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rich-c: test
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: hello Rich
rich-c: glad to see you could make it tonight
Rich Drushel: It's been crazy, especially today.
rich-c: stuff at the lab, or kids on holiday plus heat?
Rich Drushel: You got my reply about the confidential stuff, right?
rich-c: yes and hope to cover more of it tonight
Rich Drushel: Lab stuff...too many student interrupts, I'm having trouble getting stuff done.
rich-c: you'll notice I sent copies to just about all of our regulars
Rich Drushel: Re: confidential stuff, can that be discussed openly here?
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rich-c: unless someone unexpected turns up, I'd think so
changed username to Guy B.
Rich Drushel: Hello Guy.
rich-c: Herman has shown some interest, also Ron, Bob was away, Guy no reply yet
Guy B.: Greetings ALL
rich-c: speaking of whom - welcome, Guy
Guy B.: That's because, I'm still having some thoughts on it.
rich-c: for you there are two issues, Guy
rich-c: first, do you wish to be part of the subsidy group
rich-c: the other, will your personal schedule allow you to pick up PJ and drop her at Midway and are you willing to do so
rich-c: it would be the equivalent of about a $70 contribution given the airfare difference
Guy B.: Rich, I've got some concerns. Mainly if PJ can leave Bob for the entire four days. My question is will PJ have someone to check on him while she's here with us?
rich-c: My sense, Guy, is that PJ is a caring and responsible wife. If Bobn needs that care, she'll turn us down
Rich Drushel: PJ is also a proud and stubborn woman, she may turn you down regardless...
rich-c: if he is able to look after himself and she wants to come, she can say yes. But only PJ can make the call
Guy B.: Now my other question is the flight schedule.
rich-c: exactly, Rich
Guy B.: And we all know PJ pretty darn well. So, let's see how this will turn out.
rich-c: I looked up Orlando-Midway and there seems to be some shuttle airline that flies practically every hour, so to speak
Rich Drushel: Seems like she would need to okay the general idea before too much effort is expended on figuring out exact plans...I'm sure that if she agrees it, *something* will be worked out.
Guy B.: Since I'm close to Midway. I can pick her up and take her back to the airport.
rich-c: take a peek on Orbitz, it's the first-listed company, $149 or so, and look at the choice of flights
Rich Drushel: If she doesn't want it, then the detailed planning will be wasted. I don't think having it totally worked out ahead of time would be an inducement for her.
rich-c: that's why I was quizzing you Saturday, Guy -
Guy B.: I had a feeling that's what you were doing.
rich-c: I'd already determined that there were so many flights you could just ask for any time that suited you
Rich Drushel: But I could be wrong.
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Guy B.: That could be George.
changed username to George
Guy B.: Hi George.
rich-c: Oh, definitely, it would be a cawe of saying to her, we're willing if you'd like
rich-c: hi George
George: Hi all
rich-c: hear tell you're smoking too much these days - Quebec forest brand
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Guy B.: I was planning to leave about 10:00 AM on the 8th which would be after the morning rush hour.
George: who set that many fires?
rich-c: lightning - it's been dry and stormy up there
rich-c: they are hoping for rain this weekend
George: i can smell the smoke all the way here
rich-c: but right now they cant use water bombers because the water evaporates before hitting the groubnd
Guy B.: Must be that hot out that way.
Rich Drushel: (PRIVATE) In front of whom can the PJ stuff not be discussed?
rich-c: yes, the smoke extends clear down to Washington, George
Rich Drushel: (PRIVATE) Test of private messages.
rich-c: I'd say any of the regulars are safe, only a stranger would not be
Rich Drushel: Okay, just checking, as I missed the prior discussion.
George: should we carge Canadians for the pollution?
rich-c: well, George was here, and Guy, and Ron
Guy B.: I'm still here.
rich-c: long as you're willing to pay us for the stuff you send up the Ohio Valley
rich-c: which I might add accounts for over half of all the pollution in Ontario
Rich Drushel: I have to ask...has there been any marked change in PJ's health?
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Hi Bob, back from vacation?
rich-c: she reports still being in recovery but progressing - my guess is it isn't good
BobS: HI dudes!!!!
George: don't worry Bush will allow it
BobS: ya mjon
rich-c: oh hi Bob - been waiting for you
Guy B.: How was it?
Rich Drushel: She had told me by phone about 3 months ago that everything was better than anyone expected...she didn't sound deluded or overly optimistic, so I took her at her word, then.
George: Hi Bob
rich-c: well, her hair is growing back, and there doesn't appear to be any recurrence of the cancer
Rich Drushel: Again, not to be insensitive, but I couldn't tell if a strong rationale for this effort was that she was not expected to be around for ADAMcon 15...
BobS: Guy vacation was great although HOT
BobS: right on thru july 4th
rich-c: I don't think that was a consideration
Guy B.: Well, it's been hot here too. Until yesterday, now this is the weather I like.
rich-c: do realize that that is a possibility for all of us, though some more than others
George: i'm still smoky
rich-c: I tink part of it is that she and Dale are the only 100% attendees
Rich Drushel: I didn't know if there was more recent tidings I hadn't heard about yet.
Guy B.: And for the both of them. That's a milestone.
Rich Drushel: Make that "were more recent..." shocking bad grammar...
rich-c: she phoned here last week - caught me half asleep so talked mostly to Frances
rich-c: bottom line is, Ron, Frances and I want her there is she'll come, we're pretty prepared to do what we can to make it happen, and if anyone else shares our sentiments we will not exclude them from the project
Rich Drushel: Well as I said, I'm in, although the larger n is, the easier it would be for my bank account right now...
Rich Drushel: Part of the reason BobS got my $$$ so late was that a consulting fee I was due was held up a month longer than I expected.
rich-c: well, n=convention cost + airfare; I suspect there would be some competition to treat her to dinner
rich-c: airfare depends on destinatiion (MDW or GRD), Bob can advise on convention
BobS: and kiddies, me and mama are tapped out, Mandy is doing a whirlwind wedding in a couple of expense ol Bob had
Rich Drushel: No, n=divisor for total expenses...number of participants in this endeavor.
BobS: NOT planned on for some time now...........
Guy B.: She's getting married?
BobS: yessir
rich-c: no problem. Bob, nor need the divisions be necessarily equal, just what each feels he can chuckj in the pot
Guy B.: Wow, that's great.
rich-c: just as long as the date isnt Aug 8 - 12, Bob
BobS: whirlwind romance, stupidity (???) and talk of living together.....beat with baseball bat and now getting legally hitched......but that means we have to support a wedding
BobS: July 27 is the wedding
Rich Drushel: Joan and I were married for less than $500 for *everything* in 1986...12 people total at the wedding, including minister and organist.
Guy B.: And what Mandy has gone through the last year. At least she's finally getting herself together.
rich-c: you is going to be a busy boy next fe4w weeks, Bob
George: i got stuck on the pot
Rich Drushel: Nice lunch in the church basement afterwards, a sheet cake, and no honeymoon until our 11th anniversary.
BobS: no sh*T richard!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: No tux rental (just my Sunday suit), no fancy white wedding dress for Joan (just a nice dress she could wear later).
rich-c: not sure our wedding cost even $500 - but then that was back in 1955
Rich Drushel: I didn't get a wedding ring for me until 13th anniversary.
Rich Drushel: Joan's ring is her grandma's, cut down to her tiny fingers. That had always been her plan anyway, before we were ever engaged.
Guy B.: Mine came about $5000 and that was back in 1990. The big part was for the honeymoon. But when Jeanene was working at CNA. She had some perks that really saved us a bundle.
Rich Drushel: We may have some kind of moderate party (20 people?) at our 20th anniversary...but in the meantime, much better uses for the $$$.
George: i won't get married
rich-c: it isn't what you spend on them that makes them last - it's what you invest in them
Guy B.: Have a girlfriend George?
George: no prospects
Rich Drushel: Also, Joan and I were both traumatized by the wedding a week before ours: my roommate, a friend of both of us. Big Italian bride family + big Polish groom family = $10K+ wedding in 1986.
rich-c: he had one but she took to throwing computers at him - his computers
Rich Drushel: I was Best Man, gawd what a terrible time...fighting everywhere...drunkenness everywhere...and the couple were separated in a year and divorced in 3.
rich-c: see my observations above
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changed username to fastbox west
rich-c: aha the mighty Duron appears!
Rich Drushel: So, not to meddle in your family business BobS...but there's something to be said for a celebration *after* it's been proven to work...
Guy B.: And we have an unknown? Hello fastbox
BobS: muesuer mitchELL??????
fastbox west: aha!
fastbox west: hallo all
fastbox west: all well?
BobS: yello!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: fastbox west...that must mean a Coleco ADAM on a 90 meter ski jump hill...
Guy B.: Hi Ron, pulled a good one on us!
rich-c: hey Guy, do us Athlon owners talk to those Duron folks?
Guy B.: We should be able to.
fastbox west: I like that Rich D. (LOL)
Rich Drushel: :-)
fastbox west: probably not eh?
Guy B.: Look at it this way Rich. We have more power than the Duron.
rich-c: well, guess we can be nice to the country cousins
fastbox west: actually from what I've been reading lately, 1.2 gig ain't fast any more
Guy B.: Unless YOU got the Athlon XP??
Rich Drushel: Don't think I've ever heard of Duron...DurIN is a dwarf from Tolkien...
rich-c: by current standards, it's about half-fast
fastbox west: as always I'm a few years behind the times
fastbox west: yeah
George: i'm on pentium 180
fastbox west: It's just about 3 times faster than anything else around here though
rich-c: Duron is to Athlon as Celeron is to Pentium III
Guy B.: George, that would be a rare one.
Rich Drushel: So even the x86 cloners are making a self-crippled version, eh?
George: pentium overdrive
fastbox west: shouldn't that be a Cessna 180 George?
Guy B.: Ah, that's why. What was the one you had before?
rich-c: yes, Rich, didn't you know? had to compete with Intel's cheapie
fastbox west: Just acquired the Duron and motherboard about 2 weeks ago.... some assembly required
Guy B.: And he did mighty fast I might add.
George: i have 3
Rich Drushel: My G4-450 MHz upgrade for my Powermac 7600 will be arriving will let me run MacOS X on it.
rich-c: other than bragging rights, what is all that speed and power really useful for?
fastbox west: you'll like that Dr. D.
fastbox west: Actually you may hate it at first, but then you'll like it
Rich Drushel: Plus another 128 MB RAM, it will give me 416 MB total in that system.
Guy B.: Oh-oh. Dr. D is going blast us all out the garden.
fastbox west: a true Mac screamer
rich-c: let's see, a 450 - G4 is about equal to a 900 Pentium 4, right?
fastbox west: give or take
George: pentiun 100 pentium 180 mmx overdrive and amd k6-2 500
Rich Drushel: Right now I just want it for iMovie crunching speed...I am doing 3 simultaneous video recordings of slug stuff.
rich-c: well, you can use speed and power, Rich
Rich Drushel: I don't have enough HD space to put MacOS X on it, though (just 2 1.2 GB SCSI disks), so I will stay at 9.2.2.
rich-c: but having a 1600XP Athlon really doesn't improve my game of Free Cell
fastbox west: Actually Rich, I think you were right. 1.2 Gig is a bit of overkill
Rich Drushel: The video goes onto a 120 GB FireWire drive (I got a $30 PCI card with 4 FireWire ports).
fastbox west: but it makes everything else in the room painfully slow
rich-c: and I can't type my emails any faster either - just lets the spell checker shame me sooner
fastbox west: :)
Rich Drushel: 42 minutes of digital video is 10 GB in iMovie...
Rich Drushel: And a single DVD holds only 4 I am keeping everything on digital videotape for now.
George: i'm thinking of buying 2.2 gig
fastbox west: that's about it Rich D. - do you use compression of any kind?
rich-c: obviously, Rich, you need considerably more hard disc space
Rich Drushel: Well, for analysis, I have to deal with 30 sec clips at most.
rich-c: George, the last thing you need is another computer, faster or otherwise
George: that is P-4 2,2 gig
rich-c: maybe a bit more memory would help on some downloads
Rich Drushel: The hard part is, I have to grab 3 x 60 minutes for a given experiment, synchronize all 3 videos, then grab the same timebase clips from each camera view.
rich-c: maybe more hard disc space for your MP3s would be useful
Rich Drushel: I have no MP3s :-)
Guy B.: My four a P75, P90 Notebook, P133 and Athlon 850. Don't need anything faster.
rich-c: but since you already have a dsl modem, that's about the limit
rich-c: save your cash for something you can use
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changed username to Tis I
fastbox west: a newcomer?
fastbox west: Tis I - hello there
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fastbox west: Tis I - Tis who?
Tis I requested to ban BobS
fastbox west confirmed ban
changed username to Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
fastbox west: I voted yes
Tis I: I vote NO
Guy B.: Hi Judy, but we canned Bob. Where did he go?
rich-c: well, Judy just came in so it must be the father of the bride
fastbox west: but I see Judy - Hi Judy
Tis I changed username to BobS..Tis I
Judy: Hi, All
Rich Drushel: Oh, I's "Tis I" (the pronoun), not "Tis the First" (start of some king dynasty).
Guy B.: There's the darn fool.
Rich Drushel: Hello Judy.
George: Hi Judy
Judy: How is everyone, it has been awhile?
BobS..Tis I: si senior....she can't come 'cept with ME
fastbox west: Tis I ruled for 37 months prior to Tis II -- non descript record
BobS..Tis I: nicht war.......tis ME
(Guy B. slaps BobS..Tis I playfully)
BobS..Tis I changed username to BobS
fastbox west: almost had me there for a minute
Guy B.: That did it.
rich-c: he cant spell in German, either
Rich Drushel: Was deposed by his cousin Psammetichus of Thebes in 347 BC.
Judy: where did that name come from, fastbox?
BobS: AH AH HA!!!!!!
fastbox west: aha!
fastbox west: the old depose the monarch trick
rich-c: Ron's computer of the week is faster, Judy
George: i'm lost
Guy B.: Faster than mine's and Rich.
fastbox west: ah yes.... permit me to introduce
Judy: I, see
rich-c: just some kidding around, George
Rich Drushel: Rebuilt the Temple of Osiris in 332 BC, which was buried in a sandstorm...until excavated by the Nazis in 1937 while looking for the Ark of the Covenant...
George: format c: /u
fastbox west: an AMD duron in a box, that all came separately with a bunch of stuff that I put together one night - with some help from my friends
fastbox west: and now appears to be working
fastbox west: sez it operates at 1200 megs per second
Rich Drushel: "Make new friends, but keep the old"--Igor to Viktor Frankenstein.
fastbox west: Don't burn bridges while you're crossing them
Rich Drushel: Conversation breaks up the monopoly of talking.
Rich Drushel: (a quote from Popeye, believe it or not)
rich-c: you will find, Ron, that it can make mistakes considerably faster
fastbox west: And then of course - from age old Radio Operator wisdom - if you want to listen, you have to turn the transmitter off
fastbox west: right Rich
fastbox west: GIGO principle still applies
Rich Drushel: He was recently assigned to Afghanistan...
rich-c: your program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down
fastbox west: if the problem persists contact BILL GATES
Rich Drushel: The only gates in my computer are AND, NOT, and OR.
fastbox west: he is from Microsoft and he's here to help you
fastbox west: ROTFL George
George: i get strange turtles
fastbox west: Never in the history of modern computing have so many computers in the same room done so little
Rich Drushel: Turtles? You are using a LOGO chat?
rich-c: well, which editon of Logo are you using, George?
Rich Drushel: Great minds think alike, eh Richard?
fastbox west: BRB
rich-c: and fools seldom differ?
George: how do i tell?
Rich Drushel: I meant to ask you if your pneumonia has been cured, Richard.
rich-c: click on the "about" section under the "help" menu
rich-c: well, the doctor seems to think so
Rich Drushel: Yay!
rich-c: all I can tell is that my voice is still funny and I don't plan to try smoking
George: in smartlogo?
rich-c: if you're in SmartLogo you aren't on the internet
rich-c: or are you playing with your Adam on the side (a worthy endeavour)
Rich Drushel: No, I think .CALL 65648 invokes the TCP/IP stack...
George: always fun
rich-c: anyway, SmartLogo only ever was issued in one version, so now we know
Guy B.: Upgraded my AOL instant messenger on my notebook. My Dcopy Setup program is in the final stages. I think you will all like what I've done.
fastbox west: um.....
BobS: oh forgot maybe to send you a message Guy
George: i have a smartlogo slot machine
Guy B.: And what's the message?
fastbox west: would like to see that George
BobS: got you pencilled in for convention session be reeady ANYTIME
Guy B.: Ok, I'll be ready. I will be bringing a PC for the demo.
fastbox west: Yeah. Bob want's me to do a session on things I don't know
fastbox west: same as ever
fastbox west: It will be creative
rich-c: why should you be different from teh rest of us?
fastbox west: :)
rich-c: Bob, what is this Adam disassembly bit you have been prating about?
BobS: oh comeon ronald ya'll know EVERYTING
fastbox west: did we ever get any follow-up on the IDE cards for ADAM?
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fastbox west: yeah right
BobS: haven't che4duled it yet, because I don't have guinea pigs...I mean volunteers.........
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: think that was something between Dale andone of the Gordons
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi
BobS: no word frm Dale on it
Rich Drushel: Pamela! Hello.
Pamela: I'm here for a good time but not a long time
fastbox west: Hey Pamela howz ya'all
rich-c: Bob says Mandy is committing matrimony July 27
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Rich Drushel: *That's* a great pickup line, Pam...
Pamela: Hi, Rich, Hi Fastbox
George: Hi Pam
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: Thanks Guy
Pamela: It's not intended to be anything but the truth, Rich
Guy B.: I figured you need one. So, that's on me.
Pamela: Erin is here and we have stuff yet to do before we can retire
fastbox west: Fastbox is really Ron speaking at 1.2 something-or-others
rich-c: right - you said she was coming today
Guy B.: He's on his so-called speedy PC.
Pamela: Yeah, its' been one of those days
Pamela: Erin says hi, Dad
rich-c: when to you plan to pick up the tapes for Russell?
Pamela: and to everyone else
Pamela: Can you bring them with you on Saturday?
Pamela: You know, Ron, I should have figured that out
rich-c: tell Erin hi right back and we're looking forward to seeing her Saturday
Pamela: (giggles)
rich-c: yes, I can do that, Pam - when do you want us up there?
Pamela: good question, haven't figured that out yet - can I let you know tomorrow night?
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(A strange smell wafts around the room)
rich-c: OK - how long does the drive take?
Pamela: Rich, who-all are you bringing with you to GR?
changed username to freddymaiden
freddymaiden: Hi all
Guy B.: Hi Freddy. Where have you been?
Pamela: About an hour and a half if you don't take the 407
fastbox west: Hi Freddy
rich-c: hi Fred - do you have some great news for us?
Pamela: Hi,
freddymaiden: Meganne is born
Pamela: Freddy
Rich Drushel: Me? Just Elanor.
George: Hi Freddy
rich-c: terrific, Papa
freddymaiden: 9lbs 12ounces
fastbox west: congrats in order
Pamela: Just Elanor? : (
rich-c: mon dieu!!!
Pamela: congrats, Freddy
Guy B.: Fantastic Freddy. How do you feel?
freddymaiden: tks vry much
freddymaiden: like a super happy father
Guy B.: Your first?
freddymaiden: yes
Guy B.: When was she born?
Rich Drushel: Congratulations! Welcome to the fraternity of parents.
Pamela: You know Bob I'm starting to get really excited
freddymaiden: first little girl born Wed. 3:46am
BobS: great, the Target is waiting............
(BobS winks)
Pamela: My wallet will be happy to know that
Guy B.: Wow, bet you didn't get much sleep.
Pamela: my parents aren't so sure
freddymaiden: no not much sleep ....
BobS: in TODAY??????
(S enjoys the flowers.)
freddymaiden: no last Wed. sorry
Guy B.: Get a good night's sleep tonight. Baby still at the hospital?
rich-c: but you're still walking on air, right?
BobS: that's good, I thought maybe you abandoned mom & baby for chat!!!! ;-)
freddymaiden: no with us since Mon.
Rich Drushel: After a week? I hope not...
rich-c: (and, in your sleep)
freddymaiden: haha no thats why i missed last wed.
fastbox west: boy they sure don't let you stay around the hospital much any more eh?
rich-c: Fred, did you get the programs?
freddymaiden: walking and floating
Pamela: Bob, what were you talking about when I arrived? Something about guinea pigs?
Rich Drushel: Hospitals now are less rabid about kicking out new mothers than they were for our 4 girls (48 hours and out), but not by much.
George: they get up and walk too fast
fastbox west: Understandable Freddie
freddymaiden: not yet since last check on Mon. will go tomorrow
Judy: I am back, was talking wedding with Sherri
BobS: hmmmmmmmm.OH, need ADAM computer disassemblers to volunteer to made fun off, jeered, etc
George: next its the prom
freddymaiden: wow
Rich Drushel: whaddayou mean "volunteers"? I thought I was drafted.
fastbox west: As I recall Freddie, you're in Montreal, right?
Pamela: Well you already have me so now you need another
BobS: ok you are drafted ......blindfolded.......
rich-c: I'm good at taking Adams apart, if you can find someone to put them back togehter
Rich Drushel: Not that I would dodge this draft...
freddymaiden: yes MTL
Guy B.: Boy, the last Slopsema getting married. Judy, now you and Bob are going be busy.
rich-c: or, if you have a number of expendable Adams
freddymaiden: well in the aerea
Rich Drushel: Woo-hoo! Gotta do some lights-out cockpit instrument drills...
Pamela: Mandy is getting married in two weeks? When did this come about?
BobS: that is a thought. tear it apart.......
Judy: yes, but it will be do;ne before convention
Rich Drushel: Need to remember how many screws and where.
BobS: lst night
Judy: yesterday
Pamela: WHAT????
BobS: fast huh???????
Judy: that is how I feel
Pamela: talk about light speed!
Guy B.: Bob even surprised us Pam.
George: i go nuts
BobS: si seniorita
freddymaiden: I like to refer to MTL aerea otherwise you might get lost....
Rich Drushel: Can I ask how old Mandy is?
Judy: don't have time to go nuts
Judy: 22
BobS: 22 1/2
fastbox west: Been there Freddie. Got lost
freddymaiden: lol
fastbox west: been to the Big Owe
rich-c: Quebec is easy to navigate, if you just drop the "St." off all place names
Pamela: Erin ( who will be 23 in two weeks) says "talk about impulsive youth"
freddymaiden: boy what a waste of time fast
Rich Drushel: I was 23.5, Joan 24.5...
freddymaiden: lol
Guy B.: I was 32 when I got married.
BobS: i was 20 and me vife vas only 19
rich-c: heavens, a child bride
Guy B.: Bob, your fingers are walking again.
Pamela: now that's impulsive youth
BobS: vhen ve got hitched up
BobS: yeh mon
Pamela: on the other hand, there are those of us who look like we're never going to get to the alter
George: i'll be single for the rest of my life
Rich Drushel: Hey, biology supports your decision...26 is the point at which birth defects start going WAAYYYYYYY all the 30somethings and 40somethings are finding out to their chagrin.
fastbox west: Some of been there and ran away
BobS: don't need an altar Pam, just a BIg ballbat
Pamela: bring it with you to the hotel, okay?
Judy: that could change in two weeks, I will let you know if it is possible
rich-c: or a white shotgun?
Rich Drushel: Not a shotgun?
Pamela: no, that's just a little too cliched
BobS: will do my dear
Pamela: Judy, do you have any hair left?
Pamela: after 24 hours?
George: i'm stuck in philly
rich-c: Judy isn't the hair-tearing type
Judy: yes, but it is getting grayer by the minute
BobS: due to immediate considerations.....ADAMCON is CANCELLED
rich-c: she's been married to Bob for years, remember?
Pamela: we need 2 and four week sampls
Guy B.: George is definately lost here folks.
Judy: not true, Rich
fastbox west: move to Comox, that's all you'll find here - grey hair
Pamela: well Bob, we're going to show up any way
rich-c: thought you specialty lately was strange tropical fungus diseases
BobS left chat session
fastbox west: not north of Nanaimo
Guy B.: Lost Bob again.
Rich Drushel: long as 2 ADAMites meet in a motel room somewhere, ADAMs in hand, it's an ADAMcon.
fastbox west: but we do got it
Judy: Bob is leaving, he is not getting the messages
rich-c: will a notebook with teh Emulator do?
Pamela: what if you don't have an ADAM but show up anyway, does that count?
fastbox west: right On Dr. D
Rich Drushel: You can substitute wearing a past ADAMcon T-shirt.
fastbox west: In your case Pamela, most certainly yes
Pamela: that'
Rich Drushel: Or say the password: "EOS" (runs away)
Pamela: s the bonus of being a second generation ADAMite
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: TDOS will save the day.
Judy: yes, I was reading the messages that I was getting and he wasn't getting any of them
changed username to BobS
George: am i here?
Guy B.: There he is. You ran out of room.
Pamela: you're here, George
fastbox west: indeed you are George
rich-c: well, I hopev he's getting the message now - he's back
Judy: Pam you can c;ome not a problem
George: i can't see
Pamela: anyway folks, I just popped in to say hi. things to do, places to go and all that
freddymaiden: lol fastbox
Judy: we could even get you an Adam
fastbox west: be good Pamela
Guy B.: Will see you next week Pam.
Pamela: I still don'thave anywhere to put it Judy
rich-c: OK Pam but two points - how long a drive is it up there Sat?
freddymaiden: bye bye Pam!
Pamela: thanks all - will be here next week, on time and relatively in budget
Rich Drushel: Bye Pam!
George: Nite Pam
Judy: yes, he is now but he is not at his computer
Pamela: Dad - about an hour and change - depends on traffic
Pamela: and the second?
rich-c: OK - talk later, meantime nite to you and Erin
fastbox west: Traffic in Toronto - tremendous
Judy: bye Pam
Pamela: to you too - hugs from us both. will try to call tomorrow evening.
Pamela: goodnite all!
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
freddymaiden: disapeared!
rich-c: oh, traffic in all big cities is pretty ferocious these days
George: oh my back
(S enjoys the flowers.)
rich-c: I think Montral is even worse than Toronto, but maybe that's the drivers
(A dog howls in the distance)
Rich Drushel: "S"?
fastbox west: who is S?
fastbox west: we seem to have some NPC's
Rich Drushel: Hahaha
freddymaiden: yeah Mtl is bad and the drivers are crazy...
Rich Drushel: Who's the Dungeon Master in this here game?
George: any hackers in here?
fastbox west: What
rich-c: last time I drove through Montreal was in a 4500 lb. car with an 18 ft. trailer
rich-c: I had Renault LeCars wanted to play bumper tag with me
freddymaiden: oh boy!!! wicked...
rich-c: if I'd ever hit one, the pieces would have landed in the Gaspe
freddymaiden: lol
Guy B.: Renault, what ever happen to that car company?
BobS: SPYHUNTER, you gotta practise richard. whack them little things off the road
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello Everyone
freddymaiden: no comment
fastbox west: Hi Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka. How's Doug doing?
rich-c: they went and bought a big chunk of Nissan after their deal with Chrysler fell through
George: Hi Meeka
Judy: I had that in the parking lot before we left on our trip, more damage to my new car
Rich Drushel: ROTFL Re: SpyHunter
Meeka: good Guy
Rich Drushel: Hello Meeka.
Judy: hi, Meeka
BobS: i der
Guy B.: How's your dog doing?
rich-c: hi Meeka, you're late - Pamela just left
freddymaiden: Hi Meeka
BobS: and JUST is true
Meeka: good. He is a handful at times
BobS: Freddie had the baby....a big one.......
BobS: oh, or maybe it was freddie's wife.......
Meeka: oh well, I guess I will have to catch her later then
Judy: who, Doug or the dog?
freddymaiden: thats better haha
BobS: TIDNAB the spy dog!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Same with mine. She's keeping me on my walking.
fastbox west: :)
Meeka: Bandit, mom. on second thought maybe both
BobS: walkign a LOT Guy??????
Judy: that is true
rich-c: don't knock it, Bob, it's good for them as can do it
freddymaiden: hows Georges back now?
Guy B.: I'm still walking. Although the weight has held on the last two weeks. I hope to get more down by the convention.
fastbox west: Drink hot rum's George, till you can't see the end of the bed
freddymaiden: :)
BobS: thats why I asked Guy, but didn't want t mention why.......keep it up!!!!!
rich-c: you will, Guy. Weight loss isn't an even process. More like dive, then plateau, then dive again
BobS: it is good exercise anyway
fastbox west: The FINAL Frontier
Judy: I wish I was doing all that walking, did some on vacation, but that is were it ended
Rich Drushel: Speaking of walking...I think I am going to walk upstairs and turn in for the began at 0500, and I am getting sleepy.
Guy B.: Now the weather has cooled off. Abby and I are going for longer walks. I bought a portable water bottle for Abby and I take that with me when it gets too warm.
Meeka: ok, night Rich
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
fastbox west: g'nite Dr.D
freddymaiden: Bye Rich
Rich Drushel: Nice to talk to you all tonight, glad I could be here.
Judy: night, Rich
rich-c: OK Rich - I will keep you posted on developments - meanwhile 'nite
Rich Drushel: poof
Rich Drushel left chat session
BobS: lshucks that was fast
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: yes, Rich does sign off fairly quickly, though he isn't abrupt about it
BobS: I was peeking at tv ya inow
BobS: know
changed username to iMac Ron
Guy B.: Ron's back.
BobS: tha maker guy/........
George: people come and go so quickly here
BobS: macker
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: oh, Ron;s gone back to his first love
moved to room Meeting Place
iMac Ron: showng offi
changed username to Guy B.
iMac Ron: wouldn't want one machine to get all the work
Guy B.: I lost the rest of the messages as well.
rich-c: and here's Meeka back - did your get counced, Meeka?
BobS: oh so you spread the joy around, eh??????
iMac Ron: yes, exactly
iMac Ron: just before I left fastbox, things seemed to freeze
BobS: well. how many computers are stabled in the lower recesses of your basement now????????
Meeka: what Rich, I never left
iMac Ron: um.... let me see....
rich-c: oh, mine showed you leaving and re-entering
iMac Ron: actually, only 11
rich-c: call in a couple of buddies for their fingers and toes, Ron
George: oh oh oh
BobS: "only 11" if that is depriving you of computerism's
freddymaiden: hi Santa
iMac Ron: 6 macs and 4 others and 2 ADAM's
iMac Ron: that's 12 isn't it
BobS: well yah....but you have to remember...when IN the western reaches, counting is a little slow too....
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. So, I'll see you all next week. Saturday, I might make it. See what's going on that day.
rich-c: hardly enough to be worth mentioning, actually, Ron
BobS: see ya Guy
iMac Ron: doesn't count the 4 spare ADAM's in the cupboard
freddymaiden: Bye Guy
Meeka: bye Guy
BobS: ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!
iMac Ron: which will have to be pressed into service next year
Judy: bye Guy, keep walking
iMac Ron: Nite guy
rich-c: I'll be off to Pam's trailer Sat., Guy, so see you next Wed.
Guy B.: I will.
George: i have an XT
iMac Ron: oops... forgot the Mac it's 13
Guy B.: That's alot of computers Ron. See you all later.
Guy B. left chat session
George: 8088
iMac Ron: take Care Guy
rich-c: well, an XT makes a fine server for an Adam using the Adamserve program
freddymaiden: George i have an micro XT
iMac Ron: actually, yes it does
BobS: keep counting..............
George: i found it in the trash
rich-c: oh, I got mine at a garage sale
iMac Ron: my original MiniWini hard drive interface has gone bflunkzept, so I'm using a 386/16 as a server
rich-c: guy said there was only one condition - never ever bring it back
George: it has a 30 HD
iMac Ron: the old RLL drive
rich-c: don't know what mine has, likely big - every slot in it is filled
George: still works
iMac Ron: That's the trouble, they all still work
BobS: most of the stuff works.....people just get greedy adn want newer
rich-c: what does one do with an Adam that doesn't work?
iMac Ron: yup. that's all my latest acquisition was really
rich-c: ditto Ron. Basically, I wanted a CD burner and USB ports
George: i want everything
BobS: and ADAM is canabalized for parts
iMac Ron: exactly
BobS: and the rest dumped I guess
rich-c: OK, which parts are worth salvaging?
iMac Ron: good ADAM for our takemapart-and putem-back exercise
BobS: that is the question
iMac Ron: course, then, the final test is "does it work"
BobS: yes Richard, bring a couple with you please for disassembly and no return to Canada
iMac Ron: and if it never worked to begin with, that might confuse things
BobS: naw, they don't need to work to begin with
moved to room Meeting Place
iMac Ron: Now that gives rise to a question
BobS: which is
rich-c: unfortunately, Bob, they're all Expansion 3 modules, no serious challenge - no tape drives either
changed username to bair
iMac Ron: will customs permit passage to a computing device they can't see working?
BobS: hiya Robert!!!!!!
George: hi Bair
Judy: hello, bob
bair: hi
iMac Ron: The BAIR!!!
rich-c: the Great Bair is among us - welcome!
BobS: hmmmm. expansion 3 models are ofno consequence
George: big night
freddymaiden: hi
iMac Ron: how you do good man?
rich-c: we are more worried about whether we can get Frances into the country
iMac Ron: Freddy meet Bob Bair
rich-c: she doesn't drive so she has no government-issued photo ID
bair: why is that
iMac Ron: Bob, meet Freddy
iMac Ron: from Montreal
freddymaiden: hiBob
BobS: she should get one
rich-c: they just sent back three teeenagers from a girls baseball team
rich-c: they were travelling with their parents and other players
George: i'm hungry
bair: is there some way to have a piture notorized
rich-c: but they didn't have any government cards with their pictures on them
rich-c: so the border guards wouldn't let them in
iMac Ron: yeah me too George, fax me a pizze eh?
rich-c: this isn't the US, Bob, we aren't required to have identity cards
BobS: can't yo get one form the local police??????
rich-c: no, they don't issue them
BobS: well, we arent' generally either
BobS: but..........
BobS: specially after last Sep
rich-c: maybe we could tear up her health insurance card and get her a new one
rich-c: but they might just reissue a text card instead of one of the new photo versions
iMac Ron: out here we have an ID card issued by the provincial govt
Judy: try it, Rich
BobS: ask nicely for a picture id card from the insurance explaining the situation and begging help
bair: what if the ambassy can't spell
rich-c: maybe she can go to the liquor store and get one of their proof of age cards - they have photos
bair: they might help
BobS: that is a great idea!!!!!!
rich-c: or maybe she can just flash her birth certificate and dare them to keep her out
BobS: don't take the chance of a hassle at the border
iMac Ron: Rich C. do I need a passport to get cross the US/Canada border?
iMac Ron: or will drivers licence and birth certificate suffice as before?
rich-c: no, just some form of government-issued photo ID
BobS: form US end, I think just a pic id and birth certificate
BobS: IF asked
rich-c: your drivers licence will do if it has your mug shot on it
Judy: get it taken care of , we need her here!!!!
iMac Ron: drivers licence has my mug on it
George: will welfare ID do?
rich-c: Judy, since her birth certificate is from New York State, I think it may intimidate starchy bureaucrats
iMac Ron: that'll get you past Bob Slopsema George, but probably little else
rich-c: Immigration cops tend to get into trouble if they tell US citizens they can't come in
bair: is it possible to call the border or an ambassy to find out
BobS: good luck gettign a straight answer!
rich-c: no, the phone lines have limited hours and are always busy, Bob
iMac Ron: for service in French, press 1
iMac Ron: otherwise Go away
bair: What if bob called a senetor to find out
rich-c: pour service en francais, pressez 2
iMac Ron: that's "Appuyes sur le 2" Rich
iMac Ron: sorry "Appuyez"
rich-c: not on teh gummint phones around here, Ron
rich-c: but of course I won't vouch for teh authenticity of any French this side of the Atlantic
iMac Ron: ok...... so we got a little Frenglish goin'
freddymaiden: If any of you know a customs broker for biz through the border perhaps
George: what is going on?
freddymaiden: they could be of helping hand
iMac Ron: out here, it - "for service in French, dammit, go to Quebec"
rich-c: no, brokers only deal with non-human stuff
freddymaiden: And its the best place you get it.
George: AI in trouble
Judy: time for me to say goodnight
freddymaiden: Rich its true
rich-c: goodnight, Judy
George: nite Judy
Meeka: ok, talk to you tomorrow Mom
freddymaiden: bye Judy
BobS: right, time for bed, days around here are TOO busy!!!!!!
Judy left chat session
iMac Ron: nite Judy
iMac Ron: nite Bob
BobS: goodbye ALL and hjave agood week!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Meeka: night dad
bair: call hilly clinton in new york might work
iMac Ron: Are you a bilingual Montrealer Freddie?
rich-c: it's OK, Freddy, the issue really doesn't apply for us - it's largely (though truth-based) kidding our US buddies
bair: night
freddymaiden: biensure je suis bilingue
iMac Ron: bon
rich-c: Frances and I are both of US birth, and until they repeal the 13th amendment, that's it
rich-c: nite Bob
bair: will then shouldnot have any trouble
iMac Ron: Actually, we have a local francophone association out here, quite active. The presence of a military base tends to give rise to use of the French languate
rich-c: or if we do someone should ahve serious cause to regret it - but basically I'm a pacifist
iMac Ron: (sorry- language)
iMac Ron: more than would otherwise be the case
iMac Ron: Having spent the better part of my career in Ottawa, I went on language training, and still have some capability
rich-c: we prefer to emphasize our Canadian citizenship, and work from there
freddymaiden: I love the jocking and join into it makes it interresting....
rich-c: unfortunately multilingual jokes dont work, too many different languages
freddymaiden: true, i mean one joke per language at a time...hah
rich-c: the Canadians can all get by more or less with French, but Bob obly has some Soanish and Dr. D, uses German
Meeka: ok, Guys, I'm headed off too bed also. See ya next week
iMac Ron: you still there Meeka?
rich-c: nite Meeka, see you then
George: i can't even understand english
Meeka: yes Ron,
iMac Ron: just before you go, did you get my last e-mail?
freddymaiden: bye Meeka!
George: nite Meeka
Meeka: ahhh, the one witrh the flight times?
iMac Ron: ya
rich-c: Ron, is your main email address still
iMac Ron: yessir
Meeka: yes, I did. I was gonna e-mail you back, cut been kinda busy with planning things for Amanda and hadn't gotten to it yet
iMac Ron: ok. No problem. sorry I can't make it longer than that, but what with one thing and another
iMac Ron: gotta get back
Meeka: NP. we understand.
rich-c: by the way, Freddy, George doesn;'t like all that smoke you folks are sending him
iMac Ron: anyway... will look forward to a couple of extra days with you guys
Meeka: we will plan on you til wednesday and se you get to the airport on time
iMac Ron: very good
freddymaiden: Yeah gues we are barking up the wrong tree....
George: i can't breathe
Meeka: cool. can't wait
freddymaiden: George where you at?
rich-c: more like barking off the trees, isn't it?
George: Philly
freddymaiden: your fast!
iMac Ron: ok. nite Meeka
freddymaiden: they need to get to the root cause.
Meeka: Doug says to tell you that he has alreay secided that we will have to have bacon for breakfast
rich-c: can I bring my own raisin bread?
Meeka: he uses any excuse to get it
iMac Ron: crispy bacon?
George: a lot of police beatings are showing up in the news
Meeka: sure, I can do crispy I think
rich-c: we seem to have some red hot punning going on here
iMac Ron: :)
rich-c: where will it branch out to next?
Meeka: ok, night everyone
freddymaiden: im leafless
Meeka left chat session
iMac Ron: tight as the bark on a tree
rich-c: watch out, someone might needle you about it
iMac Ron: cant see the forest for the
rich-c: smoke?
iMac Ron: how did we get here?
rich-c: George is choking on Freddy's smoke
iMac Ron: George, are we making any sense to you?
George: what?
iMac Ron: I said
iMac Ron: oh.... never mind
freddymaiden: smoke on the water..
iMac Ron: You fit right in here Freddie
George: i think i'm going to DIE
rich-c: Ron - I assume you know northern Quebec is on fire and the smoke plume reaches down past Washington
freddymaiden: tks Iman appreciated
iMac Ron: Don't do that George
freddymaiden: Imac Ron i mean.
iMac Ron: yes, we heard about that. Not a good thing
George: chest pains
rich-c: did you see teh satellite photo in the newspapers yesterday? That was dramatic
freddymaiden: now only 6fires are out on control only...
iMac Ron: No, but then I only get the local here
rich-c: you're more up to date than we are then, Freddie
iMac Ron: rely on Izzy Asper's rendition on the net for other newspapers
rich-c: this morning the number out of control was higher and they weren't optimistic
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: hello
iMac Ron: Hey.... we've gone international
james: long time everyone
rich-c: Ron: try, they are much better
iMac Ron: Hi James
George: Hi James
freddymaiden: Hi James
rich-c: welcome james and good morning
iMac Ron: ok Rich, will check that out
james: sorry i've been.. less than diligent in my attendance lately :D
rich-c: freddy, james is in Japan
freddymaiden: Really , thats great!
iMac Ron: a little history:
james: so is freddy new?
freddymaiden: Yes
rich-c: james, freddy is in Montreal and is also a new father as of last Wed
iMac Ron: James and I were in the same ADAM club in 1985/86 in Ottawa
james: cool. congratulations. no more lonely nights eh :D
freddymaiden: :) as Paul McCarney would say!!!
iMac Ron: James was (and still is) our LOGO expert
james: my first born, case, is a little over three months now.
rich-c: no more sleeping - but you know about that!
freddymaiden: Congradulations.
james: he's pretty good now. usually asleep by midnight, gets up around 5 and then 7 to nurse and then sleeps until 10:30
james: rather fussy during the day though
freddymaiden: understand that now.
rich-c: yes, parenthood is a rapid educational process
james: lol
iMac Ron: been a long time. Mine is now 30
james: hey ron, i might be getting a mac in the near future
iMac Ron: Seem to recall lack of sleep
rich-c: that's ok, ours is 37
iMac Ron: hey.... all right!
freddymaiden: lol
George: oh lord help me
rich-c: what leve of mac, james?
rich-c: level
james: been looking at osx. going to see if the english version can handle what i want it to do in japanese (and mandarin for a friend)
james: if it does, i might get a g4
james: when and if i can afford it.
iMac Ron: Have not actually downloaded the language updates James, but they're all there. Wouldn't be able to say now good they are
rich-c: I've got the impression Windows handles Japanese well, but have heard nothing about macs
iMac Ron: Used to hate OS X, but now it's the best thing since sliced bread
james: that's my main concern. win2k was *supposed* to handle japanese but they did a *very* half-assed job of it.
iMac Ron: right. You want real capability.
rich-c: windows any flavour seems to do a half-assed job of anything
james: exactly. with what i've read so far it seems good, but i want to see it for myself before i go investing.
james: i've been using japanese versions of windows going on 10 years now. i want an english os with full japanese support.
iMac Ron: good plan.
james: how is it for stability?
iMac Ron: As a rock
rich-c: by Windows standards, or by reasonable standards?
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to return of james
changed username to rich-c
return of james: ping
iMac Ron: If a program exceeds its bounds, the system shuts it down, but keeps on ticking
iMac Ron: I would say by reasonable standards
iMac Ron: we seem to have a bit of a glitch
iMac Ron: I see my mouth flapping, but nothing's coming out
rich-c: just got booted and got the time-exceeded message
freddymaiden: lol
rich-c: anyway I have to go now
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to fastbox west
rich-c: Pam will be up north and we will be with her Saturday
return of james: unlike windows where the program takes the system down. even after it's been "shut down"
rich-c: so see you all next W3dnesday
fastbox west: ok...panic was not required
return of james: good night rich
fastbox west: nite Rich....sleep well
rich-c: good night all - till next week
freddymaiden: BYE BYE Rich and tks very much fr taking care of the order..
rich-c: on plaisir, mon ami
rich-c left chat session
return of james: you in the market for some adam stuff, freddy?
George: nite all
freddymaiden: Well not too profoundly but for starters yes.
fastbox west: Gnite George.... stay upright
return of james: i might have a couple of extra games, some blank tapes and maybe even a little hardware which i could look into sending you.
George left chat session
freddymaiden: Really!
return of james: yeah. i'll look into it. i have a box of stuff i hardly ever use.
fastbox west: was going to ask Freddy, whether or not you have an ADAM
return of james: also, if you want to ditch the adam printer, i can guide you through a pc power supply modification (actually, it's up on my web pages)
freddymaiden: Sure do!
freddymaiden: Oh what page is that?
fastbox west: are we locked again?
fastbox west: nope
return of james:
freddymaiden: Thank you James
fastbox west: neat site. very well done
return of james: it's getting a little dated.
fastbox west: Freddie, were you ever a member of the First Canadian ADAM User Group?
fastbox west: or are you a more recent convert?
freddymaiden: No unfortunately I had tossed the Adam aside fr a while....
fastbox west: right. many did
return of james: too bad no one kept the old aufg magazines
freddymaiden: exactly but now want to use it again...
freddymaiden: where you?
fastbox west: When I left Ottawa in 1995, there was a complete set left with the new Pres - (and dammit, his name is gone from memory)
fastbox west: I still have some of the issues here, and more on disk, but haven't gotten to looking at them
return of james: 1995.. sec.. i think i remember..
freddymaiden: fastbox yr in wich province now?
fastbox west: Louis Fauteaux
fastbox west: but I understand he passed away a couple of years later
fastbox west: BC
fastbox west: Vancouver Island
return of james: yes, i called actually around 1998 and was told he'd passed away. wonder what happened to his stuff..
freddymaiden: My uncle lives in BC north Van.
fastbox west: Only touch I have now with the old crew (infrequently) is Doug Paterson and John Krzyzanowski
fastbox west: really Freddie, do you ever get out west?
freddymaiden: Have been few years ago with AC flt and was wonderful BC is a beutiful province.
return of james: hey ron, will be flying over you in september and probably again in march.
fastbox west: Think as a project for ADAMCON 15, I'm going to see how much of that stuff I actually have here
fastbox west: aha! Will have to look skyward and smile
fastbox west: agreed Freddie
return of james: freddy - my e-mail is
return of james: drop me a line and i'll remember to go through my adam inventory.
fastbox west: what's your e--mail Freddie?
freddymaiden: Tks James-San
return of james: now i need to have lunch and get ready to teach. thursdays are rather long.
return of james: lol
freddymaiden: Bye James
fastbox west: good you could make it in James
fastbox west: take care
return of james: yeah, will try to be on earlier next week.
return of james: bye everyone
freddymaiden: brb
return of james left chat session
fastbox west: and I'm off to install Linux on fastbox here
fastbox west: niters
fastbox west: gotcha
fastbox west: willl note that
freddymaiden: Good night fastbox.
fastbox west: see ya next week
freddymaiden: will do
freddymaiden: well guess its time fr me to hit the sack
freddymaiden: good night IMac Ron, think yr the only one left!!!!
freddymaiden: bye!
fastbox west: just noting the e-mails while they're here. This damn program doesn't have a copy facility
fastbox west: now I go
freddymaiden: LOL
freddymaiden: Night
fastbox west: nite
iMac Ron left chat session
fastbox west left chat session
freddymaiden left chat session
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changed username to George
George left chat session
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changed username to George > chat > Wed 2002-07-10
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