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rich-c: helloRich
rich-c: and by the way, I have got through the first two Harry Potters
Doctor Druselius: Hello, are your lungs this evening?
Doctor Druselius: Yay Re: HP.
rich-c: hmm - sneezed for the first time day or two ago and didnt like the results
rich-c: lets say they made3 it quite clear things arent all healed yet
Doctor Druselius: Hope you aren't coughing 'em up...
rich-c: yes, with you and Dale and Pamela all rooting for it, I decided to give it a try
Doctor Druselius: Now you'll know what we're all prating on about.
rich-c: no, but they are painful when I sneeze; the bronchia hurt when I cough
Doctor Druselius: Hope you were entertained.
Doctor Druselius: By HP, not the sneezing!
rich-c: well, I gave Pamela back the first two and she has loaned me the next pair
Doctor Druselius: The film is quite entertaining also if you care for cinema.
rich-c: of course it helps that I have some knowledge of the British "school story" tradition
rich-c: last movie I went to was "Gone with the wind" - that tell you something?
Doctor Druselius: Wow! Not in 1939, I hope...
rich-c: which doesn't mean I might not borrow a videotape when it gets in circulation
Doctor Druselius: DVDs went on sale this week.
rich-c: well, no, it was the second release
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rich-c: yes, the tapes are on sale here along with them
changed username to George
rich-c: but the retailers aren't emphasizing the fact because their rakeoff on DVDs is much higher
Doctor Druselius: Hello George.
rich-c: hello George
George: Hi All
Doctor Druselius: Got your glasses today?
rich-c: we were just discussing Harry Potter and things
George: yes
rich-c: anyway, last little while I have been borrowing some videotapes from the library
George: don't know HP
Doctor Druselius: It's worth checking out, George.
Doctor Druselius: Good clean fun.
rich-c: got Brigadoon, which I enjoyed as much as when I saw ut on screen
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George: my tummy hurts
changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robert
Doctor Druselius: The Sultan of Slopsema!
BobS: hi guys!!!!!
BobS: Si senor
BobS: ich bin here!!!!!!!
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: notice you didnt put price or address on the ACon 14 notice!
Doctor Druselius: All bow and scrape before your magnificence, sire.
BobS: gotta hit my website and find it
BobS: that is NOT harde Richard
Doctor Druselius: I'm getting fixed to mail you some $$$, Bob. Just want to get my paycheck first.
rich-c: keeping it as an "insider" enterprise, are you?
BobS: ok
BobS: no, just frugel with webmail
Doctor Druselius: Elanor is definitely coming. Suggest some session for her to give.
rich-c: our dollar is continuing to climb slightly - now over 65 cents US
Doctor Druselius: Suggest some session for me to give, too.
BobS: sent emails to a LONG list i been compiling for a couple years of ADAM buyers on ebay, etc.
Doctor Druselius: I could organize another scavenger hunt if you like.
George: i ate too much
Doctor Druselius: Dale is not eligible for any prizes, though :-)
rich-c: well shame on you, George - why did you do that?
BobS: got about 30 of them bounced, some replies.....some into outer space
George: i made to much dinner
Doctor Druselius: I noticed a marked increase in hits on the ADAMcon 13 webpage after my announcement to
rich-c: you mean you need a better cook - better look in the mirror and start training him. George
BobS: what I desparately want from MR why's and how's of telling the ibm to shut up and do what adam says to do.....
Doctor Druselius: (I pointed them to the 14 webpage, and mentioned the 13 webpage).
BobS: the foundation of making the interaction easier
Doctor Druselius: I only know how to make it listen under MS-DOS.
George: too much soup
Doctor Druselius: I haven't ever done any Windows programming.
Doctor Druselius: Windows doesn't want to play nice with serial ports.
BobS: then I gotta type up a very defined list for the topic....will have to discuss with Douglas
Doctor Druselius: In fact, BillG wants serial ports to go away...
rich-c: so get a cheaper old IBM that only runs under DOS, Bob
George: invent windows for ADAM
BobS: got those
BobS: with the right programmer, Geo, it is almost possible to make a look alike
Doctor Druselius: One thing which I considered buying once was a source-code library sold by Sydex (the 22disk and Anadisk people) which would let you do low-level floppy I/O from DOS and all flavors of Windows.
Doctor Druselius: It would probably be just the trick to get ADAMem to read/write real floppy disks.
Doctor Druselius: Last time I looked, the software was $300+...
rich-c: That must have been some time ago, surely
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Doctor Druselius: ...although anything your compile with it is freely-distributable.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Doctor Druselius: Nope, within the last year. Go to
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: hi Guy
Doctor Druselius: Hello Guy.
George: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Dr. D, like the name.
Doctor Druselius: Whoa, we are getting some *serious* thunderstorm activity here...
Doctor Druselius: I was feeling a bit Classical tonight, Guy.
rich-c: yes, there's a cold front coming in
BobS: everyuthing missed us on the way by
Doctor Druselius: While listening to our Indians (probably) blow a game with the Tigers, I was reading Thucydides.
Guy B.: No storms here yet by me, but I know we will get some later.
rich-c: reckon Guy will have had it; it's due here early tomorrow I believe
Doctor Druselius: Wondering if I ought to power down...BLAM that was a big one.
George: my tummy still hurts
Doctor Druselius: BLAM lights blinked there..
Guy B.: Might be a good idea Dr D.
Doctor Druselius: I think I will power down...back if the storm clears.
rich-c: depends - you do have some sort of protection, don't you?
Doctor Druselius: No UPS, only small surge protector outlet.
Doctor Druselius: Bye!
George: its clear here
Doctor Druselius left chat session
Guy B.: Quick exit there.
rich-c: well, surge will protect the computer likely, especially if you have it on the phone line too
BobS: well, ya don't want Dr D to get b lown across the room, so he is better off watching form the window
rich-c: if you aren't protected, when the lightning gets nearby, it's time to shut down and unplug
BobS: gave up unplugging, but alwasy get off if it gets close
Guy B.: Especially since the air here is unstable. Ripe for thunderstorms.
rich-c: we have an industrial-strength whole house surge protector, plus one on the modem
BobS: a direct hit is a chance to upgrade!!!!
(BobS groans loudly)
BobS: reminds me, son in law was gonna get me a whole house protector
rich-c: yes, the insurance companies are used to paying out hundreds of millions every year for computers that got struck
rich-c: worth thinking about - we had a house a block over got hit about a year ago
rich-c: travelled through the wiring and started a basement fire - 50 large in damage
rich-c: but it's critical to have protection on the modem, too
BobS: lucky that is all; we rebuilt a house that went just like that one and it was total loss..........15 years ago and about 160 thousand US
rich-c: well, the folks were home at the time, realized the problem, and our fire department is near, responsive and professional
rich-c: maybe like us they keep one or two fire extinguishers handy, just in case
BobS: these people were in Florida at the time
rich-c: anyway, with a modem plugges in even a very distant strike can fry your board if it isnt protected
rich-c: yes, getting to 9/11 FAST is the key
Guy B.: At least both of my computers are protected with surge protectors which includes the modems.
rich-c: the only way to go, Guy, unless you use a UPS which is even better
BobS: IF they work at the time
Guy B.: True, I don't have the room for one right now. Maybe later in the future.
rich-c: right, Bob, surge protectors are not all created equal
BobS: all I have read about surge protectors is that they are self degenerating and don't alwasy work
rich-c: and going by a Consumers Reports test some while back, price has no relation to effectiveness
BobS: that's another thing I heard or read somewhere
rich-c: when CU tested, some cheap ones worked very well and some pricey ones were ineffective
BobS: they recommended no less than about $100-150 range to get a reliable good one
rich-c: they did seem to feel though that there was a certain minimum price below which, forget it
rich-c: no, I believe they had one around $30 that stood up quite well
BobS: got the ibm in the basement on a UPS, so that one aught to be alright
rich-c: let's say if the UPS can't protect it, you likely will have taken a hit that wrote off the house
BobS: I would just as soon NOT find out
rich-c: yes - I have fire insurance, but no ambitions of claiming on it
rich-c: not quite as bad as claiming on one's life insurance, but...
BobS: absolutely, some car bumps is one thing but fire in the house would be a REAL bummer
BobS: right there below life ins
rich-c: and that's the word from someone who's seen the rsults
(BobS laughs heartily)
rich-c: so, what did you think of that price list I sent around?
BobS: didn't look to bad, although we don't need any of the stuff
rich-c: my thought was more to let you-all know they exist and what they offer
BobS: about full up
rich-c: if it looks attractive, the info was there to get yourselves on the list
rich-c: hey, believe it or not, I actually got a response to a spam complaint on Monday
BobS: what was the place again???
rich-c: the ISP I complained to wrote back to say they'd kicked the offender off
rich-c: I think they call themselves Logic Box, in Buffalo, NY
rich-c: want me to look it up?
BobS: ya
rich-c: OK brb
BobS: still workign long hours Guy??????
Guy B.: Finally off the overtime till at least July or August.
rich-c: that's their email return address of course
rich-c: nice to have your time to yourself, Guy
BobS: hmmmm....that only got me to a webpage designer
rich-c: just make sure they don't call you in that second week in August!!!
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Finally got the big project done. My supervisor is treating us to lunch tomorrow.
Ron: Yo!
George: Hi Ron
Guy B.: Holy Cow, the Mighty Mitchell is here. How have you been?
BobS: the mighty one!!!!! WELCOME
Ron: Just fine thanks. Better now my 'event' is over
Ron: No more Wed night meetings
Ron: missed y'all
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BobS: cool!!!! we been amissin' ya'll
Guy B.: Glad to have you back.
changed username to Judy
George: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy, look who came on.
Ron: Good to know.....good to be ...... Hi Judy!
Judy: Hi, All
rich-c: test
rich-c: sorry - had a problem here
BobS: a D...testing
Judy: well, Ron haven't talked to you in a while
Ron: there are always problems
rich-c: anyway, big warm welcome to Ron and Judy
BobS: it is a gol durn bill gates special!!!!!!
Ron: I know. Been busy with a thing here that required weekly planning meets Wed. It's over now
rich-c: and that's as big a relief to us as it is to you
Ron: yup
rich-c: Dr. D. had to duck out - thunderstorm in the back yard
rich-c: with luck he may reloin us later
Ron: So now tell me, what's been shaking in the community in my absence?
Ron: Oh Oh
BobS: think from the way Dr D talked, Cleveland is now a smoking hole!!!!
Guy B.: Thought I let you guys know that my firt VB program is coming along. It will be a setup program for Dcopy.
rich-c: among other things, Dale has been a little casual in updating the mailing list
Ron: mmm
Guy B.: My fingers must be slipping. My first VB program.
rich-c: notice none of the former folks have been moved yet
BobS: is KAPUT??????
Ron: Wonder if Dale would be willing to delegate
rich-c: jawohl
rich-c: Dr. D. was talking of making the offer, don't know whre matters stand
Ron: He would be a good delegate
rich-c: Dale is also talking of moving the list to his home computer from Waterloo
rich-c: since you missed it, Ron - I have had a bout of ill health
Guy B.: Then the list would be updated more often if he did that.
Ron: oh?
Ron: tell me more
BobS: forgot Richard, how you doin this week???
rich-c: got a blast of pneumonia early this month - took some fairly significant damage
Guy B.: How bad?
Ron: nasty
rich-c: my lungs have informed me I am now a non-smoker
Ron: a blunt warning?
rich-c: been cold turkey since May 3
Guy B.: How do you feel now?
Ron: You're doing well my friend. Keep up the good work
rich-c: actually, I am using Nicoderm patches as a crutch for now
Ron: why not
rich-c: huge expense, for one thing - cost about $35 a week
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Ron: but relative to cigarettes?
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: HI Meeka
rich-c: at my rate that would be about double
Meeka: ok ok, I is here. now PLEASE tell me!!!!
George: Hi Meeka
Judy: boy that didn't take long
Ron: It isn't easy Rich
Guy B.: What's Doug doing?
Judy: you are going on a cruise
Meeka: you can't say something like that and leave me hanging
Meeka: playing his on-line game Guy
rich-c: in my case, it isn't a matter of choice
Guy B.: I dare not ask what game!
Ron: sounds not
Meeka: Yipee, but I knew that
rich-c: or rather it is; I can smoke or I can breathe, but they're mutually exclusive
Judy: you are booked, as of today
Meeka: oh, ok I get it now
Guy B.: Where are you heading Meeka?
Ron: my attention to the other thread- where are you guys goin?
Judy: she is going to the western carribean
BobS: Dec 1st
BobS: for their anniversary
Ron: Wow!
rich-c: how about that! how did this come about?
Guy B.: A perfect Winter vacation.
Meeka: Mom & Dad are gonna go with Doug & I in December
rich-c: neat-o!
BobS: and Doug is taking his old po folks along for the ride
Ron: Just after the ADAM Christmas card gets published eh?
rich-c: the antique business must be mighty prosperousd these days
Guy B.: That's great!
Judy: yea, right
BobS: no, no DOIUG is paying
Meeka: ya, hard to believe that it will be 6 years
Judy: not that we see
Meeka: what??
rich-c: is it really that long, Meeka? seems like it was only yesterday
Guy B.: Wow, that long! My last cruise was back on my honeymoon.
Ron: Let the boys work it out
rich-c: now that is ancient history, Guy
BobS: and how is the struggle for love coming Guy?????
Meeka: our last one was our honeymoon cruise too
BobS: you haven't talked about any prospecxts lately
Guy B.: 12 years is long time. I took Jeanene out for her birthday yesterday. Monday was her birthday.
BobS: HEY, we waited till our 25th before we went
BobS: how's she doing??????
Guy B.: She's doing pretty good.
Meeka: ok, here comes the "when we were your age..." speach :-)
Judy: so, meeka how far did the 38 bags of mulch get you
BobS: right..........5 miles in waist deep snow to school ....WALKING
rich-c: not from us old fogeys, Meeka
BobS: believe it or NOT..........NO air comditioning, no computers, no amusement parks.......on and on
Meeka: All along the porch, and the three tree out front
rich-c: amusement parks yes, they even predate me - but television is new
Judy: how many bags did you get?
Meeka: 52
Ron: I need bark mulch
Judy: how many trips did you have to make for that many?
Ron: locals had none
rich-c: reminds me, recycling fair here tomorrow - have to get a new composter
Meeka: 2
BobS: 2??????????????
Judy: where did you put all them?
rich-c: on the lawn, of course!
BobS: from store to lawn............
Meeka: 26 at a time- 10 in the trunk, 3 in the front seat, and 13 in the back seat
Ron: sounds like a fairly major operation
Judy: no, in the flower beds
Judy: I am impressed
BobS: Ron go out in the yard and bark........mulch....mulch.....mulch.....
(A dog howls in the distance)
Meeka: I didn't feel like making a bunch of trips
Judy: did they have manny left
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Meeka: they guy that helped me load them had to ask me if I could fit that many in too
BobS: NO WONDER the transmission is tired!!!!!
rich-c: you need a truck like mine, Meeka
Meeka: yes, several pallets of them
Ron: :)
Ron: tried that. My two friendly neighbourhood dogs next door came to the fence and wanted attention
rich-c: well, didn't that get you some barks?
Ron: ummm...... yes, but.....
BobS: maybe you could harness them and do a dogsled run to the mulch store!!!!!!
rich-c: some folks is just too fussy
Ron: Wal Mart assures me that my product will be available Monday
Ron: Hey, speaking of Wal Mart...
Judy: they had some moved to the streat at the Cascade one
Ron: We got a Future Shop now too... just opened
Ron: Same junk as every other Future Shop store I've ever been in
rich-c: yeah, now that they've been taken over by a bunch of Yankee carpetbaggers
Ron: Kinda like Computer City south of the border
rich-c: I believe it was Best Buy that bought them out
Ron: oh ... ok
Guy B.: No, it was CompUSA.
Ron: That's right Guy. Got my names mixed up
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Ron: There was one in Grand Rapids just across THAT STREET from the hotel
BobS: oh, i LIKE Compu USA.......they throw some good freeby deals
Judy: 28th
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Ron: that's it
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: We had a number of Computer City stores here in Chicago. They all closed in 1999.
BobS: jsut down the road a block
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: took you long enough, daughter!
Meeka: Hello Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone
Ron: yeah. I walked, and I didn't die
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: Ronald, you're back!
Ron: Hey Pam..... good to see ya
Pamela: you too - where have you been?
Ron: I'm bak
Ron: meetings, bloody meetings
Ron: but now they're done
Pamela: you have to stop scheduling these things on WEdnesdays
Judy: they are starting construction now going to make it wider on the corner
rich-c: and from now on, no more on Wednesdays, hear?
Ron: Yes. That has occurred to me
Meeka: I'll BRB
Ron: Wed is taken
Pamela: Dad, how are youfeeling?
BobS: Wednedays are sacred ya know......WHY don't people unnerstand that???????
rich-c: left leg was most uncooperative earlier today but seems a bit better now
rich-c: wouldn't like to try walking too far though
Pamela: well some things are unavoidable
Ron: And so shall they be from now forevermore
Pamela: do you have the results from the x-rays yet?
rich-c: Dr. Santo does but I won't be seeing him till next week
Ron: Actually Pam, there's something wrong if the chair of a committee can't determine his/her own meeting night
Pamela: you said it Ron, I didn't
Ron: yup
rich-c: I second that emotion, Ron
Ron: Mr. Nice Guy
rich-c: if you're that useful they can damn well accomodate to you
Ron: you know
Pamela: FYI Dad, I was able to reverse that pattern on the copier at work - there's a facility for it right on the machine
rich-c: didnt even have to get Kimberly to use her scanner, then
Pamela: nope
George: my tummy still hurts
rich-c: nice to have access to one of the upscale copiers at times
Ron: George, had forgotten you were there
rich-c: heavens, what kind of soup did you make - Cajun shrimp?
Pamela: however, I discovered that if you want more than one copy you have to copy in reverse directly through the book - if you run the copy through the regular doc feeder, it comes out right way round again
rich-c: weird
Pamela: George, you're still feeling bad? It's been a week now
Meeka: ok, I'm back
George: i think i poisoned myself
Pamela: what on earth did you eat?
rich-c: mushrooms, then?
(BobS gives George a can of Diet Coke.)
George: bad potatoes
BobS: almost as good as pepto bismo!!!!!
rich-c: yes, those can be pretty treacherous
Ron: Ain't gonna do much for a hurtin' tummy Bob
BobS: sooth that sucker
Ron: Believe me, I know
BobS: better yet, a red wine
Pamela: gives rumblies in tumblies a new meaning
Ron: Nope. Doth cause me to regain conciousness face down in the street
George: oh yes
rich-c: yes, the right wine can be a great aid to digestion
Pamela: with a severe headache, right Ron?
Ron: everything in moderation, including moderation
George: not on my meds.
Meeka: ok, I hate to cut this short, but I am REALLY tired so I am gonna get going. See ya nect week
rich-c: see you, Meeka
Pamela: sleep well Meeka
Ron: George, take the damn pills
Judy: bye, take care
George: bye Meeka
Ron: good talking to you again Meeka
Meeka: night everyone
Meeka left chat session
BobS: nite
Guy B.: Nite Meeka
Pamela: oh heck, BRB - gotta rescue the potatoes from cat reach
rich-c: George already takes so many pills he rattles when you shake him
Ron: :)
George: yes
Ron: no lie eh?
George: i do
BobS: maybe that is the problem then/........
rich-c: oh, once things atart to go wrong, the meds build up awful fast
rich-c: like, I'm on two inhalers, twice a day
Pamela: there - potatoes are safe
rich-c: not to mention the arthritis stuff, and precautionary aspirin
Ron: Do they help?
George: notmine
rich-c: the inhalers do seem to have things coming under control
Ron: I tell ya, in this province, that last thing one should do is get sick right now
George: my potatoes made me sick
rich-c: the arthro stuff works on the right knee, don't know yet what's going on on the left side
Ron: Our physicians are as mad as hell
Pamela: I'm trying to avoid the same fate George, for me or the cat
rich-c: well, given the types of pols you Lotus-Landers elect...
Ron: The Golden Years.... oh my!
Pamela: But Willow will get into anything that's people food if you don't keep a close eye on him
rich-c: you do know we got rid of Harris, don't you, Ron?
Pamela: and I left the potatoes on the counter, right in temptations way
Ron: that's what we get for voting people out
George: don't the russians make vodka out of potatoes?
Judy: Ryan will to, he is always wanting to eat
Ron: Yes, the word had drifted westward
rich-c: yes, swap King Log for King Stork, as the old fable has it
Pamela: not being a vodka fan, I've never checked I must admit
Ron: vodka - yup they probably still do. Vodka is one of these things that tends to transcend politics
rich-c: anyway, Eves seems if nothing else a little more scared of the voters
BobS: the norwegians have a potato liquor
Ron: Good. Rich, let him remain so
BobS: stronge tough stuff
Judy: and it is really strong
rich-c: vodka can be made from potatoes or grain, or a blend
Ron: At the moment, I'm convinced that there's nothing at all healthy about a 76 seat majority
Judy: it was awful
Judy: 11111
rich-c: you noticed, Ron!
BobS: no, that kind of puts the ball only in one court eh????
Ron: yeah
BobS: no competition there
rich-c: that's the problem
Pamela: okay - questions for the politically aware Americans - which has been the predominant party for the last hundred years, the Repuplicans, or the Democrats?
Ron: the other court consists of 2 seats
rich-c: the kooks who want in are no improvement over the kooks that are in
Ron: Out here, we do it to ourselves every 4 years
rich-c: no matter who you vote for, you still get the governemtn
Judy: Democrats
Pamela: I always said Dad should have run for office
BobS: got to be close...........
Ron: yup. keeps everyone honest
George: i run for the bathroom
Pamela: run, George, run
BobS: when an election comes around; you just have to decide which one would be WORSE, not the best one for the job
Ron: It's August eh? ADAMCON?
rich-c: yes, it's sort of trying to pick the least dangerous
Ron: still gotta book
Pamela: but that's the problem, particularly in Ontario - we vote parties and people out of office, not in
rich-c: we have up to five parties and still no brains
BobS: honestly, with all the politician bable about the smart voters...... the older I get, the more i see all the dumb voters and the way they vote
BobS: shows it...the people puyt in power and the reason behind it sometimes escapes me.......
Ron: In our jurisdiction Bob, it's always been a pendulum. Either left or right Nothin in the middle
Pamela: maybe it's time to rethink the way we elect our government
Ron: right now we're HARD right
Judy: yes, Ron AdamCon is in August
Ron: good
BobS: ADAMCON 14...AUGUST 8=11 as you requested sir
Ron: just wanted to make sure.
rich-c: commit now but pay late as possible - our dollar is still going up
Pamela: and that is good news
Ron: Bob, Judy, was contemplating staying over Monday, Tuesday, and flying back Wed. How does that set with y'all
BobS: oh you are ALL commmitted...........or should be????? NO, committed to coming!!!!!!
BobS: fine
Judy: just not to late, Rich
Ron: I have family coming over the previous weekend, so I can't really leave much before the day of the start of the 'con
BobS: can put ya up here or meeka's
George: i'm back. i made it
Ron: super George
Pamela: that's good!
rich-c: we are coming, that's for sure, but will try to get the money in by July 1
BobS: WOW Geo....were worried about ya
Ron: That would be great
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Had to send an e-mail about Abby's pet insurance.
BobS: that's good, can be even by mid July
rich-c: well, welcome back, Guy
Pamela: we are coming too
rich-c: now all we need is Dr. D. - unless the storm took out his power
BobS: unless $$$$$ goes up enough and you don't want ot chance it going back down
Pamela: vacation is booked
Guy B.: I haven't heard from the company, so I sent them an e-mail.
Guy B.: My vacation dates will be booked shortly.
Ron: Are we likely to see the Bair
rich-c: he was making positive noises last we talked I believe
Ron: good
Guy B.: Last we talked to him. He still doesn't know yet. Depends how his wife is doing.
Pamela: that's what I thought - that he was going to wait on his wife's health
BobS: Ron!!!!!! traffic will be slowed this year on 28th street !!!!!!! Major reconstruction 1/2 mile downriver of the hotel.....making 6 lane intersection of it
Pamela: Virginia, right?
Ron: I was talking to PJ, by phone, about 3 weeks ago, and told her the dates. Sounds iffy, but youknow PJ
rich-c: Dr. D. will be bringing a daughter
BobS: dont;' know about bair, I am pushign him
Pamela: just one?
Ron: hey... let's hear it for 28th st.
Guy B.: 28th St. is being widen? Boy, talk about a headache. That's ot.
Guy B.: It that is.
Ron: It was already more than I could cross in a day. How wide are they gonna make it?
BobS: traffic is already down
Pamela: Um . . . is this good Bob?
rich-c: yes, to cross the street, drive or forget it
BobS: only one it will intefere with is Guy i think
Guy B.: Guess drivers are getting the message about taking alternate routes.
BobS: everyone else will come into town from the other direction
BobS: less traffic is good Pam....28th st is the busiest stree in Mi
Ron: Hope Mr. Big and Tall is still there
Pamela: okay, just checking
Guy B.: I will be taking I94 to I196 to there. So, I guess I will hit the construction zone.
Pamela: Ron, you and I have a shopping date - don't forget
Judy: where the hotel is it won' t be any different
Ron: Yes..... I would not forget something like that Pam
Judy: the Big and Tall shop is still there
Pamela: : )
BobS: nope Guy, that works, just come around GR and get off at the east end of 28th street and you will be only a mile or so from the hotel
Ron: excellent
BobS: we will get ya'll directions and eve meet RM at the 'port.....IF he comes in on time!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: That won't be so bad.
Ron: oh yes,,,,memories return
Pamela: how long is the flight, Ron?
BobS: seems l;ike last time he came in at midnight
Guy B.: Last year, he came in about 11:00 PM.
Ron: at this point, I have no idea but will probably start here at around 6:30 a.m. and end there (hopefully) some time before midnight
BobS: he likes to be fashionalbly lte eh?
Pamela: that would be nice
rich-c: well, he has to make connections and is flying gainst the sun
Judy: not a problem
Ron: everything eastbound starts here at 6:30 a.m.
Pamela: scary when you think that the flight is only about five hours
rich-c: there is a 6.30 a.m.?
Ron: plus a loss of 3
Pamela: Yes, there is
BobS: fly to Seattle then in, maybe make better time
Guy B.: The Time Zone.
Pamela: Dad, you just don't want to admit it
Judy: just seems like it takes forever
Ron: I don't do it Rich, unless it's the End of the World or an ADAMCon
Ron: not necessarily in that order
Pamela: nice to see you have your priorities straight
rich-c: exactly, Ron. They take it off your clock when you retire
Guy B.: I do plan to bring a couple of computers with me this time.
Ron: true
Ron: BRB...
Pamela: I want one of those clocks!
Pamela: horrible time of the morning
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
BobS: I got one Pam...only it does go slow, it is still running regular time
Pamela: thanks Guy
rich-c: you'll get one, Pam, but they take a long time to build
Guy B.: I could use one too.
BobS: does NOT
Pamela: about 65 years Dad?
(rich-c gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Guy B.: Just what I needed. Thanks Rich.
rich-c: pretty close, Pam
Pamela: oh, oh, oh - i got the Harry Potter DVD yesterday
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Guy B.: Did you watch it yet?
Pamela: yup!
rich-c: why didnt you get the VHS tape and save a few bucks?
Guy B.: You get some more features with the DVD.
Pamela: because the DVD is a two disc set with extras and much better picture quality
rich-c: yes, but you pay through the nose for them
Pamela: yes, but they don't wear out like video tapes do
Pamela: and I plan to watch it a lot!
Guy B.: Not too much and if you shop around. You can find it under $20.
rich-c: careful there, kid, remember there's three more to come - and then LOTR
Pamela: and I can't wait - actually, they're talking about doing all seven books
rich-c: that's $30 Canadian, Guy - plus taxes
Guy B.: I got over 20 DVD's myself already. Harry's not one of them.
Pamela: I watched Ocean's Eleven last night - borrowed Kimberly's tape - it was really good!
Guy B.: Oh, yes. Keep forgetting about the difference there. But, still you should be able to find it for a good price.
Ron: I do not buy DVD's over $10
Pamela: Guy, did you see the movie in the theatre?
Ron: my attention is therefore restricted to sale bins
Guy B.: No, I didn't.
rich-c: I've been borrowing the odd video tape from the public library
Pamela: oh? what have you seen recently?
Ron: Max price here for a new first run is $28 Cdn
rich-c: Brigadoon, Camelot, Words & Music, a documentary on MGM films...
Ron: The Inspector General with Danny Kaye... $4.98
Guy B.: The last movie I saw in the theatre was What Women Want. I got the DVD and it was fantastic.
Ron: Jeff bought me Saving Private Ryan for my birthday
Pamela: I haven't seen that one yet but it's on my list Guy
Pamela: along with a *lot* of others
Guy B.: Get it. It's funny and it was shot in Chicago.
rich-c: I remain unconvinced any movies I'd enjoy wre made after 1960
rich-c: except for Star Wars, of course...
Pamela: Hey, Dad - you liked Twister and StarWars, didn't you?
Guy B.: I still don't have Star Wars Episode One.
Ron: Dog of the sale bins .... Naked Space with Leslie Nielsen. $3.99 and overpriced
rich-c: I regret to say you haven't missed that much
Pamela: I still have your copy Dad - we're going to try and watch over the weekend
rich-c: how about watch 7 Brides instead - might want that back sooner
BobS: not a star wars or any other extra terrestrial fan
Ron: The only thing I can say about DVD's is that they make sitting here balancing my chequebook palatable
Ron: more or less
rich-c: you should buy a computer, Ron
Guy B.: Well folks, got to answer the e-mail. I'll see how Saturday looks. Otherwise, see you all next week.
Pamela: I'll watch that next week when R is back on afternoons - it's a movie hes' not interested in
rich-c: right, will check for you on the weekend, Guy
Pamela: Good night Guy
rich-c: surprised at that - the girls were much prettier back then
Ron: Oh I have Quicken 2002 on the Mac and Quicken 2001 on the Pentium, and I do online banking....but I still haven't got roundtuits for the online part
Ron: of Quicken
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: yeah, but it's a musical and he's not really into them
Ron: Intuit gets my annual software tax each December
BobS: nite guy
Ron: stay well Guy
rich-c: nite Guy
rich-c: oh, I'm looking for Carousel and South Pacific and several others, but there's a lot of competition for them
Pamela: send me a list Dad, I'll keep an eye out for them - and they make good presents!
Ron: Okay, you guys in the big city
Pamela: yes?
rich-c: oh, I mean just to borrow from the library, Pam
Ron: If anyone should see a DVD version of the "Pirates of Silicon Valley" I'm willing to pay
Pamela: circa?
BobS: ya mean an autobiography of Bill Gates????????
Ron: um.... sec....
Pamela: good shot, Bob
rich-c: probably find it on eBay
(BobS winks)
George: it's getting froggy here
Pamela: sec - gotta get my note paper
rich-c: fog brings out the frogs?
George: yeah
rich-c: you must have the leading edge of that cold front that hit Dr. D. earlier
Ron: yes
Pamela: duh, I already brought it back here . . . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
rich-c: or no, that doesn't make sense - the gradient on cold fronts is much steeper than that
Ron: Web site doesn't say... or I'm missing it. It's available on VHS, but would prefer the DVD if there is one
George: zzzzzzzz
Pamela: I really must be asleep - I'm time travelling to before I cleaned off the coffee table
rich-c: hard day at the office?
Pamela: Ron, Rogers head office is a block from mine- I'll go and look there soon
Pamela: no, just very tired
Judy: we are baby sitting so have to wait for Mandy to pick up Ryan before we can retire
Ron: would appreciate that Pam. You may just find out that no DVD version was produced
rich-c: aha, journeying the grandparent trip
Pamela: I got a freebie note block from the Printing House and brought it home specifically so I'd have a note pad back here, then forgot I actually brought it in to the room
Judy: she was out watching the Red Wings
rich-c: oh, how did they do tonight?
Ron: Stars Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall
Pamela: yes but I'll see if the VHS version is available
Pamela: there's also a second hand store that may have it
Judy: they won
Pamela: boy, they must have been young
Ron: have combed local such places.... no joy
Pamela: the Things won?
Ron: who won?
rich-c: so the series now goes to the full seven - our Leafs got knocked out last night
Ron: must now become a hockey fan
Ron: Are we at the final series yet?
BobS: final game in Detroit..........
Pamela: sorry Bob and Judy, but viva the Colorado Rockies!
rich-c: to watch Detroit (or the Avalanche nee Quebec) play someone called the Carolina Hurricanes (nee Hartford whalers/)
rich-c: me, I want to watch the Grey Cup - and whole F1 and CART season and...
BobS: gotta vote for the home team here Pam...........even if ya don't like them
Pamela: in June, no less
rich-c: well, training camps don't open for ten weeks yet
Ron: Pam, Pirates was a Made for TV Movie produced in 1999
Pamela: Dad, what's the web address for the Argos, any idea?
Pamela: thanks Ron that helps
rich-c: sorry, no - might find a link on TSN-com
Ron: www.aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggooooooo'
Pamela: LOL, Ron
rich-c: or just search them up on Google
Pamela: I could try something really innovative like
rich-c: you could
Pamela: you never know
rich-c: why guess when getting the real goods is so easy?
Ron: go to, and look under Sports>CFL
Ron: they have club web links there
Ron: sorry that's
Ron: as on Canadian Online Explorer
Pamela: gotcha
Pamela: any idea where the Grey Cup will be this year?
rich-c: why do you want the Argo website, Pam?
Pamela: would like to go to another game and they'd make a good gift for Russell
Ron: not Vancouver eh?
Ron: maybe it's Ottawa
rich-c: I think it's out west again somewhere, but I'm not sure
Pamela: it's been a while since it was here - we might get lucky
rich-c: no, the Argo management doesn't seem interested in bidding for it - not enough local interest
rich-c: I think they're afraid there would be too many acres of empty seats
Pamela: I thought that was irrelavent (sp?) - aren't they rotating throughout the league?
rich-c: no, the various clubs bid for it
rich-c: though I suspect there are limits on how often it can be in any one place
Ron: CFL Grey Cup 2002 - Edmonton
Ron: Nov 24
Pamela: thanks Ron
rich-c: in snow up to your...
Pamela: so much for that idea
Pamela: ying yang
Ron: Now the year is about gone
Ron: how was ADAMcON
Pamela: great - don't know what we missed
Judy: Mandy is here to pick up Ryan so I will say good bye for tonight
Pamela: Bye Judy
rich-c: goodnight then, Judy - sleep tight
Judy: talk to you next week all
Pamela: g'nite to Ryan and Mandy too
Ron: Take care Judy. Say Hi to the kids... (think Mandy will remember me)
Pamela: sleepover at the Slopsemas in August!
rich-c: yeahhhh!
BobS: yes, I will have to be going too kids.
BobS: GLAD TO SEE YA back Ronald!!!!!!
Ron: That's right!
Ron: Good to be here my son
Pamela: bring your funny pj's
BobS: whew, had a sloooowwwww spt there
Pamela: and your laptops
rich-c: OK. Roberto, night for now, remember Saturday if you can make it
Pamela: g'nite Bob
Ron: this will change
BobS: can't make it graduation parties to visit...YUCK
George: nite Bob
Ron: sounds like fun Bob
BobS: see ya's next wed!!!!!!
rich-c: nite then
BobS left chat session
Ron: nite
Pamela: well, since there's still a 6:30 am on my clock, should I go to bed?
rich-c: that does seem to make for a valid consideration
Ron: So when did the pneumonia happen Rich, last month?
Pamela: well since no one has seen fit to remove it yet . . .
rich-c: early this month, Ron, about the 3rd
Ron: ok. not nice eh?
rich-c: OK, daughter, good night, take care
Ron: nigght PAM
Ron: I go too here soon.....
George: nite Pam
Pamela: good night - Ron, good to have you back, we missed you
rich-c: well, even when I'm sick I tend not to believe it
Pamela: nite George
Pamela: G'nite Dad
rich-c: it was pretty well established before I gave the doctor a holler
Pamela left chat session
Ron: yes, well with that stuff, it's hard to tell (or at least is was for me) whether it's a bad case of smoker's cough or flu, or what
rich-c: since it was a Sunday, it was a stand-in doctor who came
George: i need to go
rich-c: first thing she wanted to know was did I feel like going to the hospital
Ron: G'nite George. Be good
Ron: od
rich-c: nite George, catch you Saturday
George: nite Rich, Ron
George: ok for Sat.
Ron: Is there improvement in your breathing without the smokes?
rich-c: gave me what Dr. D. says is a Level II antibiotic
Ron: Obvious question
George left chat session
rich-c: don't know if that was precautionary principle or if she was scared
Ron: probably a bit of both
rich-c: actually, Ron, I'll never know, since the aftereffects leave me like I was smoking still
rich-c: I am going to have to see how it all plays out over time
Ron: In my case, that took about 3 years to clear. They they started talking to ma about asthma
Ron: However.... I have to admit, that breathing is better
rich-c: be a hell of a note of I couldn't make ACon 15 because I couldn't stand the high altitude trip
Ron: changing habits of a lifetime is never easy
rich-c: some of the road passes are in the 10,000 foot range, which is what they pressurize aircraft to
Ron: Hey.... hadn't thought about that
Ron: Yes
rich-c: well, it's all very highly theoretical and not necessarily relevant at all
rich-c: besides, I could get one of these oxygen generators they advertise in trailer life, sling it in the back of the truck, and drive
Ron: I suppose. Must admit, I still take Doc's advice with a grain of salt, and I'm going to pay for that on several fronts
Ron: Dad had one of those
rich-c: I am not sure I am willing to accept a restriction that would keep me from traleeling much of the West
Ron: There's always Edmonton
rich-c: we like places like Yellowstone too much to willingly give that up
Ron: yes, in your case, those places are ones you like to go to
Ron: Anyway, my son. I shall let ya go
rich-c: and you know how stubborn and bloody-minded I am
Ron: yup
Ron: I know
rich-c: right, about that time - back next week?
Ron: yes.... absolutely nothing to prevent me.
rich-c: look forward to it then
rich-c: night for now
Ron: keep saying I will try to remember Saturday...who knows one of these weeks I might do it
rich-c: see you if
Ron: nite
Ron: nite
rich-c left chat session
Ron left chat session
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