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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hi there George
rich-c: as usual, we are the first two
George: Hi Rich
rich-c: Dr. D. apparently is having problems with his ISP and may not make it
George: did the system crash?
rich-c: and Guy Bona is in the process of moving and his ISP has the connection messed up too
George: slow night
rich-c: not Dr. D's system - it wouldn't dare - but the whole Ameritech network has problems
George: oh boy
George: will Pam be on tonight
rich-c: reading in Consumer Reports today how half their dialup members have crashes every month and about a fifth of their broadband users
rich-c: she said she would, she was over here after work to swap some tapes
rich-c: and said she had to hurry home because she had a lot to finish bdfore chat
George: i had a sleep study last night
rich-c: anyway, I cannot imagine why Americans put up with such lousy overpriced so-called service
rich-c: oh, one of those sleep clinic thingies, in their lab?
George: i couldn't sleep, now i'm tired
rich-c: when and where was the sleep study?
George: too many wires
rich-c: when and where?
George: lastnight at Ne philly
rich-c: that's a hospital?
George: no the place is called university services it's a sleep lab
rich-c: oh, run by the University of Pennsyklvania?
George: i don't think so i think it's in a strip mall
rich-c: oh that doesnt prove anything
rich-c: 8niversities run subsidiary services wherever they consider it appropriate
George: also anyway ithink it's apart of Frankford Torresdale hospital
rich-c: OK, it's entirely possible that the hospital is affiliated with the university, that is standard practice
rich-c: most of the best hospitals in the U.S. and elsewhere are teaching hospitals affiliated with universities
George: i don't know the connection
rich-c: you don't need to, just gives some grounds for guessing at the choice of name
rich-c: anyway, does your doctor think you suffer from sleep apnea or something?
George: probably to capitalize on the name
George: yes
rich-c: my own suspicion is that sleep apnea is far more common than the doctors think
George: i stop breathing during my sleep
rich-c: so does everyone, it's the frequency and duration that matters
George: the sleep tech said it's a new field
rich-c: that depends on how you define new
George: and i have to wake to breathe
rich-c: there has been a sleep clinic in our neighbourhood for years and years - at least ten, I'd say
George: ten years ago it was unheard of here
rich-c: well, Toronto is famous as one of the great medical research centres of the world
rich-c: so maybe we do tend to get spoiled a bit
rich-c: I guess it's like immunology - it's now the new big thing in medicine
rich-c: but in 1963/4 I filled in for a year for the librarian at the Banting Institute
George: stilll sleep apnea is a condition that can kill
rich-c: and when I was at the Banting they wre already doing leading edge research on immunology
rich-c: but yes, the only question is whether it kills directly or indirectly
rich-c: not that it matters, you're just as dead either way
George: if you stop breathing and you can't wake up yuo'll suffocate my doctor said that
rich-c: seems to me pretty obvious that would be so
rich-c: anyway, while we're alone, a little piece of information for you
George: i'm watching a show about Family Feud
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello! I'm late!
rich-c: I know and appreciate that you feel left out when the rest of us start flinging foreign langages around
rich-c: Bon soir, Daniel -
rich-c: comment ca va?
George: i don't understand
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Rich! Ça va bien!
George: Hi Daniel
rich-c: I know, George, and Daniel knows, too
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi George!
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: HEllo Pam!
Pamela: bonjour, Daniel
rich-c: but Adam is a very big family in which a number of langauages are spoken
George: here they come
Pamela: just me, George
George: Hi Pam
Pamela: small crowd so far
rich-c: hi daughter, finally get the work done?
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Pamela: some of it
Pamela: I got Dr. D's message, but where's everyone else?
rich-c: yes, George and I were having our own chat till you and Daniel just came in nearly together
George: you came in almost the same time as Daniel
Pamela: timing is everything
rich-c: Guy is in the throes of moving and was having a hard time with his internet connection
Pamela: moving? Already?
Pamela: poor guy, I don't envy him
rich-c: don't know whre the Slopsemas are - maybe off camping again? or on a buying trip?
Pamela: yeah, but Meeka should be here
rich-c: nor do I know whre Freddy is
rich-c: he may be mad at me because I can't send Adamserve to him
George: i think if i have to move i'll kill myself
Pamela: meaning it's not possible or there are copyright issues?
rich-c: his stupid ISP won't allow his mailbox to exceed ten megs - and the primary file is 10.1 megs
Pamela: ah
Pamela: that could be a problem
rich-c: I do not know why the rest of the gang put up with these ISPs
Pamela: we're just lucky I guess
rich-c: the Slopsemas and Guy are in a semi-permanent battle with Netzero
George: too easy
rich-c: don't even ASK about Geroge's troubles - but then he's on AOL
Pamela: speaking of which, did you get a note from Roland saying he's off netzero?
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rich-c: Daniel, who is your ISP and how are they?
changed username to Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Jillian!?
Pamela: HI, Jillian!
Jillian: Greetings all!
Daniel Bienvenu: My ISP?
Pamela: How are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's Globetrotter
rich-c: yes, Doug has gone back to aol from msn and Roland is with Walmart
George: Hi Jillian
rich-c: hello Gillian, how are the family males doing?
Pamela: your ears must be burning - you and Jeff were under discussion earlier this evening
Jillian: ONe is asleep (and hopefully will stay that way) and one is in Denver.
rich-c: don't know Globetrotter, Daniel; is it local to Quebec?
Pamela: why is Jeff in Denver? : )
Pamela: but seriously
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you know Telus? It's a phone service... Globetrotter is the ISP of Telus.
Jillian: We were under discussion? Is the concurence good or bad?
Pamela: definitely good
rich-c: OK, though I hope they are better than Sympatico
Pamela: I was M & D's earlier and we were talking about how adorable that child is
Jillian: Dale is at some standards meeting. if we are still active when he gets back from dinner, he will try to join us.
Pamela: good
Jillian: I was out for dinner with a friend and we were talking about that very thing, Pam 8-)
rich-c: I guess Dale is away often enough and long enough that an ISP with POPs all over is useful to him
Pamela: I have a "nephew" on the way in about 2 weeks - my best friend is due on September 10th. I hope that this one is as good as Jeff, and as good as her first is
Pamela: one has to take one's "siblings" where one can
rich-c: but after trying for Slingshot and ending up with Sprint PPI, I've discovered a number of internet phone card companies
Jillian: Work pays for a continent wide link to ATT by dial up. At home we use cable and DSL and only have dialup for back up.
Pamela: BRB gotta get my nail file
rich-c: both cable and DSL? one for you and one for him?
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Pamela: here's one for the record books - my nails are so long they're getting in the way of my typing
Jillian: Cable for web surfing and email, DSL for web serving. Right now I'm using cable to connect to a web server served through the DSL modem in the corner.
changed username to Dr.D.<undefined>
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D!
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: aha Rich, you made it!
Pamela: glad to see you were able to make it
Dr.D.<undefined>: Only here for a short time...I'm in the robot lab tonight.
Jillian: Pam: Those of us with 'blood' siblings also choose our siblings on occasion.
Jillian: Hi Dr.D
Dr.D.<undefined>: Oops, gotta fix the name...BRB.
rich-c: did Ameritech solve their problems or did you find an old dialup ISP or something?
Pamela: since I have no blood siblings I got to choose - ya gotta love it
Dr.D.<undefined> changed username to Dr.D.
Dr.D.: Okay, that's better.
Dr.D.: No, DSL is totally dead tonight, problems started Saturday.
George: Hi Dr. D
Dr.D.: It would go out at night, but be on in the daytime.
rich-c: yes, you can hardly go around as Doctor Undefined!
Dr.D.: Yesterday I called my ISP, they said they'd get Ameritech to send someone out.
Pamela: part time DSL? that's strange
Dr.D.: Of course the guy came today before I got home from work...and Elanor did not take good messages.
Dr.D.: But today beginning about 6 PM it has been totally out. DSL light on router blinks like it's trying to find something, then just goes black.
rich-c: and naturally, he wouldn't test it or anything
Pamela: send her to me Rich, I'll straighten her out. A week at the switchboard and she'll be shipshape in no time
Dr.D.: Well, according to Elanor, the tech *did* say it was nothing inside the house--which mean's it's their problem.
rich-c: the only problem with that being, their small problem is your big problem
Dr.D.: My DSL router has nice error logging capabilities, I had E-mailed one log already to APKnet tech support.
Dr.D.: I guess I'll send tonight's log to them tomorrow.
Pamela: so you went to the lab just to get on line? That's so sweet
Dr.D.: In any case, I came into the robot lab tonight.
Dr.D.: Of course Pam, I just had to get my fix of chatting with you!
Pamela: awwwww
Dr.D.: Also, I had left some LEGOs on the floor that I need to pick up before 8:30 AM class tomorrow...
rich-c: can't have the little monster busting out and crawling all over the floor!
Dr.D.: I was inventorying the staff LEGO kit (in a bad state) and ran out of time, had to go to a lab meeting at 3:30 PM and never got back.
Pamela: darn meetings
Jillian: Doing some suruptisious(sp) for slug mess? or did you teach the students a lesson last time?
rich-c: you should see Frances inventorying her Lego set - and she doesn't even have the robot parts
Dr.D.: Fortunately I don't have to give a lab seminar until 26.9.
Dr.D.: Yeah Jill, I read 'em the riot act before..."tragedy of the commons" and all that.
Pamela: surruptitious, I think
Dr.D.: They better listen, or I'll put a dead slug in their desks...
Pamela: oooo, threats
Dr.D.: "surreptitious"
Pamela: thank you
Jillian: Ewh yuck.
Dr.D.: "Do not taunt Happy Fun Rich"
Pamela: LOL
(Jillian laughs heartily)
Daniel Bienvenu: I have done a little VisualBASIC program to test some error-diffusion dithering algos. I use euclide distance to choose the nearest color and I want to know if there is any other way than using "square_root((deltaR)2+(deltaG)2+(deltaB)2)"?
rich-c: speaking of which, did you get my note on Klingon programming?
George: the legacy of Family Feud
Dr.D.: Nope, that's the distance formula, Daniel, no other way.
Dr.D.: The only way to make it go fast is to do table lookup for the square roots and use integer arithmetic.
Dr.D.: Yes Re: Klingon programming, Richard...pretty funny stuff.
Pamela: oh oh, higher math - I'm in trouble
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: someone new just5 in time to save you, Pam
Dr.D.: Go study for your O-levels, Pam.
Jillian: That's not higher math Pam, not an feild, ring or series in there at all.
changed username to i-Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: hello iron
George: i thought Richard Dawson died in the 80's
Pamela: need my O.W.L.s first Rich
rich-c: aha, Ron's got the Apple polished up tonight
Pamela: Hi, Ron
i-Ron: Yo!
George: Hi Ron
Jillian: Greetings.
i-Ron: hot here on the wet coast
Dr.D.: Okay, how about squeeze Wiles' proof of Fermat's Last Theorem into the space in the margin that Fermat said wasn't big enough for him to write down his own proof...
Pamela: ur? I don't speak +grade ten math
rich-c: really? around here we're just nicely fit for human habitation
rich-c: glorious cool sunny breezy day
George: Wet here on the eastcoast
Dr.D.: Better i-Ron than n-Ron :-)
Pamela: uh huh, uh huh
i-Ron: agree
Jillian: nice for walking today. and even nice for sleeping with all the windows open.
i-Ron: got more money than n-ron
Jillian: Is that hard to do, Ron?
rich-c: unfortunately, today my right leg and hip decided to act up so I couldn't do much
Pamela: even I have more money than n-ron and that's saying something
i-Ron: No.
Daniel Bienvenu: I used another way than euclide... |deltaR| + |deltaG| + |deltaB|.
Dr.D.: How about L. Ron? :-)
Pamela: does he have any money?
Dr.D.: L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology fame?
Jillian: You need a scooter if only one hip is acting up. Just lock hip and knee on one side and push with other.
Daniel Bienvenu: The result is good!
Pamela: yup
George: i don't
rich-c: do we really need Dianetics in this crowd? or Battlefield Earth?
Dr.D.: I'm surprised, Daniel...the formula with square roots comes directly from the Pythagorean Theorem.
Pamela: c'mon, the man has written some pretty decent science fiction - let's not pick on his failures
Dr.D.: I'm hooked up to my E-meter right now...theta enturbulation!
rich-c: but there were so many and they are so egregious
Dr.D.: cough decent urp blort gack
Pamela: Hmm, lets see - "the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides" - right?
Dr.D.: Congratulations, Scarecrow!
rich-c: only with a right triangle, Pam
i-Ron: this damn thin's not scrolling properly..... L.Ron... (hah) as in Hubbard?
Dr.D.: Yes, Ron.
Pamela: maybe I did learn something in math after all
rich-c: despite all your efforts?
Pamela: speaking of picking on people . . . no fair, Daddy
i-Ron: am I alive?
Pamela: Yes Ron
Dr.D.: meow let's be nice
i-Ron: woof!
Dr.D.: moof
Pamela: at least I made it through high school - and with no ill side effects
Pamela: give credit where credit is due
i-Ron: how about b^2 -4ac/2a
rich-c: except on your vocabulary - oooh, those junior high years!
i-Ron: Which is about all of the binomial theorem I can remember
Pamela: algebra I can do
Pamela: plane geometry on the other hand, forget it
i-Ron: seems there was something before that beginning with plus or minus
George: grrr
Dr.D.: I believe that's -b (+/-) sqrt(b^2-4ac)/2a
i-Ron: ok, that's it
Pamela: okay, this is me with my eyes crossed
rich-c: it's OK George, math is a foreign language to almost all of us
Dr.D.: That's the quadratic formula...I can't remember the binomial theorem...
Dr.D.: Pam, it's a Magic Eye picture...
i-Ron: right Dr. D general solution for a quadratic
Pamela: huh?
Dr.D.: "Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls" -- Laugh-In, 1969
i-Ron: Which was about as far as I got before they started talking about calculus
rich-c: daughter, you don't WANT to know
Jillian: I'm stumped for the binomial as well.
i-Ron: at that point I turned into a math failure
Pamela: besides, my dictionary was printed in the '50's
George: huh?
rich-c: Jill, thought you were a math major at Waterloo
i-Ron: Could not understand for the life of me why anyone would ever want to calculate the approximate area under a curve
Dr.D.: Actually, there are uses...
Pamela: follow the dotted line George - I am the product of two librarians who were educated in the '50's - so I have their vocabulary and my grandparents dictionary
Daniel Bienvenu: Is there a way to respect more the color than the brithness? Euclide is not the solution.
i-Ron: so I took up English Lit instead
rich-c: ask Frances at the next Adamcon - she uses it in her Logo programming
George: where's the peanut butter?
i-Ron: Oh of course there most certainly are. But at age 17, they were of no importance to me
Dr.D.: I don't know, Daniel. I have never had any formal classes in computer graphics.
Dr.D.: On a cracker, George?
Pamela: in the cupboard?
George: oh' ok
i-Ron: Lord, what an ecclectic lot we are!
Pamela: glad we could help
Pamela: : )
Dr.D.: <i-Ron steals Dr.D.'s comment before he can type it!>
George: farn dingers
Pamela: of course if you asked me where my p.b. was, I don't think I could tell you
rich-c: is there no way in a computer display to modify the relative brightness of the various pixels?
Dr.D.: Hmmmm...
Dr.D.: Computer display uses RGB color system.
Pamela: ask Mom, she'll know
George: what's a pixel?
rich-c: must be - how do you display a picture with shadows in it?
Jillian: I was a math major. Good enough to get in but not to continue.
i-Ron: Alls I know is
Daniel Bienvenu: And If I transform RGB to something else? Do you think this could fix the nearest color algo to replace a blue color by a blue color (not green)?
i-Ron: I want to know how to go through walls
Dr.D.: The brightness of any pixel is a complex function of R, G, and B levels.
i-Ron: so I can play a more acceptable game of ADAM Bomb 2
George: oh, a dot
rich-c: a pixel is one of the little dots of light that make up your monitor display, George
Jillian: Dale would know the answer to your question, Daniel, if you can remember it when/if he gets here.
Pamela: according to one of my novels, you have to have a grievous accident and be in a coma for a while
rich-c: if you're on internet standards, your display is 800 pixels wide and 600 deep
i-Ron: Oh yes, Jillian, speaking of Dale. Tell him I got my money back
Dr.D.: There are other color systems which use the brightness directly.
i-Ron: cheque arrived yesterday
George: i'm 1024x768
Dr.D.: You might have better luck transforming RBG to HSL (hue, saturation, lightness), then selecting the "best" neighbor, then transforming back to RGB.
George: or something like that
Jillian: I'll let him know if you aren't here when he arrives.
i-Ron: we seem to be without Grand Rapids tonight
i-Ron: Tks Jillian
rich-c: you have a very fine screen then, George. Hope you can read the small print OK
Daniel Bienvenu: This could be interesting. I will experiment this. What is the transforming RBG to HSL?
Pamela: we think they're out gallivanting
Dr.D.: I think it's in a textbook I bought once, but as stated, I never had any classes in computer graphics.
George: i have a 17" monitor
Pamela: see what I mean about my parent's vocabulary?
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Dr.D.: I will look tomorrow when I get over to my office (the robot lab is on the other side of campus).
i-Ron: Then Dr. D. it seems you've done considerable work on your own
Dr.D.: What's wrong with "to gallivant"?
rich-c: me too, George, and my graphics card will go to 1280 x whatever
Pamela: nothing, it's just that no one uses it anymore
Jillian: Does anyone have any info to support your therory Pam?
Dr.D.: Me uses it!
rich-c: but with web pages optimized for 800 x 600, why mess things up?
George: that's tto fine
Pamela: unfortunately, no - we'll have to take a poll
i-Ron: While you were out gallivanting around, your wife called
Dr.D.: My web pages are optimized for whatever the user's browser window is set to, even if that's 320 x 240...
i-Ron: She wants you to make sure you're home on time for supper for once
i-Ron: and stop by the bakery to get bread
i-Ron: Don't come home without it
rich-c: figure Dale might get on with his Adam, sometime?
Pamela: I think that's redundant, Ron - "gallivanting around"
i-Ron: could be. Why have one where two will do?
Jillian: I do. I also use 'moot' 'trepidacious' 'gregarious' and 'ubiquitious' although I can't spell them worth beans.
Pamela: I ain't sure
George: i need to lose weight big time
Dr.D.: I know the latter 2 but never heard of the 1st one, Jill.
rich-c: that's what spell checks are for, Jillian, though teaching them proper spelling is a pain
i-Ron: Daniel, are you understanding all of this?
Pamela: moot? as in it's a moot point?
Daniel Bienvenu: In TWWMCA you said the color palettes are the same expect the hue saturation and gamma correction...
Jillian: If Dale will be on tonight it will be via ATT and his laptop.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't use the right words I think
Pamela: I have to confess that I've never seen that variation of trepidation before
Dr.D.: In TWWMCA I was trying to convert from a HSL-like description of the colors to RGB...or maybe it was YUV color space.
rich-c: I assume ATT is his regular ISP at work anyway, isn't it?
i-Ron: There are no wrong words
George: i'm nodding off ZzZzZzZzZz
i-Ron: All words are welcome here
Pamela: even if we don't have their meanings down pat
Pamela: my favourite is serendipity
Dr.D.: As stated in the article, I was using some formulae I found in one of my Dad's college textbooks.
Jillian: Yes as in ' moot point' The thing that drives me nuts is that I've been asked to define all of those words by my boss.
i-Ron: more useful then are they
Dr.D.: Something like "Fundamentals of Color Television", written in 1955!
rich-c: all you need is an online dictionary, Jill, and they're dime a dozen
Pamela: have you given your boss a dictionary for Christmas yet?
Jillian: I don't know what the office is. Could be ATT more likely to be psinet though.
Dr.D.: Give him "The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce...
Dr.D.: LOL, I misread "psinet" as "p*ssnet" :-)
rich-c: Psinet has kicked the bucket; Telus bought the remains
Daniel Bienvenu: Great! I found a function in VB to transform RGB to HSV.
Jillian: The team gave him a sweater, more politically correct.
i-Ron: thought that's what it stood for
George: it's unAmerican
Dr.D.: Try working with that, Daniel.
rich-c: if you mean Jill's spelling, George, it's supposed to be
rich-c: any Englishman or Canadian knows Americans don't know how to spell properly
i-Ron: You will all be happy to know
Pamela: and clothing is more p.c.?
i-Ron: that the Mighty Mitchell Award is still without form and void
Dr.D.: What is the MMA?
i-Ron: but is now transmitting vibes about its nature
Dr.D.: Did I miss something during one of your presentations at the convention?
Pamela: Rich, weren't you taking notes in class?
Jillian: Clothing from the group is more p.c. than individual gift from me no matter how much I think he needs it.
Dr.D.: Too busy taking photos :-)
i-Ron: the MMBHCMMA
Pamela: tee hee
George: i'm so sleepy
i-Ron: The much maligned but highly coveted MIGHTY MITCHELL AWARD
Dr.D.: Well, I guess that beats TWWMCA...
i-Ron: or in short,
Dr.D.: acronym-wise, that is.
i-Ron: the MMA
George: HMA
Dr.D.: The MM-BOFH-A
Pamela: order one from G & T, Jillian
Jillian: I was a little confused about the award Ron, should we write a program to interpret trivia questions, or write trivia questions?
George: DMA
i-Ron: you've all heard of the PTA, the NBA, the DVA,
Pamela: DVA?
i-Ron: so now we will have the MMA
Jillian: Or will the award be for getting the right answers to more questions that anyone else at the conference?
moved to room Meeting Place
George: MCA
changed username to james
i-Ron: Department of Veterans Affairs, silly
james: morning
Pamela: Ahhh. Hi, James
rich-c: I prefer TVA
rich-c: morning, james
(S enjoys the flowers.)
i-Ron: could be
George: Hi James
james: i'd say "good morning" but there's nothing good about it
Dr.D.: 1-800-I81-U812.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James!
james: hello all
i-Ron: James, good man
Dr.D.: Hi James!
rich-c: too many classes, or the kids in a mood?
i-Ron: oh oh..... rough day James?
james: yes
james: and it's only starting
Pamela: well that was all encompassing
rich-c: I assume you were answering both of us
Daniel Bienvenu: What time is it?
james: 11:30 a.m.
Pamela: 11:30 a.m in Japan
i-Ron: 7:20 p.m. on the wet coast
Pamela: 10:20 in Toronto
rich-c: 10.22 by the atomic clock in EDT - in Japan, add 12
Dr.D.: And time for me to leave to pick up my LEGOs from the floor...
Pamela: no, 13
i-Ron: 1/2 hour later in Newfoundland
Pamela: an hour and a half later
Daniel Bienvenu: James, did you decide to make coleco games soon?
Dr.D.: So I'll bid you all good night.
George: gator got us
i-Ron: be well Dr. D.
Pamela: : (
Dr.D.: Bye all!
james: when i get through august i'll have more time to try
Pamela: No Rich, don't go
Daniel Bienvenu: bye all!
Daniel Bienvenu: ah ok!
rich-c: see you, Dr. D. hope Ameritech sorts things out soon
Jillian: Stay safe Dr. D and give hugs to all your girls from us.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D!
George: nite Dr. D
james: night rich
Pamela: nite Rich
Dr.D.: I'll send along are some for you gals, too...HHHHUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Pamela: thank you
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
i-Ron: C'mon James, spill the detail. Make your grief our grief
Pamela: you should hear this cat - I'm being MEOWED at
Daniel Bienvenu: Any ideas on what will be your first Coleco project?
Pamela: I didn't think they knew that kind of language
i-Ron: I know that MEOW
i-Ron: like 'listen up, I'm talking to you'
Pamela: exactly
james: i'm sorry, i need to go for a bit
rich-c: Daniel, his first Coleco project was to translate the SmartLOGO manual into Japanese
Pamela: he does this every week about this time - it means it's past time to pay attention
Jillian: Kayos was doing that last night as I was trying to get Jeffy to sleep. I nearly dropped her out the window.
Pamela: James, are you coming back?
Daniel Bienvenu: really! that's a big project!
james: i might be back
Pamela: ok
james left chat session
i-Ron: hope James this is not as serious as it seems
Pamela: I've had that urge on many occasions Jillian
Pamela: I know exactly how you feel
Jillian: I'm about half way through the game play graph for the next ADAMBOMB.
Pamela: AB1 or 2?
rich-c: unfortunately, as soon as I got home, my copy of the Emulator stopped working
Daniel Bienvenu: the next adambomb? I don't play the first adambomb!
rich-c: third party tape game for the Adam, Daniel
Jillian: I'm using the user interface from AB2 for a new game.
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean! I do not play the first adambomb..
Daniel Bienvenu: I wasn't played the first adambomb.. that's better!
rich-c: it is not public domain so cannot be distributed
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to play this game.
Pamela: Dad, I thought you got the Emulator on CD?
i-Ron: It's a good game Daniel.
rich-c: I have it installed on both computers and the laptop was working at Adamcon
Jillian: (PRIVATE) I haven't played... is better.
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you think I will be able to play adambomb someday?
rich-c: but when the desktop installation got shirty, the laptop took up its bad example
Pamela: Daniel, vous n'avez pas - you haven't
rich-c: if you want to buy a copy, sure, Daniel
Jillian: Sure just head out to the con next summer.
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Daniel Bienvenu: You sell a tape of adambomb? that's good! how much?
Pamela: Hi, Scott
i-Ron: Hey Scott!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello scott!
scott: Hello all!
Jillian: Actually, I'm going to be going through Montreal sometime in September, is that where you are Daniel?
rich-c: minute, Daniel - hi Scott long time no see
rich-c: (where's my disc drive?)
scott: Yes, long time no see.
George: news headlines WAR WITH IRAQ IMMINENT
Pamela: No, in Quebec City Jillian
rich-c: we have a new member here who has written 20 CV games already
scott: Classes killed me this summer
scott: 13 credit hours.
scott: Ouch!
Pamela: ouch
Pamela: did you learn anything?
Daniel Bienvenu: My friends live in Montreal. I live in Quebec city...
scott: Oh yeah
Pamela: that's good
scott: Daniel, you program ColecoVision games, right?
rich-c: George, don't believe anything you read in an American newspaper
Jillian: Nuts. oh well.
rich-c: especially the ones that think Dubya is fit for his office
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, I program some ColecoVision games! I think!
scott: Wow, war imminent?
Pamela: Daniel, are there any Freins de l'auto Speedy left in Quebec City that you know of?
George: no it'f Fox news local channel 29
scott: Good Deal Games and I are looking to manufacture some plastic casings for ColecoVision games
rich-c: that is, if anything, even more unreliable
Pamela: Fox - the network whose parents are away for the weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: Where is Speedy auto in Quebec? Laurier boul.?
rich-c: Daniel writes the games to go in them
Jillian: nothing yet on City 24
Pamela: je ne sais pas - have you seen any recently?
rich-c: be nice to him and maybe he'll email you a zip file of a few of them
scott: Money is delaying us right now.
George: oh' boy
Pamela: I can't remember if we closed all the locations in Quebec City or not
scott: Any plans to program new games?
rich-c: somehow that story sounds awfully familiar, Scott
George: farn dingers
rich-c: hey Scott, aren't 20 enough for starters?
scott: I know that Marcel is working on 2 new games
Pamela: hang on, I'm going to check something - BRB
Daniel Bienvenu: ICE and CosmoFighter3
scott: Rich, yes, I've talked about it before here.
George: numbers anyone?
scott: I saw Dale yesterday.
Jillian: I'm working on the next Adam Bomb.
scott: He was in Greeley and we went out for dinner with my wife.
scott: It was kinda funny.
Daniel Bienvenu: Jillian : Let me know if there is any chance for me to buy a copy of adambomb.
Jillian: If you don't mind me asking, when did you get married?
scott: We agreed to meet at a restraunt that no longer existed.
scott: We got married on May 25th.
rich-c: Daniel: you can't have Adam Bomb, it requires a 64K expander
Daniel Bienvenu: a 64K expander?
Pamela: Okay, Daniel, no locations in Quebec City, just in Montreal
rich-c: if you get the expander, it's $24.95 Canadian, on tape which is more than on disc
Pamela: Congratulations, Scott
scott: Thanks.
George: i have a 64k expander
scott: I just got out of my class tonight
rich-c: memory expander, Daniel
scott: Taking a C programming class.
Pamela: weren't 13 credit hours enough?
scott: The first of many
scott: I wish I could say that those 13 credit hours were enough to get my degree
Jillian: I don't actually own the game rights, they belong to .....
scott: and satisfy my intellectual curiosities, but it isn't.
Pamela: no, I meant for the summer : )
rich-c: I have the rights to sell both Adam Bomb and Adam Bomb 2
Jillian: who lives in Chigago?
Pamela: Guy
scott: Anyone else in school?
rich-c: It's Steve Pitman who did Adam Bomb and he lives (lived?) in Pittsburgh
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think I will find a memory expander (64K) soon. Well, I will let you know when my Adam will be updated.
Pamela: not me
rich-c: you can likely find a 256K memory expander more easily, because they cost more so folks are more willing to sell
Jillian: The writer of the AB games lives there as well. I've written him a letter to the address in AB2
rich-c: Shos how long its been since I booted up my master
George: i got my 64k free
Jillian: I'll have to check the address vbut I wrote down Chicago. mummble mummble, brain burp,
rich-c: in any case, Adam Bomb 1.0 was buggy; Steve supplied me with Adam Bomb 1.2
Jillian: He gave 1.2 to Dale as well. I'm trying to contact him to get permission for various elements of game
Pamela: isn't copyright a limited time?
Jillian: BRB
rich-c: yes Pam, life of the author plus 50 years - in some cases now, +70 years
Pamela: oh
rich-c: anyway, the disc does not have a readme file on it and I didn't bother to load the game proper just now
rich-c: sorry, the one I'm looking at is the master for AB2
rich-c: have to chase up the original AB from downstairs and right now that's not on
Jillian: There was talk of changing the effective copyright for computer software to something around 5 years but it hasn't gone through yet.
rich-c: yeah, tell Bill Gates about that
Daniel Bienvenu: So, there is no chance for me to convert sg1000 or MSX-1games for the coleco system.
rich-c: Daniel, in general terms I believe it has proven possible to port almost all of the 8-bit games from one system to another
rich-c: but how much involved modification and how much all original code I don't know
i-Ron: Steve Pitman did a beautiful job on that game, and it's one that still has the interest of the community
i-Ron: looks like I'm back on my cyberspace siding again
scott: Daniel - Do you program in assembly or a higher level language for Coleco games?
i-Ron: Lord grant me patience, and I want it now
Pamela: no you're coming through Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: My Coleco programs are in C but my friends tried to convert sg100 games for the coleco system.
Pamela: everything is slow all of a sudden
rich-c: I suspect Daniel that porting between Motorola and Intel/Zilog systems would require all new code
rich-c: the instruction sets for Intel and Motorola chips are of course quite different
rich-c: so I doubt it would be an easy port to Coleco from Atari, Apple, Commodore, Amiga, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: but sg1000 and msx-1 are very close to coleco.
George: DVD games?
rich-c: yes, they would use the Zilog Z80 instruction set, and the video chip was the same too I have heard
scott: I haven't heard of sg1000 or msx-1 before. I guess these systems weren't released in America?
rich-c: no George, old 8-bit games for the Colecovision and its contemporaries
i-Ron: What are the left and right fire buttons on the emulator?
George: oh, sorry
rich-c: I think the shift keys but I'm not sure
rich-c: like the one, only, and original Donkey Kong, George - starring Mario!!!
scott: Well guys I gotta go. Wife needs to use the internet.
scott: I will stop by next week.
scott: Bye!
Pamela: my personal favourite
scott left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Jillian: Left Ctrl and Left alt, Ron, but be careful because they switch at random times.
rich-c: OK Scott come back soon - when Daniel and Dale and Dr. D. get going, your input would be very useful
George: i like burgertime the game is not bad either
i-Ron: Anyway, Daniel, here's the opening screen:
rich-c: wqell, download the emulator, George, and you can play it on your IBM
Pamela: actually the one i like is DK jr
Jillian: I loved playing Burgertime on the Apple 2+ when I was a kid but I was really bad at it.
i-Ron: "We have been invaded. At present we can do little or nothing to stop it
i-Ron: .The aliens have powers and technology greatly in advance of ours,
George: i have a few copies
i-Ron: we must face the abduction phenomenon squarely and begin to think rationally
i-Ron: about what to do about it
George: anyone remember schoolhouse rock?
rich-c: that was after my time
i-Ron: "
Jillian: They play school house rock on the family channel every morning, here in Canada. at 8;20 I believe. Dale usually watches it with Jeffy.
Daniel Bienvenu: iron: so this is the opening screen..
Daniel Bienvenu: interresting
rich-c: yes, Daniel, it's just default text, white on black
i-Ron: Nope. None of the above. Guess I'll have to RMFM
Daniel Bienvenu: do you plan to do a graphic title screen?
i-Ron: exactly
rich-c: Ron, Steve did put a graphic splash screen on AB before the explanatory text, didn't he?
i-Ron: Not on this version Rich, although it runs in my mind that there is one. This a copy that Doug Slopsema put on the Toshba I bought from him
i-Ron: I do have a disk and upgrade purchased directly from Steve at one of the 'cons. Will have to locate it. Also have docs somewhere
rich-c: I do suspect it's there on legal copies
Daniel Bienvenu: The Msx-1 "Bomberman Special" game size is 32K... do you think it could be converted for the ColecoVision system or there will be a RAM problem?
i-Ron: You may well be right
rich-c: I have my copy of AB2 to hand but the original is out of reach for the moment
Jillian: uhuh there's the Jeffy alarm. Not sure how long this will take. I'll be back if possible.
rich-c: that one you'd have to ask Dr. D
i-Ron: As I recall Daniel, Coleco games (the carts) were all alotted 32k, but few actually used all of it
rich-c: oddly enough, it might play on the Adam but not on the Colecovision
rich-c: I am not sure how much memory the CV unit alone has
Pamela: well people, I think it's bedtime
i-Ron: aha! A good and worthy trivia question for next year
rich-c: right daughter, work tomorrow - take it easy and drive carefully
Pamela: I will and always do
i-Ron: Sleep well Pamela. Pleasant dreams
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam!
Pamela: thank you. If Jillian makes it back, please say good night to her for me
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
rich-c: with the Adam and its two 32K memory banks, you could have the OS in one and a 32K game in the other
Pamela: night, George
Pamela: *poof*
Pamela left chat session
i-Ron: You see Daniel, one of the benefits we derrive from having someone like yourself come aboard is that
George: who is Pearl
i-Ron: you get us to think about detail we haven't contemplated in years
i-Ron: Some of us never ever had it, some of us knew it all.
i-Ron: Moi, je suis dans le milieu quelque part
Daniel Bienvenu: I have three tapes here for the ADAM. One is Buck Rogers (works) but I don't know what's the programs in the other tapes.
George: sorry, i'm reading wrong
rich-c: put the Adam in SmartWriter mode and do a store/get on each tape
rich-c: sometimes you will get some clue as to what is on them
rich-c: if you have SmartBASIC you can load that and do a "catalog" command to see what's around
rich-c: put the two mystery tapes in the Adam and pull the reset
rich-c: if they boot, you'll find out what's on them
rich-c: if they don't boot, they're candidates for examination in SmartWriter
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I never experiment with my ADAM. My disk drive doesn't work but I think I have a SmartBASIC tape somewhere...
George: i have to go, i'm getting too tired
rich-c: Daniel, an Adam is very hard to hurt and now you know where to get most of the stuff you need
rich-c: go ahead an break something, it can likely be fixed or replaced cheap
Daniel Bienvenu: I have only Smart Filer .. in a disk format.
rich-c: yes, after the night in the lab, you need real sleep, George
i-Ron: Well folks
i-Ron: believe I shall away
i-Ron: slowing up prohibitively on this end
rich-c: with luck, see you Saturday
George: nite all
i-Ron: nite
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight George!
rich-c: nite Ron, speak firmly to your ISP
George: see you Sat.
i-Ron: what Shaw Cable..... I'll get from them only the party line
George: poof
George left chat session
i-Ron: pooffff
rich-c: run a log and rub their noses in it, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Sat... 3pm? I think I will be online too!
i-Ron left chat session
rich-c: you're more than welcome, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: more than a simple thanks!
rich-c: but it is getting near bedtime for us old folks, so I shall have to close out now
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know how to switch my ADAM to SmartWriter mode.
Daniel Bienvenu: In fact I know nothing about ADAM computer...
rich-c: press the EscapeSW key at top left of the keyboard
Daniel Bienvenu: when?
rich-c: if you need manuals, Daniel, I can look and see if I have any in French
rich-c: essentially, Daniel, anytime you're not using the Adam for another program (which takes over the escape part of the function)
Daniel Bienvenu: I have smartbasic manual (silver cover)... that's all.
rich-c: most people if they are going to do any word processing just go into SmartWriter straight from bootup
rich-c: OK, since yours is an Enlish-languag3e Adam, I guess you need the English SmartBASIC manual
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! in english!
Daniel Bienvenu: shit I lost your TEXT about smartwriter mode, etc...
rich-c: unless you have a tape of the French version of SmartBASIC. I believe they exist but have never seen or heard of one
rich-c: real easy, Daniel. Boot up. Press Escape/SW. that's it
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... and what is "wild card"?
rich-c: there's also a Call for it in SmartBASIC though why anyone would use it I don't know
rich-c: a sort of function key that was used in some programs, including the ADAMlink modem terminal program
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: as you'll appreciate, the SmartKeys are function keys and can be programmed to macros
rich-c: the two + six small keys on the right are essentially function keys with permanently assigned macros
rich-c: take a keyboard apart and you'll discover space for two other keys that were never installed
Daniel Bienvenu: really? that's weird. do you know why?
rich-c: not a clue, but I guess they would have been ALT keys
rich-c: of course they might have had fancy names and logos like the Apple or Amiga keys
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, I do have to go now
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! bonne nuit Rich!
rich-c: so bonne nuit, et a la prochaine!
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Jillian?
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Jillian!
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