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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi George good news
George: hi Rich
rich-c: your drives are ready tested and timed
George: great
rich-c: now all I have to do is pack and ship
rich-c: target for that: Monday
George: thanks
rich-c: now let's just hope all goes well
George: yes
rich-c: what's new in Philly today?
George: not much
rich-c: we're in a cold spell - 50s and 60s
rich-c: running sun - storm - sun -storm
George: i slept till 12:30
rich-c: oh, I was up at my usual 8.30 or so
rich-c: had to catch the start of Les vingt-quatre heures du Mans
George: huh?
rich-c: 24 Hours of LeMans - world's most significant sports car race
George: oh
rich-c: it's on Speed Channel, if you get it
George: yes
rich-c: the Audis are leading but have been slowed by tire trouble
rich-c: the little MG is third which is neat
rich-c: the Cadiallacs aren't doing too well but the lead Corvette is very strong
George: ok, i'm not a real race fan
rich-c: no, none of the chat group have much interest
rich-c: but except for CFL football it's all I watch on tv
George: ok
rich-c: wonder if any of the others will turn up today?
George: i like nature shows
rich-c: yes, a lot of the nature shows can be good, I'd guess from the ads
rich-c: my tv viewing is limited because I give more time to reading
George: i miss camping this year
rich-c: do you usually go camping? when and where?
George: the pass three years i went camping . usually at French creek state park
rich-c: do you do tent or vehicle camping?
George: last year we had a camping trailer
rich-c: hard side or foldup?
George: i guess a hard side . it was ritz-craft
rich-c: don't know that make; it must be local to you
rich-c: how big (what length) was it?
George: 17 foot
rich-c: oh, we have a 1982 Terry Taurus 18" Lite
rich-c: we have been camping every year since 1973
George: it had a stove fridge, sink and bathroom
rich-c: and our car has effectively never been used for anything but trailer towing/camping
rich-c: if it has indoor plumbing, it's a hard-side
George: yes
rich-c: our car now has 180,000 miles on it
George: wow
rich-c: and has towed through 9 provinces and 44 states (+DC)
George: i lost my camping partner when Nancy left
rich-c: right now it's in teh shop getting the cylinder heads re-done and cracked exhaust manifolds replaced
George: big job
rich-c: I hope she was better company on the road than in the city
George: she was strange to say the least
rich-c: we had sort of got that impression
George: now i just stay alone
rich-c: I gather you rent trailers or something
George: she paid $800.00 for it was a 1967
rich-c: I know your social opportunities are limited, but you may hook up with someone again
rich-c: oh, it was Nancy's trailer. How did you tow it?
George: with a ford bronco
George: she drove it
rich-c: for a trailer that light, that's overkill, but you can't get towing capability at all now without a tuck
rich-c: truck
George: my doctor won't let me have a driver's license
rich-c: and I can tell you that the tow ratings on the compact trucks are sheer fiction
rich-c: I can understand why the doctor feels that way, but it's a dreadful inconvenience
George: yes
rich-c: anyway, I hope to make my truck really able to pull a trailer
rich-c: when I get the car back the truck goes in to have a V8 installed
George: yes it's nice to go camping
rich-c: helps to keep us sane, especially with our winter
George: that will give you some power
rich-c: well, the V^ is supposed to haul 5500 lbs - but don't try it if you're allergic to 18-wheelers giving you the air horn on upgrades
George: oh boy
rich-c: but the V6 is really 3/4 of the V8 anyway so the bigger unit bolts right in, so to speak
rich-c: I don't want threaten speed records but I do need to be able to move near traffic speed
rich-c: (gets boring being passed by little old ladies on push-bikes ;=) )
George: we did tent camping in a subaru justy for two years
rich-c: the Sube is a neat little car, and the 4-wheel drive is useful for dirt trails
rich-c: by the way, where is French Creek state park?
George: it was a sight all packed up and more on the roof
rich-c: I'll bet - just the two of you?
George: near Reading PA
rich-c: OK, up on the fringe of Penn Dutch country - nice terrain
George: yes
rich-c: last time we were in Reading we were visiting a discount plaza
George: they have a webpage of PA parks
rich-c: got a Head Ski ski jacket super neat and dirt cheap
rich-c: it's been my primary winter coat ever since
George: good
rich-c: only use the heavy wool overcoat when it is really nasty icy
George: it must get very cold on the other side of the falls
rich-c: well, we get colder than you do because we don't have the Gulf Stream in our front yard
rich-c: but I doubt we get significantly colder than Harrisburg and we're warmer than Erie
George: thats good
rich-c: the Pennsylvania/Ontario border is in one of the cooler micro-climates
George: ok
rich-c: with Lake Ontario on our doorstep, Toronto's climate is somewhat more moderate
George: thats a surprize
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Pamela: Hi, sorry I'm late
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: well, we're also warmer than the Adirondack region of upstate New York
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: I got caught in a book and lost track of time
rich-c: George and I have been talking about camping mostly
Pamela: neat
rich-c: find a way to mute the modem or is Russell staying up?
George: i miss camping
Pamela: neither
Pamela: but he's still snoring so that's a good sign
Pamela: what kind of camping, George?
rich-c: yes, long as the connection didn't wake him
rich-c: George, would you happen to know how to get at the modem control string in Windows 98?
George: last year we had a camping trailer
Pamela: hardside or tent?
George: hardside
Pamela: details, George
rich-c: you can tell she's my daughter, can't you?
Pamela: sorry, that was somewhat ambiguous - I meant how big, what kind etc.
Pamela: very funny Dad
George: 1967 ritz-craft 17 footer
rich-c: you're repeating the things I asked him, Pam
Pamela: sorry, that's what I get for being late
Pamela: Did I miss anyone>
Pamela: ?
George: only i'm slower typing
rich-c: it's OK, the pattern of questions amused me
rich-c: no, just George and I so far
Pamela: in the same order as yours I gather
rich-c: guess you'll have to wait till Wednesday to consult with Bob
rich-c: and, yes
Pamela: you know it scares me when I open my mouth and my parents come out
George: :-)
rich-c: guess there's something to be said for heredity after all
George: it happens
Pamela: I never doubted that for a minute - especially when people can take one look at me and tell me I'm Richard's daughter
rich-c: anyway, George, do you you where the modem control string lurks in Windows?
George: i have no idea
Pamela: we should ask James or Guy if he turns up
rich-c: I've been vaguely hunmting it but come up dry
rich-c: it doesnt seem accessible through dialling properties or control panel
George: probably modem propeties in control pannel
Pamela: I went into Control Panel /modems last night to check that and I was right, it's set to off and it's still loud enough to wake the dead
rich-c: nope, not there, George
rich-c: it was in the dialler in Windows 3.1 but seems to have gove into deep cover since
George: i'm stuck then
rich-c: a nuisance because you can't silence a loud modem in control panel
Pamela: I'll have to ask at the con when everyone's together. Don't let me forget.
rich-c: but editing the control string will often work
George: aol has its own mode setup string in its own software
rich-c: Guy or Bob might have some idea
Pamela: thought we asked them during one of the chats not too long ago
rich-c: I haven't checked out Hyperterminal yet; maybe I can find something there
rich-c: well, we hadn't twigged to the control string editing at that point
Pamela: where's hyperterminal?
rich-c: it's off accessories somewhere, if you installed it - it's one of those optional things
Pamela: hmm, lemme look
rich-c: it's under accessories -> communications
Pamela: found it but there doesn't seem to be anything showing a string. It's ANSI - does that mean anything to you?
rich-c: OK, you do have it installed
rich-c: I haven't looked at it for ages - I'll have to prowl about and let you know later
Pamela: okay
Pamela: George, you said "had" the trailer - is it gone now?
George: it was Nancy's
Pamela: ah
rich-c: just took a peek, Pam - no joy
Pamela: she of the infamous rampage?
George: yes
George: now she's gone i'm all alone
rich-c: for now, but that could change
Pamela: we'll find you a girl, don't worry. We're still working on a new one for Guy though
rich-c: my suspicion, not to be noised about, is that we need not worry about Guy
Pamela: oh, you think that romance is back in the picture?
rich-c: let's just ask if you've noticed how quiet he's been on the subject for months now
George: i'm one of the strange people
Pamela: yes I have although he does mention her from time to time in a sidenote sort of way. Strange how, George?
rich-c: no, Adam folks run more to the weird side
George: as strange as it can get
Pamela: I don't believe that for a minute
rich-c: among Adam folk, you seem quite normal to me
George: thats because i lead a boring life
rich-c: but that's by your choice, George
George: something has to be normal
rich-c: in a world with the internet, libraries, and tv no one can possibly be bored if they don't wnat to be
Pamela: everyone leads a boring life - we just hide it really well
rich-c: you just need to decide what interests you and pursue it
George: i'm stuck in the 70s
Pamela: well, then you're right back in fashion again
rich-c: I'm not sure that's a problem
rich-c: I live in a 50s house with 60s furniture and a 73 car in the garage
George: see
rich-c: they just don't make 'em like they used to
Pamela: and until very recently, an 80's car in the driveway
rich-c: well yes, but that was just an expendable throwaway
Pamela: not excusable, sorry
rich-c: picky, picky
Pamela: um, did someone mention heredity?
George: and my caseworker is setting me up with paratransit
rich-c: that should help with your mobility problems
George: somewhat
rich-c: at lest let you shop, get to the library, doctor, etc.
Pamela: I gather that's Philly's version of wheel-trans?
rich-c: seems a likely assumption
George: one version
rich-c: same thing, just different places put different names on it
rich-c: just like we never say electricity
George: then we have wheels for medical appointments
Pamela: Dad, that was thunder - did you hear it?
rich-c: city should just get you one of those Segway Transporters instead
rich-c: I didn't hear any thunder - it's sunny outside the office window
George: city says no way
Pamela: well it's getting awful dark over here - hang on, I'm going to check the living room
Pamela: yup, icky dark clouds to the west of us
rich-c: we still have broken blue sky to the northwest, light overcast southwest
George: its cloudy here
rich-c: figures - I need to take a shower shortly, but wont in a thunderstorm
Pamela: that's the only thunder I've heard so far, that was three minutes ago
rich-c: have to see how it works out, then
Pamela: breeze just picked up too
rich-c: but in fact maybe I'd best look at getting started
Pamela: there, I just heard more
Pamela: far away, but definitely thunder
Pamela: shoot
rich-c: so I guess I will have to leave you two now
Pamela: and I should go too - I have housework to tackle yet
rich-c: Pam, talk to you whenever; George, try to get your parcel out Monday, see you Wed.
Pamela: maybe tomorrow Dad
Pamela: George, until Wednesday. Sorry to bail on you.
rich-c: OK - bye for now
Pamela: bye Pop
George: ok, see you wed.
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Pamela: bye George
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Pamela: : )
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