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FreddyMaiden: Hi
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
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changed username to FreddyMaiden
FreddyMaiden: Hi Rich
rich-c: hi Fred, you're an early bird tonight
FreddyMaiden: Yes indeed
rich-c: nice cool evening down there by Montreal?
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
FreddyMaiden: Yes, God Bless Rich!!
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BobS: howdy doody boys!!!!!!
rich-c: la belle Meganne, comment ca va?
changed username to George
BobS: you Geo
FreddyMaiden: Excellent Merci bien de demander
FreddyMaiden: Hi
rich-c: I'm busy unimpressing Fred with my limited French
FreddyMaiden: Au contraire Rich..
FreddyMaiden: Very good
George: hi Rich, Bob, and Freddy
FreddyMaiden: Hi George
rich-c: back when I had just finished university, I could hold my own in French - but that was almost 50 years ago
rich-c: hey George, welcome aboard
FreddyMaiden: Well vas-y si tu veut Rich, no problem if you wanna practice...
rich-c: did notice you slipping in there earlier
rich-c: unfortunately among other things, there Anglo keyboards lack the accent chracters
George: who me?
FreddyMaiden: Know the ALT 130's by hart almost.....
rich-c: yes George, you came in with Bob in terms of timing and I only noticed him - sorry bout that
BobS: SLAP !!!!!!!
rich-c: those are the macros that give you the French characters on teh screen, right?
George: i wanted to sneak in
(Everyone welcomes George)
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FreddyMaiden: Exactly Rich...
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: in that case, congratulate yourself on your success
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
(Everyone welcomes Guy B.)
rich-c: hey, now here's Guy
George: Hi Guy
FreddyMaiden: Hi Guy
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Guy B.: Got your e-mail on Yahoo Rich.
rich-c: hey, don't do that, I gotta talk to him
rich-c: yes, sent it to Bob too, figured it would interest you two
rich-c: Geogre, I sent them an item on cheap ISPs
George: i'm watching "Why sex?" on TV
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BobS: did ya pick upthe reply yet Richard??????
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Now, I just got the reply from him. So, what is the situation stand for right now?
rich-c: no, just sent it and been on here since
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi everyone
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pam
BobS: hello me lady Pamela...............
George: Hi Pam
rich-c: thought you were coming over for the tapes tonight
Pamela: sorry, Dad - horrendous day at work, and I forgot about coming by
rich-c: oh well, I'm sure I can find another to deal with tomorrow and Friday
Pamela: I have Russell watching them now - hopefully I should be able to return at least one to you tomorrow
BobS: WORK !!!!! another 4 letter word.....od dear, oh my........oh shucks..
rich-c: Bob, what's our deadline, re PJ?
Pamela: sorry Bob - heading to the bathroom to wash out my mouth immediately
FreddyMaiden: lol
Pamela: (note to self: do not mention the "W" word)
FreddyMaiden: that makes w6
Guy B.: As for me. I'm on O/T.
BobS: DAT'S better Pam
rich-c: you mean - w+6 letters - as in travail?
Pamela: (bubbles float around the screen)
rich-c: you been getting emails from Erin again?
FreddyMaiden: no who,what,when,where,why and work
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Pamela: no, none since she got back home
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: that's not strange, it's SOAP!
Pamela: thanks Guy, I can replace the taste of soap with the taste of aspertame
rich-c: Guy, PJ said arrive Midway 9.05 a.m. Thurs, depart about 4 p.m. Mon would work for her - how about you?
George: i'm eating a twinkie
Pamela: that beats soap anyday, George
rich-c: I just had a heavy dinner - now I need water
Pamela: what was for dinner, Dad?
Guy B.: That sounds good Rich. Works out just as I was hoping to.
rich-c: I'll spare everyone the deatils, Pam - it's Wednesday
Pamela: Oh, right
FreddyMaiden: Food for thought!!
George: i have cherry cool-aide
rich-c: I figured, Guy, that it would be good for you, and that you'd be taking Monday off
Pamela: heluva diet you got there George
rich-c: that's OK, Saturday he went to teh county fair and had hot buttered corn on the cob
Guy B.: I already had that figured in. I'm taking 6 days vacation from August 5 through the 12th.
George: who diets?
Pamela: Guy does, and I think we're torturing him
rich-c: as it happens, Guy, the very best airfare is for the times I mentioned - see Orbitz
George: sorry Guy
Guy B.: What flight number will she be arriving at?
rich-c: and the nice thing about Midway is, a ything through OHare and on means a huge layover
FreddyMaiden: CHI airport!!
Guy B.: And I'm close to I-55, so we can hop right on there.
Pamela: and here I thought we were routing her through the middle of the Pacific
rich-c: get on Orbitz, check ORL/MDW and you'll see what's offered - note no purchase has been made yet
rich-c: she HOPES to be able to stand the flight but can't say yet for sure - and tickets are non-refundable
Guy B.: Ok, as soon as you know what flight number she will be on, I can pick her up at the airport terminal.
rich-c: if everything works out, the likeliest bet would be American TransAir 534
rich-c: but then, the best-laid plans of mice and men...
Guy B.: Ok, I wrote it down, if you get the flight booked
rich-c: has everyone gone quiet, or have I fallen off?
Pamela: and Murphy is alive and well
George: i had to tend my laundry. got paid $0.10
rich-c: I see I am still on
Pamela: found a dime, did you?
FreddyMaiden: its about dime!!!
George: yes
(Pamela groans loudly)
BobS: no we here
rich-c: Pamela knows all about tending laundry in an apartment laundry room
Pamela: yuck and double yuck
Pamela: no like laundry!
rich-c: that's why when we travel she loves looking after our house - she can use our washing machine
FreddyMaiden: right on!
Pamela: ya gotta love free laundry
FreddyMaiden: penny for thought!
Pamela: it's gone up to a dime, Freddy - inflation
rich-c: you a house or apartment dweller, Fred?
FreddyMaiden: aprt fr 6months thats it house love house.
Guy B.: While you guys are chatting away. I'm on my notebook entering more DVD's.
Pamela: watcha got, Guy?
rich-c: what are you doing, cataloging your collection?
Pamela: we did that with our music collection - it's a two person job
George: it costs $2.50 to do a load of laundry here
Pamela: is that wash and dry, George?
Guy B.: Picked up the entire Naked Gun series, Running Scared, Dick Tracy
George: yes
Pamela: it's $2.25 for us
Pamela: needless to say, a lot of things get hung to dry
rich-c: I never have time to watch much -doubt I could ever justify a DVD player
Pamela: this from the man who spends 24 hours watching car races???
FreddyMaiden: unless its built in a futureistic ADAM ay Rich?
Guy B.: Pam, how is the Harry Potter movie?
rich-c: by the time I watch four racing series and the football games, I've already got square eyes
FreddyMaiden: lol
Pamela: very true to the book
Pamela: have you read the books, Guy?
George: we have an ordinance against hanging out laundry
rich-c: Fred, don't be too confident about the Adam; you should see what Gene Welch did with one
FreddyMaiden: and?
Pamela: no, I have a drying rack inside, George
Guy B.: My nephew got a Sony Playstation 2 and that can play DVD's. So, I thought I get that for his birthday which is next month and I'll get one for me as well.
Pamela: I couldn't hang it outside anyway - too windy
Guy B.: No, I haven't read the books.
rich-c: he made a portable with built in disc drives and all sorts of neat stuff
George: i have a tiny one
FreddyMaiden: I can imagine lost of stuff....
Pamela: besides, I learned the hard way to hang my jeans to dry - otherwise they end up the right length for someone 5' tall
rich-c: Guy, you may want to give teh books a try - there is a reason Dale and Dr. D. and Pam recommend them
rich-c: well, a standard Adam will support disc and hard drives and external printer among other things
Pamela: they're not really kids books
Guy B.: Well, what do you guys think I should start out with? My nephew has already seen the movie and he likes it alot.
Pamela: Did he see it in the theater?
rich-c: well, they're kids books like Alice in Wonderland is a kid's book
rich-c: the books have to be read in sequence to make sense
FreddyMaiden: What if you had a 2nd mother board (behind the tape drives) a 2nd ree
FreddyMaiden: reset button and enjoy windows xp or the old adam as your choice....
rich-c: can't see what use a second mb would be, Fred
George: now they are showing chimp sex on TV
Guy B.: Yes he did.
rich-c: Adam's main limitatiion is the video output; the video driver chip is too slow
Pamela: well, get him the books too - they explain a few things in more detail
rich-c: Fred, there is a program that will let you use a Wintel computer as server for an Adam
Guy B.: I'll have to check with my sister in-law to see if he can read at that level.
Pamela: how old is he?
rich-c: it is called (surpise) Adamserve - Dr. D. wrote it
FreddyMaiden: But you can only run program on Adam solely correct?
rich-c: the idea is to let you use Wintel peripherals as Adam peripherals
rich-c: yes, although Adamserve does have its useful features - I don't have it but maybe Guy can tell you
George: smartWindows?
Pamela: Bob, are you still awake?
BobS: YO
Pamela: I was listening for snores for a while there
Guy B.: Freddy, I have Adamserve.
George: Hi
rich-c: George, have you ever taken a look at
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George: not yet just saw
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rich-c: go take a look at, I think it will interest you
Pamela: what happened to Freddy?
George: what happened?
rich-c: he seems to have fallen off
rich-c: wonder if he timed out?
BobS: freddie is GONE
rich-c: we always seem to have someone kicked off after we've been going a while
rich-c: sometimes one, sometimes everyone
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Pamela: it's onlyu been about 40 minutes
changed username to FreddyMaiden
Pamela: There he is!
rich-c: welcome back, Freddy
Guy B.: There he is.
FreddyMaiden: Sorry Guy had a little problem there
Pamela: WB, Freddy
FreddyMaiden: tks
George: i saw the walmart website they have lindows computres
rich-c: right George, they are selling them
BobS: say what???????
rich-c: the other interesting part is their $99 a year subscription to the download site
BobS: walmart is selling a Lindows vrand computer?????
FreddyMaiden: Guy, I might consider getting the program, I have Micro XT.
rich-c: Walmart is selling Lindows-certified computers, Bob - cheap (your faovurite word?)
George: i can't get the hang of linux so i stopped using it and took it off my computers
Guy B.: Does the computer have a hard drive and 2 floppy drives? Cam be either size.
BobS: how cheap?????
rich-c: the idea of Lindows is that you don't have to get the hang of it
FreddyMaiden: yes has a hard drive forget size and only 1 5and quarter
rich-c: actually, outside of the hardware, Lindows takes money to supply you with free stuff
George: i don't trust that
Pamela: Bob - quick question - is there a Circuit City reasonably near our hotel?
rich-c: the earn the money by smoothing off the rough edges so you don't have to
BobS: yes dear, a block fown the street
Pamela: oh good - I went a round or 15 with AT&T today about a replacement antenna for our cordless - someone finally told me I could try Circuit City
rich-c: why do you want a Circuit City, daughter?
Guy B.: You will need another floppy drive. Adamserve requires 2 floppy drives. You will need at least 10mb hard drive space for the program and the files.
George: oh my back my poor poor back
Pamela: or a Business Depot / Stapless, Office Depot, Radio Shack
Guy B.: Also, does the XT have a serial port? It should work with either DB25 or DB9.
Pamela: the phone works fine but the antenna is currently repaired with the Handymans Secret Weapon
BobS: got a Office Depot and Radio Shack close too
FreddyMaiden: Has ports but where do I identify those numbers? sorry about my little knowledge...
Pamela: okay, now all i have to do is remember to look for it (note to self: make list)
rich-c: gather teh Toronto Staples and Radio Shacks don't have it, Pam?
Pamela: no, you can't get them in Canada, according to AT&T
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: serial ports are 9 or 25 pin MALE oblong connectors Freddie
rich-c: can you tell us anything about the XT? is it in fact an IBM or otherbrand?
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: hi Meeka
BobS: hello der
George: Hii Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
FreddyMaiden: Hi
Pamela: I bought the phone from Walmart about six years ago and since AT&T Canada says they never sold them here, Walmart must have imported them from the States
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
FreddyMaiden: Guy, I will check to see what I have inside!
BobS: HA, how long do you think that phone is going to last anyway
Guy B.: Bob just described them. You will also need a serial board for your Adam and a null modem cable.
rich-c: most XTs will have a card inside with 2 serial, 1 parallel port, and likely two floppy disc connectors
FreddyMaiden: connectors are there but only 1 drive is avail.
Pamela: it works fine other than the antenna Bob, and I love it 'cause it's curved - you can hold it between head and shoulder without beeping the person on the other end constantly
BobS: Freddie, you have an ADAM, yes????????? The ADAM game controller port IS a serial 9 pin connection..........
George: they are really pushing cellular phones here
rich-c: only one hooked up, or is that all the connectors available?
BobS: what size disk drive
FreddyMaiden: Thank you Bob.
FreddyMaiden: only one hooked up
FreddyMaiden: more connectors avail
Pamela: this is a regular residential cordless, George. My cell is a different kettle of fish
FreddyMaiden: not sure size need to cnfm
Guy B.: Freddy, do you have another drive bay available?
BobS: I think you CAN run ADAMSERVE on only 1 disk drive, you just won't be able to access the second one, so don't ask adamserve to read from it
FreddyMaiden: no
Pamela: the cell works wonderfully too
George: THINK!
rich-c: an X with only one floppy drive bay? I've never seen anything like that
BobS: well almost maybe possibly sure, kind THAT "think"?????????
(BobS winks)
BobS: sure mon. amstrads only had a 3 1/2 720k drive built in the side and then you had to add on esternally
rich-c: Fred, there HAS to be a second disc drive bay
FreddyMaiden: will make a picture and show it if possible
Pamela: maybe, Bob
rich-c: back in the XT era, you put your program in one bay and your data disc in the other
Guy B.: We can try Adamserve with one drive. It just won't recognize the second drive. Will have to ask Dr D about that.
FreddyMaiden: only hard and floppy bay rest connectors inside and loose
FreddyMaiden: MICRO XT
George: i installed 128mb of ram to run aol 8.0
rich-c: Fred, could it be teh hard disc has been put in the second floppy bay instead of the bay where it belongs?
FreddyMaiden: has qbasic...
Pamela: George, we have to chat about your AOL addiction
FreddyMaiden: could very well be Rich but not much room inside...
George: ok
rich-c: I know, you should see my XT, every single slot is filled
FreddyMaiden: Will send you a pic of it..
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FreddyMaiden: and my Adam
George: is that a 8088?
rich-c: George, I sent Guy and Bob a note a few minutes ago about where to find cheaper and better ISPs than AOL
changed username to HeWhoIsLate
FreddyMaiden: where you see that?
Pamela: hi, Ron
rich-c: (though, hint: any ISP available to you is cheaper and better)
BobS: HELLO Ronald!!!!!!
HeWhoIsLate: Bzzzzzzzzzz!
HeWhoIsLate: Try again!
Meeka: Hello Ron
FreddyMaiden: Hi
rich-c: welcome to the Wet Coaster
Pamela: Rich?
HeWhoIsLate: DingDingDingDing!
Pamela: fifty fifty, and I blew it
HeWhoIsLate changed username to Dr.D.
Guy B.: That has to be Ron
Dr.D.: Just got back from a picnic.
George: Hi Dr.D
Guy B.: Dr. D, just the man we need. Can Adamserve run on a PC with one floppy drive?
Pamela: was it romantic?
rich-c: Oops, it's Dr. D. - we were just helping Freddy find out about Adamserve
Dr.D.: Re: PC, yes.
FreddyMaiden: HI
Dr.D.: Re: Romance, alas, no Joan--she's at work.
Guy B.: Ok, Freddy, you are in business.
Pamela: ah, poor Rich
Dr.D.: Hi Freddy.
FreddyMaiden: am i?
FreddyMaiden: hi
rich-c: Fred, the information is in the Langalist - I will send you information tonight
Guy B.: Do you have a serial board for your Adam?
FreddyMaiden: Tks very much Rich
Pamela: Bob, what's your e-mail?
FreddyMaiden: well the slots under the removable cover?
rich-c: serial cards are an extra, Fred - made by Micro Innovations
FreddyMaiden: man I wish to learn about hardware
rich-c: actually Orphanware made one too that attached to the bus connector on the right hand side
FreddyMaiden: oh then no
BobS: OR
Pamela: thanks
George: it's time for Archie Bunker
Pamela: which do you use most?
Pamela: or do you care?
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changed username to judy
FreddyMaiden: Rich,Bob, how much is that card?
Pamela: Hi, Judy, I was just wondering where you were
George: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
FreddyMaiden: HI Judy
judy: hello everyone
Meeka: hello Mom
Dr.D.: Still impending wedding? You holding up okay, Judy?
judy: just sitting, trying to unwind
judy: no
Pamela: no wedding, or no holding up?
BobS: use them both all the time pam
judy: falling apart, the bride is giving me fits
Pamela: okay Bob, thanks
judy: no holding up
BobS: Freddie think about $50US for card adn cab le
Pamela: it's expected Judy
Pamela: just think this time Sunday it will be all over
FreddyMaiden: Thanks Bob.
judy: that is easy for you to say
judy: I can't wait
Dr.D.: Is "Play nice or it's Justice-of-the-Peace-for-you" an option?
Pamela: no it's not - I went thru this with my best friend
rich-c: sorry Fred I was just multitasking sending you an email
BobS: Herman mason is the keeper of the serial card you need
FreddyMaiden: thank you
FreddyMaiden: no problem
judy: no, the pastor said he would marry them
Meeka: cool, one more hurdle down
rich-c: I have an MI Dual Serial card in stock, I think
judy: didn't you know that, Meeka
rich-c: but Fred, you'd better know what you want to do with it before spending the money
BobS: visit my webpage at and checi out HLM/GMK's catalog
judy: sorry I forgot to call today
Pamela: I know whereof you speak, Judy - my friend's mom didn't have a clue so I had to step into the breach and try to keep her sane
BobS: but will that car4d work with ADAMserv????? Rich D??????
Meeka: no problem mom, that is kinda what I figured. no news would be good news right? lol
Dr.D.: Any known Eve, Orphanware, or MI serial card will work with ADAMserve.
rich-c: Rich, for Adamserve, is the MI or Orphanware card better, or does it matter?
judy: Mandy is so busy trying to find a house that she doesn't have time to work on the wedding
Dr.D.: The prototype ADAMnet serial/parallel card definitely *won't*.
Dr.D.: Indeed, it *can't*.
Pamela: so you're doing it all, right?
judy: yes, Mandy didn't see there was maybe a problem with the pastor
Meeka: yes, but don't tell her that
judy: yes, most of the stuff is under control.
rich-c: was that the MIB-1 or an Eve/Orphanware unit (the SP-1)?
Pamela: does she have a wedding dress?
judy: but tomorrow I am going to be in the hospital with my mom
Pamela: how come?
judy: yes, that was about the easiest part finding the dress
Pamela: well that's a refreshing change
judy: she is having a knee repaced
Dr.D.: I hate to ask about potentially indelicate stuff in public, but I clearly don't understand everything that's going on with this wedding...I just hope that Mom and Dad get through it all right. Bride and groom will manage.
George: I need help i'm getting worse
Dr.D.: Re: Eve, yep, that's the SP-1.
judy: it was just fast, Rich
Dr.D.: Port 68, like the Orphanware (which ripped it off).
Pamela: I think the biggest problem Rich is that Mandy decided at the last minute and gave everyone two weeks notice
rich-c: so my SP-1 is useless as far as Adamserve is concerned?
judy: less than three weeks to plan
Pamela: that's not a lot of time to pull together a wedding
Dr.D.: No no no, it's perfectly usable!
Pamela: most people take more than a year
judy: that does really sum it all up, lack of time
Pamela: did they remember to go and get a licence?
Dr.D.: Re: 2 weeks' notice...then whatever you get is charity!
rich-c: OK, that might be useful info, Rich, if I can get my basement Adam over its sulks
judy: yes, they do have that
Dr.D.: SP-1 is exactly the same as Orphanware port 68.
Pamela: do you have to have a blood test in MI?
rich-c: you're over my head, Rich
judy: only because we said we wouldn't do any more planning until that was done
Pamela: good for you!
Dr.D.: Orphanware card has 4 possible ports to select with jumpers, 68, 76, 84, 92.
rich-c: Pam, your mother got her proof-of-age cardd from the LCBO today
Dr.D.: So you can have 4 Orphanware cards if you want.
George: :-)
Dr.D.: Orphanware design is the same as Eve SP-1 except that the jumpers were added to give more serial ports.
Pamela: why did mother get a bar card, for photo ID?
judy: no, they didn't have to have a blood test, did use to have to do that
rich-c: yes - you need government-issued photo-ID to get into the US now
Dr.D.: $#*&!?@ my "free" country...bah.
rich-c: the bar crd was the cheapest and fastest answer
Pamela: Russell has a government issued security license with a photo on it, so he should be okay
BobS: well at leawst Frances cna get a glass of wine now!!!!!!!!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: So Guy where do you start from the beggining with the software?
rich-c: yes, and you and I have our drivers licences
Pamela: and everyone wonders why I got my license!
rich-c: actually I'd like to see them try and stop either your mother or I if we have our birth certificates
Pamela: and you will - Mom will see to that
judy: don't take the chance, Rich
BobS: don't push the guy arond Riuchard
BobS: he might het ticked off
BobS: get
Pamela: think is, both Mom and Dad were born in the US
Dr.D.: Then I for sure am not going to make a quick detour home through Canada after the ADAMcon...I'd thought about it, but I think I'd be asking for trouble doing it with a carload of ADAM equipment. Either getting into Canada or getting back into US would be a problem.
rich-c: Rich, lasst week they sent back a 15 year old girl travelling with her family and some friends to a softball tournament
George: why do i hurt so much?
rich-c: not only did the guard turn her back, the supervisor backed him up
Pamela: it was the twinkies, George
Dr.D.: Does she look Palestinian or something?
judy: they did that years ago, too, when Sherri was on her class trip
Dr.D.: Or call Geo. W. a jerk?
rich-c: far as I know, no; the name sounded very Anglo
George: me?
judy: one kid didn't have birth cert, he had to go back home
Dr.D.: Unless she forgot her birth certificate and they were being really anal, I have no idea why they'd do that.
BobS: no geo walker BUSH
rich-c: no, Dubya, a.k.a. Shrub
Pamela: shouldn't that be Duhbya?
rich-c: give low IQs too much authority and that's it
rich-c: your border guards are even more paranoid than ours in normal times, and that is saying a lot
George: i'm a Geo. W. too
judy: they are trying to make us safe
Pamela: thank you for making my point
Pamela: I hardly think that a 15 year old softball player is a threat
Dr.D.: Then remove our thieving ex-CEO President and Vice-President et al.
rich-c: you can be safe as you like, Judy - but how much freedom do you expect to have left?
judy: same in the airports, they don't have a clue
Pamela: thank you, Big Brother
rich-c: exactly, Judy, and when in doubt, be an ass
Dr.D.: The guys running the show are faced with condemning the very practices they used to get rich.
Dr.D.: I only hope the public wizes up in time for the next elections here.
rich-c: yes, Harken is only one of the smelly deals on Shrub's record
judy: that is about it, Rich
Dr.D.: Oops, "wises"
Pamela: brb, I'm going to get something with sleeves - I'm getting chilly!
rich-c: have you seen the Doonesbury strip the last few days?
Dr.D.: Can you get Russell?
Dr.D.: :-)
Pamela: yes, and he makes a great blanket, but he keeps wandering off
judy: would you rather have the last President
BobS: maybe we can get female chasing bill back, eh????????
Pamela: oops, did I go into the ether?
rich-c: well, he knew how to run a foreign policy
judy: am I still here?
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changed username to BobS
changed username to rich-c
Meeka: I am not sure MOM
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changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
Meeka: something really wierd just happned
rich-c: did everyone get dumped?
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BobS: ya mon!!!!
changed username to Guy B.
FreddyMaiden: still here
BobS: got right back on though
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Didn't see anyone.
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Dr.D.<undefined>: Must be again!
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changed username to judy
changed username to Pamela
judy: I am back
Meeka: I didn't, but saw everyone else get dumped
Pamela: I'm back
BobS: must be spooks because youa re Dr D and you are undefined......
rich-c: yes, Carnivore strikes again
BobS: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
BobS: is it halloween??????
Pamela: Rich, in answer to your question, yes Ican get him and he makes a great blanket, but he keeps wandering off
BobS: saw some inthe store tonight
Dr.D.<undefined> changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
rich-c: nope, just disapprove of Dubya, the CIA pulls the plug on you
BobS: OH, got a note from Dale and he and Jill will BE AT THE CONVENTION
Dr.D.<undefined> changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: good news
rich-c: hey, good news - are they bringing the kid?
Meeka: ok
BobS: naw, they are going to leave him ome alone !!!!!!!!! NO picture ID ya know !!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: What's our attendance looking like, Bob? Any newbies or not-been-seen-for-awhiles?
(BobS groans loudly)
BobS: no new faces........unless someone got a facelift.......
Guy B.: Ok, backing up my files on the notebook and I'm done.
Pamela: not here
judy: I only wish
FreddyMaiden: Wish too
rich-c: PJ says her hair is growing back curly, and complains she's putting on weight
BobS: BUT, we have a DYNOMITE time planned!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: Shall we have an I-survived-the-wedding party for Judy?
Pamela: PJ is complaining about weight gain?
rich-c: yes, it would be terrific if you, and George, could come - but c'est la vie
Pamela: tell all, Bob
FreddyMaiden: Can the next one be like in YOW?
judy: yes, that would be great
Dr. D.: I could bring Bride Barbie and Groom Ken and you can take out your frustrations on them :-)
judy: cool
rich-c: no, Comox has dibs on 15 - you want to try for 16?
Dr. D.: I'm still planning to bring a ColecoVision cake, since the CV is 20 years old this year.
Pamela: we need to get Judy a Tshirt that says "My daughter got married, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"
rich-c: I'm licking my chops already, Rich
judy: that would be great
Pamela: yum, Rich
FreddyMaiden: sure
Dr. D.: Speaking of cakes...any of you who know about Mystery Science Theatre 3000, take a look at what I baked for last month's
Dr. D.: mini-marathon:
Dr. D.: If you don't know about MST3K, that's okay.
judy: the great was for the cake, i don't know about the shirt
Dr. D.: Pam might...
rich-c: Rich, why do you have so few links to your other pages on your main page?
Pamela: don't recognize it Rich
Pamela: should I?
Dr. D.: My page? Mostly cause I don't have enough space there to store all the junk I have on my desktop machine.
Dr. D.: Most of the little links I post are just "temporary" stuff, anyhow.
Dr. D.: Pam, do a Google search for was a comedy show set on a space station, premise is, some poor guy is stranded
rich-c: not even sure whether it's the apk or cwru page I've had problems with
Dr. D.: there with some junky robots and forced to watch bad sci-fi movies...they cope by making fun of the films in real time.
Dr. D.: It ran for 10 years.
Dr. D.: Re: problems, my desktop machine has been up and down this week for maintenance. That's the machine.
Pamela: I'll have to check it out Rich - will let you know
Dr. D.: I've been upgrading CPU, RAM, and HD.
rich-c: probably on a network not available in Canada
Pamela: I didn't think there was such a thing
Dr. D.: It is...but there have been network problems at CWRU since last Thursday.
FreddyMaiden: Good night to all and thank you fr the kind help........
Dr. D.: Anyone trying to get to the ADAMcon 13 pages is probably suffering.
Dr. D.: Good night Fred.
Guy B.: Bye Freddy.
Pamela: nite, Freddy
rich-c: OK Fred, see you next Wed, maybe even Sat if we both make it
Dr. D.: Though it should be stable now, except for CWRUnet stuff out of my control.
FreddyMaiden left chat session
BobS: nite Freddie
George: i think i'm going to die
judy: nite fred
George: Nite Fred
rich-c: me too, George, and I bet I beat you to it
BobS: is the cake thing what you do in your "spare" time Rich ????????
Dr. D.: As for my webserver, there is no index.html, so nobody can see things there unless I tell them exactly where it is.
BobS: just looked, nice job
George: don't be so sure of that
Dr. D.: Cakes are fun and easy.
rich-c: I have a head start, George
Dr. D.: I've done 2 ADAM system unit cakes.
George: i do too
Pamela: I want to try cake decorating some day
judy: cute cake, Rich
Dr. D.: Joan does an Ides of March cake that's filled with chery pie filling...she takes it to work with a big knife and stabs it.
Dr. D.: The MST3K cake is the spaceship from the show.
Guy B.: Well, gang got to check the e-mail. Might not be able to make it for Saturday. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
BobS: trouble with cakes is....too much body, and not enough FLUFF
Dr. D.: Center was chocolate, ball ends were strawberry, vanilla icing.
Pamela: if I ever have time left over from the cross stitch and the stencilling and the wood painting. Want to try my hand at glass painting, too
judy: that sounds to good
Dr. D.: Gnite Guy.
rich-c: see you then Guy, if and when
George: i have to get another chest x-ray for a spot on my right lung
Meeka: ninght Guy
BobS: nite guy
Dr. D.: Whoa, that doesn't sound good, George.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
judy: bye, Guy, we won't be on Saturday either
George: nite Guy
Dr. D.: Sat. is wedding, right?
judy: yes, it is 4 in the afternoon
Guy B.: Send my best wishes to Mandy and the groom.
judy: will do, Guy
BobS: ........maybe Doug could get the wedding on 'live' ...............
rich-c: bite your tongue, Bob
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: you will have to ask him about that dad
BobS: would teach her a lesson yes????????
Pamela: Meeka, have you had any business from your website?
Meeka: not much yet, but have done a few things for some friends recently
rich-c: Meeka, may I suggest it may be because you don't have a www. address?
Pamela: I tell everyone who's interested in x-stitch to check it out - you have some excellent ideas and products there
Meeka: thanks.
rich-c: you could have a lot of people looking foir you but getting a 404 because of that
Dr. D.: Well at least you aren't making a wedding website...that seems to be a yuppie thing to, ick, don't do it!
Meeka: I have mentioned that to the hubby also, but with no luck so far
Dr. D.: Like I said, Richard, drushel is a private machine, except for the public stuff I put on it (like the ADAMcon 13 webpage).
rich-c: well, when teh search engine 'bots pick you up, it will be less of a problem
Dr. D.: Everything else is just "fun"...and besides, it keeps people from prowling around :-)
Dr. D.: ADAMcon 13 is picked up because I link to it from my webpage.
Dr. D.: That is fine with me.
rich-c: just that at times I've looked at one page or another and found allusions to things but no links to them
Meeka: I am still playing with how I really want it to look, so I figured I would get that all sorted out befroe I bugged Doug to much about it
Dr. D.: Anything that I want to be public, I make sure there's a public link.
rich-c: it isn't a big issue
Pamela: besides, word of mouth is great advertising
Dr. D.: Do you mean dead links? that I would like to know about. No dead links that I am aware of.
rich-c: perhaps, Pam, but internet is better
Meeka: yes, that works also
rich-c: and the problem is, if you refer folks to the website, you have to make sure they understand that if they type in www. they will get a 404
Pamela: the shampoo commercial had it right - you tell two people, and they tell two people . . . word gets around
George: will give 404
rich-c: no, not dead links, Rich, just you say every once in a while something is online but I can never find it
rich-c: like I gather you have some sort of archival Adam stuff somewhere
Dr. D.: Hmmm...if you can tell me specifically what isn't working, I'll try to track it down.
rich-c: can't do that, Rich, it's a cumulative thing over years
Dr. D.: The ADAM Technical Manual stuff is TWWMCA archive on junior is up.
Pamela: I think it's time I packed it in, the screen is starting to blur
Pamela: and that's with my glasses on
rich-c: OK Pam. let me know what you'll be doing about the tapes
Meeka: night Pam
judy: night, Pam
Dr. D.: Go rest them weary eyes...
rich-c: meantime I will get tomorrow and Friday for you
Pamela: Will try for tomorrow evening Dad - will advise
Dr. D.: I ought to rest mine, too.
BobS: nite pam
BobS: was nodding here too
Dr. D.: Wash a few picnic dishes.
rich-c: ok, nite daughter
Pamela: Bob, Judy, good luck with the wedding, and offer our congratulations to Mandy
rich-c: and good night to you, Rich
judy: yes, it is about time to pack it in
George: nite Pam
judy: night all , talk to you next week
Pamela: Good nite to all - see you next week
rich-c: nite Judy
Dr. D.: Okay all, good night. May weddings go smoothly. But if they don't...they're big boys and girls now, they can deal with it.
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
BobS: will tell you all about it next Wed
rich-c: rite
judy left chat session
BobS left chat session
Dr. D.: Just so I don't read about anyone going postal over the AP wire... :-)
Dr. D.: Good night....
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: fortunately, I don't think the stress level is QUITE that high...
rich-c: George, before we close down, what inspired you to go to that county fair last week?
George: i used to go as a kid
rich-c: fair dibs - brings back good memories, then
rich-c: that would be from when you lived on the other side of the river?
George: i think i'm going through a second childhood
rich-c: some of us would claim we're still on our first
George: yes i grew up in Jersey
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: Frances says I am every time I bring in a new bill for the car
rich-c: so did I but only till I was 8
George: where?
rich-c: up in the northern part - Bergen County, though I was born in Jersey City
George: i was born in riverside
rich-c: OK, that sort of rings a bell, even if I can't place it off the top of my head
George: i grew up in the pine barrens of south Jersey
rich-c: yes, that is country of grat but forbidding beauty
George: yes i miss it
rich-c: once had a significant mining and smelting industry, but that's not long gone (and good riddance)
rich-c: did you know that there is a very fine book written about the pine barrens?
George: actuallt there are several
rich-c: yes, there would be, though most would be local histories
George: yes
rich-c: the one I was thinking of is by John McPhee
rich-c: it is titled (surprise) The Pine Barrens
rich-c: he is a prodigiously good writer who can make even dull things interesting
George: i'm not sure if i'm aware of that one
rich-c: so obviously with a topic like the Pine Barrens he can rally make it fascinating
rich-c: go bug your friendly local library for it - it may also be found in some anthologies of his work
George: strange things happen there
rich-c: yes, it's the home of the Jersey Devil
George: exactly
rich-c: but there are many strange tales from colonial times
George: many tales
rich-c: by the way, do you subscribe to the Langalist newsletter?
George: what is that?
rich-c: it is a free email newsletter that come out twice a week with computer tips and hints
rich-c: and subscribing to it does not get you a box full of spam, either
rich-c: it is a great source of leads to really useful freebie programs
George: i don't knowabout it
rich-c: then you really ought to find out
rich-c: go to and follow links from there
George: ok
rich-c: do it tonight after we close down - it will pay
rich-c: look at item 4 in today's newsletter and follow the links in it
George: do you know about Dave Chalk
rich-c: if you take advantage of it it will save you big money and much grief
rich-c: no, what's a Dave Chalk?
George: he had a omputer TV show from Canada
rich-c: oh, it is probably on some specialty channel I don't buy
George: it was on PBS here
rich-c: did they credit the original producer? CBC? TVO?
George: he had a wesite called
rich-c: I will take a look at it
rich-c: in fact, what say I go look at it now, you look at langa,com, and we'll compare notes Saturday?
George: they talked and showed all aspects of computing
rich-c: sounds worht looking at
George: ok
rich-c: right - goodnight for now, then, and see you Sat.
George: see you Sat
rich-c left chat session
George: nite
George left chat session
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