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rich-c: hello George
George: Hello Rich
rich-c: how's the westher down your way this weekend?
George: wet
rich-c: guess that must be welcome for you
George: yes send some more
rich-c: we have the odd sunny interval but very chilly - near freezing overnight
rich-c: actually we could spare a little moisture now
George: it's supposed to get cold here too
rich-c: after our warm winter we've had a cool wet mid-spring
rich-c: our lake levels are coming up, the forest fire risk is way down, and the farmers aren't complaining
George: it's looking better here
rich-c: that's good - Pennsylvania is a very significant farming area
George: i'm downloading mp3s
rich-c: well, whatever turns you on. I wouldn't know how to try if I wanted to
rich-c: early this week my leg was good enough to take me over to the library
George: i'm using a file sharing program
rich-c: so while there I borrowed a videotape of "Brigadoon"
rich-c: long time since I saw that movie
rich-c: oh - opening your files to anyone on the internet is a lot more risk than I'''''''''''''''d care to take
George: did you get my letter?
rich-c: you mean your order? yes I did even though I've been delayed acting on it
George: good
rich-c: hard to get up and down stairs when your leg isn't working right
rich-c: and damp basements aren't the healthy hangout when you're fighting pneumonia
George: i was worried about it getting there
rich-c: but it's right there out for action soon as I can build up the resources to get with it
rich-c: bothers the heck out of me that I can't do my usual 24-hour turnaround
George: take your time
rich-c: though I'd mentioned to you in chat last week that it had come
George: i must have missed it
rich-c: don't want to take my time; I never cash cheques till the goods are shipped
rich-c: in effect, I'll take my pay when I've done my job, and not before. It's how I work
George: ok
rich-c: I was going to mention last week
rich-c: if you go down to your local library and look in the current "AARP Modern Maturity" magazine
rich-c: you will find quite an article on how to cut your prescription costs
rich-c: of course the magazine is aimed at seniors and emphasizes programs for the 65
rich-c: but they also mention things that apply to all ages, or also apply to those with disabilities, etc.
George: i csn't cut it any lower than
rich-c: you might find some very useful information and leads there
George: as long as my insurance covers it it's free
rich-c: well, in effect, anyway, yes
rich-c: still, if there are expensive necessities your insurance doesn't cover, you amy want to look just the same
George: it must be on thr formulary though
rich-c: you have to understand of course that our health system is entirely different
rich-c: I have some familiarity with teh U.S. system from reading, friends and relatives
rich-c: anyway, yes, our medicines must be on the formulary for free coverage too
rich-c: still, it's helpful to get a pair of very expensive inhalers for only the dispensing fee
George: i only buy over the counter meds
rich-c: I would have thought your conditions would require prescription-only stuff
George: mainly vitamins
rich-c: I don't consider vitamins as medicines, though I do take a fair few
rich-c: same way, I take chondroitin and glucosamine for my arthritis, but that's food supplement, not medicine to me
George: some meds like prilosec aren't covered
rich-c: don't know what prilosec is used for
George: gastric reflux
rich-c: right - not sure but what that may be one of the parts of arthrotec
George: i take prevacid
rich-c: arthrotec is basically an NSAID bundled with a stomach soother
George: it stops the stomach from producing acid
rich-c: there are two approaches - subdue the production of acid, or neutralize what is produced
rich-c: your doctor will have to make the call on which is right for your condition
George: prevacid cuts production
rich-c: then I guess that's what your doctor feels is the right answer for you
George: i just left winmx
rich-c: I assume that is the file sharing program
rich-c: I hope you are not also using Kazaa
George: i had to go through a preauthorization to get prevacid
rich-c: yes, it's the less usual of teh two approaches, so I guess they'd want verification
George: yes i was desprate
rich-c: not surprising - when the usual answer to your problem doesn't work, you suffer during the delay while they figure out what does
George: yes thats the system for you
rich-c: in justice to them, it really is the way they have to work, for your safety and theirs
rich-c: when you're writhing around on the floor in agony, it's hard to see the big picture though
George: i know
rich-c: for experience, I suspect - an experience others have had too
George: no doubt
rich-c: you must remember medicine is based on science but it is still an art
George: true
rich-c: anway, back to teh file sharing - do you use Kazaa?
George: no i never heard of it
rich-c: it's very popular for swapping music files
rich-c: it is also absolutely deadly to your privacy
George: must be like winmx
rich-c: it has one of the nosiest spyware modules around built right in
rich-c: anyway, if you ever see or hear the name - back away fast as you can
George: will do
rich-c: are you running AdAware on your machine?
George: i think so. does it have cookie canon?
rich-c: no, it just runs through all your files and folders and roots out the spyware
rich-c: some, like Cydoor in sponsored Eudora, you have to leave in place to use the program
rich-c: but then not all spyware is equally dangerous and malicious
George: i can only use aol's email program
rich-c: you can get the information and download it (free) at
George: yes i got that
rich-c: actually, George, my betting is you can use any email program you please
rich-c: although AOL may make it far more awkward than necessary for you to get it working
George: no aol won't give you vital info to use it
rich-c: I suspect all the info you need is visible in your browser properties file, or dialler
George: no it's invisible
rich-c: and if AOL is that awkward about it, why are they so afraid of your escaping their control?
George: they are
rich-c: AOL sticks you with their version of Internet Explorer, don't they?
George: they say its to protect their network
rich-c: well, they do seem to be very adept liars
rich-c: nevertheless, I am sure some of my other buddies who use AOL do use their own chice of browser
George: who knows
rich-c: just for kicks, go to and look as if you plan to download Opera
George: they will let you use other browsers
rich-c: see if there are "special instructions for AOL users" (I"ll bet there are) and read what they have to say
George: they will disable some features
rich-c: also if you were to switch toNetscape (God forbid) you'd likely end up using Netscape mail with it
George: i have netscape 6.2
rich-c: why not check and see what they say about AOL users
rich-c: I have been unable to find a version of Netscape later than 3.04 that works properly
George: i use defalt settings
George: aol does the rest
rich-c: oh, Netscape's default settings can never be trusted - they are among the more gross spyware offenders
rich-c: leave the defuaults active and it's almost as bad as using Real Player
rich-c: you'll be lucky if half your hard disc isn't filled up with their spy information
George: brb i have goto NR
George: that is BR
rich-c: well, let's close it down then - time's a flittin
George: ok
rich-c: catch you next Wednesday
rich-c: bye now
George: bye for now
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