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Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: I read your tif files
rich-c: bonjour, Daniel
rich-c: right, they;re old but still valid
rich-c: did they give you some idea of my approach?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure.
rich-c: and by the way, did you realize they were done on my Adam?
Daniel Bienvenu: I never see a doccument made with an adam printer before.
rich-c: check - we may be having a buffer delay here
rich-c: nope, OK on buffer
Daniel Bienvenu: check
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's ok!
rich-c: that was on a 9-pin dot matrix printer running from the Adam
rich-c: to be precise, my trusty old Star NX1000
rich-c: if only my inkjet printer were so thrifty with consumables
Daniel Bienvenu: a 9-pin dot printer? it's not the normal Adam printer then
rich-c: no, it's run from a parallel printer interface card in the centre slot
rich-c: the document was basically composed and edited in Powerpaint using its native fonts
rich-c: apparently if you accept the native default settings, Adam will run an inkjet or laser printer too
Daniel Bienvenu: Really?
rich-c: yes, if you look closely at the Adamcon pictures, at the left end of teh front audience table is an inkjet running off an Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't realize it was an inkjet printer "running off an Adam".
rich-c: anyway, about my catalogues - if you saw the U.S. edition you would see all the prices are the regular prices set by the software writers
rich-c: actually, I add a buck or so and quote them postpaid - Americans are paranoid about shipping charges from foreign countries
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't compare the prices.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw "Adam bomb" game in the list.
rich-c: but like American cars, the software prices to Canadians are lower than the exchange rates would suggest
rich-c: yes, the only obstacle there is it needs a 64K expander and I don't have one to offer
rich-c: Bob Slopsema might be able to come up with one, and Dale has a few but I don't trust them to last
Daniel Bienvenu: and I need to fix my disk drive.
rich-c: we have big problems on getting disc drives fixed now
rich-c: Phil Kosowski seems to have faded from the scene, Howard Pines has retired and is rather reluctant
rich-c: there was another guy out in Kansas but he seems to have joined some back to nature movement and given up on technology
rich-c: there is a p[ossibility Geoff Oltmans might be able to help - he is a just-graduated electrical engineer in Alabama
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rich-c: had a problem with your connedid you, Daniel?
NewColeco changed username to DanielBienvenu
rich-c: sorry, your connection
DanielBienvenu: yes, a problem with my internet connection
rich-c: we sometimes have buffer problems on this server, but most connection problems are with the individual ISP
DanielBienvenu: check!
DanielBienvenu: 1..2.. test
rich-c: have you joined the Adam mailing list yet?
DanielBienvenu: errr... it doesn't work... wait
rich-c: you are coming through to me; are you losing your local echo?
DanielBienvenu: buffer problem?
DanielBienvenu: hello
DanielBienvenu: ok! it's working now
rich-c: can't be sure but there is some evidence this caht program establishes an individual buffer for each person
DanielBienvenu: I have no news about the Adam mailing list.
rich-c: well, the list is how we communicate among ourselves as a community
rich-c: it is run by Dale - I regret to say he tends to be slow to edit it
rich-c: to join, send an email with the subject "subscribe"
DanielBienvenu: Did you receive some e-mails from the adam mailing list? This week? I did receive anything
DanielBienvenu: I send the e-mail with "subscribe"
rich-c: send the email
DanielBienvenu: the day I receive an e-mail from you about "how to join the mailing list"
rich-c: just a second while I check for mail
DanielBienvenu: do you think it's a good idea to send another e-mail now?
rich-c: sorry - except for spam I don't see much from the mailing list the last several days
rich-c: anyway, I believe you can post to the list at the moment
rich-c: just send your message to ""
rich-c: you might want to send out a general inquiry to see if anyone can fix your drive or has a 64K expander for sale
DanielBienvenu: yeah, but last time I tried I received some e-mails (firwalls).
DanielBienvenu: dr.d didn't scan or post schematics?&
rich-c: oh, when the list gets bounces it returns them to you, but don't worry about them
rich-c: just proves Dale hasn't edited the list since @home changed to and!
rich-c: Rich has scanned the schematics but has to edit them so they are useful to you
rich-c: and with four daughters and a wife who is a full-time nurse, spare time is not something he has much of
rich-c: he actually gets incredible amounts of things done, but some jobs do slip through the cracks
rich-c: the schematics are rally mine but so big I don't have access to a scanner that can handle them
rich-c: so I gave the to Rich to do on one of the university machines
rich-c: it took him two years to get around to it
DanielBienvenu: two years... do you think I will be able to fix my disk drive ?
rich-c: all I can suggest is that you nag Dr. D. at regular intervals for the schematics
rich-c: then if your skills are up to it, you should be OK
rich-c: I gather from the laval email address you are a university graduate - what subject?
DanielBienvenu: I study in computer science. I try to finish a master in Computer Imaging.
rich-c: OK, you are a software type then, in fact following a similar course to Dale, though I don't think he has a master's in mind right now
rich-c: do you know any computer hardware engineers or technicians who are willing to work from schematics?
DanielBienvenu: a friend of mine are good in electronic
rich-c: my guess is that floppy disc controllers are basically very similar
rich-c: if you have a problem with the drive mechanism, then any old generic floppy drive will work
rich-c: if the problem is on the controller board, most of the chips and stuff should be replaceable
rich-c: the problem comes if it is the custom disc controller chip which controls the specific logic of the Coleco interface
rich-c: is there any way your friend could test and tell if the fault is in the drive mechanism, board, or controller chip?
DanielBienvenu: I think so. I have some floppy disks for the Adam computer and I can let him test the drive with my own Adam.
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DanielBienvenu: Hello George!
rich-c: hello George you're late
DanielBienvenu: Long time no see! :P (joke)
George: Hi Rich, Daniel
rich-c: from your description, Daniel, the problem seems to be in the I/O ciruitry
rich-c: but that is not necessarily very much help
George: I fell asleep
DanielBienvenu: and this is bad?
rich-c: I don't know enough about electronics to guess, Daniel
rich-c: I suspect your drive mechanism is OK, and also the kaster controller chip
rich-c: beyond that, I am lost
George: so am i
rich-c: one of those warm sleepy afternoons, George?
George: yes, i never know when a nap is going to hit me
rich-c: I had my problem that way this morning, oddly enough - could barely keep my eyes open at 10.30 a.m.
DanielBienvenu: I think it's my turn... I'm sleepy right now |-) zz
George: :-)
rich-c: well, it's about 26 here at the moment, and little breeze - that's about 79F, George
George: i guess both of you are ready to break for thr day
rich-c: and I'm in a small rather airless room with a 300 watt computer
DanielBienvenu: I have to fix a bug in my paint tool "CVPaint v1.7"
rich-c: not only that, got a UPS yesterday so that will be adding to the heat
DanielBienvenu: A friend of mine visit me this afternoon
rich-c: this is part of your package, Daniel?
rich-c: (remember, I can't get the emulator working to try it)
DanielBienvenu: CVPaint? it's a simple Paint tool for Windows to do Coleco screens?
rich-c: again, that's something those who have the emulator working will know about
DanielBienvenu: You can download CVPaint .. if you visit my Coleco web site :
George: i'm still using central airconditioning it's about 78 F
rich-c: we have been having cool night so we have not used the air conditioner
DanielBienvenu: It's for Windows .. no need emulator to run this tool
George: my apartment is about 90F inside
rich-c: we have a double exhaust fan we put on at night instead
rich-c: in that case I shall have to take a look at it
DanielBienvenu: I have no airconditioning ... but it's not warm today
rich-c: yes, you are just that much north of us to have it nicely cooler
DanielBienvenu: :D
DanielBienvenu: =P
rich-c: mind you, we won't be jealous of you in February!
George: my apartment always absorbs the heat from the sun and holds it
rich-c: our house is older and solid masonry so it's a pretty effective thermal sink too
rich-c: but it usually takes three days in spring to heat up and three days in fall to cool down
DanielBienvenu: Like I said before.. I need to fix a bug in CVPaint. But you can use it like a viewer, doing some PowerPaint pictures, etc...
rich-c: right now the days are short enoo9ugh and nights cool enough that the house is staying cool in its structure
George: i wish it works the same way in January
rich-c: well, if you get enough sunshine in January, it will, George
rich-c: I will have to take a look at it, Daniel
George: it does a little
rich-c: what is the bug, do you know?
DanielBienvenu: It's a problem with "copy-paste"...
rich-c: Daniel, have you ever taken a look at Nicholas Bren's "Slowview" program?
DanielBienvenu: there are some other small bugs.
DanielBienvenu: I didn't see Slowview program
George: i found a program that gives you over 100 windows wallpaper tiles
DanielBienvenu: CVPaint support PP, MLT, SCR, GRP files
rich-c: it is primarily a file viewer that will handle a huge number of formats, with some paint/editing capabilities
DanielBienvenu: SCR and MLT are Spectrum format
rich-c: it is also freeware and well worth downloading
DanielBienvenu: I suppose there is no source code..
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rich-c: sorry that's just me - I was trying to get you the url
rich-c: hold on a sec
rich-c: test
George: there
rich-c: OK - the url is:
DanielBienvenu: I have done CVPaint because I needed a tool to quickly load,edit,save and convert pictures. I implemented the rule "2 colors by 8 pixels" in CVPaint.
rich-c: right - then you can actually give the effect of 256 colors on the Adam, right?
DanielBienvenu: it didn't give any effect. I use the standard Coleco palette.
rich-c: George, if you often get that screen about "what program do you want to use to open this file", you should get Slowview too
rich-c: yes, but the standard Coleco palette is only 16 colours
rich-c: there is a way to play with the structure of the Colecovision sceen pixels to give 16 x 16 = 256 colors
DanielBienvenu: that's right. CVPaint use only 16 colors. It's like a very simple version of PowerPaint tool but for windows.
rich-c: Daniel, if you choose to get Slowview, my guess is that Nicholas Bren might well be willing to let you see the source code
DanielBienvenu: Slowview didn't support Powerpaint files.
rich-c: that means that if you're going to import a clip with more colours you have to dither it down to Coleco's 16
rich-c: no, Skowview caters to the DOS and Apple world, not the classics folk
George: forget about 16 bit hicolor then
DanielBienvenu: For now, I use BMP2PP to convert a picture. BMP2PP save into PowerPaint files. So I use CVPaint to open the pp files, edit, save or export into a C.
rich-c: right Daniel. I was not suggesting you get Slowview for Adam use, rather as a DOS program to see how it handles cut/paste and such
DanielBienvenu: After, I add the C file in my Coleco projects.
DanielBienvenu: I have to go now... see you next week! bye!
rich-c: ok Daniel, till WEdnesday - au revior
DanielBienvenu: au revoir!
George: Bye Daniel
DanielBienvenu: ou
DanielBienvenu: aurevoir!
DanielBienvenu: bye!
rich-c: anyway, George, you did notice my suggestion that you get Slowview?
George: what is it?
rich-c: it is a file viewer. it handles text and picture files, and many music and video formats
rich-c: it is very clean, very simple, very flexible - and free
George: how do you use it?
rich-c: actually, I have it set up as the default viewer for a big number of file formats
rich-c: that means that whenever I click on a file to view it, Slowview automatically jumps out and does it
rich-c: you just download it and install it and configure it and you're on your way
George: what does it do to music files?
rich-c: well, I know it plays MP3 files - hold on a sec and I'll see which others
rich-c: MP1, MP2,
George: can you set it up so it is not a default viewer?
George: where do you get it again?
rich-c: yes, in fact I was copying its capabilities from the settings box whre you can designate whether it is to be default or not for any file type
George: is Daniel still with us?
rich-c: by the way, the file types I mentioned I leave for Windows Media Player
rich-c: he looks to be but I think maybe he just signed off in a way that fooled the server
rich-c: it is nice though to have a backup if Media Player or Quicktime gets shirty with me
rich-c: anyway, do you want to go get it now?
George: what does .at stand for
rich-c: at a guess, Austria - hold on a sec
George: i wrote the url down so i can do it later
rich-c: yes, it is Austria - I have a little program that shows me what all the extensions mean
rich-c: well maybe not all, just 3158 of them ;=)
George: ok
George: is that country codes?
rich-c: I have all sots of neat little programs - like the one I used to convert temperature C to F earlier in this chat
rich-c: it includes all the coountry codes but also top level domains and file types like .com, .rtf, .mid, and so on
George: neat
rich-c: yes, having these little aids on the desktop can be fun'
rich-c: I do a fair amount of surfing look for free neat stuff
rich-c: the latest is an email filter that spots spam, and when you say OK bounces it back to the sender
rich-c: that way the spammer gets a message your email address is no longer active and eventually stops wasting bandwidth on you
George: just as long as they don't crowd out your desktop
rich-c: oh, even on my 800 x 600 resolution half the space is left, and that's with large icons
George: i use active desktop it has a photo of center city i took and a background border wallpaper
rich-c: I have always been happy with the traditional Windows cloudscape, stretched to fit the full screen
George: oh
rich-c: from what I have seen, most users prefer to supply their own backgrounds or wallpaper
George: i use animated cursors too
rich-c: I don't know what an animated cursor is
rich-c: but I do have the changing tips and do not use mouse tra8ls
rich-c: by the way, I use the Clouds background because the program icons show up well against it
George: they move i have a hopping rabbit and a dancing bear and an arrow that changes colour as my mail cursor
rich-c: I have seen programs like that but one comes from a spyware company so I wont have it anywhere near my machine
rich-c: anyway I am going to have to break off soon - time is getting on
George: i never think of spyware
George: ok see you Wed. then
rich-c: well, as long as you don't care about someone unknown being able to read and record your every keystroke
rich-c: personally, I prefer to keep my social security number and credit card number and passwords to myself
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Dan: hello gain!
Dan: again!
rich-c: you're back, Daniel?
Dan: it's me!
Dan: yes!
George: i figure if i did i would get too paraniod
Dan changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: well, George, go to, read about AdAware, and you might download and install it
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot to ask you if there is any "bank" of Powerpaint files to test CVPaint.
Daniel Bienvenu: I use AdAware here... it works just fine
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the fastest.
rich-c: yes, Daniel, there are some sample files in Powerpaint itself if I recall, and lots of public domain files floating around
rich-c: I'd say ask Ron to send you some, sine he is expert in the conversions
George: i think i did i couldn't configure it to work properly with aol
Daniel Bienvenu: I extract the adamcon 14 picture from one of the "adamnewsnetwork disk"
rich-c: George, that means AdAwae is telling you something about AOL you need to know
George: i had my Charlie try with Earthlink Sprint he had the same trouble
Daniel Bienvenu: I fixed to copy-paste bug in CVPaint... I will update my Coleco web page tonight. I need to test the new version first.
rich-c: I assume you are running Zone Alarm too, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I used ZoneAlarm sometimes but not now
Daniel Bienvenu: I use no firewall right now
rich-c: oh, is there are firewall you like better?
Daniel Bienvenu: no zonealarm is free and very good
George: trouble is i don't want any filtering at all
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have this tool but I disactivate it.
rich-c: judging by the number of probes I'm getting every day, I'd recommend against that, Daniel
George: aoll does too much filtering
rich-c: well, AOL is doing a lot of filtering to you - you just aren't seeing it
Daniel Bienvenu: zonealarm beep each time there is a timeout... you know when your computer stop downloading for awhile...
rich-c: I have never had that happen with me, Daniel, and I download quite a bit with ZA active
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice one time... one attack... the ISP I use is very CLEAN.
rich-c: in fact with Zone Alarm I have all sounds turned off; I rely on the visual boxes
rich-c: are you on a dialup or broadband connection, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: modem 56k
George: no matter what you do your keystrokes are on the internet forever anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a dialup
rich-c: interesting - I just this second had an attack
rich-c: yes, I'm on dialup too
Daniel Bienvenu: really! congratulations! =P
rich-c: the reason I asked is that on broadband many ISPs now offer firewalls and some spam filtering
George: this wisdom is from the FBI and they know they use it to their advantage
rich-c: actually, George, anything you do while online may be recorded
Daniel Bienvenu: The firewall (if there is any) is at the university. Globetrotter ISP I use is based at the university
rich-c: but what you do offline is not unless you have spyware in your machine
Daniel Bienvenu: the cookie I have everytimes is "doubleclic"
rich-c: my guess is that if they are going to keep the system up, the University has to have some pretty fierce safeguards in place
rich-c: doubleclick is a third-party ad counter - I always block all third-party cookies
Daniel Bienvenu: Right now there is a WORM problem at the university because some computer are not CLEAN.
rich-c: sometimes I'll move first-party cookies from block to prompt
rich-c: as long as you have your own good antivirus program watching your email you should be OK
George: i'm not 100 % sure you filter out all spyware your isp already has consideral amount of spywhere on you anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: I think there is a better version of AdAware.. I think it's AdAware Pro... to detect the "spy" cookies during you surf.
rich-c: not true, George - my ISP installs nothing of that nature - as AdAware makes clear
George: this goes for all isp's
rich-c: I have a couple of other cookie blockers for general surfing - my machine stays clean
rich-c: my ISP knows my user ID, where I go and how long I stay, maybe how much (but not what) I download
George: i bet if i try i can find cookies on your machine
Daniel Bienvenu: I tested PestPatrol too (AdAware-like tool). It's the slowest tool I never use.
rich-c: this is all necessary information; the internet can't operate without it
George: i always do
rich-c: George, you would lose your bet - absolutely, no doubt about it
George: hidden cookies
rich-c: I've heard of Pest Patrol and that it's effective - but if it's too slow and AdAware is free, who needs PP?
rich-c: they can't hide from me and the programs (note plural) I use to root them out
Daniel Bienvenu: PestPatrol is more complex than AdAware... it's like a Norton Anti-Virus.
George: i've proven the best in the business wrong
rich-c: I use Norton Anti-Virus, but I'm not sure that is a recommendation
rich-c: define best in the business, George - names?
Daniel Bienvenu: New virus detect presence of anti-virus to deactivate 'em and/or infect 'em without any repost.
rich-c: I have heard rumours of such a thing, Daniel, but the word is not quite yet
Daniel Bienvenu: Norton change his identity in registery to avoid this problem.
rich-c: I believe there is a virus that has a payload that tries to deactivate any antivirus program running
rich-c: the problem is it gets spotted before it can install itself
Daniel Bienvenu: The solution is a good boot disk (CD-ROM) with a virus scan tool.
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, Frances is going to be very upset with me
Daniel Bienvenu: Norton use this strategy
Daniel Bienvenu: Frances?
rich-c: I still have much left undone this afternoon and time's a-wasting
rich-c: my wife, Daniel
George: see you Wed.
rich-c: right - see you both Wednesday
George: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! bye bye! and if you can send my some public PP files...
rich-c: bye and au revoir
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir!
George: i'm going too
Daniel Bienvenu: me too!
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George: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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Prohor: Hey
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