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rich-c: test
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changed username to FreddyMaiden
rich-c: hi there Fred
FreddyMaiden: Hi Rich
rich-c: comment ca va?
FreddyMaiden: tres bien et vous?
rich-c: tres bien aussi, merci
FreddyMaiden: sorry brb
FreddyMaiden: wifey
FreddyMaiden: she went for a dip so I had to get her a towell
rich-c: right - it can be a problem
rich-c: how is Meganne doing?
FreddyMaiden: great!! when shes not hungry
rich-c: she's supposed to be hungry - all the time - that's how she grows
FreddyMaiden: haha yes indeed shes growing alright
rich-c: I recognize it can be more than a little hard on Sylvie
FreddyMaiden: absolutely
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rich-c: I am anxiously waiting for Pamela to come on
changed username to judy
rich-c: hi judy
FreddyMaiden: Hi Judy
rich-c: where's the old man?
judy: hi, rich and freddy
FreddyMaiden: has pamela done someting special?
judy: working on his email
rich-c: just mentioning, I'm anxiously awaiting Pamela
rich-c: she borrowed a laptop from work to take to Adamcon
rich-c: and now she is trying to configure the modem to use our ISP
FreddyMaiden: ISP?
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rich-c: we wre doing a bit over the phone but I had to break off before it could be tested
changed username to BobS
rich-c: Internet Service Provider, Fred
BobS: YO brudders
BobS: an me bride
rich-c: hello Bob, got the mail finished I gather
FreddyMaiden: tks
FreddyMaiden: Hi Bob
rich-c: who do you use as your ISP, Fred?
judy: no, now he is in the basement, got a new adamite coming to convention
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FreddyMaiden: Sympatico slow
FreddyMaiden: for now
changed username to George
rich-c: they may not be your best choice
rich-c: hi George
judy: hi, George
rich-c: but they're at least not as bad as AOL
FreddyMaiden: Want to connect to cable some time...
George: Hi Everyone
FreddyMaiden: Hi George
rich-c: not convinced you would find cable worth teh cost, which is pretty horrendoes
FreddyMaiden: really? then what is suggested Rich?
George: i have a belly ache
rich-c: stay with your dialup, make sure you are getting the full 56K out of it
FreddyMaiden: Hi speed
rich-c: unless you spend half your life downloading files, it should be adequate
rich-c: I'm assuming you do have a 56K modem
FreddyMaiden: yes sir
George: i only get 46k with my dialup
rich-c: well, you're on AOL and they are inefficient, George
rich-c: they put a lot of overhead into your linkages
FreddyMaiden: I have a celeron 56k lying around.
rich-c: remember also that no one gets a true 56K, the phone lines won't take it
George: other dialups average the same here
rich-c: how do you know your dialup speed, George?
George: it says the connectio speed when i sign on
rich-c: reminds me, Fred, what kind of computer are you using?
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rich-c: you mean AOL tells you teh speed, is that it?
changed username to james
FreddyMaiden: Compaq 6000series
BobS: heck I only can get about 34 to possibly 38k from here
rich-c: good morning james
George: yes
FreddyMaiden: Hi James
james: morning. wouldn't go so far as to say it's good.
George: Hi James
BobS: JAPAN!!!!!! Welcome to the western hemisphere
rich-c: oh dear, Miyuki giving you a hard time again?
james: no
james: nothing like that.
BobS: durn kids, eh????????
rich-c: the kids, then? another earthquake?
james: i'm just tired of living in the middle of a construction zone. driving me frickin nuts.
FreddyMaiden: The sun may rise in the east but it sets in the west...taken from Shanghai noon
rich-c: oh, are you putting an addition on the school or something?
james: no, it's not my construction. they're building all around the house in what used to be rice fields. we're literally surrounded by bulldozers and steamshovels on all sides.
james: and i'm at about my wits end.
rich-c: someone developing a subdivision around you?
james: yeah, this town-government that's run by slack-jawed inbred idiots.
rich-c: oh well, think of all the customers who will be moving in - and meanwhile, get a set of noise-cancelling earphones
FreddyMaiden: Or a mega sound system...
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changed username to Pamela
james: we'll see. right now they're just getting the land ready. they're going to build and sell houses as people buy. quite frankly i'll be surprised if anyone does.
judy left chat session
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rich-c: hi Pam get the laptop working?
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: nope, I gave up for the time being
Pamela: Hi, everyone
rich-c: hello Meeka
FreddyMaiden: oops
Meeka: Hello Everyone
FreddyMaiden: Hi Meekaù
George: Hi Pam, Meeka
FreddyMaiden: darn french keboard
Pamela: Hi, James - nice to see you
james: they seemed to have stopped for a bit. i'm going to grab a quick nap while i can.
james: hi pam
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Pamela: don't tell me your leaving!
changed username to BobS
rich-c: Pam, you should have used teh Wizard, only clicked "I want to do it manually" on the first screen
Pamela: now you tell me
BobS: PAM ya can't leave!!!!!
Pamela: I'll try again later
Pamela: I'm not leaving Bob
Pamela: ouch my wrists hurt
rich-c: OK james dont forget the Adamcon specail chat Aug. 10th
james: aug 10th.. hmm teaching all day. i'll see what i can do but i likely won't be able to make it. what time is it?
BobS: ya mon Aug 10th Sat here.......this time frame\
Pamela: 9:00
rich-c: well, I didn't know till I rechecked it myself later
james: pm?
Pamela: yup
BobS: our PM.........
rich-c: yes, pm - will be tough for you, I guess
George: AH CHOO!
james: okay so sunday morning at 10 a.m. i give myself 50% odds then.
Pamela: bless you George
BobS: Sat Augt 10 9PM EST
rich-c: gesundheit, George
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George: lord help me
rich-c: and that's a week after this Sunday, james
changed username to Judy
BobS: got an email form Tom Ozretich tonight richard......came to AC09 for a couple days
Pamela: yay, Judy made it
james: okay. i will see you all again shortly after my nap.
rich-c: right Bob, he's the guy from SF Bay area
Judy: yes, I am back
james left chat session
Pamela: sleep well
FreddyMaiden: CYA JAMES
BobS: he was into the ADAM scene years ago.........was in Battle Creek MI 5 years ago and still there (or back)
Meeka: hello Mom
BobS: bye james
Judy: hi, dear
Pamela: Bob, will we have internet access in our rooms at the hotel?
Judy: went to the hotel and GR brewing today
BobS: but of course my dear, just unplug the phone and plug it inot your laptop
rich-c: Battle Creek is practically next door - trust you talked him into coming?
BobS: maybe evne have an extra port on the phone
BobS: he wants to come in on Fri am
Pamela: cool, now I just have to figure out how to set the laptop up
rich-c: I've already told her to download the slingshot software
Pamela: tell me again closer to the time Dad so I don't forget
BobS: AND if ya don't have a local internet provider, I can set it up on my local account I think
BobS: dad can do it Pam or we can do it here
Judy: Pam it is next week
rich-c: our ISP is strictly Toronto, but slingshot covers all the US
Judy: that is quite close
Pamela: Judy, I'm doing well if I remember from day to day
Pamela: too many mice in the maze
BobS: download the software Pamela
Judy: tell me about it
Pamela: How did the wedding go?
rich-c: before I forget, Pam, need any taping this week?
Pamela: will check - R is indisposed at the moment - check back with me in about 10 minutes
BobS: wedding??????? WHAT wedding????????
rich-c: this is known as protective amnesia...
Pamela: I trust that was sarcasm, Bob
Judy: I worked on my quilt today and it has been so long that I did everything wrong
BobS: huh???????
BobS: will show ya the pics when ya get here!!!!!
Pamela: you're right Dad, protective amnesia
rich-c: give him a slap upside the head, Judy, to bring him back to the real world
Meeka: you poor thing mom
Pamela: Can't wait to see them. So, you pulled it off?
Judy: great, after all the uproar
BobS: had to use a shotgun, but yes
Pamela: a white one, I trust
rich-c: the traditional white shotgun, of course?
Judy: she almost called it off on Friday
Pamela: what????
BobS: ya sure mon
Judy: you have to know Mandy, that explains all
Pamela: okay
Pamela: she wouldn't be the first bride with cold feet
rich-c: and she stuck with it after you let go of her throat?
Judy: but it did turn out really great
FreddyMaiden: now with wet ones
George: whats that stange clicking sound?
Pamela: just as long as your brain don't freeze you're okay
Judy: that is true, but it had something to do with his lawsuit, real mess
rich-c: do we want to know about that?
Judy: that is about it, Rich
rich-c: I'm sure we'll get an earfull at the 'con, when you've calmed down
Pamela: I want all the details when we see you
Judy: probably not, he had a work accident, trying to get paid for it
Judy: that would be easier
rich-c: you do have Workem
Judy: will show the pictures at that time also
George: i'm getting messy
rich-c: you do have Workmen's Compensation in the US, don't you?
BobS: workers compensation insurance
Pamela: you mean WC Dad?
Judy: yes, we do
Pamela: yes, the employer should carry it
FreddyMaiden: hopefully neglagence isnt proven
rich-c: in the US you never know - they're kind of behind the times
Pamela: but it's a policy like any other insurance policy
Judy: be nice, Rich
BobS: hey Richard, still got ADAM's shipped to US for $100?????????
rich-c: yep, in fact had an inquiry from Florida couple of days ago
Pamela: Judy, I told Kimberly about the 2.5 week wedding - she was amazed
Pamela: says she's going to need a year to plan hers
BobS: from Alan Ricotta perhaps??????
George: illegal operation
rich-c: yes, but Kimberly is organized - she will do it right, with no cold feet
Pamela: after chasing him for 7 years, she'd better NOT get cold feet
rich-c: that's right, Bob, did you send him?
BobS: think that was the guys name
Judy: it can be done, was all ready by 11 am Sat
BobS: nope just told him yes have ADAM's for $100 shipped to his door
BobS: figured I
Pamela: I shudder to think
Judy: the wedding wasn't until 4
BobS: i would have you send him one.......
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changed username to Guy B.
Judy: we had to keep it simple
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: simple is best
rich-c: yes, some of them are weirdly paranoid when it comes to dealing with Canada
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!, Finally here.
rich-c: overtime again, Guy?
BobS: is it the REAL Guy Cousineau ??????????? a frenchman????????
FreddyMaiden: HiGUy
Meeka: hello Guy
rich-c: naw, more an Itqalian from Chicago
Pamela: non, Ces't Guy Bona - an italian
BobS: a pizza slinger??????????
Guy B.: Yes, even going in this Saturday before I start my vacation next week.
BobS: Guy??????????
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: besides, Guy C. isn't French, he's a quebecois
Pamela: BRB, gotta talk to R for a minute
rich-c: Freddy, hope you're still with us - been a lot of crosstalk of late
FreddyMaiden: Sure am tks fr asking
Guy B.: I guess everyone heard the news on PJ?
rich-c: a Compaq 6000 - what processor does that have?
BobS: HEY, Freddie is multitasking with an ADAM here
FreddyMaiden: Nope
FreddyMaiden: dont have those access.
rich-c: told those concerned, but not generally yet, Guy
Guy B.: I knew you wouldn't Fred. You not coming to the con.
Guy B.: Not yet, eh!
FreddyMaiden: Really wish I could Guy really!!!!
rich-c: we wish so too, Fred - you'd make a very welcome participant
BobS: BUT Fred is going to make the internet chat right here on Sat the 10th of Aug @ 9PM
FreddyMaiden: Intel Rich
rich-c: Pentium? which one?
FreddyMaiden: You bet Bob
FreddyMaiden: 4 Rich
rich-c: the ral hot rod then - what speed?
Guy B.: Bob, got a something I think all might be interested in. Are you ready?
FreddyMaiden: 2000 believe
rich-c: that's a bit faster than my Athlon 1600
rich-c: Guy, go ahead
FreddyMaiden: Just bought it quite recent and found your chat thanks to it
George: faster than my k6 500
Guy B.: Ok, I have an old Mac Performa here at my place and I'm was thinking about bringing it up to the con and donate as a grand door prize. It has the monitor and some software.
rich-c: what did you have previously, Fred?
FreddyMaiden: MICRO PC/XT took pic of it and my Adam will send to you once downlded.
BobS: bring it Guy, we can 'fix' it so that Ron wins it and he can haul it to Vancouver Island
rich-c: wow, you sure made one big jump - running Windows XP, I suppose?
FreddyMaiden: Yes
FreddyMaiden: it was about time
Pamela: That's cruel, Bob
Guy B.: I'll test it out here before I bring it up to be sure it works. Either Ron or Dr. D. would be the one's interested in it.
rich-c: I'm still happily perking along on Win98SE
Pamela: me too
Guy B.: Who's got WinXP?
George: me too
FreddyMaiden: do you like it?
FreddyMaiden: Ido Guy
George: i mean 98se
Meeka: Doug runs that on his desktop and laptopo Guy
rich-c: yes, and I don't have to ask Bill Gates permission to install a new CD-R or such
Guy B.: I'm running Win98SE on my Athlon.
Guy B.: You Fred. Any problems?
FreddyMaiden: Cant stop laughing
Pamela: we're still running 98SE on our computers at work
FreddyMaiden: NOPE
FreddyMaiden: Work is Win98 aswell
BobS: isntead of stuck in the 50's, I am stuck in the 95' that is........
Pamela: actually no, we're not - I take that back
rich-c: I don't want anything to do with that activation copde business
rich-c: maybe it's because I'm too expert at crashing computers and having to re-install
Pamela: we're running the network version
Guy B.: Using Win2000 at work. Fred, you are my guinea pig to test out my new project to see if it runs on WinXP. It's 90% done and it will be tested with Win95, 98 and ME.
FreddyMaiden: Work makes contrary
rich-c: Fred: translation of Guy: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
FreddyMaiden: what????
BobS: so IF i were you fred............HIDE your computers!!!!!!!!
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi Ron
BobS: must be the western contingent
BobS: hiya ronald!!!!!!!
Ron: Evening
George: hi Ron
FreddyMaiden: Hi Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: one week and counting!!!!!
Meeka: hello Ron
rich-c: greetings, Ron
Guy B.: That's right Freddy. Since none of us have WinXP and the program I'm doing is using an older version of Visual Basic. You get to test it out on your copy of WinXP.
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
George: here we go
Ron: and how is all
rich-c: as in, Fred, you'll be sorry
BobS: 'all' is finre
BobS: fine
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: GUT, sehr gut
Guy B.: The stinker and I are doing fine.
FreddyMaiden: OK GUY but you will have to sign a claim letter
changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Judy: hi, Jeff
BobS: well glory BE
Guy B.: Hi Jeff, Welcome.
rich-c: hey Jeff, haven't seen you for ages - welcome aboard
BobS: Jeff, me boy
Ron: Jeff is making the universe safe for humanity
Jeff Mitchell: Hi folks!
FreddyMaiden: HI Jeff
BobS: I thought that was YOUR job????????
George: hi Jeff
Ron: nope.... I'm the manager, I delegate and disappear
Meeka: hello Jeff
FreddyMaiden: learning here
Jeff Mitchell: I've got two computers going here...true multitasking :)
Pamela: HJ, Jeff
Pamela: oops - Hi
rich-c: let me guess - both use Windows so that's how you try to assure one works
BobS: Fred, see ........Jeff is Ron's grown up baby boy....
Jeff Mitchell: Rich-c> Actually, one of them is an iMac
FreddyMaiden: AHHH
Guy B.: I'm going to network the P133 and the Athlon together. Bought a network card for the P133 and a crossover cable. The Athlon has one built in. So, that's my new challenge.
BobS: on whom Ronald doots........that spelled right?????
Ron: Jeff's ok, it's me that's not grown up
Pamela: dotes, Bob
rich-c: no, it isnt
BobS: OK
BobS: tanks!!!!!
Pamela: velcome
BobS: hokay
Ron: Actually, Jeff is only about 6 feet away even as we speak
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: (drinks Diet coke)
rich-c: oh, are you on the mainland or is he visiting you?
Judy: how would you like to live with that all the time
Ron: He's using fastbox to play some sort of space game and on here as well
Guy B.: I'll have one for you next week.
FreddyMaiden: thats the distance between the mooses jaw and the end
(BobS reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Ron: yup Rich. He's here
Guy B.: Hey!!!
Meeka: lol, I do Mom
rich-c: coming up to visit the geriatric centre of Canada, wot?
Judy: yes, maybe worse
Ron: T - 8 days and counting
Ron: right rich..... it's the annual gathering of what's left of the fam damily
Ron: Brother Dave and girlfriend arriving tomorrow from Calgary
George: i got stuck in defrag
Ron: Sister Steph and boyfriend arriving Friday from Edmonton
rich-c: no, I meant the census figures - actually it is Qualicum Beach has the oldest average population in Canada
BobS: how's mum taking all this??????
Ron: it's the one time of year when all the beds actually get used
Pamela: Folks, gotta go for a few minutes and move my car - be back as soon as I can
rich-c: so you've gotta move, Ron - no settling for second best
Ron: she's ok - but tired
Meeka: ok Pam
Guy B.: Don't take long.
FreddyMaiden: Pam is that because of those time limits on each side of street?
George: i smell pizza
Ron: Had pizza for lunch
Ron: Meatlovers
Guy B.: Sausage? Bring it my way.
Ron: from Boston
rich-c: now that's a temptation, George
rich-c: but resist it - think of that BMI
BobS: heck no freddie.......Pam just liikes to move it every 3 hours so the battery doesn't die!! ;-)
Meeka: ok, night Deb
George: 37.5
Meeka: oops
Ron: there's plenty of BMI to go around
(BobS winks)
FreddyMaiden: Some strange people ay?
FreddyMaiden: kidding
(A dog howls in the distance)
FreddyMaiden: had to specify that
rich-c: likely she has it in the visitor area for her building and has to put it downstairs in her proper space
Guy B.: That's my dog.
FreddyMaiden: There we go!
Ron: Bob my son
George: smell is driving me crazy
Ron: I'm not sure how intelligent I'm going to sound on the session about rebuilding hard drive directories
BobS: Ron, me dad.........
BobS: oops, guess not. eh????
Ron: trying to remember stuff, and it ain't there
BobS: why not, just think instead of sleeping
BobS: we can make it a hands on session
rich-c: it's OK, I'll bring along my drive with the fibbled EOS directory and you can fix it
BobS: we WNAt particiaption here ya know
Ron: well, it's going to have to be a collaborative effort
BobS: good idea Rich
Ron: Guy Cousineau knew all that stuff, but I'm not sure if I ever did
Ron: sounds good Rich
rich-c: unfortunately, we can't get him to come any more
Ron: pity eh?
BobS: seems to me you DID a session a few years back.........
FreddyMaiden: Why is that RIch
Ron: Oh I wouldn't be at all surprised but that was then.....
rich-c: I can see that by 'con time, I'm going to be glad to have a truck
George: can anyone tell me why my disk defragmenter gets stuck at 41%?
Ron: mine is 32% George
Ron: must have something to do with the Rocky mountains
rich-c: Freddy, he does software maintenance for Agriculture Canada - I think he's a little too advanced now
rich-c: of course, one can suggest that he learned all his basics on his Adam
FreddyMaiden: too advanced to teach us still?
George: is my harddrive about to die?
rich-c: too absorbed in other things, I think - there wre issues in his personal life, too
FreddyMaiden: OIC
rich-c: George, which defrag program are you using?
Ron: Windoze (under System tools)
FreddyMaiden: George My XT gets stuck while counting the K's when it starts and jams at timesà
Ron: very slow process George
BobS: hd may not be dying George, but need a full format and start over becasue a lot of junk is in the way
FreddyMaiden: can it be the BIOS?
rich-c: not necessarily, Ron - there are many others
Ron: I usually put it on when I go to bed and let it run all night
George: windows me defragmenter
Ron: That's the one I've used.
rich-c: did you do a scandisc first?
Ron: yes
BobS: around here with ol douglas, nothing lasts long enough to NEED defragging
FreddyMaiden: Yes
Ron: Now using Norton System Works, which is also slow, but at least you can see that it's running
Guy B.: You should always do Scandisk first before running Defrag.
Jeff Mitchell: The defragmenter that comes with Norton Utilities is good, but takes a while to run, it isn't really any faster
Pamela: Adventures in parking 101
Ron: What Pam, was the car still there?
BobS: had fun eh????????
Judy: that bad, Pam
FreddyMaiden: paralell?
Ron: cereal?
Pamela: well the building only has limited number of visitor spots and I was parked in one of them - the super buzzed and asked me to move it
rich-c: I tried the Norton defrag, but it and the Windows one have different ideas of what belongs where
George: i did thorough scandisk
FreddyMaiden: Rich was right about the parking
rich-c: and I find Norton a little too assured about its own opinions for my comfort
Ron: Quite frankly, I prefer to wipe the hard drive completely clean every 6 months (fdisk) and start all over
Pamela: fun is, the guy who parks at the opposite end of the garage from me ( and therefore has to back all the way down the length to get into his spot) was the other one moving his car
Guy B.: Then you have to restore everything and that takes time.
Ron: an evening, yes
rich-c: George, when you are running defrag, do you click on the "details" box?
Guy B.: Too much of a headache for me.
George: no
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to newcoleco
rich-c: well, do that, then you can see what the program is doing and maybe where and why it's hanging
Guy B.: I wonder who could that be???
rich-c: also, how full is your hard disc (percentae)?
Pamela: or if it's actually hanging - sometimes it just takes a long time to sort itself out
Pamela: who's our mystery caller?
rich-c: hey, we have a new omer!
rich-c: welcome, newcoleco, whoever you may be
newcoleco: hello! [Bob] send me this link to chat online with you saturday night.
FreddyMaiden: Hi NEW C
Guy B.: Or, could it be someone we already know, but under a diguese.
newcoleco: My name is Daniel
Guy B.: Disguese!!!
rich-c: aha - that isn't our old buddy Tom from SF, is it?
Pamela: give it up, Guy
Ron: Where ya from Daniel
Guy B.: Oh, well, that answers that question. Welcome, Daniel.
Pamela: Welcome aboard
Pamela: just a warning - we're all nuts
newcoleco: Daniel Bienvenu, from Quebec, Canada.
Pamela: A Canuck!
Ron: Salut!
BobS: Hey Daniel !!!!!!! tis I, me.....adamcomputer.........
Judy: speak for yourself, pam
FreddyMaiden: YEAH thats what i said in the beginning too....
rich-c: If you don't believe it, ask George or Freddy - they're quite new here too
newcoleco: Hello Bob
FreddyMaiden: no a habs!
newcoleco: I still have some problems with my standalone Adam computer
Guy B.: How long have you had your Adam?
rich-c: hey how about that - Freddy lives up by Mirabel and is a quebecois too
Pamela: a Hab Canuck, how's that Freddy?
BobS: boys ...and girls....Daniel was instramental in starting a colecovision email list like the ADAM email list
FreddyMaiden: lol
Guy B.: Hey that's great.
FreddyMaiden: Salut Dan
rich-c: c'est tres bien fait, Daniel
Pamela: unlike we Torontonians and Victorites
George: i clicked details and i got a message my drive is not formatted
newcoleco: Salut Fred!
BobS: thats a major problem Geo
newcoleco: Wow! you speak french?
Ron: What the hells' a Victorite?
Pamela: and if you'll pardon the pun, Daniel, Bienvenue
Pamela: that's you Ron
rich-c: I claim to be sesqi-lingual
FreddyMaiden: Ben oui chu dans le coin de Mirabel
Jeff Mitchell: I was thinking the same thing...Victorite? :)
Pamela: close as I could come to someplace that Daniel might recognize
Ron: nah! I'm 140 miles away from there
George: it must have died
BobS: sprechen si deutch???????
rich-c: Comoxian, maybe?
Ron: better
BobS: that has a rign to it ron
BobS: rign
FreddyMaiden: ich sprech deutch ourch!!!!
Pamela: yeah, but other than us, who the heck knows where Comox is?
BobS: ring
BobS: oh oh......
George: it was a slave disk
Ron: Next year, all of you will know
Pamela: Can't wait
Pamela: what, Bob>?
(S enjoys the flowers.)
FreddyMaiden: Daniel té tu de Quebec directement?
Meeka: I do. we didn't make it there last time, but I did see it on the map
Judy: looking forward to that, Ron
George: 6.4 gig
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, Freddy is francophone first, Pamela and Pon and I have a bit
newcoleco: oui, de Québec.. maintenant que c'est fusionné!
BobS: heck, we didn't get further than victoria!!!!!!!!
Ron: we'll be here
FreddyMaiden: Chte comprends!
Ron: but not before I journey there
BobS: gals sto know sir!!!!!
BobS: farn dingers
FreddyMaiden: lolà
Guy B.: You mean darn fingers.
BobS: that too!!!!!!
newcoleco: maybe it's not the right time to talk about my adam disk drive problem.
Ron: Bob, ---- another question re the session
Pamela: here's the place and the time, Daniel
FreddyMaiden: its always time here......
Guy B.: What's going on with it?
BobS: yes it is!!!!
BobS: tlk away Daniel
Ron: have you got a 40 meg IDE hard drive that you don't care about?
BobS: talk
rich-c: Daniel est-ce que vous connais les magazins Figeau dans la Ville de Quebec?
George: HELP ME!
BobS: who Ronald??????
Guy B.: George, what's happening with you?
Ron: yeaj
Ron: yeah
BobS: snap out of it Geortge!!!!!!
newcoleco: I don't know .. What is Figeau?
George: meltdown
Guy B.: What, your hard drive crash?
rich-c: somehow or other I doubt it, George
BobS: don't know, is this a quiz????????
Pamela: spelling, Dad - that's magasin
rich-c: desole
BobS: WHAT????????
Ron: brb
FreddyMaiden: store then
Pamela: oui
newcoleco: Simply, I don't know if I plug well my adam disk drive and how to use it.
rich-c: easy, Bob, let's help the new buddies feel a bit more at home
BobS: yes, go to the stor in Quebec and buy a new one!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: theres always room for perfection always!!
Guy B.: Bob, have you heard from Dale if he's coming next week?
George: blue smoke and everything
Pamela: that's not good, George
BobS: Dale coming.......
Pamela: Jill and Jeff too?
rich-c: Daniel, write down my email address:
FreddyMaiden: Dan,Rich va taider c sur!
BobS: 'ok Daniel..........plug disk drive INPUT port into either plug on the ADAM console using the same 6 wire cord as the keyboard uses
BobS: ya sure Pamela
Guy B.: Great. Since we haven't heard from him in a long time. Thought he might have forgotten.
BobS: I think
newcoleco: Someone said there is a adam disk drive manual somewhere in the internet but I can't find it
BobS: don't think so
rich-c: send me your questions - though fair warning, I'll have to answer en anglais
BobS: don't need a manual......wasy to plug in and use
FreddyMaiden: Dan as tu un disk manager?
rich-c: if you need a manual I can probably send you a scan
BobS: after convention could copy and email pics to ay
BobS: you
Pamela: George, you still got blue smoke?
newcoleco: ok, I have a box "Smart Filer" with a flopy disk inside "Smart Filer" and a manual.
rich-c: if so, grab it all quick and stuff it back in
George: my disk has a hole in it
rich-c: OK, that's fine
Pamela: that can't be good
Pamela: which disk?
George: the slave
Pamela: a hard disk, in other words?
rich-c: how can you see a hole in a hard disc?
George: yes
BobS: back to disk drive.....switch on back must be set to DRIVE 1; cable from INPUT port on drive to ADAM console (either plug in)
BobS: power plugged in and turned on at the same instant or before the ADAM is turned on
George: my case is always open
newcoleco: Where on the Adam? I see only two holes...
rich-c: Daniel, you have a Coleco Adam floppy disc drive, is that right?
BobS: use either one, both the smae
BobS: same. like a ;pone plug in
BobS: phone
newcoleco: yeah! I have n Adam disk drive
FreddyMaiden: phone jack hole on left of console
BobS: BUT it uses a 6 wire cord, not a 2 or 4 wire like a telephone
Pamela: I am making notes here - may need this info in a week or so
BobS: there WILL a quiz at ADAMCON Pamela!!!!!!!!
rich-c: the flooppy drive ports on the Adam console are one on the front (often used for keyboard) and another about centre left side, way down towards bottom
newcoleco: Comment dire ... J'ai déjà plugé dans le input mais sur le adam je ne sais pas où le pluger.
George: i saw light shining through a hole in the disk
BobS: oh, oh......I missed that daniel
rich-c: OK - bien - cherchez a la rive gauche
Pamela: he's already plugged in the input but on the ADAm he doesn't know where the plug is
rich-c: cote
FreddyMaiden: ya une plug à gauche Dan de le boitier en question.
newcoleco: the adam net hole?
rich-c: tu as raison., Daniel
BobS: that's what they called it
Ron: nothing like good Fringlish
Pamela: c'est vrai, Dan
newcoleco: I tried but it's not working...
FreddyMaiden: you said it Ron
Pamela: and here I was thinking they were speaking Bling
FreddyMaiden: More like slang though
Ron: on peut supposer qu'il-y-a un mot en francais pour "plugger"
FreddyMaiden: brancher Ron
Ron: good
newcoleco: I see the two red lights on the adam disk drive .. always turned on.
FreddyMaiden: connecter is more frenglais
BobS: hmmmmm....think Daniel needs a copy of disk drive manual
Pamela: ya think?
Ron: Our friends south of the border will never again understand anything we say
FreddyMaiden: good start
Pamela: mais avez-vous un en Francais?
Ron: but then, probably that won't change much
BobS: nope. only bottom one is supposed to be ON until drive is working on a disk.......
BobS: is the ADAM also turned ON ????????
newcoleco: I tried two different Adam computers, 3 different cables, the input and output holes...
rich-c: OK, but the powr light is on, which is good, and the read light may be good or bad news
Pamela: is there a disk in the drive?
BobS: IF adam is turned off , then both disk drive light s will be on
newcoleco: There is no disk now in the drive
Pamela: d'accord - c'est bien
rich-c: how long since the drive has been cleaned?
FreddyMaiden: my thoughts exactly!
newcoleco: I found this disk drive in a flea market...
BobS: and it may have a fried controller board
rich-c: I regret to say, drives get sent to flea markets when they don't work
Ron: Incoming asteriods must be destroyed before the impact the mothership
Ron: I don't know what the hell Jeff is playing over there, but it sounds serious
FreddyMaiden: h
FreddyMaiden left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: NewColeco...just for your info, there are always about 6 threads in this chat room
changed username to FreddyMaiden
BobS: can only send it to rich to check it out completely
FreddyMaiden left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to FreddyMaiden
rich-c: what wiould I know about checking out disc drives? I have fine of my own I can't get working
newcoleco: I needed an adam disk drive and an adam computer to test my Coleco creations... Coleco emulators give me some wrong reactions.
BobS: well you could at least make sure it is or is NOT working.........
FreddyMaiden: h
Ron: We need a session at the 'con on disk drive troubleshooting
rich-c: that's true
Pamela: are you volunteering Ron?
BobS: they works or they don't!!!!!!
Ron: I got some too that are 'tempremental"
rich-c: what Daniel really needs is to find a way to get himself to Adamcon
George: i'm back
BobS: me too. some take a warm up time, some taake a cool off time after running while
rich-c: that would tell him about his drives and his software problems
Pamela: wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a new drive?
BobS: yea where???????
Pamela: Dad has some, I think
BobS: ah richard????????
Ron: I have one good one left. Two are on the edge
BobS: what ya got new form MI??????
FreddyMaiden: must speak to dad aswell
Ron: and the 3-1/2, which is too damn slow for anything except backup
rich-c: what I have are the MI drives and they are shockingly pricey
rich-c: I paid a ton for them and have to get it out
BobS: not compared to a good Coleco drive
Ron: Now If I could only get a power supply for the MI 5-1/4
BobS: how much????????
BobS: Ron take it along!!!!!!
BobS: possibler??????
rich-c: neww MI 320K $200 US = ship
rich-c: that's +shipping
newcoleco: tell me more about Figeau. where it is?
BobS: tha's what I paid for drives back 10 years ago
Pamela: maybe it is cheaper to come to the con : )
Ron: you want me to bring it?
rich-c: I thought it was outrageous when I paid that for my two and haven't changed my opinion
FreddyMaiden: Maybe where is it again?
BobS: and that was for 160k ADAM disk drives
Ron: How am I going to explain it to the customs officers?
Judy: we could make room
BobS: yes BRING IT and we will try to match it up
Pamela: ship it Ron
Ron: ok, you're on
BobS: I don't have an MI drive to know what it takes
rich-c: Figeau is a group of shops catering to tourists mainly in lower town.
rich-c: just mentioned it because my cousin is married to the owner
Pamela: which cousin?
Ron: It's the same connector as the ADAM power supply into the ADAM itself
BobS: it 'may' take the same power as the hard drvies and then it will be easy to match it up
Ron: Well, it ain't doing diddly squat sittin' here
rich-c: sorry, I'm lost on the Ron/Bob thread - what is the question?
Ron: So there it shall be
Pamela: which cousin?
rich-c: Joanne
Ron: should I bring the powerless MI 5-1/4 drive to the con?
Ron: To which the answer was, "why the hell not?"
newcoleco: be right back
Pamela: doesn't enlighten me much
FreddyMaiden: I bid goodnight to all........
rich-c: why would you bring the drive to the 'con, Ron?
Pamela: Goodnite, Freddy
Meeka: night
newcoleco: bonne nuit fred!
rich-c: Freddy, sorry you can't stay longer, espeically with Daniel here, but - bonsoir
Ron: perhaps somebody can devise a power supply for it
BobS: bring the powerless drive with you if possible RONALD
Pamela: give it to Dale
BobS: night Freddie
Ron: It was one that Howard Pines worked on for me at ADAMCON 10
Ron: in fact I left it for him there
BobS: and had it running?????
rich-c: I can read you the specs off the power supply if that's all you need, Ron
George: nite Freddy
Ron: He sent it back to me last year with PJ and Bob, but no power supply
FreddyMaiden: need to sleep for early rise but will look forward to next chat,à bientôt Dan!
FreddyMaiden: tks all
Ron: so here it sits..... unserviceable for want of power
FreddyMaiden left chat session
BobS: what was the problem?????disk drive or power supply?????
Pamela: oh that one - I remember you asking PJ about the power supply now
Ron: you got it Pam
rich-c: haven't a clue whre Mark got them, but I can give you the specs on the powr supplies he provided
Pamela: to which PJ replied something unprintable
Ron: Disk drive, so far as I know, is fine. but I have no way of checking it
BobS: well Richard, bring a power supply wo we can test it with the drive and then we will know EXACTLY what ps we need for him
rich-c: you could ask Mark or Scott for the info; maybe Mark still has a space (if he'll talk to you)
Ron: Scott, last time he was on here, said he would send me a power supply.
BobS: and DAAT didn't happen
Ron: Like many things in our world - for which I am responsible for some - it never happened
rich-c: that has implications, doesn't it?
Pamela: nag, Ron - it works wonders
rich-c: maybe you should nag him a bit - these younger folk sometimes need reminding'
Ron: the thought had crossed my mind.. Roundtuits, you know
Pamela: I resemble that remark!
rich-c: I also suspect that as long as the outputs meet the minimums the exact specs aren't critical
Ron: necessity is the mother of invention. I survive. here with other drives.... so nothing gets done at either end
BobS: power supply can't be that hard to duplicate, just need one to get specs
Ron: am sure it must be standard voltages. Only thing that's different is the plug to the drive. 9 pin
Ron: and of course, what voltages go on what pin?
Ron: Will try and follow that up with Scott before next week
rich-c: OK the drive is made by Ault Inc. in Korea
Pamela: Bob, is there anything we should remember to bring next week? I'll be in Windsor on Wednesday night and may not be able to get on chat
Ron: Meanwhile, Jeff continues to combat evil forces of the universe
BobS: with correct ps, the rest is DUCK SOUP
Ron: using my fastbox duron
Judy: clothes for hot weather!!!!!
rich-c: Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.7 amp
Ron: humid?
Pamela: done - anything else?
BobS: uh....dont' forget Russell.........
Guy B.: Ok, folks, got to go. See you all next Wednesday.
Ron: I don't do well in hot weather. Maybe I'll bring some rain and wind
Pamela: darn, I'll have to put him on my list
Ron: take care Guy, and remember
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Ron: don't forget the earplugs
Judy: there is air in the hotel
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: nite Guy
Guy B.: Won't need them Ron.
Judy: nite Guy
rich-c: Pam, the tapes?
Ron: good.. we need something to breathe
George: nite Guy
Pamela: shoot Dad, forgot to ask
BobS: but the 'air' is only for breathin!!!!!
newcoleco: bonne nuit!
rich-c: Ron, you getting the specs on the p/s as I'm sending them?
Pamela: is tomorrow morning early enough
BobS: but that don't tell anyone where the power goes in Richard
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: you're a gentleman Mr. Clee, a scholar and a good judge of fine whiskey
Judy: conditioners all
Ron: We're probably going to leave in a minute or two.....rented a video to watch
Ron: A Beautiful Mind
Pamela: review please Ron
BobS: well see ya next week then!
Ron: will do
Pamela: thanks.
Judy: bye, Ron
Pamela: goodnite
Ron: see ya soon
Meeka: bye Ron
rich-c: OK the outp[uts are +5 VDC, 3.0 amps - +12 VDC, 0.6 amps, -12 VDC, 0.2 amps
Ron: We gonna do next Wed nite?
newcoleco: bonne nuit!
Pamela: very soon
George: nite Ron
BobS: Daniel. send me your physical address and I will see what I can find for a copy of the ADAM disk drive manual.....
Pamela: be here or be square
Ron: stay close NewColeco, you'll learn much from this crew
BobS: email it to:
Ron: about many things
newcoleco: It's the same email you use for the coleco list?
Pamela: Bob if you dig it out, give it to one of us and we can mail it when we get home
rich-c: Bob, if he emails me, I can send him a scan - I have a manual
Jeff Mitchell: 'Night all. Have a good time next week. :)
Pamela: Nite Jeff - thanks
rich-c: I may even have a Canadian one which will give him the French version
Meeka: night Jeff
newcoleco: bonne nuit Jeff!
BobS: ok, email richar @ cleechez@tamcotec
rich-c: nite Jeff
Jeff Mitchell left chat session
BobS: whatever works!!!!!!!
Pamela: one way or another we'll get it to him
Ron: I go to.... movie time w/popcorn
rich-c: Daniel, as before:
Ron: more BMI
rich-c: send me your questions and I will do my best to help
BobS: me yust sayd dat!!!!!
Ron: see ya's all
rich-c: Ron, did you get those psecs on the power supply?
newcoleco: ok rich.. I will do it!
Pamela: until Thursday, Ron
Ron: sec
Pamela: Ron, what time is your plane?
Pamela: arriving, that is
Meeka: around supper time right?
BobS: 6:20pm EST
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: Bob, do we have plans for dinner on Thursday?
rich-c: early enough we can save him a spot at the Old Country Buffet
BobS: well that us up to him
BobS: be around 7pm when he hits mealtime probably
rich-c: by the time the rest of us arrive and get settled in it will likely be around 7 anyway
Pamela: I'll leave it to you to navigate the airport
BobS: no plans Pam lots of restuarants
Meeka: no problem Pam. we know where it is lol
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: that's his way of saying he's going to Hooters, Pam
Pamela: we'll be there fairly early if we get a reasonable start from Windsor
changed username to Ron
BobS: AND hooters is actually CLOSER than Old Country Buffet
Ron: Sorry Rich, seem to have a problem with my mail box at the moment. Unable to confirm it's there, but I'd imagine so
Pamela: not if Judy has anything to say about it
Ron: probably got teleported to the other side of the universe
rich-c: no I gave it to you in the chat, you didn't notice?
Ron: no.
rich-c: never mind I will email it to you later
Ron: that would be better
BobS: take voltage readings off the pins and map it richard
rich-c: expect it before midnight your time tonite
Judy: I have not been there, maybe we should
Ron: ok.... be good all
Pamela: nite, Ron
Ron: :)
Ron left chat session
newcoleco: bonne nuit Ron!... oups parti!
BobS: maybe Hooters delivers food on Scooters
Judy: bye Ron see you next week
Meeka: well, gang. I had better get going. chat/see ya next week
newcoleco: bye!
Pamela: yes and yes. Nite for now
rich-c: I guess Ron won't make next Wednesday's chat, will he? Or is he getting up REAL early in the morning?
Judy: bye Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka, see you next chat - or the day after
Meeka left chat session
BobS: he is leaving about 8am his time I think he said
Pamela: he'll have lots of time for chat - he has three hours in handd
newcoleco: you chat every wednesday?
Pamela: Yes, Dan
Pamela: 9:00 pm EST
rich-c: yes, Daniel, every Wednesday at 9 p.m., and some of us sometimes on Saturday at 3 p.m.
rich-c: and if this chat sefver isn't working we have a backup
Pamela: well folks, it's bedtime for me
newcoleco: I see!
newcoleco: bonne nuit Pamela!
Pamela: bonne nuit, Dan and please come back
rich-c: night daughter - what about the taping?
newcoleco: ok
Pamela: will let you know after I talk to Russell in the morning - is that soon enough?
George: nite Pam
rich-c: secondary chat:
BobS: ya is the golden hour I guess......Daniel, get with Richard for the disk drive specs and scans.......
BobS: then try it and come on back
rich-c: yes, the first game doesnt start till 7.30
Pamela: e-mail or phone?
rich-c: phone may be smarter
Pamela: okay will do.
Pamela: now I'm really outta here. See everyone Wed if I can get the laptop to work, Thursday in person otherwise
BobS: so we (me and Judy) gonna bug out now and see ya'll later!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Judy: bye pam see you next week
Pamela: good nite
Pamela: poof!
rich-c: OK, Bob, see you two Wed we hope, Thurs for sure
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: well, Geroge and Daniel, seems we're down to the last few
newcoleco: before you leave, I want to say I see all your "This Week With My Coleco ADAM" pages. many good informations.
rich-c: Daniel, I hope you didn't find all the crosstalk too confusing
newcoleco: crosstalking... confusing... yeah it was confusing for me
rich-c: oh, those columns wre by Rich Drushel; I'm Rich Clee
George: oh i forgot all about the chat
rich-c: not that I didn't do some Adam writing too, just not that particular series
newcoleco: oops, my mistake...
rich-c: I'm Canadian, in Toronto; Dr. D. is a professor at Case Western in Cleveland
rich-c: that's why our backup chat has a URL
newcoleco: I didn't notice the little c beside your rich nickname.
newcoleco: I'm sorry
rich-c: no need to apologize; that is done on the assumption that only the usual group will be on
newcoleco: I don't know if I can do something for your adamcon
rich-c: actually, the other Rich uses Dr. D. just to prevent such confusion
newcoleco: If I can't fix my actuel coleco project I will have nothing new to show.
rich-c: what we will do if Rich Cossaboon ever checks in from Philadelphia, I'm not sure!
rich-c: wrong answer, Daniel - showing the project tht needs fixing will allow the gang to suggest how to fix it
rich-c: as you may have noticed with Ron and the power supply, we ar here to help each other
newcoleco: I was thinking to finish a new little coleco game project for the adam news network... but without any good testing with a real adam computer.
newcoleco: I don'T know if you understand me
rich-c: pity Scott Gordon wasn't on - he's working on a Coleco game, too
George: i think i have to go
rich-c: and Dale Wick gives seminars at Adamcon on writing games
newcoleco: Oh... bonne nuit George!
George: what?
rich-c: right George - see you next chat - take it easy
newcoleco: good night!
rich-c: have to make allowances for George -he's an American
newcoleco: good = bon, bonne
George: nite, see you Sat.?
newcoleco: night = nuit
rich-c: hope so, George
newcoleco: so good night = bonne nuit
George: ok
George left chat session
rich-c: as you might have guessed, George needs a certain amount of indulgence
newcoleco: Me too! Sometimes I don't understand what you say!
newcoleco: Well, I'm writing Coleco games in C so I have no control on the final result... it why I need to test my creations.
rich-c: don't worry about it - if there's a problem, just ask
rich-c: we'll try to find another way in English or come back to you in French
newcoleco: If I can test myself my games I will be able to fix bugs very quickly.
rich-c: OK, you are into areas of which I am ignorant
rich-c: my guess is that in order to test them, you need to port them to an Adam
rich-c: that would mean assembling them to run within TDOS (CP/M)
newcoleco: That's right! I need to see if the result CRASH or WORK!
newcoleco: I use Hitech-C compiler and a CP/M emulator (for DOS)
newcoleco: I don't have any software for the Adam
rich-c: again, you are beyond my knowledge - but Dale Wick or Dr. D. or Scott will have no problem
newcoleco: I just have a SmartFiler
rich-c: well, first we have to get your Adam working
newcoleco: And also some tools I found to dump dsk image on disks
rich-c: Then, be aware that both Bob and I sell Adam stuff
rich-c: my retirement hobby is A.D.A.M. Services, a dealer in things Adam
newcoleco: I tested my Adam with a TAPE and it's working ... I have Buck Roger
rich-c: right - there are lots of programs for the Adam including many third-party games
newcoleco: It's only a problem to use the adam disk drive or the disk drive itself
rich-c: in fact, the nicest interpretation of Tetris I've seen is Addictus for the Adam
newcoleco: Addictus, I tried it with an emulator
rich-c: well, we will have to see if your disc drive can be made to work
rich-c: the usual secret is cleaning
newcoleco: So I have to open it?
newcoleco: I'm not an expert in electronic
rich-c: if that doesn't work, you'll have to see if Howard Pines down in Ft. Walton Beach, FL is willing to help
rich-c: he is retired now but owned and ran a computer repair business for years
rich-c: no, just buy a floppy disc cleaning disc and use it
newcoleco: wait a minute... the Adam services? I see the web page.
rich-c: these consist of a dummy disc, of tissue paper instead of vinyl
rich-c: and a bottle of cleaning fluid you pour on the dummy disc
rich-c: then you just put it in the drive and let it spin
rich-c: actually, not my web page, it's a listing on Meeka's
newcoleco: I have a cleaning kit for PC ... a 5"1/4 floppy disk with a bottle.
rich-c: that's what I'm talking about - just use it
rich-c: my suspicion is that you will have to use it several times
newcoleco: ok, I will use it.
newcoleco: I found the URL :
rich-c: by the way, taking disc drives apart is a cinch - it's putting them back together that's a problem
newcoleco: wait a second.. i need to translate your text
rich-c: yes, that is Meeka Slopsema's website - she is Bob's daughter-in-law, married to son Doug
newcoleco: err.. the translation is horrible
rich-c: what is giving you trouble?
newcoleco: a cinch
rich-c: ah - ca veut dire, c'est facile
newcoleco: ok, now I understand
newcoleco: :)
rich-c: any time you have difficulty feel free to ask
newcoleco: ok
rich-c: I guarantee, your English is better than my francais
newcoleco: Well, it's only my first year of chating in english
rich-c: and entre nous, I suspect Freddy's joual would confuse us both!
newcoleco: I still need some help to write the right words.
rich-c: expect to find it here - as mentioned, there are several Canadians who understand and will enforce patience
newcoleco: confuse who and who?
rich-c: you and I
newcoleco: me?
rich-c: in my travels in Quebec, I have noticed the accents are very regional
newcoleco: that's right
rich-c: I'd guess Freddy's accent is very Outaouais, yours would likely be more central
rich-c: and I know French in the Gaspe is not like in your city
rich-c: just like I have troubles with what folks in the US South claim is
newcoleco: I don't know if you see on TV : FORTIER.
rich-c: English
rich-c: the only things I watch on TV are motor racing and CFL football
newcoleco: ok, I see FORTIER at the english channel and there are only some subtitles at the bottom on the screen. It's only to refer on which french accent I can talk.
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I promised to email those specs to Ron by midnight, and time is getting on
newcoleco: ok, sorry!
newcoleco: I don't see the time ...
newcoleco: I have to go now
rich-c: so send my your email address so I can send you the manual
newcoleco: ok,
rich-c: and if you have any questions, fire away
newcoleco: bonne nuit Richar C.
newcoleco: It's Richard or just Rich?
rich-c: bon soir, mon ami - a demain (or samedi, or la mercredi prochaine)
newcoleco: bonsoir mon ami à demain
rich-c: and it's as you chose, formal or informal
rich-c: I answer to both
rich-c: au revoir
newcoleco: chow! ;)
rich-c left chat session
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