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(newcoleco smiles)
(S enjoys the flowers.)
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rich-c: bonjour Daniel
rich-c: tu es pret a l'heure
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rich-c: good afternoon George
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: Daniel is listed as being on but he isnt responding right now
George: ok
rich-c: how's life down in Philly today?
George: we had the worst thunderstorms of the season last night
rich-c: right - that would be the cold front coming through
rich-c: bet the weasther is really nice today - warm, but dry
George: no cool weather though
rich-c: really? we're in the same air mass and we're in the low 80s
George: hot and muggy
rich-c: it's hot in the sun but very nice in the shade
rich-c: odd - thunderstorms normally mean acold front and drier air
George: it's 96 with dewpoint 72
rich-c: 90 - freaking SIX????
George: heat index is 105
rich-c: I'm not sure I even want to know about that
George: it really hits you in the face when yougo out
rich-c: it's a bad as Alberta the other way - they had two inches of snow overnight
George: what i would give for snow right now
rich-c: I suspect it hits you even harder in the lungs - I hate to think what your air quality index might be
rich-c: to be honest, I am not a fan of cold weather - I suffer less from excessive warmth
George: i got central air running full
rich-c: oh, two things before I forget
rich-c: first, remember next Saturday chat will be at 9 p.m.
rich-c: second, make a note of this URL: - you will find it useful and informative
rich-c: and yes, we have the a/c on too as the house has considerable thermal mass and takes more than a day to cool down
George: i hurt my left thumb
rich-c: also, despite the cooler air temp, the insolation continues to heat up the masonry
rich-c: how did you manage to do that?
newcoleco: hello!
George: it must have happened during lights out last night
newcoleco: I wasn't in front of my desk
rich-c: bonjour Daniel
rich-c: yes, I noticed you were listed but not responding
rich-c: did you get my email and was it useful?
newcoleco: I get your e-mail...
rich-c: George, I gather the thunderstorm brought on a power failure
newcoleco: and now I have time to test my drive
George: several
rich-c: but your don't have a firm result yet, that it, Daniel?
rich-c: George, I hope you had your computers turned off and off line
newcoleco: Give me one minute to plug my adam computer
George: power kept going on and off
rich-c: you are going to test it now, are you, Daniel?
George: after the third time they stayed off
rich-c: when there's bad weather around you need to disconnect your modem from the phone line and turn off the computer
George: i was downloading aol 8.0 at the time
rich-c: oh boy - have fun straightening out that mess!
George: you got it
rich-c: I suppose that's some sort of automatic install thing, too?
George: yes
rich-c: so how badly did it mess up your hard drive?
George: not much after running scandisk
rich-c: as in "scandisc found 6,742 errors and corrected them all"?
George: not quite
George: a few
rich-c: the real problem will be if it did any writing to the registry
George: t lest it didn't say my harddisk failed
rich-c: stuff you download to "My Download Files" then run from there after you're offline is rarely a problem
George: aol 8.0 is a different story
rich-c: yes, and you're well awre it's one the rest of us do not want to have anything to do with
George: they don't have a standard signon proceedure
George: oh God my thumb
rich-c: as if you didn't have troubles enough already
rich-c: you must have mashed it pretty good last night
George: i think so
rich-c: or is it just that you unconsciously moved it the wrong way - sort of like my leg?
George: can't hold anything in that hand
rich-c: that sounds more like a muscle strain, then
George: i hope thats all
rich-c: any idea how the injury happened?
George: not at all
rich-c: that is weird - sure you were sober?
rich-c: (that's unfair, isn't it?)
George: i don't drink
rich-c: I know you don't, you can't with the pills you're taking
George: you got that i don't even dare
rich-c: sort of like my situation with smoking - I want to, but no way, Jose
newcoleco: ok, I used my cleaning kit.
George: i don't evevn had champagne on New Years
rich-c: wondered where you'd got to, Daniel
rich-c: what results are you getting now?
newcoleco: My Adam computer is now truned on
newcoleco: the two lignts in front of my diskdrive still on
rich-c: OK, did you turn on the disc drive first?
newcoleco: I'm not sure.. I will turn off everything
George: my ADAM is in bed
rich-c: OK - by the way, I assume you got the Coleco power supply with the disc drive
newcoleco: I have aadam disk drive power supply
rich-c: well, George, that's fine, but do remember to wake it up every once in a while
newcoleco: and my adam computer works with a printer
George: i do, to play
rich-c: yes, Daniel, and an aside - Adams last longer if you keep a fan blowing on the printer
newcoleco: ok now... I turn on the disk drive
rich-c: check the plug to see it's in "input" and the "drive" switch is set to 1
newcoleco: check!
rich-c: OK, drive on, now you can turn on the Adam
newcoleco: the two lignts in front of my disk drive are turned on
newcoleco: I will turn on the computer now
rich-c: just for kicks, pull the reset button on the Adam and see if the access light blinks
newcoleco: no blnks
rich-c: OK, both lights stay on, access light does not blink on reset
newcoleco: that's right
rich-c: that is telling us something significant, I just don't know what
rich-c: other than, of course, that it isn't working properly
rich-c: you are leaving the latch open, of course?
newcoleco: do I need to close the front panel of my disk drive? there is no disk inside it
rich-c: no, you must leave it open unless there is a disc in there
rich-c: what is going on is that your drive is trying to read a disc that isn't there
newcoleco: I think there are no disk access (no blinks).
rich-c: the fix is very simple for anyone who knows what he is doing - but that does not include me
rich-c: but you now have information that narrows down the problem considerably
newcoleco: "When you turn on the Adam, the other red light, showing the drive is being accessed, should flash quickly and go out."
rich-c: right
rich-c: but the drive thinks it is being accessed when it isn't
newcoleco: i think this is what my disk drive doesn't understand :)
rich-c: notice that even with the computer off, the access light is staying on
newcoleco: yeah! but they stay on after too
rich-c: so we know the problem is in a circuit in the drive itself, not the Adamnet
newcoleco: I tried both adamnet port
newcoleco: I tried both cables I have
rich-c: smart move, Daniel, just helps narrow things down further
newcoleco: the keyboard works everywhere with every cables.
rich-c: good - so you have eliminated the ports and cables as sources of the problem
newcoleco: the disk drive is warm now.
rich-c: that means it has to be within a certain circuit of the dirve
newcoleco: so i need antoher disk drive?
rich-c: yes, they heat up very quickly since part of the power supply handling is on the drive controller board
rich-c: yours is repairable by any competent technician, the problem is finding one
newcoleco: this is a big problem for me
rich-c: the only one I know is Howard Pines and I have misplaced his email address
rich-c: it's a problem for all of us, Daniel
rich-c: most techs are not as competent as they'd like you to believe
rich-c: they can do IBM fixes they've learned by rote but have no true understanding of what they are doing
newcoleco: So, I have two choices, finding someone who can fix my disk drive problem OR finding another disk drive.
rich-c: any technician who understands disc drives in electronic terms would have no problem
rich-c: right Daniel; I don't know if Howard would do that favour now that he's retired
newcoleco: I know someone who can modify a ColecoVision to split signal in two rca cables.
rich-c: and of course you'd have to mail the drive, and pay for the repair in US dollars
George: i got lost
rich-c: you mean, change the output signal so it's usable on a composite monitor, I assume
newcoleco: yes.
rich-c: well, we're trying to help Daniel with a problem with his disc drive
rich-c: yes, Daniel, I have a schematic showing how it is done
rich-c: again, a pity you don't have an email box that permits attachments - I could send you a scan
George: aol instant message wiped my screen
newcoleco: yes, but his schematic is a little bit different than the one I found in the internet.
rich-c: don't know which one is on the 'net but since I've circulated it before, it's likely the one I have
newcoleco: do you have a schematic to resolve disk drive problem?
rich-c: no, I have schematics for the Adam proper but not for the disc drive
rich-c: in fact, don't know of anyone who does
George: who is slammig doors?
newcoleco: in that case, I don't think my friend will help me.
newcoleco: doors?
rich-c: why don't you post a message to the Adam mailing list asking if anyone has a schematic?
George: i heard a door slam
rich-c: odd, George, most apartment dwellers know better than to do that
newcoleco: yahoo messenger use some doors sounds.
George: oh it must be aol
rich-c: aha! and George has already mentioned he has internet messanger open and active
newcoleco: where i can find the Adam mailing list?
George: just buddy list
newcoleco: I'm stupid... the answer was in your e-mail.
rich-c: to join the list, you send an email with subject "subscribe" to coladam-admin@ (etc.)
rich-c: then you hope Dale gets around to updating the list sometime this century
rich-c: maybe we can twist his arm a bit next week - he will be at Adamcon
rich-c: actually, there has been remarkably little traffic on the list of late
George: are the chat archives going to be updated ? they only go back to October of last year
rich-c: George and Daniel: next Saturday, get on the chat at 9 p.m. from Adamcon
rich-c: Dale will almost certainly be on and you can both nag him yourselves
rich-c: sometimes when you get him on line he'll multitask and do the job "while you wait"
George: oh, Boy!
rich-c: with luck, the chat should be very interesting with lots of people
rich-c: of course, that means a lot of confusing crosstalk
George: is ther going to be a chat Wednesday?
newcoleco: I will do my best to be online next saturday night 9:00pm.
rich-c: I expect so, though it may be short
newcoleco: I don't know if he will understand me.
rich-c: remember we have to hit the road for Adamcon early Thursday morning - it's a long drive
rich-c: I think Dale has a fair bit of French, and I'm pretty sure wife Jill does
rich-c: as the "uwaterloo" suggests, Dale is Canadian - runs a software company here in Toronto
rich-c: in fact we are chatting on his home computer now
George: so i won't understand?
rich-c: depends on how much French you have, George
rich-c: if you don't have any, you will miss that thread
George: i don't speak French at all
rich-c: remember most of the people chatting are Americans and more likely to have Spanish than French
George: or Spanish
rich-c: I only barely speak it, can read it mostly, but my writing is very poor
George: just gutter English
George: with typeos
rich-c: well, I wasn't going to say anything about your strange New Jersey accent, but... ;-)
rich-c: (I'm teasing him, Daniel - I was born in New Jersey)
George: mixed with Philly
newcoleco: I receive many "mailing delivery failed" messages and one message who said :
rich-c: every once in a while our chats include insider jokes
newcoleco: Please confirm your message
rich-c: it's a big list and hasn't been edited for too long, but the "please confirm" is new to me
rich-c: still it means the server did something
rich-c: hold on till I see if I got your message
newcoleco: this "please confirm" came from
rich-c: you got through, Daniel - there's a message from you on my email
newcoleco: and the message said I need to reply
newcoleco: to this address :
rich-c: OK - right - that is a user who has a firewall with super-paranoid settings
newcoleco: paranoid settings?
rich-c: I would say in this case ignore it
rich-c: yes, it's set to be hostile and suspicious to anything it hasn't seen before
newcoleco: and about all the "Mail Delivery System (or Subsystem)" messages?
rich-c: it works quite well to filter out spam because spammers never confirm
newcoleco: Returned mail: User unknown
rich-c: well, whenever the mailing list can't deliver the message, it tells you so
rich-c: you will notice it tells you names on the list it couldn't reach
newcoleco: permanent fatal errors
rich-c: that would be one of several
rich-c: what it amounts to is, the message went out to maybe 100+ addressees
rich-c: some change their addresses but they haven'
rich-c: t been changed on the list yet
rich-c: for instance, when went down, the addresses became or
rich-c: but the server may still be sending to
rich-c: in that case you'll get a "permanent fatal error" report
newcoleco: I think I have to turn off my adam computer and the disk drive.
newcoleco: I don'T want to see some smoke.
rich-c: don't worry if they're warm, Adams are durable that way, even if turning a fan on them is a good idea
newcoleco: I have no fan right now
rich-c: I've seen an Adam left on 24 hours a day, which the manual says one should not do
newcoleco: except some friends who like my coleco games.
rich-c: it was on a closed shelf, and a notebook had been left on top of the printer
rich-c: but it still worked!
rich-c: yes, pity we can't get you to Adamcon - I think you would like it and find the contacts useful
rich-c: and I suspect some of the group would get a huge kick our of the games you have written
rich-c: and yes, Geroge, Daniel actually writes games for the Adam himself
George: i can't do that
rich-c: I can't write games either, and really admire those who can
newcoleco: what is your mailing address George
newcoleco: your email?
George: GWahl53937@aol,com
newcoleco: I suppose I have to change the "," for a "."
rich-c: yes, George's typing is as error-prone as mine
George: yes, sorry
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, I have a few other issues to address this afternoon
George: farn dingers
newcoleco: That's ok! I will try to send you an e-mail now!
rich-c: so I am going to have to log off now
rich-c: hope to see you both Wednesday evening
George: i'm going too
newcoleco: I hope too!
George: bye for now
newcoleco: I have to go now!
rich-c: George, see you, Daniel, au revior
newcoleco: have fun!
newcoleco: aurevoir rich!
rich-c: till Wednesday then. Bye!
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newcoleco: mercredi (wednesday)
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newcoleco: bye george
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