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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi George
rich-c: how's things in Philly?
George: Hi Rich
George: sunny and warm
George: i made it
rich-c: same here - this weekend we may even see some summer or at least a preview
rich-c: yes, when you're on the limp making it is not a given
George: i'm keeping close company with the toilet
rich-c: after I saw the doctor yesterday I went and got an application for a disabled parking permit
rich-c: yes, the doctor told me to up my dose of Arthrotec so that will likely upset my plumbing
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rich-c: hello Guy
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: been a while since you've made a Saturday
Guy B.: Hi Everyone, Abby and I just came back from a walk. Quite warm here.
rich-c: yes, we seem to be getting a southern airflow at last
rich-c: mind you, it brings up all the crud from the American powerplants, so doesn't do my lungs any good
Guy B.: After a cool week, finally the tables have turned.
rich-c: just in time too for our big racing weekend
Guy B.: Nascar?
rich-c: they had so much rain at Pocono that NASCAR couldn't hold qualifying yesterday - it was bubbling up thru the track
rich-c: IRL in Texas tonite, Formula 1 in Montreal, CART at Laguna Seca and NASCAR tomorrow
Guy B.: That's a big weekend in racing. Will you be able to watch all of it?
rich-c: I will have square eyes by tomorrow nite
rich-c: yes, the only problem is NASCAR overlaps the GP and maybe CART
rich-c: but that's what VCRs are for - the Grand Prix at least will be off-air
Guy B.: There you go.
rich-c: Frances will love it - she'll be able to surf the net all day
Guy B.: Just sent off my final payment to Bob for the convention, So, I'm all set.
rich-c: yes, you're well advanced on that
rich-c: as you know I'm holding back as our dollar is rising
Guy B.: Last of the overtime pay until at least August.
rich-c: well, which do you prefer, the money or the time?
Guy B.: The overtime helps alot. Especially after my health insurance rates went up starting this month.
rich-c: yes, that's right, you pay lower taxes but we don't pay health insurance
Guy B.: My company pays 80% of the costs. We pay the remainder. Required by Federal law here in the U.S.
rich-c: I thought the company subsidy was set by workplace agreement
rich-c: I keep reading about all sorts of people who are employed but dan't have health insurance
Guy B.: It could vary. The unions here like the companies to pay all of the health insurance. But, that's now starting to change as companies realize that either they give in or lay them off.
rich-c: yes, the unions are rather under pressure
rich-c: your economy is not nearly as healthy as ours
Guy B.: And now they realize that they don't have much of a choice and a strike will do more harm that good.
Guy B.: The stock market here had a bad week.
rich-c: oddly enough, our unions manage to be bloody-minded and non-confrontational at the same time
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: hi Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: amazing eh?
Ron: I actually remembered
rich-c: I'm stunned
George: hi Ron
Ron: :)
Ron: So the sun shines
Guy B.: Give him credit. He remembered.
Ron: here in the valley
rich-c: oh, the doctor said yesterday no barrier to my flying or driving in high altitudes
Ron: good news
Guy B.: That's good to hear.
rich-c: which removes at leasst one major obstacle to our attendance at ACon 15
rich-c: that's the part that really fussed me
Ron: glad you confirmed the 15 Rich. I've lost track of the numbers
Ron: So the one we're about to attend is 14 right?
rich-c: me too - that's a wild guess
Guy B.: Yep
Ron: These details escape me sometimes
Ron: In other news
Ron: the 93 Ford Taurus had it's rear end redesigned
Ron: Thurs
rich-c: well, I keep getting my promise about being at 0E tossed at me
Ron: hit by a pickup with a trailer
Guy B.: How did that happened?
rich-c: or dear, who stopped a few feet further on than he should have?
Guy B.: Ouch.
Ron: He backed into me inflicting $4097.?? damage
rich-c: these days that's penny-ante
Guy B.: That's about the value of the car, isn't it?
Ron: Thank the good Lord for collision
rich-c: if you can pry a settlement out of ICBC
Ron: I gather it was almost the book value of the vehicle, and t'was touch and go as to whether they were going to do it
Ron: Yes, I'lll be covered
Guy B.: Thank goodness.
rich-c: I trust there were no injuries?
Ron: It will be repaired
Ron: this is one of these deals where ICBC suddenly has to draw a line down the middle of themselves
Ron: They represent both of us,
rich-c: yes, but there are fault assignment rules - I believe they're national
Ron: Nope, Mom was in the car but was unhurt.
Ron: yeah
Ron: They're still waiting to hear from the other party
rich-c: I gather the Taurus was parked at the time
Ron: anyway.... life goes on
Ron: nope.... I was proceeding up the street, and the other guy was parked by the side of the road.....just off on the grass
Guy B.: You had more damage done to your car than what happened to me last year. Mine was US$600 and mine was parked when it was hit.
Ron: by the time I realized he was backing up, I swerved left to try to avoid him
Ron: and didn't
rich-c: and he backed into you? how did he manage that?
Ron: said he didn't see me
rich-c: I assume then that your damage is on the right hand side
Guy B.: I bet with the trailer attached. He couldn't.
rich-c: what sort of trailer was he pulling?
Ron: yes. Mom says that if I hadn't tried to avoid him, he'd have caught us on the front door where she was sitting
Ron: as it was, he hit me further back
Ron: yes... right hand side..... passenger side back door and rear fender panel
Guy B.: Then it was a good thing.
Ron: still get this twinge of guilt..... that somehow I should have seen him backing up..... I didn't. I saw him there, but didn't see him moving
rich-c: thaty's going to play hell with the rear axle alignment
Ron: That's part of the 4 grand Rich. They're going to check and re-align as required
Guy B.: That wasn't your fault Ron. It's that guy, since he was backing up his into traffic.
rich-c: again, what sort of trailer was it? construction? gardener? boat?
Ron: that's what they said at icbc
Ron: looked like a landscaping operation.. small GMC pickup with a small trailer
rich-c: he should have been able to see over the equipment, then
Ron: no backup lights
Guy B.: What kind of trailer was this guy pulling?
Ron: I would have thought so
rich-c: with travel trailers when backing to the left you lose visibility even in your mirrors
rich-c: but with the gardening trailers I've seen, that shouldn't be an issue
Ron: yes, you'd know bout that kind of thing since you've been there and done that
Ron: yeah, the trailer just wasn't that big
rich-c: the governing factor is height
Ron: ic
rich-c: but from a pickup cab you should have been visible over and through
Ron: Was a little concerned about Mom and her heart condition
Ron: but she took it better than I did
rich-c: no matter teh circumstances it always leavews you seriously rattled
Ron: that's it.
rich-c: why didn't he just pull forward onto the road?
Ron: senses play tricks on you
Ron: Only thing I can figure is that he intended to back the trailer across the road and into a driveway on the other side
Ron: Because, subsequently that's what he did.
Guy B.: I wonder why this guy had to backup in order to get on the road. Was there something in front of him?
Ron: Looked like he lived there
rich-c: that would seem to make sense
rich-c: you should see the scene when we bring the trailer home and back it into our driveway
Ron: Which would actually mean that the trailer would have been coming at me faster than it would have been if he were only backing straight up
Guy B.: It would have been better for him to go forward, then make a turn somewhere to get back straight to his house.
rich-c: well, in terms of evasion space, yes
Ron: yeah
rich-c: backing a trailer into a driveway in a residential area is a real challenge
Ron: So as I understand it, the Taurus came within a few cents of being written off, but ended up on the right side of the leger
rich-c: since I assume you don't really want to buy a new car right now, that's a relief
Ron: you bet
rich-c: I have the Behemoth in the shop right now
Ron: So... that's my story for the week
rich-c: has a burned valve so I'm having the heads redone
Ron: Oh?
Ron: aha
rich-c: I am not looking forward to the bill
Guy B.: Just got new brakes for my car this week. It was overdue.
Ron: no. That will not be fun
rich-c: brakes are an area where I prefer to err on the side of caution
rich-c: well, the big bucks will come when I take the van in for a new engine
Ron: right
Ron: you need a mechanic on staff Rich
rich-c: for the money I'm paying, I should have one
Ron: :)
rich-c: still, I haven't spent THAT much on my vehicles of late
Ron: still.... you guys use your vehicles extensively... cost of doing business eh?
rich-c: actually we don't use them that much, except for our travels
Ron: when amortized over time.... prolly doesn't look so bad
rich-c: wouldn't be surprised if last year we were under 19K clicks total for both for the year
Guy B.: I drive the most on the weekends. I do drive to the train station and take that to work.
rich-c: sorry, 10K
rich-c: for George and Guy, that's about 6000 miles
Ron: really! Had an impression that you were travelling more than that
Guy B.: Mine's about 11000 a year.
rich-c: no, our only long trip was just down to Washington, and that's under 1000 miles
Ron: about the same here Guy...... depends on how many times we go down Island, but that's about what it averages
rich-c: we do very little driving around the city - but Toronto being as it is, that's understandable
Ron: I hear ya.
Ron: Have enough trouble with Vancouver on my twice a year trips to see Jeff
rich-c: just Frances to check on her mother, and grocery shopping once a week
Guy B.: And I did a good cleaning od the interior this morning. Mostly one little stinker of a dog's fur all over the place.
Ron: ah the infamous dog fur
Guy B.: She loves going for rides in my car.
rich-c: I've heard cats can do an even bigger job of fuzzing up interiors
Ron: but I'd expect that the dog underneath is worth having around
Guy B.: Walks are her favorite, then going for a ride in the car.
Ron: By the way Rich, I sent off a reply to Geoff Oltmans. gave him some web sites about diving around Victoria and a few other must see items
rich-c: I hope you discourage her from sticking her head out the window
rich-c: Ron, any idea how much travelling Geoff has done outside 'Bama
Ron: none whatever Rich. Don't expect he's been in these parts too often, if at all
Guy B.: She sticks her head out the back window which only lowers half way. But, she doesn't stay out there very long.
rich-c: if he's been strictly bound to his locality, he'll get a hell of a shock
Ron: that's right
rich-c: he'd likely have never seen land that stands on edge (and sometimes shakes)
rich-c: and Wreck Beach is definitely not Gulf Shores!
Ron: or water so big that you can't see across it
rich-c: he'll have trouble with the daylight, too
rich-c: if he comes in the next few weeks, it will be a real shock
rich-c: doubt he's ever been able to read a paper outdoors at 10 p.m.
rich-c: and he will face a big dose of culture shock
rich-c: think he should be warned that Victoria's normal warm hospitality is a bit cool to Texas accents right now?
Ron: guys.... gonna have to bow out..... got a phone call I have to take
Ron: See ya's wed
rich-c: see you Ron
Guy B.: Ok, Ron. See you then.
Ron: be well
rich-c: gladyou could come by
rich-c: you still with us, George?
George: yes
rich-c: you've been so quiet, I was wondering
Guy B.: I was wondering the same thing.
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George: i got lost in tvland
Guy B.: Are you watching the World Cup?
rich-c: I'll be virtuous - I won't do that till after dinner
George: sitcoms
rich-c: outside of my chosen sports, I've given up on tv
Guy B.: I watched part of the England/Argentina game. England scored on a penalty kick. I don't what the score is now.
rich-c: don't even watch the news any more
rich-c: it finished 1-0, Guy, you're watching a tape dealy
George: our news is filtered here
Guy B.: I figured as much. The USA game is tomorrow during the wee hours of the morning.
rich-c: not so much filtered as spun, George, and it's a worldwide plague
rich-c: unless your cable carries BBC International news, you can't avoid it
rich-c: same problem with the newspapers, but sometimes they do run opposing articles and letters
rich-c: we get the sorta-left and sorta-right papers here each day
George: HA, my cable carry BBC?
rich-c: and often enough you'd be hard put to know they wre reporting the same event
rich-c: well, it's one of those things they use as a filler in some packages
George: i'm lucky my cable company carries CNN
rich-c: up here, we would not regard that as kuck - CNN is greatly distrusted
rich-c: they are very good at picking up breaking stories, though
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rich-c: here CNN is an optional extra we do not take
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi there
George: why are they against Turner
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: Hi Pam. You missed Ron.
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: forgot about the chat today, thought I'd drop in for a few minutes
Pamela: Sorry I missed him
rich-c: some klutz knocked the corner off his Taurus and it was a near writeoff
Pamela: Ron's?
rich-c: yes
Pamela: oh dear
Pamela: what year is it, do you know?
rich-c: fortunately neither he nor his mother were hurt
Pamela: thank goodness
rich-c: but that's more than can be said for his right rear area
George: 1998
Guy B.: if he didn't swerve from this guy, he could have hurt his mom who was sitting in the car.
Pamela: sounds like the goof who tried to run me off the road a few weeks ago
Pamela: turned left into my lane without checking to see if it was occupied
rich-c: this was some gardener trying to back his trailer into his driveway across the road
Guy B.: Ron's car was 1993, not 1998.
rich-c: unfortunately, he backed first and looked later
Pamela: fortunately, I had the center turn lane to move into
Pamela: same year as mine - hmmm
Guy B.: My Buick Century is 1993 too.
rich-c: a bit over $4K to fix it, he said
Pamela: about the value of the vehicle at this stage, depending on how well he's kept it up
Guy B.: Just about right, Pam.
rich-c: yes, ICBC sort of flipped a coin on the writeoff issue
Pamela: I'm sure glad they're alright, but I'll bet they're shaken up
George: i got lost
Guy B.: They were, but they were Ok.
rich-c: Ron is, but his mother took it well, it seems
Pamela: for all that Ron complains about ICBC, they're pretty good about taking care of things
Pamela: at least in my experience
rich-c: hmm - do you know any really great bodyshops to recommend in Comox?
Pamela: no, but ICBC will steer him in the right direction
Pamela: is it a sedan?
rich-c: quite a contrast to here - they just want you to take the cheapest
rich-c: yes, I believe it's the 4-door
Pamela: there was no two door unless you count the SHO, just the sedan and wagon
rich-c: right
Pamela: and no one in their right mind bought SHO's
Pamela: trouble on wheels
Pamela: at least in that year
rich-c: true, but the ones weird enough to do it enjoyed them
Pamela: Taurus as sports car is a concept I have trouble wrapping my mind around
Pamela: now as racing cars, yes
rich-c: more sporty than sports, but the Q-ship concept has a certain appeal
Pamela: well, the good news about my car is that I passed drive-clean without a problem today
rich-c: yes, I'd love to have a "stock" Taurus as NASCAR defines it
Pamela: me too
rich-c: v8 engine - rear wheel drive - better aero - sports suspension - dynamite brakes
Pamela: all of the above
Pamela: except I'm not sure it's a good idea to give me an 8 cyl engine
rich-c: Behemoth is too old to need a Drive Clean sticker
Pamela: I'm enough of a lead foot as it is.
Pamela: see, there's something to be said for owning a vehicle that's 29 years old
rich-c: and when I put the V8 in the van, it reverts to 1980 truck requirements
Pamela: why is that?
rich-c: there's a loophole in the act that means it's defined as a hot rod
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: oh, with the trailer off it can get out of its own way nicely even with the V6
Pamela: FYI, gents what we're talking about is the requirements for emissions testing
Pamela: vehicles older than three years but younger that 20 years require testing (and passing) every two years.
rich-c: by the way, you know Behemoth is in the shop?
Pamela: can't renew your plate sticker without it
Pamela: no, didn't know that
Pamela: how come?
George: i have bad emissions without a car
rich-c: yes, having the heads rebuilt -problem with a valve
Pamela: LOL, George
Pamela: remind me not to be in the same room with you for too long
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
rich-c: the labout is so extensive and expensive additional precautionary maintenace seemed useful
Pamela: hee hee hee
rich-c: John tried to talk me out of it but I figured it was worthwhile
Pamela: why did he try to talk you out of it?
rich-c: when it comes back I can take the truck in for the new engine
rich-c: he felt the investment was a bit heavy for a car that old
Pamela: so you're going ahead with that right away - didn't know you were doing it so soon
rich-c: it will be way north of a kilobuck before taxes
Pamela: but he knows what you use it for, right?
Pamela: the engine on the truck or the heads?
rich-c: well, with the V8 in the van that use may change
rich-c: the heads - the truck will be several times that
Pamela: Are you getting a new engine, a reman, or a used?
rich-c: we're still discussing that - will depend on if there's a core credit for the old engine
Guy B.: Well gang. I'm going to go. See you on Wednesday.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
Pamela: if they return it, you should get a core charge credit
Pamela: bye Guy, hope I didn't run you off
George: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: well, a V6 on a V* may present problems
Pamela: look into it, there should be one regardless, as far as I know
rich-c: oh, saw Dr. Santo yesterday
Pamela: especially since the old engine is still good
Pamela: what did the Doc say?
rich-c: the good news: he says my l8ngs will take airplane or high altitude travel
Pamela: good
Pamela: and?
rich-c: the bad news: severe osteo-arthritis in the left hip
Pamela: ouch
rich-c: said he'd sign off on a disability parking permit on the x-rays alone
Pamela: I gotta start keeping track of all this stuff, since it seems I got your body
Pamela: did you ask for one?
rich-c: for the moment we will try some medication variations, but a hip replacement may be necessary soon
rich-c: got the permit application yesterday, will take it over for him to sign Monday
Pamela: double wow : (
Pamela: I guess this means hiking over glaciers is out for the time being
rich-c: all the reports I hear about hip replacements these days seem to be very positive
rich-c: knee surgery is another matter
Pamela: yes, I've heard some very good things
Pamela: Neil
rich-c: at the moment, hiking to the plaza is far beyond me
Pamela: s mom ( Russell's cousin) had one and is thrilled by the improvement
George: i have to get a MRI of the lumbar spine Monday
Pamela: but I hear the recuperation is a bitch
rich-c: well, if pills won't do it I'll consider the knife
Pamela: Have you ever had an MRI before, George?
rich-c: but don't want to do it in the summer or early fall
rich-c: what's the MRI for, George?
George: yes, i got stuck in the tube
Pamela: How did you manage that?
George: they had to pull me out by the feet
George: i'm too big
rich-c: gotta take off some weight, George!
Pamela: George, did you say you're basically confined to a wheelchair? I can't remember
George: i have a disk herniation on L4,L5
rich-c: herniated discs are serious trouble
George: i'm notquite in a wheelchair yet
rich-c: maybe you should have them cut you off at the waistline and put on a new bottom end
Pamela: um, it's about that spinal cord thing Dad
George: the doctor trippled my dose of darvocet
Pamela: them's serious drugs
rich-c: which, I assume, means the pain is getting even worse
George: yes
rich-c: you must be wandering around pretty buzzed most of the while then
George: thats why i say i keep getting lost
rich-c: yes, it definitely figures
rich-c: Pam, I have a race tonight and three tomorrow
Pamela: busy night
rich-c: so don't be surprised if your mother ties up the phone for a long time
Pamela: oh, is she planning to surf/
rich-c: she usually does when she knows I'll be occupied elsewhere for some time
Pamela: I wanted to drop by at some point but don't know when I'll have time.
rich-c: well, if you can't get the line, come by anyway, we'll be here
Pamela: okay, fair enough
rich-c: but now I've got to go shower and get ready for dinner
Pamela: yes, and I should get some other on-line stuff done. Sorry to desert you, George
rich-c: so I shall have to shut it down now
rich-c: right - bye to both of you
George: see you Wen.?
Pamela: well, maybe I'll come by tonite and just enjoy the front porch
rich-c: yep
Pamela: will let you know.
rich-c: OK
George: bye for now
rich-c: bye
Pamela: bye for now - until Wednesday
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