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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: see you're the first after me again tonight
rich-c: quick info for you
rich-c: this may or may not work
rich-c: but if your drug costs are beyond your income ability, there are programs
George: what is that
rich-c: don't know if the PACE program covers any but seniors
rich-c: but try the website
George: only seniors here
rich-c: they have pointers to various things
rich-c: including by the way many discount programs run by teh drug companies themselves
George: i'm taping The Stand
rich-c: what's The Stand?
George: by steven king
rich-c: oh, some sort of horror movie
George: yes
rich-c: I gave up going to movies after Gone With The Wind
George: that long ago?
rich-c: though actually borrowed a videotape of Brigadoon from the library this afternoon
rich-c: actually, yes, I got peed off when they started putting in commercials
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy mates!!!!
rich-c: I figured if I was going to pay to see something it was going to be commercial free
George: i'm on war terms with our library
rich-c: howdy Robert
rich-c: why are you mad at your library, George?
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: all the librarians I know are real nice folk
BobS: get some much needed rain lately Feorge????????
BobS: George
George: i borrowed a damaged book and the blamed me for the damage
rich-c: oh, one of those situations
rich-c: did you end up dealing with a clerk or did you demand to talk to the librarian?
George: we got tornados early this week
rich-c: too cold here for tornados
rich-c: (actually that isn't true - Windsor once had one in mid-winter)
George: i spoke to sereral higher ups in the library we are at a stand off for several years
BobS: yikes, don't need them
rich-c: by the way, Bob, Pamela haws social obligations tonight so is unlikely to be on
BobS: well bummer!!!!!
BobS: BUT, now we can talk about her!!!!!
(BobS smiles)
George: oh
rich-c: I'm surprised your problem wasn't solved then, George
rich-c: guess your branch doesn't have the sort of librarians I know
rich-c: not sure how long I can hang in tonight
rich-c: for some reason my arthritic hip has been giving me fits this evening
rich-c: can't stand up, can't sit down - it stiffens up and won't cooperate
George: we came to an understanding we have differances problem solved
rich-c: I'm sort of keeping wiggling but that is not a long-term solution
BobS: how's the pnemonia coming?????
rich-c: I've finished the course of antibiotics, but the x-ray shows a patch remaining in the middle of the right lung
BobS: (howver it is spelled)
BobS: got some more antibiotics????
rich-c: have another appointment with the doctor a week tomorrow for update purposes
rich-c: at the moment, no more medication
rich-c: shouldn't say that - he's got me on two inhalers
BobS: well, drink LOTS of liquids........
rich-c: but they're a dilator and cortisone
George: i see the doctor tomorrow
BobS: not just water either. red wine works too!!!!
rich-c: I'll make a careful note of that, Bob
rich-c: is Shriaz or Cabernet Sauvignon preferred?
BobS: :-)
BobS: use the cabernet
BobS: never had shriaz, so can't recommned tha tone
rich-c: ok, it's a little lighter now the weather is getting warmer
George: wine is prohibited for me
rich-c: Man, you haven't lived!!!!
George: never
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
George: Hi Dale
BobS: so what is the flavor????? sweet, dry, ????
rich-c: hello Dale, good to see you
rich-c: all decent red wines are bone dry
BobS: how's the family.........
Dale: On Friday I did a system upgrade, and has been working great since.
Dale: Hopefully all of the problems are behind me now.
BobS: cool!!!!!!!
George: good
rich-c: what did you change, besides teh ISP, Dale?
Dale: Jeffrey is just getting ready for bed. He has been smiling and laughing and trying to figure out how to get into trouble (while being held).
BobS: tha is about right Dale
rich-c: wait till he can reac h the computer, Dale
Dale: Nope, just a system up[grade. If this upgrade does the trick, it is because the pppoe software had some bugs in it, that have been fixed in the new version.
rich-c: you'll have to dig out Syd Carter's old child amuse program for teh Adam
rich-c: software upgrade, then, not hardware
Dale: Yes software.
rich-c: will you be able to patch the loophole that's letting that spammer into the mailing list?
Dale: The only thing I can do is move the mailing list. I'm going to see how the machine is, and then move the list to there, where I can filter that kind of thing out.
Dale: Right now, I can't do much in the way of filtering. :-(
rich-c: I thought the only way a message could be posted to the list was by a member
Dale: No. It is by anyone. Which is why you have to jkoin before I tell you the list address.
rich-c: sounds like George is real fussed
Dale: But there are some posts that are archived on other people's web sites that include the inside address.
rich-c: that's why I thought you had set it up so only members can post
George: no i'm hitting the wrong keys
Dale: No George. I've wasted all of the time that I would have spent on maintaining that on just getting Adamcon to be available.
Dale: I will update them sooner or later though.
Dale: I have all of the info.
BobS: heck George, you are here every week, yo don't need the archived versions
rich-c: pity we can't sic one of our more - skilled - members on that intruder
rich-c: I have a hunch a couple of our guys would have no problem crashing a spammer at all
George: i fogot about how to add a HD to ADAM
rich-c: you need an HD controller card from Micro Innovations or Orphanware
BobS: no prollem, got to sent me about $75 and I will send you the interface card, hd, and detailed instructions for installation
BobS: this is a Micro Innovations board\
BobS: got some until dale gets production up and running
rich-c: the most of an HD Adam can address is 64 megs
BobS: BTW, Terry F "says" he has a few left.......contrary to my conversation with him that I had bought the last ones.........
rich-c: well, some folks say all sorts of things, but the proof of the puddin's....
BobS: I know he has some parts, boards, etc, but he said he had no PALS.....or Gals.....WHICHEVER TO MAKE THEM OPERATIONAL
rich-c: now why might he have run out of friends?
George: where do i send for it
BobS: to mineslef George!!!!!
BobS: address is 2261 Shadetree Ln SE Kentwood, MI 49546..........all proceeds got ot the ADAM NEWS NETWORK
rich-c: that is, if you can believe anyone would have an address like "Shadetree Lane"
George: huh
BobS: sounds kinda relaxing don't it???????
rich-c: when it comes to computers, Bob is our origihnal shadetree mechanic
George: brb BR run
rich-c: Dale, did you notice that We Compute is back in circulation?
Dale: I've seen it, boy does it look different.
BobS: now, THAT is a compliment Richard!!!!!!
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: yes, looks like George Bachir is bankrolling it to boost his computer fairs
rich-c: today's issue he has a Computer Fair over in Leaside Arena May 26 - admission free
Dale: It does get the word out.
BobS: Dale, I am assuming that you and Jill and little Jeffery are coming to wondering about subject matter for sessions from you
rich-c: yes - Computer Fair is a flea market - like he's going back to his roots
BobS: would like continuation of games one and programming and
BobS: whatever else you have upyour sleeve
Dale: I am coming, and bringing my raging horde.
Dale: I'm coming and bringing my raging horde.
BobS: believe it or not, things DO rub off on me
BobS: Neil considering????????
Dale: Games one? You mean, how to write supergames?
BobS: what did you do last year, besides the programming session??????
BobS: thought it was a games sriting session
Dale: Neil is going to be in Finaland for a linguistics conference immediately before ACon...
Dale: and is invited to a side trip to a Russian Monastary afterwords...
rich-c: well, as long as he can get back in time for the important event
Dale: so I just don't know if he will be there even for Sunday.
George: i'm back
BobS: we3ll that'd be a bummer
BobS: we uns would miss him
Dale: Last year, we talked about designing Adam hardware. We didn't talk about programming except...
rich-c: yeah, how are you set for direct flights from Moscow to Kentwood?
Dale: I used some SamrtBASIC examples to illustrate how boolean logic worked.
BobS: ok, mistook ADAM hardware for programming session
George: the whole world ends and they sing The Star Spangled Banner. I'd sing the Lords Prayer
BobS: with norgates, nangates, orgates, etc
Dale: I talked of havibng a session on using CAD software to make Adam hardware next time.
BobS: some DID rub off
BobS: that sounds good too
rich-c: yesd, find some CAD freeware we can download to our DOS laptops and use to follow the session
Dale: There is some Windows software from Eagle technologies, that I wanted to spend an hour on.
Dale: How much time should we spend on Supergames?
BobS: your call Dale
rich-c: We don't all have laptops, but I think most of our gang can follow Wintel discussions now
BobS: got lots of time open
Dale: I feel we should spend some time exploring the AI behaviours that I touched on at AdamCon 11.
BobS: the "Al" behaviors........????
rich-c: that's a sort of dicey area, still...
George: i'm running out of space on my 8.4 gb. HD.
Dale: I don't have a specific plan at the moment, but I've been advided in the past that it is better to have some time...
Dale: each day for me to talk, that way it can sink in inbetween.
Dale: AI (artifical intelligence)
BobS: that works and I think that is a good way to go
Dale: You didn't remember that I talked about how to create life at AC11?
rich-c: George, how long since you've cleaned out your files?
BobS: yes, now that yo jog the memory
George: 1 week
Dale: Anyway, no-player characters need to have some behaviours, and that is called AI.
rich-c: well what on earth do you have cluttering up eight gigs? The world's largest game collection?
BobS: ya'll storing too much junk there George
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!
BobS: Hiya Guy
Dale: I'd like to spend some time doing some experiments. Maybe 2 hours to experiment after an hour of preperation.
George: i don't know it went from 3g to 6g
rich-c: how about a session on how to disassemble, reassemble and fix data drives, Bob?
BobS: that is a crap shoot at best richard.......
BobS: we could do it, but not much call for data drives anymore
Guy B.: That would be an impossible task.
rich-c: you probably are letting AOL download all sorts of crap and spyware there
BobS: worst problem lately is that the little rubber wheels get meltdown, wish I knew what to replace them with
rich-c: yes, the little tires are standard on all tape drives I'm told, but I don't know where to get them
George: i'll get a 60 gb. HD
BobS: bought another ADAM cheap off Ebay and got it today....a whopping R57 version....working
rich-c: and of course first you have to get the @#$^&(*(&%$% original off
BobS: that's a thought richard........but need just the rubber part
BobS: ;oh gettign the original off is not the problem cleanign the gook is the problem
rich-c: an R57? how much did he pay you to take it?
BobS: paid him! didn't know what it was, will have to check how it runs.....
BobS: what idiosynchises did the R57 have????????
rich-c: me. I do not sell Adams cheap - but mine are complete and they work
rich-c: ask Dr. D., he spent a lot of time fighting one - basically just bizarre behaviour
Guy B.: Are they R80's?
Dale: I havwe to duck out early. See you next week.
Guy B.: Bye Dale.
BobS: be good Dale say HI to the gang
rich-c: see you Dale, you and the family take care
Dale: Will do.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich-c: and Guy yes, I only sell R80s
BobS: this is the first non R80 I have seen
rich-c: George, if you're going to get a hard disc do go with the Adam, might as well get an 80 or bigger
Guy B.: I remember when I bought my Expansion 3 that it had a R57. I took it to Honeywell and in addition to a new drive they upgraded the system to R80.
rich-c: you'll likely be happy to make it the last, Bob
BobS: a collector piece.............
rich-c: basically in that size range nowadays exact size makes no difference in price
BobS: anything under 500 megs is hard to find
rich-c: in fact you could likely use any disc up to a 540
BobS: a year ago or more you could find 40 mb and up
rich-c: yeah, now buy a dozen or so for $5 and hope a couple work
George: brb
rich-c: don't know what the MTBF wason the older drives, but some may be pushing the envelope
rich-c: you're quiet tonight, Guy
BobS: can't remember what spped we have tried witht he hd interface, but I think I got a 1 gig that a 40 meg dribe
rich-c: yes, well, with an 8-bit machine seems the most HD it can detect is 64 meg, which kinda figures
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changed username to Scott
Guy B.: I'm using the P133 as well as the Athlon tonight.
rich-c: hello Scott, weren't expecting you
Scott: Surprise!
Scott: Got out of class early
BobS: BUT that size hd on the ADAM with the compact progrmming is like a 60 gig on an ibm
BobS: hi Scott
Guy B.: Scott, what a surprise! How's everything going?
rich-c: thought you'd be too busy with your studies and all
Scott: I am typically, but not tonight.
rich-c: well, welcome aboard
Scott: Summer classes haven't started, but Maymester is half over with.
rich-c: is the Avalanche playing tonight?
Scott: This summer will be difficult.
Scott: Yes, the Avalanche will be fighting for their playoff lives.
rich-c: that's OK, even if they get past San Jose, then they have to cope with Detroit (shudder)
rich-c: you may have noticed the Leaf made their way through the round last night
Guy B.: I'm designing the screen for setting up Dcopy using VB 4.
rich-c: now could we have an English translation of that, Guy?
George: i'm back again
BobS: got the Dcopy reference
BobS: vb....visual BASIC !!!!!!!
Scott: Visual BASIC! Yay!!!
Guy B.: I'm going to use Visual Basic to where you setup options to run Dcopy for the Adam Emulator.
Scott: Cool.
Guy B.: Yep
BobS: automate things.......that is good
rich-c: scripting languages are fine - as long as you know the source is trustworthy
Scott: Save time, good good.
Guy B.: That's the idea.
Scott: I have no time :(
BobS: well...........................Guy might be suspect.......
(BobS winks)
Scott: At the end of this semester I will have my CCNA :)
rich-c: I'll try it on the old computer first, and if that doesn't crash...
rich-c: what's a CCNA?
Scott: Cisco Certified Network Associate.
rich-c: right - networks are things businesses use, not home users like us
Scott: I'd like to take an Assembly class.
rich-c: depends on your long-term objectives whether it's worth investing teh time
Scott: Definitely. Already spent a fair amount of z80 assembly.
Scott: Would like to update my skills.
Scott: And besides, I enjoy assembly.
rich-c: I guess once you master the basics, the rest is just sort of add-ons
Scott: Well, perhaps I haven't mastered the basics.
Scott: The more Computer Science, the better.
rich-c: I would hardly be teh person to make teh call on that
rich-c: I can't even persuade my keyboard to spell properly
Scott: Well, I'm just one of those people who enjoy being in school.
BobS: even Microsoft programmers have taht problem........isn't that why they have to keep upgrading the Wiindows softwRE?????
Scott: I spent about 6-8 years away from it and really regretted it.
rich-c: by the way, saw a couple of real super-neat keyboards at the Amiga shop last night
Scott: Ooooohhh.
Scott: I need an Amiga.
Scott: I almost purchased a 4000T off Ebay, but the buyer wasn't trustworthy.
Scott: He had like 20 negatives.
rich-c: well, the AGA models are hard to come by, and the pro levels are expensive
rich-c: but the run of the mill Amigas are easy to come by and reasonably priced
Scott: Hmmmm
Scott: Like, how reasonably priced?
George: has amigas
rich-c: yes, the 4000T is one of the AGA models
Scott: Haven't heard of them...
Guy B.: Ok, the screen design is done. Any of you have Word 97 or 2000?
Scott: Will give them a try.
rich-c: and if someone is upgrading them - since they're the basis for the real killer performers -he has to know what he's doing
George: in saltlake ut
Scott: That's close. Only one state over.
rich-c: Scott, take a look at and see if Bruce has anything to offer
Scott: Hmmm
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George: they caught the mailbox bomber in my neighborhood
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: I know he just took in a 1200 recased and customized up to the 400-0T level
rich-c: hi Meeka
George: Hi Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Scott: Wow. Impressive.
rich-c: Bruce is almost all Wintel now, but still has a bit of legacy Amiga stuff, which he uses
BobS: bout time Meeka
Meeka: ya ya I know
rich-c: you might also want to check - that's Software Hut over in Pennsylvania
Scott: Actually, I'm going to go check these out right now.
Scott: Thanks for the info.
rich-c: OK, they should give you a bit of a handle on the current scene
Scott: I will see you all a little later.
rich-c: TTFN
Scott left chat session
rich-c: Meeka, Pam said she's unlikely to make it tonight; other obligations
Meeka: that's too bad. tell her I said hhi
rich-c: OK, I guess I will be seeing her soon
rich-c: she's taken up worrying about the old folks since we started creaking
BobS: wh Richard....she worried about ya before too
BobS: yo just notice it more now
rich-c: no, back then it was more we worried about her
rich-c: but yes, I see your point, Bob
BobS: you will never stoop worring about her as a parent. and she will start worrying about you anow
rich-c: yes, that is the way it works out as the generations pass
rich-c: after all, Frances still is constantly worried about her mother
BobS: BTW, how's Frances mum doing???? same as always only slower?
rich-c: pretty much - she's 99 now, physically still present
Guy B.: Wow!
rich-c: it's not an achievement you'd necessarily wish on anyone, Guy
rich-c: there is such a thing as an overripe old age
Guy B.: My mom turned 83 last month.
rich-c: getting on there, then. hope her health is holding up
BobS: agreed Rich, but you have to go with it, until she stops......
rich-c: no question on that score, Bob. It's just that it can be wearing
Guy B.: Mine too. I was over to see her on Sunday. She's seems to be doing Ok, but my sister says she's been having some memory lapses.
BobS: absolutely!!!!
rich-c: well, that's to be expected - may mean very little
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to check the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday, otherwise see you all next week.
rich-c: any old how, my leg is still threatening to sieze up - shouldn't push my luck much longer
rich-c: OK, I'll try and join you Guy, if I can
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: as for teh rest of you - see you next week unless you hit on Saturday
rich-c: good night for now
George: nite
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
George: nite all
Meeka: ok, guys I am gonna get going. I have to finish some laundry before bed
Meeka left chat session
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