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Dr. Druselius: Ist irgendeiner hier?
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changed username to BobS
Dr. Druselius: Hello Bob.
BobS: Doktor D
Dr. Druselius: Got $$$ to send you!
BobS: got to talk to Doug cuse my memory sucks....BUT
Dr. Druselius: Check payable to you, right?
BobS: wanted yo to do a session at convention concerning the way you had ADAMserve reading the disk drivesd, etc
Dr. Druselius: Sure. I will re-read my copiously commented code :-)
BobS: yes, payable to me......bypassing the silly checkinga ccounts etc and
BobS: deal direct with me, the hote, and my charge crad
Dr. Druselius: Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I have these nice ADAMcon 13 checks for souvenirs now :-)
Dr. Druselius: Check 0001 remains with me, though.
BobS: can also bring in the business on converting the ADAM programs to work with the Powerpaoint
BobS: BRING the checks along this year and pass them out
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BobS: heck maybe can do two diff sessions
Dr. Druselius: Yes, I intended to...I will sign 'em, make the amount VOID or something.
changed username to rich-c
Dr. Druselius: Hello Richard.
rich-c: hello all
BobS: how's da health???????
Dr. Druselius: You digest my E-mail yet, Richard?
rich-c: a little late, just looking at your email, Dr.D
Dr. Druselius: And what BobS said, too...
BobS: like a minute or minute and half.........
BobS: convention is coming together...slowly but steadily
rich-c: anyway, health, for some reason my leg was really getting shirty today
BobS: "shirty".........???????
rich-c: fortunately I got my disability parking permit Monday so could go shopping
Dr. Druselius: Joan got 4 cross-stitch mugs in the mail this week, I will get her and Elanor started on sewing them up with AC14 logos.
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rich-c: yeah, every time I said "let's go" it sort of said "dare ya" and stabbed me
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
BobS: hi DUDE
rich-c: hi Guy, you're early
Dr. Druselius: Hello Guy.
BobS: got your well as Mr McCullough's
Guy B.: Decided to come on early and answer an e-mail on Yahoo.
Dr. Druselius: Back in a few minutes...gotta get the girls to bed for the last time before fall (last day of school is tomorrow).
BobS: you are not early, just on time
Guy B.: So, I'm all set, Great!
rich-c: just bitching because my leg was really sore and uncooperative today
rich-c: and I think I'm coming down with a cold, as if I didn't have hassles enough
BobS: no lie!!!!
rich-c: somehow or other I do suspect I'll survive, though without a smoke it's hard
BobS: just persevere there Rich
BobS: time will help
Guy B.: Making some progress on my program to run Dcopy via Visual Basic. I'm still coding to select the file from a directory. The testing will be done soon.
BobS: how's Frances doing???????
rich-c: I do have fairly firm intentions in that regard, Bob
BobS: got you penciled in for a session Guy
rich-c: bearing up under the starin - consoled her by chauffeuring her to the Amiga meeting last night
Guy B.: Thanks Bob, I hope to have this program ready by the con.
rich-c: so how's things going at your end, Bob?
Guy B.: Bob, how many of us are coming to the convention so far?
rich-c: if I recall you were missing last week
BobS: hotel is booked, food is in process, final to be made.......banqauet is booked and paid for
BobS: 6 Guy
BobS: I came in vewry late didn't I
Dr. Druselius: I'm back.
BobS: ya was at in-laws for anniversary
rich-c: I assume that means paid, Bob, as opposed to committed but you don't have the cheques yet
Guy B.: I'm sure that will go up the month progresses.
BobS: paid
Dr. Druselius: Me and Elanor are coming. I have to get the check book from Joan when she gets home from work tonight.
BobS: almost 6 committed.....a LOT
Dr. Druselius: I can send out $$$ tomorrow.
rich-c: Dr. D., could we move to the Hallway for a bit?
Dr. Druselius: Hallway?
rich-c: one of the other rooms for short private chat
Guy B.: Dr. D, I'm assuming Elanor will bring the muse with her?
Dr. Druselius: Gotta run again...Christina says a vacuum cleaner is smoking!!
rich-c: oops!
Guy B.: Oh boy, hope you can come back.
BobS: still working long hoursw Guy???????
rich-c: anyway, Bob, you know we're coming, just holding out to let our dollar rise a bit more
BobS: yup
Guy B.: No, I'm done until at least after the convention.
BobS: plannning on it
BobS: that's good Guy
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rich-c: anyway, you still want it by early July, right?
changed username to George>
BobS: preferably
rich-c: hi George
BobS: hiya geo
Guy B.: Hi George
rich-c: So how's things in Philly?
George>: Hi group
George>: i'm sore from physical therapy
rich-c: Bob, could you check with your local cops and see if Kentwood honours out of state disability parking permits?
Guy B.: What happened?
rich-c: what was the physio for, George?
George>: for my back
BobS: sure, but they will
Guy B.: How did you hurt your back?
rich-c: I've not heard of physio helping a ruptured disc much
rich-c: sure you're right, Bob, but some places are quite snotty about it - they don't trust furriners
BobS: but, we're good here
Guy B.: Jeanene has one due to her back and we had no problem using it in another state.
George>: i lost everyone
rich-c: that's what I'd expect, Bob
Guy B.: George, how did you hurt your back?
George>: back in 1990 i was in a casino bus accident in Atlantic City
Guy B.: Oh boy, how bad was it?
rich-c: trust you got a cash settlement enough to cover your medical expenses - then and future
BobS: problem with handicapped sticker, license plate, mirror hang in the HOME of U.S. = Philedelphia....they got NO signs for ya to park
George>: i herniated my disk L4,L5
BobS: went hter and after 3 phone calls from the seat of democracy to the seat of the police pants........just park anywhere and the sticker will stop you from getting a ticket
Guy B.: So how long have you been in therapy?
rich-c: I didn't know that could be trated with phsio - thought it required surgery
George>: therapy just started tuesday
Guy B.: For how long?
George>: its doubtful if it will work
BobS: VERY doubtful
rich-c: sounds like an HMO trying to stall off a big expense a little longer
BobS: but with today's insurance rules and associated to try therapy first, it just might work a million yearsa
George>: studies show little hope
BobS: exactly richard
rich-c: did I ever mention how Canadians handle medical expenses?....
rich-c: not that we are smug or anything
BobS: gov't pays.......
Guy B.: That's what happened to Jeanene. She hurt her back from being a cashier at Home Depot. Tried therapy, didn't help. Tried cortisone shots, didn't help either. She had surgery two years ago to remove a bulging disc. That helped her alot.
George>: anyway i have to go 6 weeks
rich-c: but quite honestly, we are horrified by the stories we get from south of 49
George>: my doctor is old school
BobS: but not all are horro stories
Guy B.: Sounds like he's due to retire.
George>: in mind only
rich-c: I feel hard done by when my OTC snake oil isn't covered by Ontario Drug Benefit
George>: my darvocets are going quick
rich-c: hitting the balance between avoiding addiction or worse and enduring the pain is not easy
Guy B.: I ended up changing allergy medication since the insurance company decided it will cost me more to have it.
George>: you can say that again
rich-c: in ODB there is a formulary from which your doctor must choose
rich-c: but it does cover a very wide spectrum of drugs
rich-c: mostly refuses to pay for brand name when there's a proven generic available
George>: right now my homo will only cover darvocet
BobS: same here Richard
rich-c: yes, the HMOs do work the same way. Only makes sense
George>: i maen hmo
George>: farn dingers
rich-c: farn dingers, George
Guy B.: Looks like he and Bob have fumbled fingers tonight.
George>: i get finger tied
rich-c: happens to the best of us
BobS: fimble ningers notin
rich-c: even Pamela can come up with errors, and she's a very practiced touch typist
BobS: hope ya all are getting lost following the lead here
George>: by the way i'm on aol 8.0 beta tonight
Guy B.: Even I do have fumbled fingers too. So, don't feel bad George.
rich-c: what you need to be on, George, is Earthlink or Prodigy or MSN or (anything BUt aol!)
Guy B.: 8.0? Already, at Sam's Club they have a slew of 7.0 CD Roms.
Guy B.: Try Netzero. $9.95 a month.
George>: just downloaded my copy
rich-c: on the beta they are probably playing the Yahoo gamchanging your "profile" behind your back so it says "sure, go ahead and spam me"
George>: it's mainly cosmetic
rich-c: hope you got your lawyer to read teh privacy statement before you installed it, George
George>: LOL
Guy B.: Speaking of Yahoo. They are getting into the dialup business with SBC. They will be charging $15.95 a month.
rich-c: it is not a laughing matter, George
rich-c: and the CEO of SBC made a salary of $82 millioin last year - guess where that money came from
Guy B.: He's right George. If 8.0 has problems and it effects your system. AOL wouldn't be liable.
rich-c: not that I'm suggesting their service charges are excessive or anything, of course
George>: thats true
BobS: stickin to my 8.88 per month local service provi9der
rich-c: right answer, Bob
George>: it's true of most beta software
Guy B.: That goes for me too.
BobS: I am a tight fisted Hollander type and I want sot keep MY dollars
BobS: to keep
rich-c: does it matter? ask George how much help AOL tech support is anyway
Guy B.: We all got to watch how we spend these days.
George>: i due for a reformat anyway
rich-c: why? have you had the computer five years or more?
Guy B.: Be sure you have backed up your hard drive before you do that.
rich-c: a computer should be obsolete before the hard disc needs reformatting
George>: two at the most
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changed username to Judy
BobS: oh heck, don't put amything on the hd and then you can format the hd or whatever you want to do and not hurt anything
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
BobS: HI Judy..........:-)
Judy: Hi, everyone
George>: with 2.2 ghz computers a 500 mhz isn't much
Guy B.: Mine's a 850 and it's plenty fast for me.
Guy B.: I do have three slower computers.
rich-c: anything from a 166MMX up is still usable, though the the back end may lack some very desirable current features
BobS: oh, bullcrap,,,,,for what we are doin' as joe private citizen, an early pentium is more than we need
rich-c: I got my new computer to get USB support, CD-RW, various other updates
BobS: fastest darn thing I got is a 200overdrive cup
BobS: \chip
Guy B.: I'm using the P133 for my Visual Basic programming project and it runs just fine on it.
George>: dvd movies
rich-c: what it amounted to was buying new was little more expensive than putting in the upgrades I wanted
Guy B.: I will be bringing the P75 for the demo.
BobS: for dvd mvies ya need a dvd player plugged in to the wall
rich-c: well, I'l be asking you to transfer files to the 166 laptop - shall I bring a null modem cable?
Guy B.: At least that's one thing I won't be getting for the Athlon. I have a DVD/VHS combo player for that.
Dr. Druselius: Back again at last...sorry for the delay.
rich-c: if I ever have the urge to view a dvd, maybe I'll buy a player
George>: are any software titles in dvd format?
Guy B.: I will be bring a cable as I will be bringing the P75 and the notebook.
rich-c: rich, could we move to Hallway for a minute?
Guy B.: Everything Ok, Dr. D?
Dr. Druselius: Yes...let me talk to Richard C. privately first.
Dr. Druselius moved to room The Hallway
rich-c: meet you there
rich-c moved to room The Hallway
rich-c: hi rich
Dr. Druselius: Bleh, what a night!
rich-c: about your email - no surprises
Dr. Druselius: Burned up vacuum flames, though.
Dr. Druselius: Did you understand everything I wrote?
rich-c: oh dear - you caught it in time
rich-c: yes
rich-c: you did a good job of answering my questions
Dr. Druselius: Is it consonant with your own assessment?
BobS: they got some private stuff to attend to
Guy B.: Bob, what computer are you using?
BobS: probably Girl Scout cookies or simethin
George>: hi Judy
rich-c: remember I can follow science stuff to a certain extent - ran a madical library for a year once
BobS: am on a P166 now
Guy B.: The old reliable.
rich-c: well, it looked to me as if the bibliography gave support to the theories on which the product is built
BobS: upgraded the basement on from a P133 to 200MMX with an overdrive chip
Dr. Druselius: Agreed. It's not just random refs.
rich-c: I was pleased you confirmed them to be reputable journals
Guy B.: How's it working out?
BobS: that runs better now, the spped of the 155
Dr. Druselius: Or refs picked at random to match a couple of keywords.
BobS: 166
rich-c: seems plausible enough that it might be possible - who wants to pay to be a guinea pig?
George>: i'm expecting software to be in dvd-rom format
Dr. Druselius: There is clearly some biochem literature about the effect of this class of compounds on cell membranes.
BobS: Doug said later, I could have just put ina faster ship, but i didn't know and so I just bought a 200 overdrive chip so's I din't bug him
rich-c: and I guess the answer to that is, are you hurting enough to pay serious bucks to be a research subject?
Dr. Druselius: The trick, of course, is extending the hypothesis to include clinical efficacy.
BobS: I don't use any software that elite George
Dr. Druselius: Yes Re: guinea pig.
Dr. Druselius: Have you looked into the costs?
rich-c: I do know glucosamine and chondroitin have recently shown very well in clinical trials
rich-c: Consumer Reports reviewed the situation and recommended them
Guy B.: I'm going to try upgrading the memory on the P133. It's at 32mb and I would like to up it more.
George>: to upgrade or not to upgrade?
Dr. Druselius: Everything that I learned in my Ph.D. research (which was a cartilage proteoglycan lab--includes glucosamine and chondroitin) says that you can't absorb the stuff orally, and if you do, you can't get it to the joint cartilage, because it is avascular.
rich-c: I've also seen the positive general findings about wine and tea, espeically the reservatol component
Guy B.: The Athlon is at 128mb. I might decide to add another stick to it later. Probably a 256mb.
BobS: won't hurt iof Guy
George>: the new aol needs 64 mb. of ram
BobS: it
BobS: thing is, i had 32 megs in the laptop P166, added 64 meg cheap but don't notice any difference for what I use it
Dr. Druselius: The dogma about what makes cartilage so springy is that there are proteins in it which have zillions of long chains of stuff like glucosamine and chondroitin.
rich-c: so in effect we're asking - has someone now found a way to get oral administrations absorbed
Dr. Druselius: These chains have lots of negative charge, really polar, so they attract lots of water.
BobS: guess i just don't use a computer for what it is intended
Dr. Druselius: Water=hydrostatic cushion.
Guy B.: I have 32 in the notebook. But, I'm not going to upgrade it. But, I will get a battery for it.
George>: i need to get a new HD
Dr. Druselius: But cartilage is mostly avascular. The chondrocytes live off of what can diffuse in from outsie.
Dr. Druselius: outside, that is.
Guy B.: What size do you have now George?
BobS: think I had less than $20 in 64 megs for the mem upgrade
Dr. Druselius: The trick has been getting new chondrocytes to grow at the bone surface and push new cartilage out, into the joint, to make a new articular surface.
rich-c: and if someone can make more and better diffuse in from the outside?
George>: 8.4 gb. it's almost full
Dr. Druselius: The chains are attached to central "core" proteins at the time the proteins are synthesized. There are degradative mechanisms to remove chains after they're on, but none that I'm aware of to put them back on after they 've been made in the cell the first time.
Dr. Druselius: Think about something which looks like a test-tube brush.
rich-c: ok
Dr. Druselius: The core protein is the wire shaft, the chondroitin chains are the bristles.
Guy B.: But. I'm thinking of upgrading the BIOS on the 133. The advantage is it will accept larger capicity hard drives. EDO memory, the present one works with fast page and parity.
BobS: George, what ya gonna do if it crashes, got all that stuff backed up????????
Dr. Druselius: Attach one end to a cell, the other end sticks out into space.
Guy B.: You can get a 40 gig for about $70 or less.
BobS: if not, it is all gonna be trach anyway
BobS: trash
Dr. Druselius: Lots of them in a layer, with water and some other stuff to cross-link the core proteins together, makes cartilage.
George>: most of what i need is backed up
Dr. Druselius: Now I've been out of that field for 10 years now, not sure if any new super discoveries to change that picture have been made.
rich-c: ok, I skipped over the relevant diagram on the website, but I'm following you
BobS: back it ALL up, or simply getting bigger, is a waste
George>: on cd-r
Dr. Druselius: This drug claims to (1) reduce the enzymatic degradation of the chondroitin chains from the core proteins, (2) maintain or promote the lateral cross-linking of the core proteins.
Guy B.: Try uisng a CDRW for that. I use them just for backing up my drive.
Dr. Druselius: See how that would tend to keep cartilage intact, keep it from breaking apart?
rich-c: essentially, I do know from Consumer Reports, who have a lot of high-power medical consultants, that oral administration of glucosamine and chondroitin is now considered to be efficious
Dr. Druselius: I'd be surprised if whole chains swallowed get incorporated into new proteoglycans.
Dr. Druselius: But maybe after they're broken down, they increase the pool of raw materials for new synthesis.
rich-c: yes, we're into a dodgy area there
Dr. Druselius: Stuff like chondroitin is a polymer of sugar rings (6 side, like table sugar).
Dr. Druselius: Each special kind of "glycosaminoglycan" is a different repeating unit of a few specific sugars, polymerized over and over.
George>: did Rich and Dr.D. leave us for good?
rich-c: anyway, since you asked, price after taxes (of 15%) is about $85 for 350 ml
Dr. Druselius: So each kind of polymer has slightly different chemical and physical characteristics.
Guy B.: They are in The Hallway room having a private chat.
rich-c: since recommended dosage is 10 ml/day that's a 35-day supply
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Ron
George>: Hi Ron
Ronald: evening
Dr. Druselius: 1 tsp = 5 ml, 2 tsp per day theraputic dose...yep, I was just typing that math.
BobS: heloo Ronald from da west
Ronald: other side of the Rockies
rich-c: be sure I did it before I bought it
Ronald: On Linux no less
rich-c: by the way, I waws wondering about the seconday ingredients - thanks for clearing that up
Guy B.: Your on Linux tonight
Ronald: ya.... SuSE 8.2
BobS: now,,,,,,,linux is like a dos operating system yes?????
Ronald: sweet
Dr. Druselius: $1.21 per dose, about.
Ronald: nope.... fulla windows
Ronald: browsers
Judy: Hi, Ron
Ronald: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Didn't you have Mandrake?
George>: windows killer
BobS: so liek win95??????
rich-c: basically, seems like someone has stumbled over a theoretical possibility and tried in in practice with (anecdotally) positive results
rich-c: there appears to be something similar on the U.S. market - see
BobS: and works kinda the same way?????
Dr. Druselius: Actually, more like anecdotal evidence of tea or wine drinkers made people look for correlations between ingredients and stuff being studied in biochem for other reasons.
Dr. Druselius: Well...
rich-c: well that came from the French Paradox, which was really cardio studies
BobS: ya there guys??????
Dr. Druselius: You could see how much the markup is for the non-primary ingredients (i.e., how much would it cost to buy them separately).
Ronald: yes, but Mandrake wouldn't recognize my sound card
Ronald: very much so these Days Bob. It's getting better all the itme
Ronald: time
Ronald: seems I've been cut?
Ronald: yep
Ronald: I've lost you here, gonna go out and come back in again
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: yes, I recognized the tea and wine derivatives, of course
Guy B.: There you are Ron
BobS: no, you still here
BobS: whoops gone again
Dr. Druselius: If the secondary ingredients come to 50 cents per dose, then *maybe* you could do that and drink tea and wine, and get about the same effect.
Guy B.: So, which Linux are you using again?
rich-c: still, if they are actually going to go through the clinical trials to prove the stuff works, that's a big cost
Dr. Druselius: Remember, pharmacy used to be lots of herbs and decoctions and extracts, less than a century ago.
Dr. Druselius: I have an internal medicine textbook from 1935 which has a huge appendix at the end of how to make all kinds of syrups, what extracts will mix and which won't, etc.
rich-c: sure, some of our most potent medicines are from natural sources - willow bark comes to mind (where would we be without that?)
Dr. Druselius: All they had then was sulfanilamide.
Dr. Druselius: And foxglove = digitalis.
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: He's back.
Ronald: hmmmmm.....
Ronald: so much for progress
Dr. Druselius: They probably have devised some extraction protocol to get lots of the putative active ingredients from grapes and tea.
rich-c: yes, I can remember when the sulfa "miracle drugs" were introduced, just before the war
Guy B.: What Linux are you using now?
Ronald: same
Ronald: one more stop and we go to the mac
Guy B.: Not Red Hat, right!
Ronald: nope. SuSE is the German Version. They are to Germany what Red Hat is to North America
BobS: what's the advantage, other than not having Bill Gates on your back
Dr. Druselius: I guess $1.21 per dose is not too expensive to warrant a 35-day trial, assuming your physician would sign off on it (or at least be neutral).
Ronald: no more blue screens of death
rich-c: anyway, seems the stuff is theoretically plausible, dubiously possible, but cant be totally ruled out
Dr. Druselius: I guess I would say, if you can spare $85 for a couple of months, go for it.
Ronald: seems more solid (at least most of the time)
Guy B.: Oh, so it's a different one. There are so many versions out there from different companies. It would make your head spin.
Dr. Druselius: If it works for you, for whatever reason, then it's worth it, right?
rich-c: oh, my doctor said go try it, it can't hurt and if it does help, you're ahead of the game
BobS: ok, ya gotta bring it to the convention
George>: i got a NORAD screen
Dr. Druselius: If it doesn't work, well, you gave it a fair shot.
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Ronald: Can doi. It's a 3 CD set
rich-c: exactly - if they turn out to be even partially right, I've got lots of way to win
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello Everyone
Ronald: Hi Meeka
Judy: Hi, again
BobS: we could explore that avenue Ronald
Dr. Druselius: (Evil thought) is what you were spending on tobacco products more or less than $85/month?
BobS: Hi Meweka
rich-c: if it eases my back spasms, or upgrades my lungs, or limitis the areas of arthritic pain, I've won bug
Guy B.: Do you need a separate partition to run it?
BobS: Meeka
George>: Hi Meeka
Dr. Druselius: Y ou might still come out ahead if you can stay cold turkey...
Guy B.: Hi Meeka. How's Doug these days?
rich-c: less, as it happens
Dr. Druselius: Not being a smoker, I have no idea what the costs are.
Ronald: Yes. Hard drive must be set up to provide 2 partitions for Linux. In my case, I've installed it on a 2nd hard drive.
rich-c: but note I do not say I don't smoke - I say I can't
Ronald: So got Win 98 and Linux on the same computer
rich-c: this isn't what any person told me - it's what my lungs told me
Meeka: good, he has been busy at work
Guy B.: That's a great idea. Keep one hard drive for Billy Boy.
Dr. Druselius: Listen to your internal organs :-)
Ronald: yeah.
Guy B.: How much space does it require?
rich-c: you don't have to - but you'll be sorry if you don't
Dr. Druselius: I didn't look to see if there was maybe a cheaper source of this here in say Michigan, which you might partake of during ADAMcon...
Dr. Druselius: pricing might be better here.
Ronald: depends on what you want to install. Anywhere between 1 gig and 2 gig
rich-c: since its a Canadian product (from up near Ron, actually) I doubt it
Ronald: you can actually install it in about 500 meg, but not the newer distributions
Dr. Druselius: I gathered that it was more available there than in the States.
rich-c: and with the dollar exchange, it would have to be cheap in a market not noted for cheap drugs
Ronald: big thing is RAM. You need at least 32 Meg, and 64 is much better
Guy B.: Does it come with software?
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changed username to freddymaiden
Dr. Druselius: I guess you're stuck, then.
rich-c: doesn't mean I might not check it out while at Adamcon, just not optimistic
freddymaiden: hi
BobS: hi there!!!
Dr. Druselius: What is the current exchange rate now BTW?
Guy B.: Hi Freddy
freddymaiden: hi allÓ
Judy: hi, Freddy
BobS: welcome to the weekly ADAM computer forum
freddymaiden: great
Ronald: That's mostly what takes the space. on this one, I've got 2 complete office suites, a c compiler, c++ compiler, all sorts of networking utilities
rich-c: anyway we've got all sorts of new prople on - shall we return to the other room?
Ronald: and on and on and on
George>: Hi Freddy
Ronald: complete e-books about Linux
Guy B.: Wow, that's alot there. Have you tried any of it?
Meeka: Hello Freddy
rich-c: $1 US = $1.56 CDN appx
Dr. Druselius: Sure. Back I go.
freddymaiden: hi Meeka
rich-c: CU
BobS: but how much space does the Linux program itself take, not allthe extra stuff?????
Dr. Druselius moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: They are back
Ronald: not as much as I would have liked. mostly the office suites.
rich-c: we're back folks - hi meeka and freddy and ron
Dr. Druselius: Wir sind zurčkgekommen!
Dr. Druselius: Drat, it censored my u-umlaut!
freddymaiden: was?
rich-c: have to switch to the proper keyboard, Dr.D.
Guy B.: What's in the Office Suite?
rich-c: freddymaiden, we came in late - may we have an introduction?
Dr. Druselius: It entered fine in the entry window (using Mac keyboard here), option-u then u, but when posted, it disappeared.
Ronald: Star Office 5.2 - has Wordprocessor, browser, presentation software, drawing program, spreadsheet, data base
Ronald: all capabile of reading MS files
BobS: well tahat is the probloem Dr D,,,a MAC
freddymaiden: Aerea Montreal Male 27 owner of Adam
Dr. Druselius: Ronald, as in Ronald the Mighty Mitchell?
Ronald: KOffice has same sorts of stuff
Guy B.: I've heard thats a good Office Suite and it can read all MS files?
rich-c: that's now being replaced by Open Office, Ron, possibly even better
Ronald: large as life and twice as ugly dr.
Ronald: Montreal eh?
freddymaiden: yup
Ronald: here is Comox BC
rich-c: then welcome from a fellow Canadian, freddy - I'm in Toronto
Dr. Druselius: Yee-haw, long time since I've been here at the same time as you!
BobS: trouble is FM.........we tend to get OOF track a LOT
freddymaiden: great
Ronald: right. it's true eh?
BobS: and Ronald is in BC on the island
George>: my data drive died
freddymaiden: great my uncle is in BC Richmond
rich-c: what saymptoms, George?
Ronald: not far away Freddy
George>: it won't load anything now
rich-c: depends on how good a swimmer you are, Ron
BobS: well IF it is ADAM stuff ya want, the annual ADAM convention will be in August this year in MICHIGAN USA
Ronald: cleaning George?
George>: it just spins
freddymaiden: LOL
Ronald: true
Ronald: I am 20-30 miles offshore
Ronald: Bob's Island
freddymaiden: ha
Ronald: we just gave it to him
BobS: tis not so far, for a man to come for a spot of playin with the wee computer
George>: i trie 3 data packs
rich-c: or, I'll sell you all sorts of stuff - Canadian dollars and shippinI've dealt in Adam stuff for over 10 years - A.D.A.M. Services
BobS: LUV the island ronald
freddymaiden: lol
Ronald: I know
Dr. Druselius: Hope to get to Comox one of these years...hint hint
BobS: and NEXT year, 2003 I am COMIN' BACK to the island !!!!!!!!!
Ronald: When you take it Bob, would you please make sure our provincial government is on it
Ronald: yup
rich-c: yes, Adamcon 15 is already agreed for Comox, isn't it?
Dr. Druselius: Isn't Puget Sound deep enough to sink 'em in?
(BobS reboots Ronald's computer remotely.)
Ronald: the same
George>: carts work
Ronald: actually yes Dr. That's a thought
freddymaiden: I got lots to learn about Adam today by the sounds of it
Dr. Druselius: Build a breakwater or ten.
rich-c: the shop is almost finished with the engine work on my car
rich-c: after which the truck goes in for the new engine
Judy: and there are a lot of people to help you learn
rich-c: so I should have two vehicles capable of towing the trailer to BC
Ronald: Do you have an ADAM Fred?
Dr. Druselius: When left to our own devices here, freddy, we tend to be chatty about personal stuff.
BobS: oh, ADAM is still the same.......jsut upgraded with Hard drives, mem cards, pralle pritners etc
Dr. Druselius: But feel free to yank us back onto the topic of ADAMs!
freddymaiden: yes havent used it in a while last purchase was a dik
Ronald: yes please bring us back on topic
freddymaiden: sk drive but have no disk manager
Dr. Druselius: Did freddy say already how he found out about this chat?
rich-c: any of us can give you a copy of the disc manager
BobS: ah yes...ya don't need disk manager to use the disk drive
Dr. Druselius: I am curious if any of my posts to have netted anyone.
freddymaiden: nien
Dr. Druselius: Or to alt.folklore.computers.
freddymaiden: by searching on the net
rich-c: or you can buy Tony Morehen's File Manager
Dr. Druselius: Got it, thanks.
freddymaiden: really
BobS: and ya came across what Freed???????
Ronald: haven't been to newsgroups in many moons
Dr. Druselius: Some games people were wondering if there was going to be a 20th anniversary celebration for the ColecoVision.
BobS: Fred........
Dr. Druselius: I gave them details about ADAMcon 14.
Ronald: the way we're going.... probably
freddymaiden: what?
Ronald: would it be 2003, or 2004
Ronald: ??
BobS: got a message from a; guy who runs a collectors forum about info also Rich
Dr. Druselius: I made an ADAM cake last time, do you think a ColecoVision cake will survive the trip from Ohio?
rich-c: well, we're still looking for possible events for teh convention
BobS: what did your websearch lead you too Fred????????
rich-c: and since it is Aug. 8-12th we don't have that long left
Dr. Druselius: CV debuted in 1982.
BobS: sure Dr D go for it
Ronald: ok, so it would have to be this year
freddymaiden: youw e-mail address mostly
freddymaiden: haha
BobS: ok
freddymaiden: lots of info. but need to learn alot about Adam
Dr. Druselius: Yeah, events, I am still waiting for Judy to chair some humiliating contest for me :-)
BobS: sell start slow and we will throw ALL kinds of help your way
freddymaiden: MTAG web not updated i think
BobS: well
Ronald: freddy, we're having the 14th annual gathering Aug 8 - 11 in Grand Rapids Michigan
rich-c: you can have any of our email addresses - which would you like?
Dr. Druselius: I volunteer for blind ADAM troubleshooting or left-handed ADAM assembly or something.
Judy: that could be done Dr D
Dr. Druselius: Power supply toss...
rich-c: no, Dale has a new business and a new son and has other things than MTAG on his mind
freddymaiden: super
Judy: we can put that in, but left handed is done all the time
rich-c: hope you did look through the Adamcon section, though
Dr. Druselius: "Name that DDP" by listening to it in an audio tape deck...
freddymaiden: anyone
Dr. Druselius: Not by me, a confirmed rightie :-)
rich-c: OK, I'm
Ronald: Actually Dr. I wanna see that Halloween outfit that was on the net last year
Dr. Druselius: I'm
BobS: yes, methinks the MTAG page is notdown, jsut is
Dr. Druselius: I can bring it, if you like. Still fits great.
Dr. Druselius: *And* I have a genuine TOS communicator!
Ronald: that would be thoroughly disgusting and very cool
Dr. Druselius: Beeps and everything.
rich-c: if the adamcon page were down, we wouldn't be chatting on it!
freddymaiden: tks very much shall e-mail sometime
Dr. Druselius: Has an 8-second voice recorder in it...I have it set up with Scotty saying "Enterprise to Captain Kirk, we're ready to beam you up."
freddymaiden: tks Bob
Dr. Druselius: I wear it to class on Halloween every year.
BobS: ya sure!!!!
Ronald: :)
Dr. Druselius: All right, I will wear the costume to the reception or something...make comments about having to construct mnemonic circuits with stone knives and bearskins.
Ronald: Reminds me of an early issue of Mad magazine
Dr. Druselius: Or Coleco ADAMs.
freddymaiden: lol
Ronald: "Dammit Scotty, I told you get this *17^% thing fixed"
BobS: now, now ron....remember it is only a macintosh
George>: huh?
freddymaiden: are these chats only on wed?
Ronald: no, this is the Pentium
Dr. Druselius: Honest to goodness, 2 nights ago I dreamed that someone sent me a singing Star Trek telegram...
rich-c: it's OK George, think I'm getting a bit lost too
BobS: well Fred, remember......every Wed night at 9PM EST we chat........
Ronald: Multi threads getting tangled
BobS: I thik it is chat
rich-c: sometimes we get together Saturdays at #, when we remember
rich-c: that's 3
freddymaiden: lol
Dr. Druselius: PowerMac 6100/66 upgraded to G3/250 here.
BobS: and possibly on Sat at 3PM EST if anyone remembers
George>: i'm in la la land
freddymaiden: ok get the picture....
rich-c: I'm dubious for this weekend - they'e broadcasting LeMans live
Ronald: sounds like a reasonable machine Rich D.
Dr. Druselius: Also there is the emergency backup chat server (in case this one is down) at
BobS: tohsiba upgraded to nuthin here............
Dr. Druselius: Cat whisker with earphone?
rich-c: Scott hasn't been on tonite, has he?
Ronald: tin can and string (remember I'm on an island)
George>: no
Dr. Druselius: Is he going to come to one of these ADAMcons or not?
Meeka: ok folks, I am gonna get going. Bandit wants some attention
rich-c: pity - he wants an Amiga and I have a line on a nice one
Ronald: Bandit is priority
freddymaiden: wow cya Meeka
Dr. Druselius: Nite Meeka.
Judy: bye, Meeka see you tomorrow
Ronald: go straight home Meeka
rich-c: right Meeka, walk the dog and take care - see you next time
George>: nite Meeka
Dr. Druselius: Oh I never told the story of tonight's vacuum cleaner death...
Meeka: ok, night
Meeka left chat session
BobS: yes, what happened????
rich-c: and we are dying to hear it
freddymaiden: lol
Dr. Druselius: Christina (eldest daughter, age 15.5) was sweeping in her room. Griiiiinnnnd! Whiiiiinne! Grrrrrrr.
Dr. Druselius: "Daddy, there is smoke coming out of it!"
Dr. Druselius: So I ran.
George>: go on
Dr. Druselius: She had unplugged it, fortunately.
rich-c: smart kid
rich-c: but then we know that
freddymaiden: out of a broom?
Dr. Druselius: She either swept up something hard, or else it was just old and failed...but the plastic impeller (to suck air in) had shattered and the broken plastic vanes jammed the motor.
BobS: vacuum cleaNER
Dr. Druselius: (Midwest types like me call it a sweeper)
BobS: ya they do that when they hit something had tha happen
Dr. Druselius: Motor burned was a Hoover upright, not cheap 10 years ago...but no more metal parts inside.
BobS: and when sonly some blades break, the noise is deafening
Ronald: just re-designed one myself
Ronald: vacuum wouldn't pick up screws worth a damn
Dr. Druselius: Nothing to fix, I had it apart, just fragments.
rich-c: note to seolf: blue smoke=computer. Black smoke=motor
Dr. Druselius: So, I bagged it up for trash.
moved to room Meeting Place
freddymaiden: ahhhh
Dr. Druselius: I guess off to Wal-Mart tomorrow night to get another one.
changed username to bair
BobS: RIGHT ON Rich!!!!! yo go to the head of the class
Guy B.: It's the Bair.
rich-c: the Bair is on the hunt!
BobS: MR Bair !!!!!!
BobS: welcome
Dr. Druselius: Hello Bob Bair!
George>: Hi bair
Ronald: hey! The BAIR
bair: hi everyone
Guy B.: How's Virginia?
freddymaiden: hi bair
rich-c: Don't buy a Fantom, Dr. D., they just went bust
bair: just find
Dr. Druselius: Naah, I'm a Hoover guy, I guess.
BobS: hows Bair???????
Guy B.: She's doing better. That's great.
Dr. Druselius: Dirt Devil would be neat, but I'm saving my pennies for ADAMcon.
Judy: Hi, Bair
freddymaiden: EUREIKA
Ronald: whatever's cheapest
BobS: they are just as good as Hoover
bair: hi judy
rich-c: I think Frances inherited ourv Hoover from her mother
George>: eureka ironsides
Dr. Druselius: I have to see what they have...this dead Hoover was actually bought at a Hoover store which used to be just down the street.
freddymaiden: haha
Guy B.: I have a Dirt Devil. Other than a little frayed cord. Still runs, but I do plan to get a new vacuum.
Dr. Druselius: I'd love to have my grandma's Hoover...all metal, shiny chrome, indestructable.
Judy: that is what I have been using for years
freddymaiden: get a shop vac...haha
Ronald: mine must be capable of digesting metallic objects
rich-c: our's lacks the shiny chrome, but otherwise, yep
bair: Iam
Dr. Druselius: After she died, her husband sold it with the house sale...
Ronald: computer screws, wire resistors
rich-c: pushpins...
Ronald: :)
George>: time for icecream
Ronald: yes
rich-c: (private joke, freddy)
Dr. Druselius: We went through 2 more Hoovers when I was growing up, one was bluish-grey, the other one was that 70s almond yellow color.
(Guy B. gives Judy a can of Diet Coke.)
bair: push pins hurt
Dr. Druselius: Still have the latter, but the bristles are all gone from its roller, so it is rather useless :-)
freddymaiden: tkf fr keeping me advised Ronald...
rich-c: Ron couldn't fix a computr without them
Dr. Druselius: I guess there's always Electrolux...have you heard the (genuine) advertising tagline used for it in England?
Ronald: A long tima ago in a Galaxy far, far away,
BobS: Ron has a GIANT pushpin he does
Dr. Druselius: "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux"
rich-c: do we want to know, Dr. D?
bair: it is not that far away
Judy: thanks Guy but I don't drink coke at night
Ronald: there was an ADAMcon where I was discovered anchoring a memory expander connection to the motherboard with pushpins
freddymaiden: hahahha
Ronald: I have noy yet heard the end of it
Dr. Druselius: The verb has a bit of a different meaning nowadays...
BobS: and never will either methinks
Ronald: still there, still works
George>: try spikes
BobS: don't forget the alligator clip attached to the pushpin Ron
Dr. Druselius: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Ronald: yup
rich-c: only on big computers, George
freddymaiden: sure
Guy B.: Well folks, got to read the e-mail. I hope to make it for Saturday, depends what I'm doing that day. May help a friend from work install her new modem. So, if I'm not there on Saturday, I'll see you all next week.
Dr. Druselius: Ron is a certified Healer of Appliances.
BobS: Ron gets an A for ingenuity
Ronald: but now..... when the ADAM disassembly contest happens in Comox
George>: really big computers
rich-c: OK Guy, see you or no, at worst next Wed
BobS: ok guy, IF i can remember and the weather promotes staying inside I wil see ya
Ronald: how are the contestants to handle the pushpins?
Dr. Druselius: What a monster I've created!
Judy: bye Guy
Dr. Druselius: Bye
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: niters Guy
freddymaiden: weuklicht!
bair: by guy
Ronald: Rich C. Where's daughter tonite?
rich-c: so Bob, any news from darkest Indiana?
BobS: BAIR, the dance card is filling fast for convention.....gotta commit soon because we NEED ya
bair: well not much
Dr. Druselius: I miss Virginia razzing me!
rich-c: no idea why Pamela isnt on - maybe her social life is interfering
Ronald: excuses
BobS: Pam, social life?????????? on Wed evening???????
BobS: TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!
freddymaiden: humpday
George>: huh?
Dr. Druselius: "Secret lives of ADAMites, Part XVII: Pamela"
rich-c: remember she and her buddies populate half the apartment building
freddymaiden: haha
rich-c: theres Kimberly and alison and Lindsay and all
bair: we are moving everything from the house to garage to re do floors in the house
Dr. Druselius: Probably watching HP on DVD or something, I know she was looking forward to it.
Ronald: sounds like work to me mr. Bair
bair: so wont be coming
rich-c: more likely looking at pictures Kimberly brought back from China
Ronald: and work is a 4 letter word
Dr. Druselius: :-( :-(
Ronald: awww.
bair: it is I just hope I have enough room
rich-c: surely you can spare the three days, Bob
rich-c: it isn't that long a drive up from your place
Dr. Druselius: Maybe I should swing down your way on my way won't recognize Elanor :-)
bair: dont think so it is $10000
rich-c: besides, you'd still have eight weeks to do the floors in
rich-c: how many square miles of loor do you have, anyway?
Ronald: significant bux
bair: cash is also hard to get
rich-c: yes, but ten large Yank should refinish all teh floors in a postal code
Ronald: brb
Dr. Druselius: Speaking of significant...I think I am going to go to be now. I have been up significant hours today (since 4:30 AM)...believe it or not, we shot X-ray movies of our feeding slugs today over at University Hospitals Radiology Department. Early start to avoid the human patients.
bair: will it is a sub floor then new carpet
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. Druselius: For freddy, I'm a biology Ph.D. at CWRU in Cleveland; I study the feeding behavior of giant marine slugs.
freddymaiden: really?
bair: sI study the feeding of bairs
Dr. Druselius: So, it's good night to all, and if we aren't all swimming on Saturday, I'll stop by the chat.
Dr. Druselius: Re: slugs, yep, really.
Ronald: nite Dr. D.
freddymaiden: wow
freddymaiden: cya Dr.
Ronald: a slug by any other name
rich-c: Dr.D., thanks for the research and advice
Dr. Druselius: Just published 3 papers this year...3-D modelling, real-time MRI...
George>: nite Dr.D
Ronald: still kills my primula
Dr. Druselius: No prob, Richard, feel free to ask more questions at any time.
rich-c: much appreciated
freddymaiden: haha
Dr. Druselius: I'll bring you a dead one to gloat over, Ron.
freddymaiden: aufwiedersehen
Dr. Druselius: Gute Nacht Alle!
Ronald: oh thanks....sir
Dr. Druselius left chat session
rich-c: guess you can't ship him a return slug, Ron
BobS: we're not all as intellectual about slugs as Dr D; Freddy,.....some os us are normal
freddymaiden: hahahha
rich-c: they dont make freight cars big enough to handle the Pacific coast species
freddymaiden: no prob Bob
Ronald: they're all DEAD
George>: i'm the dummy
freddymaiden: lol
Ronald: propelled at high velocity over yon back fence
rich-c: with a fork lift truck?
Ronald: ya
George>: oh my back
BobS: they probably have GIANt size slugs on the island eh Ron????????
freddymaiden: well nice to chat with you all, better then yest. was nobody but now i know why.....
Ronald: You gonna be able to make the con George?
rich-c: freddy, you can see pictures of all the folks you have been talking to
rich-c: some are on this adamcon site
freddymaiden: really
BobS: come back again freddy. we wil try to be normal!!!!!
rich-c: others are on (no www.)
freddymaiden: crazy was fine
bair: judy have you played adam bomb
Ronald: why am I watching a soccer game that I already know the outcome of?
George>: no i'm DOA
BobS: got su Ron
BobS: us
Ronald: I'm not even a soccer fan
rich-c: come back soon, freddy
Judy: not in the last few weeks have you?
freddymaiden: the title dosent seem to relate
freddymaiden: haha
freddymaiden: ok buy to all and cya
Ronald: later freddy..... was good meeting another fellow Canadian
BobS: ADAMbomb is WHY we need the Bairs this year!!!!!!!
Judy: bye Freddy com e again
freddymaiden: likewise its a peasure nice group here....tks fr all the advises
freddymaiden: bue
freddymaiden: bye
George>: bye Freddy
bair: no Ihave been bisy may have more terri. classess to go to
rich-c: yes, you always seem to have something going on
freddymaiden left chat session
Ronald: we are all quite sane really
Ronald: sometimes
BobS: sane?????????
rich-c: speak for yourself, Mitchell
Judy: lately it seems to be grand babies
George>: who said i was sane?
bair: have a big exercise going on pretty soon with are hospitail
Judy: they keepme very busy
rich-c: full scale disaster drill, Bob?
bair: keeps out of trouble
Ronald: sound serious
BobS: I am the only sane one.......... ;-)
rich-c: true, but is the price tag worth it?
Ronald: well Bob, sometimes we actually wonder about you too
bair: yes for the county
rich-c: like insurance, you hope not to use itm but if you do, you're awful glad to have it
Ronald: yes
bair: yes youare right there
BobS: huh, me???????
George>: insurance is a scam
Ronald: you da MAN Bob!!!
rich-c: naw, BobS, you couldn't be right
rich-c: no, insurance is a necessity that often gets abused
bair: If Ikeep doing a good job I plan to retire from work and be the director for noble county
rich-c: like, the bosses don't do any work?
Ronald: neat
BobS: when is the retirement date?????
George>: i don't know how i got that NORAD screen
BobS: i WANT to QUIT too
bair: hope in two years
BobS: naw you are too young
rich-c: so you can come to Adamcon 17!
George>: in PHILLY ?
rich-c: maybe even ACon 16, depending
bair: should have lots of time then
Ronald: Bair.... retirement does not bring time
Ronald: it sucks it away
bair: i hope you are wrong
Ronald: no sir
rich-c: don't spoil his illusions, Ron
Ronald: :)
rich-c: he'll find out the truth soon enough
Ronald: true
BobS: seems like the older I get, the less time I have and I should have more...what with all the kids gone now.......
bair: that is what mean
rich-c: you're beginning to learn how it works
bair: should have lots of free time
Ronald: free time eh?
Ronald: hmmmm
BobS: well kids, the bride and i have to wander yonder .........bedtime so i can get up and go to WORK tomorrow
rich-c: yeah, Ropn, what's that?
rich-c: you seen any of that stuff lately?
BobS: stinks eh????????
Ronald: dirty job Mr. S. but somebody has to do it
bair: see ya bob, judy
Judy: night all talk to you next week
Ronald: damned if I know Rich
rich-c: anyway, Bob, Judy, nite now, see you Sat or Wed
BobS: give hugs to all who need them, kic in the pants to thos etha need those and have FUN....see ya's later!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Ronald: nite to the Slopsemas
George>: i have to go. i need to get up early
Judy left chat session
Ronald: may your free time be your own
rich-c: OK George, see you Sat or next week
Ronald: nite George. You guys are all 3 hours too fast
George>: ok on Sat.
bair: nite george
George>: nite all
George> left chat session
Ronald: Well let's just say this, Bob Bair, we miss ya. And we'd sure love to see you one of these 'cons
rich-c: yes, and time for me to check email and take my inhalers
rich-c: Ron, amen to that
Ronald: and I'm off to repair a friends computer that seems unrepairable at this point
rich-c: don't forget the pushpins
Ronald: right.
bair: well i have 't for got you gus
rich-c: OK gentlemen, nite all till next one
Ronald: yup... nite all
rich-c left chat session
bair: good ite
Ronald: :)
Ronald left chat session
bair: see ya later
bair left chat session
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changed username to james
james: heh. guess i missed everyone. sorry, see you all hopefully next week.
james left chat session
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changed username to rich-c > chat > Wed 2002-06-12
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