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rich-c: test
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changed username to Judy
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rich-c: hello Judy
changed username to BobSned>
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Judy: Hi, Rich
rich-c: hi Bob
BobSned> changed username to BobS
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: howdy cowpokes!!!!!!
rich-c: everyone seems to have appeared at once
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Hi Everyone!
rich-c: got the map to the 'con, Bob
rich-c: wil pass Pam's copy on to her later
Guy B.: Somehow, I got some unauthorized software installed on my computer. But, I got it off the hard drive and the registry.
rich-c: besides us'ns here and Dr. D., who else is coming?
BobS: COOL, it is NOT hard to find, just remember AC 09....same place just next door
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BobS: Murray, the Cleveland twins...........
BobS: HOPEFYULLY Dale & Jill
changed username to George
rich-c: what sort of unauthorized software, Guy? and what do you mean by unauthorized?
BobS: hiya goe
Guy B.: Hi George.
BobS: Geo
rich-c: hello George
George: hi everyone
Judy: hi, George
George: i made it
rich-c: but Dale has yet to confirm, I gather
Judy: thats right we have not heard from him
Guy B.: Well, something called Innocent Virgins appeared after I booted up. I did install two games over the weekend. So, I don't know where this came from. My guess could have been the Internet.
George: i'm ready to hang myself
rich-c: maybe you should nag him just a little - time's a-flittin
rich-c: maybe those games had some nasty traps in them
Judy: Bob already did
BobS: well I hate to bug him, BUT............
rich-c: though if they install stuff like that, they'd have to be ... interesting ... games to start with, I suspect
Guy B.: These were sealed games. Wheel of Fortune and Pac-Man.
BobS: hmm. someone playing artoudn at the factory???????
rich-c: those are really old titles, so likely reissued by a small outfit cheap
Guy B.: It's the middle of July. You should ask him if he's definately coming.
George: my beta vcr is broken
rich-c: that is seriously tough, George - don't expect beta repairs are that easy to come by
Guy B.: I don't know what happened. The important thing is I got it off the system. So, it won't happen again.
George: most of my movies are in beta
rich-c: yes, I can see why that could cause SERIOUS depression, George
Guy B.: George, you still have Beta? My gosh, VHS killed them in the 80's. Rich is right. I don't think you will be able to get it repaired.
George: i have only 10 % invhs
rich-c: true enough, Guy, but when strange things happen, it's best to find out how
rich-c: otherwise you could be in for some nasty surprises down the line
Guy B.: I wonder if anyone can convert his Beta movies to VHS or maybe even DVD if he decides to get a DVD player later.
rich-c: oh, he can get it repaired - but finding the shop may take some looking
rich-c: I don't know - will a VHS recorder record from a Beta?
Guy B.: No, tapes are not compatable and are entirely different.
rich-c: not from a beta tape, Guy, from a beta machine - vcr to vcr
rich-c: like, Guy, put the beta machine on play and the vhs machine on record and what happens?
Guy B.: It just hit me Rich. I think he can if both players have audio and video jacks on the back.
George: do they still make beta parts?
Guy B.: He would need an audio/video cable.
rich-c: on beta vcrs I dont know how many parts were generic and how many machine specific
Guy B.: Sony is the only one that I know that made Beta. Were there others?
George: i thought sony put beta to bed
rich-c: yes, in fact I think my beta player is a Toshiba
Guy B.: They were the ones that came out with it.
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rich-c: yes, it was a typical Sony marketing fiasco - the price of excessive greed
George: sanyo and sears hadbete too
Guy B.: They did? Hmm, didn't know that.
changed username to Atomic ADAM
rich-c: welcome , new voice
Guy B.: Now, I wonder who Atomic Adam is?
Atomic ADAM: I am ADAM, hear me roar!
rich-c: I suspect the Sears was made by one of the big Japanese outfits
BobS: must be the round one...........
(BobS groans loudly)
Judy: not to loud I hope
(Everyone welcomes Atomic ADAM)
BobS: true or not?????????
rich-c: yes, does sound like he's been out in the rain a bit too much
Atomic ADAM: Strike 1.
Guy B.: Now, who could this guy be???
rich-c: well, my guess is that he's here earlier than usual
rich-c: and doesn't have any daughters
Guy B.: George, does that Beta player have audio/video jacks on the back?
Atomic ADAM: Gettin' warmer, Doc!
BobS: and he lives ont an island?????
Guy B.: Dr. D?
George: yes
Atomic ADAM: Guilty as charged, Guy.
Atomic ADAM changed username to Dr. D.
George: it has 3 sets
Guy B.: Well, you sure had us fooled!
Dr. D.: Haha :-)
Dr. D.: Just got back from the grocery store with Christina.
rich-c: that's a pretty fancy player originally then, George
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Dr. D.: Hello, all.
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi, all
Guy B.: You have a VHS Vcr?
rich-c: hi daughter - and Dr. D
Guy B.: Hi Pam
BobS: lessee.....ya wanted a smokin room with a queen bed, yes Dr D?????
Judy: hi, Doc
BobS: welcome PAMELA
Dr. D.: Gack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: hello Pam
Pamela: Hi everyone - hi Rich, looks like we arrived at the same time
George: it has a set to goto stero, tv, and camcorder
Dr. D.: [makes Don Martin "MAD Magazine" cartoon character face]
BobS: UNDER a streetlight 'casue you work all night anyway......
rich-c: Pam, which nights football tapes do you need this week?
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: well, got tonites , what else is there?
Dr. D.: Remember, Elanor is coming with me...
BobS: oh yea thats right
rich-c: tomorrow and Friday, Pam
Pamela: Probably need both of them Dad - will ask and let youknow if otherwise
Guy B.: The TV one should work going into another Vcr.
Pamela: Hi George, Hi Judy
BobS: FOOTball.........
Pamela: CFL football
rich-c: OK they are at late hours so I'm taping anywabut I'll hold off over-recording them till I hear from you
Dr. D.: If you old ADAMcon XIII campaigners remember the robot class last summer...I am running a couple of freshman classes through it this week.
Pamela: how are they doing Rich?
George: i can't get the tape in the beta vcr
Dr. D.: Just like you, no prereqs, go through the process, at the end of 4 hours, the robots work.
rich-c: Guy, all the jacks in the world wont help George if the machine won't play tapes
Pamela: are they as good as we were?
Guy B.: The tape won't go in?
Dr. D.: I even told them that I've run people aged 11 to 70+ through it and nobody has failed yet :-)T
Dr. D.: They were intimidated.
Pamela: good
rich-c: maybe you should have showed them pictures
(BobS laughs heartily)
Dr. D.: I could do that, I didn't think of it.
rich-c: or do you think Slops and his Terminator would be too bad an influence?
BobS: show them the moster truck Rich
Pamela: well if it hadn't been for Guy, ours wouldn't have worked - I bow to the programmer
Dr. D.: Well, the first class finished yesterday, second class will finish tomorrow morning.
George: i can't get the tape to load when i insert it
Guy B.: George, what are you going to do? See, if anyone can fix the beta?
George: then it gets stuck
rich-c: OK George, my guess is that the repair you need is a simple adjustment; no new parts
Dr. D.: I probably shouldn't do this, as it would be too tempting, but I could consider bringing one kit to the convention...
Guy B.: That beta is a top loader isn't it?
Pamela: yeah, but if we lose any parts, you're sunk
Pamela: and some of them are darn small
rich-c: no, Lego is still making them, thoough whether they sell them separately is an issue
Dr. D.: Minor parts, no prob, but he/she who stepped on a Handy Board would be forking over some $$$ :-)
(Pamela groans loudly)
George: i can see a part broken in the ejection system
Guy B.: And some of us could be clutzy!!!
rich-c: George, my suspicion is that any competent serviceman should be able to fix your machine
Pamela: some of us have fimble ningers too
rich-c: the problem is finding one who is competent - honest helps too, but any port in a storm
Dr. D.: It's probably a bad precedent to set, anyhow. Yeah, I could (but not by next month) get the Handy Board to be recognized as an ADAMnet device.
Guy B.: George, try taking the beta to a repair shop and see what he can do for you. Maybe it's just a loose part.
Dr. D.: But until I have that working to demo, it's probably too far afield.
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Dr. D.: Besides, who's coming to this convention who didn't come last y ear?
rich-c: bring along a few copies of Adamserve instead and show us how to work it
Dr. D.: Bob, any estimated attendance list yet?
Guy B.: Bob, got the map. Thanks!
changed username to Freddymaiden
Pamela: Hi, Freddy
Freddymaiden: Hi all
rich-c: hi Papa!!
BobS: YO Frreddie
Guy B.: Hi Freddy. How's the newborn doing?
BobS: how's mom and ababy?????
George: Hi Freddy
Freddymaiden: SuperÓ
Dr. D.: BTW, I got your map...shoulda just pointed me to and saved a stamp :-)
Freddymaiden: Hi
Pamela: Bob, did you mail maps out?
BobS: HEY, this is a FULL: service convention my man!!!!!!
rich-c: yes Pam I have yours
Pamela: oh, okay
Pamela: how did you get mine?
BobS: besides, I didn't know if you qwere that computer literate...........
Dr. D.: But not even a form letter to welcome me :-(
rich-c: you can get it when you pick up the tapes
George: it's sony i'll see if they can do anything
(BobS winks)
Pamela: I know, Bob was saving postage
BobS: you not here yet!!!!!!
Judy: it is quite busy around here
rich-c: don't talk to Sony - their big expertise is in demanding excessive amounts of money
Judy: don't push it
Pamela: how are the wedding plans going, Judy?
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
rich-c: see if you can't find an honest local shop
Pamela: thanks, Guy
Judy: they are coming along
BobS: yo just wait until you arrive,.......dancing girls galore!!!!! Elvis, a band....
George: in Philly?
BobS: have to keep the best secret for when you get here
Dr. D.: Judy in sequins?
Guy B.: The real thing comes in three weeks.
Judy: but today I got a little out of it, it is getting a little to close
rich-c: hey, did you say there's a Country Style buffet up the street?
Judy: no sequins for me, only lace
rich-c: sorry - Old Country
Dr. D.: Bob was talking about dancing girls, Judy, and I thought he meant you :-)
Guy B.: Old Country Buffet up there? Finally tried it. Food is very good.
BobS: Old Country Buffet 12 mile away.........200 kilmeters or so
Dr. D.: [Rich runs away quickly]
BobS: 1/2 mile
George: free devils food cake with fudge icing
Guy B.: Not so fast Hombre!
Pamela: he's getting away!
Dr. D.: Ooooooooooo, Joan just tells me that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is on of my favorites!
BobS: too dar to walk but handy with car
Judy: not me not moving that fast any more
Guy B.: With Ricardo Montalban
Dr. D.: I think I'm going to go watch it...."I'm laughing at your superior intellect!"
Pamela: Rich, you just got here!
Dr. D.: "Khhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dr. D.: I know :-(
rich-c: well I'll have the truck sp can even take a couple of extra passengers
Dr. D.: He tasks me...
Pamela: if you want to see it that badly, I'll bring the tape with me
George: head count?
rich-c: before you go, Rich - re the snake oil
Dr. D.: Yes?
rich-c: so far I cannot exclude the possibility that it may be doing some good
Guy B.: Abby is barking. She heard someone. Good watch dog.
Pamela: boy, talk about damning with faint praise
rich-c: scientific caution, Pam, on a rather unscientific approach
George: good ADAM
Dr. D.: If you feel better and you aren't bankrupted, who am I to complain?
rich-c: I shall keep you advised
Guy B.: Just got word from my supervisor today. I start overtime next week.
rich-c: if I can walk to the Old Country Buffet, you'll know it works
Dr. D.: :-)
Pamela: Just what you need Guy, three weeks before vacation
Dr. D.: You know I'd be glad to give you a lift, Richard...
Pamela: Bob, is there a VCR available at the hotel?
Guy B.: But, that's good as the next paycheck in August will have the overtime money on it.
BobS: can make one available
rich-c: and if you're going to pay the Adamcon expenses, that matters
Pamela: just thinking we could bribe Rich into staying with a promise of a screening at the hotel
George: i'll donate a beta
Dr. D.: I've seen it a zillion times,'s just a super quotable movie!
BobS: walking is a little far unless the weather is very cool
Pamela: Oooooh, sarcasm!
Guy B.: One problem George. They don't make beta tapes anymore unless you have any.
Dr. D.: I saw some betas in tanks at Woolworth's once...
Pamela: fishtanks?
BobS: fish tanks???????
rich-c: besides, that's what garage sales are for
Dr. D.: A beta is a type of fish.
Guy B.: Jeanene has one.
rich-c: and I'll bet you could find them on the Internet
George: i have plenty tapes vcr won'y work
Pamela: Great minds, Bob\
Dr. D.: is a difficult concept. (Saavik to Spock in TWOK!!!)
rich-c: in fact, you can always buy movies you already have on eBay and tape over them
BobS: velly true Richard///////
BobS: nasty one too
Pamela: I don't think anyone here suffers from that maladay
Pamela: (malady)
rich-c: they are still selling beta movies on eBay, or wre last time I looked
Dr. D.: Speaking of nasty...take a look at
rich-c: Fred, I do hope our crosstalk isn't getting too confusing
George: what is ebay
Pamela: how the he** does anyone find anything on Ebay? It just confuses me
Dr. D.: The girls thought it was scary :-)
Freddymaiden: a bit
Pamela: Oh?
Freddymaiden: just
Dr. D.: Christina says "Hi! I'm a sophomore now! I'm a big girl!"
rich-c: george, eBay is the absolute top online auction house - they have EVERYTHING
Guy B.: Hi Christina
Pamela: Hi, Christina!
Pamela: We miss you!
rich-c: and Pam - I find eBay ultra-simple to navigate - want to come by for a tutorial?
Dr. D.: [Christina sobs]
George: my bones are cracking
Judy: hi, Christina
BobS: oh, oh.........NOW she is in the big people school
BobS: HIYA Christina
Pamela: Hmm, let me think about that Dad - don't have any $ anyway
Dr. D. changed username to Christina
Freddymaiden: hi
rich-c: yes, how about that Christina - you're getting up in the world
Pamela: where did Rich go?
Christina: Hey everyone, I made daddy leave< sort of!
Guy B.: Christina came on. How are you doing?
rich-c: I assume Christina took over for him
BobS: when ya get there Pam, jsut type in aomething to search for in the little whiter address bar and hit search
Christina: I'm doing great
Pamela: Hi, stranger
BobS: you didn't banish him did you?????? ;-)
Christina: I'm on the soccer and softball teams
Pamela: Do you ever sleep, woman?
Guy B.: Starting your Sophomore year this fall! That's usually the toughest.
Judy: good for you
rich-c: Fred - yes, having a number of concurrent threads makes following stuff difficult
Christina: No he left willingly becaus eI wanted to type something
George: i have to see Dr. Ciecko tomorrow
rich-c: sometimes it helps if you watch who's talking to who
Christina: freashman year was the hardest for me
Freddymaiden: haha
Pamela: sophomore is grade 10, right?
BobS: so how;'s come you arent' coming to the convention??????
Guy B.: Rich, finally lost weight. Hopefully I can lose a few more before the convention.
rich-c: told you it would plateau then start dropping again, Guy
Pamela: the trick is to keep it from finding you, Guy
Guy B.: After holding the last two weeks. Finally got two lost.
Christina: Yeah tenth, I can't go cuz I have a lot to do in the year and $$$$$$$$
BobS: of course, Freddie..........some of us are just talking to anyone who listens, it does NOT matter bout WHAT
rich-c: don't worry, you're obviously intent enough to get the job done, Guy
BobS: and pop wouldn't kick in?????????
Freddymaiden: ok!!!
rich-c: you mean the game, George?
Guy B.: The heat has restricted us for the time being until it cools off tomorrow with storms coming in.
Freddymaiden: HA
Pamela: when does your school year run from/to?
Christina: With the convention I know that Daddy and Elanor are going
Christina: Elanor will be doing more game stuff
Guy B.: And she's good at that.
rich-c: yes, he can only cope with one daughter at a time at conventions, I suspect
BobS: we will send home a piece of virtual steak and stuff for you christiona
BobS: christina
BobS: farn dingers
Christina: School starts after labor day and ends around june 14
George: no i'm getting too much crosstalk from TV series
Pamela: so why do I keep hearing about it running from August to May?
Christina: That is 2003-2004 school year
rich-c: from James, maybe?
Guy B.: Some schools have that kind of calendar year.
Pamela: No, I was sure that was the Americans
Christina: It helps tha sports team and the Advanced Placemant classes
George: HEY!
Judy: just some, not all
Pamela: are you semestered?
Guy B.: The colleges run from August through May. Some high schools do, but most start after Labor Day.
rich-c: sports I can see, but how does it help the Advanced?
Christina: Those classes help students get out of some college courses
Pamela: University here runs from mid September to mid April
Christina: Yes we are semestered but in the quarters are our progress reports
Pamela: Do you find that helps?
Pamela: Only having to concentrate on 4 subjects instead of eight is a big plus
Pamela: at least I found it did
George: we americans may be strange, but we are a world superpower
rich-c: yes, george, despite all your efforts
rich-c: but for how long?
Christina: yes and no, it gives you more time to bring up your grade but the finals have more and harder stuff
Freddymaiden: Dont worry George us Quebecers are strange but we love our poutine....
rich-c: I can't see the more and harder, Christina
Christina: We have seven periods and and extra zero period for just gym and science
Pamela: you know what's scary? High school was 20 years ago and I still remember our class times
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George: oops i fell
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: klutz
Pamela: Hi,Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Christina: Hello
Freddymaiden: Hi
Meeka: Hello
George: Hi Meeka
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Been 26 years for me.
changed username to DSlopsema
rich-c: you sure get a lot of hellos walking into this room
Meeka: Hello All
Christina: HIgh school is very interesting
rich-c: hey, you got Doug on!
Meeka: I draged Doug in here tonight with me
Pamela: Hi, Doug!
Christina: At least my High School in VERY diverse
Freddymaiden: brb
Guy B.: Tell me my eyes are playing tricks on me. Hi Doug
Pamela: in what terms, Christina?
rich-c: hey Guy, tell Doug about your rogue program (Doug: it was Innocent Virgins)
Christina: We have whites, blacks, asians, koreans, spanish, indian, native american, germans, people from iceland , tons of different kinds of people
George: if this pain doesn't stop I may kill myself
Judy: hi, Meeka
Pamela: ah, culturally diverse
Pamela: good way to be
rich-c: sort of like a Toronto school
Meeka: hello Mom
Christina: and people from different kinds of homes, and backrounds
rich-c: the one I taught at they did a census at one point and found folks fluent in 73 different languages
Guy B.: Some box came up after I booted up called Innocent Virgins. I think this must have installed on my system. Is it possible someone put on my system without me knowing it?
Pamela: makes life interesting, doesn't it?
DSlopsema: more than likely Guy, it was something that got installed in the "background" when you visited a website.
Christina: Yeah but I feel bad for some of the people who get knocked down because they are "different"
rich-c: did it show in Explorer, Guy? How big was the file? What type was it?
Pamela: different is good
DSlopsema: the "nasty sites" like to add software to your pc via popup windows that seem to most people normal.
Pamela: and you would think that people would have learned that by now
Guy B.: That's what I thought. I did find the folder in the registry, but not in Explorer.
George: 128 meg
Christina: Yeah but some people can't get past the skin color or the cultural differences to see the real person inside
BobS: DOUGLAS!!!!!!
BobS: was gonna call ya
BobS: Mitch's laptop.................
Pamela: I pity them
DSlopsema: what was you going to call me? I might want to ignore the phone :)
Pamela: they're missing out on a good thing
Christina: Well some people are just iggnorant
Pamela: ya got that right
Christina: they can't see past themselves
Meeka: no you won't cuz I don't wanna listen t it ring
rich-c: that's telling him, Meeka
rich-c: Doug, are there any popups around that persist after the browser has been closed?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
rich-c: well, now we have Ron, that's about a full list
Meeka: hello Ron
Ron: Greetings from the Island
Guy B.: Hi Ron. What computer are you on tonight?
Pamela: it's funny, Christina, how you view these things. I grew up in a very culturally diverse neighborhood so it's the norm for me
George: Hi Ron
Freddymaiden: Hi
Ron: PII
rich-c: just Bair and Herman andjames to go
DSlopsema: there are a ton of popups that when you close them launch additional windows. you almost have to sit on the ALT-F4 to close them before they can execute code to spawn another window.
Guy B.: Not the Duron, eh!
Pamela: In fact, as a WASP, in our neighbourhood we were a minority
George: P1
Ron: nah
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ron: Hi Pamela
Freddymaiden: WASP?
Pamela: White Anglo Saxon Protestant
rich-c: white anglo saxon protestant - generically
George: i'm in overdrive
Freddymaiden: k tks
Christina: Yeah that's way my parents like living in Cleveland Heights and don't want to spend the money to go to a private school where there isn't much diverity
Pamela: looks good on them and you, C
rich-c: its OK Fred, we know the score - if we lose you, just ask
Ron: BOB
rich-c: you'd be surprised how much is regional anyway
Freddymaiden: tks Rich
Christina: Anyway I think that sending a kid to a private school in High school is a waste of college money
George: we got a long list
BobS: we await yoru arrival with GREAT anticiaption my man!!!!!!
BobS: ANd with a potential surprise
Pamela: you don't feel they are better prepared for college?
rich-c: I'll bet George doesn't even know what a donar is
Ron: Works both ways good sir, I'm looking forward to seeing y'all
Pamela: heck, I don't know what a donar is Dad
George: what?
rich-c: a donar is a hoagie, in eastern Canada
Christina: While in Cleveland Heights they are Catholic schools and I knoe alot of people who are transferring back into the public school system
Meeka: yes, I have your room all ready
BobS: meaning??????????
Pamela: oh, a sub - okay
Christina: It's becaus eThey didn't like the people and the teachers and the didn't learn alot
rich-c: see what I mean about regionalisms?
Pamela: padded walls . . .
BobS: missed out Meeka, did the Ronald comsent to bunk up at your place??????
Pamela: are Catholic schools considered private?
George: HEY Rich do you eat a lot in Philly?
Christina: NAd at Heights there are so many oppertunities for anyone
Freddymaiden: not here
Ron: believe so Bob
rich-c: no George, but I keep my eyes and ears open when I travel
Christina: Sort of I think so Because they are paying for it themselves
rich-c: yes, our parochial schools used to be private beyond grade 8
rich-c: now they get provincial funding through grade 12
Pamela: ah, you see here they are the "Separate" School Board but are funded by the government. Private schools are just that - private. The are funded solely by tuition of the students
rich-c: it was a constitutional thing based on our history
Guy B.: Yep
rich-c: but in Quebec the had nominally religious but actually linguistically divided systems
rich-c: protestant schools spoke English and Catholic schools taught in French
Christina: Well there are "private schools" around too and there are like five people in every class but I 've heard from people that they are learning the same at a public school and have the same problems they just wear uniforms
Pamela: and yet here, TFS is a private school
Pamela: by the previous definition
BobS: OK Ronald!!!! or you could stay hjere too.....If Bandit is too agrivatin
George: i made more work for myself on this computer
rich-c: yes, Toronto French School is private, but for other reasons
rich-c: it's a specialty offering, like the National Ballet school
Meeka: he is loveable dad, and you know it
Pamela: it's also one of the only places in Toronto that you can get French Immersion
Ron: be right back
Judy: yes, he is
rich-c: well, only since the provincial cutbacks - before that there were public schools offering it
Pamela: not very many, though
rich-c: Before Harris, as many as the parents demanded
Ron: Tks Bob. Expect to see you all sooner or later. Where I park my head, - your call. I'll go where I'm parked
Pamela: I find it interesting that even with those divisions ie: separate and public systems, some schools are considered more exclusive than others
Ron: and count myself in good company
Christina: Our middle schools are like that
rich-c: well, some schools have always had more academic success than others
Pamela: reminder to the Slopsemas - according to Guy, Ron snores - loudly
Ron: and Guy knows these things
Meeka: no problem, the spare room is across the house
Guy B.: Although, when I have the headset off. I don't hear him.
Judy: can't be worse than my dad
BobS: OH SHOOT!!!!!! got them bunked up together too!!!!!!
Pamela: okay, next question - what's middle considered - 6,7, and 8?
BobS: oh well, they DESERVE each other
Christina: we have three and Roxboro is the "Best "school, then Monticello(the one I went to), the Wiley, the worst of the three
Christina: 6,7, and 8
rich-c: is Cleveland Heights part of the Cleveland school board system?
Pamela: interesting - it was 7, 8 & 9 when I was going through it
Guy B.: That's fine Bob. I going to have a couple of computers setup this time. Ron bought his last year. This year it's my turn.
Ron: Hope you don't have a problem with that Guy
Pamela: but then, we had grade 13 at that point, too
Ron: good. after 9/11, I ain't bringing nuthin cross border
Guy B.: No problem at all.
Christina: NO Clevland Heights in with university heights to form one school district other wise known as CH-UH
Meeka: well, we have plenty to play with around here lol
rich-c: don't forget your photo ID - if it suggests some government pull, that might help too
Ron: ok.
Ron: no more gov't pull, but I got my ugly mug on a BC driver's licence
Ron: Should I get a passport?
Freddymaiden: Are smartbasic programs transferrable to a pcxt?
rich-c: I was wondering - though a city big as Cleveland would have to have more than three middle schools
Pamela: if you don't have one now, it's probably too late Ron
Christina: GRADE 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's CRAZY
Guy B.: Would be a good idea this time.
Ron: true
Pamela: Apparently the Ontario government thought so too - they got rid of it
Guy B.: You will have to make some modifications Freddy to make them work.
rich-c: Fred, you can use a PC-XT as a srver for an Adam, but that's about it
Christina: Well Cleveland school district is seperate from Cleveland Height s-University Heights School district
Meeka: brb, Bandit wants out, we missed the 9pm potty break
Freddymaiden: what kind?
rich-c: I've never been clear why a computer with a chip so like Adam's couldn't be "Adamized"
Guy B.: AdamServe
Freddymaiden: program?
Pamela: Of all the provinces, only Ontario had Gr. 13 - it was supposed to be a prep year for those students who were planning on going on to university
Ron: the old Senior Matriculation
rich-c: essentially you can made the peripherals of an XT respond to commands from the Adam via a serial connection
rich-c: it's a way of adding a hard disc and floppy drives to the Adam
Christina: I hope no one here decides to do that
Guy B.: It's a Dos program that Dr D did. Your XT will be a server to Adam using the serial ports between the two. Adam needs a serial box.
Pamela: I don't think you have any worries on that score
Freddymaiden: really?
Christina: Yeah the times have changed
Freddymaiden: interresting
Christina: J/K
Guy B.: Are you coming to Adamcon 14?
Pamela: I also think that it was intended to weed out those who weren't really interested in university
rich-c: actually. Christina, it let you do university in three years, and save all that tuition
Freddymaiden: As much as I would like to learn,Im unable to attend
Freddymaiden: perhaps when in aerea
Christina: I guess but if I play my cards right I might not have to pay tuition!!!
Pamela: are you volunteering to host, Freddie?
rich-c: sorry, next year's is in Comox, B.C. - Ron is the organizer
Freddymaiden: um....
Freddymaiden: is that a trick question
Meeka: that is cool Christina
Ron: organizer?
Ron: what's that?
Pamela: careful what you commit yourself to Freddie
Guy B.: I will be bringing a P75 and an Adam and will have AdamServe up. But, you won't be able to see it. I'll take a photo of it and show it to you.
Freddymaiden: ah ha saw you coming there...
Judy: back again, Mandy just left, she is a little uptight.
Pamela: well, you're our only "member" in Montreal right now
BobS: Dad wants you to go to CRSU so you cna take his robot course
George: oh boy, i'm passing blood
Christina: MY friend got a scholarship to STANFORD with is $40,000 including Board and Room and books
rich-c: by the way. Freddie, we will likely have a special chat from Adamcon on the Saturday night
Guy B.: What did you do George?
rich-c: when do you have it scheduled, Bob?
Freddymaiden: super!!!
Pamela: I thought we were doing a conference call, Dad?
George: something to make me bleed
Pamela: do you know where you want to go to college?
Christina: I could go to CASE but I don't know what I wan to do but be away from home, not too far
Guy B.: Be right back. No more messages are flying through here.
Guy B. left chat session
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changed username to Guy B.
Christina: I don't know
BobS: Sat night chat from the hotel at 9PM EST on Aug 10th
Guy B.: OK, I'm back.
Pamela: Guy, we're getting you - what happened?
BobS: check instant messenger Doug
Guy B.: No more messages came through. So, I exited and signed in again.
rich-c: OK Fred, did you get that? Sat. Aug. 10th at 9 p.m.
Christina: Some of my friends want o go to Oaklahoma, or to California
Ron: Oaklahoma?
Pamela: Hey, you could try for U of T!
rich-c: what area of specialization do you want, Christina?
Freddymaiden: perfect Rich
Pamela: We'll keep a close eye on you for your dad
Christina: Yeah the y love sports and want to do fotball or soccer
Ron: There's always the U of Zero
Christina: OOOOOPS, I mean Softball
Guy B.: Love softball. Do you play 16 inch?
Christina: I want to do something with people and buisness, but I want to take art classes like ceramics and pottery
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changed username to Re-Ron
Christina: Yeas , Fast Pitch
rich-c: I suspect you'll be going to Case, Christina - faculty kids get a special tuition rate
Re-Ron: test, test,
Guy B.: Ron's back. What happened to you?
Pamela: you're here Ron
Pamela: now there's two of you
Re-Ron: my form was de-materialized
Re-Ron: that takes some doing
rich-c: likely he got timed out - it's the problem we've been having for weeks
Pamela: sorry, take that back - no double vision
Guy B.: No, only one Ron is here.
Christina: Yeah but CASE is for engineers and mechanical stuff and I don't like that too much
BobS: youa re ashadow of your former self!!!!!
Pamela: gotta do some work on that transporter
George: Archie Bunker is on
rich-c: I gather, Christina, you're not too interested in the academic subjects
Re-Ron: one big shadow
BobS: scotty.......scotty......SCOTTY......darn help these days, must be on donut Krispy Kreme here ya know
Pamela: but she is Dad, just wants to be well rounded
rich-c: in fact, your interests seem more like a community college sort of thing
Guy B.: Krispy Kreme finally arrives in Michigan. Lead me to them.
Christina: yeah but the things that I was interested in like MAth and science went down the tubes freasman year I had HORRIBLE teachers
BobS: won't be done when you ge there thoug
George: dunkin donuts
BobS: got that
rich-c: Tim Horton
Re-Ron: Tim Hortons
Pamela: Don't give up on them Christina - they're too important these days
BobS: nOPE
Christina: I got my only C, and B ver in those classes and I worked my BUTT off just to get THAT!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Still under construction.
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changed username to james
Christina: My teachers were morons
james: morning
rich-c: well, we've all had less than optimal teachers in our times
Guy B.: James, long time, no see. How are you?
Pamela: JAMES! Hi!
rich-c: but there's always the next year when things will be better
George: camp nick at nite
james: not bad. wish my wife came with a mute button
rich-c: these days, the next semester
BobS: hiya JAMES!!!!!
George: Hi James
james: heya
Guy B.: How's the baby doing?
Re-Ron: now James!
rich-c: hey, morning, james!
Pamela: Fighting, James?
james: pretty good.
Christina: my math teacher taught everything like we knew it already and my science teacher gave us tests on things that she hadn't even taught us yet
james: no. just that someone talks enough for the two of us.
Guy B.: Got a full house tonight.
james: so it would seem.
Guy B.: James, has it been hot in Japan?
Christina: In math I would spend two hours on homework and do great but I would ALWAYS get d's on the tests, every on
james: don't think i've ever seen this many people on.
rich-c: james, FYI, chat from ADamcon Sat. Aug. 10, 9 PM Eastern
Pamela: hang in there - there are some good teachers in the world - you just have to find them and try to stick to them
james: hot and humid, guy
Guy B.: Same here in Chicago.
George: we still need Dale
Pamela: and George and Herman
rich-c: and Bair
Re-Ron: Anyone heard from Dale lately?
Pamela: and Neil
rich-c: no, he has been very quiet
Re-Ron: his life has changed forever
Guy B.: That's a good question. Bob hasn't heard from him about coming to the convention.
rich-c: oh, Neil had a posting on the mailing list not that long ago
Pamela: I'm assuming that they're planning on coming
Re-Ron: I'd sure like to get back on the list
rich-c: happens when you have kids, right, Ron?
Guy B.: Dale hasn't missed one yet.
Re-Ron: been a while, but yes.... as I recall
Pamela: well, he'd better hurry up then
Pamela: time's awasting
rich-c: right, Dale and PJ are our only 100%ers
Christina: YEAH they are dedicated ADAM people
BobS: we WILL fix that by convention....BTW, address?????
Pamela: Christina, I'm really sorry you're not coming to the convention - I will miss your company
Meeka: sure are
rich-c: so phone Dale already - 416-422-5335
Christina: Yeah I'm upset becaus enoone can see the new me
rich-c: email
Pamela: well, send lots of pictures
james: the new you?
Pamela: what's new about you?
rich-c: she's getting to be a big girl, james - grade 10
Christina: I've chopped my hair to my chin and I'm taller Iv'e lost weight and I have more stronger muscle
Guy B.: Your doing quite well there Christina.
Pamela: you cut your hair??????
james: that' put her on par with my oldest students
Christina: I haven't had my hair this short since I was five
Pamela: now you HAVE to send pictures along
Freddymaiden: I will loose mine if I dont get some sleep...
Meeka: mine is really long now
Guy B.: Still wearing glasses when I saw you last year?
Freddymaiden: good night everyone!
james: good night
Guy B.: Bye Freddy.
Pamela: g'nite Freddy - see you next week
rich-c: yes, Fred, I guess Meganna is keeping your snooze times short
Christina: I need to take some I have my school photo but It isn't with the "NEw" me
Re-Ron: niters Freddy
BobS: bye freddie
Freddymaiden: bulleseye
Judy: mine is longer than normal too
Pamela: doesn't Rich have a digital camera?
rich-c: nite then - c u next week
Christina: I'll take some and send them so you ALL can see me and marval at my ravishing beauty
George: nite Freddy
Freddymaiden: cuall
Pamela: You go, girl!
james: ha modest too
james: :D
Freddymaiden left chat session
BobS: bytehacker
Guy B.: Looking forward to see what you look like Christina.
Christina: OKAY I know i'm getting a bit full of my self, but I'm a tennage , almost 16
Re-Ron: yes?
BobS: dat you Ronald????????????????????????
Christina: well in january
Re-Ron: yup
Pamela: it's expected
BobS: have a message RUL
Re-Ron: that is it all right
Judy: driving soon!!!
BobS: in place to forward all coladam to you
james: i have a birthday next month but i'm starting to drag my feet on these things now.
BobS: only problem coladam messages lately
Re-Ron: thank you sir. you're a gentleman and scholar and good judge of fine women
rich-c: oh, there have been a few
james: how's the virus hunting going rich?
Christina: I was able to start to get my temps on early july but I think Moomy and DADDY are scared of my driving
james: lol
rich-c: hey, if you don't like having birthdays, consider the alternative
james: thanks rich, i feel better now.
james: just when students call me old, i get annoyed.
Pamela: get lots of practice and don't learn with your parents (unless like mine, they were instructors in a previous life)
Meeka: hey guys, speaking of B-days dad's is the 7th of August
Guy B.: Christina, I got my license when I was 16, but I didn't start driving until I started college at 18.
rich-c: oh, I just pass on word when Norton tells me someone's up to something nasty
Judy: most parents are scared of teen drivers
Re-Ron: how things change.
Christina: I need to drive so I can go places with out bugging them and so I can go to work, when I gat a job, which should be soon
Pamela: whatever you do, don't put it off - I did that and ended up not getting my licence till I was 27
Re-Ron: Last time I drove with Jeff, I fell asleep in the back seat
rich-c: hey, your kids have met me - they still think you're old?
james: apparently.
Pamela: world's longest running learners permit
Re-Ron: :)
james: apparently at my antiquity i come just under the wire for not being an old fart. according to them that is.
rich-c: not very obsrvant, are they? - or should I be flattered?
Christina: Yeah I heard that Freshman in college aren't allowed to have cars becaus eit could intrfear with school
rich-c: or do all occidentals look the same tothem?
Guy B.: They will come around, but I think they will have to trust you eventually.
james: no, i don't think so.
BobS: jsut sent a message about ADAMCON 14 to the coladdam list.....see if ya get it Ron
Pamela: hey, who else do you know who had a learner's permit for 10 years?
Re-Ron: ok.
Christina: Yeah TRUST is a hard thing when it comes to driving
Guy B.: That's something new. Never heard of that before.
james: 10 years?
George: me
Pamela: yup
james: wow. i've been driving since i was 16.
james: learned in the winter
Guy B.: Driving is a big responsibility too.
james: lol. my parents aren't too keen on my driving their car when we come back to visit.
Pamela: well, I got my learners at 17, Dad taught me to drive, and then my interest fell off for a while due to various things. I didn't start to regret it till my mother-in-law acquired the trailer
rich-c: yes, Guy, the world's easiest way to get into trouble
james: i even promised to stay on the right side of the road..
Christina: yeah but it's fun and you feel more independant, cuz you don't have to have your parents doing everything for you
Pamela: I'm sure that earned their faith, James
james: you bet.
rich-c: in Japan, that is hazardous to the health - try promising the left
Christina: DADDY is HERE
Guy B.: I didn't start driving until I was in college. But, my sister started driving right after she got her license. Put a little pressure on me.
Christina: He has returned from his cave
Re-Ron: oh oh
rich-c: Christina, you can even get into trouble with a car by your lonesome on a straight road
james: every time i visit, instead of signalling, i end up flipping the wipers. then i get used to it come back here and do the same.
Pamela: It was much better when we didn't have to rely on other people to get rides to and from the trailer.
rich-c: in fact my bench racing buddy did just that night before last
BobS: LOOKOUT Christina!!!!!!!
Pamela: Dave, Dad?
BobS: dad, dave??????????
Pamela: ha ha
Christina: I'm leaving
BobS: what are we doing???????????
BobS: bye Christina
Pamela: bye Christina - enjoyed our chat
Re-Ron: good chatting with you Christina?
Pamela: come back soon
rich-c: he was running a Jaguar around the private test track and smacked a rabbit - tore up the camouflage coating on the front of the car
Christina: I have to go and do stuff the teenage girls do
Guy B.: Bye Christina.
BobS: hello Ricahrd
Judy: bye Christina
rich-c: nite HCristina
Pamela: I want details!
Christina: I thought that Itwould be nice to let Daddy talk to you guys for a while
Re-Ron: What do teenage girls do?
Meeka: bye Christina
Christina: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: you don't want those details, Ron
rich-c: Ron - maybe you shouldn't ask
james: think i'll pass too.
Re-Ron: no, only having had one son, I'm not privy to that kind of information
Christina changed username to Albus Dumbledore
BobS: forget it Ron. it wil scare you!!!!!!
Pamela: "divine secrets of the sisterhood"
Re-Ron: suspect y'all are right
Pamela: we'll never tell
rich-c: well, welcome back, mage
Guy B.: Well folks, might as well check the e-mail. Saturday, is up in the air, but I'll see. Otherwise see you all next week.
Albus Dumbledore: I'm afraid that those activities are out of bounds to anyone who does not wish to die a most painful death...
Pamela: G'nite Guy, don't work too hard
BobS: ok guy be good...if that is possible
Judy: bye, Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, maybve Sat, maybe no, Enjoy
Re-Ron: quite right AB one should not delve too deeply
George: nite Guy
Guy B.: I've got a sulking dog who has a vet appt this Saturday. See you all later.
rich-c: by the way, Rich, I have now finished all four HP books
Re-Ron: g'nite Guy...... bring earplugs
Albus Dumbledore: Sleep well, Guy.
james: i'm off to take a nap.
rich-c: you and Pam and Dale are a baleful influence
Pamela: well after all, there's magic - and then there's girl magic. Completely different
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: night Guy
Albus Dumbledore: Excellent! I expect to be receiving your application to Hogwarts any day now.
Re-Ron: James - here's to talking wives
rich-c: nite Guy
james: lol.
Re-Ron: I don't have one any more, but I remember it well
rich-c: sleep tight, james
Pamela: I'm telling Miyuki you said that!
Re-Ron: her I mean
james: they do most of the talking. i do most of the "uh-huh
james: ing
Meeka: mom, when are you planning on going grocery shopping in the morning???
Pamela: that too
Pamela: sleep well, James - next week?
Albus Dumbledore changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Meesa back.
james: i think so.
Pamela: good
Re-Ron: actually as I recall, wives who aren't talking were of almost equal concern
Pamela: now you've got the idea Ron
Dr. D.: Wrath of Khan is such an awesome movie!!!!!!!! Elanor was really getting into it.
Re-Ron: yup
james: i should just get some invisible earplugs
BobS: bye james
Pamela: good nite James
Re-Ron:'s a flash
Dr. D.: They just went into the Genesis cave...
james: wrath of khan is a good flick.
Re-Ron: my son Jeff has put the latest Star Wars movie in the 'boring' category
Judy: don't know, depends on when you are coming
Re-Ron: now that is significant
Pamela: I'll be sure to tell Russell
Dr. D.: The CWRU Film Society will *not* book it.
Judy: do you need to go, too
james: i heard it's not worth watching and at 1800 yen admission i'm not going to bother.
Dr. D.: So many people hate it, it will never make back its rental cost.
Pamela: what does that translate to, James?
Re-Ron: so that confirms it
rich-c: about $18, Pam
james: about $23.50 cdn
Pamela: ouch
Dr. D.: It would cost the FS $1500 to rent it.
Re-Ron: lord....I thought $Cdn 8 was bad
james: or about $15.50 u.s.
rich-c: has the yen gained THAT much in the last few days?
Pamela: I thought $12.00 C was bad
Dr. D.: We would have to have 3 sold-out showings of the auditorium to break even.
james: yeah, about 116 yen to the u.s. $ now
Re-Ron: I shall wait until Wal-Mart sells it on DVD at $6
james: it's a chronically overvalued currency.
rich-c: what, the US dollar?
james: the opposite problem of the canadian dollar
George: i don't have enough to make 1 yen
james: no. the yen.
rich-c: that's not the way we're hearing it this side of the pond
james: if you look at japan's economic fundamentals compared to canada, there's no way 100 yen should buy c$1.30
rich-c: even that isn't necessarily so
james: they now have the second highest gdp ratio in the g7
james: still haven't fixed their accounting problems
rich-c: the japanese banks are in big trouble, but the debt isnt bad, consumer savings are fantastic
james: well if you think 135% of gdp isn't bad then..
George: i'm the poor folk
james: 'cause that's what it's up to now.
rich-c: OK, that is a high figure, james
Pamela: At least you don't have to buy American dollars at 1.55 exchange George
james: yes. very high. i was surprised myself.
Re-Ron: Heard somebody say on the radio that Japan's economy is broken
james: lliterally more than twice canada's gdp to debt ratio
james: it is. it's been tanked for years.
rich-c: mind you, ours wasn;t that good a few years back
Re-Ron: ic
George: i don't have 1.55
Pamela: you can say that again, Ron
rich-c: and it's been gdp growth rather than debt retirement that's improved things
james: stagnant. it's all things that could have been fixed but it'll take a cataclysm before anything gets done about it.
Re-Ron: believe we are all going to Hell in a hand cart
james: still rich, you have to admit that it helps we're running surpluses and paying it down at least a little.
rich-c: yes, Japanese politics I gather make a glacier look like a sprinter
james: yes
james: i'd sooner watch tectonic plates move than wait for a japanese politician to actually *do* anything.
rich-c: yes, but we still have a popultion that cant tell a deficit from a debt
james: do anything that didn't involve recieving illicit money that is.
Pamela: heck, they're still deciding whether a woman can inherit the Chrysanthemum Throne
rich-c: and as sonn as there's a surplus, want to find new ways to spend it
james: i hate the liberal party
Dr. D.: Make it porcelain and then anybody can sit on it :-)
james: spend liberally. that's what they do.
Pamela: groan!
George: get rid of Bush
rich-c: sensible idea, George
Re-Ron: Who? George Dubya?
james: anyways, if you took the combined iq of politicians everywhere i doubt you could tie your shoes without drooling all over yourself
Re-Ron: he won by 200 votes
rich-c: maybe they'll convict him for that financial hanky=panky with Harken Energy
Pamela: even if they do, someone will pardon him
George: impeach him
rich-c: not Cheyney - he's got even worse troubles with the Haliburton deal
George: crooks
Re-Ron: we have our own problems here, including a leader who thinks he's going to live forever
Pamela: maybe we'll get lucky and they'll take Chretien with them
rich-c: yes, and everyone knows it
james: chretien. ugh. step down already dammit
rich-c: on Wall St. they could barely keep straight faces as he lectured them
Re-Ron: indeed
George: TIP dump stocks
james: i'm just tired of looking and listenting to him.
Re-Ron: two terms. No more
james: can't understand a word he says.
rich-c: I'm thinking of joining the Liberal Party just to vote for the leadership review
Re-Ron: now that Mr. Clee, I have difficulty believing
Pamela: quick - check and see if hell just froze over
Dr. D.: Geo. Jr. is the Warren Harding of the 21st century...but unlike Harding, I doubt he will have the good graces to expire quietly in office before all the scandals he's embroiled in come out.
Re-Ron: that bad eh? Dr. D.?
BobS: well gang........11 bells and time to hit the proverbial hay..........
BobS: see ya's next week yes??????
Re-Ron: yeah, I have to go help a buddy with his Mac
Re-Ron: house call
Dr. D.: Yep...Harding was a puppet, and clueless enough not to see the strings.
rich-c: right Robert - see you next Wednesday, or will you be on Saturday?
Pamela: and I have to get some sleep so i don't fall asleep at my desk in the morning
Re-Ron: be well all
Pamela: good nite Ron, nite Bob
Dr. D.: Sleep is good...I had 4 20-hour days this weekend, took me 'til last night to recover.
rich-c: OK - night Pamela, Ron
Dr. D.: Good night all (hope Trek is still on upstairs!)
Re-Ron: and may the farce be with you
Pamela: Goodnight to all - ici Farce Canada
BobS: as a famous person once remarked.........
Dr. D.: My Schwartz is bigger than your Schwartz!
BobS: GOOD BYE !!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
DSlopsema left chat session
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Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: definitely bedtime, I'm starting to get silly
George: nite Pam
rich-c: that sort of thins the crowd, doesn't it?
Pamela: I'm outta here. Dad, will call re: the tapes when I talk to Russell, and come by to get my map at some point.
George: boy did the list get short
james: time for that nap i mentioned.
rich-c: OK Pam, will wait to hear from you
james: bye all
james: *poof*
Pamela: good bye
Meeka: bye Pam
rich-c: just remember there may be a delay while I view them first
james left chat session
Pamela: s'alright.
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
Judy: night all, need some sleep so I can keep up with Ryan tomorrow
Meeka: I had better go also, see ya later
rich-c: sheesh! james weent quick, didn't he?
Meeka left chat session
Judy left chat session
rich-c: nite Judy, night Meeka
rich-c: well George, down to just us
George: guess it's time to go
rich-c: you ready to pack it in now?
rich-c: yes, I would say so. Goodnight, then
George: yes, ihave to see the doctor
rich-c: OK, good luck. Till Sat or WEd
George: nite Rich
rich-c: nite
rich-c left chat session
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