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newcoleco: hello!
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FreddyMaiden: Hi Rich
rich-c: hi Fred, got your photos
FreddyMaiden: super!
FreddyMaiden: any comments?
rich-c: see you still have a few unused slots in your XT
FreddyMaiden: sure do!
FreddyMaiden: you where right about the hard drive being in the place of a 2nd disk drive
rich-c: I gather the used slots are memory, video card, FD controllerd with ports
FreddyMaiden: mouse also what is FD?
rich-c: OK, that photo wasn't clear, couldn't tell what was under the floppy
rich-c: floppy disc drive (also called FDD, 5-1/4 or 5.25)
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FreddyMaiden: correct!
changed username to newcoleco
rich-c: hello Daniel
newcoleco: hello!
FreddyMaiden: Hi Daniel
rich-c: Freddy just sent me a bunch of pictures of his Adam and his old XT
FreddyMaiden: Got your disk drive going?
newcoleco: Give me one minute to zip my last Gamepack version
newcoleco: My disk drive doesn't work
rich-c: reminds me - was that last one you sent me really a zip file or did you just use that instead of .rom?
FreddyMaiden: Is that for Daniel Rich?
rich-c: yes
rich-c: Daniel, I guess you got that quote from Howard Pines, for what little help it offered
FreddyMaiden: My Micro XT has a 20Meg hard drive.
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robrt
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newcoleco: hello bob
BobS: howdy mates!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: Hi Bob
BobS: how'
rich-c: all packed warming up to go, Bob
BobS: s everyone on the eve of ADAMCON
BobS: how's
BobS: cool!!!!
rich-c: in fact Pamela's halfway there
rich-c: she's visiting her aunt in Windsor
BobS: AND just for Pamela, I had a cool front brought in so she won't miss her AC in the car
newcoleco: Another one minute to write you an e-mail, Rich!
changed username to George
rich-c: hello George, took you a while to log in
FreddyMaiden: Hi G
newcoleco: hello George
BobS: mornin George
rich-c: actually, Bob, Pam had the a/c fixed a couple of weeks ago
George: Hi Everyone
BobS: oh well I tried Richard
rich-c: only cost her a couple of hundred after her employee discount
rich-c: and she had to have it converted from the old Freon, too
BobS: that's good
BobS: as long as the fix is permanent
rich-c: with a/c no fix is ever permanent - you know that
rich-c: it's evry mechanic's retirement fund
BobS: well some are longer than others.......hopefully hers is longer
George: i'm having a hard time trying to see
FreddyMaiden: sometimes those funds freeze
rich-c: ouch! Freddy's punning again
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FreddyMaiden: Love that!
(BobS laughs heartily)
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter!
Pamela: Hi, I made it
newcoleco: hello!
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pamela
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, all
rich-c: your Ma said you wouldn't get on - I said there was a computer down in Windsor too
BobS: Pamela !!!!!!! you made it AC and all !!!!!!
Pamela: thought I would drop in just for a bit to assure everyone we made it this far
rich-c: OK, and you'll beat us in to Grand Rapids too, unless you sleep in
Pamela: didn't actually need the air conditioning either
FreddyMaiden: We as in?
Pamela: Russell and I
Pamela: (my husband)
FreddyMaiden: k tks
Pamela: yw
Pamela: we most likely will beat you to GR anyway Dad, we're only three hours away
rich-c: Bob, Daniel has sent me a bunch of ROMs of the Coleco game he's written
newcoleco: I did it! I finally done my Coleco Gamepack...
rich-c: I've put them on a floppy and will be bringing them along
BobS: cool take them aolong to AC rich
FreddyMaiden: Cool Daniel
rich-c: dynamite, Daniel
Pamela: so Bob, you're all ready for us?
newcoleco: Someone here played one of my Coleco games? DacMan? CV Breakout? Miss Space Fury? CV Bejeweled?
rich-c: just send it to me as a plain "rom" attachment and I'll take it to the 'con long as you do it tonight
George: my eyes keep watering too much
BobS: we ready!!!! we will be there unpacking @ high noon and ready for ya'll anytime after that
FreddyMaiden: No
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Pamela: we'll make sure we don't leave before 9 then
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: you mean you have other games? where do we download them?
FreddyMaiden: Daniel ou as tu appris ca, comment les faires?
Judy: hello, all
rich-c: hi Judy, how's our hostess?
newcoleco: Yes rich! These games are old ones.
FreddyMaiden: Hi Judy
George: Hi Judy
Judy: she is a little tired right now, the grandkids just left
newcoleco: Fred : Marcel de Kogel... Coleco Library!
newcoleco: hello Judy
Pamela: get some sleep tonite Judy, you're not going to rest for the next four days
rich-c: you mean on
Judy: they were a little bit wild, grandpa's birthday
rich-c: sorry, komkon
FreddyMaiden: As tu as ben de la patience!! jai pas bien lu ou compris...
newcoleco: yes rich! I pickup his Coleco library and I have done my own library too.
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changed username to Meeka
Judy: but you don't demand as much as the little ones do
newcoleco: My first Coleco creation in 1999 was CV Breakout.
rich-c: hi Meeka
FreddyMaiden: Hi Meeka
newcoleco: Marcel de Kogel release his Coleco library in 1998
George: Hi Meeka
Meeka: Hello All
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
newcoleco: hello Meeka
rich-c: yes, all of us have the emulator, most installed and using
rich-c: I'm one of the slowpokes
Judy: hi, Meeka
FreddyMaiden: Still wonder how that works?
newcoleco: rich! do you want all my other roms? I can e-mail them... or go to my Coleco web site!
rich-c: correct me if I'm wrong, as I probably am
Pamela: someone's going to help me set up my laptop tomorrow, right?
rich-c: but I gather the emulator takes over a patch of memory and installs a simulated Adam there
BobS: maybe not tomorrow, but over the weekend yes
Meeka: we'll have Doug and Dad help ya Pam, they are good at it
rich-c: the simulated Adam has an interface that lets it command some of the resources of the host computer
Judy: one of the guys will have to do that, Pam
FreddyMaiden: Id like to know how to download one sometime
Pamela: thank you
newcoleco: Fred : it takes me a few months to figure out how to write a Coleco game.
rich-c: just give me the URL of your website, Daniel, and that will be fine
Judy: Bob thinks he will be busy setting up adams tomorrow
Pamela: gee, what a surprise
newcoleco: URL :
newcoleco: A javascript refresh the index page
newcoleco: (i think)
Judy: you should see the motor home, it is full of computers
FreddyMaiden: Is it easy to download an emulator?
rich-c: OK Daniel, I've made a note of it
newcoleco: Rich! do you receive an e-mail from me a few minutes ago?
rich-c: may not get on till I get back from Adamcon, but will look for sure
Pamela: that's the way to do it Judy, better than trucking it all in the vans like rich had to last year
rich-c: Fred, you get the Adam emulator at:
Judy: yes, just one load and we will have it all there
newcoleco: Fred : Download yes! Download the right one for you... no
Pamela: gotta love it
BobS: to be precise Fred.........
rich-c: Daniel, I don't have automatic email download or notification enabled
FreddyMaiden: ok but it will just say emulator for adam and thats it?
Judy: it is really close to our house, almost within walking distance
rich-c: but I'll bring up Eudora now
Pamela: that close?
Judy: it is within walking distance
newcoleco: Fred : I suggest you to download a front-end too (if you use Windows of course).
FreddyMaiden: XP
BobS: Fred, you will need ADAMEM 1.0 and a GREAT help to start it off is ADAMEMAM (for win95)
Judy: yes, you can almost see our house from there
Pamela: cool - we want a tour!
rich-c: OK Daniel I will put that on the floppy and take it along
Judy: that could be arranged
FreddyMaiden: Bob Daniel tks I have win.XP
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rich-c: 'I am by the way taking my laptop to Adamcon
changed username to Dr.D.
newcoleco: hello!
Pamela: Bob, I forgot my map - is this going to be a big problem?
Pamela: Hi, Rich
BobS: hmmmmm.......fred, you may be the first to use XP with ADAMem
Dr.D.: I've probably lost my map...was going to do the MapQuest thingy.
Pamela: why aren't you enroute?
rich-c: greetings, Dr. D
Judy: I have the house back under control again, the boys aways make a mess, but it is picked up
BobS: Meeka, ask doug if he has run ADAMem on XP setup
Dr.D.: Hello all.
Meeka: ok, brb
FreddyMaiden: Hi Dr.D
newcoleco: DR. D.? Rich D.?
George: Hi Dr. D
rich-c: Daniel has just given us the website wehere we can download all four of his Colecovision games
BobS: visit my website Dr D and print out the maop
Dr.D.: Wish I were all packed...but still many hours way from being done, yet.
rich-c: all of them tested to run under the Emulator
Judy: hi, Dr D
Pamela: not packed????
Pamela: is Elanor packed?
Dr.D.: If I were coming just as a tourist, I would be all set: ADAM is ready to go. It's making sure that all the ADAMserve stuff will work...
newcoleco: I like the DSK files I found in your web site, Bob!
Dr.D.: trying to port the time-lapse cam stuff to a different Mac.
rich-c: Daniel, meet Prof. Richard Drushel, Ph.D., a great Adam guru
Dr.D.: Re: map, thanks Bob.
BobS: GOOD, they work for ya do they??????
Meeka: dad, nope, hadn't tried that yet, but it runs fine on 2000 - he says he will load it on xp right now and let you know in a few minutes
rich-c: he's real smart about other things, too
Dr.D.: Re: Elanor, yes she's packed.
Judy: what time are you leaving tomorrow, pam
Pamela: well, the women in the house are prepared
Pamela: around 10:00 ish, depending on how late we keep my aunt up this evenin g
newcoleco: Finally, I meet Rich Drushel! Nice to meet you!
Pamela: we have to get up, get showered, go for a swim, have breakfast and repack
Dr.D.: Hello I know you?
rich-c: obviously, Daniel, you know him by reputation
Pamela: what time is check in?
rich-c: 3 p.m. Pam
BobS: lessee......2 hours at customs....3 hours to get here, 1 hour to get lost.........;-)
newcoleco: my name his Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: gee thanks for the vote of confidence, Bob
BobS: probably whenever you get here Pam
Pamela: gimme your cell number so I can call you when we do!
Judy: we get the room at 12, to start setting up
newcoleco: I read all your "this week..." web pages. pitfaal.asm, vdp colors, etc..
Dr.D.: Nice to hear from you, coming to the convention by chance?
newcoleco: No I can'T go to the ADAMCON
Dr.D.: Hahaha, you've survived TWWMCA!
BobS: pager # is statewide.......616-480-6585
rich-c: actually most motels will take you in whenever you arrive, they dont fuss
rich-c: they just want to cover themselves for rooms where folks leave depareture to the last minute
Meeka: Pam, I can give you Dougs. he carries it on his belt and is always on 616-481-9349
Pamela: thank you
newcoleco: But I will be online here this saturday night
BobS: WRONG.......pager is 616-480-6858
Pamela: is that cell or pager, Meeka?
Meeka: cell#
Pamela: thank you
BobS: and he is usually IN his cell to I might add
Judy: better take Doug
Pamela: whatever - I don't anticipate any trouble
Pamela: I have a fairly decent nagigator
Dr.D.: Good, hope to talk to you then, Daniel.
Judy: Bob doesn't call himself very often
BobS: can't miss it Pam.......FIRST exit in Grand Rapids from Lansing IS 28th street and ya go west !!!!!
BobS: what's a nagigator????????
Pamela: sorry, navigator
newcoleco: Rich D: I hope too!
Pamela: scuse me Mr. Fimble Ningers - who are you picking on?
Dr.D.: Rats, just found that some file transfers didn't work, sigh.
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Pamela: and on what basis?
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
(BobS reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Meeka: Dad - Doug says it DOES work under XP
Pamela: Hey, it's not mine - don't screw it up! I don't know how to recover
Guy B.: Greetings All! Have an announcement you guys have been waiting for.
George: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
FreddyMaiden: hI Guy
Pamela: Da da dada!!!
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: Bona, my man !!!!!!!!!!!1
Dr.D.: Go with the announcement...
rich-c: Bob, how come the area codes are different on your pager and Doug's cellphone?
Pamela: tell us, tell us
Dr.D.: animal, vegetable, or mineral?
FreddyMaiden: are you paid by telus?
BobS: they are both 616
Pamela: they're not, Dad
Guy B.: Dcopy32 to setup Dcopy is completed. I'm in the process of typing up the docs.
Dr.D.: Yay.
Dr.D.: Yay!
Dr.D.: Yay!!!
Pamela: tee hee, Freddy
Guy B.: It's the VB program I've been working on for the past month. So, you guys will like what you see.
rich-c: OK, Daniel has posted four new games to run under the emulator
rich-c: and I'll bring his latest on a floppy
Dr.D.: Wow, new games!
Pamela: Tell Elanor she has some practicing to do
FreddyMaiden: Elanor Rugby lalalala
Dr.D.: I have been unable to convince Elanor to give a talk this time :-(
Pamela: Rigby!
FreddyMaiden: sorry
Guy B.: Bob, I have a spare monitor for you that works, interested?
rich-c: that's OK I will be contributing about ten minutes worth (if my voice holds out)
BobS: not really Guy
Pamela: what, no talk? Don't tell me she's developed stage fright!
rich-c: yes, Bob, I did scribble up something as requested
Dr.D.: No, "summer laziness"
Dr.D.: Or rather, too much Gameboy Color and Pokemon.
Pamela: Dad, is your voice acting up? Are you sick?
newcoleco: Rich D.: You still have the ADAM schematics?
BobS: Pam will step in for you Richard
rich-c: just that hoarseness left over from the pneumonia
Guy B.: Hmm, I'll take it out of my car later. I'm bring the Mac too.
Pamela: sure, as long as you don't mind that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about
rich-c: I'm still on two inhalers twice daily, remember?
Pamela: yes, I am in a similar boat - I'm familiar with the concept. Dad, on that note, don't forget to bring your meds in the original packaging with the prescriptions on them
rich-c: Rich, you did manage to scan in the schematics, then? Great!
rich-c: trust me, daughter, that I know
rich-c: actually the main worry is the arthritis - my legs wre very uncooperative this morning
Pamela: that's why I dind
Pamela: rewind: that's why i didn't wan t to do the whole drive in one day
Dr.D.: Schematics are all scanned at 600 dpi.
Pamela: stoopid unfamiliar keyboard
newcoleco: I'm looking for some helpfull schematics to fix my disk drive problem. Testing my games on a real Coleco is my goal and one way I found is to dump the rom into a floppy disk.
Dr.D.: You'll get the originals back tomorrow.
rich-c: great - teh originals will be protected and the community will have the resource - great
Judy: the weather is good here, that should help what ever is bothering you, Rich
Meeka: ok, I am gonna get going. need to het a few last minute things together. See most of ya tomorrow
Pamela: we've been having beautiful weather all week Judy
Judy: cool, low humidity, just right
rich-c: does anyone have the disc drive schematics? Howard Pines will look for them but isn't optimistic
rich-c: night meeka
Pamela: in the low seventies during the day, down into the high fifties, low sixties at night
Pamela: beautiful sleeping weather
FreddyMaiden: Bye Meeka
Dr.D.: One of the sheets is the 160K disk controller board schematic.
Judy: see you in the morning, Meeka
Pamela: g'nite Meeka - until tomorrow!
Meeka: nighty night
rich-c: Bingo! that is what Daniel needs
Meeka left chat session
(newcoleco smiles)
rich-c: his drive shows both power and access lights at all times - won't r/w
Judy: same as here, were cold last night had to shut up the house, did the same tonight
Pamela: Daniel, your english seems better tonite - have you been practicing?
rich-c: anyone know, is corrosioin as big a problem on the disc drives as it is on the mainboards?
George: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pamela: Love it cool - toss the blanket back on the bed and leave all the windows open. couldn't ask for more perfect sleeping weather
newcoleco: Maybe it's because I'm using only a few words.
Dr.D.: Hmmm, corrosion...the only rust I've ever seen on a disk drive is on the frame, if it got stored where it was wet.
rich-c: well, it will get progressively warmer throughout Adamcon but should stay dry
Pamela: no, your grammar and tenses are much better
Dr.D.: My first place to look would be the voltage outputs of the little overworked 3-terminal voltage regulators on the back.
Judy: isn't it wonderful, no airconditioner on, I love it
rich-c: mostly, Daniel, it's because your English is a lot better than you give yourself credit for
Pamela: so do I Judy
Dr.D.: They pull 2 amperes through regulators rated for only 1 ampere.
George: ;-)
Dr.D.: And try to squeak by by having them on big heat sinks.
rich-c: yes, and fry the board around them in the process
Pamela: oh, by the way Dad, everyone here (especially Erin) says hi
Judy: feel a little bit bad though, Mandy is at the cattage this week, should be warmer for that
Pamela: Erin also says bonjour for those franophones in the crowd
rich-c: say hi right back at them, we'll see them Monday
Dr.D.: I missed all the wedding news...and brief report for me, Judy?
FreddyMaiden: Merci et Bonsoir!
newcoleco: Fred : bonsoir!
Pamela: Freddy, you're leaving?
FreddyMaiden: well soon
Pamela: d'accord
Pamela: bonsoir
Judy: everything went great, will show pictures when you get here
rich-c: no, he was passing a message to Erin
FreddyMaiden: no i mean to say bonsoir to the person who wished me bonsoir aswell
Pamela: Erin is laughing her head off
FreddyMaiden: yes Rich
Dr.D.: Glad that everyone is still in one piece, then.
rich-c: by the way, Freddy, how are Sylvie and Meganne getting on?
FreddyMaiden: HELP
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: puis nous vous aidez?
Dr.D.: admin
FreddyMaiden: Sylvie had infection and fever for few days now on anti by
changed username to West to East
Judy: yes, we did have our moments, though
Dr.D.: oops, typed on the wrong keyboard.
FreddyMaiden: Meganne is doing fine thank you fr asking
rich-c: looks like Ron's here
BobS: ronald me man !!!!!!!
West to East: aha!
newcoleco: Rich D. : write me an e-mail please about fixing a disk drive problem. (e-mail account - over quota).
Judy: hello, Ron
Pamela: Ron! Welcome
FreddyMaiden: Hi Ron
West to East: Hi All
BobS: AGAIN Ronald........time of arrival and airline ??????????
rich-c: yes, Sylvie is an adult and can take care of herself, so she gets sympathy
BobS: 6:20 PM on ?????????
Dr.D.: What address should I use, Daniel?
West to East: Um...... sez here ......
newcoleco: you can use this one :
FreddyMaiden: True
rich-c: it's Meganne we would worry about - what is she now, three weeks old?
West to East: 6:20 p.m. - aboard Air Canada 7428
Pamela: vive l'Air Canada
BobS: be trhere !!!!!!!
West to East: you're a gentleman sir
Pamela: or be square (or late)
FreddyMaiden: 1month 4days
rich-c: Air Canada flies to Grand Rapids? From where?
Pamela: Guy, do you have a side trip tomorrow morning?
Dr.D.:, got it.
Guy B.: Just in case you guys are wondering where I am. I'm typing up my presentation.
BobS: FROM CANADA !!!!!!!!
Pamela: thanks, Bob
Pamela: we never would have guessed that
BobS: see it takes a cool head to keep things moving
West to East: Will 25 copies suffice for handouts Bob?
Guy B.: No Pam. Heading straight to Kentwood. Just the usual rest stops and for gas.
Judy: I have it written down now, Ron
(BobS winks)
rich-c: we need a little more precision, Bob. Canada's a big place, not like the US
newcoleco: thanks Rich D! thanks Rich C! Thanks everyone!
BobS: yup
BobS: 11111
Pamela: no stops at Midway?
BobS: \that is !!!!!!!
West to East: good Judy, thank you. Look forward to seeing you guys
Dr.D.: You're welcome, Daniel!
Dr.D.: Hello Mighty Mitchell.
BobS: oh yea. like Canada has 48 states on the mainland
rich-c: we'll likely be waiting in the hotel, Ron - wonder which of us will get there first?
Judy: we are too!!!!!!
Guy B.: No, unfortunately.
West to East: Have one done, will probably need to photocopy the other there
Judy: me
West to East: Hi Dr. D
BobS: got ya covered Ron
Pamela: No???
Guy B.: Nope!
Judy: maybe I will walk
Pamela: : (
BobS: we gonna get htere @ noon and take a nap !!!!!!!!
rich-c: well, yes, what the US has as states would make good counties in Canada ;-)
Pamela: good plan, Bob
West to East: Out here we've been into creative sleeping arrangements for the past week
West to East: every bed in the house had somebody in it
Pamela: and besides, how can you call Rhode Island a state with a straight face?
rich-c: right, you've got the whole tribe visiting, haven't you?
Dr.D.: BobS, is there a local netzero phone number for at the hotel? Looks like that's the only freebie net.access I'll have available.
BobS: and Guy just MAY be creative with your sleeping habits here too !!!!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: We have a town called Moosejaw, you know how far that is?
West to East: yup. The who fam damily
Dr.D.: I haven't used any of this month's 10-hour quota :-)
BobS: local Netzero yes!!!!!!
Dr.D.: Buggers don't have a Mac client, curse them.
Pamela: and Moosenee
Dr.D.: So I'll have to do it with NT 4 on the 486.
FreddyMaiden: 6 feet from the mosses arse!
Dr.D.: The ADAMserve 486, that is.
rich-c: well, naturally, Rich
West to East: Them what don't have Mac clients don't get me as customer
rich-c: spring for ten bucks and get 100 hours of Slingshot, Rich
Pamela: little farther than that, Bob
Dr.D.: Well, having switched to ADSL, my ISP yanked the freebie 56K dialup account.
West to East: Oh Oh
Dr.D.: And they have an 800 number for those users, just for things like being on the road.
Guy B.: Oh, by the way. I'm bringing my P75 with the emulator and Adamserve, plus my notebook with the modem.
George: 87g89g8
West to East: Very good Guy.
FreddyMaiden: Guy was it you who wanted to test the emu on xp?
rich-c: OK and if you forget, I've got the Direct Connection cable packed already, Guy
BobS: OH OH Mitch, guy has the room filled up already !!!!!!!
Guy B.: Ron, that you with that West to East?
West to East: I'm bringing an IDE hard drive (40 Meg), with MIB3, and that there 5-1/4 Micro Innovations that needs Power
Guy B.: Got that too Rich C.
rich-c: no Freddy it was Doug Slopsema, Bob's son, who was testing it elsewhere
Dr.D.: Folks, I need to reboot here...back in about 10 minutes.
West to East: that be it
rich-c: Doug says that it will work with XP
FreddyMaiden: tks Rich
Guy B.: Getting innovative.
Pamela: don't be too long Rich
Dr.D.: bye
Dr.D. left chat session
Guy B.: Don't take long Dr. D.
newcoleco: bye
FreddyMaiden: Super cant wait to see if it works
BobS: just went to and you can get a trial run of 60 minutes for FREE
Pamela: brb folks, we're going for a quick break
rich-c: I know, I have it on my laptop now
FreddyMaiden: Bob about emu?
rich-c: it's only usable in the US for now but will get me online to buy more hours
BobS: so anyone can try them for NUTHIN' and then decide
West to East: Bob, have you got the address and phone number of the hotel on your web site?
BobS: don't know, will see if I can raise doug
newcoleco: I meet Dr Rich Drushel! I meet Dr Rich Drushel! I'm happy! I'm happy!
West to East: Need a phone number for the hotel to leave here - just in case
rich-c: we'd all be happier if you could make it to the 'con - I know it's too late now - c'est triste
West to East: quel domage
newcoleco: who? Me? at the ADAMCON?
Judy: 616-957-2080
rich-c: yes, anyone who's already written four successful games belongs with us
West to East: Thanks Judy
FreddyMaiden: Daniel tu es Bienvenue..
Judy: that is the hotel number, Ron
West to East: Yup. Good
Judy: 0r1-800-228-5150
BobS: GOT IT ?????
West to East: gotcha. Tks
newcoleco: four games? .. no, with the 12 games in the gamepack I send you I think I reach the 15-20 Coleco games!
West to East: Get It, Got It
Guy B.: Bob, how many of us are coming?
rich-c: you're blowing us away, Daniel
rich-c: c'est magnifique
BobS: 18 as far as we know guy
West to East: wow!
newcoleco: Fred : hahaha! Bienvenue Daniel Bienvenu!
FreddyMaiden: Ye tant!! joke....
Guy B.: Ok, thanks. I'll print enough of my presentation for everyone.
rich-c: actually, Guy, a dozen copies will likely do it
rich-c: some like Frances and Russell and Meeka won't need it
newcoleco: Try DACMAN, Miss Space Fury and Bejeweled... these are my best Coleco games.
rich-c: though maybe you should get Daniel's address from him and send him a copy
newcoleco: I still have problem with : NMI vs VDP
rich-c: though of course you could email it to him
Guy B.: I'm printing two dozen to be safe.
rich-c: long as you have the master, Guy, you can email the file to anyone who wants it - why kill trees unnecessarily?
newcoleco: When I was a young kid, my dream was to do Coleco games. Now, my dream is to find an easy way to test my Coleco creations.
rich-c: NMI - Non-Maskable Interrupt. VDP - Video Data Processor. Does that help, Daniel?
Guy B.: It's saved in Wordperfect format, but can be converted to Word.
FreddyMaiden: Im up for it Guy!
Guy B.: I'm printing on old paper anyway. Didn't cost me a dime.
rich-c: there you are, Guy, send copies please to Freddy and Daniel
rich-c: emial will do fine
rich-c: be nice and do it tonight and they'll have time to read it before Saturday chat
George: i have to go now
rich-c: one of those nights, George?
Judy: bye George
Guy B.: Email addresses for Freddy and Daniel?
George: yes
newcoleco: My problem is more like the NMI interrupt who cause some weird bugs with the VDP.
rich-c: take it easy and take care, George. Night now
Guy B.: Bye George, hope you can make it Saturday night.
George: nite all
newcoleco: <Daniel Bienvenu>
Pamela: I'm back but only temporarily, am going to sign off now and let Erin at the computer for a bit.
West to East: take care George
FreddyMaiden: Bye George until Sat
Pamela: Night, George
newcoleco: good night George
George: ok, poof
Judy: bye, Pam, see you tomorrow
FreddyMaiden: By the way I must go aswell, its the right thing to do....get a good night sleep
George left chat session
rich-c: you mean, Erin's going to replace you, or you're going offline?
West to East: Trying to locate all my ADAMCON T-shirts
Pamela: No, I'm going offline - Erin wants to use the computer for a while
FreddyMaiden: look forward to Sat night chat with All......take care and bye!
newcoleco: good night Fred! bonne nuit Fred!
Guy B.: Ok, Freddy, how about your e-mail address and I can send you the file.
rich-c: with a sick wife and month-old child, you must be pretty worn, Fred
Judy: bye, Freddy
Guy B.: Bye Fred.
rich-c: en tout cas, bon soir et au revoir
Pamela: Drive/fly safely all, and we'll see you tomorrow or on chat on Saturday
FreddyMaiden: Rich you see right through the pic. .....
Pamela: AC14, here we come
Guy B.: Got it. See you Saturday night.
rich-c: you take it easy too, daughter, see you tomorrow
West to East: I have miles to go before I sleep
Pamela: goodnight, bonsoir, arrivederci . . .
FreddyMaiden left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Pam, drive safely tomorrow.
West to East: Or is it after I sleep???
newcoleco: Pam : bonne nuit!
Pamela: you too. both, Ron
rich-c: while, perhaps, Ron?
West to East: true
Pamela: bonne nuit, Freddy and Daniel
Pamela: I'm outta here. Erin say g'nite. Poof!
West to East: a suitcase must I pack
Pamela left chat session
West to East: nite Pam
rich-c: nite then, Ron
Judy: yes, we must do that also
BobS: best time Ron......shame to pack all those wearable clothes vefore you need to go !
West to East: see ya's tammarraw
rich-c: we're looking forward to it
rich-c: shall we hold dinner?
BobS: ok be good
Guy B.: At least, I'm done with the computer stuff. Now to get this up on the website. I'll do that tomorrow morning. Abby is heading to Jeanene's tomorrow while at the con.
newcoleco: bonne nuit Ron!
West to East: nope ... just munchies
West to East: Salut!
Judy: see you tomorrow, Ron
Guy B.: Bye Ron. Have a safe trip. Will be waiting for you.
West to East: and mysteriously, he disappears into the western sky
Judy: we will have them waiting for you, Ron
West to East left chat session
rich-c: yes, if his plane gets in on time, should be just about right hour to head to teh Old Country Buffet
BobS: it will be 7pm before he gets to hotel
rich-c: I suspect you could say the same about me
rich-c: it's a long drive and us old folks are not early risers
BobS: depends on what time you head out and how many stops you make Rich
BobS: we'll be there and the hotel knows you are coming in and has your room
rich-c: well, we won't be leaving that early, though stops will be few and short
rich-c: still, I do tend to stay within 10 mpoh of the speed limit
Judy: that is a good plan, don't like tickets
rich-c: my guess is that we'll be arriving roughtly the same time as Ron
newcoleco: Have a nice trip!
rich-c: and I will be bringing my appetitie!!!
rich-c: merci, Daniel
Judy: do you want us to wait dinner for you?
BobS: keep it only about 5 mph over Richard OR yo might get stipped
rich-c: well, usually the whole gang sort of gets together for dinner, and Ron won't make the hotel before 7
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: stopped
changed username to Dale
BobS: hi Dale !!!!!!
rich-c: hello Dale, you ready to take off tomorrow?
newcoleco: hi Dale!
Dale: It's your long lost cousin Dale!
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: right !!!!
Judy: Ron told us not to wait dinner for him
Dale: Still not quite ready, but close.
BobS: how's Jill and Jeffery ????
rich-c: Dale, meet Daniel. He's written about 15 - 20 Colecovision games for the Emulator
Dale: Hiya Daniel!
rich-c: thought you were picking him up at the airport
Dale: Jill and Jeffrey are great.
Guy B.: Dale, how are you, Jill and the baby doing?
Judy: yes, someone has to
rich-c: both coming, or just Jill?
Dale: Jeffrey finally got his birth certificate today, and so I think that he is ready to go.
rich-c: oh dear - he'll have a dozen honorary aunts before the convention's over
Guy B.: Dale since you got in late. I have my newest program ready for a demo at the con.
Dale: Jeffrey is looking forward to meeting you all. His first MTAG meeting was in May.
BobS: and don't forget yours too
Judy: good we are looking forward to seeing him in person for the first time
Dale: Excellent Guy.
rich-c: Judy, wre you and Bob planning to eat before picking up Ron?
BobS: matter of fact, this may be a vacation for Jill.............
Guy B.: Completed it this afternoon and it was not only frustrating, but a great experience too.
BobS: depends on what happens tomorrow eve Rich
BobS: and who and hungry who's are there
rich-c: well, since we'll likely be relatively late in, we can wait so he doesn't have to chase off alone
Dale: Jill is cool with that, she has previously said that she plans to live in the pool.
rich-c: of course Pam and Russell may wait too, and who knows when Dale and Jill will get in
BobS: that works IF you can wait till after 7pm or later
BobS: no pool......
rich-c: it is not a problem for me. Dale, are you and Jill driving?
(BobS groans loudly)
Dale: Jill and I are driving.
BobS: just a bathtub with COLD water..........
rich-c: what time do you expect to ;leave?
Dale: How long do you expect the trip to be Richard?
rich-c: I have a vague idea it's about seven hours but could be way wrong
rich-c: that's road time of course; add an hour or so for pit stops, douaniers, etc.
BobS: make it 8 hours with following the speed limit and stopping for a meal and some breaks
Dale: Well, we are planning to leave right about 9am, to miss the bulk of the morning rush hour.
BobS: well.......a "little" over the speed limit....NO TICKETS Dale
Dale: And we have friends in Windsor, so Jeffy can take a break from sitting.
BobS: should put you here around 5 pm ore so Dale
rich-c: OK, you will likely be at least an hour ahead of us then, but may take longer on stops
rich-c: Oh, if you're going via Windsor, that's much longer - we will likely beat you in be considerable
Dale: Longer, and more frequent, I expect from the Montreal trip.
newcoleco: Dale? Dale Wick? The one who started a Super Game project?
Dale: Bob, is there a community centre pool around? Maybe with public swim times?
BobS: BREAKING NEWS ............ ADAMemulator works great under Windows XP
rich-c: yes, Daniel, now you understand why wee think you should be at Adamcon?
Dale: I think I'll set the cruse control this trip. That way, no tickets.
BobS: YMCA with family hours. don't know what rules and/or times are.......
newcoleco: Damn, I can't go to the ADAMCON.
Guy B.: It does!! You got XP?
BobS: no doug does
BobS: and just tried it
rich-c: we know, Daniel, it's not something that can be arranged lasst minute
newcoleco: Dale : Did you continue the Mayan Adventure?
rich-c: especially when the distance is as far as from Quebec City
Guy B.: Doug does. Let's try to test my program with it.
rich-c: what a pity you didn't find the chat six months ago
rich-c: you have no idea how your presence would be valued
BobS: he should have it on his laptop at aC gUY
Dale: Daniel, I'm kinda helter skelter.
Guy B.: Ok, I have the program on a floppy disk which I am bringing.
Dale: I haven't decided on the game play exactly, but I have worked more on the scene transitions for the back story.
BobS: next year daniel in Vancouver !!!!!
Dale: For AdamCon I'm working on a more interactive fiction type story, for my seminar.
rich-c: Bob, that's Comox, and trust me, out there they CARE about the difference
Dale: But work has been a drag on my time, and I'm not as far along as I'd like.
newcoleco: To be honest, I'm a shy guy! And my english skill is just fine to write a message.
BobS: not for sure whether IN Comox, or Victoria, or in between
rich-c: you are not the first francophone in the Adam community - one of our first was Guy Cousineau
Dale: We have nine live photo labs, and lots of projects for an upcoming photo show in Germany (the big one in Europe) in late September.
rich-c: almost half the Adamcon attendance will be Canadian and we understand bilingualism
Dale: Daniel, where are you based?
newcoleco: Quebec city
Dale: It's been a while since I had a chance to visit Quebec City. I have to get back there some day.
newcoleco: Write me an email to let me know when you will be in Quebec.
rich-c: you should, Dale, it's really beautiful in the summer
newcoleco: Maybe next year, I will be at the ADAMCON. For now I can be with you at the ADAMCON in a virtual way.
rich-c: go in the last half of July and gorge on strawberries from the Isle d"Orleans
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dr.D.
Dale: Well, I know that I'll be at a family event outside of Sherbrook in the Eastern Townships next month. I wonder if I can make the time for a side trip.
rich-c: yes - Bob, are you taking up Dr. D.'s offer of a webcam?
newcoleco: hello again Dr. Rich D!
Dr.D.: All right, I am back...and the webcam *is* working now!
Dale: Hi Rich.
Dr.D.: Hi Dale.
BobS: haven't the slightest idea what Rich is bringing
rich-c: Rich, could you tell Daniel how to "sit in" on our sessions with the webcam?
Dr.D.: But of course it won't be on the net,'s just set up for time-lapse photography.
newcoleco: Well, I have to go now... Someone needs the phone here. good night!
BobS: night Daniel
Dr.D.: bye Daniel!
rich-c: bon soir et au revoir, Daniel
Dale: TTYL Daniel.
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
newcoleco: Have fun with my Coleco games!
Dr.D.: Last year the QuickCam machine was on a 24/7 dialup connection, with a published static IP address.
Dr.D.: So people could get to it from the main ADAMcon 13 webpage.
newcoleco: (I will be online this saturday night 9pm)
Dr.D.: I have no such net.access in Grand Rapids...but I figured I would still set up the camera in time-lapse to record images every minute.
rich-c: till then,Daniel
BobS: Douglas 'may' be able to set up 24/7
BobS: talk to him tomorrow about it
Dr.D.: Little point with no advance advertizing...
rich-c: and if so, we can email Daniel
Dr.D.: Besides, I can make the QuickTime movie of the images afterwards available for viewing.
rich-c: we can also put it out on the Adam mailing list
Dale: Where can I download Daniel's ROMs from?
rich-c: I'm bringing some of them with me, Dale
rich-c: also
Dr.D.: But this QuickCam only runs on MacOS 8.6 or less, so I needed to make a bootable external drive with 8.6, so I can switch back and forth as needed between 8.6 and 9.1.
Dr.D.: It is working, finally. Now I can test the ADAMserve setup and then start packing in earnest.
rich-c: at least I have everything packable packed already
BobS: will have an ADAMserve setup in the conference room Rich...if that helps
rich-c: but there sure is a lot that has to wait till the last minute
Dr.D.: As for what I'm bringing, I'm bringing a Mac Powerbook, a desktop Mac for the QuickCam, my LaserWriter, one bare ADAM with serial board, and the 486 for ADAMserve.
Dr.D.: Trying to travel that I don't have to move my basement into a session room to equip 10 workstations :-)
rich-c: Who's doing the dead hard disc revival unit?
Dr.D.: Also bringing the B.A.S.I.C. banner and ADAM the dinosaur mascot from 2 conventions ago.
rich-c: yes, I have the Adamcon 02 banner packed
Dr.D.: Richard, you are going to bring the box of DDPs I requested?
rich-c: they are packed, Rich
Dr.D.: Excellent.
BobS: 'dead' hard disks stay far as recunstrucint directories or reformatting, we CAN do that
rich-c: it's a recalcitrant EOS directory, Bob - I have the boot disc
BobS: will have to delve into that hands on then Rich
Dr.D.: Is there a preliminary session list somewhere, Bob?
rich-c: also have the SB packed, Rich
Dr.D.: Thanks, Richard.
rich-c: though someone was talking about doing a formal session on the hard disc revival
rich-c: in fact tha's what inspired me to offer it
BobS: Ron is doing a directory reconstruction session and Doug and I are doing a hard drive format and install
Guy B.: Well, gang. I'm going to wrap it up here. I'm going to upload the files now at my website and turn in. Going to get up early tomorrow. So, I'll see you all tomorrow then.
Dr.D.: Good night Guy, travel safely.
BobS: see ya tomorrow Guy
rich-c: night Guy, see you tomorrow
Guy B.: I will.
Judy: see you tomorrow Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: drive carefull
rich-c: well, mine should at least be a good lesson on the reconstruction angle
BobS: great!!!!!
Dr.D.: Bob, is there any stuff that you need me to bring? As stated, other than what I needed for the ADAMserve and camera stuff, I wasn't going to bring much.
rich-c: anyway, we-all slept poorly last night and have a hard drive tomroow
Dr.D.: E.g., I wasn't going to bring my MFM HD system.
rich-c: and we aren't as young as we used to be
rich-c: so I will bid you all goodnight and see you tomorrow
Dr.D.: See you tomorrow, Richard.
Judy: sleep well tonight, Rich and drive safely, see you tomorrow
BobS: got mfm system too Rich.........only thing I really wanted was the article we found last year on building your own data drive copier...
BobS: but that is undoubtetly buried somewhere...who knows where
rich-c: night all
rich-c left chat session
BobS: nite richard
Dr.D.: Urgh, I had forgotten all about that, gack, where would it be...
BobS: so it wil have to wait till you see the light of day someday
Dr.D.: I haven't dug out any ADAM boxes yet, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Dr.D.: The ADAM I'm bringing came complete from the robot lab at CWRU, so no digging needed.
BobS: DON'T.....tain't that important
BobS: time is short and ADAMCON os near
BobS: is near
Judy: I am going to call it a night, see you tomorrow and travel safe
Dr.D.: I just remembered, there are some ADAMcon 13 T-shirts left over, I will bring them as door prizes.
Dr.D.: Good night, Judy.
BobS: ok........
Dale: Rich, could you bring the AdamNEt device progammng note, so I could at least look them over?
Judy left chat session
Dr.D.: Hey, they're paid for :-)
Dr.D.: ADAMnet device programming note?
Dr.D.: Do you mean ADAM Technical Manual stuff?
Dale: No, I meant the AdamNET RAM drive rom source.
Dr.D.: Didn't I make a photocopy set of that for you last year?
Dale: You meant to.
Dr.D.: Grr.
Dale: It was a busy weekend. You know how it is.
Dr.D.: I'm sure I will open the box it's in tonight...question is how late that will be, if there's time to take it to CWRU for copying.
Dr.D.: A ping a week ago, for sure I would have had it by now...
Dale: If it isn't forthcoming, it can wait.
BobS: take it along and we can get it copyed here
Dr.D.: Let me see what comes out of the box pile here in the basement.
Dale: I was knee deep in 12-15hour work days lat week :-(
Dr.D.: It's a big stack of stuff, 300 pages I bet.
Dale: It's been a hard July to be sure.
Dr.D.: Assembly code programs are not short in the source code, Bob, no matter how tiny the binaries are :-)
BobS: well they should be !
Dr.D.: Sounds like my last summer schedule...lucky for me, though I have been able to keep 9-5 Mon-Fri for the first time in 5 years.
Dr.D.: Been able to do lots of stuff with Joan and the girls this summer, I missed it.
Dale: Just at the moment Rich, I'm at the curious stage. Until my business starts to take care of itself a little more, I won't have any serious time for making use of that info.
Dr.D.: I will at least set out the docs if I pull them out tonight.
Dale: Thanks.
Dale: Bob, what was the answer to the AdamCon schedule? How will the 'Con work this year?
BobS: time to go fella's...tomorrow wil;l come soon !!!!!
Dr.D.: They're probably the only copy in existence besides Chris Braymen's originals, assuming he still has them.
BobS: con will work GREAT !!!!
Dr.D.: We know *that*!
Dale: Well, good night to you then Bob.
Dale: LOL
Dr.D.: Just want to know who is talking when...specifically, when am *I* talking, and how long?
BobS: nothign is set in stone so your sessions will fly on their own !!!!
Dr.D.: Oh boy, the first stream-of-consciousness ADAMcon...we're in for a treat!
Dale: Oh. A blessing and a curse.
BobS: heck,,,,,,,,it's allpacked in the motorhome for transport tomorrow......don't recall who when
BobS: cept I think Dale has Sat & sun times
Dr.D.: Okay , I'll let you go...gotta start packing in earnest if I want to be in bed before 3 AM today.
Dale: Well, that's okay then.
BobS: go go go
Dale: See you both tomorrow then.
BobS: see ya both tomorrow !!!!!!
Dr.D.: All right, see you tomorrow!
Dr.D.: Good night.
Dale: poof
BobS: nite
Dr.D. left chat session
BobS left chat session
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