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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi Guy
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rich-c: oops. looks like we had some slippage here
rich-c: have you made it in now?
Guy B.: Ok, here I am. I'm on the P133. I'm using the Athlon and the notebook with DCC. I'm transfering a new anti-virus program to it.
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rich-c: that means your typing will be slow - notebook keybpards are the pits
rich-c: which anti-virus are you using?
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rich-c: see you're back
Guy B.: Ok, am I coming in now?
rich-c: so, which anti-virus are you tying now?
Guy B.: It's called antivir. A free anti-virus program. It's on a German site, but it has English. It will replace Norton's on the notebook. It's way outdated.
rich-c: I think I've heard about that one, and it seems to be well thought of
rich-c: do you mean your Norton is so old it doesnt qualify for updates any more?
Guy B.: I've got an up to date version on the P133. So, the one on the notebook is an older version and I can download the new one online. I have Norton 2000 on the notebook.
rich-c: I also have a freebie antivirus on my notebook but I forget the name
Guy B.: This one is very good. No viruses, but it does check Zip and LZH files and all data and executable files for any viruses.
rich-c: my old desktop had McAfee but they're so greedy now
rich-c: as You know I got a real bargain on Norton 2001 on eBay
Guy B.: Tell me about it. They were bugging me to upgrade since I tried an older version on the P133 which I took off.
rich-c: I got a compilation of utilities from McAfee and others when I bought the old 166MMX
rich-c: the compiler was busy going broike so I got a deep discount closeout
rich-c: I'm not excessively impressed with either the ZNorton or McAfee general utilities, though
Guy B.: It seems when you install an older version of anything these days. They now say it's outdated even before you try it out.
rich-c: my reaction is that's OK, so is my computer, so what's the big deal?
Guy B.: That's when they ask you for your money for a new version.
rich-c: and with me they discover teh difference between asking and getting
rich-c: for some reason it seems to me that all the best utilities are the ones you get as freebies
Guy B.: Exactly. That's why I said Adios to Norton when the program said I would have to upgrade. 2002 will NOT work with Win95B. You need Win98 on up for it.
rich-c: right - of course I have Win98SE on the Athlon and laptop
Guy B.: Some of these freebies are actually good programs.
rich-c: I have all sorts of neat stuff picked up from freebie sites
rich-c: I pick up a lot of the site following recommendations in the Langa newsletter
Guy B.: But this anti-virus is very through. When I ran it on the P133, it checked all my hard drive partitions.
rich-c: I also follow up anything that looks promising in our freebie monthly computer papers
Guy B.: I know off a couple websites on freeware. One I think it's called and it has a lot of stuff there.
rich-c: I've noticed some mutterings from Big Tow users that the freebie anti-viruses are actually better
Guy B.: I would have to agree with you on that.
rich-c: I have a long list of freeware site - nonags, wantDbest, one that has a connoisseur's collection
Guy B.: I did a search once on freeware. You should have seen what came up.
rich-c: recently got one that shows all file and internet exstensions (country codes, file types)
Guy B.: There's alot out there.
rich-c: have a couple of cookie killers, a file encryptor, even one that nalyses all my hardware and software
Guy B.: I'm halfway done on the Dcopy setup using Visual Basic. I got the directory to display when the Browse button is clicked.
rich-c: and fortunately, you have a fair bit of time left yet
rich-c: I'm in a time bind - all of a sudden your dollar is nosediving and ours is rising in response
Guy B.: I know. I might do the same thing for the other utility setups as well.
rich-c: I've got to buy my U.S. dollars this coming week but I think they'll be much cheaper not that many days later
Guy B.: Maybe it might bounce back this week, but don't hold out too longer.
rich-c: the market thinking seems to be that the U.S. dollar is going to get a lot more realistic in a painful hurry
Guy B.: How's the weather up there by you? It's HOT here in Chicago.
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rich-c: test
Guy B.: Got bounced, eh!
rich-c: yes, got a Zone Alarm message about "time exceeded"
rich-c: but a refresh seems to have got me back
Guy B.: Can you disable that?
rich-c: if you get dumped you may want to try the same thing
rich-c: no, it applies either to the ISP or something Dale has set up - have to check with him
rich-c: I didn't both to record the URL of the message source
Guy B.: Sometimes Netzero will warn me if I don't do any activity that it will disconnect me in 30 seconds.
rich-c: this seems to be a limitation on connection time
rich-c: it appears to come on after roughly 30 minutes
Guy B.: As long as you do something, then it's no trouble. I got a wrist support for my left hand and I'm trying it out right now before I take to work on Monday.
rich-c: yes, though carpal tunnel syndrome apparently is something that is not quickly responsive to treatment
rich-c: I fear you may end up dosing up on rather more painkiller than is desirable
Guy B.: It will take time. But, I'm glad it's the left hand and not the right. I write with my right hand.
rich-c: yes, if you have a choice, your non-dominant hand is to be preferred
Guy B.: I'm doing the transfer again. Some error came up.
rich-c: ah, erros - they never tell you intelligibly what went wrong or why
Guy B.: How's the weather up by you? It's HOT here in Chicago.
rich-c: waves of thunderstorms coming through, so pretty warm and humid but not intolerable
rich-c: like, we have the fans on all night but haven't used the air conditioner much
Guy B.: We are expecting those storms on Monday. But, it won't cool off until the middle of next week.
rich-c: I'd put us somewhere in the mid to low 80s
rich-c: should give you better temperature numbers - one of my freebies is a "unit converter"
Guy B.: We are expecting 92 today, with the heat index between 95 and 100.
rich-c: that will pass as hot
Guy B.: I'm limiting walk time with Abby because of the heat.
rich-c: though my cursor crony in Phoenix is apparently having triple digits every days for weeks on end
rich-c: yes, she is likely to have a tougher time with it than you
Guy B.: It always gets that hot down in the Southwest.
rich-c: he's a factory test driver with Ford's Premier Auto Group
rich-c: runs the 4 - midnight shift
Guy B.: I wonder how he tolerate that heat there.
rich-c: so he takes new Jaguars out for a run, watches the sunset
Guy B.: I got my air conditioner running.
rich-c: the only bad days he has are when he gets a car with the air conditioning non-functional
Guy B.: Oh man, when you need the most.
rich-c: our basement is permanently cold and damp, so just running the furnace fan will usually cool the house enough
rich-c: besides, it draws warmer air down to the basement, which is a plus
Guy B.: That's good. I remember when I had my house that I had to keep the door to the attic closed on hot days, otherwise the central air unit will just keep running.
rich-c: anyway, with my buddy, many of the specified routes take him up into the mountains where it's cooler
rich-c: after the Salt Lake City Adamcon we did some touring in souther Utah in a car with no a/c
Guy B.: Boy I remember how cold it got in Salt Lake City.
rich-c: but the campgrounds tended to be on very high ground - 9000 or more - and nice and cool
rich-c: I don't think we ever went outside at SLC barring one short walk to a restaurant
rich-c: now I've got a big parts problem with the car
rich-c: both exhaust manifolds are cracked beyond repair, and it's 30 years old
Guy B.: Jeanene and I came without jackets and we ended up going to the mall there to buy a couple.
Guy B.: Maybe it's time for a new car.
rich-c: weather can be fluky - I'll remember to pack a sweater for Kentwood
Guy B.: I will bring a jacket too as well.
rich-c: I can't buy a new car, they don't have the trailer towing capacity any more
Guy B.: Oh boy, you are really in a bind. What are you going to do?
rich-c: my repairman found a left side manifold in Manitoba and I was on the internet last night
rich-c: it appears two dealers in Ohio show the right side manifold in inventory
Guy B.: So you might be in luck. How much will they run you?
rich-c: with the price and exchange and shipping and taxes it will cost a ton, but worth it
rich-c: haven't got a quote yet, but they aren't cheap
Guy B.: At least you will keep the car running.
rich-c: yes, and that is the name of teh game
Guy B.: What year is your car again?
rich-c: if I succeed in putting a V8 in the van, then I can make the car the backup
rich-c: it's a 1973 Mercury Meteor (called Montery in the US)
Guy B.: Oh yes, I remember that car. How many miles you have on it now?
rich-c: I'm sure you've seen it since it's been to almost every Adamcon except Seattle
rich-c: very close to 180,000
Guy B.: Wow, and still runs good! You really keep very good care ot it. I just turned 80000 on my 93 Buick Century.
rich-c: getting close to time for a mass renewable of the expendable parts
rich-c: they get expensive at about that mileage, then they're good to go for another decent while
Guy B.: Is the transmission the original?
rich-c: yes, and no one can figure out how or why
rich-c: in trailer towing, an even 100,000 is extraordinary life for a transmission
Guy B.: Rich, that is increable. Usually the engine will outlast the transmission.
rich-c: anyway, Guy, I promised Frances I'd take my shower about 4 so as to leave the latter part of the afternoon free
Guy B.: Ok, I will see you on Wednesday then.
rich-c: well, the engine is original, but it's had one rebuild and I'm doing the top end again now
rich-c: OK Guy, Wednesday it is. Glad you dropped by
rich-c: See you then.
Guy B.: Ok, see you then. Bye.
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