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rich-c: test
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changed username to George<
rich-c: hi George
rich-c: having trouble typing tonight, I see
George<: Hi Rich
rich-c: using an unfamiliar keyboard?
George<: no
George<: just butter fingers
rich-c: having a case of the miseries?
George<: yes very
rich-c: or as Bob says, farn dingers
rich-c: know how you fell went shopping today
rich-c: did no more than push a cart around the shop, but my hip is complaining hard
rich-c: it just does not want me walking about, period
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George<: we both need new parts
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
George<: Hi Guy
rich-c: to what do we owe this honour?
Guy B.: No more overtime until sometime late July or early August.
rich-c: hallelujah
rich-c: just so it doesn't mess up your Adamcon attendance
Guy B.: I'll be there for the con. No doubt about that.
rich-c: you'd betteer be - it's close enough that if you fink, we'll come and get you!
Guy B.: Besides, I'm working on a Visual Basic program to run Dcopy from Windows.
rich-c: maybe I'll understand what that's all about when we get together in Grand Rapids
George<: ?
rich-c: I will be bringing the laptop with the emulator install discs on it
Guy B.: You will, it will be an executable file once the testing is done and I will show it there, plus it will be added to my website.
rich-c: Guy is doing utilities for teh Adam emulator program, George
rich-c: did you see the email from Geoff Oltmans today?
George<: don't know the first thing about it
Guy B.: I've done some programs that will setup most of the switches the utilities require. They have to use DOS, but I've done some to run from Windows.
rich-c: well since tehre is a front end that lets the emulator run from Windows, that's desirable
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hallo
George<: Hi Pam
Guy B.: My gosh, Hi Pam.
rich-c: you're on early, too
Pamela: I'm on time for a change. See what happens when the TV season ends?
Pamela: I'm actually coming to you from Kimberly's - keeping the kitty company and chatting at the same time
rich-c: at this rate we should get a good crowd tonight
rich-c: well say hello to Kimberly and the kitty from me
Guy B.: Just need Dr. D, Ron and the Slopsema clan.
Pamela: that would be nice - haven't seen Dr. D for a while
Pamela: can't say hello to Kimberly till tomorrow - she's in China
rich-c: I'm hoping Dr.D will be on soon, he was going to look at something for me
Pamela: that's why I'm keeping the kitty company
rich-c: China???
Pamela: Yes, didn't I tell you?
rich-c: not that I recall, though I've had the odd foggy day of late
Pamela: don't think your drugs are that good Dad - must'a been me
rich-c: t'aint the drugs, it's what I take them for
Pamela: Kimberly and her mom and Art and his Dad are in China taking a country wide tour
rich-c: holy jumpin" - I'm sure I'd have remembered that
rich-c: how long have they been gone?
Pamela: I guess a friend of Mr. Pankratz's let him know about a tour that was being organized for their church group
Pamela: Since last Thursday morning. 17 hour flight
Pamela: yuck
George<: ah lifestiles of the rich and fomous
rich-c: double yuck
George<: farn dingers
Pamela: the original idea was brought up last year before Mrs. Pankratz died.
rich-c: this has been some time in the planning, then
Pamela: Mr. P wanted to go anyway so asked Art who said yes, then asked Kimberly and Jeanette if they'd like to tag along
Pamela: yes, but the players are somewhat different
Pamela: George, I know about farn dingers
rich-c: right, are they doing any church business or is it strictly personal?
Pamela: especially on an unfamiliar keyboard
Pamela: strictly personal
Pamela: Kimberly's only complaint is that she and Art don't have much time for just them
rich-c: any idea of their itinerary?
rich-c: you two swapping email about it?
Pamela: yes, but it's upstairs. When I go back up and log on there, I'll let you know
Pamela: surprisingly, yes - altho K hasn't been very forthcoming because her Mom is always present
Pamela: she's been able to find an internet access at all their hotels so far
rich-c: doesn't she know about writing the copy and saving it, to send later?
Pamela: actually, she's been keeping a journal of the trip so will have all the gory details for me when she returns
rich-c: I imagine the Chinese internet censors must be having fun with that
Pamela: not much to sensor - they've been all very vague. I'm dying to find out all the dirt
rich-c: figures
Pamela: well, she has a constant chaperone in the form of her Mom - not much she can say
Pamela: I'm impressed that she's been able to find English keyboards
rich-c: oh, she didn't take her own computer then, just using local ones
Pamela: can you imagine having to type everything in Chinese?
rich-c: I gather from that she hasn't got a laptop yet
Pamela: nope, strictly internet cafe stuff
Pamela: no but even if she had, I doubt she would have taken one along - they're moving every other day or so and it would have been one more thing to lug around, and very little benefit
rich-c: finding those must take considerable persistence - but then Kim is always resourceful
George<: my keyboard says made thailand
Pamela: yes, but it says it in English!
rich-c: yes, probably just make the Chinese cops paranoid
George<: yes the keys have the strange marks
rich-c: wonder where Bob is tonight - he's overdue
George<: thats what you get from AT&T
Pamela: in my email this morning I reminded her of chat tonite and sent the address but I doubt she'll have time - it's 10:26 pm Thursday for her
Pamela: sorry, 10:26 am Friday
Pamela: since she's across the international date line
rich-c: wow, wouldnt that be neat, a live report from China
rich-c: that's even better than from Japan
Pamela: wouldn't it just? we'll see, we may yet get lucky
Pamela: Don't tell James that!
George<: load the web cam
Pamela: that's on my "to get" list, George
rich-c: good suggestion, George
Pamela: some day in the dim, distant future
rich-c: well, webcams are relatively cheap - under $100 for a good one, some under $30
Pamela: I have other priorities at the moment
Pamela: groceries come to mind
rich-c: like Adamcon, which is only 8 weeks away
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: oh well, at least our dollar is improving a little
Pamela: yes, and may it keep growing
George<: now we have to find a way to send pictures in chat rooms
rich-c: personally, I wouldn't send anything in a chat room, including my real name
rich-c: excluding private chats like this, of course
George<: i did
Pamela: you know George, I thought about that once upon a time, and concluded it wouldn't be as much fun.
rich-c: in a chat room, trust nothing and no one
Pamela: much of what makes this so enjoyable is being able to do things like tease Bob about his spelling
rich-c: use a phoney name and disposable email address
Pamela: Hi, I'm Sarah, from Scotland (och)!
rich-c: Oy vey, I'm Izzy from Haifa
Pamela: that's too close to home, Dad
George<: hi i'm george from the throne
Pamela: TMI, George
George<: where the crohns rules
rich-c: George I, I presume
Pamela: depends - what generation is the throne?
George<: a one holer
Pamela: ah, old style
Pamela: must be George I
rich-c: prince of the porcelain pony
George<: yes
Pamela: okay, where did Guy go? He's been waaaay too quiet
Pamela: now how do those actions work again?
rich-c: oh, he likes to wander off to other websites from time to time
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
rich-c: now he's exiteed entirely
Pamela: where'd he go?
Pamela: George!
rich-c: maybe Abby needed feeding or something
George<: we must have scared him off
Pamela: yes, but he doesn't usually sign off like that
Pamela: no, Guy does'nt scare easily
rich-c: exactly - he goes but he says goodbye first
Pamela: darn keyboard
Pamela: or is that dark neyboard
rich-c: there are days when that would fit
Pamela: two problems here - unfamiliar keyboard and no wrist rest
rich-c: so George, how's the weather been down your way?
George<: spotty t-storms
rich-c: any forecast for the weekend yet? like Sunday?
Pamela: by the way, Duchess says mew
rich-c: meow
George<: sunny and mild here for the weekend
rich-c: great - there's a big race at Pocono Sunday
rich-c: I'll be watching the Grand Prix of Canada but can tape the other
Pamela: I think our weather is supposed to crap out again this weekend
George<: everyting here should be clear by then
Pamela: Hey Dad, football season starts at the end of the month
Pamela: then what are you going to do?
rich-c: it really had better not, although F1 runs in the rain and Jacques would likely show better
Pamela: I said ours, not Montreal
rich-c: oh, the football is Friday nights, no problem
Pamela: I haven't checked Montreal
Pamela: oh, well then . . .
rich-c: well, Montreal is usually 12 hours or less behind us but same weather
Pamela: Do you have any idea why the Argos and TigerCats are playing a pre season game in London?
rich-c: racing is almost always Sundays except teh trans-oceanic events; they can be anytime
rich-c: likely to test the market
rich-c: the Dome may be in use by the Blue Jays, of course
Pamela: they can't keep Ottawa going regularly, what makes them think London would be any better?
rich-c: but as far as I know Ivor Wynne is usually available
rich-c: seems there are indications of interest there, and also in Halifax area
Pamela: George, I've forgotten - are you in Pittsburgh or Philly?
George<: Philly
George<: brb BR run
Pamela: sorry, no short term memory these days
rich-c: I'm getting old; what's your excuse?
Pamela: well, I wonder where everyone disappeared to tonite? The first time I'm on early, and everyone else is late
Pamela: not enough sleep
Pamela: chronically
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Pamela: BTW, how are you feeling?
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Ah, he's back
rich-c: no Slopsemas, Guy falls off and doesn't come back, no Dr. D., no Ron, no James
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Netscape crashed and I had to reboot.
Pamela: Guy is back
Pamela: Yayyy, he's back!
Pamela: we wondered when we didn't get your two cents on something Guy
rich-c: ah, we were just discussing your absence - it was uncharacteristic
Guy B.: I have an updated version of Netscape 4.79.
Pamela: I am still on the ever popular IE
Pamela: but I did upgrade. Kimberly hasn't yet
rich-c: Netscape in infested with too much spyware for my tastes
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Pamela: gee it's awful dark in here
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: you can only go up to IE 5.5, Pam - 6.0 is XP only apparently
Pamela: I know there's a can of Diet Coke out there but I can't see it because SOMEONE TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS!
Pamela: ow, I just found that can
Guy B.: Ckick
Pamela: Thanks, Guy
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Pamela: I think Dad fell off
changed username to rich
Pamela: what happened, Pop?
Guy B.: Guess your Dad is coming back on. Oh, there he is.
rich: mea culpa - did a dumb-dumb
Pamela: what did you do?
rich: was checking my IE version and hit close by mistake
Pamela: oops
rich: anyway, I do have IE 6 - it's Media Player 6 I can't have
Pamela: I have IE 6 too - it took an hour and a half to load
rich: and by the way if you don't have 6 I strongly recommend it
Guy B.: Actually, there is a version 7. I use it at work sometimes.
George<: oh i tried to come back too soon
rich: which Windows does that run on? XP and up?
Pamela: well all, I'm going to log off here and go upstairs - I need my wrist rest
rich: or wait a minute - 7 is still in beta, isn't it?
Guy B.: Media Player is up to version 7. It will run with Windows 98 on up.
Pamela: I'll be back in about 15 minutes
rich: OK Pam
Pamela: BRB - ciao for now
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: We'll be here.
rich: I tried to get the latest Media Player and was told it wouldn't run on 98SE
Guy B.: I don't have it on mine. But, I do at work since we have Win2000.
rich: clicked on it on the Microsoft site and they said it was for XP only
rich: by the way, did you notice they've found another security hole in IE?
George<: i hadit on my computre with 98se
rich: had which, George?
George<: windows media player 7.1
rich: how did you get it, and did it work?
George<: it worked well then i upgraded to ME
rich: there are those who say moving from 98SE to ME is not an upgrade
rich: mostly, I gather, those who have done so
George<: it takes away the dos
rich: I gather teh DOS is still there, they just make it very hard to find and get at
George<: ilike real dos
rich: there was some talk about it in the Langalist a few issues ago
Guy B.: I have Oil Change and it said Windows Media Player version 7 is available. Got get it Rich.
rich: I tried to get it and Microsoft wouldn't give it to me
George<: i can't put version 7 on this computer because its too slow
rich: maybe its just part of their plan to stick it to users of older versions of Windows
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rich: well, mine is 1.4 gig, equivalent to Intel 1.6 gig, and the website knows that
changed username to ron
rich: hi ron, you made it
ron: yeah , finally
ron: Hello all
rich: did you see the email from Geoff Oltmans this afternoon?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
George<: Hi Ron
ron: falling victom to my own setup
ron: Hi George, Guy
ron: um, no...what did he say?
ron: been away all day
rich: briefly, his girlfriend has invited him to Victoria and he wants to know what it's like
ron: aha..... can provide some detail
rich: don't know his background, but it could be quite a shock to a boy from 'Bama
rich: especially if he hasn't had much travel far from home
ron: yeah
rich: I replied to him and said you lived there and Bob had visited recently, mentioned my own last visit long ago
ron: we're gentle
ron: and so is Victoria
rich: yes, but Wreck Beach ain't Gulf Shores, and 'Bama doesn't stand on edge
ron: true
rich: maybe we should warn him a Texas-type accent might not be as well received as usual right now
ron: must have a look for the e-mail
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changed username to Pamela
ron: Pamela! hi
Pamela: Well, we gained one person at leat
Pamela: least
Pamela: hi, back
rich: welcome back, daughter
ron: did you go away?
Guy B.: Welcome back, Pam!
Pamela: I did - I was on at 9:00 ish for a change
rich: it was on the list - oh, are you getting the mailing list stuff now?
Pamela: went down to spend some quality time with Kimberly's kitty - logged on while I was down there
ron: Actually, no. I haven't heard anything from the list in quite a while
ron: wonder if my address has gone upward
rich: OK, I'll forward it to you - which address do you prefer?
ron: the other is for commercial pitchers of various types
Pamela: Ron, while I think of it - I checked with Rogers for Pirates of Silicon Valley -it's available on VHS, not on DVD. Rogers didn't have it in stock but any location can order it for you. Is there one near you?
rich: the email has been despatched to you, Ron
ron: Thanks Pam, that pretty much confirms what the producers were showing on their web site. And I can order it from there
ron: ok tks Rich
Pamela: Okay. If you find you can't get it, let me know and I'll special order it
ron: ok
rich: what is Pirates of Silicon Valley? I thought they were in Redmond, WA
Pamela: What's really funny is after I got off last week I turned on the TV for a bit and lo and behold, the Biography was Noah Wyle
Pamela: It's a TV movie Dad
ron: was a made for TV movie Rich. Chronicles the early feuds between Gates and Jobs
rich: about?
rich: ah OK tnx
Pamela: Wyle plays Gates
ron: and the development of the computer industry
Pamela: well, from the clip that I say
Pamela: sorry, saw
ron: I've actually rented it here once.
ron: Not something mother was interested in, obviously
ron: BRB
Pamela: ok
rich: would have thought power struggles and stuff might be pretty general
rich: me. I settled for getting South Pacific from the library this week
Pamela: dunno, I haven't seen it
rich: would you believe it's the first time I saw it?
Pamela: "Gonna wash that man right outta my hair . . ."
Pamela: you're one up on me, I still haven't seen it
rich: every song in it became a deserved hit - even the comedy and incidental tunes
rich: I enjoy the classic musicals - told you I had Brigadoon a week or so back
ron: That's better
Pamela: are you going to venture into movies made in the last two decades eventually?
ron: To be effective, glasses must be cleaned now and then
Pamela: rumour has it
Pamela: couldn't prove it by the Clee family
ron: :)
rich: great heavens, Ron, when did you join our four-eyed clan?
Pamela: you had glasses last year, didn't you?
ron: years ago
ron: I have work glasses since 1985
rich: I can't recall ever seeing you wear them
ron: worn
Pamela: I thought so - black frames, oblong, right?
George<: pills pills pills and take some more pills
ron: something like that, yes
rich: know the feeling, George - I rattle when I walk
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Pamela: I have this picture in my head - dunno why they stood out
changed username to james
Pamela: ah here comes someone - James!
james: good morning!
rich: hello james and good morning
ron: George, you are giving financial comfort to Upjohn, Roach, Ciba Geigy, etc
Pamela: James, is it Thursday or Friday there?
james: not sure! sec..
ron: Jame !!
james: thursday it is.
james: hey ron. long time. how's the wet coast?
Pamela: and you're across the international date line, right?
rich: Kimberly is over next door at the moment, in China
james: last i checked, yup
ron: cold as helll froze over my son
Guy B.: Holy Cow, James long time, no see. How have you been?
rich: we were wondering if she might join us
rich: she has proven adept at finding internet cafes
George<: doctor gave me more pills to take and trippled my dose of darvocet
james: visiting the communist regime is she? what's she doing there?
james: very, very busy.
Pamela: so it's 11:22 a.m. for her on Thursday
Pamela: Church group of her boyfriend's organized a tour
Pamela: I am so confused
james: for her it's probably anywhere from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. china has at least two timezones, maybe three.
rich: just our usual three conversations going at once
Pamela: she said thirteen hours ahead of Toronto
Pamela: oh, I was going ot look for the itinerary - BRB
ron: what I saw above was "A group of her boyfriends organized a tour"
ron: rotfl
james: weird, because we're 13 hours ahead of toronto and usually an hour ahead of the east coast of china. could be wrong about that though.
ron: but that's not what was saiid
james: lol. group of boyfriends. it's a reverse harem
rich: maybe the Chinese don't believe in Daylight time, or something
james: we don't use daylight savings time. maybe they do. not sure.
james: so how is everyone?
ron: no thinner James
james: lol
George<: a juicy t-storm is coming through
ron: :<
rich: I've had a rough time - pneumonia, and my left leg giving out from (arthritis?)
james: i have about 75 students at my school now, have been teaching computers and just upgraded all the machines in the classroom.
james: sorry to hear that rich. be careful with the pneumonia. don't want to fool around with that.
ron: sounds like you're movin ahead James
rich: depending on how far you upgraded, that could be done quite economically if your market is like our
james: i like to think so but there are days i wonder. case keeps me pretty busy too
rich: that's what I found out, James
james: lol. i had the innards sent from canada and bought the heavy stuff like drives and cases and monitors here.
rich: I'm now a non-smoker - not anything the doctor said, lungs just went on strike
james: think i worked it out to about $3500 for 5 machines. p3-1000
Pamela: okay, I saw that - I should have said her boyfriend's fathers church group - no more howling
rich: yeah, if you got decent motherboards and some minor goodies, with shipping, that sounds about right
james: didn't remember you smoking when we visited toronto.
Pamela: He's smoked for 55 years James
Pamela: where do you think I got it from?
rich: Katerina
Pamela: I am very proud of him - it's not easy
ron: that's right
james: yeah. asus and intel mobos. the slowest machine is a p3-866. all have 256mb ram, sound cards etc. it's nice because now i can teach properly *and*
rich: It is very easy to stop something your body refuses to do
Pamela: No I didn't get it from CT, she's always been a non smoker
Guy B.: We all should be proud of Rich. It must have been tough for him, but he did it.
rich: it's just that I keep getting this urge to climb a tower with a rifle...
james: i can put new software for learning english and multimedia files etc. working on building up my software library now.
Pamela: and people wonder why I haven't been around the house much lately . . .
james: lol. rich. i've never smoked but i've had friends who have kicked some nasty stuff like cocaine but couldn't quit smoking.
ron: that will pass Rich
james: so you're doing well.
Pamela: of course, now Mom will be nagging me to quit too
Pamela: he was my buffer
rich: well, after going cold turkey a couple of weeks I cheated and got some patches
Guy B.: Good idea
Pamela: at Mother's insistence
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
rich: they cost me three times as much per week as cigarettes
ron: There Mr. S.
BobS: howdy mates
Guy B.: There he is. The man of the hour. Hi Bob
james: well no need to torture yourself rich, i don't think getting patches is cheating. 55 years is a long time chemical dependency. might do more harm than good not getting them.
rich: time you got here, Slopsema
ron: howdeeeeee
Pamela: Bob, how is it that for once I'm on time and now you're late?
rich: where you been, man?
George<: Hi Bob
BobS: hi ALL
james: hi bob
BobS: well..........Judy's folks birthday and 55th anniversary party WITH cake
BobS: long time a no see james!
Pamela: Okay Dad - itinerary goes like this. Toronto to Detroit to Shanghai.
rich: oh well, for cake I guess you're forgiven
Guy B.: Wow. That's a long time.
BobS: how's Miyuki and the wee one?????
ron: For that you have permission (and support) to be late
rich: there's only so much temptation avman can resist
Pamela: Shanghai to Beijing
Pamela: send cake!
james: doing well. she went back to work for a few hours in the morning this month.
ron: Send the cake west first
james: the wee one is growing and doing well.
Pamela: Beijing to Xian. Xian to Guilin. That's tomorrow.
james: he's 2 months now
BobS: WORK?!?!?!?!? What a ungly word!!!!!
rich: you got to email each of us a slice, Bob
Pamela: Dibs - I called it first!
ron: W O R K is a 4 letter word
james: i like work. i think i'd be bored without my job
BobS: ok.......cake was marbel with white frosting and colored flowers (more frosting.....yum) with lemon in between the layers
Pamela: Guilin to Hong Kong. Hong Kong home to Toronto with a brief stop in Japan.
BobS: like that???????
Pamela: mmmm, frosting
BobS: who's goin travelin????????
ron: oh stop!!!
james: she's likely stopping through osaka
rich: that's a busy trip - she'll be exhausted when she gets back
Pamela: Kimberly is in China at the moment with her boyfriend, her Mom and his Dad
ron: I have reserved a device with wings for August 8
Pamela: Yup and the jet lag is gonna kill her
james: lol
BobS: cool!!!!!
Pamela: and where is the device taking you?
rich: hope she has a day or two extra before she goes back to work
BobS: hopefully EARLY in the day
ron: it is also supposed to return here about a week later
Guy B.: Bob, will be sending my last payment to you this weekend. Also, I'm working on my presentation for the con. Going to setup Dcopy to run from Windows using Visual Basic.
Pamela: yes, two I believe
rich: where are you going Aug. 8th, Pam?
Pamela: sorry, duh
ron: If the Good Lord permits Bob, I shall arrive at 6 p.m. give or take
james: i think it's ron that's going somewhere on aug 8
james: no?
BobS: good Guy. will pencil you in for a session!!!!!
Pamela: we're all with the exception of the Slopsemas, going somewhere Aug. 8th
rich: we're all going to Grand Rapids on Aug. 8th
Guy B.: Program is 50% done.
james: oh yeah. have fun all you in north america
BobS: and Ronald me boy...........session on the proram to make Xmas disks.........and reconstructing a directory after crash landing your hd???????
Pamela: James, don't say you'renot coming! : )
ron: so it is written, so let it be done
Pamela: gee, do hd's bounce?
rich: I just want to get into the EOS part of my hard disc
Guy B.: James, if you can't come. Can we count on you for the online chat?
BobS: for ONE, I WANT to learn the steps for the program manager thingy, it looks neat, but my delving is shortcoming with the directions ondisk
BobS: and so it shall be Richard,. BRING it along what ever it is
rich: Bob, could we have an English translation of that lst bit?
Pamela: I second that
james: well it's going to be a little hard for me to get to grand rapids but i can try to be online.
BobS: wht night is b4est for you to get on james.......FRI or SAT????????
james: sec.
Pamela: and you thought you had fimble ningers, George
ron: the ADAMcon International World wide chat
BobS: Richard, can't remember the name of Chris Braymens manager program..........
rich: and by that he means your time, we'll subtract 12 hours
BobS: fimble kingers????????? WHO????????
Pamela: oh, no one
ron: Information Manager Bob
George<: anything goes?
Pamela: just about
Pamela: as you can see
james: when you say night, what time zone are we talking?
Guy B.: AdamDos
Pamela: uh oh
BobS: ah, ron you DO have a way with words
ron: Whatever the clocks say in Grand Rapids Michigan
Guy B.: I have it.
james: okay, so eastern, right?
Pamela: right
ron: ya
BobS: same time as this chat only on FRI or SAT night, you call it
rich: yes, even if just barely
james: so sat or sun morning here.
Pamela: right
BobS: you call which night MI time james and we sill DO IT
james: sunday morning is a possibility. saturday i teach 11-9 (no break) so that's no go.
Guy B.: Let's make it Saturday. For James that would be Sunday for him.
ron: that fits
BobS: ok SAT night here for chat right????????
Pamela: seems to me that's when we did it last year
BobS: makes it sun AM for james
Pamela: sounds right
rich: sounbds like a plan
Guy B.: Then it's agreed?
Pamela: agreed
james: sun am around 11 is doable. i'll likely not be up any earlier than that.
ron: what's this about greed?
james: if someone could possibly e-mail me a reminder a couple days beforehand, it would be most appreciated.
Pamela: well, something's a greed
Guy B.: That's Agree
ron: what happened to lust, gluttony, envy , pride and sloth?
rich: sun 11 in Japan, but you're not on Daylight - so what's that here?
Pamela: they didn't agree
ron: oh
(Guy B. hugs Pamela)
Pamela: I want that in person Guy - hold that thought
james: we're 13 hours ahead of you now, instead of the 14 that we're ahead in the winter
Guy B.: Ok, you got it.
rich: so 11 am Sun is our 10 pm Sat
james: yup.
james: is that okay for people over there? it's not too late?
ron: at an ADAMCON?
BobS: Richard...........request from the POWERS THAT BE (Judy)........will you give opening address.........for ADAMCON????????
Pamela: it'll take us that long to get organized after dinner anyway
ron: ya gotta be kidding
rich: james, you've never made an Adamcon so don't understand
ron: there's no such thing as too late
BobS: She sayas, "who knew we would be here for # 14"......
George<: oh no power outtages on the way
rich: the only time we're non-functional is around breakfast
Pamela: go to battery backup, George
Pamela: we're not exactly morning people
ron: sounds like Cleveland's getting it George
james: i was thinking too, doesn't adamcon $0F co-incide with adam's 20th anniversary.
BobS: speak for your own self little girl
rich: it may be awfully short, Bob, and I'll need a podium to lean on
George<: i just have AC
BobS: we'll let ya sit on a chair!!!!!!
Pamela: just don't expect much before 10:00 am Bob
BobS: Judy says......podium is fine they have one
james: 1983-2003, right?
BobS: yes james but only 14 ADAMCONS
james: isn't this year #14?
Pamela: maybe I'll have the new camera sorted out by then
ron: must be James.... never even thought of that
BobS: BUT ADAM is really 20 yers old......almost old enough to get a drink here
rich: when you come down to it, I don't think 14 Adamcons is an ONLY
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Somehow I came last Saturday and no one was there. So, I'll try to see if anyone is there, otherwise see you all next week.
james: so #15, 0F would coincide with the 20th.
Pamela: okay Guy. Goodnite
ron: ADAMCON 01 was when, 1989?
ron: Nite Guy
Guy B.: Yep
BobS: be good Guy
james: not sure. too bad i've never made it to any of them.
Guy B.: Ok, see you all later.
rich: Guy, Dr. D. and I were on for 45 minutes Sat - but see you this weekend
Guy B. left chat session
james: but adam was released for sale in 1983, is that right?
BobS: YES, Ron.........wanted to get there, but $$$$ and time restraints........
BobS: Christmas time 1983 I think.....but most of those were not working good and'or reliable
ron: was the computer itself actually released in 1983? or was it '84... 1984 is when i got mine
rich: think it was 84 when they were jobbed off and everyone got them
james: yeah, the first batch was a bum lot but i think a couple of them worked though they were few and far between.
ron: ok..... by the time I got mine, they had it right
james: wouldn't want to have been a toys 'r us employee that year
ron: and that was Christmas 1984
rich: yes, the revision 80s were ok but by then it was too late
BobS: the early horror stories were taht NONE worked or blew up shortly after plug in
james: so a rocky start. but can we say 1983?
BobS: OH, i bought some stuff the other day and got aR57
BobS: what are the bugs????????
rich: I did hear it claimed that for every one that went out the door two came back
Pamela: double or nothing - I love it
rich: ask Dr. D., that's how he learned about ADams, by coping with them
Pamela: speaking of whom, where has he been?
rich: he had a 57 that wouldn't work - he dissected it till it did
james: interesting.
james: did he say what it was?
BobS: was it the R57 per se????? or the early sloppy boards and parts????
Pamela: dissection without formaldehyde - ya gotta love it
rich: no, but he had to learn a lot about assembly language and electronics
BobS: R57 should have just been basically the programming on the ship
rich: I gather there were bugs in the firmware - OS and SW
BobS: chip
rich: but there could have been defective manufacture, too
BobS: gotta get back to the R57 and run it thru it's paces once
BobS: in my "free" time of course
rich: they even used the solder bath method of wiring
Pamela: (blue smoke fills the Slopsema household)
ron: free time?
BobS: NO LIE pam
Pamela: blue smoke = bad
BobS: Ron, ya know, I NEED to retire so I can get some free time
rich: Bob works, he's got free time, it's not like being retired
George<: blue screen
ron: doesn't work Bob
Pamela: Bob, it's a myth designed to lure you in
BobS: the closer I get to the golden age, the shorter the fre time gets
Pamela: sorta like those urban legends
Pamela: everyone's heard about it - no one has ever experienced it
BobS: and once you are lured in, they srop the hammer and POW, you are done????????
Pamela: exactly
ron: Golden Age= everything hurts. Whatever doesn't hurt doesn't work
BobS: Judy says thanks, she now knows what to look forward too Ron
Pamela: I heard that one too
ron: sorry
rich: don't let her kid you, she's heard it enough from the old man
BobS: what time ya get in Grand Rapdis Ron?????????
ron: sec... got the sked here somewhere
Pamela: didn't you say 6:00?
rich: what's your routing from YVR?
BobS: lessee............6pm - 3 hours = 3pm his time........not too bad for fly itme then
ron: 6:20 p.m. Aug 8
rich: he didn't say what time he was leaving the island, Bob
Pamela: all these time zones are mighty confusing
BobS: how's about we ALL meet you???????????
ron: leaving Grand Rapids Aug 14 at 2 pm
james: okay, i need to get going. time for lunch.
Pamela: that would be some welcome party
ron: everything starts from here at 6;30 a.m
BobS: bee good James!!!!!! and have FUN
rich: see you james, glad you could come by
Pamela: good nite James, hugs to all
james: i'll try to be on again next week. talk to you all again soon.
ron: that would be great Bob if it doesn't interrupt anything critical
George<: time for Archie Bunker
rich: not even overnighting in Vancouver?
ron: niters James
BobS: Ron did you see Geoff Oltmans inquiry about whether he should come to Victoria on the island
james left chat session
Pamela: I think I just got dumped
Pamela left chat session
BobS: tesign.........
ron: have I been bounced?
rich: test
George<: ?
ron left chat session
rich: looks like we had a buffer problem
George<: ?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
BobS: we BACK
Pamela: I'm here
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: Ron got dumped
rich: you weren't dumped, Pam, just a buffer hold
George< left chat session
left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
rich: could be this chat is about to go south
Pamela: Did James get my goodnite?
changed username to ron-?
moved to room Meeting Place
ron-?: bounced was I
Pamela: are you sure about that Ron?
ron-?: well no
changed username to George
rich: no, just a very long buffer delay, Ron
BobS: you were thn only one to get dumped Ron, unless you left and retried
ron-?: thought I might have turned into a mirror image
ron-?: left and retried
BobS: only 1 ron here
rich: it looked like we were frozen but with patience all the stuff came up
ron-?: that's a good thing
Pamela: well I was dumped - nothing went through and I wasn't getting any new feeds
BobS: iI figured james threw us out
rich: yes, but that's the buffer dealy
ron-?: rich understands these thing
rich: just means the time slice we were getting got really small
BobS: but you didn't disappear from the list and when it came bak online only Ron was gone
George: is someone hacking us?
rich: both Pamela and Ron logged off and on again
Pamela: my little connection icon was saying the same thing over and over - that usually means I've been dumped
BobS: them darn hackers!!!!!!!
ron-?: nah George, just the press of traffic
rich: could be, George, but it's unlikely
rich: Dale's computer is very well defended
Pamela: with everything but real walls
ron-?: Bob, do you know if Doug still has any of those leaseback lap thingies?
BobS: all gone, BUT we can prolly get some more
Pamela: what are you talking about?
ron-?: well, let me think on it
BobS: pricing is about the same $250US or like 4450 CA
BobS: 450
rich: Bob and Doug trade in used computers
ron-?: what were they? P166's?
Pamela: oh, laptops - not thingys at all
BobS: yes
ron-?: right.
BobS: with cdrom, floppy, 32 megs ram......1.2gig HD
rich: what breed?
Pamela: I really have to brush up my vocab
BobS: Toshiba
ron-?: Out here, that price looks good
Pamela: note to self: thingy = laptop
ron-?: same thing here would retail for around $700
ron-?: CDN
rich: in Toronto, it isn't good, but 166s have mostly vanished - now it's 233/266 or higher
ron-?: All's I want really is something I can run the emulator on
ron-?: and do the net thing without carrying a carload of equipment
rich: I can tell you that my Dell 166MMX will do that
ron-?: sure. a 166 would have no problem
Pamela: are any of those tHINKPADS?
BobS: emulator will sork with 486, BUT to run the net for "away from home" you will need a pentium and might as well be at least a 166
ron-?: exactly
rich: mine has 64 RAM, 2.1 gig, 33.6 modem, was about $500 taxes included
BobS: ibm's are Thinkpads dear
BobS: and yes they will do the saME THING
Pamela: I know - that's what I meant - are any of those available Thinkpads?
Pamela: or could they be?
BobS: on Ebay yes, just bought one for my daughters friend
rich: no, the ones coming off lease now seem to all be Toshibas or Dells
BobS: he wante BOTH cdrom and floppy onboard, which certain thinkpad models have
rich: so does my Dell
ron-?: yeah, would prolly be better for ADAM related transfers
Pamela: I've worked on a Thinkpad and really liked it - will have to try Dad's and see how I feel about it
rich: haven';t checked to see if the floppy drive will support 720K
ron-?: some are better at that than others
Pamela: I know. any idea what Dr. D has?
BobS: I hsvent checked either
rich: I found the trackball OK, but when I put a game on for Frances needed a mouse - since I have a USB port, no problem
ron-?: now tell me
ron-?: are all E-Bay transactions in uS Dollars?
ron-?: or is there a canadian version?
rich: unless you're on, yes
rich: some listings are in pounds sterling, from the UK
ron-?: I'm a little gunshy after the $70 Atari mouse
Pamela: ouch
rich: the WHAT?
ron-?: my $30 bid cost me that by the time it came to the front door
ron-?: of course that was $30. US
Pamela: double ouch
ron-?: followed by Bid Pay, followed by Great Scary Tax
rich: but that's about $47 CDN, then you'd have postage (outrageous these days) and P.O. handling fee for GST
ron-?: yup.... $70
George: i have a AMIGA/ATARI mouse
rich: want to sell it, George?
ron-?: the insane part of it was that within a week of that critter showing up, I was given one locally
Pamela: check and see if it's made of gold, George
rich: and are you sure it works on an Amiga? their mice are unique
BobS: for cryin out loud
ron-?: my luch eh?
ron-?: luck
Pamela: typical
rich: Frances wants a backup mouse for her Amiga 3000
ron-?: If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Pamela: anyway all, the room's starting to spin, time I went to bed
George: it works on amiga 500
ron-?: yes- you do that girl
rich: know the feeling - have a good sleep, Pamela
ron-?: sleep well
Pamela: thanks. see you next week?
ron-?: the Good Lord Willin
rich: unless you come by to try the laptop earlier
George: nite Pam
Pamela: which I may do over the weekend Dad - will let you know
rich: 10-4
Pamela: sweet dreams everyone - goodnight
ron-?: :)
BobS: see ya late rPamela
Pamela left chat session
rich: Bob, did you see Geoff Oltmans' posting to the mailing list today?
BobS: yes, asked Ron if HE saw it, but I think that was about the time of the buffer problem
BobS: I replied and told him to GO
rich: I sent a copy to Ron, but you should reply too with a tourist viewpoint
ron-?: No, I didn't get it out here....think I might be off the ADAM list, because I haven't seen anything for a while
rich: I sent it to you a few minutes ago, Ron
BobS: yes Ronald. you DId change the email address of late right?????
rich: and yes you and everyone who was on is off the list - Dale hasn't updated it for ages
BobS: hmmmmm....wonder if I can automatically forward mail
ron-?: yeah, went to @shaw instead of @home
rich: or talk Dale into letting Dr. D. or someone administer the list - Rich is willing
ron-?: Ok Rich, I have your relay from Geoff, I'll answer it
rich: OK, we'll encourage him
ron-?: that's probably it then
ron-?: If he's coming to Victoria, I'd like to meet him. Could drive down]
rich: somehow I have the feeling this chat is going to crash out soon
BobS: Ronk what is your current em,ail address???????
rich: we have storms in the area and the lights have flickered a couple of times
ron-?: or
ron-?: latter is more for commercial junk
BobS: ok will try to forward all adamlist messages your way
ron-?: thaks Bob. Until we get Dale's list straightened out
rich: I think it's time I closed down - any of you make it Saturday?
ron-?: Heading to Nanaimo Sat afternoon Rich, but I'm gonna put a big note up here for myself
George: i'll try for Sat.
ron-?: always forget the noon chat, and I'm usually here
ron-?: no excuses
rich: OK, hope to see you all then
rich: I'm going to fold now - goodnight all
ron-?: ok guys..... I shall bid you all a fond g'nite
George: nite all
ron-?: stay well
BobS: maybve Sat
BobS: try.........
rich: bye
rich left chat session
George left chat session
ron-? left chat session
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