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rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early again
rich-c: management's springing you early these days
Guy B.: Well, I'm on vacation this week and done with overtime until late July or August.
rich-c: ah, any great plans for vacation, or just lazing around?
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Guy B.: Well, saw my doctor today. I got a mild case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand, so I have to get a wrist strap before I return to work on Monday. Otherwise, it's been a good week so far.
changed username to George
rich-c: in your job, carpal tunnel syndrome seems an occupational hazard
rich-c: hi George
Guy B.: And I might be reducing my blood pressure medication since I've lost weight.
Guy B.: Hi George
George: Hi Rich, Guy
rich-c: really? what's your BP been running?
rich-c: George, your parcel did get mailed Monday
George: 160/120
rich-c: Ouch! Frances' has been 130/80 and her doctor's been nagging her to get it down
Guy B.: Today it was 102/60. Last month it was 142/80. That was because of a little stress at work. But, I will find out in a month.
Guy B.: My doctor would like me to lose more weight, so a goal has been set.
rich-c: well, normal is supposed to be 140/80 so that isn't too bad
rich-c: but losing weight is always a prudent idea - short of anorexia
Guy B.: A few years ago, it was 160 and that's when I was put on the medication.
rich-c: yes, Frances had to take it after her TIA, which gave her a temporary systolic peak of 200
George: i take 2 BP meds.
rich-c: how's your BP running, George?
Guy B.: I already lost 22 lbs, so she would like to see if I can try to lose more.
George: 160/120
Guy B.: Yours is high George.
rich-c: see my comments to Guy about that
rich-c: if you're 160/120 after a time on meds, you are in sorry shape
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: welcome Bob
George: i take atenolol and cozaar for it
Guy B.: Hi Bob, your early today.
BobS: Howdy fells
BobS: nnnnnn
George: Hi Bob
BobS: nope right on time
rich-c: not having a BP problem, the meds are unfamiliar to me
Guy B.: I did get some good news, my hemoroids have improved.
rich-c: well actually Bob, we started 15 minutes ago
rich-c: another "benefit" a a sedentary job, Guy
BobS: well, WHY?????? it is only 9:07
rich-c: think your clock is a little slow, Bob
Guy B.: Well, I don't sit all day. I do get up every so often. Have to keep my knee from getting stiff as well.
rich-c: oh, you are having knee stiffness too?
rich-c: is it incipient arthritis or something else?
Guy B.: In the right knee.
BobS: that'
George: i started physical therapy for my back. now it hurts 10,000 times worse
BobS: s what computer syas and the Wests wing just came on
rich-c: that's where my arthritis started, though oddly enough it at least seems well contained for now
Guy B.: Might be a little arthritis. I have a knee brace, but I haven't used it for a long time. But, I don't need it. Abby keeps me going.
rich-c: no pain, no gain, George - but make sure the therapist knows
rich-c: I'd check with the doctor, Guy, see if it's arthritis, ligament dmage, or what
Guy B.: George, Rich is right. Therapy isn't working out for you.
rich-c: qualify that, Guy - sometimes you do have to endure some discomfort in the early stages
George: i see my doctor july 2
Guy B.: I did that sometime ago. It doesn't do it all the time.
BobS: NO pain, NO gain........written by a sadist with a ltent disire to hurt people........OR a wise therapist.......
rich-c: my lesson of the year is that arthritis can hit suddenly, without warning, and hard
BobS: is ther, but.......not bottherin ya...until that day......
George: i'm justfalling apart
rich-c: yes, winter I was swingin' free and easy, by May I needed a disability permit
BobS: well George, as long as you can get OUT of bed in the morning and are not a pile of are ok for now
Guy B.: I did have some arthritis in my right foot many years ago. But, that hasn't come back.
rich-c: actually today my leg is les temperamental than usual, only hurts a little
rich-c: you mean we gotta get out of bed to know we're OK, Bob? BUMMER!
George: retreat to bed
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rich-c: and before you get up, count your parts to see which ones are working
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hi there
BobS: HIYA Pamela!!!!!!
Guy B.: Well, Pam is early today.
George: and covers over my head
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: not in today's temps, George, if they're anything like ours
rich-c: today we could actually mistake it for summer
Pamela: Yeah, but I can't stay long, I have work to finish
Guy B.: What are you working on?
rich-c: what are you up to know, Pam?
George: summer is here in a couple of days
Pamela: I brought work home - I'm off Friday and the last two days have gotten sabotaged, and Bev is going out on audit on Monday
Pamela: so Ihave to finish this stuff before I leave the office tomorrow
BobS: just told Meeka to get her bones over here 'cause Pam is here
rich-c: ah, office stuff
Guy B.: Whoa, talk about getting bombed. You certainly got it today.
rich-c: still, I guess having the work programs on your computer does have its advantages
rich-c: some days it's easier to work from home
Pamela: one of the reasons I bought this computer was because it had Lotus Smartsuite 9 on it
Pamela: well, I was at the office till 7:45 yesterday - I wasn't about to repeat that tonite
Guy B.: My sister in-law has that on hers. She really likes it.
rich-c: why? your work licence likely would have covered Speedy to install it for you
Pamela: twelve hour work days are not my thing
BobS: what Lotus Smartsuite 9 ????????
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rich-c: I think Guy would agree with you
Guy B.: You will be dead tired by the time you get home.
BobS: kinda dumb here
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: yup
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka!
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
George: Hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello Everyone
BobS: well bless me soul...........
rich-c: Lotus is the thinking man's alternative to MS Office
Guy B.: Bob, Lotus Smartsuite is like MS Office.
BobS: oh, that sounds like WORK
Pamela: Bob, Lotus has a package out which includes Lotus 1-2-3, Wordpro, Approach, Organizer etc
Meeka: how are you all doing?
Pamela: I like it better than MS stuff
Pamela: I've tried working in Excel and Word and don't find them as user friendly as the Lotus versions
Guy B.: Lotus 1-2-3 used to be the most popular spreadsheet until Excel knocked it off.
George: i'm for dead today
BobS: AH SO !!!!!!
rich-c: I'm limping around a little better than usual today, Meeka
BobS: speakin if which, james is a long time no show, yes????
Pamela: I'm with George
BobS: naw, it is beautful here on the deck
rich-c: well, he has missed the last week or two
Pamela: it's been about four weeks, Bob
Pamela: DECK???
Meeka: I agree. I am outside also
BobS: got the tv out here and the puter and the breeze in the trees, about 78-80 degrees
Guy B.: SmartSuite has a very easy to use database program. I helped my sister in-law create a name and address database.
BobS: AH, the life!!!!!
Guy B.: I got my front door open with a fans running and one tired dog.
Pamela: That's Approach Guy. it's the program I use at work to track our claims losses
BobS: put in phone line, antenna and power sos I can be outside for the summer
rich-c: I can see running the power cord out there, but do you have an outside phone jack too?
BobS: put in permanent connections wall mount in the garage wall
Guy B.: I knew that was the one it had to be. Just couldn't remember the name.
Meeka: We jsut got rid of wires all together. we are wireless now
BobS: 'cept for power
Guy B.: That's great. So where's the host located?
rich-c: Man! Chez Slopsema, tehcnology strikes again
George: i have spaghetti
BobS: was going to do it for a few years. finally got off my dead butt and did it this spring
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changed username to Freddymaiden
Pamela: no bugs, Bob?
Guy B.: Hi Freddy
rich-c: hello Fred and welcome
BobS: YO Freddy!!!!!!
Freddymaiden: Hi all
BobS: welcome back mon
Freddymaiden: tks
rich-c: or should I say, bienvenue
George: Hi Freddy
Freddymaiden: thats great
Freddymaiden: hi
rich-c: glad you have seen fit to join us again
Freddymaiden: allo
BobS: HEY, my french sucks
Pamela: Do we get an introduction?
Freddymaiden: sertainly
BobS: Fred, pam....Pam Fred........
rich-c: Fred Koz, from la belle ville de Montreal
(BobS groans loudly)
Freddymaiden: oui
Pamela: ah - parlez vous Franglais?
George: ouch!
Freddymaiden: oui
Pamela: tres bien
Freddymaiden: super ca
Freddymaiden: haha
rich-c: it's OK George, Franglais is a Canadian local joke
Pamela: : )
BobS: Pamela ??????? Clee to be EXACTG, well respected and illustrious daughter of senior clee
Freddymaiden: lol
George: english! english!
Pamela: pourquois?
Freddymaiden: anything is o.k. to me
Guy B.: Some of us don't use Francais.
Pamela: I must question the illustrious part, Bob
BobS: oh ok..........
Freddymaiden: with a name like Guy?
rich-c: along the Ontario/Quebec border, George, folks speak a sort of mixture of French and English - we call it Franglais
BobS: well, he says it like as in "nice Guy" not at 'Gee"
Freddymaiden: hahahahah
Freddymaiden: ok
Guy B.: Oh, I found out the hard way about the French one. You guys remember Guy Cousineau?>
rich-c: see? we've taught Bob the difference
Pamela: I thought Franglais was the combo of the two ie: Pont Mercier Bridge
George: tv off
BobS: had a 'Gee' Cousineau, but he is incognito
BobS: as of late
rich-c: though actually, "Bona" could well be French or Italian in ancestry
BobS: si senor
Pamela: my guess would be Italian
George: oh no
BobS: sprechend si deutch?????
Guy B.: It's Italian. Short for Bonavolanta.
rich-c: bingo
BobS: Ah, a pizza LOVER
George: HELP!
Freddymaiden: italian in lasalle by mercier brige maybe
Freddymaiden: ya wolen
Guy B.: We are driving George bonkers here.
George: surely
Freddymaiden: icht specht bissel
Pamela: okay, now I'm lost
rich-c: oh, now you're talking Brit and confusing him more
Freddymaiden: that was German
BobS: sprchen klina betchen.......
Pamela: which is difficult unless you stray out of the Romance languages
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
BobS: must be the dea poets
Freddymaiden: thats what i wanted to write i speak it better
rich-c: well, Dutch is a sort of corrup[t Deutsche ;=)
Pamela: isn't there a vowel missing from that last sentence Bob?
Freddymaiden: lol
George: select all delete
BobS: yes, and dutch has many diff dialects also
BobS: ya ma'am
Pamela: see, even in Dutch you have fimble ningers!
BobS: fingers dont' co-operate or it is the keyboard can't keep up because I type so FAST
rich-c: George's revenge: he speaks DOS on us!
Freddymaiden: lol
(BobS winks)
George: format c: /u
Pamela: ah, the old "keyboard can't spell" argument
Freddymaiden: lol
Pamela: Meeka, is Doug around?
BobS: oh man......last night I did something and my keybaored went NUTS, must have put it into another mode
BobS: O was 5, etc
Meeka: no. I need to finsh these vefore I go back to those
George: get a$
Freddymaiden: was the v a German joke?
Pamela: neat trick Bob
BobS: function + little square box with calculator type sybols in it
rich-c: nope, just our typical search-discover and land typing style
Freddymaiden: ha o.k.
BobS: th5s 5s 5t!!!!!! that was ....this is it
rich-c: your're using the laptop?
BobS: yup
Pamela: no wonder
rich-c: no wonder your typing is even worse than usual
BobS: it's a wee bonny computer
Pamela: ach
rich-c: unless you want to ype fast and accurately on it
rich-c: that is not a strength of laptops
Pamela: want to what Dad?
George: i want aol for ADAM w/ 300 baud modem
BobS: forget AOL George..........they are a disease
rich-c: sorry, AOL (Compuserve) shut down their 300 baud connection a couple of yers back
rich-c: that's why all the Adam folks left them
BobS: find a friend with a dial up of his own and get him to give you a shell account
BobS: AND they dumped ASCII dialins
BobS: so.....that left out all the vintage computer users
George: where can you get ADAM modems?
rich-c: by the way, did you-all notice that Mozilla has now been issued in version 1.0?
BobS: ADAM'S HOUSE.....or better yet ......Richard Clee seior
BobS: senior
Guy B.: And BBS's are just about extinct too I guess.
BobS: pamells papa
BobS: \darn dingers
rich-c: they're lying around, George - no one wants them because they can't be used online any more
Pamela: that's a new spelling bob
BobS: ya sure
Pamela: I'll add it to the list
George: darn it
BobS: was colse though ya gotta admit
Pamela: close to what?
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changed username to freddymaiden
freddymaiden: now working and im by myself great!!!!
freddymaiden: be right back if anybody appears suddenly
freddymaiden: hi
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changed username to Ron
Ron: lonely in here
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changed username to WB
changed username to DrD.
WB: Hello Ron!
WB: Hello Dr. D
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DrD.: Got Ron's chastizing E-mail...I plumb forgot.
DrD.: Who is <undefined>?
changed username to Ron
Ron: that would be me
DrD.: A brace of Mitchells.
Ron: indeed
Ron: anyway...all's well that ends is everyone
DrD.: I was pooped out after mowing the yard this evening, had just logged in to check mail before bedtime.
Ron: one of us has to leave
Ron: one is iMac, one is IBM
Ron: ok.... knew something was up
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Ron: there. iMac has left the building
DrD.: Someone with an over-full garage gave me 2 Pentium 90 laptops (active matrix color) for free...I am converting them into dedicated ADAMem systems.
Ron: neat
Ron: Adamem should work well on those
DrD.: They were flakey, just needed to be taken apart, cleaned, and all ribbon cables reseated.
DrD.: I'm putting only DOS 6.22 on them, even though they have 24 MB RAM.
Ron: has been my experience with 90% of the old gear that turns up here. Never much wrong with it
Ron: that'll do for Adamem
DrD.: One unit was the guy's wife' started acting up, so he scrounged a second unit for parts.
DrD.: Never got around to doing anything with either of them...and it was spring cleaning time.
Ron: familiar story
DrD.: "Free to good home" was the Subject: of his post to apk.general.
Ron: and certainly, a good home have they found
DrD.: There was a boatload of other early Pentium desktop stuff in there that I had no interest in.
DrD.: I am just trying to minimize junkload to bring to ADAMcon 14 :-)
Ron: we have a 'computer recycle' day here this coming Sunday
Ron: I will contribute much to the event
DrD.: Easier to run ADAMserve off of a laptop than my whole '486 setup that you've seen in the past.
Ron: oh yes
Ron: my basement is like your friend's garage
DrD.: I also scavenged a Xircom parallel port network adapter, so I can put it on the net here at home.
Ron: that's a plus
Ron: speaking of such things.....
DrD.: The laptops each have a PCMCIA slot, but network cards are still $100 for that...too much.
DrD.: ...yes?
Ron: do you know of a DOS emulator for an 68040 mac that would run in 20 meg or RAM?
DrD.: Hmmmm.
Ron: I've got a laptop here .. power book 540C
DrD.: Not sure if RealPC requires a PPC or not.
Ron: most of 'em do these days
Ron: thers one called Bochs that claims to run on 680x0 computers, but it is painfully slow
DrD.: That's the DOS emulator I use (works well, I put Win98 into it once for kicks on a G3/400 system). FWB Software sells it, I think $39 US for RealPC with DOS only.
DrD.: I will check my manual tomorrow when I go to work.
Ron: guess what I need is a previous version of something
Ron: Would appreciate that Rich. if you get a chance
DrD.: I remember reading on alt.folklore.computers once about a cascade of emulators:
Ron: have been combing the internet pages, and most need a power PC
DrD.: Amiga running an MS-DOS emulator running MY-Z80 running MS-BASIC: a FOR-NEXT loop to count 1-10 took something like 30 seconds.
Ron: geez
Ron: that's about the way Bochs runs.... it will load eventually but....
DrD.: The Amigas with 040 systems, so there must be some DOS emulator around that isn't terrible on that architecture.
DrD.: Make that "were 040 systems".
Ron: one would think so
DrD.: There is one Centris 650 left running in our lab, if RealPC will work on 040s, I'll try it out.
Ron: problem may solve itself in Grand Rapids. Gonna buy one of Doug Slopsema's leasebacks
DrD.: "leaseback"?
Ron: a laptop that has been out on lease to someone, and has been returned. Doug and Bob have a source, and they
Ron: sell them P166's at about $250 US
Ron: which is about $200 below what one would cost here.... even with the dollar difference
DrD.: Will run Win98 or NT4 okay, will bog down on Win2K, won't run XP at all.
Ron: matters not. Just looking for something that will run the emulator and go on the net
DrD.: How will you get it back home through customs?
Ron: It will be an item that I purchased whilst Stateside
DrD.: Is the border very tight nowadays?
Ron: if all else fails, I'll get Doug to mail it to me
Ron: would assume that one is still allowed to buy items.....usually with laptops, they ask you to turn it on to establish
Ron: that it is what it appears to be
DrD.: Boot to my Win2K for ColecoVision :-) Complete with Blue Screen of Death :-)
Ron: but you raise a good point. Willl have to ask somebody in customs
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Ron: :)
Ron: Virtual PC 4.0 in the iMac runs Win2k just fine.
DrD.: Looks like WB left...who was WB?
Ron: emulator also runs there
Ron: Willie Burnside
Ron: not sure exactly where he lives
DrD.: I remember that name vaguely.
DrD.: Re: emulator under Virtual PC...ick.
Ron: he lurks, sometimes speaks, but not often
DrD.: My boss tried to run some of my kinematic modelling code (for MS-DOS) under various flavors of Virtual PC.
Ron: Well I dunno. It suffices.
Ron: Latest version (5.0) requires at least a 450 Meg G3
Ron: mine is 333M
DrD.: Ran fine in the Win98 version, bombed totally under Win2K (runs fine under both real versions on real Wintel hardware).
Ron: really!
Ron: how much memory you got?
DrD.: SVGA graphics are imperfectly emulated, it seems.
DrD.: Gosh, this was on a Titanium with 256 MB RAM.
Ron: that should work
Ron: I mean, on my iMac, I know I'm running on an emulator (speed wise), but it's passable for what I do
DrD.: The competing emulator, SoftWindows (now defunct, I think) always had a bug in its FPU emulator.
Ron: right.
DrD.: I had a program (compiled QuickBASIC) which would run fine on GenuineIntel but cause a FPU exception when emulated under SoftWindows.
DrD.: But of course its SVGA graphics emulation was *fine* for my model...can't win, it seems.
Ron: probably a corner where nobody had ever looked, neither programmers or customers
DrD.: SoftWindows would run on an 040, I 'm pretty sure.
Ron: never tried it.... but from what I've heard, I gather it did, yes
DrD.: I remember trying it from my old desktop machine at the time, which was an LCII.
Ron: 68020?
Ron: or 030?
DrD.: I guess you could always put BSD on your 040 and then run the *NIX DOS emulator :-)
DrD.: Hmmm...I think maybe it was an 030.
Ron: Now there's a thought
Ron: been trying various install's of Debian Potato for 680x0. problem is that the powerbook doesn't have an FPU
DrD.: Not sure if BSD supports the graphics toolbox yet, though. Lots of the Mac ports apparently use a dumb terminal connected to a serial port.
Ron: and that's required
DrD.: Isn't there some software FPU available? I think it might even be called "SoftFPU".
DrD.: I vaguely remember a IIcx or IIci with some software FPU on it.
Ron: If I could get a Linux install to work, I could use the Unix version of Adamem
DrD.: That needs Xwindows, right?
Ron: yes, there's a workaround aparently
Ron: No, I don't think it does. The binary would compile from the command mode
DrD.: PowerBook 170 with Linux...that would be interesting.
Ron: there must be a way
Ron: I just haven't found it yet
DrD.: Sonnet Technologies is selling a $100 board to give a G3 upgrade to LC-class machines...also has built-in Ethernet and extra RAM.
Ron: always something beyond what I have do I want. Never satisfied am I
DrD.: I'm thinking about it very seriously...the LCII has a nice tiny desktop footprint.
DrD.: You sound like Yoda :-)
Ron: :)
Ron: my son's influence
DrD.: Seen SW2 yet?
Ron:'s on here. Waiting for Jeff to come up. He and his girlfriend will be here July 1 weekend. We'll probably go
Ron: see it then
DrD.: I don't like it :-( I don't like what they did to Yoda in it :-(
Ron: oh?
Ron: Have heard criticism of the script, but they they always get that
Ron: don't tell me
DrD.: (1) no more puppet, he's all CGI now. Moves wrong. (2) they make him into Jackie Chan at one point, IMHO a serious mischaracterization. YMMV of course.
DrD.: My robot students all loved it.
Ron: oh...ok. yeah, that might change things about the character
DrD.: So I guess I'm now an old geezer.
Ron: I'm sure they did
DrD.: Especially point (2).
Ron: I probably won't
Ron: just because the technology exits, doesn't mean one should use it
DrD.: George Lucas should have been hit by a bus in 1985, and gone down as a genius.
DrD.: Now, alas...he goes down as a dud.
DrD.: For a while there was the question about who was better, Lucas or Spielberg? I think it's pretty clear now.
Ron: has he finished with the Star Wars story yet, or will there be yet another?
DrD.: Still one more movie to go.
Ron: I'm not familiar with the order of the episodes
Ron: our link has slowed right up
DrD.: I want Annakin's first act as Vader to be the painful death of Messr. Binks...
Ron: good idea
DrD.: Fat chance of that, though :-)
Ron: wasn't much on JarJar
Ron: I suppose one has to inject these types into the story. Am tempted to compare him to Sir John Falstaff
Ron: but that probably isn't valid
DrD.: Not sure why Jar-Jar was put in, except maybe to make kids <=6 squeal. Everyone else seems to be revolted by him.
Ron: exactly
Ron: who knows how these decisions are made
DrD.: One decisions I think I'm going to make is to adjourn for this evening and go to sleep...I am yawning to split my head open :-(
Ron: was just's 11pm in your part of the land
Ron: Enjoyed the chat Rich... take care
DrD.: Nice to catch you here tonight...good night.
Ron: nite
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