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changed username to Jillian
Jillian: Hey Bob!
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BobS: HI Jill
changed username to rich-c
Jillian: I wasn't sure if any one else would be here or if everyone was all Adamed out.
BobS: got home OK I see
rich-c: see a few others are early - hi Bob abd Jill
BobS: Richard!!! ya'll made it home ok too!!!!
BobS: not ADAMed out or FRIENDed out either!!!!!!
rich-c: oh yes, hed to stop in Windsor to see Frances' sister and her kids
BobS: how did li'l Jeffy take the whole weekend ?????
BobS: ok now
Jillian: Yup. We hit Detroit at about 4:50 and were over the bridge and thru customs in about 25 minutes
rich-c: Pamela and I had a non-race home - she made it in first but we had a better lunch
Jillian: Jeffy did well. All of us were tired but we seem to have recovered now.
Jillian: We stoped in Windsor for supper and then started home at 8:30.
rich-c: problem is, how are you going to explain to Jeffy that honorary aunts are only a sometime thing?
Jillian: We ended up having lunch before we left Kentwood as Dale had to check out the photo lab at Myers before we left town.
rich-c: man, did that kid get fussed over (OK, so I did do my share)
BobS: glad to see ALL made it home without tickets, etc
Jillian: Jeffy has lots of honorary aunts anduncles that he sees very irregularily.
rich-c: that I wouldn't doubt - he is one engaging kidlet
Jillian: No tickets, scratchs, crying fits, or spitups.
rich-c: just set teh cruise control on 70 and try to stay awake
Jillian: We're very lucky with his temperament.
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rich-c: you sure are, Jill - let's hope it stays that way
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, beginning to recover now?
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Jillian: We didn't have trouble staying awake this time. I drove through Detroit and Dale drove after that.
Judy: Hi, Rich
changed username to George
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changed username to newcoleco
rich-c: hello George - we wer3e just discussing Jill's son
rich-c: bonjour Daniel!
Judy: no, today was a nightmare
George: Hi everyone
newcoleco: Hello! I finally make it... I'm here.. wooooohooooo!
BobS: oh sure, you drive in a foreign country, then make Dale drive in Mountie country........
BobS: YOU Geo
BobS: YO George !!!!
Judy: I had all three boys this morning, and one with a broken arm
BobS: that better
BobS: Hiya daniel
rich-c: why did you break his arm?
George: HI Bob
Jillian: We were working on the next AB game so were quite involved in that.
Judy: not me, Ryan did that last night at home
BobS: make any progress with ther disk drive Daniel????
Jillian: How did he do that?
Jillian: Ryan that is.
Judy: fell off the couch
rich-c: yikes - and cold sober, too
newcoleco: oh.. no progress with my disk drive. Thanks for asking! :)
BobS: well.......did richard send ya specs and instructions?????
Jillian: Must have landed really wrong. I've fallen off couches before and only bruised my dignity.
rich-c: Bob, was it you or Dr. D. said he had the schematics for the disc drive?
BobS: to get you started????
BobS: I might have them somewhaere......not sure whjere
newcoleco: oh.. I don't receive any schematics.
Judy: yes, broke the top part
BobS: Terry Fowlere has thenm for a buck a page + shipping though
rich-c: I have schematics for the Adam but not for the disc drive
Judy: so he has the arm bandaged to his chest
BobS: was lookintg on his website and found those............but no mem xpane=ders, ets
rich-c: was it a clean break or greenstick fracture, Judy?
Judy: can move the bottom half, but he doesn't
Jillian: Jeffy took his first proper cruising steps this morning. Then fell down and walloped his head. first of many I assume.
Judy: spiral break
rich-c: yes Jill, maybe you'd better buy him a helmet
BobS: that's about it Jill.....1st of many
Judy: poor little guy
Jillian: How old is Ryan?
rich-c: those are nasty, Judy. My sympathy all round - especially to Ryan
BobS: 1 yr and seven months
BobS: he's cryin again
BobS: probably di not ge his tylenol lately......
BobS: sometimes Mandy fogets her head
Jillian: I'm not surprised. I'm sure it will hurt like the blazes for a while.
rich-c: how come they don't have it in a cast?
Jillian: Anyone have a palm pilot? We use those for setting alarms for timed medications.
BobS: no
George: zip
BobS: don't rightly know......have to see a bone specialist next Mon I think
rich-c: yes, at that age and stage of growth, proper treatment is critical
Jillian: Casts are frowned on lately due to problems with skin beathing and people trying to scratch with items like knitting needles etc.
newcoleco: oh no! don't tell me .. who has an accident?
George: i had a couple
rich-c: Ryan is Bob and Judy's grandson
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: welcome Dr. D.
newcoleco: hello Rich!
Dr.D.: Sorry I'm late...aquarium disaster in the slug lab.
BobS: hi Dr D
Dr.D.: Just got back home.
George: Hi Dr. D
Dr.D.: Hello all.
rich-c: do you have the Adam disc drive schematics and can you send them (scan, photocopy) to Daniel?
Jillian: Lots of casulties in the lab?
BobS: the slugs had a mutiny and broke the aquarium.............
(BobS winks)
George: i have to go to the hospital tomorrow
Dr.D.: Of course I have the schematics, I scanned them before returning them to you. I have not had time to assemble the scans into whole documents.
rich-c: but they don't include teh disc drive, do they? (I confess I haven't unrolled the package yet)
Jillian: What happened George? Mishap between the con and home?
Dr.D.: As for casualties, one. He died and fouled the water, making the others sick. The reason he died is that someone in the lab made a salt water mess and caused 2 circuit breakers to blow.
newcoleco: I'm sorry to hear that your grandson had an accident. I hope it's not serious.
Dr.D.: This caused all the water circulation, aeration, filtration, and cooling equipment for that tank to stop.
Jillian: Slugs and salt water don't mix well I'm sure.
George: more tests for the spot they found on my right lung
rich-c: il a tombe et casse son bras, Dasniel
Dr.D.: The students using the lab today made a big mess, and they are going to get a big slice of my mind tomorrow morning...inexcusable sloppiness.
rich-c: oh slugs mix fine with salt water - volts are another story!
Dr.D.: As for the disk drive schematics, yes they are in the roll.
BobS: Jill. this is the Goerge In Philidelphia, Not George K from the con
Dr.D.: With the huge size of the prints, however, it took 6 overlapping 8.5x11 scans to get each one.
Jillian: Oh ok. I was a little confused there for a minute.
Dr.D.: So, I have to put them back together...a bit of Photoshop work.
rich-c: ok, I will sort that out then andsee what I can do - unless you already have a scan posted that Daniel can download tonight?
Dr.D.: I promise I will do the disk drive one first.
Dr.D.: I have nothing hear at home...the scans total about 300 MB and they're on a big FireWire drive in my office.
Dr.D.: Oops, here.
George: i'm lost
Jillian: Still, Good luck and healing thoughts for you George.
George: thanks
Dr.D.: I had actually gone in tonight to photocopy some stuff for Dale, figured I'd be done in a couple of hours...but the rule is, you go in, you peek in at the slug room, just in case...and I found a problem.
rich-c: does Daniel have the url where they will be posted?
Dr.D.: It would have been a major putrefying mess by tomorrow morning if I hadn't intervened.
BobS: you not lost are in Philly where it is HOT !!!!!!
rich-c: yes, and while slugs are cheap, they aren't that cheap, and time waiting for delivery really costs
Dr.D.: Re: URL, no. I don't even know yet where I'm going to put them up. When I have something for him, I will E-mail him where to get them, even if that place doesn't end up being the final or public one.
Jillian: So your choices were icky mess now or really icky mess tomorrow?
Dr.D.: Yes, Jill.
George: hot as hell
BobS: tha's it Geo
Dr.D.: August heat and dead slugs do not a fragrant environment make...
BobS: was about 100 today?????
Jillian changed username to Jeffy
George: yes!
Dr.D.: So, Jill...looks like all my pics of Jeffrey came out okay.
rich-c: oh, I'd expect they'd make a very fragrant environment - though not pleasantly so
Jeffy: a,Mzm
Dr.D.: Oops, Jill turned into Jeffrey.
BobS: HYI Jeffy!!!!!
rich-c: anloopeje5rto3w75932=[q'nsv;/dzxfho=rw-e, Jeffy
BobS: Hey!!!! he is walking already
Dr.D.: Blingo smee dringlaxia phlorgidsbidits!
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George: air conditioner says OUCH!
changed username to FreddyMaiden
BobS: don't let 'em bs ya kid........they really do know englich
FreddyMaiden: Hi All
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Dr.D.: Hi Freddy.
changed username to daniel bienvenu
BobS: Hiya Freddie
daniel bienvenu: hello again!
rich-c: hi Fred, how's things around Mirabel?
Dr.D.: And hi to Daniel as well./
Judy: hi, Freddy
daniel bienvenu: browser problem i think
George: Hi Freddy
FreddyMaiden: Hot very Hot
Jeffy: MNS
rich-c: and George, OUCH is OK, it's phfft! you have to worry about
George: huh?
BobS: jeez, Jeffy is talking computerese already
daniel bienvenu: Que s'est-il passé à Mirabel? ton retour de voyage?
rich-c: we have the second of two cold fronts today going through now and it's still hot
Dr.D.: #7dmjdkh@~1!mnmfnr~~~NO CARRIER
Judy: watch out or I will put Ryan on
George: i'll have to buy the electric Co.
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FreddyMaiden: Seen a few pics just now its super!!! look like great team of people...
rich-c: he can't type with his arm strapped to his side
BobS: it WILL cool off though Rich.....camer thru here about 7 tonight
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Jeffy changed username to jILLIANJeffy
changed username to Dr.D.
BobS: yes Freddy, we had a GREAT time !!!!!!
rich-c: I dunno, Bob - the temps behind the front don't seem much improvement from those we have now
daniel bienvenu: I saw the pictures too. It's the ADAM BOMB 2 game?
jILLIANJeffy changed username to Jillian
Judy: he couldn't type anyway
BobS: it is 70F now......that's 20C
George: we are bone dry too
BobS: YES.....was gonna email ya.....Richard has rights to sell the game to ya !!!!! can even put it in ADAMEM form for ya I think
Jillian: I don't mind him typing computerese, but the cutting of teach on cors and cables is officailly a bad thing.
rich-c: count your blessings, George - our air is so wet you could drink it
BobS: wqell put Richard
FreddyMaiden: Dan, sent you an e-mail but never went through...
rich-c: had to have the van's emission test done today - the air it was putting out was cleaner than the intake wsas taking in
daniel bienvenu: Who use the BMP2PP software? (looking the ADAMCON pictures)
Dr.D.: I was drinking it on the way in from the car...rain rain rain this evening (hooray, we need it).
BobS: got a LOT of delegates interested in the gamre
Dr.D.: Ron Mitchell did...I gave him one of my digital photos of Jeffrey to make into PP format.
daniel bienvenu: Fred : veux-tu dire que j'Ai un problème de courrier?
Dr.D.: I am even contemplating making a giant script to turn all of my convention photos into PP format...and then use Chris Braymen's software to make a multimedia slideshow.
BobS: BUT, daniel........the colors from the camera's and ibm side are screwed up sometimes when transferred to the ADAM 16 color palatte
rich-c: what doesn't show, Daniel, is that in going from 256 to 16 colours there is some distortion
Jillian: When we got home at 1:00am on Tuesday morning we got a notice that they were replacing half of our windows at 8:00am so we currently have lots of ventilation.
FreddyMaiden: peut_être bien mais simplement que ton serveur ne l'as pas pris!?!
Dr.D.: Well, I just did a brute-force 1st-order downsampling...I am sure that I can do much better if I actually spend some time on it.
rich-c: yes, that's what photo editing software is for
Dr.D.: I can even put ADAM's own exact RGB palette into Photoshop and let it do the downsampling first...then BMP2PP can deal with the color bleeding stuff.
daniel bienvenu: Well, I don't have the Borland builderC++ but I have done a hacked version of BMP2PP to ADD another color palette (vdp info from TWWMCA )
rich-c: if you can do a lot of the simplification on the DOS side before teh transfer, results could be better
Dr.D.: That's the very palette I'd use, Daniel.
Dr.D.: I actually have hacked all my copies of COLEMDOS and ADAMEM to use that palette...just a bit of searching through the .EXE to find the table, and patch it with Norton Disk Editor :-)
rich-c: Rich, does BMP2PP actually control colour bleeding when transferring to Adam?
Dr.D.: Though I think the 2nd release of ADAMEM did allow it as a command-line option.
Dr.D.: AFAIK, Richard, yes.
daniel bienvenu: I used the XVI32 to modify BMP2PP
Dr.D.: You just need some heuristic to decide what foreground and background color fits "best" in each group of 8 pixels.
Dr.D.: It will be variable, depends on the image.
daniel bienvenu: I found some informations about a better ERROR-DIFFUSION algo than the one used in BMP2PP. But without builderC++ I can't modify the source code.
Dr.D.: If there are lots of tiny details, the result will be uglier than if the image is big blocks of color...Ron said that during his presentation, even.
Dr.D.: Isn't the source code in plaintext?
rich-c: yes, and it really only makes sense
rich-c: I know what my Windows screen looks like simplified in Safe Mode - simplification sucks
daniel bienvenu: the source code is in plaintext but the source code need a special library named VCL
Dr.D.: In 1988 you'd have killed to have a Safe-Mode-resolution screen for your ADAM :-)
Dr.D.: What is VCL?
Jillian: Jeffy sends a wiggle and drool out to all on the way to his bath. I'll try to be back later
daniel bienvenu: The information I found in the internet said the VCL library came with the Borland BuilderC++ software
Dr.D.: One thing that someone could consider doing for the emulator would be to invent a new screen that is all-points-adressable, and no color bleeding.
rich-c: Frances still would - the colour bleeding problem is her main inhibitor in using SmartLogo
Dr.D.: wiggle drool wiggle drool
Jillian moved to room not at my desk
rich-c: she would prefer SmartLogo to Amiga Logo otherwise because Amiga doesnt support sprites
Dr.D.: Of course, you'd never be able to run such applications on a real ADAM.
daniel bienvenu: BTW, the algo I wanted to implement in BMP2PP is BURKES.
Dr.D.: If you want to go emulator-only, you can add all sorts of goodness to your ADAM.
Dr.D.: BURKES, I'll look it up in my computer graphics textbooks.
rich-c: Fred, do you have the Adam emulator on your computer?
BobS: how about running the emulator and accessing the internet?????
FreddyMaiden: Rich unfortunately no, i dont know how to go about and need help...although know the site...kom...
Dr.D.: Daniel, if you are willing to use some other program to display your output, you could probably make a Unix-style converter utility, no graphics on screen.
rich-c: you would have trouble with the screen graphics I suspect Bob
BobS: then we cvould truly say the ADAM does it all ; even if it is the emulator
daniel bienvenu: I found a web page who show the difference between floyd-s., burkes and others... It's almost the same except algo but the result gives more importance to the EDGE in a picture.
BobS: Freddy, by downloading the ADAMEMmam which is the Windows front end, it is very easy to ge tgoing
rich-c: Fred, first download the full package, emulator, Adamem Mam, and any images or roms
Dr.D.: The earliest photo-to-PP programs I remember seeing didn't do any kind of error diffusion stuff, they just took each block of 8 pixels from the original and guessed what would be the best 2-color mapping for that 8 pixels, paying no attention to neighbors.
rich-c: then install the lot - there are a number of readmes
FreddyMaiden: install the lot?
Dr.D.: "install all of it" he means :-)
FreddyMaiden: k
Dr.D.: idiomatic expression
daniel bienvenu: Well, I found another tool for windows who use the ordered dithering. It's optimized for the Spectrum graphics.
FreddyMaiden: haha im the idiot
rich-c: yes, install all the programs - actually for most it's just copy them to the same directory
Dr.D.: I should think as well in my 2nd language (German) as you do in yours, Freddy :-) :-)
BobS: no you're not Freddy.......just timid to try it. you can always dump it and start over
FreddyMaiden: tks fr confidence afraid to download on knew computer...
FreddyMaiden: new that is
BobS: naw, they won't hurt it
FreddyMaiden: darn frangrais kicking in
rich-c: Fred, it is so idiot-redsistant that even I can do it
FreddyMaiden: k once all downloaded then what?
BobS: make your shortcut on the front screen point to ADAMEMmam
daniel bienvenu: I know how to program in AINSI C so I suppose I can do a little something for the UNIX to convert a picture but I think this kind of tool exist allready.
rich-c: whoops - I don't think it even needs installation, just copying to its won directory - right, Bob?
FreddyMaiden: then it will work autom by simply klicking on it?
Dr.D.: It all depends upon what you yourself want out of the tool, Daniel.
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changed username to Meeka
Dr.D.: If you're the only one to use it, it can be as ugly and complicated as needed to just get the job done.
Meeka: Hello
BobS: set up the paths to the obvious start points; put in the correct .dsk image file you want for disk # 1 and start
rich-c: hello Meeka
FreddyMaiden: Hi Meeka
BobS: Hi Meeka
daniel bienvenu: hello meeka!
Dr.D.: Adding user-friendly front ends takes a lot of time :-)
George: Hi Meeka
Dr.D.: Hi Meeka, has Doug reverse-engineered all my ADAMserve code yet? :-)
FreddyMaiden: Rich, then i click and Smarwritter appears?
BobS: Freddy, just make sure that ALL the adamem stuff is in it's own directory......ADAMEM......or something like that
Dr.D.: Tell him I apologize in advance for any bugs or poor programming style that he may find...but I guarantee that my code is much, much nicer than Tony Morehen's.
Meeka: dont' have any idea Rich
rich-c: Bob, what do you mean set up paths? I didn't and it runs fine - just double-click in Explorer
Meeka: ok I will
BobS: nmaybe the paths are preset......
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FreddyMaiden: k Bob will put it all in same dir.
changed username to Pamela
Dr.D.: And he can always complain to me at
BobS: was just looking at it and yu ocan change them
Pamela: Don't yell, I'm sorry I'm late
George: Hi Pam
FreddyMaiden: Hi Pam
BobS: hiya Pamel
Meeka: Hello Pam
FreddyMaiden: oopd
Dr.D.: Pamela!
daniel bienvenu: In 1999, my programming skill in QuickBASIC let me do a picture converter. I named this tool CVPHOTO. The first version was in b&w... the second was in color.
BobS: /for shame 11111
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changed username to Evanston Express
daniel bienvenu: hello pam
daniel bienvenu: hello!
FreddyMaiden: Bob whats that 5bit message?
rich-c: whoops - who's this new voice?
Pamela: Hi, all
Dr.D.: Nothing wrong with QuickBASIC...I have published 3 scientific papers in which the kinematic models were QuickBASIC 4.5 .EXEs.
Dr.D.: 2 of them this year.
Pamela: Meeka - I loved C.J. Banks
Evanston Express: Can you guys tell who I AM?
rich-c: I'm all in favour of adding an Illinoisance - but who's in Evanston?
Pamela: Guy!
Evanston Express: Right
Meeka: cool!
Meeka: I do too
Evanston Express changed username to Guy B.
FreddyMaiden: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Hi Everyone!
Dr.D.: Hmmm...maybe Bob Bair? Thought he was Kindaville, though.
daniel bienvenu: I know but people request a visual tool.
Dr.D.: Of Kendallville, however it's spelt.
Pamela: I had a hard time walking out of there with only one item - but time and money didn't permit more
George: Hi Guy
Dr.D.: Evening, Guy.
Pamela: I don't know whether to kill you or kiss you
rich-c: what are you doing in Evanston, Guy? That whre the new apartment is?
FreddyMaiden: so wast!
Dr.D.: Kiss, then kill...the alternative is, well, icky.
Guy B.: Rich, I'm at home. I just wanted to see if you knew who it was.
FreddyMaiden: ohne worte!
Dr.D.: ja gewiss!
Pamela: true, Rich
Pamela: think I'll stick with kiss - but now I have to go back
Dr.D.: Yes, I'm being naughty.
daniel bienvenu: oh yeah! my cat is back! ... I'm happy! worrying too much about this cat.
FreddyMaiden: ach zo!
Pamela: I'm sure Meeka will complain about that
Guy B.: Oh, by the way. I am moving. Still will be in North Riverside, but back in my old neighborhood.
daniel bienvenu changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw my name in the onlinechat pictures!
Pamela: Jillian, what time did you two leave?
Pamela: sorry, three
Dr.D.: Yes, I photographed the screen when you were logged in, Daniel.
FreddyMaiden: Pam Jillian is with Jeffy at the moment...
rich-c: ypou caused a sensation with your games, Daniel - no wonder you saw your name
Pamela: why are you moving, Guy?
FreddyMaiden: stand in the place where you are now look.....
Pamela: north!
Guy B.: I got a bigger apartment. One bedroom, but more space and a balcony.
FreddyMaiden: lol
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: you know John Dondzila? I think he will makea some carts of the Gamepack for me.
Pamela: is the current one a one bedroom too?
Daniel Bienvenu: he gaves me his opinion about "circuit 24"
Guy B.: I'm going to start packing this weekend and I probably can move some things by next weekend with everything in September.
Dr.D.: I replied to your post on, not sure if you saw it yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: So I fixed the game before making carts version
Guy B.: Yes it is.
Pamela: Packing - yuck.
Pamela: I swore after the last time never again
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a reply in rgvc yes...
Guy B.: I've done this three times already. Not a picnic, but it has to be done.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe I don't see your reply...
Pamela: done it twice - the second time was ten times as much work
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check it out
Dr.D.: Packing, moving...I had to spend 6 hours Tuesday moving to a new office, with no packing notice, because the new occupant decided to come to CWRU one week early.
FreddyMaiden: Rich, I hope they didnt make you change the emissions module or something like that...
BobS: you could stay a while guy
Pamela: which office, Rich?
Pamela: the computer lab?
Daniel Bienvenu: my english is ok? do you understand me well?
Dr.D.: No, my office in the Biology Building.
Pamela: is that better or worse?
Dr.D.: Your English is fine, Daniel.
BobS: yessir daniel it GOOD
Pamela: your English is just fine, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: ok thanks
FreddyMaiden: C super
Guy B.: Jeanene is going to help me with arranging the place. And I have new appliances.
Daniel Bienvenu: merci Fred
rich-c: Fred, the truck went through the emissions check with miles to spare
Dr.D.: New office is better in that it is not shared and is a little bigger than the half-room I had before.
Pamela: so this was a good thing, then?
rich-c: the engine was clean - Grand Rapids and back at 70 mph make a fine Italian tuneup
Dr.D.: I got 4 desks and one large table in it, one of which will get an ADAM set up on it soon.
FreddyMaiden: perfert!!! cause those modules cost alot if you have DIS
Pamela: sorry, channelling Martha Stewart there for a bit
Guy B.: I've been wanting to get out of my current apt for sometime. Been nothing but trouble.
Dr.D.: Well the move is a long-term good thing, it's just an annoyance of having had to move offices 4 times in the last 2 years.
BobS: she is dyin Panm
Pamela: yeah, I heard, Bob
Dr.D.: My Chairman tells me that this office is the final one.
Dr.D.: Dying, who is dying?
rich-c: actually Fred I will be putting a new engine in very soon
Pamela: I'm well acquainted with the office move - I did it ten times in four years
FreddyMaiden: really! whats the specs?
BobS: Martha Stewart merchandise id dyin on the vine so to speak
rich-c: that will make it a "hot-rod" and allowed to clear under 1980 standars - not hard for a 1995 truck
Dr.D.: Into 4 places not reachable by elevators?
FreddyMaiden: 440?
Pamela: no, I have to admit it was only from office to office
Guy B.: I've moved already in my office three times within the past 5 years. Finally got settled two years ago.
Pamela: still, I can't count the number of things I lost in the moves
Dr.D.: 1st floor building A to 1st floor building B, reachable only by going outside around buildings C and D and up a half flight of stairs...
Pamela: I did gain some things though - like a 6' x 3' desk
rich-c: I will go from the 4.3L V6 to the 5.7L V8
Pamela: a credenza
Dr.D.: then move to 2nd floor of building B up flight of stairs with no elevator.
FreddyMaiden: ahhhhh thats gonna haul with no sweat!!
rich-c: the V6 is really the V8 with two cylinders left off anyway
Dr.D.: Then move to 3rd floor of building A still with no elevator.
Guy B.: I've got a bigger desk too. And I love it. My company should have done this years ago. Never too late to correct it.
FreddyMaiden: like the 6 is really a 4!!
Pamela: now we know how you've been getting your exercise, Rich
rich-c: well I hope so, Fred, since that's the object
Dr.D.: Then down the hall on 3rd floor of building A except through 3 double doors and a stairwell landing...bleh!!!
Pamela: bleh is right
rich-c: the present tow rating is 5500 lbs. - and that's truthful as a government press release
Dr.D.: Moving steel WW2-vintage desks yourself with a 500lb-capacity aluminum cart is no picnic.
rich-c: I'm hoping the V8 will let me tow a realistic 1500 KG.
Dr.D.: Give me your V8 to tow my desks!!!
Pamela: won't fit in the stairwell, Rich
Dr.D.: (And not the juice, either)
FreddyMaiden: hope that the fitting will be made without too many hickupsà
rich-c: once I get it in, Rich, I reckon it just might do that pretty well
Dr.D.: vrooooommmmm!
Guy B.: I can imagine. We had movers did our floor, but we managed to do some of the stuff ourselves. Going between the 15th and 3rd floors.
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich D - I saw your reply... and the pictures I saw was yours.
rich-c: it's the most popular engine conversion around because it is so easy
Dr.D.: I can see it now, Rich Clee, cruisin' the strip...don't take no sass from nobody!
Pamela: how many pictures did we end up with all told?
FreddyMaiden: Excellent!!!
rich-c: there is a specialist shop in Saskatchewan that sells the whole kit, another in the US
Dr.D.: When I upload the last bit from Monday morning, 232 that I took.
Guy B.: Wow, that's alot.
FreddyMaiden: crated kits, that helps!!
Pamela: 'tis
rich-c: sorry, Rich, my interest is in pulling stumps, not pulling quarter times
Dr.D.: Plus the time-lapse movies...gotta convert them to a different QuickTime compressor, they are 251.4 MB now, too big.
Pamela: add to that all the ones Meeka took and we have a ton
Guy B.: I have one set of photos ready by the weekend, the rest will follow later.
Dr.D.: You don't have any stumps where you live?!?
FreddyMaiden: :)
Pamela: Just where are you going to pull stumps, Dad?
Pamela: something you're not telling me?
Dr.D.: But the movies are quite impressive. Only wish someone could have steered the camera a bit while I was doing my session, my blackboard stuff was off-screen.
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: just an expression for low-down torque and hauling power, Pam
changed username to BobS
Dr.D.: I kept after the framing pretty well myself for everyone else's sessions, though.
Guy B.: Some of us should have helped you with that Dr. D.
Dr.D.: I wander around the room too much when I lecture.
FreddyMaiden: hauling power without a doubt
Pamela: I know that Daddy
Dr.D.: I guess it's adaptation to the classes I've taught at CWRU, don't stand still and let 'em fall asleep.
Pamela: I'm just pulling your tail
BobS requested to ban Judy
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
BobS requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Dr.D. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c: know you do, but I played it straight because didnt want you confusing others
Guy B.: Ok, Bob is one again.
Dr.D.: He'll pull yours with that V8 :-)
Pamela: where did Judy go?
Pamela: OUCH!
Guy B.: Bob, where is she?
Dr.D.: Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory...
FreddyMaiden: Pam v8 as in engine not the drink!
BobS: daren FEELS good n!!!!!
FreddyMaiden: )
Daniel Bienvenu: After studying a little bit Java language, I think I could be more easy to program an applet to convert a picture than making a new tool in unix or windows style.
BobS: SE is the reason we both got dumped !!!!!
Pamela: having a little trouble with your fingers, Bob?
Dr.D.: Java applet would probably be a good way to go, Daniel.
BobS: far as I know Ronald Mitchell flew off into the sunset at 2PM this afternooon
Guy B.: Were you both using the same connection?
BobS: both using a network conneciton off my laptop yes
Dr.D.: Ron didn't leave Grand Rapids until today?
BobS: my dingers???????
BobS: no!!!!!
Guy B.: So, the Mighty Mitchell should be arriving home by now.
Pamela: ya, them dingers
Meeka: yup, I put him on the plane this afternoon
Daniel Bienvenu: I never done an applet before... only a few applications.
FreddyMaiden: Gotta get some shut eye, Adam team!!! Goodnite all
BobS: gettign home about midnight
Dr.D.: Good night, Freddy.
BobS: HIS time I think
Pamela: nite, Freddy
Guy B.: Bye Freddy.
BobS: nite Freey
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Fred!
George: nite Freddy
rich-c: nite vor now, Fred - see what's up Saturday
changed username to Judy
Pamela: and she's back!
Guy B.: There's Judy.
FreddyMaiden: poof!
FreddyMaiden left chat session
Dr.D.: It's Judy's turn to cry?
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Hi Judy.
Judy: hi, Pam and rich
BobS: and now it's Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry...........
Guy B.: Did you hear, I have found a new apartment thanks to Jeanene.
Meeka: how did you day with the boys go mom?
Dr.D.: C'mon, Judy, say it...
Judy: why is that, all the boys are gone
Dr.D.: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"
Judy: it was one to remember
Daniel Bienvenu: ok.. i'm lost... what is going on?
Judy: or forget
BobS: better apartment????? bigger???????cheaper?????
rich-c: Judy has had the day from Hell, Daniel
Jillian confirmed ban
Dr.D.: We are quoting some bad 1960s pop songs lyrics...
Pamela: sound like one for the record books, Judy
Jillian confirmed ban
BobS: old 70's pop song Daniel
Jillian moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: you did hear about Ryan didn't you?
Pamela: nope, what?
BobS: not BAD, good!!!!!!
Jillian: I'm back
Guy B.: Bigger apartment. A little more than what I'm paying now.
Dr.D.: Okay, if something serious bad happened to Judy today, I didn't know about it...
Pamela: Hi, J!
BobS: Jacks is BACK....I mean Jill
Dr.D.: hope my foot isn't in something...
Meeka: no. what??
Judy: he broke his arm yesterday
Pamela: what!???
Pamela: How?
Meeka: he did??
Guy B.: HI Jill, how's the smiling Jeffrey doing?
Judy: fell of the couch
Pamela: what was he doing?
BobS: standing UP, like hi sNOT supposed to be doing
Jillian: Sleeping now. Just wiggled through a bath.
Judy: standing up, like he likes to do, they were making lunch
BobS: HEY Guy.,........put Abby ON !!!!!!!
Pamela: fell of the back of the couch?
BobS: Igotta talk to that girl
Guy B.: Abby's asleep on the love seat at the moment.
Pamela: How was your trip home, Jillian?
BobS: I got to tell her how you wouldn't take any leftovers home for her
Judy: no, off the front, the cussion likes to come out and so he was on air
George: i want to die
Guy B.: She gets leftovers from me all the time.
Pamela: oh man, poor little guy
Dr.D.: George?
George: yes
Judy: he isn't doing to bad with it
BobS: Philly George....Dr D
rich-c: I think we're neglecting him
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
Jillian: good we hit Detroit during 'rush hour' and breezed right through. No traffic and customs took maybe ten minutes all told.
Judy: it is wrapped to his chest
Dr.D.: You okay?
Pamela: took us about thirty seconds
Meeka: sounds like something was in the air yesterday then. I fell down the stairs last night also
BobS: and?????????
Pamela: which stairs, Meeka?
Pamela: and are you injured?
Judy: did you get hurt?
Meeka: comming downstairs after shutting the windows upsstairs
Jillian: Clutz wave going through MIchigan?
rich-c: just gotta keep her away from that Grand Rapids Brewery
Meeka: pulled muscles, by no broken bones
Pamela: thank goodness
BobS: but she didn't brewsky any did she??????
Judy: oh, brother
Meeka: no I didn't Dad
Guy B.: That's not so bad. Glad it you didn't break any bones.
Judy: did you get Ron off all right?
Guy B.: Abby's up.
Meeka: yes, I believe so. last I saw him they were scanning his shoes at check in for the gate
Jillian: Glad you are ok< Meeka
Pamela: his shoes?
BobS: tha's right <hic>....Crapper Baral does NOT have brewwski's
Pamela: I don't wanna know
Daniel Bienvenu: * checking my e-mails *
Dr.D.: Shoes, in case he has dynamite in the soles or something.
rich-c: right Daniel - take care, remember the Saturday option
Judy: that is the new thing, at the airport
Pamela: Ron? That's a laugh
Dr.D.: Or maybe athlete's foot...
Pamela: that's more like it
Dr.D.: Can't export American fungi.
Pamela: : )
Jillian: :)
Dr.D.: Unless they are attached to a New Zealand kiwi fruit.
Judy: did you work today, Meeka?
Meeka: yes
Dr.D.: Or a South African apple.
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: or South African apple?
Pamela: LOL
Dr.D.: Except on Tuesday, when it's dark.
Pamela: and they can't see into his sole
rich-c: or if you're pulling a trailer - trailers are invisible to douaniers
Dr.D.: Why is a priest like a cobbler? Both are menders of bad soles.
rich-c: Colour it and save it for Easter
Jillian: Dr D.. That joke really smelled.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob
Pamela: nite, Daniel
Dr.D.: Blame it on The Bard...I'm just quoting him!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel.
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel
Dr.D.: Good night, Daniel.
Pamela: blame it on the boogie?
Pamela: sorry, more bad '70's songs
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not leaving... not now
Dr.D.: Wm. Shakespeare, Esq., my dear.
Guy B.: Looks like you were.
George: Bye Daniel
BobS: oh ok, thought they were bidding you goodnite so I did too !!!!
Dr.D.: Lemming effect.
Pamela: a rose by any other name . . .
Daniel Bienvenu: who started this?
rich-c: George, the fruity discussion is because US Customs siezed my apple and Frances' kiwi fruit at the border
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich?
Pamela: something about checking your email, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and I have no e-mails
Guy B.: It was Bob. He started it.
George: i'm outta sorts
rich-c: which Rich?
Dr.D.: Roquefort, Roquefort, wherefore art thou, Roquefort? Deny thy salad and refuse thy name or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer eat a pita bread.
Pamela: well, we can fix that if you want (Pamela grins evilly)
(Guy B. slaps BobS playfully)
BobS: I didn't do NUTHING
Pamela: precautionary measures, bob
Guy B.: You thought Daniel was ready to leave.
(rich-c reboots Dr.D.'s computer remotely.)
Judy: Dr, you have way to much time on your hands!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jurai29
Daniel Bienvenu: who's coming?
Jurai29 left chat session
Dr.D.: Oh, there's more to that bit of faux's from a parody I did about 20 years ago.
Pamela: Glamour thou art, and cawing . . .
rich-c: dunno - Jurai29 is a new one to me
BobS: a stealth person!!!!!!
Dr.D.: "Roquefort and Julienne, or, A Shakespearean Salad Bar"
rich-c: but seems to have fallen out as quickly as he came in
Pamela: I never saw him
Dr.D.: What's in a dressing? That which we call Bleu Cheese by any other name would smell as foul.
Dr.D.: I can't believe I still remember so much of that...
rich-c: but then, why would anyone want to?
BobS: neither can WE
Dr.D.: And I know the real Shakespeare cold after 25 years.
Pamela: Judy's right, Rich, you had too much time
BobS: scary huh
Dr.D.: Well, if you want me to leave...
Pamela: NO!
Judy: no!!!
Dr.D.: I come by this naturally, no drink or drugs :-)
Jillian: That stuff sounds like the annuall pun fest put on at the U of Waterloo every year.
BobS: and you said you were very busy.........hmmmmmmmm
Judy: you do keep things interesting
Dr.D.: I'm just wacko.
rich-c: now that is scary!
Pamela: you said it, we didn't
Daniel Bienvenu: excuse me but what is going on here? somekind of joke?
Dr.D.: Well, I've done many things before I started using the ADAM, and I can just draw on that backlog of stuff.
rich-c: yes, Dr. D. is quoting from a parody of Shakespeare he was involved in many years ago
Daniel Bienvenu: I understand this part
George: i'm a nut
Jillian: People are just teasing Dr. D for his punning Daniel.
Pamela: no comment, George
BobS: i understandf that part
rich-c: because you do undertandit, or because you don't, George?
George: huh?
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... that part.. not this part..
Dr.D.: Christina says hello.
Pamela: Hi, Christina
Pamela: we missed you
Dr.D.: "Hi Pam" says Christina.
rich-c: Frances says - say hello to Christina
Daniel Bienvenu: Nice to meet you Christina!
Judy: hi, Christina
Dr.D.: "I'm broken" says Christina (too much soccer practice today)
rich-c: I say, OK - hello Christina
Daniel Bienvenu: Who is Christina?
Dr.D.: My eldest daughter.
Guy B.: Hi Christina
Dr.D.: She came to ADAMcon 007.
Pamela: tell that to Meeka
rich-c: One of Dr. D's charming young daughters
Pamela: and AC13 briefly
BobS: and to ADAMCON 13
Dr.D.: Age 15.5 give or take.
BobS: da oldest
Dr.D.: "I'm 15 and 7 months!" Christina corrects me.
Pamela: that's very important, Rich
Jillian: Hi Christina. Don't break yourself permantly.
Guy B.: Look out Dr. D. You have a smart daughter.
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I need to check the meeka web site again to see the pictures of the previous ADAMCON.
BobS: sorry there/............
Dr.D.: We've just been having that conversation, Jill.
Pamela: yes, breaks are not good
Meeka: tell me what Pam?
Pamela: neither are bends
Dr.D.: The only photos of Christina online are from ADAMcon 8.
Pamela: about not breaking yourself
Dr.D.: That would make her 10 and 7 months :-)
Judy: and she is much prettier now
Meeka: oh ok, got it
Dr.D.: <Christina blushes>
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... a little question. Christina? do you like playing Coleco games?
BobS: wel lya'll she growed up!!!!
Dr.D. changed username to Christina
Jillian: I bent my ankle 18 months ago and it's still not completly healed.
Guy B.: Ah, there she is.
Judy: meeka, they have Fenton on QVC right now
Christina: Yeah Ilike to play the games when I have the time for it.
Guy B.: How are you doing Christina?
Pamela: Hey Christina, be nice to Daniel - he's French
Christina: Soccer is fun except when you have shin splints
Meeka: question Dad, Doug wants to know what the cruise price ended up being ?
Meeka: cool mom
Pamela: you know, I did one of those too Jillian
BobS: a LOT
Christina: I took french since I was in third gradeb ut since it's the summer I can't remeber too much
rich-c: Pam, Daniel isn't French, he's Quebecois
BobS: haven't had time to think about that yet
Pamela: Picky, picky
Meeka: ya, I knew that.
BobS: speak christina
Christina: I'm thinking I'm thinking
Pamela: if you hang around Daniel enough, you'll remember lots of it
Pamela: mine is coming back to me with practice
rich-c: especially if we have Fred around too
BobS: Judy took french
BobS: she is good at it
Pamela: pourquoi pas Espanol?
Judy: that is a real joke
George: no
Christina: With my injury I have to take 90 pills in the course of 10 days, Ice three times every day buy new running shoes and have about five hours of practice EVERY day and scrimmages
rich-c: well how about that -Judy, translate for Bob when reuired, then
BobS: espanol ?????????
Pamela: si
Daniel Bienvenu: 90 pills? in one time?
Christina: Soccer is hard but I get in shape and lose about five to ten pounds evry season
BobS: duos numero Mickey D's
Daniel Bienvenu: of course not
Pamela: that
Pamela: s cheating, bob
Christina: Three pills three times a day for 10 days
Daniel Bienvenu: in french : Bonsoir Christina! Comment vas-tu?
Pamela: are they horse pills, Christina?
BobS: ibuprofen??????
Jillian: holy toledo, Christina, What on earth did you do?
Guy B.: Keeps you going too.
Guy B.: Be right back. Lost the rest of the messages.
Guy B. left chat session
Christina: Oui, ibuprofen.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: in english : good evening Christina! How are you?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
rich-c: she's got herself shin splints
Jillian: Running on pavement?
Christina: I have Shin Splints and it has been ruining my calf muscles
rich-c: je pense qu'il ne faut pas traduire pour Christina
BobS: NO. splintin' on her shins.............
Daniel Bienvenu: I translated for all of you
(S enjoys the flowers.)
Christina: Not on all pavement , running with bad shoes and on hard uneven grass in clets for three hours
(BobS smiles)
Guy B.: Abby and I went to the Forest Preserve and we have seen guys doing football practice already.
Pamela: merci Daniel
Meeka: ok, I am gonna get off of here. I am gonna go lay down with my leg up. see ya all next week
BobS: ok Meeka
rich-c: right, Daniel. George's feeling are hurt when he feels left out
Pamela: Meeka, please don't do that again - we like you in one piece
Guy B.: Hope you feel better Meeka. Bye.
(Jillian gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: bye Meeka, hope you feel better soon
BobS: TANKS Jill
rich-c: nite, Meeka -take care
Meeka: yes, I will try not to Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: be meeka?
Pamela: take care, and see you next week
Christina: BYe Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: keyboard problem...
Daniel Bienvenu: bye meeka!
BobS: you gonna make the team Christina?????
Meeka left chat session
BobS: or just practising
George: Bye Pam
Christina: Yes I just found out that I made JV
rich-c: know the feeling, Daniel - mine can't spell either
Guy B.: That's great.
Christina: That is pretty good for just starting the sport LAST year
Jillian: Bye Meeka
BobS: right
rich-c: very well done indeed, Christina
Pamela: that's terrific, Christina
Judy: thats great
Pamela: well done
BobS: I think that all laptop and desktop keyboards have a virus in them
Christina: Also I might be able to swing back in forth between JV and Varsity if I play my cards right
Pamela: you just need more practice, Bob
rich-c: you just discovering that?
BobS: craktise ?????????
Pamela: my only problem is that the enter key is too close to the apostrophe
George: i goofed
Pamela: yeah, like that
BobS: yup
Jillian: I thought Varsity was only seniors in high school. How would you get into both varsity and junior v.?
Christina: Varsity is for who ever is good enough
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. I'll try to make it this Saturday. At least I don't have to go into work that day, have to start packing for the move.
Pamela: what I have trouble with is the thought of being a junior at 15.7 years
George: i can't keep up with chat
Christina: There are girls who made varsity as freshman and stayed there all four years
Daniel Bienvenu: If you have time to play a good Coleco game.. may I suggest one of mine?
Jillian: I played soccer for about three years starting in grade 8.
Pamela: Guy, I don't envy you
Judy: bye, Guy
Christina: Oui
rich-c: I'll try to make Saturday too Guy, long as there is no race or fottball game
Guy B.: You don't, eh!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
Jillian: Bye Guy.
Guy B.: Ok, see you all later.
Pamela: no sir, I intend to avoid the packing thing for as long as possible
BobS: bye guy
Pamela: I do wish you luck though
Pamela: goodnite
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Christina, you father has a couple of Daniel's games on his Adam emulator now
Christina: Yeah what?
rich-c: don't know but Guy was saying there wre a couple he especially liked
Jillian: Is there a difference between the size of leagues or the schools you play as varsity or junior varsity?
Christina: Oh I'll ask him
Pamela: Hey Dad, the IT guy said I could keep the laptop till after our vacation in September
Pamela: so I may load some stuff on it temporarily
Jillian: Daniel, Dale suggested I ask you about creating some 'breakout games' for a project I'm working on.
Christina: Well jv and varsity play the same teams but only the varsity team can go to championships and stuff
BobS: and maybe if you "forget" to bring it in, they will forget about it too
rich-c: I'm surprised he didn't offer to sell it to you - it's so outdated the company likely can't use it
Daniel Bienvenu: a breakout game?
Jillian: I need a maze game and a 'nim' game and some others.
Pamela: no, he specifically asked me not to forgetabout it
Pamela: darn spacebar
Daniel Bienvenu: give me your e-mail i will send you some source codes i have...
rich-c: ask him how much the replacement cost would be if you "lost" it
Pamela: besides, I want a slightly more recent version for permanent use
Jillian: I have a larger game which is not time based and I need some smaller time based games to use as 'filler' sortof.
Pamela: isn't he darling? He's even better in real life
Jillian: My email is
rich-c: OK Pam I will be checking out a used surplus store shortly that looks promising
Christina: SO IS HIS MOMMY!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: my CV games are in C language... compiled with hi-techC compile.
Jillian: Thanks Christina.
Pamela: keep me posted Dad - thanks
Christina: WHAT IT'S TRUE
Christina: CAN HE WALK YET?
Pamela: Christina, you're shouting
BobS: take off the caps lock
Jillian: He can pull him self up if he's holding on to something and today he took a few step while holding onto furniture for the first time.
Pamela: you have a wonder child there
Jillian: I think that will be ok, but I will need to do more of my own work before I tell you for sure.
Christina: Fine spoil sports
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
rich-c: Pam, check your email before you go to bed tonite
Pamela: Hi, James
Pamela: ok Pop
Jillian: Hi James.
Pamela: why?
BobS: hello james
BobS: how's japan ??????
james: hey, sorry i'm so late.
George: Hi James
rich-c: good morning, james, any good earthquakes lately?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james!
Pamela: s'aright
james: had trouble sleeping so i'm up late today
Judy: Hi, James
Daniel Bienvenu: good morning?
rich-c: he's in Japan, Daniel
BobS: HUH????????
Daniel Bienvenu: what time is it, James%
Pamela: it's noon in Japan Daniel
james: it's almost noon
BobS: tis about 11am, yes????
Christina: Is JApan cool?
james: it's really hot and humid
Pamela: Russell just brought me a Fudgesicle
rich-c: Japan doesn't go Daylight Time, james, right?
Pamela: it's hard to type and eat one
james: no, though there's been talk of it
james: i used to be against the idea but now i think it might not be so bad
james: it'd be nice if it weren't dark by 7:30 in the evening in the summer
rich-c: well, down as far south as you are it doesn't make as much difference as it does up north
james: i'm at about the same lattitude as boston i think.
Daniel Bienvenu: oh james.. maybe you can answer this question : it is possible to find some ColecoVision games in a flea market in Japan? and also a prototype?
rich-c: now back when you wre living in Ottawa, I'm sure DST was a good idea!
Jillian: My mother and little sister lived in Japan for a while, Christina, and seemed to think it was ok.
james: i've never seen coleco over here daniel
james: as far as i know i have the only two adams in the country
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a message in a forum. Someone find a Coleco prototype in Japan.
james: really?
George: i have to go
Christina: Elanor loves the show Iron Chef that is in Japan. They cook tond=s of strange food.
BobS: and they made the ADAM in Japan............
Jillian: If you get a bachelor's you would be able to go and teach english there. I wish I was able to go.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah ... a Telly Turtle prototype cart.
james: @christina, yeah, it's a neat show
Pamela: okay, goodnite George
BobS: nite George
George: nite all
rich-c: reminds me, Daniel - a friend of mine claims the Salvation Army shop in Montreal has a raft of French-language Adams on sale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir George
Jillian: Goodnight George, Good luck at the hospital.
Judy: night George
rich-c: I would not be surprised if any Quebec City shop had a similar stock
George: poof
james: so for those who went, how was the con?
George left chat session
Pamela: awesome
james: i'd like to make it to the next if it's in vancouver
Pamela: it's in Comox, on the island
Jillian: The iron chef show is a strange concept and the judges comments are so funny.
Daniel Bienvenu: Salvation Army shop... I suppose in french it's "armée du salut".
Pamela: Ron
Pamela: 's hosting
Jillian: I wonder if it seems as campy to people who are watching it in Japanese.
james: heh. bacon bits for everyone
Christina: Yeah and Elanor sings along and also makes funny comments
james: campy?
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: bacon
BobS: we goin' to the island........YEA
rich-c: could be, Daniel, many organizations don't use literal translations, though
rich-c: don't know what "Goodwill" or "Salvation Army" would call themselves in French
BobS: would like to go for 2 weeks. there is a LOT to see there
Christina: Like this dish makes me feel like i'm in the clouds with tiny fairy wings brushing up against my face
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you see my picture ?
Christina: and other stupid stuff like that
Daniel Bienvenu: a picture of me?
Judy: well, night all, I am done in so am going to call it a night
BobS: where?????
Pamela: non, Daniel - ou est-il?
Jillian: The best definition I can give you is 'like the 60's batman show'
Jillian: Good night Judy.
Pamela: Good nite Judy
Christina: bye
Pamela: good luck with Ryan
rich-c: goodnight, Judy, get a good rest - you clearly need it!
Daniel Bienvenu: There is one in Digital Press web site .. and one in ccjvq videogames fan club web site too.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir judy
Pamela: no more accidents, okay?
Judy left chat session
BobS: K
Pamela: tks
Pamela: l'addresse?
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, charity resale shops often have Adams
Christina: well everyone I'm off and Dr. D will take over for me now!
Daniel Bienvenu:
james: so did people get my message that i posted around the time the con finished?
Pamela: Daniel, are they labeled so we know who's who?
rich-c: and Fred was asking about French-language versions
Christina: I must go rest my swollen body
Daniel Bienvenu: 1..2.. test
Jillian: Good night Christina.
rich-c: did you get my reply?
Jillian: Hela well.
Christina: bye
rich-c: goodnight, Christina
Daniel Bienvenu: test?
Pamela: night, Christina - take it easy
james: i posted messages before the test messages..
Christina: ansd she's off!
Pamela: DAniel, I'm getting you
james: good night christina
Christina changed username to Dr.D.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't see any new messages... BRB
BobS: nite Christina
Jillian: Daniel-You are coming through fine here.
Dr.D.: "Well, I'm back," he said.
rich-c: right, I have "adamcon 14" and "chinese character" messages
Pamela: Hi again Rich
james: okay, guess they got through
Dr.D.: Yes, that was Elanor doing the counted cross-stitch.
Pamela: I havent' read those yet
Dr.D.: I meant to reply and didn't.
Daniel Bienvenu: test?
james: we read you daniel
Pamela: Daniel, we're getting you
Pamela: are you getting our replies?
Dr.D.: She'll be interested to know that the Asian symbol has some meaning.
james: i thought since it would be adam's 20th we should think of something special.
Daniel Bienvenu: What is going on.. my chat session ... it's ok now
james: yeah, it means (good) fortune or luck
Jillian: Dale has made that comment as well. What could we do?
rich-c: we sometimes do hit glitches in this server, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I lost most of the messages but I'm still here
Pamela: may have been a lag in the server, Daniel
Jillian: A giant adam made of cheese?
Daniel Bienvenu: Di dI send you the ccjvq url?
Pamela: or cake? (hint hint, Dr. D)
Dr.D.: I can bake another ADAM console cake...but only if Ron will provide the materials and kitchen: no way I could bring it on the plane.
rich-c: Daniel, there is something in this program that times folks out every once in a while
Pamela: Yes, it came through
rich-c: sometimes the whole gang gets tossed off and cant get back in
james: brb
rich-c: other times it's just one participant
Jillian: We may go out on the train instead of flying.
Dr.D.: I had meant to make a ColecoVision cake this time and just put off my convention prep too long.
Pamela: that's really expensive, Jillian
Jillian: so that may open up some possibilities.
Pamela: they were saying on the news tonite that a six day trip from Toronto to Vancouver is $7000 per person
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, it happens often enough that that's why we have the backup chat URL
Daniel Bienvenu: a ColecoVision cake? to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this great video game system?
Dr.D.: Yes.
BobS: the pics don't have REAL names Daniel.....which one is YOU ???????
Jillian: that's 3 zeros on that ? More than I figured.
rich-c: Pamela, that is if you chrter the whole train of three heritage cars
Pamela: that's right
Dr.D.: For last year's convention, I made a cake in the shape of an ADAM memory console, keyboard, and game controller.
Pamela: and it was good, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Miss SpaceFury creator ... I think
Dr.D.: I had made a similar cake for our local users' group picnic in 1995 or so.
Jillian: oh I was more thinking of 2 bunks not the whole train.
Dr.D.: Pam, you should look at my Jan-In-The-Pan cake, then.
Pamela: check out - it will give you some idea of the cost
Dr.D.: Photos of which are online.
rich-c: well, two movie producers chartere4d a special train - the story was in the papers this morning
Pamela: your what?
Dr.D.: My Jan-In-The-Pan cake.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D - Take a picture of the cake... I want to put a picture like it in my Coleco web site.
Pamela: whazzat?
Dr.D.: Re: ADAM cake, I will send you a link to a photo.
Pamela: okay
Pamela: sorry, that was for Daniel, wasn't it?
Dr.D.: Re: Jan-In-The-Pan, she is a famous character from a grade Z movie called "The Brain That Wouldn't Die".
Pamela: oh, that one - Elanor mentioned that on Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: It's me!
Pamela: something about a severed head
rich-c: Daniel, what
rich-c: s your coleco website?
Dr.D.: Some mad scientist's girlfriend dies in a car crash and he keeps her head alive in a pan with tubes coming out of it.
james: back
BobS: gotta go kids..........later DUDES and DUDETTES
james: dr. d sounds like a high budget flick there
Pamela: so soon Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir bob
Dr.D.: When the gang from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" did their stuff on it, they actually had someone play Jan during a host segment.
Pamela: g'nite, Bob
BobS: ya it is back to regular bedtime now that conventin is over
Jillian: Bob before you go can I see you in the garden?
BobS: POOF.....Ouch, hit the wall..........
Jillian moved to room The Garden
Dr.D.: When the local group from the CWRU Film Society had a MST3K marathon last month, I made a Jan-In-The-Pan cake.
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah.. my coleco web site. url
BobS: poof.....thas bettrer........
BobS left chat session
Dr.D.: The girls loved it...
Dr.D.: You can see it at
Jillian moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: thats Daniel, I'll take a look
Pamela: guess Bob didn't catch that, Jillian
Pamela: I'm going to check these out tomorrow at work, where i have a better download speed
Jillian: Oh well. I wanted to talk to him about the phone charges. there were $125US of charges which we were asked to pay when we checked out of the hotel.\
Dr.D.: ???
Pamela: holy s**t
Daniel Bienvenu: ok.. I'm lost again.
Pamela: there weren't that many calls on the bill
rich-c: how on earth did you manage that, Jillian?
Jillian: The calls started before we arrived and the hotel was unable to tell us what room they were made from.
Dr.D.: I know that they must have tacked on some extra charges for long distance stuff, because my 2 brief calls to Cleveland totalled $17.xx.
rich-c: was Dale holding hour-long conversations with Neil?
Daniel Bienvenu: cross-talking ... I think I have a headack!
Pamela: hang on, let me go get my copy of the bill
Dr.D.: But I knew the exact phone numbers called and the lady at the desk was able to look them up.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr. D. I saw your cakes! take a picture of your Coleco cake ... I want a ColecoVision cake for my web site.
james: rich - what do you have in the way of programming manuals?
Jillian: They were all to a 905-373-4***. we didn't make them and managed to convince the hotel of that. but I don't want Bob to be stuck with them either
Dr.D.: I haven't baked a ColecoVision cake yet, Daniel, but when I do, I will be sure to take lots of photos of it.
rich-c: you want Z80 stuff, don't you, james?
Dr.D.: Wonder where (905) is.
james: i need something to get started
Jillian: Most of the calls were for ten minute lengths or so.
james: 905 is.. scarborough (outside toronto) no?
Daniel Bienvenu: dr.d - thanks! rich-c - z80 stuff? like what?
rich-c: Rich, 905 surrounds Toronto, with a bulge towards the west
Pamela: 905 is GTA, outside Toronto proper
Jillian: 905 is just out side of toronto, not scarborough, durham, markham, mississauga etc.
rich-c: Scarboro is part of Toronto (416) or (647)
Pamela: York, Durham, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga etc
Dr.D.: 905 ON Ontario (Hamilton, Toronto suburbs and central southeastern Ontario, overlays with 289)<Eastern Time Zone>
james: markham area
Dr.D.: I looked it up at
rich-c: sorry, I'm lost in the crosstalk - james, what is your specific want?
james: oshawa, oakville. st. catherines
james: sorry rich -
Dr.D.: Well, *someone* from Canada must have been calling there...
james: i have one of mel ostler's books (hacker
james: 's helper)
Jillian: Dale made two local hour long calls to his ISP and I made one 1-800 call.
james: and some other reference
Jillian: I phoned the number on Dale's cell and it connects to a modem or fax.
james: but what i really need is the beginner z80 stuff to get going
Pamela: I know there was someone else from Ontario in the hotel, I saw the van with the ONtario plate
rich-c: OK james I will dig through what I can find and let you know
Dr.D.: Hmmm...then how could the hotel not know what room it was coming from?
james: thanks rich
james: when i'm back over at the school, i'll get the exact titles i have.
Pamela: I wonder whether they just saw the Ontario reservations with our group and assumed they were ours
Jillian: I wish I had taken a copy of the number. The phone calls were intermixed with our room charges on the bill.
james: i'd say to call the hotel and ask them to go through their guest list again
Pamela: they couldn't separate out any of the other charges either, including Rons or Rich's
Dr.D.: At check-in, I asked about needing a credit card to cover phone charges for my room, and the lady said that it was all being done under one credit card.
rich-c: Isn't Dale's current ISP in the 905 area?
Dr.D.: Presumably BobS.
Pamela: 905-373-4305
Pamela: I have the bill in front of me
james: pam, that's dale's isp's phone number?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale Wick phone number?
Jillian: No Dale uses ATT with local numbers covering the US and Canada and cable at home.
Pamela: no , that
Pamela: is the number with all the charges to it
Dr.D.: I believe what I did last year was have the hotel *disable* all long-distance phone stuff for all the convention rooms unless each occupant specifically went to the front desk and made arrangements.
Dr.D.: Though that memory may be false.
Jillian: It makes sense to do is that way Rich.
Pamela: starts Thursday at 9:06 pm, before Dale and Jillian checked in
Dr.D.: But that way each room's calls went to each room's occupants, or else no calls would be permitted.
james: that number is a dialup number for an isp caled in cobourg ontario
rich-c: OK, that is Murray's ISP
Dr.D.: Isn't the web great?
james: it's at the top of the list in that link
james: :D
Pamela: there you go Jillian
Dr.D.: Now we have to catch Murray before he goes off to the Amazon...
james: so now you know whose legs to break
Pamela: I'm sure he'll thank you for that James
Dr.D.: Urgh, he should have just gotten a throwaway NetZero account.
james: glad to be of service :D
Jillian: He assured the hotel that he didn't make any long distance calls. What an unpleasant surprise that will be.
Dr.D.: The one I use is the same one I activated for ADAMcon 09!
Dr.D.: And have basically only used it about 2x per year just to keep it alive.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm lost... If you need me just say "DANIEL". brb
rich-c: I just got a prepaid internet disc from Sprint - 480 min/$10
Dr.D.: And now the 486 it's installed on is so slow, the new NetZero software updates and ads can't even load on it! So I never see the banner stuff.
Pamela: I'm partially to blame for the confusion Jillian - I was picking off area codes and thought you two were the only ones who would call a 905 number
Dr.D.: And even though they've dropped from 40 free hrs/month to just 10, I never used the 10 hours during ADAMcon.
Jillian: Apparently there were a group of people all checking out at the same time and they just assumed that the rest of the calls were ours. I almost fell over when they asked for $125.
Pamela: I also recognised Ron's call and Rich's
james: it's so easy to forget how many people and to whom you've made calls
Pamela: I asked for a copy of the bill to ensure we had one at the border, just in case they asked for proof. Do you want me to fax it to you?
rich-c: it occurs to me that their accounting standards definitely left something to be desired
Dr.D.: ? To prove you actually stayed in a hotel in the US?
Jillian: Because Dale has free access through his company, we rarely make long distance calls.
rich-c: which is surprising since they are a Canadian-owned chain
Pamela: To prove how long we'd been away
Dr.D.: I see.
rich-c: the amount we can bring home duty-free expands with time away
Jillian: I was really upset that they couldn't tell me which room the calls had come from.
Pamela: well, they obviously knew it was someone in our group, just not which someone
rich-c: still, their software should have called it out precisely
Jillian: I don't need a copy Pam, but perhaps Bob should be told that the number is an ISP in Coburg.
Pamela: don't forget, it was all being billed under Bob so they hadn't intended to separate them
Dr.D.: Stay a year, bring home a car!
Dr.D.: :-)
Pamela: good idea Jillian - will send him an e-mail
rich-c: actually, Dr. D., cards are so much cheaper here your delars are coming up and stripping the market
Dr.D.: Really?!?
Jillian: Every other hotel that I have dealt with keeps track seperatly.
james: you know, i don't remember where i read it, but there's a hotel somewhere using an adam
Jillian: Even if it is all billed to one account.
rich-c: yes, and the manufacturers are trying to stop grey market sales, Canadian dealers to US
Pamela: I've never run into the problem one way or the other - I use my calling card for this stuff
rich-c: Ford and Daimler-Chrysler won't honour warranties in the US for cars sold in Canada
Pamela: or my cell phone
Dr.D.: Well, check-ins to ADAMcon IV were done using an ADAM set up in the lobby.
rich-c: and james, that motel in Rhode Island was using a Logo program to handle its internal messaging
james: cool
Dr.D.: If the motel was "Gargamel's Castle" I'd be thrilled :-)
rich-c: they had no cable so they used the program to announce what videos would be run and stuff like that
james: yeah, that's what i remember reading now
Dr.D.: Where? When? Ref?
Jillian: We've become so dependent on our cell phone that I rarely even think to pick up a wall phone when not at home.
Dr.D.: I don't want a cell phone. I have the right to be incommunicado.
james: everyone here has a cel phone but i don't want one
rich-c: the program writer even attended one Adamcon that I can recall and maybe a second
james: there's something to be said for being able to get away without people bothering you
Jillian: We didn't answer the cell phone during the con and still people were calling. More than3 per day.
rich-c: I have a cell phone - in the truck. I think I have used it twice in five years.
Pamela: I have one for emergency purposes and when I need to get in touch with someone while I'm out. It's much easier than trying to find a pay phone and a quarter
james: might be handy for emergencies i guess
Jillian: I don't always want a cell phone, but if I am going to be late or I get lost I really miss them.
rich-c: yes, mine is to call emergency road service if I have a breakdown while touring
Pamela: I leave mine off much of the time, only on when I've asked someone to call me or I'm calling out
Jillian: I have friends who have both cell phones and pagers, but no land line.
Dr.D.: If people know you have one, they expect to be able to reach you anytime they feel like it. That's what I've observed, anyway.
rich-c: when you're stuck 40 miles from Flyspeck, TN and need a truck that can handle car and trailer...
Pamela: um, bob's email is still
Dr.D.: And they are P.O.ed if you don't answer it.
Dr.D.: My 24/7 access portal is :-)
Jillian: I'm always surprised at people who talk on their cell like it's nothing. I've been offered a cell when out to dinner with people and mentioned that I need to make a call.
Pamela: I don't give the number to anyone
rich-c: mine only works when plugged into the car cigarette lighter socket
Jillian: Dale uses his for business mostly, but lots of people don't.
Jillian: that's fine unless your battery is dead, Rich
Pamela: can someone verify Bob's address?
Pamela: sorry, email?
rich-c: even a "dead" battery will usually have enough kick to power the phone, Jill
Dr.D.: Bad things happen :-( They happened before there were cell phones and pagers and GPS transponders. We survived without it then...
Jillian: My dad's is the same way and the last time I went to visit him we ended up stuck on the side of the highway becuase his car wasn't charging right.
rich-c: the nice thing about the plug-in phones is that they have a longer range
Dr.D.: I am a Luddite.
Jillian: Dale thinks it is
Pamela: you know, the day I was going to get my first cell was the day my ignition module conked out at 1:00 am in the middle of Dufferin and Lawrence
rich-c: he's right, Jill, though the rslopsema works too
Pamela: I was really sorry that I hadn't picked it up
Pamela:, not net?
rich-c: I think it's .net
Jillian: I'm checking the hollowdreams website
Dr.D.: The webpage is, just checked it.
rich-c: Jill, what is
Pamela: Thanks Jillian - brb
Dr.D.: redirects to
Dr.D. left chat session
Jillian: is the host for a mailing list of people who live in Toronto who like to have Fun.
Jillian: offers a free email service
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rich-c: what's the catch?
changed username to Dr.D.
Jillian: torfun means something else in 'polynesian?' some other language anyway
Dr.D.: Okay, call me Apple-Q, hit the wrong key and killed the browser.
Jillian: Lots of ads on the display pages.
rich-c: it's a web-based mail deal, like hotmail, right?
Pamela: Well done, Rich
Jillian: That's ok Dr. D. Fumble fingers are forgivable.
Dr.D.: I wanted to kill the NetZero window that opened up and absent-mindedly killed the whole browser app.
Pamela: Okay, I fired an email to Bob about those calls
Dr.D.: Apple-W was what I should have typed.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back... what's up here?
Pamela: very little Daniel
Dr.D.: Not me for much longer (that is a pun, "up"="awake").
rich-c: tracking down strange long distance charges mostly, Daniel
Pamela: we were chasing email addresses
Dr.D.: I think I am going to bed...
rich-c: sounds like an eminently sensible idea, Rich
Jillian: Yes it is. Rich. I log in at
rich-c: I will likely emulate it very shortly
Pamela: given that it's 11:45 it's not a bad idea
Dr.D.: Still not totally recovered from moving day Tuesday and all of ADAMcon activities.
Pamela: ah, a Rich emulator
Dr.D.: Need another day of sleep to get caught up, which I won't get anytime soon :-(
james: yeah, i gotta go shower eat and then teach (back to the grind today) so i will see you all soon.
Pamela: I hear sleep is good - no one's ever proved it to me though
Dr.D.: Rich emulator...that's the ticket.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it's not my fault!
rich-c: I'll try to manage that for you, Rich ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: My games could be too addicitve.
james: :D
Pamela: : )
rich-c: no, Daniel, actually we usually pack it in about 11 p.m.
Daniel Bienvenu: i know that...
rich-c: you just get us going with such fascinating stuff we lose track of time
Pamela: however, which Rich is which?
Pamela: (sorry)
Dr.D.: I am ADAMnet device #33...time to call LD A,33 then CALL SOFT_RES_DEV
james: so rich, if you get the chance to get some programming stuff, i'd be really appreciative.
rich-c: I'm retires, so I can afford it, but the others aren't so lucky
rich-c: james, will look about, let you know
rich-c: Pam, check your email
Dr.D.: (Soft Reset Device in Register A)
james: thanks rich
Jillian: Have a good dayJames.
james: will do. you too jillian
Pamela: I will Dad, it's come through, I just haven't read it yet
Dr.D.: Good night/day to all...
james: or a good night, i guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Pamela: bon jour and bonne nuit to all
Dr.D.: Merci, Daniel!
Jillian: I'm just waiting for Jeffy to wake up.
rich-c: and goodnight to all from here too
Dr.D.: <reset>
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: well that's different
Pamela: I'm outta here folks - see you next week
rich-c: a la prochain...
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine!
Pamela: Jillian, give Jeff a good nite kiss for me
Pamela: and hugs for you since I didn't get to say goodbye on Monday
Jillian: Daniel I will create some more definite specifications for what I need for games and get back to you. I'm looking to have my project done for the next con.
james: salut daniel - si possible j'aimerais vous parler a qqtemps au sujet des jeux
Jillian: Good night Pam, thanks.
Daniel Bienvenu: SO we have time to figure out what you need
Daniel Bienvenu: james : pas de problème
Pamela: good nite James - say hi to your fambly too
Pamela: Daniel, bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: poof!
james: night pam
Pamela left chat session
james: j'aimerais apprendre comment les fabriquer
Jillian: Yes we do. Have you ever seen the Adambomb2 game? that is the UI I'm starting from.
Daniel Bienvenu: james : my Coleco web site is for you.
james: cool.
james: so far i'm trying to get references etc so i can get going on the z80 stuff
Jillian: This is the first game I have ever attempted to create.
Daniel Bienvenu: James : I'm not writing games in z80 ASM... but in C language so it's easy to learn.
james: i've never attempted one
james: cool. i already know c (very rusty though)
james: so you have a compiler that goes from c to adam executable?
Daniel Bienvenu: Jillian : I saw the ADAMCON 14 pictures... I think it's a GREAT GAME!
Daniel Bienvenu: I said I think because I don't play it
Daniel Bienvenu: james : I use a cp/m compiler and a coleco library made by Marcel de Kogel to do Coleco games.
Jillian: is a good reference for z80 beginnings.
james: okay, i'd like to talk to you, if you could get me going from scratch, i'd appreciate it.
james: cp/m compiler for adam?
Daniel Bienvenu: james : it's a C compiler for the CP/m and I use a PC to compile my source code.
Jillian: I'm planning to program in either C or basic but I really need to brush up on both.
james: okay, so you compile it on a regular pc and then what?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think ADAMCON need a BASIC compiler.
Jillian: Dale wrote Express Basic compiler which compiles to z80 code and allows inline assembly
james: daniel, can you hook me up with some software to get going?
Daniel Bienvenu: james : then I test the binary code with an emulator.
james: okay, cool.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! URL :
Daniel Bienvenu: this is my first try to help newbie to learn how to compile a Coleco game with hitech-C compiler
Jillian: There is a problem with games in the emulator that sometimes the fire and the drop keys sometimes switch.
Daniel Bienvenu: download the file "The result : z80 directory" to avoid some installing steps.
james: thanks!
Jillian: express basic will be downloadable sometime this week.
Jillian: Dale gave it out at AC14.
james: i'm definitely going to play with this
Daniel Bienvenu: jill - it's a good news. do you think I will be able to try it?
Jillian: I think that I am going to try the basic first. I really hated C when I had to use it in school.
Jillian: yes, he gave it out with source so that others could even work on improving the compiler.
james: very cool
Daniel Bienvenu: Jill : I fully understand you... using C the first time is not "natural".
Jillian: I will try to make sure the website gets updated and comfirm the address next week.
james: my first programming language (after logo of course!) was pascal
james: lunch time. thanks again daniel
Jillian: I worked with Pascal as well. but was required to switch to c in 2nd year.
Daniel Bienvenu: no problem!
james: we'll talk again soon! a prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope I will be able to help you doing Coelco games.
Jillian: I had better go as well. Jeffy will wake up soon. I hope we get to talk games next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine!
Jillian: Goodnight.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Jillian: poof
Jillian left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: à mon tour
Daniel Bienvenu: POOF!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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