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rich-c: hi George - right on time
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: you really came on promptly
George: i did my food shopping early
rich-c: you too, eh? we were out earlier for peaches and milk
rich-c: Frances is very fond of her fresh fruit in season
George: my doctor gave hell Thursday
rich-c: becuase he figured you weren't listening to him, right?
George: i'm on a very restrictive diet and i haven't been following it
rich-c: which, I guess, is why you have been complaining so much about pain and disability
rich-c: you might as well listen to your body, George - unlike the doctor it will never stop nagging you
George: my blood pressure is way too high
rich-c: that is likely not as big an issue as some other things, though
rich-c: you need to worry a lot more about the Crohns and organ damage and diabetes
rich-c: take care of those and the blood pressure will take cre of itself
George: other things in my blood work are extremely high too
rich-c: yes, like cholesterol for instance
George: yes and trig.
rich-c: let's face it, you're digging your own grave with your teeth
George: i should give up food
rich-c: no, you should definitely eat, but you should change teh type of food you eat
George: no fat at all
rich-c: by the way, if I sound unsympathetic, don't get the idea I don't know what a strain changing is
rich-c: at one time I was 65 lbs heavier than I am now - I took it all off in one long regime (couple of years)
rich-c: I've regained maybe 10 lbs since, over the following 30 years - not good, but not TOO bad
George: i'm always running out money because of too much food anyway
rich-c: and also remember after a half-century of smoking I quit cold four months ago
rich-c: well, the first thing you have to do is take control - eat nothing you have not prepared yourself
George: yes
rich-c: that means no snack foods, no grabbing fast foods when you're out, or ordering in
rich-c: don't think that your food budget is going to shrink much, though
rich-c: the stuff you need is expensive
rich-c: for instance, sweet urges can be easily subdued by dried figs or fresh apples, though those present other issues for you
George: and learn to buy veggies and fruits like oranges
rich-c: yes, if instead of a chocolate bar you have an orange, that's very good
rich-c: which veggies and fruits can you eat?
George: i got boneless skinless chicken breasts
rich-c: they are good for weight control and nice with a hot plum or ginger sa8ce
George: most veggies and fruits
rich-c: part of your problem is that you can't get some of the nice stuff we have to make such things attractive
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Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: :D
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello!
rich-c: we have chicken often, but with the sauces I've mentioned, or Szechwaun peanut sauce, or something similar
rich-c: bienvenue, Daniel - didn't see you come in!
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, I'm late
George: of course my veggies have to be cooked because of the crohn's
rich-c: we aren't sticky on the point, though the later you come the less time we have to chat
rich-c: not that Dale or Rich put on any time limits; our own schedules do that
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on my Double Breakout project. I have to change the menu screen.
rich-c: I don't know why but I can't get the emulator to work on my machine
Daniel Bienvenu: I programmed a little TEST to see the difference between many error-diffusion dithering I found.
rich-c: in fact I was trying it on the laptop yesterday (worked fine at Adamcon) and it crashed out on me
rich-c: I am very eager to try your gamepack but can't get the underlying program to run
Daniel Bienvenu: ADAMEM still have a problem with windows filenames (LONG NAME) and with the conventional memory.
George: I had trouble getting an emulator to because of a pci sound card
rich-c: I am running from the Windows front end (AdamemMam)
Daniel Bienvenu: To test my creations I use MESS most of the time. Last year I used MEKA.
rich-c: don't know those programs, Daniel - I am not a programmer
Daniel Bienvenu: But Double Breakout can be played only with adamem (roller controller support).
rich-c: right, like run it under DOS then?
Daniel Bienvenu: MESS is a multi-emulator systems : the Coleco emulation in Mess was improve this year.
rich-c: or wait a minute, that won't work, I've got the AdamEm in a long-name directory
rich-c: right, I keep forgetting that the dam has broken, so to speak, on emulation - now there is one for everything
rich-c: George, what did you mean about the sound card blocking your emulater?
George: it won't work
rich-c: you mean the sound card won't respond to teh emulator? Is that it?
George: it just hangs
Daniel Bienvenu: With Adamem I have to restart my computer to free some memory space... and sometimes to avoid a crash I disable the sound emulation.
rich-c: what hangs? the program itself?
George: yes
rich-c: aha, Daniel - the sound emulation can cause it to crash or hang, then?
George: sb16 emulation doesn't work
Daniel Bienvenu: Here, with my computer? yes, sometimes
rich-c: you must have a very old sound card in your computer, George
George: brb
rich-c: you implied earlier that might result from shortage of memory - main or extended?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure.. but I know this : If a use adamem one or two times... there is no problem. but after the third time, there is a problem. I see the DOS windows with many inscriptions like registers.
rich-c: am I right is suspecting the Emulator works mostly in the main 640K of RAM?
Daniel Bienvenu: If you run too many software at the same time, the adamem will not work because of a memory problem.
rich-c: that would only be true in the case of main memory - I have 256 meg or extended RAM and still crash
Daniel Bienvenu: It's like the garbage collector to free ram space doesn't work and cause crash or reset.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think because adamem is a DOS program the conventional memory is very important
rich-c: It doesn't help that I am running Windows 98SE - it doesn't even have a DOS window accessible from the Control Panel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm running Win98... with many updated for windows update. There is many ways to open a DOS windows.
rich-c: I am still baffled as to why it ran perfectly on my laptop in Michigan and crashed first try in Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: ... with many updates from windowsupdate...
George: i'm back i had to run to the bathroom
rich-c: far as I know, other that network stuff not relevant to me, I have all the updates
rich-c: figured as much, George; it comes in the package
Daniel Bienvenu: But updateing windows is not a solution for DOS programs.
rich-c: at the moment, I'm interested in a straightforward way to open a DOS window
George: the sound card i was having trouble with i a soundblaster pci 512 fairly new on the market
Daniel Bienvenu: You can add an icon on your desktop.
Daniel Bienvenu: Search for a COMMAND.COM file and do a shortcut
George: it uses strange interrupts
rich-c: right, hadn't thought of that - as you can tell I do not use DOS really
rich-c: Danile, can you shift attention to Geroge's sound card problem?
rich-c: it would be nice if you could tell him a way to try the Emulator
George: its a compatibility issue
Daniel Bienvenu: I think you have to disable the sound emulation in adamem. My friends here have so many problems to run DOS programs with sounds because of the new sounds cards.
rich-c: how would he go about doing that, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: there is an option to not use the sound emulation in adamem : "-so 0".
rich-c: did you get that, George?
rich-c: don't try it now, wait till after we break up and report results Wednesday
George: i doesn't use the interrupts the emulator allows for
Daniel Bienvenu: cvem -if 60 -so 0 -ex 1 -se 70 ..\doubleb\doubleb.rom
rich-c: then do as Daniel says - disable the sound emulation
Daniel Bienvenu: See! this is my command line to play DoubleBreakout without sound
Daniel Bienvenu: If you don't need the "Spinner Support", don't add the "-ex1 -se 70".
Daniel Bienvenu: cvem -if 60 -so 0 game.rom
Daniel Bienvenu: -so 0 means NO SOUND
Daniel Bienvenu: -so 1 means PC Speaker
Daniel Bienvenu: etc..
rich-c: I don't think I want to discuss how long it's been since I typed a command line in DOS
George: me either
rich-c: actually not quite so; I had to to use Norton Ghost for backup - but then that didn't work either
rich-c: but basically DOS is something I use to recover from catastrophic crashes
Daniel Bienvenu: If you have non windows partitions like linux on your harddisk.. Norton Ghost can cause a problem.
rich-c: I have though about Linux but not installed it yet - I do have two non-bootable FAT32 partitions
Daniel Bienvenu: ok then
rich-c: that problem was that my CD burner would not close the first disc to allow spanning to a second
rich-c: but niether Norton nor Roxio had the slightest interest in offering either an explanation of the error code or the line in the error log that explained things
Daniel Bienvenu: For me, each time my CD burner doesn't work well, I re-install again the software I receive with the burner and it's enough to fix the problem. Weird bugs? Weird solutions!
rich-c: your hard disc must be even more of a mess than mine!
Daniel Bienvenu: my harddisk? Install this , Install that... Erase this, Erase that...
rich-c: but as I tell Frances when she wants to know why her Amiga acted up - "it's a computer"
rich-c: I try to keep things under control by doing a Scandisc and Defrag regularly - weekly on my good days
rich-c: but I hadn't done teh laptop lately and you wouldn't believe how long it took to defrag yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: But the problems I have here with my computer came after an a big download.. I downloaded TV ads ( video games ) and now my computer doesn't work well.
Daniel Bienvenu: But I use Norton Utilities to correct the problems..
rich-c: I assume you have full virus protection working at all times, and didn't get any malicious code?
Daniel Bienvenu: to fix problems
rich-c: yes, I have Norton Works 2001though I'm not highly impressed with it
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't use any e-mail software.. and my Norton Anti-Virus is always up-to-date(this is the right word?)
rich-c: it's teh right word, Daniel; your English is excellent
Daniel Bienvenu: Norton SystemWorks 2002 (for me)
rich-c: sorry, just checked - mine is NSW 2002 too
Daniel Bienvenu: I was suprise to notice that the new version of Norton SystemWorks doesn't work under Win95.
rich-c: but you must hae some email software, you've been sending us attachments
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using the Yahoo mailing service... a web page.
rich-c: oh, right, webmail
rich-c: by the way, if they get difficult (spam, charges, etc.) take a look at
Daniel Bienvenu: So worms virus doesn't affect me... Mail virus? what's that?
Daniel Bienvenu: ? I receive a spam form them
rich-c: does it reassure you to know that Norton picks a sample of the Klez32 out of my email about once a week?
Daniel Bienvenu: I receive in my yahoo e-mail account, an e-mail about
Daniel Bienvenu: so it was another fastmail?
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm not sure?
rich-c: really? I'll have to double-check their privacy policy
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I'm not sure!
rich-c: they don't appear the sort of outfit to indulge in spamming, but if they are, forget them
Daniel Bienvenu: I erased the spam a few hours ago.
rich-c: yes, I have a hotmail account, and the amount of spam that accumulates in a week is unbelievable
Daniel Bienvenu: I can survive with some spam... but it's just not funny to receive
rich-c: well, individually deleting 95 messages is a royal pain!
Daniel Bienvenu: Sometimes I forgot to erase them so now my Yahoo account is full!
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to free some space now
rich-c: it certainly doesnt take long
rich-c: I know on the English Yahoo they snuck in a couple of months ago and changed all the user preferences
rich-c: for that matter, so did Hotmail
rich-c: you had to go to your profile and change evrything back to the "no" column again
Daniel Bienvenu: ok I erased a few spam.. it's much better now
rich-c: if the spam gets annoying, check your profile - Yahoo may have fiddled your preferences
rich-c: technically they notified all users - if anyone could figur3e oujt what they wre talking about
rich-c: fortunately I got tipped off by the langalist
Daniel Bienvenu: I started receiving spam after I started to post messages in forums.
rich-c: right - that's a sure way to get lots
Daniel Bienvenu: I received one message in a language I don't understand... I was surprise.
rich-c: may I suggest you get a disposable address from (it's free) and use that for postings?
rich-c: anything sent to your sneakemail address is just forwarded on to you - but if you get spammed. kill the address and start another
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if I receive too much spam with my Yahoo account, I will find another e-mail account somewhere else.
rich-c: there are lots of options, but I would suggest using the sneakemail diversion and checking your Yahoo profile
rich-c: how are you doing at dealing with spam, George?
George: i ignore it
rich-c: do you get much? I'm getting hit by 10 - 15 a day
George: over 500 a day
rich-c: oh right, you're on AOL and they sell you to everyone
George: right now i have 527
rich-c: why don't you edit your membership profile and stop them?
rich-c: with an old machine like yours, you don't have the time or disc space to endure that sort of crap
George: ignoring it works for me
rich-c: have you looked to see how much of your disc space it's eating up lately?
rich-c: and don't you find it a pain to sort through all that crap for a few meaningful messages?
George: sometimes i do control a and delete all
rich-c: well, you risk deleting real messages you want to keep that way
George: i save mail i want to keep as .txt files
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I receive only (about) 3 or 4 spam mails per day. So, I don'T have a big spam problem like yours.
rich-c: likely significantly more secure, but a bother to dig out and resave - still to each his own
rich-c: I suspect that with a North American location not many spammers are interested in doing the translation into French
rich-c: is its own URL or is it a page off from or
Daniel Bienvenu: The spam I receive is always in english.. only a few in other languages so it's easy for me to control : this is spam mail and this is not.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: yahoo pay for the geocities web service a few years ago
rich-c: oh, do you have an email link on your web page?
George: i can sort messages sevral way by date, email address, type etc.
rich-c: yes, Yahoo has been buying stuff all over - pickup up Webrings too I think
Daniel Bienvenu: In 2000, There was no french webmail service for Yahoo Canada so I used a Yahoo France e-mail account
rich-c: gee! I'd expect you to be getting all sorts of ads for fine wines, Peugeots,...
Daniel Bienvenu: I have an e-mail link
Daniel Bienvenu: No I receive some "sex" and making money. Like I said before, most of the spam I received is in english
rich-c: on the internet, everything is an equal distance, so an address in France makes no difference
Daniel Bienvenu: no spam about wine,etc..
rich-c: yes the pornographers try to spam every address on the net, regardless of language, I suspect
Daniel Bienvenu: It's easy to make a bot scaning web pages to find e-mail address
rich-c: the moneymaking offers are often frauds, I suspect, so I send them to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission
rich-c: you're right, Daniel, that is almost certainly how your address was picked up
rich-c: that's why on newsgroups you'll see posting names like "seebelowfor@realURL"
rich-c: or ""
Daniel Bienvenu: My friends try some tricks like using javascript to print the e-mail address not in one time. Or a image file like a GIF.
Daniel Bienvenu: All my friends receive spam.
rich-c: well, anything that disrupts the format the 'bot is looking for should do the trick
rich-c: even just using would likely do it
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! but each time I try something like this someone ask why?
rich-c: tell them it cuts down on spam - maybe George doesnt mind deleting 500 a day but you do!
Daniel Bienvenu: *zap* I erased another worm virus. This is not the first time I received virus by mail but it doesn't affect my computer because I'm reading the mail by using my browser or a telnet.
George: is something slowing down?
rich-c: wait a minute - we may have a buffer problem
rich-c: no, seems we are ok, just you weren't saying anything and Daniel was busy
George: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not busy... ok, I experiment some dithering algo.
rich-c: it's OK, Daniel, Northon scans all incoming email - that's how I stop my weekly virus attack
rich-c: when I download an email, even as an attachment, Norton scans it and stops the computer if there is a virus present
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm more faster than Norton . each time a new worm virus appear, my instinct know it's a virus before Norton database was updated (a few days after).
rich-c: I haven't encountered any viruses that weren't in the Norton databse (which I update weekly)
rich-c: but even if it's that new the heuristic analysis may well catch it anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I experiment ... it takes a few days between the day I found a suspect e-mail and the day Norton can detect the virus. And this happen this year.
rich-c: I used McAff on my computer before this one, and use a free antivirus on the laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: I update my anti-virus each 2 days
rich-c: wow, you are really cautious!
rich-c: Norton settles for nagging me to do it every week
Daniel Bienvenu: in 1998, I found an old virus named pong with McAfee but Dr.Solomon ignore the virus.
rich-c: that's interesting, since McAfee now owns Dr. Solomons
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! that's funny!
rich-c: in fact Pamela is using Dr. Solomons on her machine - hope she's listening to the old man and updating regularly
Daniel Bienvenu: But now Dr Solomon detect PONG but it doesn't say "Hey! it's PONG"... it's a weird name "???-variant".
rich-c: well, viruses fall into families, so I guess that's how Dr.S's has it listed internally
rich-c: I notice on the virus I'm getting it's shown as W32Klez32 - (then some variant number)
George: my version of aol is about to be blocked
rich-c: why is that, George?
George: they want me to update it
Daniel Bienvenu: oh! before I forgot... I still have a suspect e-mail and Norton doesn't detect the virus. Maybe it's because it's the encoding way of the attachment file or maybe it still in the SMART method to not scanning every files.
George: they have a new build
rich-c: have never encountered that situation, Daniel, so can't guess
Daniel Bienvenu: My instinct.
rich-c: so go update it - then they can send you 1000 spams a day
rich-c: better still, get yourself an ISP that doesn't hassle you all the time, George
George: it's part of being a beta tester
rich-c: you are supposed to be beta testing AOL browsers?
George: yes, i now have aol 8.0
rich-c: I don't know whether to laugh or cry
George: both
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George: he's double
rich-c: did you fall off, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry! I have a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah! My internet connect...
rich-c: do realize, Daniel, that if you click your cursor anywhere on the page, it takes it out of the text line
rich-c: then what you type will not be sent even though you are still with the chat
rich-c: shall we get rid of your double?
Daniel Bienvenu: no it was my internet connection this time
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: your doppleganger has departed
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George: better
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: It doesn't work
Daniel Bienvenu: I kick myself!
George: oh, no
rich-c: guess we booted teh wrong Daniel!
rich-c: let me try this time
rich-c requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
George confirmed ban
rich-c: now, you still here, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to newcoleco
newcoleco: yeah!
newcoleco: I think!
rich-c: well, the name has changed, but the voice is there
newcoleco: I wanted to change my nickname to be more easy for you to find out wich one wasn't me
George: i don't hear any voice
rich-c: good thought, and it is certainly easy to change your name in this program
rich-c: in fact some days I feel Ron and Dr. D. exploit it a bit much
rich-c: in any case, gentlemen, it;s been two hours and other duties are starting to call
newcoleco: ok! bye!
rich-c: I must take my leave now -see you both Wednesday
newcoleco: wednesday? 21h? ok!
rich-c: colour me gone
George: ok, see you Wed.
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