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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Bob
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rich-c: while we're on, give m3e the Adamcon dates again
BobS: got a very strange message when I first tried to get here
changed username to George
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: in what way, Bob?
BobS: got an ACCESS DENIED message the first time
BobS: then the second time it popped thru although slowly
BobS: HI geo
rich-c: likely Dale's ISP giving him a hard time again
George: Hi Rich, Bob
BobS: get some rain did ya???????
George: yes
BobS: enough?????
rich-c: or, he was busy doing some last-minute fixing
George: not yet
rich-c: well, you can't have it this weekend, George
BobS: never got that message vefore
George: ok
rich-c: or you can as long as you draw it away from Monaco, Indianapolis and Charlotte
George: huh?
rich-c: Bob. that was teh message the rest of us were getting the weeks Dale's site was down
rich-c: and it originatied with his ISP not with Dale
rich-c: what's happeneing at those three places, George, that might make rain unpopular?
BobS: hmmm
BobS: those weeks I jsut got the regular screen which said site couldn't be found
George: i just had to fix aol. everything was coming up 404
rich-c: I got a lot more access denieds than 404s
BobS: never saw that one before, wonder how's come the system is not consistent.....
rich-c: yes - did you see in the paper today that they're expecting AOL to lose about 60% of their customers soon?
George: i had to delete aol adapter
BobS: and why is thAT??????
rich-c: well, if Dale hasnt switched ISPs yet, he will within the next few days
rich-c: seems the industry's highest prices and lowest service standards are putting folks off
BobS: well, I wouldn't put too much stock in them losing 60% of their bunch
George: i get no more busy signals
BobS: a LOT of people seem to think that AOL is the ONLY way to fly
rich-c: it was some sort of survey by a market research firm specializing in telecommunications
BobS: no doubt hired by the DSL or ISDN resellers
rich-c: I think they figured about 25% would be gone by year-end, with the rest draining away more slowly
George: does antone know what happened to cuecat?
rich-c: what's cuecat?
BobS: never heared of it Geo
George: it is a upc scanner radioshack gave out
BobS: I am NOT inpressed by AOL, but then again, a LOT of the other internet servers are about the same price...other than ATT for $17
rich-c: yes, I keep forgetting that you folks down south really get ripped off for your internet service
BobS: think most are about $21US
rich-c: here, unlimited dialup starts under $15 a month - Canadian
BobS: got locals for $10 and the big one....Juno/Netzero for $10 but it is bery proprietary and not near as far as straight access to the net
George: mine 23 something plus 19.95 for dsl
BobS: because you have to use their dialer
rich-c: do you people not have local single-location ISPs down there?
BobS: I have one Rich......$10 for 240 hrs/month of which I only use less than 100
rich-c: here the locals charge $15-$20 a month for unlimited dialup
BobS: sheeeet Geo. dsl is $50/.month around here
rich-c: yes, well, even you'd be unlikely to use over 8 hours a day, so $10 a month is a fair price
BobS: I LUV it
BobS: and Mandy is even using it too from her the same time i am on and it works ok
George: i'm out of it tonight
rich-c: I'm assuming no busy signals, an email address, bit of web space, usual little things
BobS: very few busy signals. can get up to 5 email addresses (although we have 3 netzero free email boxes)
BobS: could get webspace but the ANN page is on Doug'
BobS: s cerver at his house
rich-c: yes, free webmail boxes are easy enough to come by
BobS: and they don't have to be changed when I jump ISP's
rich-c: since I have never had any reason to consider changing ISPs, that's not relevant in my circumstances
BobS: went for Compuserve to ATT to Corecomm and now Allendale...........but the email boxes at netzero just sat there and worked
BobS: us dutch are CHEAP, so I keep trying to stay down in price
rich-c: I get the feeling your luck with netzero has been a cut above average
BobS: actually, the price is $8.88 per month
BobS: even better than $10
rich-c: like, $100 per year if you pay annually
BobS: I have no complaints with Netzero, other than I can not b=get the 486 laptops on it anymore
rich-c: I pay $100 for six months, but that's Canadian - like $65 US
BobS: Started with their free service, finally upgraded to their pay service but was too slow and then went back to the free service, although it
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BobS: is only for like 12 hours per month....which I don't use 'cept if allendale is down - happened 1 time in last 4 months
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
George: Hi Judy
rich-c: keeping an eye on the old guy, are you?
Judy: hello, all
Judy: yes, some one has to.
BobS: pay only by the month at that rate, they don't even have yearly rate
Judy: dirty job but you know
rich-c: yeah, leave him alone and you never know what he'll get up to
BobS: too tired tonight to be bad
rich-c: anyway sounds like you've got as good an answer as it gets, Bob
George: i was in bed all day and i'm still out of it
BobS: worked on an aprtment deck today, tear up and replace the floor........over the water with 3'x4' openings under the old plywood decking
rich-c: oh, Wednesday is our shopping day so I had a fair few things to do - but I confess to being sleepy
BobS: how is you health and Frances'????????
BobS: feeling a little better?????
rich-c: I'll know more tomorrow when the doctor has a listen at my lungs
BobS: hnging on by fingernail s is kinda tiring
rich-c: but tell me, is the Adamcon hotel all on one floor?
BobS: nope
BobS: 3 floor hotel
George: i'm cold
rich-c: I may have to ask for a ground floor room, depending on how things go with my hip joint
BobS: conference room and food area for breakfast is on first floor left; rooms and exercise room 1st floor right; and 2nd and 3rd floors for rooms
rich-c: don't get dubious on my attendance
BobS: got an elevtor too
rich-c: even in the worst case scenario, I figure to be there
rich-c: don't need my left leg to drive, and if worst comes to worse have a walker or wheelchair available
BobS: but that might work also, there are a few rooms right across from the conference, but it depends on where the smoking rooms are
BobS: or ya gotta quit smikin
BobS: smokin
rich-c: havent had a cigarette since May 4th - lungs with pneumonia don't work with smoke
BobS: you talking about getting the hip replaced
BobS: ?????
BobS: tis truew
rich-c: oddly enough right now I don't even know if it's the hip joint
Judy: good for you keep up the good work, Rich
BobS: ahso
BobS: speaking of which,,,,haven't seen james in awhile
rich-c: the pain is centred around it but up and down the leg
rich-c: again, I'm going to have a discussion with the doctor tomorrow
BobS: might be knee or just inflmed muscle from pneumonia infection???????????
rich-c: no, it is the right knee that is arthritic, and the medication seems to have that well under control
Judy: not great, what ever is the problem
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: anyway Bob I will still want a smoking room so Pam and PJ and Herman and such can visit
George: hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: hiya guy
Guy B.: PJ is coming!
BobS: to the chat; your house; or the convention??????
Guy B.: Convention.
rich-c: that's a relief
BobS: and how sir do you know this thing???????
rich-c: it isnt a convention till I've had my hug from PJ
Guy B.: Let's say it was a guess and I'm glad she's coming.
Judy: did you hear from her, Guy
rich-c: we all assume that despite her denials she will somehow show up
Guy B.: No, you guys mentioned it just now.
rich-c: but we also worry about the day the magic chain is broken
rich-c: the only encouragement we have is that she told Dr.D. her health problems aer much better
BobS: oh sheet Guy, we thought you heard for her
BobS: from
Guy B.: I wish. I don't think she knows my e-mail address.
rich-c: she isnt on the net, Guy, that's why news is so scarece
Guy B.: Ah, that's why we don't hear from her very much.
BobS: sadly, I don't think she has the desire to get an online computer to come here.....when CIS dropped the ADAM that ended her participation
rich-c: we have all been trying to coax her for years but no way
rich-c: I think she got so upset when Compuserve sold out to AOL that she abandonedit forever
BobS: at AC10, Jack _Pines was going to get here set up......seems she even had a comptjer given to her
Guy B.: I remember when that was the most popular forum. Too bad, CIS didn't see that way.
BobS: Rich that may be the real truth
rich-c: well, CIS was no prize, and then to lose that for worse service at higher prices, that's a blow
Guy B.: Did any of you get an e-mail from Howard Pines?
rich-c: not lately
BobS: nop;e
BobS: and what fif he have to say?????
BobS: every once in a while I get a funny blip from Howard, but not lately
BobS: I don't think since Elizabeth passed away
Guy B.: Got one from him yesterday on my Yahoo address. Looks like he submitted a photo of some woman in rather skimpy outfit and he says that some friend of his might fix him up with her.
rich-c: that was likely a virus, Guy
rich-c: hope you didn't open it
Guy B.: No virus. It was a Jpg photo.
rich-c: you have your files set up to show all hidden extensions?
Guy B.: Yahoo will display Jpg photos, but it won't open any other files unless you do and they advise downloading and screen for viruses.
rich-c: there are now ways to hide malicious code within photos
BobS: I just checked my Yahoo mail and nuthin from Howard
Judy: Bob is going to go check that out on his yah oo address
rich-c: also you have to watch out for double extensions, eg. picture.jpg,vbs
Guy B.: He only sent this e-mail to certain people and I was one of them he sent this to.
BobS: you one SPECIAL guy !!!!!!!
rich-c: still, it's odd since Bob abd I are on his general mailing list
Guy B.: I was surprised myself.
rich-c: still, if it was a virus that had taken over his computer, then we'd be getting it too
BobS: another fella that don't appear....Howard.....or Jack.......
rich-c: no, they haven't been on for quite a while, have they?
BobS: Howard is relating to guy cuse they are both SINGLE and AVAILABLE and GOOD LOOKIN richard
rich-c: right - knew there had to be some logical reason
BobS: yup that's it, I am sure
rich-c: you'll notice Guy isn't arguing, Bob
(BobS gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: how is the diet coming, Guy
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Guy B.: 22 lbs and holding at the moment.
rich-c: that's OK, for some reason a well-run program seems to plateau every once in a while
BobS: sounds like an airplane in the sky there son
Judy: that doesn't sound bad, good for you
BobS: holding pattern
Guy B.: I want to make it to 30 before the convention.
rich-c: you have lots of time, Guy; I'm sure you will do it easily
Guy B.: Now that it is finally warming up, Abby and I can go on longer walks.
Judy: we have faith in you, Guy
rich-c: the trap is, lose 10% of your weight, you need 10% less food energy to drag what's left around
Guy B.: She took me on two 45 minute walks last Sunday.
BobS: that's good
rich-c: that's the sort of thing you need, Guy
rich-c: just don't go and blow it at Baskin-Robbins on the way home!
Guy B.: I had a break from the overtime until this week. Got bombarded big at work, and I even going in this Saturday.
BobS: got to hire more hep there Guy
rich-c: man, they are really leaning on you these days, Guy
Judy: think of all the extra money
BobS: think of all the extra income tax........
Guy B.: We have some temporary help, but we are gradually ending them.
rich-c: did you just go through a methodology change at work, Guy?
Guy B.: No.
rich-c: then one would expect your workload should be fairly even - or is it seasonal?
BobS: pam occupied this fine evening??
Guy B.: Semi annual reports we do from January through at least April, then we do officers updates this month and then July reports go out next month and then we do this all over again. Never ending cycle.
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changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
rich-c: hi Meeka
BobS: Hi meeka
rich-c: Bob, don't know where Pam is, thought West Wing was over
Meeka: Hello everyone
George: hi Meeka
BobS: kinda boring, yes Guy????????
Judy: hi, again Meeka
rich-c: sorry, getting an unusual indication on Zone Alarm - doing some background checking
Guy B.: Sometimes it is. Semi annual reports is what I do best.
rich-c: anyway, Guy, if your workload is predictable you shouldn't have much overtime or need many temps
Guy B.: That's why I'm thinking of trying a new computer career. Maybe a PC End User Specialist or Help Desk.
Guy B.: We get swamped alot and even all of us can't keep up with the workload.
rich-c: I'd suggest applying to AOL Help Desk - they need the help but I doubt they'd appreciate it
Guy B.: That's the last place I want to work for.
rich-c: we were discussing them earlier, and that market survey that says they're about to lose over half their subscribers
George: i fail to see that
BobS: and they are going to go broke because of all the free cd's they distribute
Guy B.: You can blame on one thing. The cost of their service.
rich-c: it was in one of our local business papers, George, so you wouldn't see it
rich-c: not necessarily, Guy - the quality of their service seems the big issue
George: they still claim to be #1
rich-c: might as well exploit it while it lasts
rich-c: I suspect the only reason they still are is that MSN is #2 and folks can't stand them either
Guy B.: Your right on that too. I have a friend from work who still has many problems either trying to connect or with sudden drops.
BobS: yo still running Netzero Guy?????
Guy B.: Rich, I believe United Online is now number 2. It overtook MSN after Juno and Netzero merged. Yes, I'm on Netzero.
rich-c: you should come on earlier, Guy - you'd hear some of the weird stuff George has been getting from AOL support
George: it's typical
BobS: United Online = Juno/Netzero ?????????
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: I'd though the order was AOL - MSN - then Mindspring/Earthlink
Pamela: Good evening
BobS: BOUT TIME pamela!!!!!! whip, whip, whip
Judy: hello, Pam
rich-c: well daughter, we wer3e wondering when you'd turn up
George: hi Pamela
Guy B.: Bob, where were you? They merged late last year. But, they kept their own service.
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Meeka: hey Pam
Pamela: oooh, fifty lashes with a wet noodle - scary!
Pamela: sorry, season finales on Enterprise and West Wing
BobS: but I didn't realize they had a common name they called themselves
Pamela: couldn't miss 'em
Pamela: and, I had to make a bail out run for Lindsay which put me behind
George: i just got sick
Guy B.: They are now called United Online. And both Netzero and Juno have $9.95 platinum service as well as the free limited one.
Guy B.: And they have gained a lot of new subscribers.
rich-c: what's with Lindsay, Pam?
BobS: I know Netzero still has the free svc, but does Juno also have free svc??????
Pamela: she was doing a talk on Mongolia at the United Church near Barbara's place, and forgot some of her props
rich-c: Guy, at $10 a month they deserve lots of new subscribers
Pamela: didn't have time to come home and get them
rich-c: so you ran them over to her - good on you
Pamela: well, she wailed so well
Guy B.: Yes, both of them do. I signed up for the free Juno service as a backup.
Pamela: how are you feeling, Dad?
rich-c: left leg is bothersome, but the breathing seems a bit better
Pamela: that's good news - what about Mom?
rich-c: still have about 40 days to go on the inhalers, though
Pamela: bet you have it down to a science now
rich-c: she's sleepy and has small sniffles but swears she's OK
Pamela: <hugs>
Judy: tell her hi from us, Rich
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: she was st the doctor's this afternoon and came home with a no news report
Pamela: thanks Guy, I need the caffeine
Pamela: ie: no news is good news, right?
Guy B.: No you don't. I gave you the caffeine free one.
Pamela: oh great . . .ZZZZZZZZ
rich-c: yes, that's about it. Tomorrow she goes to the dentist and I go to the doctor
George: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Pamela: George, wake up!
(Guy B. slaps George playfully)
Pamela: Russell says hi and wants to know why not just drink 7UP?
George: i'm too tired
BobS: HI Russell
rich-c: cherry 7-up, that is
Judy: tell him hi
Guy B.: How about Diet 7-Up?
rich-c: Pam, this is the Open Doors weekend in Toronto
Pamela: okay, for that why not just drink straight soda?
George: cheesecake?
Pamela: Now you're talkin
Meeka: Hello to Russell
rich-c: for me for Sunday there's Monaco, Indy and Charlotte
Guy B.: Oh no, you had to mention that. The guilt.
rich-c: you want to talk to your mother about plans for the day?
Pamela: virtual cheesecake has no guilt and no calories - enjoy!
Pamela: sure, Dad
rich-c: ok, want me to pass something on now, or phone later?
Guy B.: Oh well then. Pass one to me, please. Hold the strawberries.
BobS: then put some cherries on top please
Pamela: will call tomorrow
George: blueberries for me
rich-c: which shift is Russell working?
Pamela: and pass the chocolate sauce
Judy: just have the strawberries instead
Pamela: midnights starting tomorrow
Guy B.: Sounds good Judy.
rich-c: so he'll be out of the picture pretty well then
Pamela: Strawberries aren't in season here yet
Pamela: yup
Meeka: how about some blueberries
rich-c: maybe you should negotiate dinner here
Guy B.: They are coming here in Chicago.
Judy: we have had some great ones from sam's
Pamela: perhaps on the weekend - what's for dinner?
rich-c: again you'll have to ask your mother
Pamela: well, ask her!
rich-c: No Frills was poorly stocked today
BobS: pick up a rotisserie chicken and enjoy!!!!!
rich-c: I know the bakers are on strike, just wondering if any other suppliers are
Pamela: Loblaws was pretty empty of bread product too
George: some roast beef
BobS: no cookies, no cakes, no pies?????????
Judy: that is what we are haveing tomorrrow night
rich-c: yes Bob, if we have Pam here we will have someone to go for pizza, also
Pamela: actually, if we're gonna be out at Doors Open, dinner will likely be pizza
Pamela: read someone = Dad
rich-c: well, since Charlotte starts at 5 p.m. I won't wnat to be chasing bought-out stuff
rich-c: but if you're here, that won't matter
Pamela: news flash, Dad: they do deliver
rich-c: we went to Swiss Chalet the other night and were favourably impressed
Pamela: let them waste the gas
Pamela: I filled the tank from almost empty tonite (after the emergency run) and put in 40 litres
rich-c: we find it gets here warmer and more predictably when we go fetch
rich-c: easier to pay, too, especially if you're putting it on plastic'
Pamela: yeah, but try making a left turn out of the parking lot!
Pamela: I can't pay with your plastic
Judy: good chicken, Rich, we go there in Florida
Pamela: somehow, I don't think I look like a Richard
Pamela: Swiss Chalet does the best chicken around
rich-c: does Swiss Chalet have a prsence in Florida?
Pamela: we have one in the mall at work - lunch hour has become dangerous to the wasteline
BobS: in Fort Lauderdale they do
Judy: yes, but not around here
Pamela: oops - waistline
George: double chocolate fudge
Pamela: between Tim Hortons and Swiss, we're taking over the world
(rich-c reboots George's computer remotely.)
BobS: now George, THAT is not a diet foodgroup
George: OH
(Guy B. kicks George)
Pamela: Guy - watch that foot!
Pamela: play nice
Guy B.: I need to make sure he keeps awake.
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Judy: good thing you are not in the same room
Guy B.: My dog decides to play with me.
Pamela: good aim, Guy
(S enjoys the flowers.)
rich-c: makes you look forward to August, doesnt it?
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Guy B.: Alright, who blew it?
BobS: yup
rich-c: what are the dates again. Bob?
Pamela: makes me glad I'm sharing a room with Russell
Pamela: August 8 - 11th Dad
BobS: Thurs Aug 8 thru Sun aug 11
rich-c: OK, that's what we thought, just wanted to double-check
rich-c: wonder whre our dollar will be then
Guy B.: I asked for the Mighty Mitchell and speaking of him. Anyone heard from him lately?
Pamela: not a peep
rich-c: last little while it's up from 62 cents to 65 cents US
Pamela: at least you can ignore the snoring, Guy
George: snores loudly
Pamela: George, wake up!
Guy B.: That won't bother me. I don't have wear the headset when I go to sleep.
Pamela: that is so convenient!
Pamela: I'm jealous - wanna trade?
rich-c: Pam, when you come by, remember Harry Potter
Guy B.: You can wear earplugs.
Pamela: half my library is on loan to other people
BobS: ain't it great to be WANTED??????
Pamela: no, we'll give Russell to Ron
rich-c: well, I've got half the HP ready to return to you
Pamela: what do you think so far?
Pamela: Dr. D should be hearing this conversation
rich-c: that I'm willing to look at the other half
Pamela: DVD comes out next week
Guy B.: Bob, how many are coming to the convention so far?
Pamela: Yeah!
BobS: just you and me Guy
BobS: gonna be kinda lonely eh????
rich-c:, both Dr.D. and Dale were agreeing with oyu, Pam
Guy B.: Well, everyone else will be coming along in the next month then.
rich-c: lately I've been getting videotapes from the library
Judy: and Meeka
Pamela: Well Dad, if you're going to see the DVD, you'll have to come over here for a movie night
Pamela: it is tres cool
rich-c: do you have a DVD player?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: oh, something new I didn't know about
George: i have one for sale
Pamela: for about three years - we got a deal through work
Pamela: when all else fails, buy in bulk
George: it skips
rich-c: I'm still contemplating getting enough beta tapes together to justify resurrecting the old Beta machine for an orgy
Pamela: good luck finding them
George: i have beta
Pamela: George, if it skips you should get it looked at
Guy B.: Beta became extinct in the 80's.
rich-c: oh, n0o shortage of beta tapes around the house, and the machine was working when put away
Pamela: not in the Clee household!
rich-c: no Guy, it did fade from the U.S, market but other parts of the world were smarter
George: sony SL-HF 870D
Pamela: ours is a Toshiba
BobS: 8 tracks are still strong around here
BobS: at least I stil have one
Pamela: country music, Bob?
George: 78s here
rich-c: they'll never replace the wire recorder, Bob
BobS: yup
Pamela: what, no one can dig up a Victrola?
George: i can
rich-c: no, that we did finally give away
Pamela: new country or old country?
Guy B.: I have an old boom box that plays them.
BobS: was gonn abuy one but Judy didn't want it
rich-c: but we have no problem playing our 78s or 45s or 33s
Pamela: dustcatcher, right Judy?
BobS: only old country is on 8 tracks
Pamela: good point
Judy: no room the house is full!!!!!
George: who has 16s
rich-c: I think our player can handle Talking Books (16s)
BobS: new speed eh Geo????
George: old old
Pamela: actually we counted our LP's recently, and my 45's - came up with an excess of 200 all told
Pamela: only one of which was a duplicate
George: 1520 records here
rich-c: we have hardly any 45s or 78s but lots and lots of 33s
Pamela: Dad, can you hear the fireworks going off in the distance?
Guy B.: Whoa, that's quite a collection. A job for Smartfiler.
rich-c: no, but there shouldn't be any tonight anyway
Pamela: and since when has that stopped anyone?
rich-c: actually, Guy, that would be more than Smartfiler could handle
Pamela: I did our list on Lotus
rich-c: your mother still keeps hers on Adamcalc, I believe
Guy B.: That's right. Most can hold 1000. He needs a bigger database program like Dbase or Access.
rich-c: Adamcalc makes a very good database
Pamela: see, there was a reason I used the spreadsheet
Judy: we use that fo r our antiques business
rich-c: I suspect if he could handle CP/M that PC File would do it
Pamela: but oh, my aching hands
Guy B.: A small database I can see for Adamcalc.
rich-c: the problem with Smartfiler is that it allocates far too much space for overhead
Guy B.: I used to calculate the interest for getting my credit card debt down and it did work.
Pamela: there
Guy B.: Now, I'm going to try it for a budget.
Pamela: 's actually a master list for that
rich-c: Adamcalc is as fine a spreadsheet as you'll ever see for an 8-bit computer
Pamela: good luck, Guy
rich-c: after all, H&R Block used it for their operation until relatively recently
Pamela: if it ain't broke, don't fix it
Guy B.: I use Excel at work, but if I try using the same spreadsheet setup on Adamcalc, I probably would have about three different files.
rich-c: Supercalc actually has a higher capacity but the user interface is very unfriendly and it is very slow
Pamela: I find that spreadsheets are excellent tools for making lists
Guy B.: I also have Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS.
Pamela: and they make mail merges a breeze
Pamela: what release is that, Guy?
Guy B.: I think version 1A. I'm not sure though.
Pamela: it must have a long grey beard by now - I've got release 9
Guy B.: I also have Quadro Pro on the Athlon as part of Wordperfect Office Suite.
Pamela: I must admit I'm not conversant with any of the Corel stuff any more
rich-c: me, I have Star Office and Easy Office
Pamela: well Lotus Smartsuite came with the computer -handy, since that's what we're using at work
George: i'm easy too
Guy B.: Wordperfect 2000 is very good.
Pamela: ah, but are you cheap?
rich-c: since I don't have to worry about compatibility with work...
BobS: me I use Write or SmartWriter........
Pamela: that was just luck, but I must admit it was a selling point for the computer
rich-c: the two I use are both freebies, Bob
BobS: use vde in TDOS
rich-c: and so is Abiwoprd which has some virtues as a word processor
Guy B.: Well folks, time to check the e-mail. For all of you U.S. folks have a safe Memorial Day. See you all next week. Won't be able to come on Saturday.
Pamela: have a great weekend, Guy
BobS: be goo Guy
Meeka: ok, night Guy. I think I am gonna get going also
BobS: good
rich-c: OK Guy, take care, enjoy, don't work too hard. See you next Wednesday
Judy: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
George: bye GUY
Judy: bbye Meeka
BobS: WHAT a Guy!!!!!!
rich-c: right Meeka, take care then and see you
Pamela: goodnight Meeka - say hi to Doug
Meeka: I will see ya all nexy week
BobS: bye Meeka
Meeka: ok Pam will do
Pamela: I should be earlier - season's over
Meeka left chat session
BobS: NEXY week??????? when's that??????
Pamela: this from the king of typos?
Judy: thank you, Pam,
George: everyone is going too fast
(BobS slaps Pamela playfully)
rich-c: not really, George
BobS: gotta read faster Geo
rich-c: we just say what we want to say, then see what feedback we get
George: i'm too slow
Judy: he thinks he is such a good typist
BobS: faster FASter FASTER
BobS: mucho grande typer
Pamela: I'll remember that Bob
rich-c: no such thing as too slow, George
George: :-(
Pamela: just remember George, practice makes perfect
BobS: tis the teeny tiny keyboard on the laptop
rich-c: some of us are touch typists. like Pam
Pamela: some of us get too much practice
rich-c: others are search discover and land, like me
BobS: I touch the keys when I hit 'em
Pamela: the "seek and ye shall find" method
George: i peck
rich-c: and some of us can't untangle the farn dingers no matter what (no names mentioned, BobZ)
Judy: that is good Rich
George: call me a pecker
Pamela: I've started taking notes on the computer instead of writing them - I can read 'em and it's faster. Scary
BobS: a one finger speeddemon
Pamela: don't give Bob an opening like that, George
rich-c: yes. I admit if I used my laptop I'd likely be slower than Bob
Pamela: you just have to get used to it - I did okay on Rich's last year during the chat
Pamela: but I had to get the hang of it
George: two fingers
rich-c: oh, I've had it online, though not for chat
Pamela: be brave George, try for four
rich-c: found it usable, just not very convenient
Judy: I don't use it enough
BobS: depends on what laptop you have also, some of the things have the keys in strange places if you are used to another
Pamela: I like the Thinkpad - very easy to use
Pamela: Allyson has one for work
rich-c: yes, my Dell has a few idiosyncrasies that tends to throw me on occasion
Pamela: now I'm wanting one of my own
Pamela: you sure you don't want to get me laptop for my birthday, Dad?
rich-c: your mother says ours plays Jezzball quite satisfactorily
BobS: you got a Dell dude?????????
Pamela: dude, he got a Dell
rich-c: no, a Dell Latitude
Pamela: and that went right over his head
Pamela: he doesn't watch commercials
rich-c: a 166MMX - 64mb - 2.1
George: i have a DELL monitor only
Pamela: I have a dead monitor
BobS: glad to see that someone watches those darn things
Pamela: I like the new Macintosh commercial
rich-c: actually, they show those commercials on Speed Channel and Fox
Pamela: yes, but do you watch them?
rich-c: unfortunately I have the sound off
George: my 17" is a MEDION
Pamela: has anyone else seen the Mac commercial?
BobS: can't picture it
rich-c: not that I can recall - whre has it been running?
Pamela: on CTV among others
George: not here
rich-c: have only had the tv on for sports lately
Pamela: Guy standing in front of the new Mac displayed in a window - he moves, it mimics his moves
rich-c: nope, havent seen that
Pamela: last thing he does is stick out his tongue - computer sticks out the CDROM drive
Pamela: very cute
BobS: cool, tape it for Ron!!!!!
Judy: night all, can' t sit anymore
Pamela: g'nite Judy - let the blood flow
George: nite Judy
Judy left chat session
rich-c: getting crmped up, are you Judy? - I can identify with that
Pamela: I'll see if I have it on tape somewhere and save it if I can
rich-c: whoops, she went fast
BobS: she can't seem to sit tonight
BobS: and now she is shut down!!!!
Pamela: no kids to wear her out today?
BobS: had the littlest one for the afternoon and supper. but he slept almost all the time
Pamela: well there's your problem
rich-c: yes, kids can wear you out even when they're sleeping
Pamela: need more kids : )
BobS: naw, I was here to help when he was a wake
Pamela: (Bob runs screaming from the room)
Pamela: see, told you he couldn't spell
Pamela: sorry, that's phonetic, isn't it
George: me too
rich-c: anyhow, folks, gettin' on towards that time
BobS: yes.....................................
Pamela: I suppose so, especially if I don't want a full power start in the morning
rich-c: shall we knock it off till Saturday/Wednesday then?
BobS: yup, got to get some sleep tonght for a BIG day at work tomorrow!
George: yes a big holiday weekend
BobS: ol
BobS: ok
Pamela: already did that on this sid of the border
BobS: ya
rich-c: OK, Pam don't forget to phone
rich-c: rest, night for now
BobS: nite guys and dolls
George: nite all
Pamela: if you don't hear from me, call me and tell Mom ot check
Pamela: byb Bob
rich-c left chat session
BobS left chat session
Pamela: well, Dad disappeared in a hurry
George: bye Pam
Pamela: guess it's good nite George - see you next week - sleep tight!
George left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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