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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
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rich-c: hello
rich-c: guy
Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich-c: oops, hi Guy
rich-c: beginneing rto wonder if anyone would turn up
rich-c: farn dingers
Guy B.: Abby and I just came back from a walk. We had to cut it short. Got very hot out here.
rich-c: so which of your computers is online today?
Guy B.: I'm on the Athlon.
rich-c: finding the speed a bit seductive, are you?
Guy B.: Yep, got that right.
rich-c: it's easy to get spoiled
rich-c: you should (or better shouldn't) hear me mutter at the laptop during bootup these days
Guy B.: One thing for sure, alot of my games run alot smoother on the Athlon.
rich-c: Free Cell being pretty much the limit of my gaming ambition, that's not a factor for me
rich-c: for your own info, I have written to PJ inviting her to Adamcon but have not yet had a reply
Guy B.: I have alot of pinball games and they really run good on it. Sometimes, the ball can come a little too fast for me to hit the flippers in time.
rich-c: I wrote so she would have time to think out her reply without feeling pressure
Guy B.: When did you write her?
rich-c: I think I mailed it last Friday - not sure, don't keep records
rich-c: I was going to send it express mail but the best delivery guarantee they'd give was four days
Guy B.: Well, it should arrive within a week or so to her. We'll just wait to see if she can come.
rich-c: regular mail usually does it in that
rich-c: would you believe I ordered a 14-lb car part from Alliance, OH Tuesday and it got here Friday by mail?
Guy B.: That's fast. What carrier did they use?
rich-c: USPS/Canada Post
rich-c: on the previous part they used UPS and it took a day longer
rich-c: not only that, they screwed me for an extra $35 for a phoney "brokerage charge"
Guy B.: Not bad. Even though USPS raised our rates just recently. Still the service can be better in some places.
rich-c: on the Adams I've mailed stateside in the last year, delivery has been very good
rich-c: but I agree, I looked at the new rates and they really jacked them - enough to curl your hair
Guy B.: And as long as they arrive in good condition to the recepient.
rich-c: yes - but then with UPS if you're shipping an anvil you'd better mark it fragile
Guy B.: Oh I know. UPS just averted a threaten strike with the unions this week. They will get a 22% raise over the next 5 yrs.
rich-c: that's really only about 3% compounded and little over the inflation rate/ consumer price index increase
rich-c: my pensions are indexed so I tend to see COLA increases like that
Guy B.: Still, UPS will eventually raise their rates so they can pay their workers. Now the part-timers will be able to get benefits they never got before like health insurance.
rich-c: you mean the unioin actually represents the prt-timers and fights for them? That's a real change
Guy B.: Some of the part-timers are with the Teamsters and yes, they managed to get that included in the new contract.
rich-c: usually the unions fight to get all part-timers fired and replaced with full-timers
rich-c: but if they can't, guess getting them in the union and getting them full-time benefits suits their purposes too
rich-c: you realize of course that Canadians consider the U.S. health care system a disgrace
Guy B.: Well, UPS has been advertising for part-time positions and they mostly try to get college students, since they offer a college tuition benefit.
Guy B.: With some the red tape I get with my HMO. I can see why.
rich-c: well, Canadians don't think any citizen should be without full unlimited coverage without question
rich-c: we still only have drug coverage with co-payment for seniors, but are working on it
Guy B.: I agree with you. But here in the U.S. some of the poorest people and mainly those that are African Americans, cannot afford health insurance.
rich-c: and there's no official national dental care plan though help for the poorest is available
rich-c: we simply don't believe anyone should have to buy basic health care insurance - period
Guy B.: Jeanene has to spend some $400 this year before even Medicare can pay the rest of her health costs.
rich-c: this is what comes of the American phobia about paying taxes - you do without the necessities of life
rich-c: it isn't hard in the U.S. to run up health costs that would bankrupt a millionaire - and it needn't even be his fault
Guy B.: But, there are some people who must have this and that. But, everyone should have health insurance. Cause who knows what might happen to you.
rich-c: think how much it would cost to fix you up if you got run down by an uninsured driver
rich-c: it wouldn't be your fault but the repair costs would leave you in debt for the rest of your life
Guy B.: Look what happened to me last year with my car. Someone hits me and takes off and the insurance co and I have to pay the costs of fixing it.
rich-c: just be glad you didn't suffer severe physical damage - bet your insurance wouldn't help you as needed
Guy B.: I was lucky I wasn't even in the car. It was parked when it happened. My insurance company came through for me.
rich-c: of course the next thing is to see what it does to your premiums when you renew
Guy B.: Lucky for me. No increase because of this accident. It wasn't my fault anyway.
rich-c: thopugh some companies will let you off if you are not at fault
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changed username to ron
rich-c: and obviously you're insured with one of them
ron: late but here
Guy B.: Hi Ron, the mighty Mitchell appears.
ron: how y'all
rich-c: don't press your luck though - even a few non-fault claims and they get edgy
Guy B.: What computer are using today?
rich-c: hey Ron, welcome aboard
ron: pentium something or other
ron: the one I'm least mad at
rich-c: oh, what have the Macs done to arouse your ire?
Guy B.: There's one thing I did do after the accident. I changed parking spots. So now, I'm less likely to get hit in the winter.
ron: time to clear the room I think
Guy B.: Pentium 200?
rich-c: becuase of your pending remarks, or to reduce the computer croiwding?
ron: no, I'm on the Duron - albeit with Win 98 SE
Guy B.: Well, We are all on AMD today.
ron: windows 2000 doesn't like my software it seems
rich-c: well, I on an Athlon as is Guy, and I'm happy on Win98SE
rich-c: or at least as happy as anyone gets with Windows
ron: think I'm probably going to be that way too from the looks of it
Guy B.: Windows 2000 is very picky when it comes to certain software. I have a friend who has Win2000 and she can't get her game to work with it. Only works with Win95.
Guy B.: Me too, Rich.
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: I notice the contributors to Langalist seem to consider 2000 a step back from 98SE
Guy B.: We have two Rons.
Ron: figures
rich-c: not any more
Guy B.: Ok, now back to one. Actually Win2000 came out before WinME.
Ron: Well, I was ok for a while, then I tried installing my CD burner software
Ron: and got a Win2k Stop message
Ron: happened also with my PC MAC LAn software
rich-c: I'm not sure I'm braced for such a pitiful tale of woe
Ron: and those two I need
Ron: no, I'll spare you the gory detail
Guy B.: Windows 2000 can multiboot. But, not without some complications.
Ron: live and learn
rich-c: So can 95 and 98 but you need third party programs - but then they do it better
Ron: Jeff is coming up in a couple of weeks. Perhaps he'll have some words of wisdom
Guy B.: System Commander 2001 I believe is the newest OS boot program since it will now work with WinXP and Win2000.
rich-c: by the way, if you have "Easy CD Creator" forget about any support from Rosio
Ron: yep, I do
Ron: and it works fine under 98SE
rich-c: if you don't fork out about $100 US for the Platinum edition, they won't talk to you
Guy B.: Unless you have the latest version. They are not supporting version 4.0. They will with 5.0.
Ron: Actually, It's the platinum I have
Ron: Didn't you know that the objective our system is to keep the consumer disatisfied?
rich-c: you must be burning an awful lot of CDs to justify that expense
Ron: and a damn fine job they do of it
Ron: not really, it just seemed like the right thing to do
Ron: at the time
Guy B.: I have version 4 basic on mine that came with my CD burner.
rich-c: could be that 4 is the bundled version and 5 is the direct sale only version
rich-c: but a licence fee from a burner maker isnt as profitable as the margin on a retail sale
Guy B.: That's it. Right now, Roxio is offering a $20 rebate on the Platinum version 5.
Ron: I do know that I don't much care for the User Interface with 5. Pain in the butt
rich-c: I am surprised some bright hacker hasn't put out a shareware program that's better at $20 flat
Ron: but then that's only if everything else is bugging me
rich-c: I don't consider the 4 interface any great joy either
Guy B.: I was looking to see if anyone has done that. I believe Broderbund has a CD burner program. I don't remember the name off hand. But, I'll check that out.
Ron: these people need to be told that KISS should be uppermost in their minds
rich-c: on the other hand, some adhere to that principle so much it becomes a KISS-off
Ron: :)
rich-c: try modifying your modem control string in Windows 98 sometime
Ron: geez, never tried that
Ron: but then I havent used a modem in 2 years
rich-c: do so and you will find it very instructive
Ron: not even sure if it works any more
rich-c: oh right, you use a router not a high-speed modem
Ron: yeah
rich-c: given the price of high speed connections, I expect to be dialling up for a long time
Ron: Rich, there are some days when I contemplate using only a pencil, paper, envelope and stamp
Guy B.: Me too. As long as Netzero is still with the $9.95 deal. I'm staying put.
Ron: and turfing everything else
Ron: I'd have a lot more room around here
rich-c: I can identify with that, though I do find email convenient for many purposes
Ron: I know.
Ron: Once they got ya, they got ya
Guy B.: Amen.
rich-c: I've noticed of late that our newspapers are only printing letters to the editor that come by email
Ron: Anyway gents, I'm informed that lunch is ready
Ron: so I better go feed my face
rich-c: right, Ron, go enjoy then and we'll see you Wed.
Ron: be well both
Guy B.: The Chicago newspapers will accept both letters and e-mail.
Ron: see ya's Wed
Guy B.: Bye Ron, see you Wednesday night.
rich-c: so will the Toronto ones, nominally
rich-c: but when every letter on the page refers to something in the previous day's issue, you know it wasn't mailed
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rich-c: hand delivered or couriered, maybe, but not mailed
Guy B.: If it's e-mailed, the person's name and by Internet will appear otherwise it's the name and city where the person lives.
rich-c: our papers as you to identify your address even if emailing, and print the city name
rich-c: but there are other media that will print the email address
Guy B.: At leas the newspapers here respect that. They will just print the name and the city, but they do ask for your address.
rich-c: we had a small paper here that did that till I pointed out it was like printing a street address
Guy B.: Boy. talking about invading your privacy. That's exactly what they are doing.
rich-c: well, generally it is thoughlessness more than anything else
Guy B.: They should reconsider that policy.
rich-c: also sometimes when folks write to technical columns for advice, they ask that the email address be given
rich-c: every Sunday the page of letteres looking for lost relatives and friends gives email addresses to send leads
rich-c: basically, it is not a black and white situation - discretion is needed more than rules
Guy B.: Then I can see that. But, that's where you can get bombarded with junk e-mails.
rich-c: no, the spam bots don't troll printed new pages for addresses
rich-c: sorry, news pages
Guy B.: Well, that's a relief.
rich-c: they get the addresses from newsgroups and sometimes chat rooms
Guy B.: Ah, so that's how they do it. Pretty clever.
rich-c: there are also outfits like Netscape and AOL and Yahoo and such that will sell them
rich-c: anytime you see any reference to "our partners" in a privacy statement - give them your name and you've got spam
Guy B.: That's where a second e-mail address can come in handy for that purpose.
rich-c: there are also outfits that will rent their "mailing lists"
rich-c: yes - use sneakemail and get a handful of disposable addresses
rich-c: that way you can track down exactly who sold your name
Guy B.: I have one other e-mail address that's presently empty, that I might use for that. Right now, I'm using Yahoo for that.
rich-c: during my parts search I used ""
Guy B.: That's a clever e-mail address.
rich-c: they just remail the reply to me, but I know who was given that address
rich-c: but most prudent folk have a number of fictitious names and addresses and email addresses and proxy servers to use when needed
Guy B.: And I have run into a number of fake addresses already.
rich-c: basically any hotmail or yahoo or similart address is at least an identity barrier and often fake and/or disposable
Guy B.: I have setup a Bulk Inbox folder on Yahoo. Anything they think it's junk will be sent to that Bulk mail folder.
rich-c: there ae lots of honest folks use them for good reason, but they must always be distrusted
rich-c: yes, it's the same with my Hotmail account
Guy B.: Some of the webmail addresses do have options where you can setup filters to get rid of certain e-mails with matched that you've setup.
rich-c: by the way, any site that says "send your friends an email greeting" may well be a spam harvester
Guy B.: Really! Didn't know that.
rich-c: the same is true with "joke of the day" and stuff - they get your address and the addressees, both known valid
rich-c: before you check "send to a friend" anywhere, read the privacy policy
Guy B.: And that's where it can spread like wildfire.
rich-c: right - your "nice gesture" may inspire your buddy to contemplate murdering you - for cause
Guy B.: Can't be too careful now and days. Just have to be careful where you leave your tracks.
rich-c: yes, and when folks do bug you, give them a hard time. Complain to their ISP or the FTC
rich-c: or, if they have a reply address, make a note of it - they post it as your email address on a sex newsgroup
Guy B.: Sometime ago, Congress was considering a bill to deal with Spam. But, I think it died in committee.
rich-c: sorry, then post it
rich-c: the FTC will deal with U.S. outfits that don't remove you from their list on demand, and any offers which violate U.S. law
rich-c: they will also look at non-actionable spam, but only to keep a record for future action
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Guy B.: I did run into trouble with one company on that. It took two tries to finally get my name off.
changed username to George
rich-c: well look who's here - welcome George
Guy B.: Hi George. Made it in today.
George: i made it in time
Guy B.: I will have to be going off soon. So, I'll be on another 10 minutes.
rich-c: well, just barely - actually I am going to have to leave in just a minute
rich-c: but at least we can say hello
rich-c: has the heat been getting to you? see it was about 90 in Washington
Guy B.: How's the weather out by you George?
George: i just got back from the burlington county farm fair
rich-c: hey, that sounds like fun - where is Burlington County?
George: very warm and muggy
Guy B.: The heat's back here in Chicago through tomorrow.
George: across the river east of me
rich-c: we are supposed to have a scorcher tomorrow, maybe even 95, but then cool down nicely
rich-c: OK, over in Hew Jersey then - near which town?
George: New Jersey
Guy B.: Same here. Should get some badly needed rain. Some towns have setup water restrictions already.
rich-c: New Jersey is a good size state - be more specific, George
rich-c: we were lucky, got a number of showers last few days, saved the lawns and gardens - few, but intense
George: south west of trenton
rich-c: OK. that places thingss a little better - rmember I have some familiarity with NJ
George: last town in Jersey before you hit PA
rich-c: if you're nat cautious, with a splash
rich-c: NJ ends and PA begins in the middle of the river
rich-c: how did you get to the fair, George?
George: burlington NJ and Bristol PA are sister cities
George: my father and i went
rich-c: OK, and I assume a bridge connects them
George: yes
rich-c: that would mean that you drove, then, I guess
rich-c: was it a sort of citified fair or an agricultural one?
George: the two lane burlington-bristol bridge
Guy B.: Well, folks time for me to get going. Have to search a website for Jeanene and will be heading out shortly. So, I'll see you all Wednesday night. Probably will be late getting on. Starting overtime Monday.
rich-c: OK Guy, we'll wait for you and see you when you appear
George: my father drove
George: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: how did you get around the fairgrounds?
George: my father dove me
George: drove
rich-c: you could drive within the fairgrounds? that's very unusual
George: oh no, we walked
rich-c: must have been a bit of a strain for you doing all that walking
George: i went on a ride and a;most got sick
rich-c: that is not hard to do, especially these days
rich-c: gather the fair had a midway, then
George: it was the sea ray
rich-c: whatever they call them, the idea seems to be to part you from your stomach contents
George: it had a few rides and 4H farm animals
rich-c: the agricultural emphasis fits for the Garden State
George: yes
rich-c: glad to hear they are preserving their traditions - but then, I know that anyway
George: i used to go there when i was alittle kid
rich-c: it is always nice to have pleasant old memories revivied
George: i miss the hot buttered corn on the cob
rich-c: anway, George, I have a number of things to do and time is running out
George: ok
rich-c: (I'll second the corn!)
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: so I must go - see you Wednesday
George: bye for now
rich-c: bye now
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