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rich-c: brb
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: greetings, Guy
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rich-c: got the hot and stickys in Chicago, too?
Guy B.: Hi Rich, I'm on the notebook and watching the Cub game. They are winning.
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George
Guy B.: Hi George
rich-c: on the laptop, are you? that's a bit slow, isn't it?
George: hi Rich, Guy
rich-c: 'fraid I'm a bit to preoccupied with other things to bother with baseball
Guy B.: I have Word with VBA up and trying a few things with the checking for a file.
rich-c: not sure I quite understand what you're telling me, Guy
rich-c: anyway, got my digitial camera working with my laptop yesterday
Guy B.: Well, that program I've been working on for setting up Dcopy. I'm setting up an INI file and the program is suppose to see if the file is there. It's not quite working as i hoped.
rich-c: oddly enough, the serial port connection to the laptop was easy, but getting the USB recognized on the Athlon was a big pain
Guy B.: It should of recognized it as soon as you plugged it iin.
rich-c: oh, you're EDITING a program written in VBA on the laptop, is that it?
Guy B.: Yep, I'm using the VBA editor. The VB 4.0 program is on the P133.
rich-c: it's a Windows machine; what it should do and what it does do are two different things
rich-c: must say, coming off the Athlon, the P166 laptop is absolutely bog slow
George: i was sleeping
rich-c: why, George, is it hot and sticky in Phuilly as it is here?
Guy B.: This notebook is slower than yours at P90.
George: it's nice and cool for a change
rich-c: oh - will you be bringing a null modem cable to Adamcon?
rich-c: hey, count your blessings - all those world youth out to see the Pope tomorrow with think they're in a steam bath
Guy B.: It's a little humid here. The sun finally came out after it rained here this morning. The first good soaking rain we had in over a month.
rich-c: except if they end up dodging lightning bolts, that is
George: it's cloudy but cool here
rich-c: we have had a number of short but heavy rainstorms over the last ten days or so - and we needed them
Guy B.: And we have some more ciming then it will get hot again.
George: Rich didi you go see the Pope?
rich-c: we are basically looking at 88 - 90 today and tomorrow with thunderstoms likely
rich-c: of course not, George
Guy B.: St Louis pitcher just got ejected for hitting a Cub.
Guy B.: And this is the second time.
rich-c: wonder what inspired him to do that? they don't get tossed unless it seems deliberate
Guy B.: Seems tensions are a little high there in St. Louis. The Cubs are leading 7-0.
George: huh?
rich-c: mind you, in the BC @ Edmonton game last nite, two players got tossed for sassing the ref
Guy B.: Plus it's hot down there at 108 degrees.
George: oh, animal ball
rich-c: yes, I can see that at 108 tempers might be a little short, and it may be humid too
George: it's 79 F here
Guy B.: I think we are in the 80's here.
rich-c: you're really rubbing it in, George. Bet it's dry, too
Guy B.: He
George: muggy dew point is 72
Guy B.: He'll get that warmer weather shortly.
rich-c: well, it rained halfway through the Edmonton game last night, so you should get that soon, Guy
Guy B.: That's what we should get later tonight.
George: yeah, it will burn by Mon. at 96+
rich-c: yes, and we will get it tomorrow I guess
rich-c: in that case, George, enjoy the good stuff while you can
Guy B.: Wonder how Mandy's wedding is going?
rich-c: repeating, Guy: will you be bringing a null modem (DCC) cable to Adamcon?
George: i'm still using central air
Guy B.: Yes, I will be bringing one. This cable has both DB9 and DB25 plugs.
rich-c: we don't use our air conditioning for 80 and dry, since the peak only lasts a short time
rich-c: OK, that means I'll be able if necessary to transfer programs from your computer to mine
rich-c: on my laptop the DCC uses the parallel port
George: i have to keep mine primed or it doesn't work
rich-c: well, we've had our house sir-conditioning for many years now but every year the serviceman checks it out and finds it's good
Guy B.: This one is better than than the other two I have.
rich-c: Frances isn't good at coping with heat and has big problems with humidity
George: we actually have a heat index of 83
rich-c: our outside temperature right now is 29 (84) but it's so wet you need gills to breathe
rich-c: I suspect our humidex is in the mid-40s
George: juicy
rich-c: assuming I remember, Guy, I will bring a CD to Adamcon with some of the little Windows programs I've found fun
George: is this working?
rich-c: yes, you're still with us, George
George: ok
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changed username to Guy b.
Guy b. requested to ban Guy B.
George confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
George: What?
rich-c: looks like Guy fell off too somehow
Guy b. changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: but now he has made it back - I hope
Guy B.: ok, i'm back. Netzero ended up dropping my connection
George: netzero bad?
rich-c: actually, you don't seem to have too much problem with them
rich-c: not like AOL, George
rich-c: they only offer dialup, but they only charge $10 a month
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rich-c: looks like Netzero is trying to make a liar out of me
George: they had a TV ad it said not available in the immediate area
rich-c: yu mean DSL, or Netzero?
George: netzero
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George: Guy is lost
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: no, he's back
rich-c: George, if you want to know what's available to you, try
Guy B.: I'm back. While I'm on, I'm getting a new update for my free antivirus. Downloading now.
George: what antivirus is that?
rich-c: or you can use
Guy B.: Anti-Vir.
Guy B.: It's free at
rich-c: you can always use, too
rich-c: any one of them will lead you to a better, cheaper ISP than AOL
Guy B.: What's the latest from PJ?
rich-c: no word beyonf what I passed on to you, Guy
Guy B.: I've got a good article in my chicago Sun-Times on AOL.
rich-c: she really won't know her health status until very close to the day itself
Guy B.: Ok, thanks.
rich-c: I gather AOL is getting very poor financial results and is seen to be on the skids
Guy B.: Looks like I'll have to get one thing fixed on my car. The windshiled washer pump went out.
rich-c: count your blessings - I have to go get the Meteor Monday after weeks of work
Guy B.: Did you hear they are being investigated for accounting practices. Just llike what happened to Worldcom.
rich-c: two new exhaust manifolds after pulling the heads and dealing with a burned valve and dubious valve seats
Guy B.: Looks like it was wiorse than you thought.
rich-c: don't think they wre quite as dubious as WorldCom in their accounting practices
rich-c: yes, the cracked manifolds didn't show till the heads were off
rich-c: and then the left manifold looked repairable but turned out not to be
Guy B.: Still it's hurting their stock and a exec. was fired.
rich-c: and oh yes, the battery is dead and needs replacement!
Guy B.: What are you going to do?
rich-c: well, AO was bad news from the get-go - an exercise is conning the public
rich-c: I will pay the mechanic and bring the car home
rich-c: it doesn't faze me that a car that's pushing 200,000 miles might need the odd big repair
Guy B.: And 32 million subscribers. Sure how big they got. The mailman finally came.
rich-c: just proves a lot of North Americans are lazy and ignorant
rich-c: AOL drops a handy disc or CD in their mailbox, they never look at the deal to see if it's any good
rich-c: we don't have mail deliveries on Saturdays
Guy B.: Those CD's are all over Target, Sam
rich-c: AOL has always charged more money for less service than anyone else - and got rich doing it
Guy B.: Sam's Club and Walmnart.
rich-c: I'm surprised those outfits would think so little of their reputations
George: i found out i have bmi of 37.5 i need a major overhaul
rich-c: George, numbers are indicators, but only long term conditional predictors
rich-c: and remember when doctors start interpreting them, they tend to be extremely pessimistic
George: i'm obese majorly
rich-c: no doctor ever got sued for malpractice for giving bad news that didn't happen
rich-c: but yes, if your body mass index is that far up, you do need to do a bit of dieting
Guy B.: It seems some doctors here are giving up their practices because of the high cost of malpractice insurance.
George: with no willpower
Guy B.: George, do what I'm doing. Eat less and try some walking.
rich-c: considering the fees that are charged in your system, I would find that surprising
rich-c: even after paying extortioate malpractice rates, the docs should have more than plenty left
rich-c: George, what you need is won't-power
rich-c: as in, I won't eat that hamburger or chocolate bar (or whatever) after all
Guy B.: Some groups think that's why the cost of healthcare here is high, because of the malpractice awards from the juries.
George: they had a big thing on nightline about that
rich-c: grow a taste for carrot sticks or apples or oranges or celery or any low-cal stuff
rich-c: malpractice is a part of it, George, but only a part - greedy doctors and for-profit hospitals are big culprits
rich-c: and the things Congress lets the pharaceutical companies get away with is disgraceful
Guy B.: Thank the lobbyists for that.
George: can't have raw vegtables or friuts cause of crohn's
rich-c: For a buyer to buy, there has to be a willing seller
rich-c: sorry George, forgot about that
Guy B.: What can yu have George?
rich-c: you'll have to find out from a doctor or nutrionist what you can eat that's satisfying and thinning
George: i'm a little stuck cause i have to be extra careful
rich-c: and remember, I know all about cravings - I haven't had a cigarette since May 1
Guy B.: I've cut back on cheese and that helps.
rich-c: it sure does - cheese is just concentrated fat, as bad as nuts
George: i've been thinking twice of eating lately
Guy B.: I've been trying different lunchmeats for lunch. I'm trying Turkey Pastrami. It's pretty good and two slices fill the bill.
Guy B.: The download is done.
rich-c: that took an awfully long time, Guy
rich-c: and tho' you're online here chat doesn't consume significant bandwidth
George: my download is done
Guy B.: Took about a half hour. Now, Iit's waiting for me to install it.
rich-c: the website must have been incredibly slow, then
rich-c: neither Norton nor Grisoft take anywhere near that long for updates
Guy B.: It downloaded directly through the program via FTP.
rich-c: yes, I think that's how all the update sites do it
Guy B.: That's how this works.
rich-c: well, if you feel it's worth putting up with, that's your call
rich-c: remember to take a look at my anti-virus a week Thursday
George: i get strange drop sounds
Guy B.: What I do is start the anti-vir program and Netzero, then click on the update. it will check to see if one is available and all i have to do is start the download.
rich-c: likely condensation from your air conditioner, George
rich-c: yes, that's how mine work, Guy
George: it's coming from my computer
Guy B.: Oh-oh.
rich-c: or is it drop sounds like the guy upstairs is practicing weightlifting?
George: strictly computer drop sound
rich-c: maybe a program bug got stuck in the fan, George
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go. I'll see you all on Wednesday.
rich-c: but you're not in real trouble until you see blue smoke
rich-c: oh Guy, will see you then
George: bye Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: actually, George, looks like about time for me to drop out too
rich-c: and maybe you need to turn your machine off anyway to investigate the strange noises
George: must be getting close to dinner time
rich-c: not for me, but the are several other obligations
rich-c: football game tonight, so I have to do the evening stuff before dinner
George: ok , see you Wed.
rich-c: good enough, George. See you then. Bye
George: bye
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