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rich-c: hi Dr. D
Rich Drushel: Hello is your pneumonia?
rich-c: let's say I can still feel the lung damage, and will for a while, but generally OK
Rich Drushel: Hope it's on the mend.
rich-c: it is not at all comfortable to cough or sneeze, but I don't do much of either
rich-c: wanted to ask you about something, for a Wednesday answer
Rich Drushel: Everyone is well here...a beautiful warm day.
Rich Drushel: Ask away!
rich-c: yes, it is nice here too
rich-c: OK - there was a full-page ad in the Globe two days ago for a new - something
rich-c: it appears to be an OTC "nutrional supplement" (i.e. little-regulated) with ambitions of becoming a medicine
rich-c: you can find out about it at
rich-c: that is a subdomain of
Rich Drushel: You want me to look it over to see if it's legit or scam?
rich-c: it is said to have shown promising results in healing and rebuilding damaged tissue
rich-c: this would promise relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, some auto-immune diseases, etc.
rich-c: they have a number of glowing testimonials, but that is hearsay and snake-oil pedlar can garner
rich-c: may be something similar to this Lakota herbal currently being pushed
rich-c: they also at least imply they are going for serious medical field tests and studies
rich-c: let's say if it's half as good as they hope, they'll outgrow Microsoft
Rich Drushel: I just saved those 2 URLs...I will look them over.
rich-c: anyway, you may want to look at their website, theories, and approach and see what you think
rich-c: the rule is: if it sounds too good to be true, it is - but hope springs eternal
Rich Drushel: Will do.
rich-c: I sure could use some miracle juice right now!
Rich Drushel: No miracle juice in my fridge, that I know of...
rich-c: exactly, but them thar biologists are sure coming out with new insights at a great rate
Rich Drushel: Today Joan put in an order for 4 more of those cross-stitch mugs, to make into ADAMcon 14 prizes.
Rich Drushel: Elanor has agreed to help sew some of them.
Rich Drushel: I have to adapt the logo file that BobS sent me.
rich-c: maybe you should try to enlist Pamela to help
Rich Drushel: Once I get the pattern made, I can give it to whomever.
rich-c: took the truck over to the library earlier (cant walk that far)
rich-c: they had "South Pacific" in, which was neat, though I went for Toronto Computes
Rich Drushel: haha
rich-c: having great enjoyment of late borrowing the old classic musicals
Rich Drushel: Glad the library has them in stock.
Rich Drushel: I have just been asked to take the girls to a picnic...
rich-c: a recent issue of Commentary had an article praising U.S. stage music of the 1920-1959 period
Rich Drushel: The day is too fine to stay inside too much today.
rich-c: yes, I wish I could go out, but I can't stand up for long
rich-c: the sneaky part is, even if it doesn't hurt much at the time, it does hurt for days after
Rich Drushel: Hopefully there won't be as much walking needed at ADAMcon this year as there was in Cleveland.
Rich Drushel: Just take it as slow as you need to.
rich-c: well, the hotel has an elevator, and if needed I'll toss a walker in the truck
rich-c: my hope and expectation is I won't even need a cane
rich-c: that's assuming that the truck is ready - I want to put a V-8 into it
Rich Drushel: V-8, vroom!
rich-c: no, I want to pull stumps, not quarter times
Rich Drushel: We've decided that the next minivan we get will have engine enough to tow a 2-wheel U-haul rental-type trailer.
rich-c: tired of being passed by overloaded 18-wheelers on upgrades when pulling the trailer
Rich Drushel: Both our vans have 4 cylinder 2.5 L engines...not beefy enough to carry anything.
Rich Drushel: If we ever decided to take a family road trip anywhere now, it would be in both vans: 1 for people, the other for luggage.
rich-c: all I can tell you is there's a big difference between factory tow ratings and real-world acceptable ones
rich-c: you'll also be in a bind as GM are dropping the last rear wheel drive compact vans
rich-c: for trailer towing, rear drive body-on-frame is much preferred
Rich Drushel: Like I said, no super-big trailers, just enough to hold suitcases etc.
Rich Drushel: Have to see if we can replace our '89 Caravan this fall; depends on employment stuff.
rich-c: even so, be very sceptical of tow ratings, though frontal area is more significant than weight mostly
rich-c: you would be shocked, though, at what even quite a small utility trailer can weigh
Rich Drushel: The girls are mostly ready to go, so I think I will sign off for now...I'll look those websites over and give you an opinion on Wednesday.
rich-c: look forward to it, Rich - you and the kids enjoy your day
Rich Drushel: You too, say hi to all there.
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