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(Colecoguy groans loudly)
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: well hello coleco guy, who are you?
Colecoguy: Hello Pam
Colecoguy: How are you just returned from the trailer
Pamela: Guy, is that you?
Colecoguy: no its Michael H.
Pamela: MICHAEL!
Colecoguy: Yes!!!!!
Pamela: how are you babe?
Pamela: long time no see or hear
Colecoguy: Hang'n in sweety
Colecoguy: been away for almost 4 months
Pamela: to answer your question, no I logged on from the trailer
Pamela: have you been up at your trailer?
Colecoguy: Yea I know called your dad tonight as I arrived home yesterday
Pamela: good call, he was worried about you
Colecoguy: Yes I just returned have to go to docs and lawyers these next two weeks
Pamela: so was I for that matter
Pamela: where is your trailer?
Colecoguy: Well I'm fine and sorry I neglected to call anyone but I needed the time for myself
Colecoguy: In Hastings outside of Peterborough
Pamela: I can understand needing downtime, that's why we're up here
Pamela: stoopid laptop keyboard is too small
Colecoguy: well I had alot to consider with regards to law suit and so I just took the time to exscape
Pamela: law suit?
Pamela: fill me in
Colecoguy: long story not for here to be explained will fill you in when you return
Colecoguy: quite personal
Pamela: okay. Are you going to come and have lunch with me one day when I get back?
Colecoguy: Yes for sure I will be returning to the trailler after next friday and will return mid Oct so we'll get to gether sometime after I return
Pamela: next friday meaning the 143TH?
Pamela: whoops - I mean the 13th
Colecoguy: I have to go up and pack up and look after Lornes sisiter inlaws house and dogs till then
Colecoguy: yes
Pamela: well I'm back to work on the 10th so if you can squeeze me in, let me know
Colecoguy: as she is going to Florida for a vaction and I will have to be there to make sure the house is heated etc
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changed username to rich-c
Pamela: here we go
Pamela: hi, Dad
Colecoguy: the 11th and 12th I have appts with lawyers but will try to get you on the 13th
rich-c: hi daughter, see you made it, Michael too
Pamela: works for me
Pamela: yup
rich-c: Michael and I talked by phone earlier
Colecoguy: call me at home and see if I can make it if you think of it (416) 962-8379
Pamela: Hey Dad, we saw Northern lights last night
Pamela: hold on, let me write that down
rich-c: thats great, even if they wre over us we'd never notice in the city glare
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: Michael, is that the same number as before?
Pamela: Hi, Bob
BobS: howdy ya'll
Colecoguy: saw the lights quite abit when I was up in Sudbury area last year
rich-c: Greetings, Robert
Colecoguy: hello Bob
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BobS: Michael!!!!
Colecoguy: yes i returnth
Colecoguy: who is undefined
BobS: frometh whereth ???????
Colecoguy: the trailer
changed username to George_Wahl
Colecoguy: spent about 4 months outa toronto
rich-c: undefined will declare himself as soon as he figures out how the thing works
rich-c: hello George
BobS: GEorge !!!!!!
Pamela: Hi, George
George_Wahl: Hi everyone
rich-c: see you've decided to go formal on us tonight
BobS: a looooooong vacation eh?
rich-c: is that because you knew Michael Hurst would be on, George?
Colecoguy: hey gyes very good for me brings me back very refreshed
George_Wahl: no , who?
Colecoguy: Thats me Colecoguy
rich-c: Michael is another old-time Adam user
Colecoguy: hello George
George_Wahl: hi
rich-c: watch out, he's Canadian, so may break into French any minute
George_Wahl: oh, no
Colecoguy: oh yes
(Colecoguy smiles)
Pamela: Michael, parlez vous francais?
George_Wahl: huh?
Colecoguy: oui
Colecoguy: eh vous
George_Wahl: oh, brother
Pamela: oui monsieur
rich-c: ici, on dit "est-ce que tu parle..."
Colecoguy: opps remember its english time folks
George_Wahl: english please
(A dog howls in the distance)
BobS: holy WHAT ?????
Pamela: ici, we say as little as possible
rich-c: we do, Michael, but when Freddie or Daniel come on we may have to help them out'
(Colecoguy winks)
rich-c: their English is far better than our French, but they arent quite perfect yet
Colecoguy: you betcha
rich-c: by the way, trust everyone saw the note from Guy about why he may not be here
George_Wahl: i only know US english
BobS: but they make themselves abundantly clear
BobS: yup
Pamela changed username to Pam on Vacation
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Colecoguy: and I only know English engklish
rich-c: good, here's Fred now - bonjour!
Pam on Vacation: I haven't seen my email - what did he say?
Pam on Vacation: Hi Fred
Colecoguy: hello fred welcome
George_Wahl: hi Fred
rich-c: outlet trouble in the new apartment, may not be able to get online tonight
Pam on Vacation: is he moved already?
rich-c: yes, he's in the new place and getting settled
FredK: Guy?
Pam on Vacation: wow, that didn't take long
rich-c: right, Fred
Colecoguy: brb
BobS: what's this "pamela on vacation" stuff???????
George_Wahl: Guy B., ithink
Colecoguy: she's not at home Bob
Pam on Vacation: surely you're familiar with the concept, Bob
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changed username to Dr.D.
Pam on Vacation: I'm logged in from the trailer
FredK: Pam you have a margarita in one hand and laptop in the other?
rich-c: allo Dr. D
Pam on Vacation: HI Rich
FredK: Hi Dr.D
Colecoguy: dor D you are here!! Hello from Torornto
George_Wahl: Hi Dr. D
Dr.D.: I am here, sorry for the delay.
BobS: for crying out loud.....EVERYONE has a vacation trailer???????
Pam on Vacation: basically (although it's a sundae, not a margarita)
Colecoguy: Doc D I meant
BobS: Dr D !!!!! VELCOME
Dr.D.: I have actually been working on ADAM stuff today.
FredK: Lol
rich-c: hey, great, what have you been up to?
Colecoguy: and what would that be rich
Dr.D.: "Pam on Vacation", wherezat, Pam?
Colecoguy: oh no not agian Pam
Dr.D.: Restoring ADAM schematics.
Pam on Vacation: at my mother-in-law's trailer just south of Sutton, ON
Colecoguy: Oh good job
Dr.D.: Okay, if that topic was beat to death, I withdraw the question.
Pam on Vacation: about an hour outside of Metro
rich-c: right, Daniel needs the disc drive schematics
FredK: That idea is SOLD to me...
BobS: si
rich-c: you using long distance to Tamco, Pam?
Pam on Vacation: Just Russell and my self - no cats, no work
Dr.D.: Well, I have something that's only about 50% restored (compared to what I will ultimately have), but he can look at the following PDF:
Pam on Vacation: no mother in law
BobS: OUCH.....LD charges will kill ya !!!!
Pam on Vacation: yes Dad
Dr.D.: Be warned, it's 4.5 MB...
Pam on Vacation: nope, .10/min up to a max of $20.00
Pam on Vacation: per month
rich-c: if that gets too expensive, 10-10-100 will keep it to 7 cents/min
Pam on Vacation: evenings and weekends
George_Wahl: i finished my second sleep study
Dr.D.: The PDF is just a snapshot of the cleanup as of when I went home today...but I've been working on it some tonight.
Pam on Vacation: just as loong as we don't log on during the day we're okay
Pam on Vacation: how did that go George?
Pam on Vacation: were you able to sleep?
Pam on Vacation: hello?
rich-c: Fred has problems, but Daniel has an account from his days at Laval that should allow big downloads
George_Wahl: better with the breathing machine
Pam on Vacation: I gather this was to check for sleep apnea
George_Wahl: i forget what they call it
rich-c: the main thing is, did you sleep long and deeply enough for them to get a reading?
Dr.D.: It's a 1200 dpi greyscale image of that full-sized schematic...the result is that it will fit on a single 8.5x11 page.
Dr.D.: I am still inventing the best way to process the scans, so this first one has gone very slowly, with some false steps.
George_Wahl: yes, this time was much better
Dr.D.: It's not the cleanest of the bunch, either (though not the worst).
rich-c: know what you mean, Rich - it's very cut and try
Dr.D.: I'm removing all the xeroxing artifacts and fixing all illegible text.
rich-c: now there is a fun job - yeah!
Dr.D.: In some cases this has meant go back to an actual disk drive and look at the circuit board.
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Dr.D.: Or download a chip manual from the net in order to see what some pins of chips are supposed to be labelled.
rich-c: it would be so neat if we could find someone who could fix Coleco floppies
changed username to Colecoguy
Dr.D.: But if you look at even this preliminary PDF, in the places where I've cleaned it up, it is really very nice.
Pam on Vacation: someone who wasn't half way across the continent would be nice too
Dr.D.: The schematic is actually rather simple.
rich-c: yes, the challenge lies in knowing what to do with it
rich-c: and then in finding the pieces to do it
Dr.D.: I would imagine most floppy problems are drives out of calibration, or else with failed on-drive voltage regulator circuits.
BobS: Daniel Elliot was very good at it, but he is not doing it anymore......and it was almost cheaper to find another drive than send it to be dixed
George_Wahl: where is Daniel?
BobS: still cost about $50 US with very minimum parts
Dr.D.: You need a scope and a special calibration disk in order to do it right.
Dr.D.: Richard, do you have a postal address for Dale?
FredK: he mentionned brb i think earlier
rich-c: yes, Howard Pines had them, and maybe Phil Kosowski
BobS: got into financila troble and put everyting aside to get out of debtr by workin hard
rich-c: yes Rich gimme a minute
Dr.D.: You can E-mail it to me, Richard.
Dr.D.: I have some stuff that Dale asked me to send him, that's now ready to be sent.
Dr.D.: Had he asked 2 days earlier, before ADAMcon, I could have brought it to him :-)
Pam on Vacation: or you can e-mail Jillian directly at
Dr.D.: I also didn't know a current E-mail address for either of them, Pam.
Dr.D.: still says stuff, which I know is now inactive.
Pam on Vacation: got that on the chat acouple of weeks ago Rich
Pam on Vacation: I know that's current
Colecoguy: try
Dr.D.: I must have missed it :-(
rich-c: Rich, can't find teh address but have two working email addresses
Pam on Vacation: I'm not sure you were here
rich-c: is his business email
Dr.D.: Okay, I'll use those, Richard. You also should have seen my spam to the list, but I guess it got lost in Dale's daily deluge of E-mail.
Dr.D.: Thanks, Richard.
rich-c: personal is
Colecoguy: oh no more rogers hi speed
Pam on Vacation: Dad, we saw northern lights in the Gaspe when we were in Quebec, right?
rich-c: yes, a very good display in the National Park there
Pam on Vacation: good, I'm gladd I'm not imagining it
rich-c: that would be at Forillon
Pam on Vacation: was telling R about it last night
rich-c: you have seen them a few other times too, Pam
Pam on Vacation: last night's display was not as spectacular but was good nonetheless
Pam on Vacation: at home once if I'm not mistaken right?
rich-c: all green or did you get some other colours?
Pam on Vacation: all green, verrrry pale
George_Wahl: i had to increase font size
rich-c: just along the northern horizon, or spread a bit to the sides?
Pam on Vacation: from NW right over to NE
Pam on Vacation: in an arc
rich-c: more sheets or spears up towards the zenith?
Pam on Vacation: both
Pam on Vacation: for well over an hour
rich-c: sounds pretty good - Fred, did you notice an aurora last night?
Pam on Vacation: 'twas very neat
FredK: unftly not Rich
FredK: Thunder istead
rich-c: pity, you're much further north than we are
FredK: Yes it would have been great
rich-c: and I gather you're far enough out of the city to ewscape the gross light pollution
Pam on Vacation: we had an incredibly clear sky and it was very dark in the park - no one is here during the week
rich-c: and if I recall last night was for all practical purposes moonless
FredK: Correct!! thats my reward for fighting through traffic daily
Pam on Vacation: ooooh, ahhhhh
George_Wahl: calm down Pam
rich-c: Oh - Fred and George, and Rich - attention please
Pam on Vacation: don't wanna
Dr.D.: Only ever saw auroras here once, night of the Perseid meteor shower 3 years ago.
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Dr.D.: Rather, 3 showers ago.
rich-c: I will most likely be skipping chat on Saturday
rich-c: unfortunately it conflicts with teh football game and Toronto is playing
FredK: R u go nuts?
Pam on Vacation: the Perseids were Aug 12th this year - the day we were returning from the con
Dr.D.: I will be helping to assemble playground equipment at the elementary school.
Colecoguy: while I was up at the trailer I saw a meter shower can't remember name of comet it came from
George_Wahl: oh, male sports
rich-c: well, Fred, I do have my suspicions about Argo fans, that's true
Dr.D.: All overcast here on the 12th, 2 years in a row I see no Perseids :-(
Pam on Vacation: not just for men anymore George - Russell has made me a fan too
FredK: LOL Rich
Colecoguy: was it the Perseids I saw
Pam on Vacation: it must have been incredible out there Michael
Dr.D.: I've been watching Perseids since about 1973 (age 11).
Colecoguy: yea I got up at 3am and watched til 5am as sun came up
rich-c: Saturday afternoon programs are always a hazard in September through November
Pam on Vacation: I stayed up last year until 5:00 am to watch them but it was mostly overcast
Dr.D.: 2 AM 'til dawn is best.
Pam on Vacation: I did see some through breaks in the clouds
Dr.D.: The earth is rotating into the comet path at your location then.
Pam on Vacation: and what I saw was spectacular
Colecoguy: I just remember the weather man telling me to be out there to see it
Dr.D.: Haven't seen them as well as when I was still in college living at home (in the country, away from lights).
Colecoguy: I had a perfect night no clouds and a moon that wasn't into first quarter
Dr.D.: Most years I'm lucky to see what I can from the roof of a building at CWRU, or the back yard.
rich-c: in Toronto, we have a bad case of orange sky syndrome
Dr.D.: With the light pollution around here, you only see the super-bright ones.
Pam on Vacation: I'm hoping that next year will be our weekend at the trailer so we can get a good look at them
Pam on Vacation: every year so far, he's been working or we've been away
rich-c: probably turn out it's the Adamcon 15 weekend
George_Wahl: i just started watching the leonids last November
Pam on Vacation: probably
FredK: And 15 is planned for where?
Colecoguy: all I an say was it was spectacular I laid on a blanket on the ground with PJ and we watched and really enjoyed it
Dr.D.: I never saw any Leonids, though I used to look as a teenager. November in Northeast Ohio is just too cloudy.
rich-c: Comox, B.C.
Colecoguy: it was the first time for me
George_Wahl: too far
Pam on Vacation: could you actually see anything George?
Pam on Vacation: I'm looking forward to spending Canadian dollars this time
George_Wahl: yes, i think something hit me in the head
rich-c: behave yourself, George, or we'll put 16 in Quebec City
Dr.D.: I even almost froze to death looking for Comet Kohoutek in Feb. was a bust unless you had a telescope, which I didn't then.
FredK: like YVR nice place to be..
rich-c: then you'll have to speak French
FredK: George please ACT UP!
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changed username to Ron
Pam on Vacation: Hi, Ron
Colecoguy: well folks its been a blast but I have to go I have an early appt but will return more often
rich-c: greetings to the Wet Coast
Dr.D.: Parlez-vous Z80? :-)
Colecoguy: hell ROn
BobS: the mighty one!!!!!
Ron: Have no fear, Mighty Mitchell is here
FredK: Hi Ron
George_Wahl: huh?
Ron: Yo! All
Colecoguy: night all
rich-c: see you Michael, take care
Dr.D.: Hi Ron.
FredK: ooooo
Dr.D.: Bye Colecoguy.
Pam on Vacation: Michael, call me!
George_Wahl: Hi Ron
Ron: Michael, was it something I said?
FredK: Salut Daniel!!
Colecoguy: tell me number
BobS: be good Michael
Pam on Vacation: 416-960-7901
Pam on Vacation: leave me a voicemail
Dr.D.: 1-800-I81-U812
Colecoguy: no Ron have an early appt at hospital, got ti pam will try and reach you on the 10th
FredK: rather od to give yr number on Vac.
Pam on Vacation: do that please - I miss you
George_Wahl: (215) 632-7425
Pam on Vacation: no, that's work Fred
Ron: ah, I see
FredK: even worse
Colecoguy: see you all soonest take care and be well
Pam on Vacation: when I get back we're going to have lunch
Pam on Vacation: take care, Michael
Colecoguy: ok Pam I look forward to it
Dr.D.: Ron, I have been thinking about your quiz program for ADAMcon 15.
Pam on Vacation: me too
FredK: Bonne Nuit Daniel
Colecoguy left chat session
Pam on Vacation: No, that was Michael, Fred
FredK: spinning rise round here...
Pam on Vacation: I'm gonna dump my history - be right back
BobS: oh, oh
Ron: and?
Pam on Vacation left chat session
FredK: Sundae?
rich-c: think I missed something here
FredK: the worst is that they say history repeats itself!!!!
Ron: Some brain teasing mind twister has presented itself?
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George_Wahl: i can't have any of that
changed username to Pam on vacation
Dr.D.: Hello, Pam. We have always been at war with Oceania.
rich-c: Pam is using a borrowed laptop with little memory and a small hadr disc
Pam on vacation: I wasn't gone that long - what was this, cryostasis?
Dr.D.: Fred gets it :-)
George_Wahl: huh?
Dr.D.: Shall I explain?
George_Wahl: please
Ron: I missed something here
Pam on vacation: please do - R can't remember the reference
FredK: crapy story i think DRD
Ron: multi tasking system...single channel mind
rich-c: has to do with 1984
Dr.D.: Okay...Pam said she was leaving to "dump her history"
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: as in down the memory hole
FredK: we got another impression
Dr.D.: Something that happened alot in Orwell's "1984".
changed username to Judy
FredK: lol
rich-c: hello Judy, come to keep an eye on the old man?
Ron: Sorry, you're engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent
Pam on vacation: Hi Judy
Ron: I never read 1984
George_Wahl: i have a memory lapse
Judy: Hello, all
Dr.D.: Who IngSoc was at war with changed periodically...but everyone pretended that the current enemy was always their enemy.
FredK: lol Ron
Judy: no I can do that in person
George_Wahl: Hi Judy
Dr.D.: Ron, really?
Ron: that's right
Dr.D.: Ouch, you really ought to read it.
Judy: how is the vacation Pam
FredK: Hi Judy
Pam on vacation: I've never read it either
Ron: Yes I certainly should
Dr.D.: See what our Office of Homeland Security is trying to create...
Ron: along with 99% of the worlds great literature
Pam on vacation: we just got here last night Judy but so far, it's wonderful
Dr.D.: Good gravy, so much for English Lit.
rich-c: well, it was chilling in 1948, but too close to home in 2002
Dr.D.: Bloody true in 2002....
Judy: we just got home Monday and I would like to leave again
Ron: Hey! I'm only the author. obviously everyone else around here got the reference, so by all means go for it
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changed username to DanB
Pam on vacation: well the good news and the bad news is that Russell gets to stay for 10 days, I only got 6
DanB: Hello! :) Sorry I'm late!
BobS: hi Daniel
Judy: Hi Dan
Dr.D.: Hello Daniel.
DanB changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
George_Wahl: Hi Daniel
Ron: It will only take me 5 years to read the book
Pam on vacation: however, since he'll be up here next week that 's kind of like a vacation for me at home too
FredK: Hi Dan
BobS: THAT SUCKS pammy
Pam on vacation: Hi, Daniel
Dr.D.: I have a partially-restored disk drive schematic for you to download, as a PDF.
BobS: oh OK
rich-c: Salut Daniel - glad you amde it
George_Wahl: BRB meds.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob, Judy, George, Rich, Dr.D., Pam and Ron
Pam on vacation: the way his schedule works, he takes 7 days and gets 14
Dr.D.: Unfortunately, the size is 4.5 MB...necessary for the high-resolution drawing.
FredK: Pam, no i got the Michael thing....oh man!!!
Ron: Salut Daniel, ca va bien?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Fred!
FredK: Salut!!
Dr.D.: So, if you have a fast network connection, or can wait a long time for modem download, you can look at
Daniel Bienvenu: Oui ša va! (I'm fine!)
Ron: whoops!
Dr.D.: I am still in the process of restoring the image of the schematic, but enough should be readable for you to use it as a basis for troubleshooting your disk drive.
Ron: spilled tea on my keyboard
Ron: this is not good
Pam on vacation: not good Ron
BobS: oh no !!!!!
Ron: wasn't a bad spill..... only a minor spill
rich-c: as long as it's clear tea, it likely wont be a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: Great! a schematic!
Ron: clear tea? (not)
Judy: I am trying to watch the US open and watch this , I am not doing well
rich-c: but if you put milk or sugar in it, or do something equally barbaric, you'd better take it in the showr with you
Ron: Which US Open is that Judy?
Pam on vacation: Russell wants to know if you tea'd off
Ron: no sugar
Judy: in tennis
Ron: oh ok.
Ron: thought you were talking about golf
Judy: mens quarter final
Ron: and wondered what it was I'd watched a few weeks back
FredK: welkome to the club!
Dr.D.: Plug in your Coleco Telstar and watch your own tennis :-)
(BobS gives Pam on vacation a can of Diet Coke.)
Dr.D.: I *think* my Dad still has ours.
George_Wahl: i can't spell, my mind went numb
Judy: I couldn't play that well
Daniel Bienvenu: how big is the pdf file?
Dr.D.: I'll have to ask next time I go home.
Pam on vacation: Okay, don't tell Guy this, but it's regular Coke I drink - Diet is Russell's poison
FredK: 4.5MB he said
rich-c: golf - that's whre they put a ball 1-1/2 inches in diameter on a ball 8000 miles in diameter, and try to hit the little one without hitting the big one?
Dr.D.: 4.5 MB, is very large. A 1200 dpi image.
Pam on vacation: Thank you fo rthe thought - can I give it to him?
Daniel Bienvenu: I see...
Dr.D.: The original schematic is a very large piece of paper.
Ron: lol rich
Ron: it's true
George_Wahl: have a cookie
Dr.D.: Perhaps 100 cm by 60 cm.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I miss the first message with the "4.5 Meg" information
FredK: didnt think so philosophic about golf Rich
Pam on vacation: thank you George
Ron: Aha!.... there it is
Judy: I could use the cookie, also
Ron: Andre and Max
Dr.D.: Herman Mason used to have a text-based golf game available for play on his BBS.
George_Wahl: you're welcome
rich-c: it's one of my favourite sports, Fred, after watching paint dry
Ron: always enjoy watching people do things well that I've tried to do myself
FredK: ok!
Pam on vacation: BTW Dad, haven't tried Winigolf yet - but I did get your email
George_Wahl: yes, always
Dr.D.: It was a port of a BASIC program originally written for DEC minicomputers.
rich-c: don't you remember the "Adamlinks" golf game? It's public domain, too
Dr.D.: I think Alan Neeley did it...or whoever was "The Coleco Kid".
Ron: it was a good game at the time
Ron: but back then I didn't have a disk drive.
Ron: took forever to load as I recall
rich-c: the Adamlinks game had some very cute graphics
George_Wahl: have some Lipitor too
Dr.D.: I independently did a port to Microsoft BASIC back in 1984--I got the DEC original from our own DEC PDP11/34 minicomputer, that the Biology Department had.
Dr.D.: This game was text-only.
Dr.D.: Each hole told you the par.
Dr.D.: You answered prompts to select a club and what % you swung at it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I printed some labels to release my "CV Gamepack" in carts.
Pam on vacation: did anyone ever make it?
Ron: nicely done Mr. Agassiz?
Dr.D.: Low probabilities of slice, water hazard, sand trap, etc.
Ron: Agassi
Dr.D.: Special dialog for putting.
Ron: do you play tennis Judy?
Judy: only golf I play is mini golf
Pam on vacation: It's the only game in town for us duffers, Judy
Judy: use to try with the kids, but I do like to watch it
George_Wahl: what is golf?
rich-c: got a cute freebie computer mini-golf game t'other night
Ron: Theys guys are so fast, and they have talent
Pam on vacation: see description from Dad above, George
FredK: gentlemen only ladies forbidden George...well at the time...
Judy: Bob and I played when we were in TRaverse city
Ron: Bob -a question
Ron: did you get my ADAMCOn report and the ANN minutes?
Pam on vacation: I haven't played for a long time
Dr.D.: I hear kids still awake upstairs who are supposed to be in was the first day of school.
Judy: we also biked about 10 miles while we were there
Pam on vacation: we should get Mom and Dad out there some time
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr.D.: I think I need to leave to do some putting-to-bed.
Ron: last time I played my sister whumped my butt
changed username to Jillian
Ron: 1978 I think is was
Pam on vacation: Rich, are you coming back?
Judy: Bob won
rich-c: hello Jillian - quick before Rich goes, what's your mailing address?
Pam on vacation: Hi, Jillian
Judy: Hi, Jullian
BobS: GOT IT RONALD.......great job my man !!!!!!!! tell mum to give an extra ration tomorrow
Dr.D.: She can E-mail it to me...I have some stuff to postal-mail to Dale.
Jillian: 11 rochefort dirve unit 301, north york, M3C 1H5
Ron: all right!!
Jillian: and Greetings all.
Ron: Hi Jillian
Dr.D.: Got it, Jill; thanks.
Jillian: no problem.
Ron: How's the youngest ADAMite?
Ron: and his Mom
Ron: and his Dad?
FredK: Well time fr me to leave...enjoyed the chat all..gute nacht!bonne nuit! good night!
Dr.D.: I'm going...prob. won't be back, class tomorrow at 8:30, kids to get off to school...good night all.
Ron: it's that time of year eh Dr. D?
Pam on vacation: okay, goodnight - sweet dreams to all
Judy: nite, Fred
rich-c: bonne nuit, Fred - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Dr.D.
Ron: the school yard behind us has come to life
Dr.D. left chat session
Jillian: much better now than he was yesterday. ; Less stressed now that the prince is happier, ; and fighting with his boss who is renegging on a promised bonus.
Pam on vacation: Night Fred - bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Fred
BobS: nite Fred
Judy: nite Dr D
Ron: not good
rich-c: nite Rich
FredK left chat session
George_Wahl: nite Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, Did I send you the rom file of my gamepack project (the one with the mastermind game in it)?
Jillian: Dale is considering quitting over it, since it is the second time that his boss has done this.
Ron: promised bonuses should materialize once they've been promised
Ron: Don't blame him
rich-c: yes, I have the file, though I haven't opened it yet - still can't get the emulator working
Ron: I'm afraid I wouldn't survive long in today's world of work
Jillian: I think that the boss was surprised at just how much the bonuses were going to cost him. He offered to pay for all of the overtime done in the month of June and July.
Ron: Not without writing a collective agreement at least
Pam on vacation: If Dale is typical, that's a lot of bonus
Jillian: Dale logged about 200 hours and he wasn't the highest total either.
rich-c: yes, sounds like Opengraphics is to a size where some written undertakings are in order
Ron: right on Rich
Jillian: Everyone is 'friends' which to me is not such a good thing, because it's getting in the way.
Ron: One tends to take advantage of the hard working nature of certain employees
rich-c: by the way, Daniel, we have been telling George that you and Fred should host Adamcon 16 in Quebec City
rich-c: we figure it would improve his French
Daniel Bienvenu: what?
Jillian: Quebec city, I would love to vacation there.
Ron: Judy, who's Agassi playing against?
(S enjoys the flowers.)
Pam on vacation: I have a boss like that. If I put in for all the overtime I did, I'd have half as much again in salary
rich-c: George's French definitely needs improvement, and it would only be a 500 mile trip for him
Ron: We really need to have an ADAMCon in Quebec City. I would heartily support it
Pam on vacation: and all us Canucks need the practice
Ron: you guys would love it
George_Wahl: French a no no
Pam on vacation: c'mon George - if you can speak Spanish, you can pick up French in no time
Jillian: It's really getting to be ridcullous. One of the employees lives in Windsor so works from home and he is working 7 days a week and 12 hours is a short day.
rich-c: see what we mean, Daniel? George definitely needs some attitude adjustment
George_Wahl: illegal language
Ron: There was a discussion on CBC over the weekend - re the 50 hour work week being most common
Pam on vacation: c'est tete a pioche
Ron: the 40 hour workweek is of the past
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam : LOL
Pam on vacation: glad you liked it
Jillian: We could have it in Quebec City one year and learn french and near the Stone's another year and learn spanish, Wouldn't that be cool?
Ron: Where has technology taken us?
Pam on vacation: c'est le seulement mot que je connais
Ron: good idea Jillian
rich-c: quebec City? easy drive for us, our own money, got relatives there
Ron: le seul mot, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm better in writing english than speaking english..
Pam on vacation: picky, picky
Ron: ;)
Jillian: Anyone else remember the predictions in the '70s of every one working only 20 hours a week? Wouldn't it be nice?
George_Wahl: where has the pre-web world gone?
Pam on vacation: wouldn't it just, Jillian
BobS: HA
Ron: that's right Jiillian
Ron: it was supposed to be that way
Pam on vacation: that's like computers eliminating the need for paper
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, Ron and Bob and Dale all have fresh experience organizing Adamcons - they could tell you how
Jillian: The only people who I know who work 20 hour weeks work then at more than one job.
Ron: Build it Daniel, we will come
Ron: Just love the old city
rich-c: and George, wouldn't you like to vacation whre your every dollar is worth $1.60?
Jillian: I'm better speaking french that writing it, Daniel, we would muddle along.
rich-c: besides, it's likely to be cooler and less humid
Judy: my French is really bad
George_Wahl: still too far for me
Pam on vacation: I understand French better than I speak it - all my vocabulary has gone out the window
rich-c: and the girls are real pretty up there
Pam on vacation: I need the practice
Judy: took it in high school, many moons ago
Jillian: The girls are Canadian, Rich, it goes without saying.
Ron: Les blondes de Quebec! Voyons donc!
George_Wahl: my passport has expired
rich-c: don't need a passport
Pam on vacation: not an excuse George - all you need is your birth certificate
rich-c: get your Native identification and the border doesn't exist
Pam on vacation: and photo ID, of course : )
George_Wahl: if i leave the US they might say Canada has to keep me
Jillian: Sometimes you don't even need photo ID even. They didn't look at mine when we went across the border in July.
rich-c: nope, you're U.S. born so they can't keep you out - see teh 13th amendment
Judy: you look
BobS: naw, Geo.......canada don't want ya!!!!!! they'd send ya back for being a US citrizen
Judy: honest
Jillian: Thanks.
Pam on vacation: didn't look at ours either way, either - sum total of our border experience was about 50 seconds
Ron: brb
(Jillian gives Judy a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: thanks, Jill
George_Wahl: how come Canadians know more about the US than US citizens
Jillian: After all the dire warnings about Detroit/Windsor rush hour, we buzzed right through at 5:00pm or so.
rich-c: Canadians are just smarter anyway
Pam on vacation: we get more US TV
Judy: I am drinking water, trying to take off a few pounds
BobS: cause we are lazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam on vacation: don't ask that question too loudly George - there are a lot of people (me included) who have a great deal to say on that subject
rich-c: we have more informational newspapers, television and radio
rich-c: in addition to our own history, our schools teach yours and Britain's
George_Wahl: give me a few paragraphs
rich-c: if you want to see a good newspaper, go to:
Jillian: Water is a good start, Judy. What else is happening in life? How is ummm Ryan(?)'s arm?
Pam on vacation: Let's just say I find most Americans (present company excluded) to be very insular and unaware of anything that's not happening inside their own borders
Ron: (Ron cracks open a PC Diet Cola)
rich-c: how many Canadian soldiers have US forces killed in the last year, George?
Pam on vacation: Ron, no diet Coke?
Jillian: I was watching ABC news recently and the 'international news' didn't include anything but a report on some traveling american.
Judy: good, he moves the ace bandage up so he can use the arm, must be feeling better
BobS: heck !!!! most of the people here can't even tell you if a particular state is in the US !!!!!!
rich-c: I know - some post office clerks want foreign postage on parcels to New Mexico
Judy: had him today, tiredme right out
George_Wahl: they keep quiet about that, how many?
Jillian created action P/drinks milk
BobS: we are, by 'en large, a very fickle and uncaring bunch about our own country or the rest of the world
(<s> sips a tall cool glass of milk.)
Ron: You got yourself a full time job from the sounds of it Judy
Pam on vacation: And how is Meeka's leg?
rich-c: see what I mean, George - American "friendly fire" killed four Canadian troops and wounded mano others in Afghanistan
Jillian created action P/milk2
Judy: yes, that is true
George_Wahl: how many innocent Afgans have they killed?
Judy: she is doing good, too
rich-c: your president, even when challenged in a press conference, couldn't find time to say "sorry"
Ron: Aw, I dunno Bob. We have people up here who don't know who the Prime Minister of Canada is.
Pam on vacation: that's good to hear
Ron: I'm one of them
Pam on vacation: um - Paul Martin?
Ron: :)
Jillian: Glad to hear he's healing.
rich-c: well yes Ron, but you know who's supposed to be doing the job
Ron: Go Paul Go!
Pam on vacation: sorry, that's wishful thinking talking
(Jillian slaps Ron playfully)
Jillian: Anyone think jean is going to actually last until 2004?
Ron: and beyond, possible
Pam on vacation: I think there's a large boot with his name on it out there
rich-c: do you know that figuratively speaking, Dubya's father has been taking him to the woodshed over Iraq?
Judy: Ryan did just walk around with that arm down at his side, now he is fight ing it
Judy: so hopefully it is healing well
Ron: What happened to Ryan's arm? Must have missed something.
Jillian: Jean has announced his retirement. We'll have to see.
Pam on vacation: He fell off the sofa and broke it Ron
BobS: spiral break in the upper arm
Ron: oh Lord!
Judy: poor little guy
Pam on vacation: How old is he Judy?
George_Wahl: can we have a recall election for Bush?
Ron: it's a rough rough world out there
Judy: he will be 2 in Jan
rich-c: no, George, it's impeachment or nothing
rich-c: mind you, Harlen Oil just might provide the necessary grounds...
Ron: Dubya's ok..... for a Republican
Ron: (shut up Ronald)
rich-c: like Attila was OK, for a Hun?
Jillian: Do spiral breaks usually heal ok or are they closer to compounds that develop problems?
George_Wahl: Clinton was impeached it didn't do anything
Pam on vacation: Erin fell off her crib and broke hers at about the same age
Pam on vacation: she was trying to climb into Graeme's crib at the time
Judy: don't know, none of my kids had any brakes, when they were home
rich-c: no, they wanted to try to impeach Clinton, but couldn't even get it started
Jillian: I've never broken anything either.
Pam on vacation: trust me, I don't recommend it
George_Wahl: they voted
BobS: didn't get impeached because today in us, gov't has non guts
BobS: the man was a disgrace to the face of america
rich-c: no, didn't get impeached because there were no grounds
Ron: speaking of which....
BobS: the world is still laughing
Ron: reminds me of that mock up of the oval office we saw at the Gerald R. Ford Museum
George_Wahl: so he got some
Ron: was standing there taking it all in, and they turned out the lights
BobS: stupidity and immorality work for me
rich-c: in fact in terms of political sleaze, the Republican efforts on that wre heavy oil
Ron: There I was, in the oval office in the dark
Ron: (take that wherever you want)
BobS: <smiles widely>
Pam on vacation: ironic, isn't it
(Jillian groans loudly)
Pam on vacation: you were in good company, I'm sure Ron
Ron: it was sure a neat mockup
BobS: ya US that is.......:-)
Ron: right Pam, something like that had occurred to me
rich-c: Impeachment is for high crimes and treason, not failure to keeped the pants zipped
BobS: that was AFTER we all fell asleep at the planatarium
Judy: all of us
Pam on vacation: we? who else fell asleep?
Ron: yeah....
George_Wahl: Bush wants to bomb IRAQ again
Ron: those recliner thingies was comfy with a capital C
rich-c: true, but his daddy and all his friends say no
BobS: actually Ron, I think they put on some soft music too..........
Ron: Dubya has surrounded himself with Daddy's men
Pam on vacation: and Daddy
Ron: they did Bob
Judy: Bob, Doug and Meeka, and Ron and I
rich-c: there's some few have sided with his father - they're the ones saying leave Iraq alone
Jillian: don't talk about sleep, it's making me tired.
rich-c: them, and any friends the US hasn't managed to quite totally alienate yet
Pam on vacation: so did Ron snore?
Ron: I must have
Jillian: I'm still peeved over Dubya snubbing us after his inauguration.
Ron: Judy said that I had missed quite a bit of the presentation
Judy: just heavy breathing
George_Wahl: Britian stands with US
Ron: Thought I'd seen all 40 minutes of it, but no
rich-c: not on Iraq, it doesnt - nor does Canada, nor Germany, nor even Israel
Judy: I don't think anyone could sit there and not fall asleep
George_Wahl: they just had Tony Blair on TV and he said Britain backs the US
Ron: That's right Judy.
Jillian: I used to be able to fall asleep anywhere. I wish I still could.
rich-c: let's say there's a very significant difference between what Tony actually said and the little bit the tv cut out to mislead you
Ron: That's my thing Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, I'm quiet because I'm ready the english instructions for my CV Gamepack.
BobS: takes practise my dear
Pam on vacation: Ron there's this thing called a bed - you're supposed to spend some time in it every night to avoid such things
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm reading... not I'm ready
Ron: My brother told me once, he's never met anyone who falls asleep so fast and snores so loud
George_Wahl: still exact words from his lips
Ron: Pam...... oh? is that what this padded thing here is for
rich-c: my brother could sleep standing up - it's something he learned in the U.S. Army
Pam on vacation: have you ever heard Dad snore?
Pam on vacation: He's a champ
Ron: We old Radio Operators had the skill
rich-c: George, have you ever heard of "cut and splice"?
Pam on vacation: which brother Dad?
BobS: can't fall asleep standing up. but almost anywhere on an incline.........
Ron: of maintaining listening watch over midnight whilst grapping a few winks
rich-c: Douglas
George_Wahl: was that Clinton?
Pam on vacation: doug was in the Army?
BobS: standing up would be a valuable tool
Judy: I have my times lately, where I fall asleep more
rich-c: yes, he was of draft age and joined to protect his US citizenship
Jillian: I once fell asleep in the middle of a bus of 62 sugared-up 14 year olds on a field trip in Montreal.
Ron: Hell, I used to stand up, throw water on my face, go stand at the front door of the radio shack to get fresh air, walk around the console
Ron: anything to keep awake some nights
Pam on vacation: hmm, the things you learn
Ron: but if someone called, I heard them
rich-c: thought you knew that, Pam
Ron: Judy did you see that shot?
Pam on vacation: I know Russell has a specific routine for his midnight shifts - he works very hard at changing his rhythms for that week
Judy: yes, I did
Ron: boy!
BobS: and darn lucky too
Pam on vacation: didn't Dad
Judy: he has to do more of them
Jillian: Lately I've been almost falling asleep on the way home from church. Very bad because I usually drive.
Ron: but when you're good, you make your own luck
Pam on vacation: but then I think there are a lot of things I've missed
Pam on vacation: not recommended, Judy
Jillian: Did you know that there was a study done that said that shift workers have more accidents, divorces and diseases dueuto the stresses from working when they should be sleeping?
Ron: Yup
Pam on vacation: yes, I had heard of it'
Ron: toward the end of my career, I spent a lot of time working with consultants doing studies on ATC shift work
rich-c: does this surprise anyone?
BobS: THAT DOES IT !!!!!! i need to retire!!!!!
BobS: work IS hazardous to me health
rich-c: by all means, Bob, I recommend it - the sooner the better
Jillian: Apparently it did, Rich.
Ron: affects everything - married life, sex life, moods, feelings of self esteem.... the while bit
George_Wahl: bumper sticker: "caution blind driver"
Pam on vacation: I must admit that R has done a very good job of arranging his life to suit his sleep needs
Ron: Work is a 4 letter word
rich-c: don't laugh, George
BobS: you got it Ronald
Jillian: My dad sent me a 'virus alert' about 'Work' I wonder if I still have it.
rich-c: the first time I was in Florida I encountered a driver training car - lablelled 'Florida School for the Blind" - HONEST!!!
BobS: put it on the list Jull
Ron: Jillian - could you remind Dale to change my e-mail address on the ADAM discussion list?
Ron: He's got a note in his wallet, but it's probably still there
George_Wahl: just new tech things
Jillian: I'll try Bob.
Jillian: To what Ron?
BobS: RON nneds the change of address
rich-c: not new tech, George - this was back in 1960 and the car wasn't new then
George_Wahl: like autodrive
Pam on vacation: what were you doing in Florida in 1960/
Pam on vacation: ?
rich-c: Jillian, do nag Dale to either update the Adam mailing list or let Dr. D. administer it - he is willing
Judy: are you still watching,Ron
Ron: am I ever
Ron: this is good stuff
Jillian: I'll put it on the list of things I want him to do. Which includes setting up Dr. D to administer.
Pam on vacation: Poor Dale, he needs to find another job just to have time for his life
Jillian: We're currently trying to set up for him to become a stay at home Dad.
Pam on vacation: so he can work at home, or quit altogether?
Jillian: If we can fix it, it will mean big changes, but mostly positive ones, I think.
Ron: I think he'd be good at that Jillian, if it suits his liking
rich-c: somehow that doesn't strike me as necessarily his sort of thing - I could be wrong
Ron: What I saw was one heck of a fine Dad
Jillian: Quit from his current job and do part time consulting work.
Jillian: I'll make sure to pass on the compliments.
Pam on vacation: It would probably do wonders for his stress level
Ron: and Mom wasn't half bad either
rich-c: I have trouble putting "Dale" and "part-time" in the same thought construct
Jillian: I think that if he could make enough to pay our rent, my job could pay for all the rest.
Ron: from the sounds of it Jillian, it might be worth a try eh?
Pam on vacation: that's the problem - I'm sure Dale has trouble with the concept too
Ron: Depends on the state of the consulting indursty in Toronto
Ron: Surely Dale could find a client or two
Jillian: I worried about being a parent because I didn't have very good role models, but I seem to be doing fine.
rich-c: my sense is that this is not the optimal time for such moves
BobS: I have been trying to convince Judy of the same thing you and Dale are discussing Jill
BobS: and she doesn't seem to like the idea............
Ron: You are indeed, both of you.
Pam on vacation: so far you seem to be doing everything right, Jillian
Ron: Not that I have any recent experience, you understand
Jillian: Dale would work part-time consulting, part time with his websites, part time with his dns registry, part time with Scouting, etc,etc etc
Pam on vacation: but then I expected no less
BobS: here, here !!!!!!
Ron: It was just a feeling I got,
Daniel Bienvenu: oh Rich! Give me your feedback on the Gamepack instructions manual... I will send you the file by e-mail right now.
Jillian: Jeffy makes it really easy.
Ron: yeah
rich-c: OK, is that a request to edit it a little as well?
Pam on vacation: just watch out for the next one : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich : if you think it's a necessary
Jillian: The only problems we're having now is that he is waking up to eat at 2, 4, 6 and 8 am. Not fun.
rich-c: do I get a credit - redacteur en chef? ;-)
BobS: now, THAT is a problem
Judy: give him rice cereal
Pam on vacation: when are you supposed to go back to work, Jillian?
Ron: Now that I do remember
Jillian: We're trying to feed more solid foods during the day to lessen the night waking, but that carries it's own problem.
Pam on vacation: dirty dipes?
Jillian: I'm due back Dec 16. But if I'm watching the internal want ads for a step up job, if I get one I might go earlier.
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich : err...
Jillian: No Pam, no dirty dipes. for almost 2 days.
Pam on vacation: oooh not good
rich-c: don't fuss it, Daniel; I do things like that
Ron: boy! what a tennis match
rich-c: us old farts are not to be taken too sriously
Judy: sure is but Bob thinks we have to go to bed
Ron: we don't even take ourselves seriously
Pam on vacation: (believe me, I don't!)
BobS: oh, Agassi is the old fart, and he is holding his own
Ron: fer sure eh?
Judy: he is ahead
Jillian: Hey the Senate wants to legalize pot. Who woulda thunk?
Pam on vacation: It'll never happen
BobS: say what?????
Jillian: pot and hash!
Ron: Police Association is not amused
rich-c: actually, Jillian, not legalize, just decriminalize
Jillian: and getting rid of previous criminal records.]
rich-c: it would still remain an offence, just not at the Criminal Code level for simple possession
Ron: done!
Ron: welll played
Jillian: I think they should legalize it, It's less harmful than tobacco, or alcohol and if they taxed it would make MAJOR income.
BobS: but then more and more people would wander around stoned
Pam on vacation: how can they justify legalizing it in an age when they're waging a war against smoking?
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich : Did you receive my e-mail?
rich-c: there is some argument about harm relative to tobacco - some claim one joint is as dangerous as ten cigarettes
Ron: It was only a Senate report. It will probably go the way of all Senate reports
Judy: dumb, dumb
Ron: Into the parliamentary library
rich-c: but then mind you, I do think the cigarette statistics have a great deal of lying in them
BobS: duh...whas da prollem wid us smuckers ??????
Jillian: Do you really need a list Bob?
BobS: pot is bery guut fer us
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, I send you the Gamepack manual.
(BobS winks)
(Jillian laughs heartily)
Ron: How many sets do they play at this level, Judy?
BobS: win by 3 sets
Ron: ah ok
Jillian: Boyso, I wish Dale would come home. (random off topic complaint)
Ron: so they keep playing until somebody is 3 sets ahead?
Pam on vacation: is he still at work?
Judy: have to win 3
BobS: yes
Judy: yes
Ron: the way these guys are going, that could be a while
George_Wahl: oh, my
Jillian: Yes, I talked to him at 8 and he said he would be about an hour so I phoned his office and 9:45 and he was still meeting with his boss.
Ron: meeting with or glaring at?
Pam on vacation: well maybe he'll come home with that bonus
Pam on vacation: or maybe he'll come home unemployed
Ron: Ya gotta go in with your elbows up in this world
Jillian: For all I really know they're throwing things at each other.
Judy: it depends on how they play now
Pam on vacation: could be messy
rich-c: Daniel, yes, I did get your email - that's why I've been quiet for a minute
Jillian: Either way, we'll deal. We got surprise checks for almost 1k in the mail today.
George_Wahl: i just had a hard time going to the bathroom
Pam on vacation: I like those surprises
Pam on vacation: TMI George
Jillian: If worst came to worst, we could live in my in-laws basement.
rich-c: I have a program that checks my email on the server and eliminates the spam
Pam on vacation: but do you really want to do that
Jillian: My MIL would like that. More time to spend with Jeffy.
George_Wahl: what is TMI?
Pam on vacation: too much information
George_Wahl: oh
Pam on vacation: : )
Jillian: No It wouldn't be my choice, but it's nice to have a fall back position.
Pam on vacation: no matter how much you love your parents or his, it's never a good idea to live with them
Ron: big decision Jillian
Jillian: We stayed there for one month before and slept in the living room. I think that I would insist on having the rec room to ourselves if it came to that.
George_Wahl: crohn's is getting me down
Jillian: I just like knowing that no matter what, we won't be on the streets.
rich-c: not surprising, George, it gets anyone down
Pam on vacation: we hear you and sympathize, George
rich-c: a bit hungry, but not on the streets
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, take your time to read the manual... It's not a "priority 1". I suggest you to use my "ulaval" e-mail to send me your version of the manual.
George_Wahl: thank you
Ron: Sure seems like Dale has cause for a fight
rich-c: OK Daniel, I will try to take a look at it fairly soon - the next 36 hours should be fairly quiet
rich-c: especially when I'm asleep
Jillian: Dale's parents are great. I really doubt that we'd go hungry, might have to work a few shifts in the video stores though.
Ron: glad you added that Rich
Ron: Is that a family enterprise/
Ron: ?
Pam on vacation: I suppose there are worse ways of earning your keep Jillian
rich-c: oddly enough, now that I'm retired, I'm not nearly as expert at sleeping as I used to be
Judy: we will all goes wellfor you, Jill
rich-c: mind you, I am much more adept at daytime naps...
Jillian: The problem is that Dale really likes what he is doing and really wants the company to succeed. It would be hard to leave.
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, I'm serious.. take your time.
Ron: Last night - 3 computers got left on all night whilst I slept
Judy: we will hope that is
Ron: woke up to Real Networks playing some god-awful excuse for music
rich-c: and did they finish all the downloads, Ron?
BobS: and they were wide awake in the morning, eh????
Jillian: The video stores are owned by the family sign company.
Ron: only one doing download.... the latest Linux from Red Hat -and yes, that was done whilst I slept
Ron: the other was burning a disk
Ron: and the third was entertainment
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw my name here!
Pam on vacation: sometimes it's a choice between keeping your job and keeping your life / sanity / health / marriage intact
Jillian: I'm not as worried as I might be. We've always survived in the past. We will continue.
Ron: ain't technology grand
rich-c: oh, my Adaptec disc burner program has acquired a taste for illegal operations, which keep getting it shut down
Ron: been there, done that Rich
Jillian: Ron? computers have 'off' switchs? I thought it was just for rebooting?
Ron: really?
Ron: Actually, most nights they get turned off
Ron: but every now and then
Jillian: I once heard a great analogy about 'juggling' commitments and pressures.
rich-c: after reading their privacy policy, I won't let Real Player on line
Pam on vacation: speaking of names, Jillian, I saw your name while doing a search for the Crystal fountain banquet hall last week on someone's wedding website
BobS: HEH, if they sluff off, then they have to stay up late !!!!!
Ron: Actually prefer iTunes Rich. Real Player tends to "p" me off mostly, but there are occasionally things I get there that I can't get anywhere else
Jillian: 'Job, health, reputation are all rubber balls., Family is glass. Never drop the ball with your family if you want it to survive intact'
rich-c: Yes, some things come only in "Real" files
Ron: I like that Jillian
rich-c: but I prefer to download them and play them offline
Jillian: Crystal Fountain?.... I don't remember that one. Did I plan their wedding?
Pam on vacation: I do too - shall have to remember it
Pam on vacation: no, I think you were part of the wedding party
Jillian: I wish I knew where I had heard it. It was more complete.
Ron: Wonder how much the guy with the towel gets paid
Ron: (on the TV tennis tourney I mean)
Jillian: Anyone know whose wedding it was/
BobS: MINE !!!!!!
BobS: maybe...possibly.....
Pam on vacation: perhaps it was Duncan House
Pam on vacation: ?
Judy: wouldn't want the job, for whatever
Jillian: Your wedding Bob?
Ron: yeah.... on demand you hand this sweaty towel to a sweaty tennis player
Jillian: Would you hand a clean towel and get a sweaty one back?
BobS: could be........
Jillian: How did you search Pam?
Judy: he did it
BobS: who the heck wants a sweaty towel back ??????????
Pam on vacation: on Google - for banquet halls
Ron: rigght
BobS: PAM !!!!!! YOU are going to invite us ALL to a banquet in your honor ????????
Pam on vacation: specifically Crystal Fountain, Duncan house, Le Parc and Spirellis
BobS: and pap is footin' the bill ???????
rich-c: you acting as event planner for Kimberley, Pam?
Pam on vacation: brb, I'm gonna go out and come right back
Pam on vacation left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Antartic Adventure and Video Hustler... these two games look the same on MSX1 and Coleco... there is a way to convert an MSX1 game to do a Coleco game?
Ron: don't close the door
rich-c: I'd expect if one has the code porting over should be pretty easy
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rich-c: does the MSX-! also use the TI-9918 or 9928 video chip?
Ron: Lordy, that Russian is a big dude
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Judy: with big feet
Ron: :)
Pamela: there, that's better
Pamela: much faster now
rich-c: got your memory and buffer cleared, have you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's a 9928 or a 9938
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: I think msx don't use the same sound chip
rich-c: then the cpu and video instruction sets should be identical
Pamela: anyway, to answer your questions, I was looking for websites for some reception locations that were recommended to me by a coworker
Pamela: Kimberly is looking all over the city
rich-c: and porting should be easy, just adapt to any minor protocol differences in the OSs of the machines
Daniel Bienvenu: MSX1 is a computer ... it's like a Coleco Adam.
rich-c: I have heard of it but have nevr seen one
Pamela: Jillian, the wedding was back in 1999 I think - ring any bells?
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a way to find someone from Konami who can tell how they convert Antartic adventure for the ColecoVision?
BobS: the MSX1 was the European equivelent to the ADAM was it not????
(Jillian laughs heartily)
(Jillian reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Pamela: what'd I do???
Jillian: I just figured it out Pam, You're a nut.
BobS: you're on vacation that's what!!!!
George_Wahl: oh, no
Pamela: well I know that
George_Wahl: i'm certified
Jillian: That is, if it is the wedding sight that comes up when I search for my name.
Pamela: join the club
rich-c: there were a number of limited-production computers that used the Z80 or Z80A CPU and TI-99x8 video chips, so porting programs among them was reputedly easy
Pamela: well did it?
George_Wahl: i get SSI for it
Ron: Russian is getting tired
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you know what is for the MS in MSX.
Judy: seems so, doesn't it
BobS: microsoft???????
rich-c: but then all the big game makers like nintendo had versions of their games for multiple computers whenever they could control the rights
Jillian: brb
Ron: yup
rich-c: I would doubt it, Bob, wouldn't fit Bill Gates pattern by then
BobS: Daniel, wht means????????
George_Wahl: oh, my bum
Daniel Bienvenu: MS is for Microsoft. MSX was a standard by Microsoft for computers.
BobS: ol Bill has ALWAYS tried to control the computer scene
rich-c: but you are not suggesting the computer was produced by or for Microsoft, are you?
BobS: just ot work the operating system maybe
Ron: Hell no, it ran CP/M 2.2
Ron: didn't it?
rich-c: by 1983 Gates had already sold IBM what they thought (though his lawyers knew otherwise) was an exclusive licence for MS-DOS
Jillian: I'm back!!
Pamela: so what did you find?
Ron: game, set, match
Jillian: Dale still exists, and we're going to Bilboa's for our wedding aniversary!
Ron: Now I'll have to watch the rest of it
Pamela: cool
rich-c: MS-DOS was written for the 8086 instruction set - doubt it would run on a Z80A
Judy: that is it, he did it
George_Wahl: it hurts
Pamela: Is he home?
Jillian: No he just phoned, but he's on his way home.
Judy: now I can go to bed, so nite all, talk at you next week
BobS: or somethin like that
Pamela: good night Judy
Ron: Sister Stephanie is the tennis fan in the family
rich-c: night, Judy
BobS: nite all of ya's
Pamela: nite Bob
Ron: niters Mr. and Mrs. S.
BobS: be good and don't take any wooden nickels
rich-c: night to you too, Bob
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Jillian: It's not for a week and a half or so but thanks bob and good night to both.
Daniel Bienvenu: BONNE NUIT!
Ron: be well
George_Wahl: Nite Bob
BobS: POOF, powwie....gone !!!!!!!!
Pamela: Jillian, what is Bilboa's
Jillian: I'd better go too, must make dinner for my man.
BobS: THANKS YA's and back at ya !!!!!!!
Ron: I shall bid you all a fond good night
rich-c: right Jill, let us know how it all works out
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rich-c: you too, Ron? well, till next Wednesday, then
Ron: yeah Jillian, keep us posted
Jillian: Bilboa's is a _really_ nice restaurant on Avenue just north of Bloor. about the same price point as North 44
Ron: yup....
Pamela: Ah
George_Wahl: i better go before i start crying :-
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Pamela: sounds good
Pamela: Have fun, and we'll see you next week
Jillian: I'll let everyone know if there are any desicive developments.
rich-c: whatever, George, looks like everyone is packing it in
Jillian: poof
Pamela: please keep us posted. Nite!
George_Wahl: nite all
Pamela: Nite George
rich-c: nite George
Pamela: It's that time for me too
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Pamela: Russell is ready for bed
rich-c: yes, you're on long distance, aren't you?
Pamela: yup
Pamela: Bell Canada and I are really good friends
rich-c: OK, enjoy the holiday, se you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the MS in MSX is for the software Microsoft have done for these kind of computer.
Pamela: thanks Dad - i'll be back on Monday sometime will talk to you then
rich-c: OK Pam, will expect you then
Pamela: bonne nuit to you both - I'm outta here
Pamela: poof
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rich-c: I would not rule it out entirely Daniel, but it does seem unlikely
rich-c: remember the Z80x CPUs were intimately associated with Gary Kildall and CP/M 2.2
rich-c: remember too that CP/M was the established competitor Microsoft had to displace
rich-c: I really find it hard to believe the MS-DOS owner would program for a competitive machine
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a FAQ somewhere about MSX in the Internet, but I can't remember where.
rich-c: that said, I know Microsoft DID do the first OS for teh Amiga - on the Motorola 6800 series chip
rich-c: maybe one of us can look into it further when we have the time
rich-c: anyway, do remember to download the disc schematics from Dr. D's site
rich-c: in fact if you have a printer big enough, a 1200 dpi scan should be enlarge-able to quite some size
Daniel Bienvenu: The MSX standard has been designed by a company called ASCII in Cooperation with Microsoft which provided a firmware version of its BASIC for the machine. Because this BASIC version was an extended version of MicroSoft Basic, it was called "MicroSoft eXtended BASIC". This explains the name "MSX". The system thanks his name to the built-in BASIC.
rich-c: do you have any buddies at the university with access to a plotter or printer with a 36 inch carriage?
Daniel Bienvenu: me? access to a plotter? I don't think so
rich-c: guess you'll just have to print it out in the 8-1/2 x 11 format, then
rich-c: anyway, ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange - a standard, not a company
Daniel Bienvenu: I found this information in a MSX web site
rich-c: Beginners A(something) Symbolic Instruction Code was developed by a university - possibly Stanford
rich-c: one of the most successful commercial dialects of BASIC was the adaption by Microsoft
rich-c: if I recall, burning a firmware BASIC chip was popular then - I believe the Vic20 and likely Commodore 64, and the Tandy computers, had them
rich-c: (oh, just came to me - the A is "All-purpose")
rich-c: one of the Adam advantages was that because it didnt have firmware BASIC that was automatically loaded,
rich-c: it left all that memory space "bare" for other uses - perhaps that's why the Adam dialect of Logo is so advanced for a 64K machine
rich-c: of course overwriting was possible - installing CP/M on the Adam over-wrote the memory space occupied by the EOS
Daniel Bienvenu: SmartBASIC... Smart is a name of a company?
rich-c: no, Smart was a propriatary prefix, trademarked by Coleco - SmartBASIC, SmartLOGO, SmartFiler, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: SmartBASIC was not only on Adam computer.
rich-c: I beg to differ, Daniel; since it wass trademarked only Coleco could use that name
Daniel Bienvenu: smart... it looks like a common word not a trademark.
rich-c: depends on teh context in which it is used - just like BMW can trademark numbers like 318, 540, etc
rich-c: in words, don't try to sell a detrgent labelled with the common word "Tide" or you are in deep trouble!!
rich-c: CoLeCo. by the was, was Connecticut Leather Company, did you knoww?
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah! I know that one!
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, the hour advances and us old folks need our shuteye
rich-c: have to bid you au revoir till next Wednesday
Daniel Bienvenu: ok! see you later! bonne nuit!
rich-c: bonne nuit
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