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HLM: And so I see you had the same idea sir
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel requested to ban Rich Drushel
left chat session
Rich Drushel: This is a test.
HLM: test failed
Rich Drushel: NetZero is failing, keeps disconnecting.
HLM: you r logged in twice
Rich Drushel: Yes, it didn't die when the connection did.
Rich Drushel requested to ban Rich Drushel
HLM confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: Thanks.
HLM: probably should deleone only 10 allowed in
HLM: one is gone now
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changed username to gmk
Rich Drushel: Also part of the problem is running all of NetZero's krud from this 486 :-)
Rich Drushel: It seems to be so slow that none of the dumb banner ads have time to load, so I don't see any.
gmk: (PRIVATE) i guess I finally made it here
(gmk gives HLM a can of Diet Coke.)
Rich Drushel: Diet Coke for Herman, naahhh.
HLM: no way
gmk left chat session
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changed username to Ron-AC14
Ron-AC14: Wherever you go, there you are
HLM: yep
Ron-AC14: See Herman is on ok
HLM changed username to HLM-AC14
Rich Drushel: Hello, Ron.
HLM-AC14: just barely
Ron-AC14: Rich, we gotta stop meeting like this
Rich Drushel: The travel is too expensive this way :-)
Ron-AC14: only in ADAMland
Rich Drushel: Nothing like coming 300+ miles to talk by computer in adjacent rooms.
Ron-AC14: :)
Ron-AC14: rite
HLM-AC14: be nice
Rich Drushel: I just hope that this NetZero thingy holds up on the 486.
Ron-AC14: Is that what Bob is using?
HLM-AC14: it should
Rich Drushel: I think.
Rich Drushel: Herman, I seem to remember that NetZero used to be (still is?) something that if you didn't click on their ads etc. every 5 minutes, you got disconnected.
Rich Drushel: Is this true?
HLM-AC14: yea the idle time out
Ron-AC14: captive market
Rich Drushel: I only want to take them for 3 hours of my "free" monthly 10 hours tonight, and then not use them again for a couple of months :-)
HLM-AC14: I am using ameritech
Ron-AC14: Anybody know if you can connect 2 computers to the phone lines in these rooms?
HLM-AC14: so is GK
Rich Drushel: I would use APKnet dialup but I forfeited the 800-number 56K dialup when I switched to ADSL.
HLM-AC14: we figured out a way to bothh connect in sam e room
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Rich Drushel: They didn't used to do that, but some new ADSL switchers were giving away their old access to friends.
changed username to Dale
Dale changed username to Dale-AC14
Dale-AC14: Hi fellow AC14ers.
Ron-AC14: how did you do it HLM?
Rich Drushel: So, they were forced to take away the legacy 56K dialup unless you bought a second account.
Rich Drushel: Hi Dale.
Rich Drushel: But this 486 is so slow, I don't get any banner ad updates, nothing really to click on to tell NetZero that I'm not "idle".
HLM-AC14: I am in data port GK is in jack accross room for phone I guess
Rich Drushel: Must be 2 phone numbers in the room?
HLM-AC14: porbably u know us we had to try
Ron-AC14: hmmm......
Rich Drushel: There is some kind of modem bolted to the underside of my desk in my room here.
Ron-AC14: same here
Rich Drushel: Not hooked up to anything that I can tell.
Ron-AC14: same
Rich Drushel: No power supply connected to it, though I see the jack.
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Ron-AC14: hmmmm....... (devilish mind in gear)
changed username to FreddyMaiden
HLM-AC14: just curious
FreddyMaiden: Hi all
Ron-AC14: Hello Freddy ..... our first outside customer
Rich Drushel: Can't tell if the "phone jacks" on it are phone or CAT5 networking.
Rich Drushel: Hello Freddy.
FreddyMaiden: haha
Ron-AC14: Guy just plugged into one of them
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HLM-AC14: Hello Freddy
changed username to rich-c
FreddyMaiden: Hi RIch
Ron-AC14: The rest of us are sitting here in the same building - having travelled hundreds or thousands of miles
rich-c: hail, hail, the ganf's all here
Ron-AC14: now what do we do?
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Ron-AC14: Rich..... you made it
changed username to gmk
rich-c: we all talk - hi
rich-c: freddy
gmk: Hello all
rich-c: see both Herman and
rich-c: george are on
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Ron-AC14: Guy is coming on here now with his ' right back
Ron-AC14 left chat session
changed username to George
FreddyMaiden: are you all in seperate rooms?
Rich Drushel: The modem under the table is a DSL modem. Phone in, CAT5 network out.
HLM-AC14: yes
rich-c: hello George as in Philly
Dale-AC14 changed username to Jeffrey-AC14
George: Hi everyone
Jeffrey-AC14: dsfzfxz
rich-c: well, I am in my room, dont know about the others
Jeffrey-AC14: cvwwdewefaf
FreddyMaiden: Hi George
Jeffrey-AC14: ffjjjjjjjj h
Rich Drushel: Dale, is Jeffrey talkiing in rot13 or what?
Jeffrey-AC14: vcmkjv,c g eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
George: i'm off my food
Jeffrey-AC14: ,mmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
rich-c: no, he's talking in 7monthold
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Rich Drushel: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!
changed username to newcoleco
newcoleco: hello ;)
George: How is the convention?
rich-c: hello Daniel
FreddyMaiden: Salut Daniel
Jeffrey-AC14: y vccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccv
newcoleco: salut!
rich-c: we are doing fine so far - I even have the Emulator up and running
newcoleco: great
FreddyMaiden: running on what type computer Rich?
rich-c: just finished loading a pinball game I found at CompUSA for 98 cents
Jeffrey-AC14 changed username to Dale-AC14
Dale-AC14: Jeffrey just wanted to get his 2 cents worth in. :-)
FreddyMaiden: he did it!!
rich-c: I'm running a Dell Latitude XPi P166
Dale-AC14: He's written some Dadaist poetry too.
FreddyMaiden: Tks Rich
rich-c: maybe so Dale, but his strong point is performance art
Dale-AC14: His reading of "An ode to bababababababa" is outta sight.
rich-c: Freddy, watch out - don't let Jeffy in sight of Meganne - all the females go ga-ga over him
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FreddyMaiden: does he like baseball, i will polish my bat no problem
FreddyMaiden: kidding....
rich-c: oh, being from Toronto, rules say he
Dale-AC14: We had fun today. Today we talked about:
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rich-c: s got to be a Blue Jays fan
changed username to Toronto
changed username to BobS@AC14
George: who is who?
rich-c: whoops - who's guarding out home base, Dale?
FreddyMaiden: are you skitzo?
BobS@AC14: HIYA GUYS !!!!
newcoleco: Hello!
FreddyMaiden: Hi Bob
George: Hi Bob
BobS@AC14: hey Geo !!!!!
rich-c: HLM is Herman, GLK is George K, both from Cleveland
Dale-AC14: Interfactive Fiction as an approach to game design.
BobS@AC14: Welcome to ADAMCON...and Daniel and Freddie
George: mouseless
BobS@AC14: aznd Toronto
BobS@AC14: tha you Pam?????
FreddyMaiden: tks Bob
rich-c: the rest you know except for Toronto
BobS@AC14: just sittin here havin a great time listenin to all the tech jumbo.........
newcoleco changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS@AC14: so who's Toronto???????
BobS@AC14: michael?????
Dale-AC14: which followed a detailed hands on Adam Bomb 2 session.
Daniel Bienvenu: What is "Adam Bomb 2"?
BobS@AC14: and they are STILL polaying ADAMBOMB2 in the conference room
rich-c: no, that's not his style, and Dale hasnt put him back on the mailing list yet
Toronto: Dale you can use the Pape Rec Ctr on the 24th
rich-c: more likely to be Harvey - he turns up on occasion
Dale-AC14: Thanks Doug.
FreddyMaiden: Bob, have you sent handouts by mail?
BobS@AC14: Harvey DAT YOU!!!!!
Rich Drushel: Back after a trip to the session room and some technical discussion with Doug Slopsema.
Dale-AC14: I got your voice mail when I was out of town.
George: boy things are going fast
rich-c: nope, it's Doug
Rich Drushel: Hello Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Rich D.
BobS@AC14: Chappell !!!!!
FreddyMaiden: Hi Rich D
Toronto: 10-4
George: makes my head spin
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moved to room Meeting Place
Dale-AC14: ko yuhn
rich-c: yes, lots of threads today, George
Dale-AC14: 7j=-
Dale-AC14: (Jeffrey )
Dale-AC14: -=0ds ADP)_a3g
rich-c: the difference between Jeffy and his old man is that sometimes I can follow what Jeffy's saying
Dale-AC14: Adam Bomb is...
BobS@AC14: hmmmm.....that has some merit Richard
Dale-AC14: a game with a 180 screen maze...
FreddyMaiden: 2cents and 7month old that is ay?
Dale-AC14: where you rescue people and collect crystals.
rich-c: well, I never claimed to be a techie
Daniel Bienvenu: how it's possible to add 180 screen maze in a cart?
rich-c: sept mois, c'est vrais
George: rescue me in philly
BobS@AC14: the incredible part is that Jeffy UNDERSTANDS Richard n!!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: impossible mission
Dale-AC14: Roichard, you woul have liked today's session. It would have appealed to BAs even.
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rich-c: it isn't a cart game, Daniel, it's a tape game, basically a basic program
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
changed username to PJ
changed username to Ron-AC14
BobS@AC14: Daniel, you can put it in cart form!!!!!
Ron-AC14: aha!
rich-c: PJ! YOU MADE IT!!!!
Rich Drushel left chat session
rich-c: welcome to the Internat
George: where is the disco music comming from?
Ron-AC14: Hey! PJ!!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
HLM-AC14: Well `I will be darn PJ in the flesh
PJ: Ii aam not used to this keyboard.
changed username to Rich Drushel
Daniel Bienvenu: Then, what is the little innovation? 180 screens in 32K? sounds impossible
rich-c: that's OK, at AC weare all using unfamiliar keyboards on laptops
George: TSOP
Rich Drushel: Hope there aren't two of me...system problems.
PJ: hayy gaang
Rich Drushel: Hello PJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pj
rich-c: you aren't limited to 32K daniel, a BASIC program can be any length up to 256K
HLM-AC14: Hello Patricia
Rich Drushel: I think he is thinking of RAM space.
Rich Drushel: Can't remember if ADAMBOMB requires a 64K RAM expander or not.
PJ: Yall get my packaage?
rich-c: yes, you can only use 32K of RAM at one time, but you can clear and reload it
Ron-AC14: yes PJ...... heartfelt
PJ: <<HUUGGS>!!!!!
rich-c: that was an exquistely pretty card, Pat
Ron-AC14: backatcha kid
PJ: card?
rich-c: ditto and double, PJ - AC is now official
PJ: :)
rich-c: the postcard with the bird
Rich Drushel: NetZero is aborting here...may be back in a while if it dies completely.
Rich Drushel: Response time of 486 is too slow for it, it is unhappy.
Toronto: I am 10-7 Bye and good luck.
Daniel Bienvenu: My biggest Coleco project was "Miss Space Fury" and I used all the 32K : 20 screens.
rich-c: how did you manage to join us, PJ?
PJ: OHH.... so you DID get iit! CCOOLL!!
Ron-AC14: see ya Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: And the MSX-1 game Lode Runner has 80 screens (32k too).
Rich Drushel: Yes, PJ, who got you fixed up with net.access?
rich-c: haven't had a chance to try them myself but others here have, Daniel
PJ: II'm on my neighbor's computer. VERY& mushy keyboard, BUT!!
Ron-AC14: PJ..... would like you to meet Freddy from Montreal and Daniel from Quebec City. PJ is in Orlando
Toronto left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi PJ!
George: i have to come to one of these things
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pj
rich-c: PJ helped organize our very first adamcon and did organize AC10
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
PJ: LLOVE TO! Provided they like HUGS :)
Ron-AC14: I'd expect so
Ron-AC14: If they don't, you can give 'em to me
PJ: HHii Guys
rich-c: no Adamcon is official till we've had our hug with PJ
FreddyMaiden: Nice requirement Rich.
rich-c: till she came on right now and delivered, we were running AC13-B
PJ: Ron--- GRIN <HUGS>
Rich Drushel: PJ, I'm taking lots of photos, so if you can keep your net.access next week, you'll get to see them.
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I never see you before, I will take a look at the adamcon web site... I think I see some photos.
Rich Drushel: Elanor is here, too, though not in my room with me right now. She's trying to beat ADAM BOMB in the session room.
rich-c: yes, either Dale's Adamcon site or Meeka's Hollwdreams site have pictures
Rich Drushel: Since I'm the photographer, Daniel, not too many will have me :-) Gotta get some people to take pictures of me with my camera.
PJ: Rich, did you see the pix I sent with your daughters innem??
HLM-AC14: PJ we ain't gonna have our annual who is the oldest battle
Rich Drushel: I am also taking a time-lapse movie of the convention.
Rich Drushel: A new photo every 30 seconds, saved as a movie.
Rich Drushel: No sound, but you can at least see activity.
FreddyMaiden: Cool
Daniel Bienvenu: My friends here think I'm a papparazi because I like taking many many pictures.
Rich Drushel: Probably 50 MB of raw video now (it will get crunched down later).
PJ: OOOOH, Rich.... Did you do the LEGO thing again??
moved to room Meeting Place
George: oh, thats aol radio
Rich Drushel: No, I couldn't bring all the robots to Grand Rapids...
changed username to Guy B.-AC14
Rich Drushel: Have you seen last year's robot photos, PJ?
Ron-AC14: What took ya so long Guy?
Guy B.-AC14: Yippy, I;\'m finally here.
Rich Drushel: They are on a webpage I made.
Guy B.-AC14: Darn notebook.
rich-c: hi Guy, where have you been?
George: Hi Guy
PJ: GUY!!! hi dude
FreddyMaiden: Hi GUY!
Guy B.-AC14: Hi all. PJ, How are you doing?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Ron-AC14: This is so cool!
Ron-AC14: This is the best hotel yet for connections
PJ: Breathin in, breathin out... what else CAN I do !! ::)
Guy B.-AC14: Having two data ports in each room really helps.
rich-c: yes, is that DSL line in your room usable?
George: is there a dance?
Guy B.-AC14: Glad you made it tonight. Sure miss you here.
HLM-AC14: yea righ will send u the bill Ron
Ron-AC14: Well actually Rich C. There's another phone jack on the other side of the room
PJ: TWOO data ports?? WWOW
Guy B.-AC14: I'm beginning to wonder that myself with that modem underneath.
rich-c: oh, that
rich-c: s it. Wonder if we have one? I haven't looked
Ron-AC14: first it didn't work, then I connected a loose phone connector to that modem under the desk, and presto
PJ: Herman, I am oldest and theree is NO argument.
rich-c: ahem, PJ
Guy B.-AC14: It looks familiar since I helped a very good friend setup her DSL at her place and the modem is very similar.
HLM-AC14: yes mother
BobS@AC14: maybe not I'm really Tom Oz
BobS@AC14: I may be older!!
rich-c: aha - Bob has loaned out his computer for the evening, has he?
BobS@AC14: He is trying to get Russel going next door.
Ron-AC14: HLM...just saw your last..... will gladly pay it
PJ: No, Mr. Clee. This is one of several perennial aargumments between me and Herman.
rich-c: oh, guess I'm not invited into the young folks squabbles
Guy B.-AC14: It's bad enough that one of my disk driives on my P75 I have here is bad. I couldn't use Adamserve or copying files via Dcopy for the emulator.
Rich Drushel: Well I am definitely *not* the oldest and won't be for quite some time so nyaahhhhhhh!
Guy B.-AC14: Well, were are the in-between Rich.
PJ: This kkeyboard is so #@^%#&~"!! mushy I am going back to hunt n peck and STILL losing
Guy B.-AC14: What computer are you using PJ?
PJ: So where is the KID??? (Dale)
rich-c: great heavens, what kind of computer are you using anyway, PJ?
HLM-AC14: not really about age it is only MONTHS Different between ME and PJ that is the inside joke
Ron-AC14: he's the youngest PJ.... no arguement about that either
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: We secretly replace PJ's PC with a Coleco ADAM and a gigabit ethernet card...
(Guy B.-AC14 laughs heartily)
PJ: I think it's a GGateway
changed username to Alan Neeley
George: any goodies available?
Guy B.-AC14: Desktop or notebook?
rich-c: that should have at least a semi-decent keyboard
rich-c: old buddy, we haven
rich-c: t heard for auTAH FOR YEARS - WHERE YOU BEEN, ALAN
Ron-AC14: Alan!
FreddyMaiden: Hi
PJ: NO decent keyboard; dunno what else it's got and don't rreally ccare
Guy B.-AC14: Hi Alan, long time, no see.
Alan Neeley: Hello everybody... Long time no see! :)
Guy B.-AC14: As long as it works.
Rich Drushel: Alan Neely, hello sir!
Rich Drushel: Oops, Neeley!
HLM-AC14: Hello A-Net Neeley
rich-c: sorry, got the caps lock off now so will stop shouting
PJ: Hi Ddaale. ALAN! You are ALIVE!!!!!!
Dale-AC14: PJ, Jeffrey wanted to be changed. He was on earlier.
Ron-AC14: priorities
Rich Drushel: Jeffrey typed in Klingon.
Dale-AC14: He just went out to the common room to show off his cute bedtime outfit.
BobS@AC14 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm quiet because I'm looking at some pictures from ADAMCON 10,11,12 & 13
Dale-AC14: It is red and white stripped (almost like a candy cane).
PJ: Ha ha HA! good for Jeffrey!
George: can we change fonts?
Ron-AC14: He's making friends a quite a rate PJ
Guy B.-AC14: Were missing Pam Clee. Rich C. where is she?
FreddyMaiden: Goonite outfit? how old?
Ron-AC14: and Murray
rich-c: you can change the tye size, George, it's on one of the menu items
Rich Drushel: I'm sorry that my webpage for ADAMcon 13 photos is down...a power outage in my office while I was away.
Rich Drushel: I'll put it back up Tuesday morning when I go in to work.
rich-c: Guy, I think Pam nad Russell went shopping, but I'm surprised they aren't bak
Dale-AC14: Seven months old.
rich-c: maybe they are having rouble getting online
PJ: well, I am SSOOO surprisedFreddy, he's about 7 mos
rich-c: have to ask BobS about that
Guy B.-AC14: The stores are already closed, so they should be heading then. Unless they stopped to get something to eat.
Ron-AC14: brb
FreddyMaiden: Dale,thought it was a joke....i take back those baseball comments....
George: i was looking to chane fonts all together
PJ: okk withf ME, George
George: change
Dale-AC14: Nope, Jeffrey is the youngest AdamCon attendee.
Guy B.-AC14: And a cute one I might add.
PJ: Did he get a Tshirt?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: didn't Murray have his laptop with him, Ron?
changed username to BobS
FreddyMaiden: 6months older than my daughter...maybe they will match??
BobS: yes, but he didn't have Java on it
Guy B.-AC14: Murray has his laptop with him.
rich-c: long as you bring her up in the good Adam faith, Fred
George: a wet t-shirt contest?
Dale-AC14: I'll try and gather AC14 pictures and post em later. There are some new born pictures on
PJ: My grandson AADAM was 6 yesteerdaay. I am sending him the last known kid's size ADAMCON Tshirt.
BobS: WASSUP ??????
rich-c: Bob, any idea why Pam isnt on?
FreddyMaiden: Rich, will try first must learn more....
Dale-AC14: I had a hellish few weeks at work before AdamCon, so last night I slept about 11 hours, and today I feel a bit better.
Guy B.-AC14: Been working too hard Dale. Good thing the rest helps.
rich-c: Alan, for someone who has been off so long, you are awfully quiet
Dale-AC14: PJ, he did indeed get a t-shirt
rich-c: for the benefit of the newcomers, alan organized AC05 in Salt Lake City
Guy B.-AC14: Tom has come into our room and will use Ron's notebook.
Dale-AC14: Freddy, maybe he'll have to get to know her <grin>
PJ: Y0u actually SLEPT, Dale???? Fatherhood must have a calming effect on you!
BobS: Pam jkust got here
Alan Neeley: Just sitting back and watching old friends talk! TRying to get caught up...
FreddyMaiden: Yeah one of the first things ay?
Guy B.-AC14: Get her on. I have something to give to her.
BobS: ALAN !!!! got your post just a little while ago, how you ARE?????
rich-c: hey, we missed the O% banner for the room - big hole in our memories!
Rich Drushel: Well, stop back every Wed. at 9 PM Eastern and we'll get you caught up...or maybe we could arrange some later times for your Utah time zone.
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.-AC14: Alan that would be 7 in your time zone.
Rich Drushel: Yes, still 3 missing banners: 03, 05, and 06.
changed username to Tom OZ
PJ: AAny6body heard from the Zonkerman???
Guy B.-AC14: There's Tom.
Rich Drushel: But all the others are up, and the Cleveland B.A.S.I.C. banner, too.
Alan Neeley: I have the 05 banner tucked away with all my ADAM stuff
Rich Drushel: Glad the 05 banner is safe.
Rich Drushel: Still got that ADAMCON5 license plate?
Guy B.-AC14: Havene't heard from Zonker in a long time.
FreddyMaiden: brb
Alan Neeley: 9PM eastern is not a bad time for me. I'll have to set a reminder and start hanging out...
rich-c: Fred, Dan, Tom Osretich is anothetr Adam user from way back
PJ: I hate to inform you that the 02 banner lost its letters.
Rich Drushel: Are you subscribed to the mailing list, Alan?
Tom OZ: rich-c It's Ozretich
BobS: Alan, what you got in ADAM stuff the rest of us can get??????
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
Alan Neeley: I do subscribe. I take a peek every once in awhile...
rich-c: sorry Tom, my keyboard can't spell - you may have noticed
moved to room Meeting Place
PJ: TOM???? I can't BELIEVE it!!!!
Guy B.-AC14: Alan, when you have a chance, visit my website, My site is on the Adam Emulator Utilities.
changed username to Murray
rich-c: look at that attendance list, PJ - Adam lives and thrives
Tom OZ: No problem, do you still have that CD that Doug burned for you?
Alan Neeley: Bob: I really need to take an inventory. There's a lot down there in the basement
BobS: YO Murray !!!!!!
BobS: now we need Pam
Guy B.-AC14: There you are Murray!
BobS: well let us know bud, we can maybe relieve you of some stuff
Murray: Hi
rich-c: Tom, yes, I have the CD in my briefcase - you know about the attributes?
Murray: Hi PJ
Tom OZ: Hi! PJ I still remember that late nite or early morning we spent hacking around Power Point.
BobS: NEED MI 1/2 meg simm memory expanders....unpopulated is OK
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
rich-c: PJ, Murray is about to take off the the highlands of Peru
Murray: PJ Hope everythings well with you
Guy B.-AC14: Daniel thinks we left him out.
Dale-AC14: Daniel, you're pretty quiet.
Dale-AC14: You still there?
Murray: PJ I'm off to am Aamzon adventure
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for picture of you
PJ: Daniel, you in here?
Tom OZ: rich-c I do know a little about read and write attributes.
rich-c: he's prowling the Adamcon archive sites for pictures of us
Rich Drushel: Amazon adventure, Murray? Do tell!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't find any picture of Tom. I see Dale, Rich, Meeka, etc..
Rich Drushel: For me, Daniel, you can look at
rich-c: Tom ahs only been to selected Adamcons, Daniel - you'll hve to ask him which
Tom OZ: Daniel Look for the handsome one.
Murray: Adventure!!! Lazing around for 2 weeks actually!!!!
Rich Drushel: Me and my wife on Halloween, that is :-)
FreddyMaiden: back!!! Hi Tom
Rich Drushel: Beware of poison arrow frogs...
rich-c: Dale, how long since you've updated the mailing list?
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich,I know this picture Rich. I see it last year
Dale-AC14: The mailing list?
rich-c: forget the frogs, duck the arrows
Murray: They say they are nasty little creatures I'll do my best to avoid them!
Dale-AC14: Maybe a while.
Murray: The natives I guess are not so kind to strangers in some places
Guy B.-AC14: Yes, when I sent out an e-mail, I got about 8 invalid addresses back.
rich-c: you did say, Murray, you might be living on the local cuisine...
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: :-)
changed username to Pamela AC14
gmk: You can see some pictures at ""
PJ: GOD I miss you guys!!!!
Rich Drushel: Or the local cuisine will be living on Murray!
rich-c: about time you got here, daughter
Guy B.-AC14: There you Pam. I have something for you.
George: Hi Pam
(Guy B.-AC14 gives Pamela AC14 a can of Diet Coke.)
Alan Neeley: what she said!!! Miss you too PJ!
Pamela AC14: sorry Dad, it took me a while to get organized
Murray: rich-c that's right...not sure whether it'll be any more exotic than Africa when I dined on cobra
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pam
Pamela AC14: Hi Freddy
Pamela AC14: PJ my darling
rich-c: is it true it tastes like chicken, Murray?
Rich Drushel: Pamela!
Rich Drushel: Oops, I didn't mean that cobra tastes like Pamela! Stupid net.lag....
Pamela AC14: what, Rich?
PJ: I dined on blood pudding and raw fish in Hawaii.
Tom OZ: Pam, did you buy anything exciting at the mall?
Murray: it does taste a lot like that rather dry though
Dale-AC14: Neil is in Finland right now. I don't think that he will be on the chat.
Pamela AC14: Lotsa stuff, very secret
(A dog howls in the distance)
rich-c: at least until you manage to get it thru customs?
Guy B.-AC14: That's from my dog back home.
PJ: OOOH, Pam... sounds interesting
Rich Drushel: Black treacle, bubble and squeak...
Pamela AC14: where are Meeka and Judy?
Dale-AC14: He is there for a lingusitics conference, and he starts his Masters in Linguistics this fall.
Murray: PJ blood pudding!!! i had raw fish in Korea yum yum
Pamela AC14: I bought lingerie PJ
rich-c: speakinhg of which, isnt it about time james came on?
George: drinks anyone?
Pamela AC14: gonna freak out the customs people
PJ: I need hot sauce on it.. (raww fish that is) otherwise it wants to slide back up.
Murray: Dale Masters in Linguistics!!! I thought my studies were esoteric
FreddyMaiden: They wont even sease
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) I hope all is well with you dear. Diane says hi!
Pamela AC14: thanks for the d.c., Guy
Guy B.-AC14: Your welcome.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I think I found a picture of Tom in Meeka web site.
Murray: PJ well that it can do ecck...
rich-c: I'll have a Guiness, George
BobS: I'm Bob for the moment (Ron M)
BobS: Bob is gonna set up in the session room
Pamela AC14: Huh?
George: mamma mia
Daniel Bienvenu: oh .. looks serious
BobS: confusing eh?
Pamela AC14: okay, I get it
Pamela AC14: stoopid keyboard is too small
PJ: I'm not talking sushimi, but the big chunks they call poke
rich-c: just change it on the list, Ron
Dale-AC14: I haven't posted myself in a while, so I don't know which addresses are invalid. I'll do that before I go back to work on Wednesday. I might even update the chats archives from November to today (if you're luckey ;-)
Guy B.-AC14: What do you expect from notebooks!
BobS: ok
Tom OZ: You meqan pork?
Pamela AC14: bigger keyboards!
BobS: would have to log myself out
PJ: Tell Diane HI for me, Alan... Kids too!
Guy B.-AC14: Same goes here.
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) Bob - I do have some MI memory expanders - even a 1 megger I believe
George: my eyes are going wonky again
Pamela AC14: Herman, you're awfully quiet
rich-c: Dale. all the former @home address are now extinct
PJ: Not pork...
HLM-AC14: hresting
Dale-AC14 changed username to Jeffrey-AC14
Pamela AC14: again?
(Jeffrey-AC14 smiles)
Alan Neeley: Ya but Pam I'll bet he's just as handsome as he's ever been! :)
Murray: Hi Alan Haven't heard from you in quite some time Hope everythings ok
HLM-AC14: resting that is
(Jeffrey-AC14 laughs heartily)
Pamela AC14: as ever Alan
Rich Drushel: Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage, he's restin'.
Jeffrey-AC14 changed username to Dale-AC14
Tom OZ: Those PORK chops got to Herman.
PJ: YEY, Jeffrey!!
Guy B.-AC14: Looks like our newest youngster is becoming a hit on the keyboard.
HLM-AC14: no comments
rich-c: yeah, still thinking about lunch
Rich Drushel: Hit is about all Jeffrey can do on the keyboard :-)
George: is there going to be a new page?
BobS: he'll be walking by a year, and writing c++ code at 14 months
Pamela AC14: Pj, it's some first release that Dale and Jillian have there - cute as a button
Rich Drushel: He did take a couple of pictures of me with my camera, though. They're entertaining...
Guy B.-AC14: WOuldn't be surprised.
rich-c: better ask Dale that, George
George: hey Dale
Dale-AC14: will be updated.
Guy B.-AC14: You should see him smile to everyone.
Pamela AC14: rich, if we get dumped, whats your site address?
Rich Drushel: I am going to see if I can get Elanor in here to type a bit. So she can talk to you, PJ.
Dale-AC14: Other years, I've tried to update it daily, but this year, it looks like the updates will mostly have to wait until Monday.
Rich Drushel: Me, Pam? Which site?
rich-c: coleco.cwru/edu/chat/chat.html
FreddyMaiden: Elanor finished her game?
Pamela AC14: your secondary site Rich
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: Oh, alt. chat site, got it.
Guy B.-AC14: Elanor has been playing Adambomb 2 since this morning.
Rich Drushel: Your Dad gave it.
rich-c: but this time if we get dumped Dale caqn likely fix it quick
changed username to BobS
Pamela AC14: thank you - I didn't bring the address
Rich Drushel: Not sure if she is done yet...back in a few minutes.
George: i never seen it this busy before
FreddyMaiden: Guy, youre right get her out of there...
BobS: JACK is BACK !!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Who ios back?
rich-c: it is a very special occasion, George
Pamela AC14: this is the one day of the year when everyone shows up
Daniel Bienvenu: Jack who?
BobS: ME
BobS changed username to Bytehacker
Pamela AC14: which me?
Bytehacker: Ron(AC14) - not here right now.... He's here but not all there
George: where is James
BobS: Roberto.....BOBS.....ME !!!!
Bytehacker: James hey !!
Pamela AC14: well we knew that
BobS: got another puter and got on agAin......Ron took my pentium!!!!! vcan ya believe it????
BobS: James !!!!!!!
Guy B.-AC14: Oh yeah, that's a good question. Hopefully, he will come.
PJ: Guys, my back is out big time. I don't need a laptop... I need a STANDup
rich-c: he did say he would try to make it
Pamela AC14: I don't see James, am I blind?
BobS: well you can stand up next to anything PJ
PJ: I think I have to leave for a bit. How long will you be here?
BobS: NOW, about this DIRTY shirt we got in the mail...........................
Guy B.-AC14: We'll be here until the cows tip over.
PJ: Yeah, Bob, but not stand up and TYPE
rich-c: maybe he's impersonating Bytehacker, since I see another entry for Ron
Rich Drushel changed username to Elanor Drushel
Pamela AC14: Hi El
Guy B.-AC14: Hi Elanor. Did you finish Adambomb 2?
Tom OZ: Ron loaned me his laptop.
FreddyMaiden: Hi Elanor
BobS: tha's a spare one he has in his room.....Tom Oz is on that one
George: oh, hackers in our midst
Elanor Drushel: Hi, I'm here
Pamela AC14: there's enuf computers in this joint to power the space station
BobS: got at least 3 puters on my 1 ISP so far this year
Pamela AC14: and we thank you Bob
Guy B.-AC14: Same here.
rich-c: yes, Pam, what are you using as an ISP?
PJ: Hi Elanor! How's my gal?
Pamela AC14: Bob's
Tom OZ: Elanor do you really drink 1/2 gallon of milk a day?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I'm new here. I know there are two guys here named Rich. I see 2 or 3 pictures of Rich D... and I think I saw 1 picture of Rich C before.
Elanor Drushel: I'm fine
Pamela AC14: Rich C is my dad and the one with the snow on the roof
George: and the list still grows
Guy B.-AC14: Did you save your game?
rich-c: I'm the old guy in glasses hiding around the edges
Pamela AC14: Rich D is Elanor's dad and the young guy
Pamela AC14: Elanor is the little one
Elanor Drushel: I am almost finished with the game.
Guy B.-AC14: You did save it, right?
rich-c: Dr.D is the one who looks like the All-American fullback, except he smiles too much
Tom OZ: The one with the milk mustache!
Elanor Drushel: Yes, I saved
Bytehacker: Dr. D. is here in Bobs room with me
Dale-AC14: See you soon PJ.
Pamela AC14: don't be gone too long PJ
Pamela AC14: we miss you too much
Guy B.-AC14: Great. Now, let's get those aliens tomorrow.
Pamela AC14: hey, where are Meeka and Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm now looking at the ADAMCON #05 pictures page (Meeka web site).
Guy B.-AC14: We'll be here PJ.
rich-c: that's Alan and his crowd - think some of those are pictures I contributed
Pamela AC14: they're playing Tom?
Tom OZ: Yes.
Elanor Drushel: they are playing Atom Bomb
rich-c: that's why I'm not in them - I was behind the camera
Pamela AC14: This is all Jillians fault
Guy B.-AC14: The first Adam Bomb.
Pamela AC14: if you look at AC13 you'll see more recent pictures Daniel
FreddyMaiden: authorities would get a kick outa this conv.
rich-c: yes, I think it was Jill started the Adam Bomb craze at conventions
Guy B.-AC14: How Freddy?
FreddyMaiden: Atom bomb
rich-c: but I do believe she had a lot of support from Meeka
Alan Neeley: AC05 - seems so long ago! 9 years... I guess it has:)
Pamela AC14: all this talk about bombs
Bytehacker: time flies eh Alan:?
PJ: Back te3mporarily. can't find my &%$$$#*! coffee; going next door to get so mething to drink
FreddyMaiden: blew me away!
Alan Neeley: got that right!
Pamela AC14: where'd you leave it PJ?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob Bear, Bob Blair, ... I don't see a picture of BobS.
George: did we hit Iraq?
Guy B.-AC14: Yep, that's when Jeanene got sick and couldn't come down for the banquet.
FreddyMaiden: no they hit you
Tom OZ: Wya did it!
PJ: You guys DID get the pix I sent you, right? There's a good one of the Drushel family
rich-c: BobS is the one so tall his head sticks out the top of the picture
Guy B.-AC14: That for sure.
Pamela AC14: probably wearing a ball cap
Dale-AC14: Jillian did a seminar on Adma Bomb 2 at AC007 I think. And today she started playing Adam Bomb 1.
BobS: AND Bob is handsome TOO
(BobS smiles)
rich-c: Dale, you're going to have to explain to Daniel how the Supergmaes work
Pamela AC14: aren't you a tad prejudiced on the subject Bob?
(Everyone laughs mockingly at BobS)
FreddyMaiden: what Bobs away?
Daniel Bienvenu: There is no Album somewhere?
Dale-AC14: Daniel, have you looked at my Mayan adventure notes?
rich-c: it's OK, son Doug calls bob "shorty"
moved to room Meeting Place
Elanor Drushel: I think I should finish playing Atom Bomb 2. I'm almost done.
Daniel Bienvenu: Mayan adventure note? did you update the web page?
FreddyMaiden: Rich is that for 'no comment'
Pamela AC14: it'll be there in the morning, Elanor
Bytehacker: ADAM Bomb will be reserved for my next life
Pamela AC14: who's our mystery guest?
Guy B.-AC14: I'm looking foward to see you finish Elanor.
FreddyMaiden left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: should be Bair or james
Dale-AC14: No, but Ièm wondering if you tried the tools listed thereÉ
rich-c: or now, maybe both
changed username to FredK.
Bytehacker: can log out from a machine where I didn't log in?
Pamela AC14: welcome Fred
Bytehacker: wanna whack Ron
rich-c: I see you've shortened the ahndle, Fred
PJ: I love you ALL!! I can't stay longer, but I wish I could. I have GOT to make it a priority to get back online.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Guy B.-AC14: Hi Fred.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Elanor Drushel: Bye
FredK.: tks .....dunno what hpnd
Bytehacker: James!
james: morning all.
Pamela AC14: James! good morning!
Daniel Bienvenu: finally, I found a picture of BobS
Guy B.-AC14: Bye PJ, glad you made it tonight. Take care now.
(Daniel Bienvenu smiles)
George: Hi James
rich-c: see you soon PJ - because we're taking that as a promise
Bytehacker: now we have a truly international chat
FredK.: Bye PJ and HI James
james: i'm actually working for the next hour. will people still be around in an hour?
Pamela AC14: g'nite PJ - hugs and kisses
Take care PJ!.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye PJ
rich-c: welcome james
Guy B.-AC14: Hi James, we were just talking about you.
FredK.: oh yes do we hug you too for official closure?
james: hi rich - will people still be here in an hour?
PJ: I hope all you guys will gather here regularly. And I really had a ball. XXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOO
BobS: probalby
Pamela AC14: not usually, but we never get to see PJ
PJ: Yeah, gimme HUGS!!!! :)
FredK.: Construction noise again James?
Elanor Drushel changed username to Rich Drushel
Guy B.-AC14: Every Wednesday night.
Bytehacker: Wednesday nights PJ..... 9 pm. Eastern
Pamela AC14: HUGS!
Rich Drushel: PJ, I'm back...bye!
Dale-AC14: See you PJ. Come back soon
rich-c: hard to tell james, it's half past ten here which is pushing it
Bytehacker: glad you could make it PJ HUgGGZZZ
james: no, it's sunday, so i'm teaching for an hour then done for the day.
FredK.: Hugs
Rich Drushel: PJ, I'm back...bye!
Guy B.-AC14: We miss you here, PJ.
Pamela AC14: c'mon we'll still be on at midnite
Rich Drushel: HUGS!!!!!
HLM-AC14: bye PJ
james: i'll check on in an hour, if people are here, great, if not.. i'll see you on at the next regular chat.
Pamela AC14: don't forgetJames
james: gotta go, student is waiting.
Guy B.-AC14: We should be here.
Pamela AC14: hugs to you too
rich-c: well see how it works out james, conventions are secial
james: *poof*
james left chat session
PJ left chat session
Bytehacker requested to ban Ron-AC14
confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Pamela AC14: who's our undefined?
Tom OZ confirmed ban
Guy B.-AC14: Good question.
George: What was that?
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: Iabout the only one who hasnt checked in is Bair
Pamela AC14: Bair, is that you?
Tom OZ: I confess it was me. First time user mistakes.
Bytehacker: I'm gone....but live on as Bytehackr
BobS: the one and only Bob Bair ??????
Pamela AC14: you're still listed Tom
BobS: well, .....
Guy B.-AC14: Got our mystery person.
Tom OZ: OK
Pamela AC14: plus that person came on after you showed up
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
George confirmed ban
Pamela AC14 confirmed ban
Guy B.-AC14 confirmed ban
FredK. confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Murray confirmed ban
Tom OZ confirmed ban
Pamela AC14: did that dump anyone?
Bytehacker confirmed ban
Guy B.-AC14: Ok, he's off.
Rich Drushel: My chat window screen is blinking-blinking-blinking...
rich-c: the undefined takes a while to be replaced with the real name
BobS: WHACKED that sucker !!!!!
Tom OZ: Yes I guess I dumped two users.
Pamela AC14: not good Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I found a picture of Elanor. Are you younger than me?
Guy B.-AC14: Well, he's been bushwhacked.
BobS: maybe it is a strobe window
Murray: Wierd things going on!!!
Bytehacker: banished
Pamela AC14: She's elever, Daniel
Pamela AC14: sorry, eleven
Guy B.-AC14: Pam, she's 12.
Pamela AC14: oops
Guy B.-AC14: Now that is.
Tom OZ: Going on 16.
Rich Drushel: Elanor is 12.5 :-)
rich-c: onze, douze, little difference
Guy B.-AC14: There you have it.
Pamela AC14: how old are you Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm old... 27
Pamela AC14: not that old
FredK.: hey same here
rich-c: about the same as Dale then
Guy B.-AC14: Hey, he's one of us.
George: i'm lost
BobS: OLD ??????? Dat is ery truly yong
Bytehacker: I'm not that old either, relative to Moses
FredK.: Adam must have marked the 27 age somewhere
Guy B.-AC14: How can you be lost George/
Rich Drushel: I was 28 at my first ADAMcon (4, in Cleveland).
George: easy
Bytehacker: pushing 59
Bytehacker: and it's pushing back
Dale-AC14 confirmed ban
rich-c: so you're a year or two ahead of Pamela then
FredK.: Rich D maybe I will be too....
Dale-AC14 confirmed ban
BobS: 59 !!!!!!! ya old fart !!!!!!
Bytehacker: tell me about it
Pamela AC14: Rich has two years on me
Guy B.-AC14: I was 33 when I attended my first Adamcon and that was 03.
Murray: i'm 51 young at heart!!
rich-c: it's OK, young man, one of these days...
Pamela AC14: Right Rich?
Pamela AC14: or is it three?
Guy B.-AC14: That was Adamcon 03 in South Bend, IN.
George: send comments to
FredK.: What year Guy?
Guy B.-AC14: 1991
Alan Neeley: AC03 ahhhh the year I was inducted into the Adam Gallery of Honour - I remember it well...
rich-c: and so you should, Alan, for tht reason
Guy B.-AC14: Oh yeah, and we had around 79 of us that year.
FredK.: 79!!
BobS: it was definitely biggere then
rich-c: hope you still have your certificate framed on the wall
Alan Neeley: God Bless Mr. Rhoades!
Bytehacker: now that we've all blown age thing
Murray: I think that was one of the bigger bashes wasn't it
Tom OZ: He had it gilded.
Bytehacker: exactly Alan
Guy B.-AC14: Adamcon 04 was the one we peaked at.
BobS: been cutting down every year until we reached a plateau in about 1998 or so....only honest to goodness family ADAM users left......
Alan Neeley: I'm looking at the certificate right now - right next to my chrome I love ADAM sticker...
rich-c: Dale, any recollection how many we had at 02?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... Where is the notes about Mayan Adventure? I don't find it!
FredK.: ready to learn guys!!
rich-c: as it should be, Alan - Frances' and mine are also framed on the living room wall
Tom OZ: You bet!
Dale-AC14: Well, I'm 30 but I was only 17 at my first AdamCon.
HLM-AC14: don't want to to brag but as I recall IV had 108
Bytehacker: Mine's in the snake pit
Bytehacker: which is where I am also mostly
Pamela AC14: how did you keep track of everyone?
BobS: oh jeez canNOT count the hotel maids !!!!!
Bytehacker: Alan, how many did you have?
Dale-AC14: I'm jsut wondering if you ever tried my cross compiling setup.
Tom OZ: I hope he only counted them.
HLM-AC14: smart filer beleive it or not
Guy B.-AC14: I missed the first two and AC08. I should have attended that one.
HLM-AC14: bullshit
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I'm lost... My browser is open with the mayan adventure page...
rich-c: I know the number was a disappointment - half the crowd seemed to get nosebleeds if they crossed the Mississippi
HLM-AC14: fact
Pamela AC14: come to Adamcon - tour North America!
Bytehacker: It's true!
Alan Neeley: Can't recall for sure but it seems like there were 50 or so at AC05.
rich-c: but it was a seriously neat 'con, and opened the door to terrific travels on the way there and back
Bytehacker: right
Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't see the notes
Guy B.-AC14: I think we did have that many ALan.
Dale-AC14: I was never involved in the accounting of AC02.
BobS: that was Ken Batchers baby wasn't it????
HLM-AC14: Even had Keith Marner and family
Alan Neeley: Dale - seemed like there were slightly more than 50 at AC02 there in good ol' Canada
Tom OZ: I thought that was AC04?
HLM-AC14: from Great Britan
Pamela AC14: now that's international
FredK.: Any special highlights from this Adamcon?
Guy B.-AC14: II remember we had a couple from there at 04.
rich-c: it was a joint effort between Ken and I, with the Wicks and Dave Hill giving serious help
BobS: could go home and look it up in my records......HERMAN....ya know I go it....
HLM-AC14: 04 is IV one in the same sir
BobS: got it
Tom OZ: What ever happened to the guy who was doing SmartLOGO in Japan?
Pamela AC14: was that James?
HLM-AC14: got the records HERE in smart filer
BobS: the nl's had listings of the attendees of all of them back them
Guy B.-AC14: That's James.
rich-c: that's james, he's teaching now but may be back on later
rich-c: have to get the laptop off my legs, it's getting too hot
Guy B.-AC14: Thought I kick off my shoes. Now my feet feel better.
Dale-AC14: What did we talk about yesterday. I was still pretty sleepy.
BobS: ;put it on the desk there Richard
rich-c: also making my hip joint hurt
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela AC14: desk is too high
BobS: OH, the message came thru first that Dale was pretty.....oddd me thinks
Dale-AC14: We talked about how AdamServe worked with a live demo.
rich-c: once on the desk, typing is difficult
gmk: I thought Herman was only one "resting"
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Pamela AC14: try the footstool, Dad
FredK.: great tks Dale
BobS: GUY that your tootsies???/?????
Bytehacker: Guess I better stay active..... screen just went blank
Pamela AC14: Guy, put your shoes back on!
Guy B.-AC14: I'll be back. The message log stopped.
rich-c: what footstool?
Alan Neeley: Dale, how do I change my email address subscribe to the coleco adam list
Guy B.-AC14 left chat session
Murray: I'll say goodnight all...Happy ADAMMING all!!!
Pamela AC14: don't you have one?
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale-AC14: I gave a seminar on how to write Interactive Fiction (as a basis for game design).
changed username to Guy B.
Murray left chat session
rich-c: night Murray see you tomorrow
Pamela AC14: g'nite Murray, see you in the morning
Dale-AC14: The morning we spent on Adam Bomb 2 by Steve Pitman software.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
Alan Neeley: g'nite Murray!
FredK.: Goodnite Murray
BobS: nite Murray
Tom OZ: Talk to you all tomorrow!
Dale-AC14: Goodnight Murray.
HLM-AC14: nite Murray
Pamela AC14: nite Tom
Guy B.: See you tomorrow Murray.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Murray!
Pamela AC14: see you in the a.m.
Guy B.: Bye Tom.
HLM-AC14: and Tom
BobS: and NOW they are playing the FIRST adambomb game......all three of 'em
Bytehacker: nite to those who are nighting
rich-c: you packing it in too, Tpm?
Dale-AC14: I'll be posting my notes on game design after AdamCon.
rich-c: night, Tom
Bytehacker: sounds good Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale - ok!
Tom OZ left chat session
Rich Drushel left chat session
Dale-AC14: Guy showed off is new DCOPY32 -- which is a disk copying utlitiy for the AdamEm emulator, to simplify copying disk images from Adam media.
Pamela AC14: Dad, you don't have a footstool?
BobS: use up them hours Richard!!!!!!
Bytehacker: Alan, you got any working ADAM CPU's in your cache?
Daniel Bienvenu: dcopy32?
Daniel Bienvenu: 32bits version of dcopy?
Guy B.: There's a little flaw in that which I'll fix when I get back home.
rich-c: well, Sprint isn't so generous, only got 8 hours
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) oh ya... at least 15-20
Dale-AC14: Alan, I can do it right now while I'm thinking about it.
HLM-AC14: getting ready for 15 Ron
rich-c: and Frances had been burnoing them surfing the Aminet
Bytehacker: we'll talk later
Bytehacker: I got 5, but not sure of status
Pamela AC14: oh yeah, blame it on Mom
Alan Neeley: Dale - please change to
Guy B.: Ron, your notebook is available.
Dale-AC14: Guy, what's the URL for that?
FredK.: Dale tks fr the briefing, will look fr notes....
moved to room Meeting Place
Alan Neeley: I'm unable to send emails to the coleco adm list with my prodigy account. I can only receive
Guy B.:\vb\vbscript.htm
Bytehacker: Noted Alan's e-mail address
changed username to zonker
Bytehacker: ZONK
zonker: yes?
moved to room Meeting Place
Alan Neeley: Zonk has entered the building! Hi Zonk!
Pamela AC14: hi, Zonker!
Bytehacker: hey man!
BobS: the mighty ZONKMAN !!!!
rich-c: ZONKER111
zonker: howdy alan!
BobS: duck everybody
FredK.: Im going to try to download an emulator.
George: I got news i think we just hit Iraq
rich-c: where you been, good buddy?
Guy B.: try again\bonag_3\Vb/vbscript.htm
HLM-AC14: hello son how are you
Dale-AC14: Zonker! You misssed PJ. She says she might be back on after a stretch.
Pamela AC14: what are you throwing, Bob?
Guy B.: Zonker, long time no see. Have Murray here in my room.
zonker: wellll...truth to was pj that called me! :)
zonker: guy, let murray alone.
rich-c: good on her - we sure have missed hearing from you
(Guy B. kicks zonker)
Bytehacker: great!
zonker: jeeez, haven't been in chat so long that i'm not used to reading all this here stuff.
BobS: throwing towels at you Pam
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) kinda cool eh?
Guy B.: That's for getting too personal, Zonk.
rich-c: takes a while, but you'll get used to it
HLM-AC14: get used to it... its waiting on you
zonker: pamela! now just WHAT does bob USUALLY throw? why, b.s. of course....
FredK.: zoiks!
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Pamela AC14: can you toss another bath towel? we could use one
rich-c: meet George from Philadelphia, Daniel from Quebec City, and Fred from Montreal
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) Herm - luv ya man :)
Pamela AC14: I'[m in the line of fire, I like to know these things
Daniel Bienvenu: My Story : I'm Daniel Bienvenu. I was too young to play the ColecoVision games the first time but I decided to learn and work very hard to do some games for this game system. In 2000, John Dondzila helped me to release one of my Coleco creation : DACMAN. Now, I'm looking to a simple way to test my games quickly. There is no RAMCART so I need to use a floppy disk but my Adam disk drive doesn't work. So, each time I program new Coleco game I don't know if the result will work on a real Coleco because I use only the emulators.
zonker: before i make a fool of myself(pauses for obvious remarks)
Dale-AC14: I've added you Alan. What was your old address?
BobS: I am civILized.....I usuallam a quiet shy person.........
zonker: how do i send a private msg? type first,THEN hit send private>?
Guy B.: We are waiting Zonker. Speak!
Pamela AC14: prove it, Bob
George: Huh?
moved to room Meeting Place
HLM-AC14: no highlite user on right then send private
changed username to Rich Drushel
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) Old address was it is still alive - I just can't send mail from it. And when I was trying to use the SLCneeleys it was kicking a lot of stuff back...
zonker: oh, sorry, i thought "bob s." meant bob slopsema...but if your quiet and shy, must be someone else....
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, it takes me many minutes to write this little notes about me.
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: Back after a browser crash...and there is Zonker!!!!
changed username to Rob
Rob: hi all
Pamela AC14: how did you crash it Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm new so.. you don't know who I am.
zonker: (PRIVATE) testing
rich-c: whoops - is the Rob CP/M just came in?
HLM-AC14: (PRIVATE) like this sir
FredK.: Daniel its o.k. it took me a while to read it.
Guy B.: Hi Rob.
Pamela AC14: HI Rob
Rich Drushel: I'm not sure, Pam.
Bytehacker: Rob Friedman?
BobS: Zonker you big BSer
Alan Neeley: Always good to see new blood carrying on the ADAM tradition there Daniel!
zonker: doctor d!!!
Rob: any other????
Rich Drushel: Exploder just started running slower and slower and the hard disk was thrashing and thrashing and then it froze.
Bytehacker: noo
Rob: on the phone with PJ rt now
Rich Drushel: I had to kill it.
Dale-AC14: (PRIVATE) Highlight the person you want to send to, and hit Send
Pamela AC14: that must have been your flashing then
Rich Drushel: I'm back with Netscape, give it a try now.
BobS: thought you kicked the ol' bucket Rob.........haven' seen ya in ages
rich-c: the real Rob - the gang's all here
Dale-AC14: Hightlight the person you want to send to and hit send private message.
BobS: how's Sue?????
Rich Drushel: Hello Mr. Friedman!
FredK.: Alan just need a little or alot of mentora
rich-c: sure a testimony to who PJ is in the Adam community
Guy B.: Been a long time Rob. How are you?
Rob: sue's fine.., and the reort of my death was greatly exagerated
Rob: report
rich-c: Zonker, Rob. Alan - who next?
Bytehacker: yup
zonker: tee-hee. pj must be laying down the law to ALL us slackers.
Guy B.: You bet she has.
Rich Drushel: Zonker, did she phone you to make you login tonight>
Bytehacker: fer sure eh?
Rob: all we need is john
HLM-AC14: hello Rob
BobS: that's good...I mean about being dead...... ;-)
Rob: hiya hoiman
zonker: guy cousinae?
Dale-AC14: Alan, I need to do some maintenance of the mailing list. I'll get it fixed up.
Alan Neeley: She didn't have to call me - I could just sense her wrath! :)
Rob: or tony m
Bytehacker: haven't heard from Mr. Cousineau in a very long time Zonk
BobS: HI Herm
zonker: yup, rich, i'm ashamed to say she did. though it was nice to hear her voice.
Rich Drushel: :-) Well, we miss hearing from you too, Zonker.
Rich Drushel: Hope all is well with you and yours.
zonker: hiya rob f.
Bytehacker: Had lunch with Tony in Edmonton around 1998 give or take
Rob: who isnt acrtually there???
HLM-AC14: Hello Bob
rich-c: yes, now we need to get her to phone Guy c and Tony M
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) Mr Friedman I presume?
zonker: actually, wouldnt it be easier to say who IS there?
Guy B.: Zonker, you need to come on here every now and then so we know at least you're alive and well.
Rob: (PRIVATE) damn straigt i am
Rich Drushel: Me...and Drushel v2.0, aka Elanor.
Bytehacker: Left my organizer at home, otherwise I would
rich-c: well, some were in before you came, and logged out
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you plan to do an Album? Picture + Name + Hobby + etc. ?
Rich Drushel: (Joan and other 3 girls are at home)
left chat session
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) Good to see old friend...
Daniel Bienvenu: It will be great to see an ADAMCON album
Dale-AC14: Rob, I was in New York (day trip only), but I couldn't find you phone number.
Rich Drushel: Joan actually phoned on the 2nd line in the room just a few minutes ago.
zonker: okay, so how many at the con this year?
Bytehacker: Bob?
Guy B.: About 18.
Rob: hey someone just called me old
Dale-AC14: I installed some of my software forDigital Print ordering at Adorama.
Pamela AC14: eighteen including Wick version 1.0
Rob: aint that old.. only 47
zonker: not YOU rob! :)
Rich Drushel: She took the younger 2 to a Medieval Fair with jousting today...and elephant rides...
BobS: Daniel goto and check out the ADAMpeople from previous con's...this years' pages are forthcoming
Rob: pj says she will call anyone yo want if you give her the damn number
Alan Neeley: oops couldn't have been me!
HLM-AC14: like hell
Rich Drushel: Christina (eldest) didn't want any part of that, though...
HLM-AC14: 47 plus
BobS: HEY Rich, you are SOECIAL
Pamela AC14: is that a quote Rob?
Rob: yes
Pamela AC14: thought so
Rich Drushel: Me, social? Nah, I have stage fright. Unless I can talk in funny voices (like today when Dale and I read his adventure game script).
rich-c: Pam is my daughter, Rob - dont think you'ved met
Dale-AC14: My new baby Jeffrey ius here at the 'Con.
zonker: oh, thanks guy, didn't see the answer til now....18 is about where it's at anymore, right?
Pamela AC14: btw, allow me to introduce my self properly - I am Richard and Frances Clee's daughter - I'm here with my husband Russell
Alan Neeley: Quick... Who remembers their Compuserve account #?
Guy B.: Anytime ZOnker.
Rob: 76702.417
Rich Drushel: Never had one :-)
Alan Neeley: 74756,1104
Rich Drushel: And I'm still
Guy B.: Me neither.
BobS: naw, if Pam had met ya Rob, she WOULD remember ya
Bytehacker changed username to Murray
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah I see the ADAMCON #5 pictures... it's like an album but I'm talking about a page with one picture of each one with name and description.
Rob: duh hey I'm STILL a sysop on tehre
zonker: hwy, how can pam be your daughter,rob?
Rich Drushel: ROTFL!
Murray: Hi Zonker
BobS: 72117,4004
Guy B.: Murray's back.
HLM-AC14: Pam is Rich-c daughter
Pamela AC14: ???
Rich Drushel: Who can remember their logins to the various BBSes?
Dale-AC14: 71065,2566
rich-c: not Rob's, mine
Rob: beats me.. we dont have any kids
Guy B.: Zonker, pay attention.
Rich Drushel: I was TP39 at Herman's Trading Post.
zonker: hey, murray, lets see your front.
Rob: wildcat??
Rich Drushel: 36 at George's ADAM eXchange.
Pamela AC14: welll at least Dad is still claiming me
HLM-AC14: zonk is 8
zonker: zonker password_boris
HLM-AC14: Alan is 2
Murray: My front?
Dale-AC14: And that number is in octal.
Rich Drushel: And on ADAMlink of Utah...hmmm...
HLM-AC14: priveledged info sir
HLM-AC14: top secret
zonker: tp8 at hermans, can't remember the rest.
rich-c: why, is ALU still up?
Rich Drushel: Sorry Alan, I can't remember my login.
HLM-AC14: same on all except sysop
Alan Neeley: ALU up? right... Actually the HD is still there. Have no idea if it would work...
zonker: can anyone remember how drunk alan,herman and pj were at adamcon...fill in the blank....
Rich Drushel: Alan, you should dump it out, the data that is.
Dale-AC14: Rob, I was in NYC this month but couldn't remember where you worked.
HLM-AC14: ITP last year Alan at AC13
Rob: dale.. you were
Rich Drushel: Last ADAMcon, Herman and George brought their BBS systems and let us login and read all the old messages.
BobS: Rob....WORK ????????
Alan Neeley: I was so drunk.... (blank is all I can fill in)
Daniel Bienvenu: RichD : Did you plan to continue the ADAM Technical manual?
Rob: AT the store!!!
Murray: I'd better go getting late niters all
Rich Drushel: It was a real treat...I'd love to see that for ALU, if possible. Lots of history!
Rob: we had lunch down the block!
Pamela AC14: nite Murray
rich-c: night Murray
Guy B.: Killed a couple of small bugs in my room.
zonker: good night murray.
Rich Drushel: Daniel, yes, just got sidetracked with my retyping efforts.
Rob: nite murray
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit murray
Guy B.: Bye Murray.
Rich Drushel: Bye Murray!
Dale-AC14: I was at 18th St and 6th ave (Adorama).
Rob: pj says goodnite
rich-c: CIA or FBI, Guy?
HLM-AC14: nite Murry
Rich Drushel: HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zonker: sayyyy....any ex adam bbs sysops have any of the old private mail left? :)
Dale-AC14: Goodnight PJ.
FredK.: Nite Murray
Rob: adorama?????? you SOB... ya coundt visit????? if yo asked the comptuer guys they would know me!!!
Pamela AC14: is PJ still on the phone Rob?
Guy B.: Neither. Small crawling bugs.
zonker: guy, don't refer to murray as a small bug.
Rob: yes she is
Dale-AC14: How far are you from there?
(Guy B. slaps zonker playfully)
Rob: 4 blocks
rich-c: well send her another round of hugs - she rates them
Rob: 21st btwn 6 and 7
Pamela AC14: HUGS!
Rob: she says back atcha
zonker: (zonker falls to floor screaming in pain)
Rich Drushel: even more HUGS!!!!!
Rob: she needed that
Dale-AC14: I was afraid of that. It was a quick visit. (6 hours, then I flew back out of town)... and I couldn't find your phone number.
Pamela AC14: noow Zonk, you nd Guy play nice
Guy B.: Now, I didn't slap you that hard. Get up.
Rob: btw did the hershys melt?
zonker: pam! save me!! guy is trying to hit me in the head witha brick....
Dale-AC14: Nope, t5hey are in good shape.
Murray changed username to Ron
Guy B.: I don't have a brick.
Dale-AC14: A door prize is the official plan for the hugs and kisses.
Ron: right
BobS: Pj's hugs & Kisses are a door prize......
rich-c: sorry, PJ's won that already
Pamela AC14: (Pam hugs Guy and steals th brick)
BobS: as well as her dirty tshirt
Dale-AC14: Rob, I installed my online digital print software in their lab.
Guy B.: Thanks Pam.
Rob: dale.. you should come by who are you with now???
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
zonker: whew! just in the nick of time, pam. you women-folk sure are devious.
BobS: he's with Jillian.......Jeffery's mom......
Rich Drushel: Back in a few minutes...gotta attend to the time-lapse camera in the session room.
Pamela AC14: gotta holdl my own with allthis testosteron
(BobS groans loudly)
HLM-AC14: be nice Zonk
Ron: Somebody fax me a Diet Cokd
Ron: Coke
(Guy B. gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: tks Guy
Dale-AC14: If it wern't for the fact that my company has about twice as many projects as we can do, I would have.
rich-c: yeah, don't have Meeka or Judy running interference tonight
zonker: pam, i'm too damned old for testosteron! jee, almost as old as your dad.
(BobS gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela AC14: I noticed that - too busy bombing things
Dale-AC14: I will email you before I'm in NYC next.
Ron: Judy, Meeka, come and say hello to your public
Ron: they're clamoring
rich-c: like, 72 next week, ZonK?
Guy B.: Ron has two Diet Cokes.
Pamela AC14: I'm the only female here - someone has to keep you guys in line
Ron: Nothing as unsatisfying as virtual Diet Coke
Guy B.: Oh-oh. The gig's up.
zonker: did such a nice young man ever get to be 72? :) no wait, i don't wanna know...
Pamela AC14: there's a bottle in the conference room, Ron
Ron: brb
BobS: hello, hello, hello form the gals playing Adambomb 1
Pamela AC14: or there was
George: What happened to Judy?
Pamela AC14: she's stuk in room 128
zonker: you don't wanna know, george.
BobS: judy, meeka, and jillian are playing games
rich-c: the ladies are all playing Adam Bomb (a game) in hte conference room
George: and Meeka
zonker: bob has his little secrets, ya know.
FredK.: I see her in the sky with diamonds
FredK.: that was Lucie!
zonker: i see her in disguise....with glasses.
Rob: soi how many are at the CON?
BobS: le' bomb game
rich-c: well, yes, lots of them in Adam Bomb
Pamela AC14: 18
Daniel Bienvenu: I was looking in the ColecoVision catalog (silver cover) and I see some games never released : SideTrak, Rip Cord, Spectar, ...
Daniel Bienvenu: I started to do my own version of Spectar but I decided to stop the project.
rich-c: right, Daniel
rich-c: actually james is our member who has researched thm most
Rob: does that include spouses?
Ron: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ron
zonker: no, that's RIGHT, not night!
BobS: mouses?????
Ron: dorme bien
Pamela AC14: meese
FredK.: i think blouses
Guy B.: Got some Diet coke.
BobS: mousesin plurality
Ron: me too
Pamela AC14: give some to Ron
zonker: houses?
rich-c: souris?
Guy B.: He's got some already.
Pamela AC14: mice in hice, Right Dad?
Dale-AC14: I want the myserty game from the side of the box.
BobS: found him some
Dale-AC14: And the horse racing game.
Rob: oy vey iz meer
FredK.: thats Rice!!
Ron: sounds good to me Rob
zonker: that's nice
Pamela AC14: only in China
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone here can tell me where are the Exidy's copyrights ? Who have these copyrights?
zonker: you people are up too late.
Ron: Zonker, can you say Comox?
(Dale-AC14 reboots Guy B.'s computer remotely.)
Pamela AC14: never
zonker: i MIGHT even be able to DRIVE it, ron.
Guy B.: Ouch!
Ron: that would be SUPER sir
HLM-AC14: not like we used to Zonk
rich-c: as far as I know, Daniel. Exidy is still in business
Guy B.: SHould have done that to the P75, Dale.
BobS: Zonker so you know where comox IS????
zonker: beg me....:)
Dale-AC14: I guess so.
Ron: I intend to
Daniel Bienvenu: Exidy still in business? .. I don't find any new games made by this company.
Ron: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: after 1986
zonker: yeah, just go to vancouver and turn uh, left, no right.....
HLM-AC14: we are begging
Pamela AC14: swim first
Guy B.: Rich, I think Williams and Bally are still making arcade games. Haven't seen any from Exidy since the 80's.
rich-c: maybe they got bought by someone else, then, or went into other business
Dale-AC14: I don't know about Exidy, but Telegames bought the copyrights to all Coleco branded games.
Ron: Rich Drushel was talking about building a raft from west coast driftwood. Perhaps you could join him
zonker: true, a brisk swim accross the channel to arrive refreshed.
zonker: ONLY if HE rows.
Pamela AC14: 'zactly
Ron: :)
Alan Neeley: hehehe
Daniel Bienvenu: Without more informations, I think I can't continue my project.
Dale-AC14: Daniel, they were primarily a coin-op game maker. I suspect they were bought by Bally/Williams around then.
Dale-AC14: But it is a wild guess.
Ron: Not far from SLC Alan
zonker: dang, why else do we have these younger adamites any way?
rich-c: just sort of paddle from island to island, Zonk
Guy B.: That's what I thought.
Ron: (hint hint)
(S enjoys the flowers.)
HLM-AC14: to remind us of what we forgot
rich-c: problem is, we never know who is defendeing their copyrights and who isn't
zonker: hmmmm....alan couldn't get to seattle, but CAN get to comox???? :) don't hit me, alan.
BobS: and Herman done forgot a lot!!!!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Doug S
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: hello
Guy B.: There's Doug.
rich-c: doug
Alan Neeley: hum huh? that one flew right over my head
Pamela AC14: hi Doug
zonker: yeah, right, alan.....
FredK.: Hi
BobS: Doug!!!!!!
Ron: :(
zonker: oh,lord....not dough slopsema????
zonker: er, doug
rich-c: alan, zonk: Daniel has writtine about 20 Colecovisiion games
Daniel Bienvenu: If you can go to this URL you will see my Spectar project looks exactly like the screenshot in the ColecoVision catalog
Guy B.: Yep, you guessed right Zonk.
Ron: nope Zonk you were right the first time
Dale-AC14: The thing about most 80's games is that even the owner doesn't really remember that they own the rights.
Pamela AC14: freudian slip, zonk?
Daniel Bienvenu: This is why I don't know if I have rights to continue or not
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: especially when the company has been sold
Rob: off the phone with pat
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: i thought doug was old enough to tell his ol' man to &*$# himself and bail....
changed username to Doug S.
changed username to james
james: afternoon all
rich-c: welcome back james
Daniel Bienvenu: When John Dondzila convince me to release DACMAN in carts I was affraid.
Pamela AC14: WB James
Guy B.: Welcome back, James!
FredK.: Hey James!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James
Ron: International are we again
Alan Neeley: probably should start running after that too!
james: so how is the convention going? wish i could have made it as i:ve yet to go to one
BobS: do it Daniel
rich-c: zonk, you need a Japanese translation of SmartLogo? james is your man
Guy B.: Going very well. Last day is tomorrow.
Rob changed username to Rob F.
james: cool
BobS: you James!!!!!
Ron: sigh
james: hey bob
Rob F.: sonds like a lot of fun
zonker: oh! THAT james! hello, sir. what time is it in the land of the midnight sun?
Ron: James DeCarlo
Dale-AC14: Daniel, do you know that a bunch of tyhe pages on your web site say "Whoops! We can't find your page! "?
james: it's about 12:25 in the afternoon
rich-c: we're a big happy family by now, Rob
FredK.: out again
BobS: summer in Comox area of Victoria Island.........
BobS: closer to home
Ron: Hey Bob, a bug just crawled out of your computer
FredK. left chat session
james: that i might be able to swing if i can work it in a trip back home
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: honest
changed username to FredK
zonker: good one, bob
Pamela AC14: only if he doesn't take a side trip to Ottawa
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, I know.. it's because I started to do the frame version without adding the missing web pages
zonker: and james? there is probably a direct flight into vancouver....comox not far....
Daniel Bienvenu: test
FredK left chat session
Ron: good point Zonk
james: yeah, i always fly in and out of vancouver on my way to and from ottawa/osaka
Pamela AC14: your here Daniel
zonker: ottawa? i don't get it
Pamela AC14: his parents are in Ottawa
james: next year is adam's 20th anniversary, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello? 1..2.. test? my chat session doesn't work?
Ron: Zonker, James used to be a member of the ADAM User Friendly Group
james: sorry zonker, yeah, my family is in ottawa
Daniel Bienvenu: shit!
BobS: KILL IT...not the puter just the bug
Ron: at the tender age of ???? 13?
zonker: oh. see i just GOT to joing these new chat things that everyone is talking about,.
Alan Neeley: (PRIVATE) it's working...
james: yeah i was 13ish
Rob F.: hey went to that unreleased site... what is this about colecovision games on CD??
Guy B.: Exit out and sign in again Daniel.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: you are coming in on our screens, Daniel
Ron: He was a member before I was a member
james: which seems like a very long time ago now
changed username to FredK.
Ron: in a galazy far, far away
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
zonker: yeah, i knew that back story, knew he was in japan, etc, just didn't know the ottawa connection.
zonker: sounds like a spy thriller.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela AC14: okay Dan
changed username to newcoleco
james: we should do something special for adam's 20th
Ron: a good suggestion James
Guy B.: A big cake for starters.
Pamela AC14: any ideas?
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: didn't Dr.D say this year is Colecovision's 20th?
james: 1983-2003 - in japan they have a coming of age ceremony at 20 and it's the legal drinking age.
zonker: yes, for adams's 20th each of you should send me 100 dollars....
james: 1982? really?
Pamela AC14: that's Rich's department
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
George: five more first
Guy B.: Not to you Zonker, unless you want to host it.
james: is he going by the chinese calendar where the count back to the date of conception?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back... but I lost all the previous messages
zonker: hell, i'll promise anything for 100 bux
Pamela AC14: you didn't miss much Daniel
FredK.: Same here
Guy B.: 1982 when Colecovision came out. 1983 is when Adam came out.
james: that's what i thought
George: where am I?
rich-c: does thaqt include AC15 attendance, Zonk?
Pamela AC14: talk is cheap Zonker
zonker: george, you are right there.
Alan Neeley: and so is Zonk. hehehe
George: it's slow
Rob F.: guys gonna get going... good to see all of you... < yes i still have my website on Freedomland
zonker: are you kidding? they'll never get a bunch of maverick adam users together for a con....
rich-c: tangled in about six dozen threads all going at the same time
zonker: not to think that they wou.d do it for 15 years! :)
Pamela AC14: g'nite Rob
Guy B.: Glad you came by, Rob. See you soon.
Alan Neeley: See ya Rob!
Rob F.: zie gesunt
james: i'm surprised scott isn't around
zonker: good to see ya, rob.
rich-c: come baCK SOON rOB - NEXT wED WOULD BE FINE ;-)
FredK.: Bye Rob
Pamela AC14: me too actually - did anyone warn him?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think you can tell me if there is a way to do a simple vector game like Asteroid. I think it's the only classic videogame never done for the ColecoVision and I wanted to do one but I need some informations.
FredK.: auf wiedersehen
Rob F.: u 2 alan, bart, and all others
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rob!
james: lol rich - UseD CApsLOck KEy foR SAle?
George: what is thiis threads you are talking about?
Rob F.: sewing
Rob F.: needle
rich-c: farn dingers
zonker: no james, that's just rich having an "episode"
james: lol
HLM-AC14: lets all go to 15 it will probably take me, zonk and Alan to get one up and running
rich-c: of conversation, George
Rob F.: thimble
Dale-AC14: Bye for now Rob.
james: i've started having "senior moments" at the tender age of 27. the future looks blissfully blank.
Rob F.: poof!
Rob F. left chat session
zonker: herman, only if you have it in florida. :)
Alan Neeley: Don't worry James it happens to all of us eventually...
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I'm always talking about games... it's because I like programing and playing games.
Pamela AC14: that's what having kids dose to you James
james: i'm sure teaching 10 hours a day has nothing to do with it
George: i don't understand. how does it work?
rich-c: the laptop has a difficult keyboard at best, and it's on too high a table
Pamela AC14: oops, does
james: i'll be right back - going back over to the house (i'm at the school now)
HLM-AC14: why Florida so you can drive with us again that was fun
james: anyone who's curious about my school:
james: *poof*
james left chat session
FredK.: James can you drop yr e-mail addr. again?
zonker: yeah, rich, i find as i get older, i'm making excuses too. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I program my Coleco games in C (not in ASM) I will not be able to do a vector game or a smooth sidescrolling game.
rich-c: he wiil be back, Fred
Dale-AC14: Daniel, I've gotta make some time to chat with you then.
Guy B.: Boy, he sures leaves mighty quickly.
Guy B.: Well, be right back.
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: be good Rob
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Rob, good?
changed username to Guy B.
zonker: can someone who is undefined actually enter a room?
Dale-AC14: On the Adam, the recommendation is for fast animation to use character mapped games.
Guy B.: Back again.
Doug S. left chat session
Pamela AC14: yes but we pick on them until they become real people
Dale-AC14: Otherwise there is a it of a bottle neck updating the screen...
Ron: yup Zonker, until undefined assigns him/herself a name
Dale-AC14: but maybe.
zonker: or until they run screeming from the chat room
Ron: semi-materialized
Dale-AC14: HERMAN`
Ron: :0
HLM-AC14: u answered
zonker: herm,dale....quit yelling at each other.
Pamela AC14: scotty, we need more power
Dale-AC14: so I did.
Guy B.: Anyone want an old Mac Performa? I have part of it here, the rest in my trunk. Has software.
HLM-AC14: had to wake him up
Dale-AC14: Did you need something Herman?
Ron: performa what?
zonker: i see that dale and herman are as brilliant at conversation as ever.
Guy B.: Mac Performa.
Ron: (get thee behind me Satan)
HLM-AC14: no you answered Zonk about undefined
Ron: there are Performa 580, 630, 6100, and more
zonker: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich About twwmca... do you plan to continue?
Guy B.: Ron, when you come back down. I'll show it to you.
changed username to Rich Drushel
gmk: Ron,you got enough in the snake pit
Ron: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale - I will be very happy to talk about game with you
Dale-AC14: Wrong Rich, I think.
Rich Drushel: NetZero logged me out while I was away...
Pamela AC14: rich, where did you go?
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: but a poor homeless Mac....???
zonker: ron, be careful going into guy's room....he's gonna show it to you.
changed username to james
Pamela AC14: how very rude
james: back
rich-c: welcome back james
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich - So you don't see my message about twwmca?
Ron: I am sleeping in Guys room
Guy B.: Dr D. Netzero will warn you if you haven't done anything for awhile.
Dale-AC14: Even I'm temped by a homeless Mac.
Pamela AC14: can you take it on the plane Ron?
Rich Drushel: I went to the session room to power down the time-lapse camera and dump the photos out of my digital camera.
HLM-AC14: he just left here carring our secrets
Dale-AC14: I gotta get a bigger apartment.
Ron: he's the only one that can put up with my snoring
FredK.: James can you drop yr e-mail add. again?
zonker: hey, ti was GUY not me who was rude.
Guy B.: Me!
zonker: jeez, then net zero would be very busy around me....
Ron: probably, but would be excess baggage
Ron: Pam
james: sure
james: it's
rich-c: I can tell you Sprint PPI is not at all eager to see you log off
Pamela AC14: well then how ar e you going to get it home?
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich - I have a digital camera too. ( Fujifilm )
FredK.: tks much!
BobS: MacInslash Perorma
james: np, drop me a line anytime, i'm very friendly.
Rich Drushel: This one is an old Kodak.
zonker: kids while its early here, i'm gonna bail....
james: someone stinky here needs a change. brb.
rich-c: oh, a new ISP, James?
Rich Drushel: It belongs to the robot lab.
zonker: got some honey do projects on the boil.
Rich Drushel: Zonker, thanks so much for stopping by tonight!
FredK.: you seem so James
Ron: Zonker, glad you made it. We'll talk
Rich Drushel: You are appreciated, Z.
james: rich, i've had flat rate isdn access for about a year now
Guy B.: Bye Zonker, don't forget about us on Wednesday nights.
james: meaning i can be online as much as i want
james: brb
Alan Neeley: See ya Bart!
HLM-AC14: well it was good to hear from you sir
Rich Drushel: At home I have nice ADSL, it's being away from home that makes me need a little dialup stuff.
zonker: see ya guys.
Pamela AC14: glad to see you Zonker - we miss your personal touch
zonker: 5
zonker: 4
zonker: 3
zonker: 2
zonker: 1
rich-c: come back soon, Zonk
Daniel Bienvenu: Bart? .. the same Bart I saw in pictures of a previous ADAMCON?
Dale-AC14: TTYL Zonker.
zonker: gone!
gmk: nite bart
HLM-AC14: nite Zonk
zonker left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit !
George: why is the chat blinking?
FredK.: Salut Zonk!
Dale-AC14: George, people jsut dropped off.
Alan Neeley: Bart Lynch AKA the zonk man has left the building...
rich-c: Bart Lynch (Zonker) was doing a countdown to departure
Pamela AC14: come back soon
Guy B.: Whoa1
Guy B.: Whoa!
Dale-AC14: I see George is left speechless.
rich-c: yes, George, that's the way it works
Ron: An ADaMite counting backwards from 5
George: hi
Rich Drushel: i ii iii iv v...
Daniel Bienvenu: brb
(Guy B. reboots BobS's computer remotely.)
rich-c: cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un...
George: i'm getting stuck
Alan Neeley: wait a minute I thought it was 01, 02, 03, IV, 05...
Rich Drushel: 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 10
Ron: right Alan
Pamela AC14: George, hwat are you doing?
Ron: Now, I am in a quandry
FredK.: inch,ni,san,chi,go.....ok its not spelt right
Ron: what's 15 XV oF
Rich Drushel: hwat, that is a nice anglo-Saxon form!
Ron: 0F
BobS: Jill says...."throw some stuff out..."
FredK.: James would know!
Dale-AC14: 101 100 011 010 001
Rich Drushel: (Rich picks up Elanor and gives her a heave)
Pamela AC14: ooh, he speaks Roman!
Ron: :)
Ron: right Dale
james: back
james: james would know what?
HLM-AC14: now Alan can count
Guy B.: Let's see. 01,02,03, IV,05,Six,007,VII,09,0ch, IXIII, 14. Right?
Guy B.: XIII for 13.
Alan Neeley: Very good Guy!
FredK.: inch,ni,san,chi,go how its really spelt
Rich Drushel: haha right Guy!
Dale-AC14: Japanese!
George: trying to chat
Dale-AC14: Good stuff.
james: ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, nana/shich, haji, kyuu, jyuu
Rich Drushel: The next one has got to be F, though...
james: oops. hachi not haji
FredK.: Thats it!!!!!
james: damn fingers
rich-c: depends on which transliteration scheme you prefer, Fred
George: i'm lost again
Rich Drushel: Haji, he was Johnny Quest's friend...
james: i don't much care for romanized japanese though. cumbersome to read/write
BobS: be good Zonk
FredK.: Looks the same fr you ay Rich?
james: it's finally cooled off here and there's a nice breeze. i was getting pretty sick of 35+ humidity weather
rich-c: well, any non-Latin language, the transliteration is arbitrary
HLM-AC14: Zonker is gone wake up
Guy B.: Been a hot summer altogether.
George: HELP!
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: George needs our help.
rich-c: oh, we've had a northern high and nice summer weather last few days
Dale-AC14: Hi George.
Alan Neeley: Hottest in History here in SLC
james: what's wrong george?
Dale-AC14: He may have to reconnect.
james: i don't doubt it. japan has also had a record heatwave. i'm just dreading my next electric bill
Pamela AC14: I'm going to go look over someone's shoulder - my system is so slow that I'm falling way behind
Rich Drushel: Come see my 486, Pam, it's working better now.
Rich Drushel: Room 133, I think Elanor and I are in.
Alan Neeley: But it's a dry heat here in Utah
rich-c: ah yes, the joys of laptops
Guy B.: Tell me about it. Mine was higher than normal and not from the computers, the A/C.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back
james: yeah, me too.
Dale-AC14: Pamela, exiting and reentering can make it speed up on scrolling on a slower system.
james: and at 23 cents/kwh hour here it's pricy
George: why is this so slow?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking at the SmartBasic asm I found in your site Rich D
Rich Drushel: Don't laugh too much at it, Daniel :-)
Guy B.: Mine's about .08 and it's been frozen at that rate through 2006.
Rich Drushel: There are parts I would do differently nowadays.
Pamela AC14: where are you Rich?
HLM-AC14: I think it is the chat buffer
rich-c: sometimes when all of us talk at once the display slows down while printing
Rich Drushel: Room 133.
Dale-AC14: George, it keeps the whole cat history, and in IE that bogs down the displayunless your exit and reenter.
FredK.: Guy your alcohool level?
james: lol
Rich Drushel: Knock 2x and say "Joe sent me"
Dale-AC14: (the would be chat history)
Guy B.: No, my rate per kilowatt hour.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for the ASM code to draw a line on screen... to do a simple vector game like Asteroid for the Coleco game system
Guy B.: I don't drink anyway.
james: guy b, that's really cheap
Ron: Well good people....mine is the first session of the morning
Pamela AC14: OKAY, let me try that
FredK.: jk
Pamela AC14 left chat session
Rich Drushel: IIRC, the line-draw code in SmartBASIC is very poor...ask Dale for a good implementation of Breshenham's Algorithm :-)
George: can i refresh
rich-c: nite Ron. see you at breakfat
Rich Drushel: "breakfat" ??????????????
james: lol
Dale-AC14: Daniel, I'll have to look around, but I know I have C bindings for a really fast line and circle algorithm for the Adam.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: add: s
George: brb
james: breakfats?
Ron: nites all good chat eh?
changed username to Pamela
james: nite ron
Rich Drushel: ROTFL!!!!!!!!!1
HLM-AC14: Dale are you going to archive this chat
Pamela: now let'ssee
Rich Drushel: Yes, all errors recorded for posterity.
Pamela: oh, much better
Guy B.: James, at one time we had 14 cents or something like that a long time ago. But, now our electric is being deregulated, but no one is competeing right now.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I use only the vdp mode 2 screen mode.
Dale-AC14: I archive them all. I just haven't updated in the archive lately.
Pamela: thanks for the tip, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not too familiar with screen mode
rich-c: it's a problem we all share
Ron left chat session
Dale-AC14: Buit I'm off work until Wednesday. So I plan to do some much needed maintenance on
Guy B.: Good Idea Dale.
George left chat session
Rich Drushel: I have a couple of chats from that I can forward to you.
rich-c: that is a relief, Dale
Pamela: It'll be nice to see the archives, Dale.
Rich Drushel: I archived those as well.
Pamela: Plus, can you correct the spelling of discretion?
Rich Drushel: :-)
Dale-AC14: Daniel, I have a bunch of that stuff which I wrote originally for MacAdam I think. It is pretty fast.
Dale-AC14: I also wrote some double buffering code for two color animation.
james: i'm still interested in getting some manuals to get me going programming in asm on the adam
Dale-AC14: It is not really possible to do in full colour. I tried and it didn't really work out satisfactorily.
james: i have a couple of reference guides but they don't do much for the beginner
rich-c: getting a bit of a strain for us old folks here
rich-c: going to have to pack it in for the evening
Pamela: time for bed, Dad?
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Well folks, it's getting late here. So, I'm going to check my e-mail quickly. Those here at AC14, see you tomorrow. The rest on Wednesday.
rich-c: some time ago, Pam
Pamela: I suppose so
changed username to George
Dale-AC14: James, native Adam, or emulator? I've done lessons on each.
james: i prefer native adam
George: i'm back
FredK.: Rich-C take care and good night sleep
Pamela: nite Guy - good luck tuning out Ron
rich-c: so good night all, Zonk, Rob, real soon again, OK?
Rich Drushel: Dale has done lessons on everything :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: If it's possible for me to use your code to do something like Asteroid for the ColecoVision... Maybe it's too late to think about this kind of game.
Dale-AC14: TDOS based or EOS only?
Pamela: Nite, Dad - nite to Mom too
Dale-AC14: Rich LOL.
Guy B.: Bye Rich C. See you tomorrow.
FredK.: Good night Guy B, c you Wed.
james: i'm interested in doing games
rich-c: colour me gone
james: good night rich
Rich Drushel: Nite Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
HLM-AC14: nite Rich
Guy B.: Ok, gang. See you all tomorrow or Wednesday.
Pamela: sweet dreams Daddy
rich-c left chat session
james: @daniel - vous etes francophone?
George: night all
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy!
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: james : oui
Dale-AC14: Daniel, how much of the game can be done with sprites?
Pamela: I've always wondered - what colour is gone, anyway?
Dale-AC14: Just the ship right?
james: cool.
FredK.: Bye George
George: bye, poof
Pamela: bye George
FredK.: James Daniel is from Quebec City.
George left chat session
Dale-AC14: Bye Grorge.
james: beautiful city
Rich Drushel: I should probably also consider going to be soon...
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale - I don't know... maybe all the game could be done with sprites to looks like the Atari 2600 version
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit George
Dale-AC14: That might be pretty easy then.
gmk: I guess all good things come to an end, bye all
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale - But if CV Asteroid can be done like a vector game it will be more beautifull
Pamela: nite George, see in the a.m.
james: dale - i'd like to get started on some basic assembler i guess.
Dale-AC14: I thought the Atari 2600 had very limited sprite capabilities though.
james: it does
gmk left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: But Atari 2600 have a 256 color palette...
Pamela: okay all, I'm outta here - I'll leave you to talk games
james: 'nite pam!
Dale-AC14: A prue vector version is nicer. I think that 10 frames per second is the best you could do on complex levels though maybe.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: Nite James - see you Wednesday
FredK.: Night Pam, till Wed.
Pamela: Bonne nuit, Daniel
james: i hope so. been working ot lately
Rich Drushel: Yeah, time for sleep...good night to all at AC14 and around the world, thanks for stopping in.
james: nite rich
Pamela: Nite Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Rich
Rich Drushel: v iv iii ii i 0
FredK.: Rich D, Gute Naght
Rich Drushel: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: poof?
Rich Drushel left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: is gone
james: too bad the romans didn't have a zero. least i think they didn't.
Pamela: and I'm for bed. See everyone else in the morning
Pamela: sweet dreams to all
Pamela: poof!
Daniel Bienvenu: I think roman use "ONE MINUS ONE" to illustrate the zero
Dale-AC14: Poof means that although we said good bye, we actually mean it this time and won't stickaround anymore.
Pamela left chat session
james: interesting
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! so i will soon say "poof"... if I'm not the last one to quit
Dale-AC14: Alan, have you done anytthing with the Adam emulator?
james: i should go and get some work done while it's cool.
Daniel Bienvenu: Adam emulator? Do you talk about ADAMEM?
Dale-AC14: Yes that is the very one.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's the only ADAM emulator
FredK.: James, bid you good night and will drop a word or 2.
james: yes, please do, i always enjoy talking to adam people
Dale-AC14: Actually, there is one other.
FredK.: Need to download one for my XP windows anybody can help?
Dale-AC14: But it is the only one for Linux.
james: so goodbye/night everyone, salut, a prochaine.
FredK.: Salut James!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit james
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Dale-AC14: Try
Dale-AC14: That is the author's web site for AdamEm.
FredK.: Dale will try but will it work with Win XP? is there a danger
Daniel Bienvenu: I know... Marcel de Kogel
Dale-AC14: There is a bunch of images of files at
FredK.: just download those images?
Daniel Bienvenu: he's the one who help me with my Coleco programming. After he released his Coleco C library, I started to program Coleco games.
Dale-AC14: It works find in Windows 2000 Professional, so I expect that XP will be okay too. (maybe Joystick and sound will be limited).
Daniel Bienvenu: But I still have problem with the SPINNER. All my games to be used with a roller controller *CRASH* or *RESET*
Dale-AC14: I don't mean pictures, but ROMs and other disk images.
FredK.: Dale tks fr the info. will try but just wondered if there where any orders for downloading?
Dale-AC14: I can help you with the spinner.
Dale-AC14: It took me a long time to figure it out.
Dale-AC14: The main trick is to use the correct Interrupt Mode (IM 2 is correct I think).
Dale-AC14: And to "RETN" at the end of the non-maskable interrupt.
Dale-AC14: Look up the IM assembler instruction at Thomas S.'s web site.
Dale-AC14: Fred, I'm not sure what you're asking.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I have no control on that with my C programming method. I have to find someone who can do the special ASM code to get the spinner values.
Dale-AC14: Daniel, I never got the Hi-C compiler to work under Linux or TDOS under AdamEm.
Daniel Bienvenu: My Z80 asm skill is ... low
Dale-AC14: I'm sure that you can do some inline assembly...
FredK.: Dale, I realise its getting late, maybe for next time.....its just that i do not know how you get an emulator to work once you dowload the files?
Dale-AC14: it would only need to be about 7 well chosen lines.
HLM-AC14 left chat session
Dale-AC14: Fred, the emualtor is on zip files. Under Windows, you really need to have AdamEmMam.
Dale-AC14: It makes it easy to pick the ROM or disks that you use with the emulator.
Daniel Bienvenu: Marcel de Kogel added a method to get the spinner values but it's working only with the emulators. in cart version, the game crash.
FredK.: Dale tks very much, and those I download on the you gave to me....
Dale-AC14: We can talk about it more on another chat.
Dale-AC14: Daniel, I think that the "IM 2" is the trick you need.
FredK.: Dale no problem and tks again.
FredK.: Good night to all,Bonne nuit Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: So I will have to re-compile the Marcel de Kogel library? wow!
Dale-AC14: See ya Fred.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Fred!
FredK.: *poof*
FredK. left chat session
Dale-AC14: I think that you can avoid that if you make sure that you do it as the first line of your code.
Dale-AC14: Is Alan still here?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know
Dale-AC14: Daniel, did you want me to take a peek at Marcel's code?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think you have rights to modify his code but if your modification can help me... why not!
Dale-AC14: I'm downloading it now...
Alan Neeley left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: look at the CRTCV.AS file
Dale-AC14: In his file "adam/" he sets the interrupt mode to 1 (IM 1)
Dale-AC14: But he does not do that for cartridges.
Dale-AC14: If you add to line 185:
Dale-AC14: IM 1
Dale-AC14: I bet it'll fix your problem.
Daniel Bienvenu: .. i don't have this file...
Dale-AC14: (right after the "start_program:" line)
Dale-AC14: You only use the "lib/* files?
Dale-AC14: I got the fro m your web site.
Dale-AC14: The Adam/ is for the Adam interface.
Daniel Bienvenu: I see... but I'm looking in the LIB I used for my creation in the lib folder
Dale-AC14: Do you know how to rebuild the libcv.lib file?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not 100% sure but I think it's not difficult
Dale-AC14: Well, that is the easiest way to change it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I use the ZAS to compile the AS files
Dale-AC14: Then to transfer files to the Adam, I've always prefered to use a serial cable (but you need a serial card for your Adam) -- BobS should have one or two around.
Dale-AC14: Daniel, that sounds right to me.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's interresting! I'm looking for a way to test my game.
Dale-AC14: So after you use ZAS, you need to take the output .obj files and make them into a new .lib
Daniel Bienvenu: the libcv.lib ? but the spinner values was in the file ... and the crtcv is not compiled into the libcv.lib file but in the crtcv.obj file
Dale-AC14: Even easier.
Dale-AC14: That should have occured to me.
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, we have to figure out where to modify the coleco library to fix the spinner problem
Dale-AC14: That "IM 1" change should be enough.
Daniel Bienvenu: right after the "start_program:" line?
Dale-AC14: eXACTLY.
Daniel Bienvenu: before the push lines?
Dale-AC14: <tab>IM<tab>1
Dale-AC14: It doesn't really matter. Before the push lines is good
Dale-AC14: start_program:<tab>IM<tab>1
Dale-AC14: start_program: IM 1
Dale-AC14: Actually his code is all lower case (im 1)
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice the "lower case"...
Dale-AC14: I don't know if it matters, but you should probably match what he did.
Dale-AC14: dir
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure I understand what you try to tell me.
Dale-AC14: Oops "dir" was supposed to be for the other window. Sorry.
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried to compile my current project "gamepack" wth the new version of the crtcv.obj and I think it's working. I have to compile one of my other Coleco projects
Daniel Bienvenu: One of my projects who use the spinner values
Dale-AC14: Okay,
Dale-AC14: I'm trying to figure out 22nice.
Daniel Bienvenu: the new gamepack ROM works with MESS emulator. I don't know if it's work with a real coleco
Dale-AC14: Do you have a real Coleco to test it on?
Dale-AC14: I thought I heard that your floppy drive was not responding.
Daniel Bienvenu: To test my game on a real coleco I need to do a cart. but I have no eprom burner. The fastest solution is to use RAMCART. But the only solution I have is by using an adam disk drive. Yes, my adam disk drive doesn't work
Dale-AC14: Right, so no test tonight, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, the only way I found to test my game before making carts is to ask the one who build the carts to test my game on a real Coleco before.
Dale-AC14: You could email it to me in a zip and I could test it here. But not until tomorrow, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: What is your e-mail?
Dale-AC14: Did you see on the Norman G Sipple project to make the joystick into a read only serial port?
Daniel Bienvenu: No, I didn't see that
Dale-AC14: Send it to
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not 100% but I think a Coleco ADAM don't react the same way as a ColecoVision. I have done an hacked version of a rom to add a special title screen and the DELAY is working only with a real ColecoVision.
Dale-AC14: Sorry I meant Jeff Frohwein:
Daniel Bienvenu: I tested the same rom on an ADAM and the screen freeze
Dale-AC14: The Coleco Adam is 99% the same.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know but for this particular ROM it's not the same
Dale-AC14: The only commercial CV cart that I never could get to work on my Adam is Tennis
Dale-AC14: (which was put out by Telegames).
Daniel Bienvenu: You have Tennis? wow!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't find any
Daniel Bienvenu: oh.. telegames release
Dale-AC14: Telegames actually had a programmer or two clean up and finish some of the games in around 85 or 86 if I recall correctly.
Dale-AC14: They also added code to make sure the game was running from cart and not some place else.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! I compile a new version of my Double Breakout project (for use with paddle, roller controller or the spinner on a Super Action joystick...)
Daniel Bienvenu: How you know that about telegames programmers?
Daniel Bienvenu: did you find the information somewhere in the internet?
Dale-AC14: Back then, our MTAG user group had about 150 members...
Daniel Bienvenu: MTAG?
Dale-AC14: And my brother met with the owner of Telegames at the CES show.
Dale-AC14: MTAG is the Metro-Toronto Adam Group (user's group)
Dale-AC14: CES is the Consumer Electronics Show (which my brother Neil was attending for our video store).
Dale-AC14: Anyway he had a chance to see the Telegames CV clone machine, and talk to the owner.
Dale-AC14: I'll look for your email and try it in the morning. I'll email back when I get a moment.
Dale-AC14: The Telegames units and the game titles were carried at Toys R Us in that time frame.
Dale-AC14: I was disapointed that the cart labels were not full colour though.
Dale-AC14: Anyway Jeff Frowhein's setup allows you to using the 1K scratch space area, upload your test code.
Daniel Bienvenu: I send you an e-mail
Daniel Bienvenu: with the rom file I compiled with the new crtcv.obj maded with the modified
Dale-AC14: I'll go to bed now.
Dale-AC14: Goodnight.
Daniel Bienvenu: mee too!
Daniel Bienvenu: booen nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: POOF!
Dale-AC14: poof.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
Dale-AC14 left chat session
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