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rich-c: test
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: need to tell you now - there will be massive delay on your order
rich-c: the reeason is I am seriously ill and temporarily cannot cope
George: ok
George: sorry to hear that
rich-c: do not know how or why but last Thursday got hit with bad case of pneumonia
rich-c: so far I have not had to go into hospital, and the doctor did not push the idea
George: please take care of yourself
rich-c: but I've been able to sleep only fitfullly, have lost at least five pounds
rich-c: oh, I will do exactly as the doctor says when and how he says to do it
rich-c: pneumonia is like that - it dictates your life, you no longer have a say
George: i know that
George: i had it in 1991 for three months
rich-c: well, I'm not interested in pushing boundaries and having blackouts in return or such like
rich-c: sometime early next week we'll have to have a lung x-ray and see how we stand
George: it left me weak
rich-c: then the decsion will have to be made on which medication for how long
rich-c: yes, I've always believed that real men mow their own lawns
rich-c: 24 hours after analyzing this with the doctor, I signed on a gardener for a year
rich-c: the doctor was mutting things about maybe having it cleared up in the fall
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HI fellers
rich-c: hello Robeert
George: Hi Bob
BobS: how's things??????
rich-c: not good - am down with pneumonia - full E-ticket version
BobS: YIKES!!! and just WHY did you get it now?????
BobS: runnjing around with no jacket eh????
rich-c: who knows? last Wed. I was fine, next a.m. I was down with it by noon
rich-c: no one can take the wildest guess as to what caused it or why
BobS: well..........lst wed you were probably coming down with it...............
BobS: got antibiotics????
rich-c: it must have been incubating overnight, yes
rich-c: yes, the doctor thinks its bacterial and an antibiotic does seem to be helping
BobS: does this mean that Frances has a chance of contracting it???????
rich-c: the first course of antibiotic runs for ten days
rich-c: of course I've already covered some of that
BobS: well then, youa re workign on a week tomorrow morning
rich-c: no one seems to know what risk to Frances may be if any
BobS: seems like bacterial could be passed around like a plate of cookies
rich-c: anyway, at the end of the first course I'll get an xray and decision on where to go from there
rich-c: doctor does seem to think he should have me fairly well over it by fall, barring unforseens
BobS: BY FALL!!!!!!! I would certainly hope so
BobS: tha givces him about 6 months........
rich-c: pneumonia is not a trivial problem - I'm lucky to have escaped hospital so far
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi all
rich-c: I always assumed it was just some sort of hot-rodded cold - no way is that so
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: PAMELA...........the bedridden's relative!!!!
Pamela: How are you feeling Dad
rich-c: hey, I even got dressed today
BobS: you not watching your papa good enough.........he got into trouble
Pamela: wow, that's impressive
George: Hi Pamela
BobS: tha is a GOOD sign
Pamela: Bob, if I watch him too closely, he shoos me away
Pamela: Hi, George
Pamela: Don't fuss, he says
rich-c: don't let her kid you, Bob, she's already been invaluable running errands and stuff
Pamela: I'm fine, he says
Pamela: What's a girl to do? I can't disobey my Daddy
Pamela: He tells me to go away, I go away
Pamela: At least temporarily
BobS: well, comes a time, when you HAVE to put your feet down and take root.............
rich-c: you know how acute daughters' hearing is when the old man is saying something they dont want to hear
BobS: but let the folks think it was their idea......
Pamela: extra sensitive
(BobS winks)
Pamela: Haven't got to that point yet, Bob
Pamela: But I'm sure my folks are planning for the day
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Pamela: How did the inhalers go, Dad? Are you getting the hang of them?
rich-c: yes, I gave them a serious shot this morning and they seemed to go well
changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
rich-c: hi Rich
Pamela: Hi, Rich - need to fix your name
Dr.D.<undefined>: probs. with Netscape...back in a bit with Exploder.
rich-c: I will do them again just before bedtime, I think
George: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: bye, rich : (
Pamela: y'know, it just occurred to me he won't see that
Pamela: I hate wasting drama
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changed username to Dr.D.
Pamela: Better?
rich-c: hello again
BobS: hi Rich
Pamela: Dad, how's Mom?
rich-c: breathing down my neck, why?
Pamela: Just hoping she's feeling better - I didn't have time to call today
Pamela: Hi, Mom
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hey, Judy
Dr.D.: Back at last.
rich-c: Frances says her fever seems slightly diminished from yesterday
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: oh oh, Judy[s here, be aquiet andf don't talk about her
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: BTW Dad, the monitor's working fine - but boy, is it ever small
Dr.D.: Fever? Ouch.
George: Hi Judy
BobS: and just what is wrong with Frances?????
Pamela: That's good news
Dr.D.: Well, I'm here tonight courtesy of my new ADSL connection .
BobS: PAMELA!!!!!!! take care of those two
Judy: Hi, Rich, hear you are not feeling to great
BobS: at the university or at home??????
Pamela: I'm trying Bob - helping out wherever I can
Dr.D.: At home.
Judy: hi, George
Pamela: They call, I come running
BobS: you ar int he big leagues now eh?
rich-c: so now the girls can talk and you can still chat online - neat
Dr.D.: $50/month, same as $20 56K dialup + $30 2nd phone line.
Pamela: good economics, Rich
Dr.D.: So I figured I'd keep one line and have faster net.access for same $$$.
Dr.D.: Also not sure that this house is wired right for 2nd phone line...
rich-c: in your position, it makes good sense
BobS: cool
Dr.D.: But as for ADSL bandwidth, I really don't need it.
rich-c: doubt you could have survived much longer on one phone line anyhow
Dr.D.: It does let me watch the archived LEGO lab video at higher frame rate and in stereo sound, though.
Pamela: not with four girls plus Joan in the house
Dr.D.: In tests, I have 60Kbytes/sec download and 18Kbytes/sec upload.
Judy: our kids think we need a second line , also
rich-c: tell them they can have as many as they want to pay for, Judy
Dr.D.: Depends on whether you need only one voice line or not.
Pamela: After all, my parents only had me, and we eventually needed a second line
Dr.D.: Here we really need only one voice line.
Pamela: Still remember the number too
Judy: I don't think they want it that bad
Dr.D.: It was clogging it up with computer stuff that created the bottleneck.
rich-c: there was some question about the needed bit, if I recall
Dr.D.: If it weren't for Joan and Christina complaining, I probably wouldn't have done it :-)
Pamela: Well, you certainly weren't sharing!
Dr.D.: So Pam had the gift of gab as a teenager, Richard?
Pamela: C'mon, is it any wonder I work on the phone for a living?
Pamela: Once I learned to talk, I never shut up
Dr.D.: I don't think I talked to anybody on the phone about non-school stuff until spring of my senior year...
rich-c: think there's still some leftover echoing around her old room...
Pamela: which he is occupying
Dr.D.: (high school, that is)
Dr.D.: I was (and am) hardly Mr. Society...
Judy: we had one child llike that too
Dr.D.: Christina, on the other hand...
Judy: it wasn't Doug, though
Pamela: Problem was, I acquired a boyfriend at the ripe old age of 15 - and spent all my spare time talking to him
rich-c: not all - there were girlfriends, and mutual friends, too
George: i'm in La La land nodding in and out
Pamela: yes, but Chris was the catalyst
Judy: we didn't have too much trouble when the kids were young, but now Bob is on the internet everynight
Pamela: George, gotta stay with the program
Dr.D.: Sounds like ADSL would be a good match for you, assuming you are within 12000 feet of the central office.
Pamela: either that or go to bed
Judy: yes, it is only 9:40
Dr.D.: That is the distance limit, at least here in Ameritech land...
BobS: don't think we are within 12000 ft of anything
Dr.D.: Then that is a problem...
Pamela: where's your nearest neighbour?
George: i'm at 12007 ft
Dr.D.: I think they will attempt to connect stuff up to 14000 feet, but they will not guarantee it.
rich-c: tell them to pull a little harder on the wire, George
Judy: now that we network the kids can instant message me so that is a help
Pamela: they obviously need to take up the slack
Dr.D.: 7 feet isn't much...probably within statistical tolerances.
George: dsl techs said i got a raw deal
Judy: not too far away
Pamela: need to move to the next building over, George
Dr.D.: So they wouldn't even try it, George?
George: it works slowly
rich-c: well, if you're buying from AOL, you have to expect a raw deal
George: only twice as fast my 56k connection
Dr.D.: What kind of connect speeds did you get with 56K?
George: 46000
Dr.D.: Except in a driving rainstorm, I am routinely 44K-46K.
Pamela: I'm getting 48000 right now
Dr.D.: I've never seen it that high here, Pam.
Pamela: how about you, Dad?
rich-c: what program are you using to verify your speed?
Pamela: who?
Dr.D.: The MacOS dialer tells me the connect speed at dialup.
rich-c: Windows Dialler shows alleged connect speed - always for me 45333
Dr.D.: The ADSL speed test I mentioned, I just transferred a large file with an FTP program which also tells bytes/sec.
rich-c: I do have Free Net Monitor installed but haven't activated it
George: now its 45333bps
BobS: can get 44000 here at optimum times only, mostly a lot slower
BobS: 28.8 in laptops only run at 26.6..........a correlation here???????
BobS: maybe only run at pere=cent of possible speed of modem??????
rich-c: your speed reading will vary depending on whether you use the Windows module or one of the independent units that tells the truth
rich-c: Bob, the base speed measure is bps, overall in Kbps which is x1024 not 1000
BobS: well, we have also had ie dial up networkifn tell us it is connected at faster than the spped of the modem .......hmmmmmmm
Pamela: neat trick
BobS: menaing what??????
BobS: 26.6 is really 28.8 ?????????
George: its still better than the old 300 baud
rich-c: I believe that that is possible on certain of the older modems, Bob
BobS: 300 baud text went pretty well
Pamela: BRB folks
rich-c: something about some being labelled 28.8 but actually dping 33.6 or something
George: but could you use realplayer?
George: am i still with you?
BobS: makes ya wonder huh?
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Which reminds me, Rich, just where are they hiding the free version of RealPlayer on that site?
George: ?
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greeting Everyone!
Dr.D.: Depends on if you are looking with a Mac or a PC...
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: PC
George: Hi Guy
BobS: and I got a wisecom at work that is 33.6 and it only connects at 14.4 or 19.2 and that is correct, cause it is slow
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BobS: WELCOME to fun city!!!!
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Pamela: topic of the moment: modems
BobS: or in computerese........modemology
Pamela: looks like we have twins
rich-c: OK I am back
BobS: and the twins are unnamed
Pamela: no birth certificate for them
Guy B.: Must the Olsen twins.
Pamela: the Bobbsey twins
Dr.D.: If I go to the link is on the left, one PgDn press in an 800x600 screen, under OTHER LINKS.
Dr.D.: You see "RealPlayer 8 Basic is our free player".
Pamela: okay, will try it
Dr.D.: Click on that link.
Pamela: the mystery twins
Dr.D.: Now I'm using a Mac...I know the PC stuff tries to give you something called RealOne.
rich-c: the is also a free version of Real One player
Guy B.: We could knock them off!!!
Dr.D.: But there is a free, non-trialware version of RealOne also.
Pamela: that's what we're talking about Dad
rich-c: of course you have to turn off and turf out all the spyware, but it's a smooth unit
Pamela: But Guy, that would be rude -we should make friends
Dr.D.: I put it on my Win98 machine at work,
Judy: whoever they are they are not talking
Guy B.: Yeah, I know that. But, they haven't identified themselves yet.
Dr.D.: Just tell Zone Alarm to never let it talk to the outside world unless you approve :-)
Pamela: probably just shy : )
Dr.D.: Dale's logs would tell the IP addresses :-)
Guy B.: Could be. I'll wake them up.
(Guy B. reboots <undefined>'s computer remotely.)
Pamela: Guy!
Guy B.: At least I didn't do it to you, right!
Pamela: poor souls, if they're new here, they may think we don't want them
Guy B.: Well, maybe they don't know what to do.
Pamela: Just where have you been hiding this nasty streak, Guy?
Dr.D.: (<undefined>'s computer burns up, freezes, or falls into the sun, and almost everyone dies)
Judy: we are a friendly bunch
BobS: Pam, he has alwasys been that way, you just haven't known him that long
Guy B.: Me, nasty! Not me Pam. My sister maybe, but not me.
Pamela: You know, I think that may have been Dad - he just disappeared
Dr.D.: Sister! You have a twin sister! Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from us!
BobS: was just a cojputer software glitch
Guy B.: Well, we have seem to lost them.
Pamela: Sorry, Guy, your secret is out
Dr.D.: If you will not turn...perhaps *she* will!
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changed username to rich-c
Pamela: Hey Dad, was that you?
Pamela: the twins, I mean
BobS: po richard, having a BAD time gettign on the boat
Guy B.: It was your dad all along Pam.
Judy: that is what Bob said right away
rich-c: quite likely - I was multitasking and it backfired
BobS: its the pnemonia
Pamela: now, don't you feel sorry for being nasty?
Dr.D.: PNEUMONIA!?!?!?! I missed something here.
BobS: POW, boom!!!!!
Pamela: He came down with it a week ago, Rich
BobS: the Clee's are UNDER the weather
Judy: Rich has it
Dr.D.: Gack, why isn't he in hospital?
rich-c: yes, have a nasty dose, Rich
Guy B.: Well, we all know how your dad's ISP can give him a headache sometimes.
rich-c: not that there are any nice ones
Pamela: the elder Clees are anyway - I finally ditched my cold
Guy B.: By the way. My sister is younger than me.
Pamela: my ISP too
Judy: is the weather that bad up there?
Dr.D.: I was just trying out my Darth Vader voice, Guy :-)
rich-c: doctor said I didn't have to go if I'd rather not
rich-c: felt I could cope at home if that were my choice
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
Dr.D.: Hope they have you on good antibiotics.
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Dr.D.: Hi Meeka.
Pamela: Antibiotic horse pills and two inhalers, he'll be moving mountains in no time
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BobS: back from the store I see Meeka
Dr.D.: Wonder what it is...tetracycline? Rifampicin? Erythromycin?
Judy: back from the store
Meeka: yup
Pamela: dunno - what is it, Dad?
rich-c: still in the diagnostic range, Rich, see what the xrays say in a few days
Judy: Ryan didn't go to sleep until after 9
Pamela: perhaps good old fashioned penicillen?
Dr.D.: Well, let's hope the weather isn'
Meeka: ahh, poor grandma
Dr.D.: isn't bad in Toronto.
BobS: had to play Richard Scarry's computer game for him
Pamela: wow Meeka, you do that so well
Meeka: do what so well Pam?
Pamela: just the right tone and inflection
Judy: yea, feel sorry for me, I need it
rich-c: it's called Ceftin, generically Cefuroxime Axetil
BobS: CUT THAT OUT!!!!!!
Pamela: but tugging tails is sooo much fun!
Dr.D.: Okay, a cephalosporin. They went right to level 2 of antibiotics.
Dr.D.: They aren't taking any chances, if that's any comfort to you, Richard.
Pamela: Nice to know the doc was on the ball - did he tell you she made a housecall???
rich-c: septaugenarin smokers with sudden onsets do inspire caution I guess, Rich
Dr.D.: Nope...glad to hear it.
Pamela: I was shocked, I ddin't think they knew what the word meant anymore
Dr.D.: Well yes...I hope you are cold turkey for the duration (speaking as a biologist-type person).
rich-c: I'd imagine th level two was more for fear of resistance endemic to our area than any personal questioin
Pamela: he was as of yesterday, Rich
Dr.D.: Hope everything gets better soon.
Meeka: brb, need to get a drink
rich-c: I will stay off till I feel it is safe and comfortable for me to resume
Dr.D.: As for me, I am following George in starting to nod off at this keyboard...too many 5:30 AM wakeups in a row.
Pamela: shoulda seen him Monday - he was doing his Fidel Castro impression.
Dr.D.: So, I think I will sign off for tonight.
rich-c: naw, the beard was strictly Yasser Arafat
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
Pamela: That's when I knew he was really sick - he always shaves
Pamela: g'nite Dr. D
Dr.D.: G'nite, and good health to all!
rich-c: OK Rich take care, see you
Dr.D. left chat session
George: bye Dr. D
Pamela: that was a quick exit
BobS: and he has the dsl line.......
Guy B.: Anyone want a banana?
Pamela: please - I'm still hungry
Meeka: ok, I back
Guy B.: That's what I'm having and it seems someone else does too!
BobS: NO, want a chocolate donut!!!!!
Pamela: BTW Meeka, I got Pooh back from the framers and was finally able to present it to it's rightful owner - everyone was delighted
Meeka: I have some Whoppers Pam
Guy B.: Judy?
Pamela: sold
George: i want icecream
Meeka: Cool!!!
BobS: BACK ???????? didn't now you was gone
Pamela: I got pictures - will bring them along in August if I remember
Meeka: ok
Pamela: haven't had Whoppers in years
Guy B.: I'll be bringing a couple of computers with me to the con.
Pamela: good thing you don't have far to go, Guy
Meeka: me either, but they were putting out frest stock tonight, so I got some
rich-c: I will hope to bring the laptop and come home with the emulator all set up on it
Pamela: hey Dad, can i have a laptop for my birthday?
Pamela: pleeeaaasssee???
Guy B.: I'll be bringing the notebook, the P75 and a standalone Adam to use with Adamserve.
rich-c: haven't we been round that one already, Pam?
Pamela: shucks
Pamela: It was worth a try
BobS: keep at him Pam....he will brek someday
rich-c: but speak nicely to Bob - he can likely find a nice laptop for you
Pamela: sorry Dad, I'll stop making you laugh now
Pamela: I tried Allyson's Thinkpad recently - really liked it
Pamela: nice large keyboard, easy to use mouse, good screen, relatively fast
rich-c: well, a Thinkpad 166MMX is not always that expensive
Guy B.: My dog is asking me for a snack, since I had a banana.
Pamela: gotta fix my monitor first, then we'll see
Judy: Sandi just messaged me, Mom and Dad will be home tomorrow
Meeka: that's good mom
rich-c: when are you taking your monitor in, Pam?
Pamela: as soon as I can find a day to take the car in - somehow I don't think I can carry the box on the subway
Pamela: Once I get it to Davis, it'll be about a week and a half
rich-c: must say I'd not recommend it, at least in rush hour
BobS: buy anew onw, probably cheaper unless you have 19 or 21 inch one
Judy: they were going to go antiquing in Mt Dora but was 92+ degrees so they just went on
George: the wait is over. get connected to Comcast for just 24.95/month for two months.
Pamela: I looked into that Bob but new would set me back about $300 and repairs only about $70.00
Pamela: now we know where all our warm weather went
Judy: in Florida
Pamela: figures
rich-c: it's still a marginal call - depends on what warranty you get buying a used 15
Judy: how cold have you been?
Pamela: down to 5C this morning, high today was 10C
Pamela: Brrr
Pamela: actually wore both parts of my jacket today - polar fleece lining, and windproof shell
George: 74 F here
Pamela: okay George, give it back
BobS: shees!!!!! used 15 inch here is aonly about 35 bucks.......60+ CA
Judy: we were in the 60's yesterday but was colder today and rainy
rich-c: it's not teh price, it's the warranty
BobS: brand new 17" for $100 us or 160 ca (?)
Pamela: well, if it's going to cost big bucks to fix, we'll look into getting a new one and go larger -right now we have a 15"
rich-c: $35 monitors last 35 vdays - that's why they're warranted for 30
Guy B.: Go for a 17".
George: we are getting sever storms tomorrow
Pamela: would love a 17"
Pamela: Okay George, that you can keep
BobS: gota a store like box lots...or something
Guy B.: I have two 15" here as spares.
BobS: we have ABC warehouse here and they run the 17" special a lot
George: tornados?
Judy: we may have storms tonight
Pamela: well, I'm using Dad's spare at the moment
Pamela: and boy, is it ever little
Pamela: in Philly? Since when do they have tornados in PA?
Guy B.: I even have a 14" from an old Packard Bell computer.
rich-c: cheap used monitors are easy to find here - ones that will last are not
Guy B.: They do Pam.
George: all the time
Pamela: PA isn't part of Tornado Alley, is it?
BobS: not technically, but they can occur anywhere
rich-c: maybe so, Guy, but no part of the east coast above Chesepeake Bay is frequent tornado country
Pamela: strange but true
Judy: we do not want any tornados
George: we have our own little pocket
Guy B.: Well, Chicago is in tornado alley. Have been for years.
rich-c: yes, out there on the plains you are exposed
Judy: we get them here every now and then
rich-c: actually it runs through into Michigan and across there into Ontario near Windsor
Pamela: well, I think it's time I went to bed - I'm starting to see one and a half of everyone
Guy B.: The last tornado that came really close to me was back in 1988 in Plainfield, IL. Almost wiped the town off the map.
Pamela: one's okay, two's okay - one and a half is weird
BobS: BED!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: we have a growing tornado track about 20 miles north of Toronto parallel to the lake shore
Guy B.: Leaving so soon?
rich-c: goodnight daughter
Pamela: yes Bob, it's that place where one sleeps
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
Meeka: night Pam
BobS: ok, be good then
George: bye Pam
Pamela: g'nite all - will see you next week. Dad, will call tomorrow for sure.
rich-c: OK
BobS: bye
Pamela: zzzzzz. . .
Pamela left chat session
Judy: bye Pam talk at you next week
BobS: what's my weather for tomorrow guy???????
rich-c: have you noticed that tornados actually very rarely strike major cities?
BobS: youn sent yucky weather for tofday
BobS: probably scared of the city lights???????
rich-c: it's as if the heat island effect of a big downtown wards them off
Guy B.: It rained earlier today here. But, I won't know until later.
BobS: more likely something to do with the warmer area around major cities and what they do to the surrounding area
George: they had one here
rich-c: mind you, I do recall an exception some few years back that got Salt Lake City but good
BobS: true, but that observation is kind of a tell tale statistic isn't it rich?????
BobS: never wuite thought of it that way before
George: i was in a F3 tornado
BobS: have had 2 here though inthe last 50 yeras go right thru GR
rich-c: I have never personally met a twister, and am in no hurry to
BobS: me neither, Judy know!!!!!
George: i thought i was going to meet my maker
rich-c: tornados are notoriously hard to control
Guy B.: I have seen one as a water spout and it was right over Lake Michigan back a few years ago. It never hit the water, but we ended up watching to see if it ever came ashore. It didn't.
Judy: I heard one when I was babysitting a few years back
Judy: I was in high school
rich-c: yes, and driving out west I've seen dust devils which are mini-tornadoes
Judy: it really does sound like a train
George: the one we had did
Judy: we saw a water spout over Lake Michigan too
Judy: I was about a block away from where it hit, and my parents were in the school it took off the roof
Guy B.: Actually, there were two of them that I saw formed. But, they never hit the water. It got about halfway.
George: the electric lines came down sparking all over
Judy: was quite a night
Judy: it did hit Bob's Grandmothers house
rich-c: anyway, folks, beginnning to show some wear around the edges
Judy: than we had to go through the baricades for me to get back home
rich-c: think I'd beeter start winding down for the night
Meeka: ok, I am gonna go. I am having a had time concentrating tonight. see ya next week
Guy B.: I might be going myself in a few minutes.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
Judy: you need to get a lot of sleep to get yourselves better
rich-c: right - may try Saturday, if not, in a week. See you all
BobS: well then, let's just break it up and meet nexrt Wed!!!!
George: bye Meeka
BobS: bye everyone
Judy: bye Meeka talk to you later
rich-c: goodnight all
Meeka left chat session
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, see you all next week or Saturday.
rich-c left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
George: nite Judy
Judy: night George
George left chat session
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