-c: in fact I was never there
George: it's time for devilsfood double fudge cake
Dr. D.: Even the "surfnazi" Easter Egg input in ADAMcalc was more sophisticated than that.
Guy B.: Oh no. Just what I don't need!
rich-c: OK George, cut it up and mail each of us a piece
Dr. D.: Mmmm, chocolate.....
Dr. D.: So Richard, where is your daughter this evening?
George: email it in the transporter?
rich-c: don't know, but West Wing won't be over till 10, so maybe we'll find out then
Dr. D.: ha.
Dr. D.: Not sure I'll be here by then...
rich-c: as an attachment will do, George
Dr. D.: I wanted to tell her about the CWRU Film Society's showing of Harry Potter on Friday.
George: ok
Dr. D.: All the staff dressed up...we divided the theatre into 4 Houses, and had a Head of House sort people.
rich-c: yes, she'll be interested. She did say she wanted to come on
Dr. D.: I played the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, and got to sort my girls with a Sorting Hat (made by Joan).
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Dr. D.: I wore a Santa Claus beard and wig to look suitably aged :-)
rich-c: one of these days I'll have to borrow the books from her - she says they're reasonably adult-friendly
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello all
Dr. D.: I'm waiting for copies of the digital photos that the Director took of all of us...we looked pretty convincing.
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka where did you pop from?
Dr. D.: The books are very friendly to people of any age.
Dale: rich, the books are well worth the read.
rich-c: I am sure as soon as you get them they'll be on one of your sites, Rich
rich-c: do spell out the full story (so to speak) when you send us the URL
Dr. D.: Sure thing.
Dale: I hear that the 5th book might be out this year (of course originally it was due out in time for the movie last year)
Dr. D.: has the Sorting Hat by itself.
rich-c: I can hardly keep up with my magazines these days, let alone the books, unfortunately
Dr. D.: is a silly picture of me wearing it in the robot lab, laaaaaaaaate at night.
rich-c: trust you didn't get too close to the windows - or are they used to Mad Scientists there?
Dale: Jill and Jefrey are both doing well. Last week they both had colds, and this week I've had a cold, but we are all getting better.
Dr. D.: haha, we're all mad scientists at CWRU...
rich-c: yes, Dale, spring is coming, and it always seems to make things better, don't know why
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: hello mom
George: my cake got too soggy
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi all
Judy: how is it going?
Dr. D.: Hello Pam.
rich-c: ah, here she is now - hi daughter
Meeka: hello Pamela
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Well the gang's all here for a change
BobS: hallo Pamela!
Guy B.: Good to hear that you're all of you are doing better. Abby was at the vet last week. She developed a little bump on her leg and a small sore on her left rear paw.
Guy B.: Hi Pam!
George: Hi Pamela ,Meeka
rich-c: Dr.D. was just giving us the URL for his Harry Potter act
Pamela: ?
Dr. D.: Film Society showed it here Friday.
Pamela: oh, the screening - I forgot
Dr. D.: I'm the new Faculty Advisor...I dressed up as Dumbledore.
Dr. D.: It was *great* fun!
Judy: I was just talking to Sher, wanted me to take her place tomorrow
Pamela: Sorry Rich, I'm asleep
George: expand window
Dr. D.: Gretchen got sorted into Slytherin :-)
Dr. D.: She was pleased.
Pamela: Oh really!
Dr. D.: You better watch out for her...she will either be 1st women president of the USA or mad dictator.
rich-c: Dr.D. and Dale say I need to borrow the HP books from you, Pam
Dale: For sure.
Pamela: Absolutely Dad - but I have to get them back first
rich-c: don't rush, tomorrow will be fine
Pamela: I have 3/4 of them at the moment
rich-c: I would prefer to read them in sequence
Pamela: Well then you'll be pleased to know I have the first three
Dr. D.: Just remember, Spock dies at the end...
Pamela: the fourth is on loan to a coworker
Pamela: wrong series, Rich
Pamela: may the Force be with you
Dr. D.: That's my stock spoiler for any book I loan to someone.
Meeka: one of these days, I will have to borrow my brothers books and read them.
Pamela: : )
Dr. D.: That, and "There's no place like home!"
rich-c: reminds me, I'll have to look at my Wizard of OZ tape one of these days
Pamela: My source informs me that we have 1, 2 and 4 - three must be the one on loan
rich-c: I'll settle for 1 and 2 for starters
Pamela: I recommend the HP books to everyone - they're definitely not just kids books
Pamela: I'll see what I can do for you Dad
rich-c: like Alice in Wonderland - few readers ralize it's a stylized chess game
Dr. D.: We got genuine HP chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Any Flavour Beans to sell at the movie...they were very popular (and yummy).
Pamela: where did you get the Chocolate Frogs and Beans?
Dr. D.: One of our staffers got them online somewhere.
rich-c: for the beans Jelly Bellies would likely do fine
Pamela: Please to supply them at the con
Dr. D.: Our WalMart had them very recently, but not now.
Pamela: large quantities are fine
Dr. D.: They are a bit pricy, only for the true fan...2 frogs for $0.75, and a BB bag was about $6.50 after shipping.
Judy: that could be done, Pam
Dr. D.: No, the BB beans *really* *do* have a zillion different flavors.
rich-c: it's always the shipping that kills you
Dr. D.: Elanor got buttered toast last, pepper.
Dr. D.: There are 30+, even "booger" (haven't gotten it yet, thank goodness).
rich-c: jalapeno, I trust
Dr. D.: No, it's like white pepper.
George: i have soggy cake
rich-c: spolisprts, that's what they are
Pamela: is that a flavour or a comment, George?
Dr. D.: Most are sane fruit flavors, but there are little surprises...
George: devilsfood
rich-c: we've asked him to email us some, Pam
George: with double fudge frosting
Pamela: soggy chocolate cake is okay by me - pass a slice this way
Dr. D.: I guess for ADAMcon we need something like "tape drive roller wheel goo" and "fried video display processor".
rich-c: if it's soggy it should fit through the wires real easy
Pamela: I hope that's not prophetic!
George: here it goes
Dr. D.: "hard disk crunch"
rich-c: yum!
Pamela: double yum!
BobS: sure make fun of ol' ADAM............
Meeka: how about left over screw stew?
(BobS groans loudly)
George: at least it's moist
Pamela: sounds about right and more prophetic than ever
Pamela: you cookin Judy?
rich-c: gather there's a lot of leftovers like that in the Slopsema households
Dr. D.: Meeka, I will be glad to participate in whatever humiliating public spectacle you and Judy can come up with.
Pamela: dibs, Rich
Dr. D.: Better yet if it raises $$$ for the convention.
rich-c: Rich, I think you just went out on a limb and sawed it off
Pamela: We've already put ourselves in the ADAM destruct competition
Dr. D.: Don't just eat a hamburger, eat the *hell* out of it!!!
Pamela: However, I'm sure we can come up with something for you
Judy: why do you think I am cooking?
Dr. D.: Hopefully it will avoid electric shock hazard.
Pamela: well someone has to do something with all those leftover screws!
BobS: we are now "dieters" with a VERY small food pantry
Dr. D.: (Pam's idea, not Judy's cooking)
Judy: no, I have no more energy
Pamela: quick, someone find Judy some energy
Pamela: I can't help, I'm tapped out
rich-c: what you need is a thick pantry filled with thin foods
Judy: yes, I need it tomorrow, I will have the boys again and staying over night
Pamela: any volunteers for the energy gathering?
Meeka: do I need to come over agian tomorrow mom?
rich-c: sorry, at my age the battery runs down very fast
rich-c: and I more or less mowed the front lawn today
Judy: that might be helpfull, Meeka
Pamela: obviously the Clee clan needs an infusion too
Dr. D.: Mine is about run down for today...I think it's time for bed.
Pamela: is that more or less, Dad?
Meeka: ok, expect me after work ;-)
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr. D.: I will have 15 lab notebooks to grade this weekend, ugh.
Pamela: Okay, we have caffeine
rich-c: what a joy, Rich
Pamela: How did the easter egg hunt go, Rich?
Pamela: Do I hear sugar?
Judy: that will just keep me awake tonight, I need sleeeeep
Dr. D.: Egg Hunt was entertaining for the audience, but I thought the robots were not as good as in past years.
Pamela: I need all the help I can get right now
Meeka: brb
Dr. D.: Webcast video should be up for viewing soon.
rich-c: hard day at the office?
Judy: was working out in the yard the last two days, 23 bags of mulch
Pamela: hard week
Dr. D.: Long lab meetings...
George: too bad we can't send sounds
Pamela: plus we were at that train wreck they called a baseball game last night, didn't get home till after 11:00
Pamela: Bless you!
rich-c: we probably can but no one's bothered to learn how, George
Dale: Uh oh, people stating generic codes now.
George: i can't hear you
Dr. D.: Thag you bery buch.
Dale: genetic
Pamela: was that Freudian, Dale?
rich-c: lately the Blue Jays are an exercise in masochism
Pamela: okay, now spit
George: dna?
Pamela: gargle
Dr. D.: That was a genetic code for Dale.
rich-c: Dale doesn't have a genetic code, he has SRAM chips
Dr. D.: Okay, I'm outta here for tonight...g'nite all.
Pamela: Dale, I didn't know you were registered trademark!
rich-c: nite Rich - post those URLs soon!
Pamela: Don't go!
Dale: It's true that there are gentic codes that are being patented.
rich-c: yes, and there are big questions as to whether they should be patentable
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: I would think patents should be refused on grounds of prior art
Pamela: and how would you register twins?
rich-c: DNA pairings
Meeka: ok, Mandy was here it pickup Ryan. I'm back now
Pamela: You know, I'm starting to think the two of you should open a daycare - you certainly have enough customers
Judy: were they dating or just friends, today?
Meeka: didn't ask
Judy: why?
Meeka: don't know. just didn't think of it I guess
Judy: first thought you said don't ask
Pamela: Bob, you're awfully quiet tonite
rich-c: with all the household women talkijg, he's getting squeezed out
rich-c: male fate
Judy: he is b uying on ebay
Pamela: what is he buying?
rich-c: I have a minor skirmish going with eBay at the moment
Judy: he still has his own computer can talk whenever he wants
BobS: not quiet, just "reserved" :-)
Judy: what is your problem?
BobS: what about Richarfd?????
Pamela: I don't believe it for a minute
rich-c: they have a template for sellers to use
George: my computer is having hot flashes
Guy B.: I still have an account with them, but I haven't used it in two years.
rich-c: and the default is "will ship to USA only"
rich-c: most vendors will really ship at least to Canada
Judy: mine is just hot, George
Pamela: George, get it checked for menopause
rich-c: but by the time you ask them and the answer is back, the auction has expierd
rich-c: I'm kvetching they should change the template - after all the vendors can edit it back
Judy: give it soy hear it works
rich-c: a computer's OK till you see blue smoke
Pamela: or call your local health food store
George: and clunk clunk clunk
Pamela: or grind
Pamela: Bob, what are you after purchasing?
BobS: well ship it here and pick it up later or i willship it to ya
Judy: computer parts
BobS: 133 mhz chips to poweer up a slow 486 machine
Pamela: Careful Bob, you may get inundated with packages
Meeka: Doug bought more of those this week :-(
Dale left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
Pamela: Guy, did you ever find a computer from your email?
Dale: Hmm... I got a message that I was bumped.
BobS: now we got 2 for sure and maybe 2 on the way IF the jerk ever comes thru
rich-c: fortunately, you're back now
Dale: MAybe it wasn't authentic though.
Pamela: thought you were awful quiet, Dale
Dale: I was seeing messages just before. Not commenting much though.
rich-c: some drops appear to result from some sort of buffer overrun
Guy B.: No, my friend decided she didn't want an older machine. I even offered her an old Mac.
rich-c: I have my own theory of computer purchase
Pamela: what does she want it for?
Pamela: obsolescent on the truck, obsolete in the store, right?
rich-c: like, it will stay usefully up to date for one month for every $50 you spend on it
Guy B.: Her son lost his job with one of the Chicago newspapers and he thought he would take some computer training.
Pamela: ie $600 = 1 year?
rich-c: a $600 computer will be kinda slow and too feeble for new software after about a year
Pamela: Dale, how are Jillian and Jeff?
Guy B.: I'm going to add a few upgrades on the P133. It should fix a number of problems that I've been having.
Pamela: did you get the Athlon running again?
rich-c: the question is, Guy, is it worth upgrading?
Guy B.: I'm using it right now.
George: 2.2ghz.
Guy B.: It's just some minor software upgrades.
Pamela: Dale, are you awake?
rich-c: no, none of us are that fast yet, George
BobS: is that faster than 33 mhz??????????
rich-c: unless of course Dale just bought something new for the shop
(BobS winks)
Pamela: You should hear the feline commentary going on here - you'd think I was ignoring them or something
Meeka: ok guys I am gonna get going. see ya next week
George: barebones
rich-c: see you Meeka - come back soon
Pamela: g'nite Meeka
BobS: ok Meekka
Dale: Somewhat awake.
BobS: or somthin lke taht
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: How's the family Dale?
George: nite Meeka
Dale: Pamela, Jillian and Jeff are doing great!
Pamela: Good news.
Dale: Jeff is reinventing himself regularly.
Pamela: Have you slept in the last four months?
rich-c: notice he DOESN'T say how the old man's doing...
Dale: Suddenly he'll look at everything differently one day.
Dale: It is lots of fun to watch.
rich-c: yes, it's among the great rewards of having kids
BobS: ANd for yearas to come Dale
Pamela: It is amazing. Katherine's daughter is 11 months and everything is fascinating.
Guy B.: They will always keep you on your toes too.
Pamela: Dad - you know Katherine's pregnant again, right?
Dale: Well, Jeffrey really is an angel baby, he hardly ever cries, and when he does it is usually for a very clear reason.
rich-c: that's for sure
rich-c: no, as it happens I didn't
Pamela: they think it's a boy this time, according to the last ultrasound
Pamela: and speaking of neighbors, how is Gabriel?
rich-c: ah, you mean they've been peeking? spoils all the suspense
Pamela: well, Megan was a surprise - this time they wanted to know
rich-c: Gabriel is home but pretty worn around the edges
rich-c: the Hararis have sold their house, they're moving July
Pamela: really!
Guy B.: Well gang, Have to check the e-mail. Might be able to try for Saturday. I'm in the process of doing some slow cleanup of my apt. So, I'll see you all later.
Pamela: who'd they sell to?
BobS: ik guy bre good
rich-c: well, with five kids in a three-bedroom house, no surprise
Pamela: Good nite Guy
BobS: farn dingers
rich-c: and the real estate market has been pretty hot this year
rich-c: see you Guy
George: nite Guy
Pamela: they're stacking them like cordwood
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: anyway they have a new five-bedroom down on Glen Park, about four blocks south
Pamela: How old is the fifth? i can't remember when Rachel was pregnant
rich-c: the buyers are relatives of friends, two small girls, moving in July 8
rich-c: sorry, I don't rmember, Pam
Pamela: sorry folks, just catching up on neighborhood gossi[
BobS: glad the real estate mrket is good in Toronto, because here it is not so hot
rich-c: I would guess about 4 - 6 months
Pamela: Well, Michael Harari is a RE agent
Pamela: which is a good thing, with five kids
rich-c: in Toronto, if you don't have a quarter of a million bucks, don't even think of a place fit to live in
BobS: would have to rent then.......
Pamela: even rent is awful - $900 / mo for our two bedroom apt
rich-c: you get little 1000 sq. ft. bungalows like ours going for 1/3 milliion
Pamela: and we're in a cheaper part of town
George: i pay $117.00
rich-c: any house like ours just gets torn down with a $750-$850,000 monster house put up in its place
Pamela: is that subsidized, George?
George: yes
George: HUD
Pamela: wanna trade?
Pamela: after all, that's only $750 American
rich-c: watch out - he might if you'll take the disabilities that qualify him
George: surprise inspections
Pamela: at least here the landlord has to give us 24 hours notice before coming into the premises
Pamela: gives us time to hide the bodies of the dust bunnies
rich-c: just don't think of moving, Pam
rich-c: your rent is regulated - don't ask what a new place would cost
Pamela: Not anytime soon, Dad - believe me
BobS: \well , the apt rent is about comparable to here, a mite more perhaps, but not much. but the house values are HIGH in Toronto compared to GR
rich-c: remember you're dealing with $Cdn, Bob
Pamela: what did you buy?
Pamela: thing is Bob, if you're in downtown Toronto, a one bedroom can go for as much as $1200 a month
Pamela: we're on the outskirts of the city
rich-c: downtown is anywhere within 20 miles of Coity Hall
BobS: so are we, but not rent cvontrolled
George: electric here in summer is $300.00 mo.
rich-c: rents here are semi-controlled - increases are limited unless the landlord wants to fight for them
Pamela: Rent control has taken an interesting turn here - once you're in, it's controlled, but if you move out, the landlord can charge anything he thinks he can get for the place from the next tenant
rich-c: all depends on how much you use, George - only the price per kw/hr matyters
BobS: that IS wierd...............
Pamela: George, you pay your utilities separately?
George: yes
Pamela: ours are included
rich-c: our provincial government at the moment is VERY weird, trust me, Bob
George: only gas is included in rent
rich-c: and George, if you saw our January electric bill, you'd faint dead away
Pamela: electricity, heat and water are included here
rich-c: we have electric heat - the furnace can crank up to 15 kw
Pamela: only pay for phone and cable, however we don't have central air - that costs big bucks
BobS: OUCH elevtric heat in Toronto???????
BobS: well ok, ho wmuch...........
George: my electric bill for Jan. was less than $60.00
rich-c: think our worst ever was $600
BobS: our elec and gas combined was about $160-170 US ..... about $230 CA
Pamela: are you heated with gas Bob?
rich-c: yes, gas is much cheaper and even oil is a bit cheaper
BobS: natural gas heat
Pamela: electric stove?
BobS: ya
rich-c: but when we converted it was from oil, about the time of the last Middle East crisis
George: i have a gas range
rich-c: there were issues of security of supply
BobS: about 75 & 100 CA ???????
rich-c: and at that time gas was up too, so the price question was a saw-off
Pamela: I am envious George, I love cooking on gas
BobS: but Pam.....gas can BURN your stuff....electric is gentler.........
rich-c: depends on what you're cooking, Pam - electric is better for some types of cooking
(BobS winks)
Dale: I'm going to take off. I hope the server stays up till the chat ends.
Dale: Bye for now.
BobS: be good Dale......
rich-c: night Dale
Pamela: G'nite Dale - hugs and kisses to everyone
BobS: say HI to Jill and Jeff
Judy: Bye Dale
George: bye Dale
Dale: Will do.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Pamela: that must be hearsay Dad - I've found gas to be better for most things
rich-c: electric appliances last - our stove is a 1963 unit that came with the house
rich-c: ask your Ma, Pam
Pamela: hey, ours is the same vintage, and so's our fridge
Pamela: that's what I meant by hearsay Da
George: my gas stove is fron 60s
rich-c: we have been less lucky with fridges
Pamela: I wish our fridge would quit - I'd love to have one with a separate freezer and auto defrost -you know, from the 80's?
BobS: mostly ya can't kill stoves, refrigs on the other hand just die when the compressor seizes and it becomes un fezable to fix it
BobS: we are on our 3 refrig
BobS: course, the 3 rd stove too
rich-c: our problems had more to do with power outages when we were travelling
BobS: but one got sold with a house and Judy had to change colors one time on the stove
BobS: the fridges just kinda tottered on till we got another
rich-c: we have an electronic model now that is real nice
Pamela: our stove is great, just like my parents only smaller
George: i have the same fridge
Pamela: confused the heck out of Russell when we first moved in - 1 is high and 7 is low
BobS: well kiddies, we got to "blow this popstand" because the "boys" are retiunding in the morning - thier mom is having arthroscopic knee surgery tomorrowe
Pamela: Yeah, I guess it's time we all went to bed
rich-c: oh dear - give her our sympathy
BobS: BEE GOOD, and if ya can't be good, have FUN!!!!! till next week!!!
Judy: we have our first ice maker, that is great
rich-c: see you then, Bob
Pamela: good nite to you both
George: nite Bob
Pamela: want one of those, Judy
BobS left chat session
Judy: see you all later
rich-c: nite Judy
Judy left chat session
rich-c: looks like it's time to fold it in, then
Pamela: I'd better go too. At least TV season will be over soon and I'll be able to get on earlier
Pamela: I'm for bed, before I collapse.
rich-c: that will be great, you're missing too much
rich-c: take care, daughter
Pamela: I'll bring over those books sometime this weekend if possible, okay?
George: nite Pam
rich-c: sounds good
Pamela: good nite, sleep tight
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: George, remember - look up "Lenape" (with an a) on Google
George: ok
rich-c: I'll close now so you can do so
rich-c: going to come by Saturday?
George: i'll be away on Sat.
rich-c: OK, next week then
rich-c: goodnight for now
George: ok , till next week
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George: nite
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